Transpose Data A1:A300 To 2nd Sheet A1:IV1

Sep 24, 2008

Looking for some code that will move a list that goes from B3:B300 (down the column) to "sheet B" A1:IV1 (across the 1st row).

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Transpose Data From 1 Sheet To Another

Feb 19, 2014

I am working on a spreadsheet that has (7) sheets or (7) tabs. The First tab is the "Summary Tab" and the 3rd tab is the "Plate" tab. I am working in a range of cells that go up and down on the "Summary Tab" and I need to fill them with the values from the "Plate Tab" that goes side to side or across. I can enter into the top cell on the "Summary Tab": =Plate!B47 and I will get the value that I need. However, I want to copy the formula or fill down and have it pull the values from the cells on the "Plate Tab" Horizontally like this (as I fill down) =Plate!_$47 Where the "_" changes to "C", "D", "E", etc.... but it stays on row 47!!!! How can I do this????

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Transpose Data From One Sheet To Another

Jun 21, 2012

I need the following data transposed to the next sheet in this formatClaims

Claim ID:
Quality Checker:
Q/Assessment Date:
Correct Member
Correct Payee
Correct re-imbursement address
Correct amount & currency


where score denoted the marks achieved. with the code for the same.

Claims Assessor:
Quality Checker:
Claim ID:
Q/Assessment Date:


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How To Transpose Data Across Worksheets Into One Analysis Sheet

Oct 20, 2013

I've used the following formula successfully to pull data from multiple sheets and provide the total on an analysis worksheet. Example of worksheets and formula.


Example of one of the individual sheets holding original data:


Example of what I want to see using the Transpose formula (Analysis sheet):

=TRANSPOSE(INDIRECT("'"&A2&"'!C:C"),$C$1,INDIRECT("'"&A2&"'!C:C")) (My theory that currently doesn't work. I'd like to be able to pull data across worksheets and yield the transposed data into the corresponding row of the same merchant row.



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VBA Macro - Formula Extracting Data And Transpose Into Another Sheet

Feb 3, 2014

Extract data from one sheet to another sheet then transpose automatically.

I have attached the work book of what I'm trying to accomplish.

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Sort Of Transpose Code - Put All Data In Column Vertically On Sheet

Sep 23, 2013

I have 2 columns on sheet 1 as below. I need a code to put all the data in column B vertically on sheet 2 as the result shows. Please note all cells data will be off various lengths all seperated by a comma.

Sheet1  AB2BK
1003 CV1173, CV3133BK1004 CV1010, CV1010A, CV13514BK1005 CV1012, CV1257, CV17995BK1006 CV1836, CV506

Result after code has run.

Sheet2  AB1

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Search To Find Matching Cells And Copy/transpose Adjacent Data To Original Sheet?

Nov 12, 2009

I'm trying to find a way to search a second sheet in a workbook for specific criteria outlined in a first sheet (in my attached example, from A3 downwards within the 'list of search criteria' sheet), and then to copy any secondary data found against a successful search match to the original sheet, transposed against its corresponding matched search term.

As you can see in the example, the search term 'bindi' (A4 in the 'list of search criteria' sheet) appears in the 'data' sheet 3 times - the secondary data for these occurences ('feathery', 'Fibonacci', 'glassy') is copied to the 'bindi' row on the first sheet and is offset with each copy to produce a transposed-esque effect of copy and paste.

If it's any help, there are a maximum of 9 matches for a single search term in the real document.

Thanks in advance for your help... I tried to adapt a previous solution given to me for a similar question but failed miserably. I bow humbly to your expertise!

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Excel Macro To Copy Data From Array And Paste To Separate Sheet Paste Special Transpose

Jan 29, 2014

I would like to implement specific cell ranges from two specific worksheets each within 33 workbooks (which all have several tabs) into a summary page in a separate workbook.

The cell ranges are going across my spreadsheet in rows and I would like for them to transpose into a columns depending on the data which I have separated by catergory on the summary page. They are all on the same location in each workbook which is separated by country. The cell ranges are E26:P37 and I would like to transpose them and have them put below eachother without overwriting for my format on the summary page, how I can put this together in a macro?

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VBA Transpose To Next Sheet?

Aug 21, 2014

I am trying to transpose data from sheet 1 into sheet 2 using a macro

i want to tranpose A1,B1,C1,D1 from sheet 1 to A1,A2,A3,A4 in sheet 2

then repeat the process for all the data in sheet 1 until it has all tranposed over.

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Transpose From Row 75 In One Sheet To Column C In Another Sheet?

May 29, 2014

My workbook contains 2 sheets one called "UK" the other called "Stock"

I need Rows 75 and 76 from "UK" to be transposed into sheet "Stock" in Cols C and G, respectively.

I tried to do this with Paste Special and Transpose, but because these rows have formulas in them when you transpose it it shows #REF! in each cell.

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Transpose To New Sheet With Header Row

Feb 28, 2010

How can i achieve this?

Copy row, create new sheet, tranpose and paste with header row.
So If i have 10 rows with row 1 as header row, it should make 9 sheets.
The name of each sheet should be the one in the first row.

e.g. sheet name = master

header1 header2 header3 header 4 header 5
a b c d e
f g h i j
k l m n o

The result will be three sheets

sheet name = a

header1 a
header2 b
header3 c
header4 d
header5 e

sheet name = b

header1 f
header2 g
header3 h
header4 i
header5 j

sheet name = c

header1 k
header2 l
header3 m
header4 n
header5 o

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VBA - Find Duplicates And Transpose Into New Sheet?

Feb 4, 2014

I have one workbook with two sheets. The first sheet contains the data in columns A & B. In Column A there are a number of values that are the same eg: A1,2,3,4,5 all equal "Home" A6,7,8 equal "Work". In column B there are "Comments" none which are the same.

I need a VBA that will search down column A in sheet one and find all the "Comments" for "Home" and transpose paste the comments into sheet 2 so A1 will be "Home" B1 will be the first comment, C1 the second comment, D1 the third comment and so on.

My sheet one will contain about 1000 different values in Column 1, so I need it to search for duplicates rather than the text "Home".

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VBA Macro To Transpose List To A Row On Different Sheet

Mar 21, 2014

I have the below VBA but am getting a 1004 error and when I step into each line I do not see the macro populating the cells as designed. The purpose of the macro is to take a list from the "EmployeeBillableHours" worksheet select the entire list s.tarting from row 2, then goto to "Client" worksheet, then starting at cell J6 paste each item on the list and then move 4 cells to the right and paste the next item on the list to the end.

Sub ClientListtoClientTab()
Dim lr As Long: lr = Worksheets("EmployeeBillableHours").Range("H" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row


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Transpose Dimensional Array Onto Sheet

Apr 21, 2014

I have a dimensional array / matrix that is current a 9 by X, where x depends on the amount of entries a user makes.

Anyways my question is that I have a sheet called "Database" and I wanted to know if there was a simple code to transpose my array on that sheet starting at cell "A2".

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Transpose Links From Individual Sheets To Master Sheet

Apr 21, 2002

I have multiple sheets on which users enter data in Cells B3 to B21 on each sheet.

I have a master sheet where the information entered on individual sheets is copied by links. On the master sheet the information is displayed in Rows. Thus data on Sheet1 B5:B25 is displayed in Row 6 cells H6:Z6 of Master Sheet, data on Sheet2 is displayed in Row 7 cells H7:Z7 etc. The formula in H6 of the Master Sheet is =Sheet1!B5, in H7 it is =Sheet2!B5 etc. It is of course not possible to use Autofill to copy formulas across on the Master sheet. It can be done manually but there are hundreds of cells to fill.

Is there an elegant way to copy the formulae on individual sheets onto the Master Sheet.

I want to be able to repeat the procedure later if additional sheets need to be added.

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Copy Column And Transpose To Row - Multiple Worksheets To Summary Sheet

Jul 21, 2014

I have over 200 worksheets - separate participants data. On each sheet there is a summary column of data at the moment. I now want those columns of data copied to a summary sheet but transposed to rows.

I have attached an example with 3 worksheets and the sort of summary sheet I am after.

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Macro To Transpose Multiple Data In Cell Separated By Commas To Each Data In Column

Jul 15, 2014

I have a table in the format below with about 3500 rows

Column A
Column B

All vehicles, Retirements

All vehicles, Retirements, Addition

All vehicles, Retirements, Addition, Deletion from Y

I would like to change it to the following format:

Column A
Column B

All vehicles


All vehicles



All vehicles



Deletion from Y

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Transpose Or Convert Rows Of Data Into Columns Of Data:

Feb 12, 2009

When I was using Excel 2000, there was an Excel add-in where I could highlight rows of information and then transpose these into columns of information. Since we have upgraded to Excel 2003, the same Excel add-in does not work and I have not been able to find a simple solution to transpose my information from a horizontal view to a vertical view or the reverse.

Or do I just have to move 53 columns (weeks) of 4 rows one cell at a time to 4 columns of 53 rows (weeks)?

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Transpose Repeated Data With Unique Associated Data Across Columns

Jan 17, 2008

Is it possible to associate a range of cells containing different information based on like values in other cells?


How it currently appears in spreadsheet

Name Acct#
John Q. Public 12345
John Q. Public 23456
John Q. Public 34567
John Q. Public 45678
Jane Example 11111
Jane Example 22222

Wanted Result

John Q. Public 12345 23456 34567 45678
John Q. Public 12345 23456 34567 45678
John Q. Public 12345 23456 34567 45678
John Q. Public 12345 23456 34567 45678
Jane Example 11111 22222
Jane Example 11111 22222

I know how to remove the duplicates afterwords to get one unique record.

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How To Transpose All Data

Jul 3, 2014

in transposing all data, I have data in the format below:

Material ID | Attribute Name | Attribute Value |
MaterialNo.123 | Color | Red |
MaterialNo.123 | Color | Cherry Red |
MaterialNo.123 | Color | Sunset Red |

I want to transpose it to show:

Color Color Color
MaterialNo.123 | Red | Cherry Red | Sunset Red |

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Transpose Data From Column To Row

Dec 8, 2013

I need to transpose column data (Sheet called "Recpt") into rows (sheet called "Formula")

Please refer to attached excel file,sheet "Formula". I have manually entered formula for 12/1/2013. Need to add formula for the rest of the sheet. Since the data is on every 4th column, I am sure it is feasible to copy the formula by adding 4th columns.

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Automate Transpose Of Data?

Feb 13, 2014

AUTOMATE TRANSPOSE 2-13-14.xlsx In the attached file, I am looking to automate the transposing of the date and numbers under each bold number. Data is truck # in bold, the engine oil change date and mileage below. I copied the data from a pivot and need the date and mileage in columns, date on top with mileage below. I can do it with paste special one truck at a time, the big chunk of data is about 2000 rows deep and was hoping the transpose paste special could be automated, I've made a few attempts on how to do it but can't get it.

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Dynamically Transpose Data

Jul 11, 2008

I have a list of about 3,000 names and places of work, in two columns. What I want is to have the place of work in the first column, and then all the employees along that row.

There must be a simple solution to this, but I have been banging my head on my desk all morning trying to work it out. All the places of work are sorted, if that makes any difference.

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Transpose Several Columns Of Data

Aug 26, 2009

I'm working on this project that I inherited from another colleague and am at a sticking point. The workbook is used to determine which employees are working on which projects what pct of the time. The workbook was set up using a start and end date (columns e and f) for the projects instead of a column with the month and the correct percentage. I've set up monthly columns, which are now in columns K through AF. I believe that I need to transpose those columns into a row so that I can set up a pivot table.

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Macro To Transpose Data?

Jun 7, 2014

I need macro to transpose the raw data I have extracted from a Biometrics file into the format I need to compute for work hours.

Sheet 1(raw data)

Sheet 2 ( format i want the data to look like)

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Transpose Column Data To A Row?

Aug 19, 2014

I've got a workbook called MyBook1 which has 12 groups of 5 columns representing each calendar month. I am looking to create a macro (one for each month) which will be executed from another workbook. This macro will pull a column of data from a workbook called Data1 and paste into a row in the MyBook1 workbook.

Using the macro recorder, I've got the following code that works great but was trying to shorten the code and get it to work from another workbook but haven't been successful. I believe all that needs to be done is create a variable for the source/destination workbooks then set the selections and do the copy/paste but I'm having a hard time finding example macros which I can learn from.

Working code below for January, for Febuary the Data1 range is D2:D6, and the destination is 5 columns over making it M3. Then just follow the code below as a template.


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Transpose Data Of Different Lengths

Aug 19, 2014

I have a performance extract from a system which has performance for multiple accounts but the data is off different lengths and shown vertically. I wish to move the data onto a new sheet but rotated(transposed) horizontally

Attached is a snapshot of the report that is usually about 20,000 lines. See input and output tabs.

Is there any way that a macro could be created to do this.


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VB Code To Transpose Data

Mar 26, 2014

Please refer to attached file.

I have employee Clock IN - Clock Out as shown in Column A thru C. An employee can have more then 1 Clock In Clock Out as shown for Employee Name Karmen and Haley.

As shown, each employee is separated by "----------------------" and it ends with "REPORT END"

I would like a VB Code to transpose the data as shown in Column G thru H ...

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Macro To Transpose Data

Feb 9, 2009

I have data that gets dumped from a program into a nasty horizontal format that I need to get transposed into a verticle format. As it stands now, the info is reported with hourly data spread accross rows. I need the hourly data in one column. See attached sheet for an example of what I need done with the data. I'm looking for a macro to take my "original" sheet and create my "new" sheet. Note: a macro that can do this would save me days of time.

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Rearrange And Transpose Data

Oct 18, 2009

I need a macro to manipulate some data. The attached example contains more details.

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