Check Set Of Dates For Possible Duplication Using Formula?

Jan 9, 2014

I have a worksheet which J3:NJ3 lists the dates for the calendar year. (Example - J3 = 1/1 , K3 = 1/2 , etc. )

A3:C3 are my headers for project information (project name, manager,etc)

In D3 I will be entering employee names. in E3 I will be entering Project start dates, and in H3 will be end dates. These dates are selected via validation lists of the dates listed in J3:NJ3, and it is set to auto fill the adjacent date range with an "X" after the start and end dates have been selected.

Now I also have another worksheet which is a pivot table that will auto update upon any workbook change, and will show each employee and all of the dates in which they are scheduled to work. I am using conditional formatting on this sheet to highlight any dates that the selected employee is double booked on two or more projects.

I want to keep this second worksheet as is, but to avoid having to flip flop back and forth between tabs to find out of someone is double booked, I would like to add a column (I) which will either say "Available" or "Double Booked" . Is there a formula that I can use for this? I thought about Vlookup, but I don't believe I know of a way to write a Vlookup formula that can check a dynamic range of entered dates. I thought perhaps a nested Vlookup/Hlookup, but not quite sure if that will work either.

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Summing Or Adding Up Date Wise Column But No Duplication Of Dates

Jan 29, 2013


A B C D E F (B+C-D-E)
Date Opening Stock Purchase Sales Consumption Closing Stock
17/7/2012 10000 5000 1000 2000 12000
17/7/2012 12000 2000 2000 1000 11000
18/7/2012 11000 0 1000 5000 5000
18/7/2012 5000 10000 3000 0 12000

Note : I want the above result as shown below datewise but no duplication of date but summing up of column C,D and E which is in above.Pls note that this is accounting question and also plz note that Opening stock(column B) from next date onwards must be equal to previous date closing stock(Column F).

Results :

A B C D E F (B+C-D-E)
Date Opening Stock Purchase Sales Consumption Closing Stock
17/7/2012 10000 7000 3000 3000 11000
18/7/2012 11000 10000 4000 5000 12000

if I could get the formula in excel ,since this is the sample data as I do have a numerous & huge data like shown above datewise where I need to add C ,D and E but Opening stock(column B) from next date onwards must be equal to previous date closing stock(Column F).

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Formula For Count Of Duplication

Dec 8, 2008

I need formula in column F for count of duplication as mentioned in below table
for example

You can see Zone B IDs has 3 time duplication


ABCDEF1IDZone ZoneCount of Duplication21001B-I B-I331003B-I B-II241114B-II B-III251112B-II 62020B-III 71001B-I 82021B-III 91003B-I 101114B-II 112020B-III 121003B-I 132021B-III 141001B-I 151112B-II

Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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Check If 2 Dates (or Any Dates In Between) Fall In Tax Year

Jul 10, 2009

I want to create a function that will check 2 user input dates (and anything in between) to see if it lies in a defined tax year. I will define the tax year in Cells A1: 6/4/2009 and A2: 5/4/2010 and ask the user to input dates in Cells B1 and B2 to check if any of these dates (or anything in between) falls between A1 and A2.

For example: Tax Year is 6th April 2009 - 5th April 2010, Cell A1 is 6/4/2009 and A2 is 5/4/2010. User inputs 2nd March 2009 in Cell B1 and 10th May 2009 in B2. Because the 10th May falls in the tax year the output should be "True". I can Excel to check one user defined number (Cell B1) using this =IF(AND (B1>=A1,B1<=A2),"Yes","No") but not sure which route to take to check 2 numbers B1 & B2 and anything in between.

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Check If A Value Is Between Two Dates

Aug 25, 2009

My mind has gone blank, and can't seem to get this working.

I want to check if a value is between two dates (the value is self is also a date).

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Check If Date Is Between 2 Dates

Apr 7, 2009

i am trying to see if a date is between 2 dates. i have a sql dump and want to create additional colums before creating a pivot. each line was created with a date and i want to create 2 new colums financail year, month. not sure if it is possible with vlookup and that is about as advanced as i get. attached is a summary table.

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Check Dates For Each Record On Open?

Apr 25, 2012

I have a spreadsheet with (to keep it simple) with three fields: Name, Date, Complete.

When the spreadsheet opens I'd like a macro to run to check each row of data, and if the Date is before or on today's date and the Complete field is empty, a message box should appear to alert the user with the Name and row number.

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In A Sub I Need To Check If A Date In List Of Dates

Feb 3, 2007

dim MyRange as range
dim Col as integer

Set MyRange = ActiveSheet.Range(2,1), Cells(102, 1))

if application.worksheetfunction.Match(ActiveSheet.Cells(5, col),MyRange,0) > 1 then
' it was in the list.....

'it is not....
end if

I imagine this isn't the best way and I since I couldn't get past the Set statement. What am I missing? Is the range of dates causing the problem? If my range is one cell in the range it sets the range?

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Check If Holidays Exists Between 2 Dates

Jun 8, 2006

I have it like this

In column A is start of holidays
In column B is end of holidays
(one date written in A and one in B, and so on)

In C and D columns are start and end dates

Now I would like to check if start and and end dates of holidays, are between those dates in C and D

22/05/2006 24/05/2006

23/05/2006 24/05/2006

Check if first range of dates is between second one. Actually if holidays are between start and end date then check how many days are actually holidays in range of start and end dates

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Check Month & Year Of Dates

Aug 20, 2007

I am trying to calculate the number of days it takes to complete a project when the project ends in a specific month. If it is July 2007 I want the number of days for each project completed in July 2007. The number of days is not the problem it is reflecting the number when a project takes longer than one month to complete. To add to things the users sometimes have "open" or "00/00/00" in E (for never close).

I have a spreadsheet with dates a project begins in column D and dates the project ends in column E and a start and end date for each month going across rows 1 and 2. When the project starts and ends in the same month life is good and my original formal of greater than and less than the dates (courtesy of this website) is effective. I tried the following formula in F34. Each piece of the formula worked but when I combined it I either broke it or have too many nested formulas.


I created a work around by putting formulas in B and C and row 3 that would answer some of the nested if and working off the results. I was hoping someone might be able to help me make this a little more effecient.

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Check If Date Falls Between 2 Dates

Aug 22, 2007

Let's say that i have a list of dates on column A. Then I enter a "Start date" in "B1" and an "End date" in "B2" What I want is to find all dates that falls between "start date" and "end date".

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A Sort Of De-Duplication?

Jan 13, 2010

I have an excel sheet with about 500 words in 500 cells that I have generated automatically. Separately I have a 'blacklist' of words I have compiled manually that I don't want to appear in the excel list.

How do I ensure that any 'blacklisted' word is deleted from the excel files. Is there any other way than doing it manually?

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Check To See If Dates Match In Two Separate Columns?

Apr 6, 2013

what i am trying to do is look at an entire column, and see if that same date exists in the other Activity tab, if the dates match, then show the activity

here is the formula i am using, =IF($A9=Activity!$A2,Activity!$B2,"No Activity")

my problem is that i am only able to isolate one of the cells,, how do i check the entire column?

in other words, if i select two weeks, those two weeks of activity will show, if i select all weeks, all of the weeks activity will show, right now i can only get one of the weeks

my data looks like the following

1st tab
1/8/2013 - 1/14/2013
1/29/2013 - 2/4/2013
1/22/2013 - 1/28/2013


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Extracting Records Without Duplication

May 5, 2008

i am having data in ColA & ColB in both Sheet1 & Sheet2

1) some records are both in Sheet1 & Sheet2
2) in Sheet1 itself some records are duplicated
3) in Sheet2 itself some records are duplicated

what i want is to extract the all the records in Sheet1 & Sheet2 in Sheet3
without duplication of records..!

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Add Or Insert Number (1:50) To Row With No Duplication?

Nov 11, 2011

I've a list (Taken from this website; [URL] of 4900 rows with each row have 4 numbers if I want to add or insert one number( from 1 to 50 ) to each row with no duplicate to make it 5 numbers in each row? Is there a formula or Vb code to do this?



To my calculation Numbers (1:50) have to be use 98 times;(50*98=4900) since each numbers in the list used 392 times(392/ 49 = 8)since there is no duplication when adding numbers (1:50) to rows each numbers must pair with evry other number in that list 8 the moment with out adding the 5th number each number pairs with any other number exactly 24 times but adding process finish it should be 32 (24+8).

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Not Allowed Duplication In Column

Oct 4, 2012

how to setup formula for not allowed duplication in the column

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Table Reorder And Row Duplication?

Apr 27, 2014

A table re-organisation issue I have. Best described with an example I think:




For the original data row (at the top) there are always 2 'ID' columns and 4 data columns.

There are about 100 rows, so the resulting table will be roughly 400 lines long.

I'm on the verge of doing this manually as the formulas and scrappy VB have so far been unsuccessful.

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Duplication Of Sheet Names

Jan 16, 2007

I made a macro that will name the current sheet whatever text is found in cell B2 on that sheet. This works great unless that sheet name already exists.

If the sheet name already exists, is there a way to rename it as Cell B2 plus the number 2 after the title so it doesn't cause an error?


"Smith, Bob" is a sheet name, so the macro would make the new sheet name "Smith, Bob 2"

Alternatively, how could I give a pop-up telling about the error and deleting the current sheet instead of renaming it with a "2"?


"Sorry, 'Smith, Bob' already exists. Deleting new sheet." as a popup and have it delete the current sheet.

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Primitive Duplication Detection

Aug 7, 2007

I have a spreadsheet that grows rapidly each day of addresses I service. Duplicates are not welcome. When the spreadsheet was smaller, I would type in an address and if it was a duplicate, Excel would auto fill the cell with the duplicate data. Now that the rows are over 2000, I wanted to see if this primitive method for weeding out duplicates was still working, however when I type the first address I have in cell A1, it does not auto fill in A2001, even though it is a duplicate.

Is there any way to have on-the-spot detection of duplicates sans macro?

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Report Of Hotel Bookings Based On Check-In/Out Dates

Apr 9, 2008

I can generate from my hotel software a list that includes the check in and checkout date for a room- and the number of nights for the stay, and the total dollar amount of that stay. if anyone is willing to look what I have so far, I am attaching the smallest sample set of data I can generate and have it useful
and I have succeded in using vlookup succesfully to transfer the net room amount onto the first night of each stay on the grid.

worksheet "export tape chart" is the data generated by my hotel software-
(except for Col a-- I use this for my two way vlookup match)
I can reorder the output as needed for vlookups & offsets

worksheet "first night rate total NA" is where I have pulled the total room rate into the first night of the stay in a grid

worksheet "first night rate total clean" is just a simple cleanup of the first pulling for iserror.........

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How To Find Duplication Between Two Worksheets Using Macro

Apr 24, 2014

I have two sheets, which has data in columns A-J (10) on both sheets and but (sheet2) will have more data records than (Sheet1). I would like to be able to run a vba macro, which can find duplicate rows between the two sheets, by matching up only 8 columns, excluding column's E and G between the two sheets and showing the output duplicates in both sheets in green highlight.

I have attached my sample data for further reference. [URL] .....

The sample file, shows data in sheet1 and sheet2, and the desired output should be sheet1 and sheet2, highlighting (2,3,4,5,6,7,9,19,11,13) rows green in both sheets.

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Remove Duplication And Sort A String

Dec 7, 2008

I'm using excel 2007 and windows vista. I have 2 cells, A1 contains (01,) and B1 contains (01, 08). I want the result in cell C1 to be (01, 08) by calling function trim_sort($A1&$B1). The code gives me an error "invalid qualifier" for s.length & more.

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Finding Duplication Within Worksheet Tables Using VBA

Aug 9, 2012

in finding duplication within different worksheet tables using excel VBA.

Sheet 1 has the following table below:


The format of both tables is different within both of the sheets.

The desired output should be shown in sheet 2 table:


The above table (sheet 2) shows duplicate rows (bold) from comparing table in sheet 1.

I was using this function below, however this does not give me the desired output i am looking for.


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Highlighting Cells That Have Duplication In A Set Number Of Charictors

Jun 8, 2009

each month i have to clens a sheet that shows customer name and then the figures per month.

this is pulled from a system that allows for a new entry each time a variation on customer name is used, I.E

Joe Blogs LTD
Joe Blogs Limited
Joe Blogs ltd.

would all come through as new entries. then i have to manually consolidate the figures from each month. the spreadsheet has over 5000 rows, and maybe only 15% are duplicated. what i want is to be able to select the column (that will be sorted a-z) and highlight cells that have a match for the first 4 or 5 charicters.

once i have identified duplicates i then have to merge the data into one row.
is there an easy way to do this? it is monthly, comparing 2008 and 2009, so by december there will be 24 columns + the company name that need to be clensed.

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Formula To Find Missing Dates From A List Of Dates

Jan 22, 2014

I have a tracking template with a column listing dates, all i want to do is find all the missing dates from that column of dates.


Column A

I want to list the missing dates from this list.

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Adding Values Between Two Dates And Dates Are Also Derived By Formula?

Dec 9, 2013

I have attached an excel sheet for your reference. I have particular debit values that are to be added between the dates. And Dates are also derived by formula based of payment term.

The ones I need to modify is Highlighted in Yellow. The values to be added is in "Customer Statement" and in H Column

These dates also have formula by which there are derived

-------------------------Current Ageing-------------------------
Date Range

Start Date
End Date[code].....

I am USing =SUMIFS('Customer Statement'!$A:$A,'Customer Statement'!$H:$H,"=" & E11) but does not work.

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Excel 2003 :: How To Compare 2 Columns And Then Flag Where There Is Duplication

May 9, 2012

How do I compare 2 columns and then flag where there is duplication? I want to compare Column B against column C and then flag everywhere there is a match. In this case, Column B may have several thousands of entries (inclusive off all entries found in Column C) and I want to have Excel look through the thousands of entries in Column B and then just place an "x" where there was a match to the values found In Column C. For example:

Excel 2003ABC1Duplicate?MarchApril27899421458347889122254x21458112575445576332147x122258x11257921463Sheet1

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Formula To Analyze Dates And Graph Dates?

Dec 7, 2013

I want to numerically graph in a 2D stacked column graph the following:

Training Completed on "Time"
Training Completed but "Not on Time"
Training Not Completed

The training Due date was 10/30/2013.


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Formula Check And Get

Nov 30, 2009

I need two formulas that can do the folowing:

check whether a cell contains text, if so, then trim all spaces and get result. If it doesn't contain text then set the result as blank.

check whether THE CELL T13 contains text, if it does then check the adjected cell (U13) if it contains text, if so, then concatenate the two cells with a space between them and remove any other spaces. If the T13 doesn't contain text, the set the result as blank. Also, I have another question: how could I use the counta formula without counting spaces?

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Check All Dates In Column B Then Add All Corresponding Cell In Column C

Jun 22, 2014

I am trying to check column b which hold dates then add up column c if the month is the same

02-may-14 0.05
02-jul-14 1
11-Jun-14 14
20-Jun-14 0.34
26-Jun-14 15
26-Jul-14 21

This what come up with


But this will only add up dates that are 02-jun-13 I would like it to add up all dates in June.

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