VBA Code For Printing

Jun 7, 2006

What I want to do is print a specific worksheet from a specific workbook based on data entered in text boxes. One text box would provide the workbook name and the other text box would provide the worksheet within the specified workbook. All the user would have to do is enter the workbook and worksheet names and then press a button to print. I currently have created a separate workbook with just a userform that contains a print button and two text boxes.

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Code For Printing

Jan 6, 2009

I am using excel 2000

From this and other forums I have found and adapted 2 bits of code as follows

The code below is used to print the sheets in a workbook in reverse order eg sheet 78, sheet 77, sheet 76 etc.....

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Code To Prevent Printing?

May 16, 2014

Is there a code that can be input to prevent a document from being printed?

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Vba Code For Classified Printing

Jan 22, 2007

i have in sheet1 the names of the students and their marks and the finall results (pass ; fail ; comp)

i bring this data to the student certificate in sheet2 using lookup so when i change the number in h1 (the referance cell) the data ini the certificate will change , and i can print the certificate for every students put it is hard to change it manualy and print so i made this code that helps me to print the whole certicates by clicking the button
this the -

Sub printall()
Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To 49
Range("h1").Value = i
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True
End Sub
now i need anew code to print only the (pass)results students , and one for the failed students certificates

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VBA Code To Cancel Printing

Nov 7, 2007

I have a code that prepares my spreadsheet and then prints out around 6 different sheets when all is said and done. The prints are not together in the code. I was wondering if there is something that I can add at the beginning of the code to ask the user IF they want a Printout. If they answer Yes then they get printouts of the 6 or so sheets and if they answer No then the code will run but no printouts occur???

I have play3ed around a bit and implemented the following in one of my codes but this one only has 1 sheet that prints out.

'Checks to see if this is a corrected Deposit in which case Depositor probably has a Verification sheet already printed

If Sheets("Input Sheet").CheckBox5 = True Then

Answer = MsgBox("It's seems that this Verification sheet was already printed once. Do the Corrections you have made require you to print another one?" & vbCr & vbCr & "If you reuire the Verification sheet to print again the please click YES otherwise click No.", vbYesNo, "PRINT Out Required???")

If Answer = vbYes Then

ActiveSheet.Unprotect "unlock"
ActiveWindow.ScrollColumn = 1.........

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Code For Printing Multiple Charts

Jul 10, 2008

I have a workbook with a chart on a worksheet called Area Report

There are 10 areas in total A - J, to view a particular area cell I2 is validated to only accept entries A - J which represent the Areas, selecting a particular area updates the chart for that area

Is it possible to have a macro that will print all 10 Area Reports, I tried to do it using the Record Macro function, the code was as follows .......

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Code For Printing Particular Rows And Columns

Jun 27, 2006

I have a worksheet that I use to track my clients and their meal selections over a five day week. Col A is their name, B is their shift (am or pm) C is their table number, D is whether they will attend that day (yes or no) and E is their meal choice (a b or c) Columns D & E repeat the same information for each day Mon-Fri.

I would like to have a print button so that on a daily basis I can print the clients name and thier meal selection (only those those who have a yes for that day) separating AM shift from PM and then grouping them by their table number rather than alphabetical order.

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VBA Code For Printing Worksheets That Are Hidden From A Selection

Jan 19, 2013

I have a workbook with various pages that are all hidden except the main page, on the main page it allows users to select items froms drop down boxes that returns a figure to cell B7 on the selection page.

What i would like to do is press a command button and the hidden worksheet that relates to that figure in cell B7 opens which allows the users to print it then after printing or closing the workbook is hidden again.

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VBA Code For Printing Variable Print Ranges

May 5, 2009

I am trying to write VBA code that will print a print range that is presented in cell F3 on a "Reports" worksheet. The content of F3 will change depending on how many reports the user selects to print. For example, he could select one, two, three reports etc - up to twelve. The cell ranges of each report are named (e.g. Report1, Report2 etc) so that if the user selects to print Reports 1 and 2, the contents of cell F3 are "Report1,Report2". If I replace WhatToPrint with "Report1,Report2" the print macro works.

Sub Macro2()
Dim WhatToPrint As String
WhatToPrint = Sheets("Reports").Cells(3, 6).Value
'sets the variable to equal the contents of cell D3 which contains the formula
'summarising the print ranges I want to print
Sheets("Reports").Cells(3, 6).Select
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = WhatToPrint
' pastes the variable in cell F3 - just to check that it looks like I want it to
Sheets("Reports").PageSetup.PrintArea = WhatToPrint
'uses the variable to set print area - this is where it fails!
'if you replace the variable with the contents of cell F3 the macro will work
End Sub

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VB Code/Macro Printing With Page End Pulled From Workbook

Oct 29, 2008

I have a worksheet that changes in length. There is a formula that calculates how many pages the sheet will be. The also is a print button on the sheet that will print a coversheet "Sheets("Title")" and then it is supposed to print the data on the second sheet. Below the code I have so far... I know I am missing something, but knowing very little about macros I just can't seem to figure it out.

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Printing Code - Print Everything Down The Sheet Until It Sees A Blank In Col A

Apr 27, 2009

I want to have code that will print everything down the sheet until it sees a blank in column A. I have included the code i am trying but it keeps giving me errors.

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Printing Multiple Workbooks With Printing Preference As Landscape

Jan 15, 2012

I would like to know if there is a way to print several different workbooks at once but keeping my printing format which I would like to be Landscape and Fit to one page. Reason is simple as I work in a office where staff is handed in several jobs to do everyday. They finish the jobs and log all the info on the database. I log on to database and put all their daily diaries and because it is all over the place I have to go in each file and set printing preferences which takes an hour in the morning and hour in the evening. I could do with some sort of automation where all diaries are automatically printed in Landscape and Fit on one page.

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Printing / Not Printing Ranges Based On Cell Contents

Apr 11, 2008

I have a report that is generated from a manufacturing process that looks like the example below. the report is 40 pages long when all the data is printed. i am looking for a way to only print this range if a dimension is "out of tolerance". if the dimension is within tolerance, there is always the "garbage" text of plus and minus. if every row is "within tolerance" in the range the cells in the OutTol column would all contain the "garbage" text but it will not always be identical. so, in summary, actual OutTol values = print and all "garbage" = not printed.


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Printing One Page Grayscale And One Page Color With Code

May 21, 2009

I have a report that I use and right now I have a command button that prints the report x2. What I would like to do is to have it print one in color and one in grayscale. I could do this I think with two different buttons, but I would like to utilize just one. I tried creating a macro but it did not pick up the fact that I changed the properties to black and white.

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2002 Code V 97 Code: Add A Small Workbook Open Event Code Which Works For Me But Debugs For The Others

Jan 27, 2009

I use excel 2002 but some of my office are on 97, i want to add a small workbook open event code which works for me but debugs for the others?? The code is basically, go to a tab, on that tab and that range sort..

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Cracked Vb Code: Prevent People From Accesing The Code I Protected The Code Blocking It From Visualization

Feb 8, 2007

I've developed a little software using Excel Macros & VB. To prevent people from accesing the code I protected the code blocking it from visualization. It seems not enough as an acquaintance of a friend cracked it in 25 minutes. Or so he says. So I'd like to know if there is a better way to protect the font code.

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Misaligned Printing

Feb 12, 2007

I am automating a paper form that collects information from 7 other paper forms and then prints out the results. I have created an excel spreadsheet to do this but I am having problems getting the printed output to match the print preview.

I have inserted an image of the form into the sheet header and aligned the cells on the sheet so that the information is in the correct position when previewed in "print preview".

The problem is that, although this will print correctly on the machine I created it on, it is misaligned on any other machine I have tried.

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Label Printing

Dec 12, 2008

I need to print quite a few mailing labels for Christmas cards from an Excel 2000 Worksheet. Could someone list the steps I must take to do this?

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Printing Tabs

Oct 3, 2009

i have included an example spreadsheet, hopefully someone can help me

i want a print button that when pressed with always print 'tab 1' and will print 'tab 2 3 4 etc... if a certain cell in 'tab 1' is greater than zero

please see my example spreadsheet and hopefully my problem will become clear if ive not explained myself very well.

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Lists And Printing

Dec 7, 2009

I've made a 40 page list on Excel, On the very top of this list is my titles of whats is in the collums. How do I repeat this through out, so it appears on the top of every page.

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Checkboxes Keep Printing Even Though Set Them To Not?

Feb 22, 2013

I have inserted checkboxes in an excel worksheet to turn on/off certain data. They are working just fine. But I have set them all to not print (by unselecting the checkbox that says "print" in the format dialogue). SOME of the checkboxes don't print, but most of them do. I can't figure out why.

I've attached the file so you can take a look.

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Printing 2 Or More Sheets At Once

Sep 21, 2013

How can I print 2 or more sheets on a workbook of, say, 10 sheets at once? Is there a way to do this?

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Printing 2 Sheets In One Go?

Mar 11, 2014

I've noticed with a spreadsheet at work that if you print a sheet it also prints the other sheet.

The first sheet is the data and the second is a graph formed from this data.

Is there an options to set to do this or is because its a graph formed from the data sheet that it automatically prints?

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Highlighting And Printing ...

May 8, 2008

I have attached a sample sheet which is for invigilation of exams. In columns D, E & F are the initials of people invigilating at different times. What I want to able to do is to print personised sheets for each person where there initals are in bold and the box has a black border around it. This is very labour intensive if I do it manually as have to highlight one person, print, unhighlight and rehighlight the next person and so on. What I was wondering is could I use a macro to automate this process. So it has a list of all the initals and it searches through and highlights the person and prints it and then moves onto the next.

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Events Before Printing

Jan 30, 2009

I have early made a macro that will change some of the cells before printing and then changing back again to initional state after the print out.


But now I have to do let people also print a copy a regular way, without the macro I made before. But if they go through the regular way iof printing I would like to insert at header in red color, to notify them that this is just a preview and not the way to print. And here we come to the problem ....

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Suppress Printing With VBA

Mar 20, 2009

What i have is over 20 worksheets which have information on them that i want to print when selected so, i have a "main page" with a variety of options for the user to select (by check box) and when they are happy with their selection you would click another check box to print out, i have done this because the printer is set well away from the users and if they printed of sheet by sheet then lots of miles treading back and forth to the printer room would happen so, i thought by doing it this way it would batch print all selected sheets after selection, the code is set up to print all sheets which are selected by "true" in cell O2.

This is no problem as it works well but the code also prints when the check box is de selected. What I would like is a message box to appear before the main macro runs for the user to select "yes or no" to confirm printing. I have put code in this for the command but it will not run the main magro if you select "yes"...below is the code for the main print loop...I think the code for print message should appear before this...

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Printing A Sheet For Every Day

Oct 13, 2009

I have this attached sheet that i need to print one for every day for the next 12 months.

The problem is i can find a way of doing this and getting the cells in red in row 6 to change to the next date.

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Process Before Printing

Feb 2, 2010

I need to print a worksheet. The sheet has rows of a specific height (45) and data in one cell grows - adding comments/notes with date attached so that last one entered is displayed, the rest get shoved down.

I need to sometimes print out the sheet. However, I want to have all the notes shown so would like to (1) autofit all rows, (2) print the sheet and then (3) put all rows back to row height of 45. All this I would LIKE to have done by "trapping" the print button on the normal Print area

I have attached some code, but the sheet (1) does not print at all, (2) the code is sometimes executed twice (in debug mode followed it) and (3) sometimes does not set the row height properly either at autofit or static height.

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Printing Macro ...

Feb 11, 2010

I have a workbook that has a print button on it. The print button macro prints many tabs on the workbook. But, on ONE of the tabs, it inserts information from a range of cells, prints, goes to the next cell in that range and prints, until complete.

The problem I'm having is this: When there is only ONE cell in that range that has information in it, it gets stuck in a continuous loop and prints a ton of blank pages.

Here's my code for this portion of the macro:

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Userform - Printing

Mar 13, 2005

I have a problem I am using the following code,

Private Sub cmdPrint_Click()
End Sub

How is it possible to get the userform to be printed in landscape

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