Vlookup Table To Lookup Data In Columns And Rows

Apr 28, 2007

I have a lookup table which needs to be able to retrieve data from columns as well as rows and not sure if this is possible.

My data is set up with an ID number, financial year and data across the columns e.g

ID F/Y Apples Pears
9999 2004/5 5 4
9999 2005/6 7 8
9881 2003/4 5 3

My lookup table will have the ID number field which will be manually entered to lookup the information on the data sheet. e.g

ID 9999
FY Apples Pears
2004/5 5 4
2005/6 7 8

I can't work out a way to get excel to only give me the number of apples and pears for that year for that ID number. Not all ID numbers will have the same number of financial years so I may need to use VBA.

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Convert The Data Shown In Table 1 To Table 2 Without Rearranging The Columns And Rows

Sep 11, 2009

Is there a function to convert the data shown in table 1 to table 2 without rearranging the columns and rows? because i don't want to use TRANSPOSE. I want a function, somthing like SUMIF with OFFSET or INDEX and MATCH or any other function.

Table 1

Team 1Team 2Team 3Team 4Team 4Team 5Team 5ABABCity 12531642City 231173705City 367891125City 436251348

Table 2

City 4City 2City 1City 3Team 4BTeam 2Team 5ATeam 4ATeam 1Team 3Team 5B

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Lookup Up Entire Table Not Just Column In Table Like Vlookup Does

Jun 5, 2014

I'm trying to see if you can look up multi columns for a number and when it finds it return back to one column and return that data?

I am trying to sort out territories for a state I work on; the territories are divided up by zip codes.


territory 1 12345 54321 11222
territory 2 22222 33333
territory 3 44444 55555

and what I want is to say put a formula in cell B3 on Sheet 1 pointing to cell C3 that has zip code 33333. I want it to then take that and look in Sheet 2 and search A1:D3 and when it finds 33333, return "territory 2" back to cell B3 on Sheet 1.

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Multiple Lookup Values Rows And Columns To Lookup Single Target Column On Right End?

Apr 7, 2014

I have a table of data (say Column1 to Column 5) with multiple rows.

Column 1 to 4 will have the lookup values in multiple rows and Column 5 data should be picked up using vlookup or other lookup function.

I managed to somehow bring all these lookup values in (Column 1 to 4) in a single column in another sheet. I am now trying to use some lookup or other functions to match this single column and pick column 5 data in original sheet. Result i am expecting is lookup value in first column and next to it column 5 value.

It is basically a lookup wherein lookup value is spread over multiple rows and columns and result column is fixed. I tried using vlookup, but lookup value column and column number had to change every time when i moved from column1 to 4.

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In A Table Include Data In Columns Into Existing Rows

Jun 7, 2012

I have a table in which the rows represent cities and the columns represent certain characteristics/ attributes a city can have. In the cells every city & attribute pair receives a "grade"

City EatingBeachSki
Barcelona 210
Chamonix 002

I would like to transform this so that every row represents a city & attribute pair and includes its corresponding grade.(I want to do this in order to be able to add more information about city- attribute pairs rather than about cities only)

City AttributeGrade
BarcelonaEating 2
BarcelonaBeach 1
BarcelonaSki 0
ChamonixEating 0
ChamonixBeach 0
ChamonixSki 2

I am aware that I can use a pivot table to sort out all the pairs with a specific grade. and then I could paste this into a new table. But my data base (number of cities x number of attributes) is huge and I was wondering if there is no automatic process to make this transformation.

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Multiple Ccolums/rows To Get Data From Multiple Columns/rows (vlookup)

Jan 15, 2010

I have created a spreadsheet to show some reports and I wanted to serch for some datas which overloops themeselves. If you can have a look at a test file I attached you will see the full picture. I have 2 tables, where the 2nd one is on the right side of the 1st one. 1st table:..............

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Lookup Table In VBA Rather Than VLookup Table?

Nov 23, 2011

I get a file every day that contains online orders for a client. They have made the state and country fields on the order form free text, so sometimes the State field has CA, sometimes California, sometimes even Cal or Cali. Oregon may be represented as OR, Oregon, or Ore (and one time even Orygon.)

The country field may have US, USA, United States and sometimes United States of America.

Well, they need this data imported to their system with the states fully spelled out: Oregon, California. And the country spelled out as well: United States, Canada.

Right now I have a lookup tables worksheet that I just have a macro run a vlookup on. But I'd like to know if there is a way I could just put it all in the code, without the external tables.

i.e. some code that, in English, would basically say, "If the value of any cell in column K is among these values, replace it with those values, otherwise just leave it as it is". Could I do that while containing the two sets of values right in the code rather than on a worksheet?

I really just want to replace the standard abbreviated state/country codes with the full text, and if the value does contain Cali or Ore, let them manually make the change. Hopefully that will finally nudge them to just make the online order form utilize a drop-down list of states and countries, rather than free text.

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Vlookup Where The Lookup Value Isn't In The First Column Of A Range/table

Jan 8, 2009

I would like to do a vlookup where the lookup value isn't in the first column of a range/table. Would I use index/match? For example, I have fields for vendor, part # and location in that order. I'd like to pull up location with a formula based on part #.

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Move Lookup Table To Same Sheet As VLOOKUP

Jan 18, 2010

One other common problem is storing the Lookup Function on another sheet to the Table. On The Uploaded Workbook. Is it possible to change the Vlookup to the same worksheet as the lookup list to remove the disadvantage of having them on separate worksheets. If I have misunderstood the statement in the quote above.

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VLOOKUP Where LOOKUP Range Is Two Columns?

Oct 27, 2011

I need to make a VLOOKUP in a sheet which I do not own or control the layout of. Therefore I cannot add any columns in the source to assist me in my lookup.

My VLOOKUP needs to look at two values/columns since the value in one column is not a unique identifier. This is easy in the value I want to lookup but not so easy in the lookup range in the source sheet. Ideally I would like to write my formula something like this:


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Vlookup Multiple Rows With The Same Lookup Value.

Dec 3, 2009

I'm trying to get a result of all rows in a table that has the same lookup value.

For example:


I want to look for David and that the result will be all rows that starts with David:

David 25
David 68
David 902

I tried using vlookup but it always returns the first row.

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Lookup Function To Lookup For Data In Another Table

Jul 29, 2008

I am trying to use lookup function to lookup for data in another table (we call it table A). Unfortunately, whenever the code is not in the table A, Excel will return the data from the previous row.... is there any possible way to prevent this... in another word, if the code does not exist in the table A, I want Excel to return 0 or some other figures.

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Lookup Many Rows And Columns

Dec 29, 2002

My daily receiving list has Item# received that day e.g.
I need to compare this to a Data Base list that has 10000 item# , seller, and status (this data base can have repeated same item# but varied seller and therefore different status
Ing.xls (Data Base file)
Item# Seller Status
123 ABC Approved
123 GMC Not Approved
456 ABC Pending
456 XYZ Not Approved
456 QRS Approved
etc. +10000 items
Now I need to compare the daily receipts to the data base file and pull all the sellers for those particular items and their status which like I said could be on many rows, one row, or not listed at all to the ReceiptList.xls(which I can then make sure that the received items are from an Approved source etc.)

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Looking Up Value In Table (multiple; Unique Id; Columns For No Vlookup)

Mar 30, 2009

What formula should I use so that it will find the match with a 6-column table (with every other column containing the 'reference' items, so I can't use vlookup)

So that it will return the value next to the match

(instead of returning gibberish, will return a number instead)


Okay had that table setup that way because I needed separate tables ("linked" comboboxes")

So I just altered it so that the vlookup range changes dependent on the value of combobox 1.

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Data Table Is Pasted In For VLookUp - Not Have To Redo Table Name Each Time

Jun 2, 2013

I created a lookup table that works quite well. It even has if statements in the LookUp Formula. However, I have to update the table it pulls the information from each day. I wind up recreating the range each time because the table always has more rows each time. Is there a way I could just paste the table in each day and not have to change the range? The columns never change.

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Lookup Returning Multiple Columns And Rows?

Oct 8, 2013

I'm working on a database right now for our school, similar to a directory. What I want to do is be able to look up what items a staff member has been issued and when/if they were returned. What I have right now is one sheet with all the information about the staff that looks like the one below. I want to create a separate sheet where you could look up a staff member by last name and can find all the information in the array relative the the specific cell looked up.

Last Name
First Name

So, on the "lookup" sheet, I want to be able to input either Doe and have the look up return cells B2:E6, or if I input Smith it should return cells B7:D11.

I've been experimenting with Vlookup, hlookup, index, and match but haven't been able to get exactly what I want..

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VLOOKUP: Table Array Is Several Thousand Rows

May 28, 2009

I'm using a vlookup formula, and the thing I'm searching by is a part number. The problem is that in my table array, all the cells for part numbers have that green error flap in every cell, saying "The number in this cell is formatted as text or preceded by an apostrophe."

Some part numbers have letters on the end of them, ie: 12345N. When I go into a particular cell's error drop down menu and choose "Convert to Number," the vlookup will work with this cell. My problem is that the table array is several thousand rows, and I don't know how to fix them all at once.

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VLOOKUP Across Rows And Columns

Apr 10, 2012

The row in blue is a successfully created result from my VLOOKUP formula:

The row in red is unsuccessful.


The above formula lives in the blue "Pottery" cell (cell B11 in my spreadsheet).

How can I get this VLOOKUP formula to work in rows below it?

When I just copy and paste the formula into row 12 (in red text), the formula still refers to row 11 (in blue text), and I get the same exact results no matter what unique signifier I put in (see the red row for unsuccessful results).

It's strange because in the successful blue row, I simply copied and pasted from cell B11 through G11, and everything came out fine due to the relative(??) identifiers, but no luck transferring that formula to rows.

My unique identifiers seem to be off the page, but they are just 1 (starting at Old Masters) through 6 (at Impressionist).

When I type 6 (for the red row), I get the same results as for when I type 5 (for the blue row), so my unique identifiers aren't registering somehow.

Item Code

In stock
Line Total

Old Masters

New Masters

[Code] ........

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MACRO Lookup Columns Of Current Sheet And Matches It With Table In Tab Then Returns Hourly Pay In Column

Mar 5, 2014

I am having trouble with my macro. I have attached excel sheet for reference.

Basically, I want a Macro that Looks up columns B & C of current sheet and matches it with table in the charges tab, and then returns hourly pay in column D.

I have created the macro but it's giving me Run time 1004 error.

Also, my formula is incorrect. Maybe that's why my macro isn't working?


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Lookup A Value Based On An Array Spanning Multiple Rows And Columns

Nov 24, 2008

I'm having difficulty finding a way to ask excel to lookup a value based on an array spanning multiple rows and columns. There's a mock example in the attached.

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Using VLOOKUP To Retrieve Multiple Data For The Lookup Value

Jan 8, 2010

I have to write some VLOOKUP formulas to pull several items from a report, the problem is there could be multiple items for each lookup value as the example below:

Company Data ABC Monday ABC Friday ABC Thursday DEF Friday GHI Monday
I need to reference every piece of data for every company but using the VLOOKUP formula, I am obviously only able to get the first instance of the lookup value (company ABC)

How to I write the formula to lookup the other data? The practical appliation I am using this for has anywhere from 300 to 400 lookup values.

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Prevent VLOOKUP Until Lookup Cell Has Data

Jan 18, 2010

On the uploaded workbook, Daily Nutrition Worksheet. How do I clear all the data to start fresh without deleting all the formula?

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Using List Of Data With Wildcards In VLookup Formula As Lookup Value?

Mar 8, 2013

I have a list of rules on how to group account numbers. An example is below. I have a very long list of full account numbers (no wildcards). There are roughly 75 rules on how to group the over 40,000 accounts. I want to use the vlookup to determine what group each full account number (always 11 characters) would belong to? It seems that the vlookup isn't treating the ?'s as wildcards. I can use the full account number rules with the wildcards in the cell in the sumif function though.

So ultimately I would like to have my list of account numbers like 40000000000 and 40000000001 know that they belong in group 1 based on the rule table below.

Full Account Number


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Vlookup = Lookup Returning Previous Row Cell Data

Feb 9, 2010

I have a list of airport codes and I need to look up these 2 digit codes and find the relevant airport and country.

For some reason when I use the lookup function it is finding the correct lookup value but returning the column cell in the previous row.

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VLookup - Single Value Lookup Returning Multiple Records Into Multiple Columns

Feb 7, 2014

Certification and Training tracking.xlsx

I want to create a certification only list on a separate tab of training that has been completed where a certification has been issued (as indicated by a "Y" in the "Certification?" column on the training tracking tab) and then populate from some of the fields vs. all of the fields.

What I have now, only pulls the first occurence, not all occurences. I saw that I could have identified the multiple columns that needed to be populated, but it didn't work either, so I'm fine putting a separate vlookup in each column.

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Lookup Data From Table

Dec 5, 2008

the code for lookup value of point 1 and point2 from the table ,if i key in the no.group and type of grade.
eg.1 Group10 grade a value to be point1=75 point2=20
eg.2 Group16 grade B value to be point1=125 point2=172

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Changing Data In Lookup Table?

May 26, 2014

I am creating, essentially, a product order form (actually a shopping list creator for my wife). Containing 'Quantity', 'Product Name' and 'Price'. When I enter the product name via a drop-down list, the price is displayed using vlookup.... no problem so far.

My problem is... or should I say, my desire is, that when the vlookup price is displayed, if I (my spouse) know the current price to be different from the one retrieved from the lookup table, I would like to post the new price and modify the data in the lookup table so that any future requests for that item will reflect the new price.

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Lookup Table To See If Data Exist?

Aug 3, 2013

How do I lookup a table , eg. E4:G16 to see if that table contains a data.

I tried {=search(A4,E4:G16)} where A4 is in cell F10 but returns Value error.

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Table Array - Data Lookup

Nov 25, 2008

I have a spreadsheet that I would look up two criteria in the table array, which first is down the column and next cross the row.

It would be easier to explain the scenarios by referring to the attached file.

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Lookup Returning Data For A Value That Is Not In Table

Apr 26, 2013

I have a pretty large table,(153,000 rows) My lookup_value is a 7 digit number. If my lookup_value isn't in the lookup_vector, it should return "#N/A" (which it does most of the time) but I noticed it was returning a result when the lookup_value didn't exist...it didn't exist anywhere in the table.

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