Update Sheet From Html Form

Sep 21, 2006

I am doing a project to maintain employees details with Excel as database and HTML/JSP as frontend.

how to start about maintaining EXCEL as Database.

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Excel To HTML - Auto Publish With File Update

Feb 18, 2011

Im trying to use excel as part of an real time display system, what im looking to do is after xx time period import some data (which is fine, I have that bit sorted), then save to as html- (hopefully using excel 07 abilty to repubish data to update the same file with more info).

I have added some Javascript to the html file to auto scroll, and then will be adding a refresh script which should hopefully update the display with any new info genrated from excel...

so far I have found the following code, but could do with a hand to tie it all up!

Public Sub Watchon()
State = "Mointoring Folder..."
Timerun = Now() + TimeValue("00:10:00")
Application.OnTime Timerun, "DetectNewFiles"
Userform1.Nextupdate.Caption = ">Next Update will be @: (" & Timerun & ")"
With ActiveWorkbook.PublishObjects.Add(xlSourceSheet, _


Then within DetectNewFiles Sub, I need to update the html data, I guess I can't reuse the above bit, as it would just overwirte the whole file (and so remove javascripts too).

Sub DetectNewFiles
'Some code to import text files to excel
With ActiveWorkbook.PublishObjects("Book1_24990")
.Publish (False)
.AutoRepublish = True
End With

Some code to reset next time update of DetectNewFiles

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UserForm Initialization: Fill The Form Out Once And Click 'OK' (run The Code To Put The Form Data Into A Sheet)

Mar 31, 2009

I'm missing something in my UserForm initialization code. If I fill the form out once and click 'OK' (run the code to put the form data into a sheet), when I go back into the form all the old info is still there. If I then click 'Cancel' (Unload Me) and reopen the form, the old data is cleared out. What am I missing to make it clear it out the first time?

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Listbox Update On User Form

Oct 2, 2009

Here is what I'm trying to do:

On load of userform:

- vba scans sheet and determines what rows are not hidden

- vba updates listbox to show non hidden rows with multiple columns

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Extracting Sheet To Html

Oct 15, 2008

I have over 40 workbooks that have a summary page for the products contained within each. I would like to extract the information on the summary page to an html format with all the html tags so that I may post the information within a sharepoint webpart.

I have the publication the sharepoint down, but the extraction to html is my issue.

The information is contained within a 2 column by 15 row section give or take a row depending on the workbook. I am not to worried about the format of the cells or sheet, just the content.

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Changeable Master Form To Update Children?

Nov 11, 2008

I'm currently working on a form to fill out in a study on different analyzers; the master form has gone through several revisions. To keep things looking neat, all the "children" forms have had to be altered, too. The amount of data is getting large and having to do this is getting annoying.

Is there a way to create a master form that is modifyable where the changes are spread through the children? i.e. if I insert a row with new information, I'd like the change to occur on multiple sheets. If I move a row to a different spot, similarly, I'd want all my forms with data to move around to follow suit.

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Update List Without Closing User Form

Feb 17, 2010

In the attached example I can't add more than one name at a time without closing the user form. I can edit the list and click the "Save Changes" button and the changes happen. But using the "Add Name" button I can not add more than one name without closing the form, it just overwrites the previous name unless I close the form.

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Excel Form To View And Update Table Using Lookup In VBA

Apr 18, 2012

I have got a table, with a range B1:CC200. I have been able to run a macro which pops up a form and shows the particulars of a selected month corresponding to those in the table. (e.g., say entries in column D pertaining to say, March 2012 are shown in the form). Problem is I want to be able to update the entries using the form, but no no success. Am quite new to vba but the code I tried to use on the command button after updating is shown below

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
TextBox1.Value = Application.Lookup(Range("A1"), Range("B1:CC200"), Range("B2:CC2"))
TextBox2.Value = Application.Lookup(Range("A1"), Range("B1:CC200"), Range("B3:CC3"))
TextBox20.Value = Application.Lookup(Range("A1"), Range("B1:CC200"), Range("B20:CC20"))
Unload Me
End Sub

Where A1 is the month in question, B1:CC200 the range of the database and row B2:CC2, and B3:CC3...., B20:CC20the data I need to update. .

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Convert Excel Sheet To HTML Format And Then Call Outlook

Dec 16, 2002

How to covert a Excel worksheet to HTML format as outlook's stationary and then call out Outlook to send it as a normal HTML mail, not a attachment mail?

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Formatting Sheet- Can't Get Html Or The Image Tags To Work For Some Reason

May 4, 2007

This is going to be difficult to explain, but I'll try... I need to be able to format a sheet that has all data in column format. Column A contains a number and B an application. C contains the issue data. I need the issue data to be moved under column A and B as illustrated below. What formula can I do to accomplish this?



Can't get html or the image tags to work for some reason.

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Update Table On Another Sheet With Information On ACTIVE SHEET Based On Column Search?

May 14, 2014

What I have is a sheet that is copied periodically from some source sheet, and on this sheet is a table. This sheet is called "Onsite Checklist Template" and it's table is titled "Checklist". I also have another sheet called "Loggers and Initial Notes" which has a tabled titled "Record", and then finally a title sheet call "Proj Details".

To clear this intro up - The sheets, in their order, is: "Proj Details", "Loggers and Initial Notes", "Onsite Checklist Template". The tables: "Record" on "Loggers..." and "Checklist" on "Onsite..."

When the user wants to make a new site visit, he/she fills in the requested date and then selects a button on "Proj...". When this button is selected, it copies the table data on "Record" and puts it on "Checklist", then inserts a new worksheet tab, always in the 3rd position (the title is based on the site visit date in which the user entered), which is a copy of "Onsite...". Now we have another sheet with a table called "Checklist1", and upon another new site visit, there will be another worksheet with "Checklist2", and so on.

On the "Onsite..." worksheet, there is a button on it which also gets copied with the worksheet so that every new worksheet has this copied "Checklist ???" and this button. I'm looking for a macro that, when the button is selected, will bounce the active sheet's table "Checklist ???" off of "Record" and make changes as needed.

"Checklist ???" data range is B11:M20 (the header is on row 10); "Record" data range is B29:Q78 (the header is on row 28); Column headers are titled the same, just that "Record" has 4 extra columns, 3 in the middle and 1 on the end. "Checklist ???" columns 1-12 to "Record" columns 1-7, 10-12, 14-15. The search criteria is the 4th column in both tables ("Trk #").

I need the macro to do the following:If it finds a match, then update "Record" as needed with data from "Checklist ???", changing whatever cell is different in the row that contains the matching "Trk #", so long as the cell on "Checklist ???" is populated (i.e, if a cell on the target row of "Record" has a value, but it's blank on "Checklist ???", then "Record" wins; if it's blank on "Record", but populated on "Checklist ???", the Checklist wins. If both populated but different, then Checklist wins.If a "Trk #" exists on "Checklist ???" but is not on "Record" then add the line to "Record" (the 1st empty row, table size remains)I see no need for any "delete" at this time.

My concerns: The last column on record (column #16) is the filtering column for the worksheet copy event and needs to be left alone (it's formulated to produce a "Yes" or "No")I would like the ability to adjust table sizes if needed without modifying the macroThe table rows on "Checklist ???" will not be changed, deleted, or altered in any way by the macro.

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Update A Cell Value From A Previous Sheet After Copying The Sheet And Renaming It

Nov 21, 2009

I have copied a sheet, moved it to the end and renamed it with a date that is in cell "A1"

Now after that process is finished I need it to update the date in cell "A1" of the newly created sheet with the next day's date.

I am stuck however referring to the previous sheet to update the date value in "A1"

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Excel 2010 :: How To Assign Macro From One Sheet To Form Button On Different Sheet

Mar 6, 2014

I am running excel 2010 with windows 7. I created a macro in sheet 1 and I wish to activate the macro from sheet 2 using a form button. I have entered the code below. I know how to perform this function on a more simple macro like adding names to cells. This code is a bit more complex I just dont know where to start.

Sub LoanData()
' LoanData Macro


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VLookup - Update Sheet A With Updates From Sheet B?

May 5, 2014

I have 2 excel sheets A and B

Sheet A has full list of (3000) of user names - First Name , Last Name and Email address

Sheet B has few UPDATED users (200) of user names from above list with UPDATED email addresses ( with First name , Last name and email address)

How should I update Sheet A with updates from Sheet B?

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How To Take Data From One Sheet To Automatically Update Another Sheet

Feb 2, 2014

i have two sheets, sheet 1 is a list of some items i sell on my website and the stock quantity.sheet 2 is a list of what my supplier has in stock.i want a quick way of my stock values on sheet 1 in column G to match the stock values on sheet 2 column E.

the product codes are the same (sheet 1 is column E for product codes, on sheet 2 the codes are in column B).

on my website (sheet 1) the products size options (column J) are more detailed than that of my suppliers (sheet 2 column F)

for example, my sheet (sheet 1) will say on some items for example MEDIUM: DRESS SIZE 10-12 but my supplier sheet will just say medium also my sheet (sheet 1) will say ONE SIZE or PLUS SIZE where as my suppliers (sheet 2) will be blank however this means that there is only one stock value to update anyway as there is only one size option

is it possible to magically make sheet 1 match the relating stock values from sheet two?

so on sheet 1, item 10035 Child Gangster Suit in size small would change from 7 to 13 and item 10001 Jumbo Syringe would change from 11 to 20

i would also need the updated values on sheet 1 to be highlighted so i know if any have been missed, for example my supplier may have stopped supplying an item in medium but obviously i would still have a stock value for it on my sheet so therefore that value wouldnt be updated so i would need to be made aware of this so i can then remove the option (which has to be done manually) on my website...

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Format Email Generated By Sheet To Have An HTML Format

Jan 24, 2010

I'm trying to format my email generated of excel sheet to have an HTML formal before they are sent out using MS Outlook.

I have googled, searched your forums and also tried to figure out a solution with the existing helps on the internet. I need help on how to format emails genarated out of my excel sheet. I know a bit of HTML syntax but a newbie to VBA. I'm guessing the formatting has to be done in the Emailbody text function in my code.

I'm also trying to understand the logic behind the code and also learning excel vba bit by bit at the minute.

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Linking Cells For Update On One Sheet It Updates My Last "customer Touch" On A Master Sheet

Aug 24, 2009

I am tracking my sales interactions and am trying to link cells so when I update on one sheet it updates my last "customer touch" on a master sheet. Current formula-

On "sheet1" I selected a cell and used this formula... =sheet2!$b$7

The problem is that I want to keep a history of what was in that sheet 2 B7 cell so i insert a row (making B7 move down and become B8) and enter new info into the new b7. if I go back to sheet1 the formula in the selected cell becomes =sheet2!$b$8 I want it to stay to =sheet2!$b$7 no matter what I do... insert rows, delete rows etc...

in short what i am trying to do is have a cell in sheet1 show my last interaction with the customer and keep a history of in sheet2-infiniti.... with the caveat that my last interaction on sheet 2 etc... is listed first (thus the insert row)

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Update Sheet From Previous Sheet

Feb 9, 2009

what im hoping to do is when i press macro button"click to sort" on sheet totals

it will automatically input the totals from "TOTALS" underneath the right name and put the date in column a the trouble is the cells are dependant on the sort so if i was to press "click to sort" now it would transfer this data to sheet "PTS AND DATES"

09/02/09 in cell a2
1146 in b2
861 in c2
860 in d2
849 in e2
806 in f2

the very next time i press it , it will put data into row 3.

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Update Data In Sheet From Another Sheet

Sep 26, 2006

I have two workbooks. In Workbook1 (96300,Temp.xls) are stored the data as follows:
Item No; Model; Description; Pieces; Unit price; Price Total (Formula = Pieces x Unit Price).

I use this code to get all data from this workbook to another workbook:

Sub SelectAllItems()

'Open connection
strCn = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
"Data Source=" & strPath & "96300,Temp.xls;" & _
"Extended Properties=Excel 8.0"
Set cn = New ADODB.Connection
cn.Open strCn

Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
With rs
.CursorLocation = adUseClient
.Open "SELECT * FROM [súpis$]", cn, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic

i = 0
For j = 0 To rs.Fields.Count - 1
ActiveSheet. Range("A1").Offset(0, j) = rs.Fields(j).Name
j = 0
Do Until rs.EOF
For j = 0 To rs.Fields.Count - 1
ActiveSheet.Range("A2").Offset(i, j) = rs.Fields(j).Value
i = i + 1
End With
End Sub ...

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Update On Sheet Tab Change

Jun 29, 2007

I have set up 2 sheets with one called "2007" and the other called "Updt" What I would like to do is when I change the value in "2007" Tab to say "2008" or "2009" etc. it would update corresponding cells in the "Updt" Sheet i.e. Cells B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7 and B8.

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Update Cells From One Sheet To Another

Sep 28, 2007

I am entering data (exam results) in one sheet for a form class (each form has a sperate sheet) but want this data to be updated in another sheet called "combined" which is a full list of all the data for the year group of students. How would I do this? I have copied the information into the combined sheet using paste special but it wont update?

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Auto Update Details In Next Sheet

Aug 22, 2014

I create daily report for dispatch documents to our various branches. Now I am looking for formula (or formula is not possible then VBA code) that will auto update document number and dispatch date in "output" sheet.

Find attached sheet with desired output.

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Copy One Sheet From Active WB To Another WB For Update

Jun 30, 2014

I have 2 excelfiles. The macro should copy the Sheet "SDH" from file "New file.xlsm" and paste it to the file "FileforUpdate.xlsm".

"FileforUpdate.xlsm" has already a Sheet called "SDH". This have to be deleted before past the sheet "SDH" from "New file.xlsm" .

After Copy, delete and past it should save the "FileforUpdate.xlsm" in it's folder and close the WB.

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Userform Looks Up Data But Will Not Update To Different Sheet

Aug 18, 2014

I have been playing around with this and are totally baffled,userform service,enter pl094 in combobox1 ,first part looks up sheet1 and works well.

If I change overhauled date it changes on sheet1 ,but will not write to sheet repairs,has done in the past as you can tell from entries, have tried irow and c.row but for some reason will not write any more entries.

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AUTOFILL SHEET 2 Update As Data Goes In

Jan 11, 2009

column b should autofill the last number in column i
in this case b12 = £1820.58
and then evertime column i has data in it should go to the next row in column b

i would like column d to be blank until there is a stake in column c

the same for column f, h and i

column l should have the date auto entry after column c has data input

column n should automatically work out how many days this has been running

sheet 2 cell g5 should know how many records are in sheet 1

sheet 2 cell g6 should return all known "y" in sheet 1 column g
and g7 should return all known "n" in sheet 1 column g
column i.........................

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Macro VBA To Update Database Sheet

May 15, 2013

Basically I want to set up a workbook, which will have a sheet called "Database" and then sheet1.

I want to use sheet1 as a "add to database" sheet, where users will simply dump in some data into sheet1 and the marco will format it so it matches the headers of the data base and then it will add/update the database sheet with the info (and new info if its new) from sheet1.

Here it is in pictures.

This is basically what the database sheet will look like (but much much much more rows of data)

As you can see this is a job database with some columns for POD, Connote, etc.

This is what the update sheet1 will look like when someone dumps some new data in (I can easily write a macro that formats it to match the database)

So basically I want the VBA to merge this sheet1 data into the database sheet, as you can see, there is simply a few 1's added to various columns for "Car Dudes" and "Robin Manufactures" but "Jimmys Lollies" row is completely new and not in the database.

So the marco would basically match up either the Job number or the HB number of the rows in sheet1 and if there is a match in the database sheet it will update the cells data, and if there is no match it will add the row to the database sheet.

The issue is the data in sheet1 might not be fully complete all the time, it might only have a job number and not a HB number, it might not have a client name or whatever. Basically the data users dump into sheet1 will come from many different reports, many different sources, what I'm trying to do is essentially merge all this data into a common formatted database sheet, for further working.

So in a nut shell, a macro to:

1. Match Job/HB numbers in sheet1 with rows already in database sheet and update row accordingly with any new data.
2. Add any new Job/HB rows from sheet1 into database.

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Update Entries To Another Sheet In The Same Workbook

Oct 20, 2004

I have a sheet, call it a Master Sheet, where column A either has the word LOAD or DISCH in each cell descending. Each row has pertinent information in it that ranges from A1:L1.

If A1 contains LOAD how can I get that particular row to go to another worksheet called LOAD or another sheet called DISCH same range. I want to use only the Master Sheet without having to copy and paste from one sheet to another.

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Update Hyperlink To Accommodate Sheet Name Changes

Feb 24, 2005

Excel spreadsheet with approx 50 sheets with a summary page at the front.

Have put in hyperlinks to go to a sheet, but if the sheet name changes, the hyperlink doesn't update to reflect this.

Hence, broken hyperlink.

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Update PivotChart On Another Sheet Via Code

Sep 7, 2006

I have created a pivotchart and placed it on (say) sheet " GRAPH". Excel has created the associated pivottable and stored it on (say) sheet "PIVOT".

Because the formating of the graph is lost each time the pivotgraph is refreshed i.e page fields changed, i have written a small macro to reformat it which i have put in the "Private Sub Worksheet_PivotTableUpdate(ByVal Target As PivotTable)" event in the "PIVOT" sheet. All appeared to work well.

However, on closer investigation, i noticed that the pivotchart wasn't being updated (even though the source pivottable was set to refresh on open - another problem for another day?) so on the pivotchart sheet i had to press the little red exclamation mark to update it and the chart changed before my eyes. I thought I would then record a macro to see what i had to do.

The code the macro recorder gave was "ActiveChart.PivotLayout.PivotTable.RefreshTable" so i simply inserted this into the chart.activate event of the "GRAPH" sheet and assumed it would kick in everytime the graph was activated.

However, it crashes everytime with an error message "unable to get the pivotfields propety of the pivottable class". If I put an msgbox in the relevant "Sub Worksheet_PivotTableUpdate" to display the target. name, its blank!

I've tried all sorts of work arounds like trying to update the pivottable in the graph activate event:-
dim pt as pivottable : set pt = ......... : pt.refreshtable etc
select the sheet before hand etc, etc but no joy.

Following the code through debug it always crashes with the same message. If I manually update the pivottable on the PIVOT sheet (right click "refresh data") the table gets refreshed which then triggers my graph reformat code and everything is fine.

I'm sure i'm doing something wrong but it doesn't appear to like the chart and table being on different sheets?

Private Sub Worksheet_PivotTableUpdate(ByVal Target As PivotTable)

msgbox Target.name <---------ERROR (Blank!)

If Target.PivotFields("BusinessArea").CurrentPage = "XXXXXX" And _
(Target.PivotFields("BM").CurrentPage = "AAA" Or _
Target.PivotFields("BM").CurrentPage = "BBB" Or _
Target.PivotFields("BM").CurrentPage = "CCC" Or _
Target.PivotFields("BM").CurrentPage = "DDD") Then
MsgBox "Error - " & Target.PivotFields("BM").CurrentPage & " is not a valid Business Manager of " & UCase(Target.PivotFields("BusinessArea").CurrentPage) & vbCr & vbCr & "Please try again!!", vbCritical, "Error"
Exit Sub
End If

..graph reformat code (irelevant because even If i delete this it still bombs out!"
End Sub

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Update Or Lookup Data In Another Sheet

Nov 30, 2006

We use an accounting purchasing program that stores it's data in Access format. I have an Excel sheet that does a query to that data source and returns inventory part numbers, descriptions and pricing.

This file is about 3mb. Using this file as a data source (was trying to make it portable so the sales people can take the data with them) I created a quoting sheet, where they can lookup parts and have all the info pull into the quote so they can give customers a quote with fairly current info. At first I had my search routine copy and paste in links to the info, but that created a problem when the sales person wants to open an old quote to see what they gave someone. So then I had it just paste values, which works fine except when the quote has expired and the sales person wants to keep all the same parts but wants current pricing. I was thinking something like index(match) but VBA code wouldn't let me do that. I was hoping to write code for a button that they can click and it fetches current info.

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