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Calculate Percentage Based On The Number

I am working on a spreadsheet which has lots of data in it. I have a Column i.e. Checked out and on each cell entered an X Mark indicating that a device has been checked out.

Since this Checked Out Column goes all the way down to > 1000 cells. Is there a way for us to make a formula and calculate percentage based on the number of X's that are entered and tell as that out of 1000 cells, the X's are 65% and so the blank cells would have to be checked to complete the list?

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Calculate Number Based On Percentage
example 1:
This years sales are $3700, a decrease of 11.6%. What would last years
sales be?

example 2:
This years sales are $4500, an increase of 151%. What would last years
sales be?

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Calculate Percentage Based On Criteria
I have events in column 1,in my sheet there are about 800 events.

In col 2. each contestant has a label,blue(b),green(g) or red(r)

In column 3 I want to print the % of blue + green of the total for each event,

e.g first event in attached sheet would show 77.7% down to row 10 in col 3 etc.

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Calculate Percentage Based On Count Of Specified Text
I have a list of YES or NO answers in a sheet. I want to calculate the % of YES in the list. E.G. if there are 100 cells in total and 25 of them say YES and the remaining 75 say NO, the percentage should be 25%.

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Calculate Total Pay Based On Sliding Percentage Scale
I am trying to set up a spreadsheet where all the sales manager will have to do is input the number of cars sold to determine what the total amount of commission will be for a salesperson. I have something set up so far, but need the spread sheet to do an if/then type thing where it will search the table, and produce the dollar amount for the number of cars sold based on the scale and the number in the # cars sold cell.

I've tried conditional sum, IF, goal seek, and all kinds of stuff to no avail. The spreadsheet is attached.

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Return Percentage Of Number Based On Its Value
Spreedsheet on on sales and taxes

Need formula for cells.

3 different cells involved... B1 will have $ amounts, B10 tax code, B25 will have total of tax applied due to code.

Exp; cell B10 will contain the tax code... if you enter..... "1" in the cell the calculation will be 7% in cell B25, enter "2" in cell B10 and the calculation will be 6% in cell B25 , and if you enter "3" in cell B10 the calculation will be 13% in cell B25.

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Calculate An If Value Based On A Number Of Conditions
I am trying to create on excel order form. I want customers to be able to input the item # (a range from 1 to 12), then I want the to price to be calculated based on the item # they input.

For example. If they choose item #2 in A6 then the price in F6 will be recorded as $8.00. (the price would change for each item # they input).

the formula I started out with was:

this worked for me if A6 did in fact equal 1.
So I tried adding this equation to the formula.

=IF((A6=1),"$8.00")*OR((A6=2),"$7.00")....this would continue on. I even pressed "command return" after the statement as if I was entering an array formula.
I got the error #VALUE!

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Calculate Workload Based On Number Of Devices
I work in IT Service company and we need to calculate our workload based on a number of devices in our scope.

Say, somebody wants to add 300 Windows Servers to our service desk. We know that each Win Server would need 1 Person on duty to manage. So ideally we would just multiply 1*300 and get the amount of people we need.

Problem is that because the service is quite similar for each of these servers, we dont really need a dedicated person for each device so I want to make every additional device consume 20% less workload than the previous one.

In our case it would be:
1 Server = 1 Person
2 Servers = 1.8 People
3 Servers ~ 2.5 People

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Calculate Number Of Dates Within A Column Based On Month
I have a column say column B for example that has a list of dates in the format dd/mm/yyyy. I would like a summary at the top of the columns to state how many dates there are for the current month. But I wondered if this was possible based on the TODAY() function or similar. Thus the user would not have to change anything.

So for example at the start of the month it may state 14. Half way through the month down to 6 and at the end of the month 0 for example.

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Calculate X Number Of Rows In Range Based On Cell Value
I can't seem to make SumIF or Vlookup do what I want here.

I have a table like that below. I also have a cell on the same sheet called CurrentPeriod in which a user can enter a period number corresponding with one of the values in the first column.

If someone enters 3 in "CurrentPeriod" I want to sum the first three values in the "Actual" column and then divide the result by the sum of the first three values in the "Target" column (effectively giving a percentage of target at the end of period 3)

Period Target Actual %Target
1 74 68 91.9%
2 81 71 87.7%
3 76 87 114.5%
4 76 68 89.5%
5 71 89 125.4%
6 69 81 117.4%

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Calculate A 30-day Moving Average Based On The Last X Number Of Entries And Date
I have a worksheet that has all weekday dates in column 1 and values in column 2. I want to create a 30-day moving average based on the last (non-zero) value in the column 2.

Since every month has a different amount of days, I want it to search the date that has the last value (since I don't get a chance to update it daily) and go back thirsty days from that date and give an average of all the column 2 values skipping and values that are null or zero.

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Calculate The Percentage
I have attached a file with both a sample section of data on the first sheet and the outcome I would like on the second sheet... I would do it all manually but there are over 200,000 rows in the actual file.

The macro needs to calculate the percentage of sale for each reference number within each part number and move down to the next part number and do the same until it reaches the bottom.

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Calculate Cumulative Percentage
Microsoft Excel - Book1___Running: 12.0 : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutB5=

I have this example above which i want to know what is the total % change from Jan to Jun. In the total column, the result i got is 19% using formula

Is there any other more simplified or better formula that can be used actually?

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Automatically Calculate The Percentage
code needed to be able to automatically calculate the percentage needed from one year to the next. I simply need it to automatically create a third column each time the copy old data button is pressed, and I need the column to have the percent increase ((current year - past year)/current year). Hopefully you can understand what I am aiming for. I have the current code below, and I will attach a compressed and stripped version of my workbook.

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Formula Calculate The Percentage
I have a row of numbers from 1 to 26 in cells A1 to Z1 representing numbers
'chosen' at random by 500 unique people.

I have another row of numbers representing the 'frequency' that the
aforementioned number was chosen in cells A2 to Z2.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ...
10 4 16 9 23 20 61 13 18 43 17 ...

Is there a formula that I could use to calculate the percentage (0%-100%)
that each number was chosen?

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Calculate Weighted Percentage
In my spreadsheet (testing.xls) I have a chart to mark the quality of a phone call based on a list of 8elements being judged. I have a likert scale for the quality result for each element, say for example 5 for highest, 3 for average, 1 for the poor, 0 for very poor and NA for an element which is not counted.

At the bottom of my table I have a cell where it would work out the % based on the outcome of the result from the different cells being ticked, what would i need to do to have excel work this out for me? Please bare in mind that if there is for example 1 element out of the 8 elements marked as NA the result would be divided 7 instead of 8.

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Extract And Calculate Percentage (%)
In the attched sheet, I am wanting to draw data from the worksheet "On-Off" Array $AI$14:$AJ$91 into column AA, while at the same time choosing the closest match to the time. I have managed to get the closest matching time into column AC.

What I am having trouble with is now calculating the number of staff on that break time (column Z) against the number of staff rostered on at that stage "On-Off" (column AJ). I thought it would be a simple division and format as a percentage, however something in it using the extract from the "On-Off" sheet is stopping me, and I cannot figure it out.

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Calculate Percentage Of Attendances
What I have is four columns with data. First column name second column number third column name fourth a number. Trying to get the total of the numbers for the names. So the first and third columns have names in them and they can be in each column or just once in either. I need to get a total column with all the unique names and then their corresponding number (added together if they are in both columns) to display the name and total. The names could be duplicated in each column as we (hopefully) have a lot of the same people coming week in week out.

What it is being used for is a two week and four week revolving attendance. I have a daily sheet one that I am using data filter unique values and then a countif to show me their attendance for the week. Putting it into a totals page sheet with week 1 week 2 etc.

So looking for a way to get all the unique names and their corrorsponding cell value added together to show the persons attendance for two weeks and then the month.

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Formula: Calculate Percentage
I have in row D a list of numbers and in cell F a list of salaries. I need a forumla to tell me what percentage D1 is of F1 etc.

IE the formula will be something along the lines of D1 * 12 / F1 * 100

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Calculate Percentage Between Two Cells
in A1 I have 57 in B1 I have 75 so if I calculate percentage between those two I should get somewhere around 5% instead I'm getting 76%,

what am I doing wrong, in C1 I have =A1/B1 and then formated under percentage.

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Calculate & Display Percentage
how to display a percentage in a field in excel.


If I have a calculated price in cell A and I would like to enter a price manualy in cell B , how would I get excel to display in another cell what perecentage A is of B

price A would would be for example a purchase price , Price B would be a suggested retail price entered manualy and i would want cell C to show me what percentage increase it is of price A

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Calculate X Percentage Of Cost
I am trying to create a simple formula to extract cost from a total that includes both cost and and a percentage for maintanance. Assume $100, 10% of which is maintenance the remainder is cost. If I just subtract 10% from $100 I get $90, however 10% of $90 is $9 which equals $99.

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Calculate Percentage Of Text Occurences
I am having problems with a macro I wrote that basically fills things in two columns based on a set of values from other columns.

Lets say it looks like this (column B is based on column A):

A1 = Hi
A2 = Hello
A3 = Hi
A4 = Hello
A5 = Hi
A6 = Hello
A7 =
A8 = Hi
A9 = Hello
A10 = Bye

After the macro runs, column B should look like this:

B1 = 10%
B2 = 20%
B3 = 10%
B4 = 20%.............

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Calculate APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
I am trying to calculate APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for a mortgage loan that has a balloon feature. I have tried to the the RATE function but it only gives me the APR for a loan that is ammortized over 30 yrs and paid in 30 years. I need the APR for a loan that is ammortized for 30 years with a baloon in 5 years.

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Macro To Calculate Range By A Percentage
I'm trying to do a forecast of my organization's budget for the next five years and need to create scenarios where certain figures will either be increased or decreased by a specified percentage that varies from 5% to 20%. I have recorded eight macros that can accomplish this task, but I feel like there must be a more effienct method.

In addition, I would like to increase or decrease the figures from either column H or column J. Column R is the results column. This is the macro I recorded that provides for a 10% decrease:

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Calculate Percentage Of Positive Numbers Only
I am trying to find a formula to calculate the percentage of the positive numbers in a column. For example, if I have a column that has positive(green) numbers and negative(red) numbers in the cells to show over daily goal or under daily goal, and I want to at know what percentage of all the numbers are the positive ones.

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Calculate Percentage Of Total Salary
I have percentages set up for my monthly costs (student loans, food, spending money) and I want to be able to type in my weekly salary and have the percentages break it down into dollar amounts. Later, I'd like to put that into a pie chart, but I'm really only asking for help referring each category/percentage to the total $ value I enter each day/week/month.

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Calculate To Percentage Reached, Then Start Over
I have a column that is a percentage(p%) which measures the fullness of the location(loc) that the item(ite) is in, which also has a corresponding location(loc) and item column(ite).

What I need to do is add as many items(ite) to one location(loc) as possible without exceeding 100%(p%), however if the value exceeds 100%(p%) then we need to start all over in a new location. The end result would be an unknown amount of unused locations.

If p% < 100 then add the next row's p% value, else start over with a new location. I am trying to add as many items to one location as possible, and once a location fills up, we will use the next one.

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Calculate Numbers Required For X Percentage
what I'm trying to do.

I play a game that requires 5 members to play, however you can have more then 5 members on the team. In order for a player to receive points for playing they must have played at least 30% of the total games played. The problem for me is when trying to figure out how many games someone needs to play to get to 30%, the total goes up as they play those games.

What I would like to accomplish:
I'm looking for help on a formula that would figure out how many games a player would need to play to get to 30%. I have a column that is total games played, %of games played by player, games played by player, and games needed to play to get to 30%. Basically the user would enter the # of games played by each player, and the total games played overall for the team for that week, the spreadsheet would then show the # of games each player that isn't above 30% would need to play.

I tried to make the question as clear as possible, if anyone needs clarification,

Originally Posted by shg
Welcome to Oz, Basca

spreadsheet with a representative sample of your data?

Games Played
Player 1 20
Player 2 7
Player 3 13
Player 4 20
Player 5 13
Player 6 13
Player 7 7
Player 8 7

Total Games Played20

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Calculate Percentage With Greatest Denominator
I have two columns of data, in another column I have the difference between these two columns, now I want to show the difference as a percentage. Assume cell A is 0.02 and cell B is 0.03 the difference is 0.01 and the percentage of the difference would be 33% or 0.01/0.03, my problem is when cell A is 0.04 and cell B is 0.01 the same formula wouldn’t work in both cases since in the first A<B and the second A>B is there a way that I can take the difference and divide it by the greater of A and B without having to do it manually?

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Calculate Taxes And Pension As A Percentage Of Total W-2
I have attached a sample workbook of what I am struggling with. It is for payroll, and I need to calculate taxes and pension as a percentage of Total W-2. The problem is that the 'Total W-2' column then deducts these taxes and pension.

Currently, the worksheet has about 30 columns out to the right using 'guesses' to back into these numbers, but I hope there is an easier way.

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Multiple Drop Down Menu To Calculate A Percentage
I have a bunch of cells that use a drop down menu validation from a different set of cells so

Legend (this are in cells $A$7:$A$11)
NA - Not Applicable
0 - Not attempted
1 - Not Yet Competant
2 - Satisfactory
3 - Exceedes Expectations

Other cells have Data Validation using Allow List =$A$7:$A$11 to make the drop down menu option appear. What I would like to do is add a 'hidden number' on cells A8:A11 (A8=0, A9=1, A10=2, A11=3) A7, being NA isn't included in the formula I want to set up.

In cells later on I'd like to make a formula that takes those 'hidden numbers' into account and works out an average. So 'hidden number' / 'potential total' and make the cell display as a percentage, the 'potential total would have to take into consideration that a value has been set, but not use that value, and times the number of values set by three.

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To Calculate That Loss Or Gain As A Percentage Of Their Original Weight
I run a slimming club and would like to use Excel to keep records of members weights, losses, gains etc. What I would like to do is enter their starting weight into a cell then each week when they are weighed enter a loss or gain in an adjacent cell. I would then like Excel to calculate that loss or gain as a percentage of their original weight. Is this possible?

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Cell Containing Number And A Percentage
Is there any way to make a cell display both a raw number and a parenthetical representing a percentage based on a formula? I know this may sound strange.


9 (25%)
12 (39%)

I could get it done via merging or =_&_ style entries, I know, but is there any other way?

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Find Percentage IF Number Present
I have a spreadsheet with 6 sheets. There are 3 sheets that have information regarding the soil, geology and drift deposits of an area. The other 3 sheets relate to these sheets to display the information for each area. The way that the spreadhseet is set out pretty much explains what i am trying to archive. Basically I want each sheet to say whether or not the rock, soil or drift type is present for each area. And if it is present to calculate the percentage of total area. I have created a pivot table for each of the info spreadsheets - but need it to look like the "table" sheets, because it needs to be added to a report. Any questions and i'll try and answer them , but it's quite difficult to explain in words what i am trying to achive.

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Express Copied Number As Percentage
I would like to use vba to copy a value in F31 to B5 in sheets("2") and express it as a percentage.

For example, the value in F31, 102 is copied to B5 as 102. Like to have it express as 102%.

Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _
:=False, Transpose:=False

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Percentage Of Number Greater Than Other Numbers
"in Excel" - my formula for cell C11 is: "What percentage of the time (occurrences) was the value in cell B11 greater than the values in A1 thru A10?"

As in...:


So no data in first 10 rows of Col B. (Or Col C, of course.) Then for the value that appears in B11, how many times (out of 10, in this example for sake of ease) was that value greater than the entries in the first ten entries in Col A:

95 (cell B11) was greater than A10, A9, A8 and A7 (91, 92, 93 and 94). So 4 times out of 10, B11 was greater; 40% is the answer the formula would yield.

16 was never greater than any entries in A2 thru A11, so 0%.

And 123 was greater than all the entries in A3 thru A12, so 100%. Etc, copied down the sheet...

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Percentage Of Cell Value To Number Count
I know for some of you this will be pretty simple but im having trouble figuring it out. Attached is a shortened version of what i am trying to do. I want the Percent Attendance column to represent the cumulative percentage(hope I used the correct phrase). So for Person 1, it should currently say 100%, person 2 it should say 66.67% and so on. There are 5 days that i want to get the percentage, but because we haven't gotten to 2 of them yet, using a regular sum formula for the entire five days gives me the wrong values.

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Pivot Table: Calculate Percentage Of X Sales To To Total Sales
See the attachment. I want the percentage of Car Sales to total sales of different countries automatically.

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Percentage Calculations Based On Times
i've been viewing different formuals, and have to admit there is alot more to excel than I originally thought, and totally stumped as to what and how to go about my problem.

I have a problem, and it mainly stems from my employer not paying me correctly (and pretty much the other 1600 odd employees encounter the same issue too on a semi-regular basis).

To give you a run down, this is our complexed pay system

Mon-Fri, if you work up to 7h36m you get 100%, then 150% until 10h36 and then 200% after 10h36m working time
Sat, if you work, its 150% upto 7h36m and then 200% there after
Sun, double time all shift
But to throw in some complicated things, here are some more items that need to be considered.
If you work from one day into the next (say fri into sat, and sat into sun and sun into mon, then after midnight, it then goes to that days rates)
If you work your day off, say a weekday, your then paid the eqivelant of saturdays rates unless you were called in straight away which then is sundays rates
If you work your day off, say its a saturday or sunday, then its 200% for the whole shift.
And then public holidays, its 250% upto 7h36 and 300% thereafter

So as you can see, its pretty complicated, and my employer (a government employer) can't seem to get the right software to pay us correctly, nor can the poor employee sometimes work out if they've been paid correctly or not.

So, this is what I have so far:
columns: Day, Type (normal day or work day off or work day off immediate), On1, Sign Off1, Sign On2, Sign Off2, Sign On3, Sign Off3, Working Time, Paid hours
(for instance its my normal rostered monday, I start at 12pm, lunch at 5, return at 545 then finish at 915pm, which equates to 8h30m working time and 8h57m paid time) - the 3rd sign on and sign off is if we do extra work beyond our shift.

There are other things aswell like allowances, but thats for another day, and not as urgent as what i'm really looking for.

Now if anyone can understand what i've just written above, your doing pretty good (even some of the most experience employees still don't understan our pay system), and anyone able to produce a formula for what i'm looking for, i'd be exceptionally grateful, and probably the 1600 odd other employees too who seem to get shafted occassionally.

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Ranking Based On Higest Percentage
I need a formula that looks at the percentage values of 3 cells and the in the next row ranks them 1st,2nd or 3rd. So for example cells A1, A2 and A3 have 30%, 20% and 10% respectively, so in cells B1, B2, and B3 I need to return 1st, 2nd, 3rd. But next week it could be that A1, A2, and A3's values are 20%, 30% and 10% respectively, and so I'd need cells B1, B2 and B3 to return 2, 1, 3, and so on. Be cool if the rows could automatically re-arrange so that whatever is ranked 1 is always on top, 2 in the middle and 3 at the bottom, but not that important. Be also cool if the 1st ranked row, chnaged colour or flashed or something, again not important though.

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How To Find Number Of Rows That Meets Cumulative Percentage Critieria
I have a dataset in Excel 2007 where I need to determine the number of census tracts (as rows) it takes for each column of data values (populations of different ethnic groups) to reach a cumulative percentage of 50% of their City group total. This is a measure of concentration that will vary from group to group.

I can do this manually by sorting each column from largest population percentage to smallest population percentage, then shift-click selecting the first row, scrolling down until I see the sum of percentages shown in the bottom right corner first reaches 50.000% or more.

Is there a cell formula I can use to determine the number of rows it takes to meet the criteria? I have to do this for 250 columns.

Is there a cell formula I can use to determine the number of rows it takes for a column of data values to reach a specific amount, that is first reach a cumulative percentage of 50.000% of the column total? It must be based on the data values from largest to smallest but I don't want to have to manually sort each column I have.

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Conditional Formatting Based On A Percentage Difference
Using conditional formatting i am trying to write a formula that changes colour on the percentage difference of another cell.

An example would be if cell A1 contained a target of 5% in cell A2 would be an actual. If cell A2 is equal to A1 or better then it would be green. If cell A2 was within 10% less of A1 (i.e 4.5%-4.99%) then amber and red for the target minus 10% (i.e <4.49%)

I want to do this as a conditional formatting formula as the target figure will change but 10% difference will remain the same.

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Calculating Percentage Based On Dynamic Cells
I need to calculate the percentage based on self populating score. however I want excel/formula to ignore any cells which has "NA" in it so that it calculates the percentage based only on the cells having Numbers.

Now these Cells which contain Numbers might or might not contain numbers based on the "IF" function which decides wether the cell will have numbers or will remain "blank" or have "NA". To understand better please have a look at the enclosed sample (that would explain my need better)

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Return Result Based On Percentage Being Within A Range
I'm attempting to do the following:

A1 contains names of projects.

B1 contains variances from budgets, being positive or negative numbers.

C1 will contain results.

I need to know which of the B1 cells contain a number equal to or greater than 20%/-20% and output the names in A1 that match the criteria to C3.

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Percentage Based On Closest Match Of Scale
I'm looking for a solution that could automatically return a value from a predefined named range depending on a given value. eg. I have 3 discount groups:

1) Discount A
Above quantity 5 = 3%
Above quantity 10 = 4%
Above quantity 15 = 5%
Else = 0%

2) Discount B
Above quantity 30 = 2%
Above quantity 60 = 9%
Else = 0%

3) Discount C
Above quantity 15 = 5%
Else = 0%

I have assigned all products to the various groups using vlookup. All discountgroups are named ranges (respectively DISCOUNT A, DISCOUNT B, ...)
ALL OF THE ABOVE IS DONE. How can I make excel look into a named range and return the correct percentage depending on the quantity that is written elsewhere (Keep in mind, most discount groups have a different amount of applied scales as you can see above). So far I can make it look into the correct named range and return a value when a quantity is exactly the same as the minimum quantity. The 'between' or scale functionality ... I have no idea how to work that out within a named range, whilest keep on looking for next scale if condition is not met.

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Show Numbers Based On Percentage In Cell
I have a rather large report full of data, 10+ columns contain a RANKING column, and these ranks, 1-10, are assigned by a % bracket:

1-20% = 1
21-40% = 2
41-60% = 3
61-80% = 4
81-100% = 5
101-120% = 6
121-140% = 7
141-160% = 8
161-180% = 9
181-200% = 10

There are several hundred rows in each column that all need individual ranks. My first thought is to program a if then else statement for 1 to 10 with a % limit range, but this isnt feasable as i would have to program a separate if statement for each of the many hundred rows, or do one heck of a fancy loop that i just cant contemplate (as the rows are split and sepperated... no solid uniform place for the data to be plugged.) What is the best way to go about this? I'm at a total loss of ideas with my knowledge of excel.

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Return Range Of Numerical Values In Single Column Based On Frequency Percentage
I have a single column of numerical values that may repeat many times within
the column.

I require a flexible Formula:
Use an Input Cell for the specified and changeable Percentage(s) %.
Column may be filtered – so only take into account Visible Filtered Cells.

The Formula will calculate and Return the numerical range of values that fall
between the specified percentage % (using the Input Cell) e.g.; 70%.

The Formula should Return two numeric values: a Start Value and an End Value
– NOT necessarily the minimum and maximum per se BUT the MIN and MAX of the
values that appear 70% of the time in the column; therefore, taking into
account Repeat / Duplicate values.

The calculated Results: the two numeric values will be returned to separate
cells on a new Sheet.

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That Takes From Manual Sheet The Number In Specific Column And Multiply It By The Percentage In Sheet
I'm trying to create a formula that takes from "Manual" Sheet the number from colume G2 and multiply it by the percentage in sheet "AllocationRule".

My formula currently is =Manual!$G$2*AllocationRule!$B5.

What needs to happen is that the total number in "Manual" needs to be distributed evenly in 4 rows by the percentages allocated in "AllocationRule".

Right now I can't copy my formula over to the sheet because the "AllocationRule" should stop at B5 and not go further and the G2 from "Manual" should not change for the percentage allocation but should change to the next row for the next month.

And then after I've done the calculation I want the LOB in "AllocationRule" to be displayed in the LOB in "H1913_H1914" but I'm not sure what formula to use.

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Calculate The Separate Number
In ROW A1 I have the following: 200,400 - this is from a drop down list.

What i need to do is then split the two numbers so as the 200 apperars in ROW B1 & the 400 apperars in ROW C1

This is so i can then do a simple calculation to the separate numbers

could you give me the formula i need to get the 200 in row B1 then i can try and work out the C1 formula.

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Calculate Number Of A In Particular Cells
I have one excel sheet with columns from A to LZ and number of rows.
Each column have only letter (one of A,B,C,D,E). This if for weekly table:

COLUMN define: Mon-Sun
ROWS define: work type (A B C or D)

For example;
COLUMNS: Su-Mo-Tu-We-Th-Fr-Sa-Su-Mo-......
ROWS: A -A - B - B - B - B - B -C - C - ......till column LZ.

I want a formula for any row, from which, I can calculate (for that particular row) number of B's on Mo-Tu right from column A till LZ.

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