Report Of Hotel Bookings Based On Check-In/Out Dates

Apr 9, 2008

I can generate from my hotel software a list that includes the check in and checkout date for a room- and the number of nights for the stay, and the total dollar amount of that stay. if anyone is willing to look what I have so far, I am attaching the smallest sample set of data I can generate and have it useful
and I have succeded in using vlookup succesfully to transfer the net room amount onto the first night of each stay on the grid.

worksheet "export tape chart" is the data generated by my hotel software-
(except for Col a-- I use this for my two way vlookup match)
I can reorder the output as needed for vlookups & offsets

worksheet "first night rate total NA" is where I have pulled the total room rate into the first night of the stay in a grid

worksheet "first night rate total clean" is just a simple cleanup of the first pulling for iserror.........

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Creating Individual Report Cards (worksheets) Based On Template For Report Card

Aug 30, 2013

I have two worksheets in my report cards:

1) Data - the students are listed in Column A, math scores in Column B, reading scores in Column C and science scores in Column D. The grades of 300 students are entered in this sheet.




2) Report Card template - This is the report card that needs to be generated for each student. It's pulling the student name and grades from the Data worksheet.

Student Name




How do I create worksheets (report cards) for additional students? I have 300 students in the school. I need the next worksheet to reference Data!$A3. I know how to cut and paste the report card template and then edit =Data!A2 to be =Data!A3 to create a report card for Sally. How do I create the 300 report cards I need?

I've been teaching for 13 years. I can create a report card for each student in my class and edit each worksheet individually for each student. Now I've been asked to do this for the whole school and I don't know how to create the other 299 sheets I need.

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Calculating Using Times And Different Rates For Bookings?

Oct 14, 2013

I am trying to create a booking calculation sheet for facilities. I want it to create something like a quote for customers. So when booking facilities, the hourly rate changes after 6pm. What I want to do is to put in a start time and a finish time and it calculate how many hours are before 6pm and charge them at $12 per hour, as well as how many hours after 6pm and charge them $18 per hour. I have tried a few things but they don't seem to work. I'm struggling with the logic of it really. This is mainly because the start time may or may not be before 6pm, as too the finish time.

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How To Check The Difference When Given A Report With Two Different Format

Aug 26, 2009

i will receive same data from two different persons in different format. By right, the data should have the same total. However, it was not.

I have attached a file that contains two worksheets with simple example to illustrate what i meant. May i know which is the effective formula to detect the mistake?

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Formula To Check Adjacent Cell Value, And Report.

Jan 5, 2009

Ok. I am creating item lists in excel for every product that my company sells. I am in need of a formula that does the following:

I want the cell to check to see if there is a value in another cell, and if there is anything at all, i want to display the word Yes as the value, or leave the cell empty.

So I want the cells in Column A to Check if the adjacent cells in Column B have a value. If the column b cells have a value I want the cells in Column A to display the word "Inventory Part". If there is no value I want the cell left blank.

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Sum Of Guests At Hotel On Given Date?

Jul 31, 2013

In Cells B4:B13 I have a guests name
In Cells C4:C13 I have the guests arrival date
In Cells D4:D13 I have the number of days the guest will be in the hotel
In Cells E4:E 13 I have the guests departure date

Is there I can use a contif or sumeif or some other formula to give me a sum of guests in the hotel between two dates and on a given date?

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Check If 2 Dates (or Any Dates In Between) Fall In Tax Year

Jul 10, 2009

I want to create a function that will check 2 user input dates (and anything in between) to see if it lies in a defined tax year. I will define the tax year in Cells A1: 6/4/2009 and A2: 5/4/2010 and ask the user to input dates in Cells B1 and B2 to check if any of these dates (or anything in between) falls between A1 and A2.

For example: Tax Year is 6th April 2009 - 5th April 2010, Cell A1 is 6/4/2009 and A2 is 5/4/2010. User inputs 2nd March 2009 in Cell B1 and 10th May 2009 in B2. Because the 10th May falls in the tax year the output should be "True". I can Excel to check one user defined number (Cell B1) using this =IF(AND (B1>=A1,B1<=A2),"Yes","No") but not sure which route to take to check 2 numbers B1 & B2 and anything in between.

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Generating Monthly Report From Expiration Dates

Jun 3, 2013

I am new at excel and have very limited experience. I have a employee training database, with employees (in column A2:A54) and the certification names (in row A1:AS1) that I must generate a monthly report on employees that are expiring within the current month. The cells are already conditionally formatted to change colors for one month prior to expiration date, current month of expiration date, and past the expiration date.

I am manually gathering the data then adding it to another sheet. In the mist of trying to gather data, I am missing and/or overlooking information. I wanted to know if there is a way to automatically generate a report based on the expiration dates that would pull the employees name and which certification is expiring or expired, preferable both. I have tried reading threads and applying advanced filters but due to the number of certifications it is not functional to do it this way.

I have attached a sample of the spreadsheet : ETD.xlsx‎

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Produce A Report That Details Elapsed Time Between Two Dates And Times

Jun 18, 2009

I must produce a report that details elapsed time between two dates and times.

The duration can span a number of days, I need to report just the elapsed working time, I can calculate the days with "NETWORKDAYS" but how can I calculate only the elapsed working time 08:00 to 17:00?

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Filling In Header Dates Dynamically In One Column In Exported Canned Report

Feb 12, 2014

So I have exported a canned report showing me payments by day and it is EXACTLY what I need EXCEPT the dates don't repeat (and it has spaces and some headings but those aren't a big issue). Anyway, I need to dynamically fill in these dates for an entire year.

To be clearer, column A starts off with 1/1/2013 and column B has payment amount, column C check number, D invoice number etc.

But the rest of the cells in Column A for 1/1/2013 after the first row are blank until you hit the payments for 1/2/2013. Then 1/2/2013 is listed once and then blank (or junk header data at a page break) until 1/3/2013 and so on. And of course there are different numbers of payments for each day.

I'm looking to dynamically fill in the dates so that I have a real data /flat file that analysis can be run on. I have some ideas ... Could probably incorporate a "do until" statement somehow...

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Variables- Spreadsheet That Calculates The Floor Area Of A New Build City Centre Hotel

Apr 3, 2009

heres the data: [url]

Im meant to produce a simple spreadsheet that calculates the floor area of a new build city centre hotel. The developer is looking at various plots of land that allow differing sizes of floor plates and storey heights. The key variables are the number and type of bedrooms, number of floors and whether the hotel is classed as a premium or budget hotel.

I need to produce a spreadsheet that shows the key variables and the total calculated floor area at the top of the sheet.

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Error Checking Routine - Check Range Values On Various Worksheets And Report If Error

May 29, 2014

Error Check Marco.xlsm

see attached example. I am trying to write an error detection routine that iterates through worksheets that have numeric values for names (ignore text names or alphanumeric). Macro checks range on each numeric worksheet E3:E33 and is supposed to report back on the SummarySheet if any value other than 1 or 0 is found in range E3:E33 on any numeric-name worksheet. Code as follows:

[Code] ....

Problem is that it just reports EVERY worksheet as having an error when clearly most don't (none do I think in the attached example).

Try changing some of ranges E3:E33 to values other than 1 or 0, it still reports all sheets. Why the macro does not evaluate the range E3:E33 properly and just reports every worksheet as having an error?

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Check If A Value Is Between Two Dates

Aug 25, 2009

My mind has gone blank, and can't seem to get this working.

I want to check if a value is between two dates (the value is self is also a date).

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Check If Date Is Between 2 Dates

Apr 7, 2009

i am trying to see if a date is between 2 dates. i have a sql dump and want to create additional colums before creating a pivot. each line was created with a date and i want to create 2 new colums financail year, month. not sure if it is possible with vlookup and that is about as advanced as i get. attached is a summary table.

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Check Dates For Each Record On Open?

Apr 25, 2012

I have a spreadsheet with (to keep it simple) with three fields: Name, Date, Complete.

When the spreadsheet opens I'd like a macro to run to check each row of data, and if the Date is before or on today's date and the Complete field is empty, a message box should appear to alert the user with the Name and row number.

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Check Set Of Dates For Possible Duplication Using Formula?

Jan 9, 2014

I have a worksheet which J3:NJ3 lists the dates for the calendar year. (Example - J3 = 1/1 , K3 = 1/2 , etc. )

A3:C3 are my headers for project information (project name, manager,etc)

In D3 I will be entering employee names. in E3 I will be entering Project start dates, and in H3 will be end dates. These dates are selected via validation lists of the dates listed in J3:NJ3, and it is set to auto fill the adjacent date range with an "X" after the start and end dates have been selected.

Now I also have another worksheet which is a pivot table that will auto update upon any workbook change, and will show each employee and all of the dates in which they are scheduled to work. I am using conditional formatting on this sheet to highlight any dates that the selected employee is double booked on two or more projects.

I want to keep this second worksheet as is, but to avoid having to flip flop back and forth between tabs to find out of someone is double booked, I would like to add a column (I) which will either say "Available" or "Double Booked" . Is there a formula that I can use for this? I thought about Vlookup, but I don't believe I know of a way to write a Vlookup formula that can check a dynamic range of entered dates. I thought perhaps a nested Vlookup/Hlookup, but not quite sure if that will work either.

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In A Sub I Need To Check If A Date In List Of Dates

Feb 3, 2007

dim MyRange as range
dim Col as integer

Set MyRange = ActiveSheet.Range(2,1), Cells(102, 1))

if application.worksheetfunction.Match(ActiveSheet.Cells(5, col),MyRange,0) > 1 then
' it was in the list.....

'it is not....
end if

I imagine this isn't the best way and I since I couldn't get past the Set statement. What am I missing? Is the range of dates causing the problem? If my range is one cell in the range it sets the range?

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Check If Holidays Exists Between 2 Dates

Jun 8, 2006

I have it like this

In column A is start of holidays
In column B is end of holidays
(one date written in A and one in B, and so on)

In C and D columns are start and end dates

Now I would like to check if start and and end dates of holidays, are between those dates in C and D

22/05/2006 24/05/2006

23/05/2006 24/05/2006

Check if first range of dates is between second one. Actually if holidays are between start and end date then check how many days are actually holidays in range of start and end dates

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Check Month & Year Of Dates

Aug 20, 2007

I am trying to calculate the number of days it takes to complete a project when the project ends in a specific month. If it is July 2007 I want the number of days for each project completed in July 2007. The number of days is not the problem it is reflecting the number when a project takes longer than one month to complete. To add to things the users sometimes have "open" or "00/00/00" in E (for never close).

I have a spreadsheet with dates a project begins in column D and dates the project ends in column E and a start and end date for each month going across rows 1 and 2. When the project starts and ends in the same month life is good and my original formal of greater than and less than the dates (courtesy of this website) is effective. I tried the following formula in F34. Each piece of the formula worked but when I combined it I either broke it or have too many nested formulas.


I created a work around by putting formulas in B and C and row 3 that would answer some of the nested if and working off the results. I was hoping someone might be able to help me make this a little more effecient.

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Check If Date Falls Between 2 Dates

Aug 22, 2007

Let's say that i have a list of dates on column A. Then I enter a "Start date" in "B1" and an "End date" in "B2" What I want is to find all dates that falls between "start date" and "end date".

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Check To See If Dates Match In Two Separate Columns?

Apr 6, 2013

what i am trying to do is look at an entire column, and see if that same date exists in the other Activity tab, if the dates match, then show the activity

here is the formula i am using, =IF($A9=Activity!$A2,Activity!$B2,"No Activity")

my problem is that i am only able to isolate one of the cells,, how do i check the entire column?

in other words, if i select two weeks, those two weeks of activity will show, if i select all weeks, all of the weeks activity will show, right now i can only get one of the weeks

my data looks like the following

1st tab
1/8/2013 - 1/14/2013
1/29/2013 - 2/4/2013
1/22/2013 - 1/28/2013


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Conditional Formatting (largest Number In Column B The Hotel In Column A Should Be In Bold)

Oct 18, 2008

when the largest number in column B the hotel in column A should be in bold.

So in excel language IF(Number in B Is Max display corresponding hotel in column A as BOLD. But I can't figure out how to do this.

You can see here on the image:

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Report Based Off 2 Worksheets

Jan 11, 2008

I have two worksheets. Worksheet1 has material number and plant number. Worksheet2 only has material number (along with other columns of info). What I am looking to do is look at worksheet2, find the corresponding material number on worksheet 1 and populate worksheet3 with all the info from worksheet1 and worksheet2.

Now this gets tricky for me because worksheet1 has duplicate material numbers, because there are duplicate plant numbers. I need worksheet3 to produce a row that contains all plant numbers, the corresponding material numbers and the rest of the columns from worksheet2.

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Add To Dates Based On Criteria & Flag Overdue Dates

Dec 31, 2006

I have a very large Excel spreadsheet that is generated through an Oracle application at least once a month at work. I would like some code (either a worksheet function or a VBA) to check and report the following. If the frequency in column C is "Monthly" or "Weekly" just go to the next row. If the frequency in column C is "Annual", add 183 days to the date in column B; if it is "Semi-Annual", add 92 days to date in column B; if it is "Quarterly" , add 46 days to the date in column B; if the frequency in column C is "2-Year", add 365 days to the date in column B. Once the check has been made; I need the new total or date that was calculated checked against the date the report is being run (system clock date). If the date or total days is less than today, a new worksheet, titled "Late" needs to contain that row of data. If the date or total days is greater than today's date, just go on to the next row. I've attached an example worksheet.

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Print A Report Based On Cell Value

May 25, 2009

I'm looking for the same thing, this great macro by Leith Ross looks for the word "buy" in kolom A starting at A2. Now this all works fine until i change the value of the colum into a if statement : =IF(C2>0;"buy";"NR"). See the attachment on what i mean. If i run the macro now i get error 91 : objectvariable or blockvariable With is not set.

I can work around it, if i hardcode the A2 with "buy" and then A3 etc with the if statement i works for some strange reason. But there must be a smarter way of doing it, that's why i came here .

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How To Run Report Based On Date From Cell

Jul 8, 2013

I am trying to COUNTIF some data from a spreadsheet I have, where they have been entered after a certain date (which is part of the information). The problem I am having is that I am trying to enter the date I want as a variable in another field so that it can update the rest of the table.

Basically I have a field where it says "Calculate new business since" and then a date should be entered - in turn the formulas should make the calculations based on that date. Is this not possible?

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Pull Value From Report Based On Two Criteria

May 31, 2014

I am trying to pull a value from a report based on two criteria. I want to get the most recent date that has a value in Col K

Col F
Col G
Col H
Col I
Col J
Col K

Product A

[Code] ........

I use


On another sheet (I left the sheet names out of the formula to make it easier to read) with C2 as the matching Col F value and it will return the most recent date, May 19th, not the most recent date with a value in Col K, May 18th. The report itself is thousand of lines long and has a couple hundred unique values for Col F.

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Creating Report Based On Criteria

Jun 20, 2006

I have the following worksheet (see attached). What I would like to do with it to create a report is as follows:

1. Create separate reports for each estimator (KM, JW, WH)
2. Carry over the information in Columns I, A, B & H
3. Each report will filter column I to leave out COMPLETED and just report the number of days remaining is ascending order.
4. Flag data if the days remaining is <=5
5. Generate an email to send out notification of 5 days remaining
6. New report can be generated on any given day

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Sum Report Based On Month & Year

Sep 5, 2007

I would like to calculate the sum of investments based on their expiry date and have the totals per month (and year). I have a table that looks like:

TermInterest rateMaturityBalance
24 Months7.12%11 November 200740,000.00
12 Months7.74%13 November 200750,000.00
24 Months7.05%10 January 200853,889.12
12 Months7.85%11 January 2008120,000.00
12 Months8.02%22 March 200817,000.00
36 Months6.68%30 June 200832,000.00

I'd like to have something like:

Nov 07 90,000.00
Dec 07 0.00
Jan 08 173889.12
and so on...

Admittedly I am an Excel novice, so excuse me if my question is dumb and has a simple answer (actually I hope it has :-) but I have tried to find a solution by searching forums, my books, online help, I tried my luck with sumif and SUMPRODUCT functions, even used the conditional sum wizard, but I can't get it right

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Database Report Automatically Based On Date?

Jul 17, 2013

I have 2 sheet in MS Excel (MATTER & REPORT) . Database included at sheet MATTER. Report will be seen on sheet REPORT based on entry date. What formula used to produce report automatically.

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