Compare Two Sheets And Remove Duplicate Rows To New Sheet

Jul 30, 2014

The following code compare two sheets and remove the duplicate rows to a new sheet. In this code I have to create the third sheet manually.

I need the "New Sheet" to be create automatically with the name of "Dup".


Option Explicit
Sub nomatchnoty32()
Dim X, i As Long, j As Long, Y(), Dic As Object, k&, Z, name1$, name2$

Const shSource1 As String = "sheet1"
Const shSource2 As String = "Sheet2"

[Code] .........

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VBA Macro - Compare Two Sheets To Find Duplicate Values?

Jan 14, 2014

I am currently working for data validation team. I have to validate tons of data every week so it would be great if i could remove dupicates.

I want to compare two worsheets, sheet 1 has the order number with description (which i have to find) for the current month and sheet two has got standard report from the past week giving all the order numbers with no description. I need a VBA based macro to find all matching order numbers which are in sheet 1 column A, in sheet2 column A and return the corresponding value in column B in sheet 2 and also return the description in Column C.

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Remove All But 1st Of Duplicate Rows

Aug 12, 2008

ive got a spreadsheet with records such as this

james - smith - leeds- 01535 - 26/02/1983 - bd21 6ls
steven - smith - bradford - 213789 - 28/01/1982 - bd33 5th
james - smith - leeds - 01535 - 26/02/1983 - bd21 6ls
steven - king - manchester - 213789 - 28/01/1982
andrew - wright - bingley - 36473 - 12/01/1981 - bd23 689

what im trying to do is to check all of the rows for duplicates in such a way that (if any row has the matching colums 1,2,5 and 6 then all but 1 of the rows will be deleted.

i have a few thousand entries and am just trying to get rid of all the duplicate rows. The problem is that the duplicate rows are not IDENTICAL for instance soime of them may have spelling mistakes hence i cannot just do a straight forward if row = row then delete.

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Remove Duplicate Rows Based On Col C

Aug 8, 2007

I am using three columns - Col A contains serial number, col B contains name and Col C contains Codes.

The problem is in col C as sometimes the codes are copied from other files also. So I want that if there is any duplicate codes in column C, on running the macro it will delete the duplicate rows and keep original record ie the duplicte records added later has to be deleted and that the original record will be in place.

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Remove Or Delete Duplicate Rows

Aug 24, 2008

I have 6 columns on my data sheet. F column is Amount column.

If there are rows where all the columns A,B,C,D and E duplicate then I need that row to be deleted, BUT before that the value from the column F should be summed to the duplicating row's F column.

I attached a simple example file, where you can see my point better. (I need the code to work with thousands of rows, and not only with 5 rows which i put on the axample)

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Deleting Duplicate Rows :: Compare 2 Cells Per Row

Sep 22, 2008

I have a spreadsheet that I need to delete duplicate rows in. However, in order to determine if a row is a duplicate I need to check 2 cells per row. In the attached file you will see that each row has 4 cells. I need to compare the cells in columns B and C with the B and C cells of the Row beneath. If the B and C cells match then it is considered a duplicate and one of the rows needs to be deleted. Also, there may be multiple duplicate rows.

For an example see rows 17, 18 and 19. I only need 1 row to remain.

I am looking for a vb script that would analyze a file with thousands of rows and delete the duplicates.

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Compare Two Sheet And Get Duplicate Values In Other Sheet

May 9, 2009

how to assign values into arrays. I need to compare two sheet (sh1 & sh2), range a2:c20 using array function and get the duplicate values in sheet3.

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Remove Duplicate Records From Sheet?

Jun 30, 2014

I am using the following code to remove duplicate records from a sheet:

[Code] ....

It successfully removes the duplicates (based on Columns A and B), however it is changing the formatting of the cells and messing with the conditional formatting I have on the sheet.

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Remove Duplicate In One Sheet By Comparing To Other

Mar 14, 2014

I want a macro which will remove the total records in "CHILD" sheet by comparing with "MASTER" sheet based on the condition that if the data from columns A, C and D are totally match between two sheets

e.g. see record 14 in "CHILD" sheet which should be removed as it is matching with 3rd row of master sheet.

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Can't Remove Duplicate Rows From A Combined List

Aug 4, 2013

I have 2 lists, A and B. The lists were Obtained by different methods. However the information is now static and It seems that they have compatible information and format. But when I cut and paste A to B to make a single list, and I try to delete duplicate rows in the single list, I'm unable to do so. What can I do? Attached are the lists.

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Remove Duplicate Rows Based On Dates?

May 22, 2014

I have a large spreadsheet that has some duplicates in Row Q. However, in column L there is a date. I want to be able to find the duplicates in column Q then delete the duplicate with the earliest date.

[Code] .....

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Remove Duplicate In Child Sheet By Comparing To Other

Mar 15, 2014

How to remove duplicate in child sheet if the records for columns A, H and S are exactly matching with the columns A, H and S of Master sheet.

When I used it in some of my other process, it is not working.

[Code] ....

Attached File : Macro.xlsm‎

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Compare Rows Between Sheets

Aug 22, 2006

I have 2 sheets that have 15 columns and approximately 200 rows on average, but the number of rows varies from week to week. I need to compare the information on sheet 3 to the information on sheet 1 by row. There are actually 3 worksheets total, but the 2nd worksheet is not involded in this macro. If the 2nd-14th columns are an exact match, I need to have the date from the first column and the notes from the 15th column (the formatting has to be copied too!!!) on the first sheet copied over to the matching row on the third sheet into the 1st and 15th columns, and the 16th-18th rows on the first sheet need to be copied over to the third sheet as well. After all this is done, the row on the first sheet needs to be deleted.

I need it to compare all of the rows this way, and unfortunately, I think it is going to have to loop through every row on the 1st sheet for every row it is comparing from the 3rd sheet.

I know this will take quite a while to compare, but given this takes me a couple hours on average, letting the macro run for 5 or 10 minutes is a vast improvement

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Compare Rows On 2 Sheets And Replace

Mar 2, 2007

I'm trying to do is compare 4 columns on 2 sheets. I would like to go down in column "E" on sheet1 and find the exact one on column "A" on sheet2. Once these are equal I would compare F, G, H, on sheet1 with B, C, D on sheet2. If the these three columns are not the same I would like to copy from sheet2 B, C, D from sheet2 to F, G, H.

The problem I have is none of the rows of information will be in sequential order as well as we may not have a match. What I'm saying is row1 on sheet1 could be row1000 on sheet2. Attached is a small example. in the example rows 6, 11, 12, 16 and 19 would be the only changes on sheet1. My example does have the rows in sequential but that would almost never be the case for me....

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Count & Compare Used Rows On 2 Sheets

Aug 8, 2008

I want to count the number of data rows in Sheet 1, Count the number of data rows in Sheet 2 and display a message if they are not equal. I have tried various IF(COUNTA statements but cannot get the correct syntax.

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How To Compare Data From 2 Sheets And Put Into A New Work Sheet

Feb 28, 2009

In sheet one I have data as follows ...

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Jun 30, 2007

at first i wrote company's name short so that i have to type less but now i want full name of company.....

like.....if in sheet#1 column B any company's name is started by Rel of sheet#2 column A , then the cell containing Rel is replaced by Reliance Industries ( sheet#2 column B but same row that of Rel) sheet#1


Rel...............................Reliance Industries

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Compare Cells Across 2 Sheets & Insert Rows If Criteria Met

Apr 26, 2008

I have three worksheets that I am combining into one master worksheet. The data from Worksheets 1 & 2 are listed combined under the same headings onto the master worksheet. I have three additional headings on the master that need to populate information from Worksheet 3 under them. I would use VLOOKUP to populate those fields if it weren't for the problem that some asset numbers have more than one entry. The request I received is to insert copy the criteria row below it so that there are an equal number of entries for each occurance of information from Worksheet 3 to copy that data to.

(example = Asset 12345 has 3 different work orders on Worksheet 3, therefore I have three rows for Asset 12345 on the master with the data I need copied under the 3 headings.)

To figure out how many rows to insert I created a last column (that I will delete at the end of the macro) that uses COUNTIF to count the number of occurences of the asset number on Worksheet 3. I want my macro to look down this column and for every value over 1 add rows equal to that value-1 beneath the row. I then need to copy the information from the criteria row into the newly inserted rows. I will need to figure out how to populate the data from worksheet 3.

I tried recording a macro of me using FIND >1 values while selecting the column containing criteria and it didn't work because it likely was literally looking for ">1".

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Compare Data In Two Sheets And Write It In Another Sheet In Same Workbook?

Apr 16, 2013

The attached excel file arrivals page and departures page Serial number to compare current on the data up-to-date page, I want to copy.

up-to-date on the "F" column is copied to the page on which you need to print.

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VBA Code To Compare 2 Sheets And Paste Values In 3rd Sheet

May 28, 2014

I have a workbook with 2 sheets. Both the sheet contains Column "Name,Avg,Max". Compare both the sheets and paste the Avg values in Sheet3(Avg) and Sheet4(Max). I have attached the sample file below.


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Excel 2010 :: Compare 2 Sheets And Add Missing Row From Sheet 1

Nov 4, 2012

How i could this one in formula or macro, first my 1st sheet is just as show below (maybe use for a template)

1st sheet (full list)




then 2nd sheet, report i get which something like this :




then i want result like this on 3rd sheet :



so basically i want add missing row on sheet 2 from sheet 1

I am using office 2010.

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Compare Data In Two Sheets (change To Be Show In Sheet 1)

Nov 5, 2006

compare data from different worksheets

For clarity, I have placed the sample datasets at the following URL

Given: the datasets for sheet1 and 2 might not contain the same number of rows.

I am looking for new rows (it might be inserted in any position of the rows) in sheet1. The new rows will be highlighted in red color. For example:

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Compare 2 Lists On 2 Sheets And Output Non Duplicates To A Third Sheet

Feb 19, 2009

I need a macro to compare the values in column b across 2 sheets and output the rows that do not have duplicate values in column b to a third sheet?

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Compare Columns On Different Sheets, Return Matches To Third Sheet

Mar 21, 2007

I've got two worksheets ("June" & "July"). On both worksheets, column A is comprised of ID numbers and column B contains dollar amounts. I need to compare the ID numbers in Column A on each worksheet, and if they match I want to copy the ID number and the amount to a third worksheet ("Results").

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Move Rows From One Sheet To Another Sheet Without Having Duplicate Entries

Apr 16, 2014

I need to move the rows from one sheet to another sheet upon clicking the ‘Submit’ button.

I will manually update my efforts in ‘Sheet 1’ and when I click ‘Submit’, it should “copy” the rows to the next sheet (Sheet 2). However, it should not duplicate the entries irrespective of clicking Submit multiple times. Obviously, while clicking ‘Submit’ it should check the entry for that particular employee name and date in the ‘Sheet 2’ and remove that completely and update the new entries and this should avoid duplicates for that date. Every time when I add new entries for a different name and for dirrerent employee, it should keep appending the Sheet 2.

In addition, it should avoid copying the blank rows from Sheet 1 (S. No column will not be blank usually) to Sheet 2.

All this should happen upon clicking the Submit button.

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Add # Of Rows In 4 Shts/compare 2 # Of Rows In Another Sheet

Dec 27, 2006

I have some code that consolidates data from 4 sheets in different workbooks into one sheet on a separate workbook. I'd like to add a validation check to make sure that all rows are copied and pasted.

Specifically, I would like to total the # of rows in each worksheet and compare that # to the total # of rows in the consolidated worksheet. On some of the worksheets, the code deletes the header row and/or the last row. So, the count of the rows should happen after those rows are deleted. If not all the rows are copied, a message box should pop up saying "Not all rows copied".

The full code is posted in the linked post below which includes the workbook names, sheet names, etc.:

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Creating A Macro To Compare 2 Sheets In A Workbook And Print The Differences To A 3rd Sheet

Sep 30, 2009

Creating a macro to compare 2 sheets in a workbook and print the differences to a 3rd sheet.

Each sheet will have the same number of fields, 5 columns with the header in the first row.

All values in the cells are integer except for the last field which will be a character.

The key is the value in the 2nd column. If it's not in the other sheet, then it's a new record. If it's a new record then highlight it a color depending on what sheet contains the new record. Now if the key is the same in both sheets, then check the other columns to see what's different. If there is a difference, print the record for both sheets in the third sheet and highlight the differences. I attached a sample of what I want.

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Compare 2 Lists In Different Sheets Then Copy And Paste Related Cell Onto First Sheet

May 4, 2006

What I am trying to do here is to compare 2 lists in 2 different files, and when there is a match, then copy and paste the related cells of the matching name. Sorry if this sounds messy, perhaps the sample file I have attached can explain better.

Every month I get a new file in the format of Data Source sheet where the list of banks in column A and the figures in column M, AA and AB might change from month to month. For the sake of convenience, I put the source data as a different sheet instead of different file here.

I have an existing report template in the format of Final report sheet where basically I copy and paste the relevant cells according to the name of the banks.

I dont think I can use Vlookup because the cells that I want to extract are not right beside the search criteria. If Im wrong please correct me.

Anyway, assuming a macro is needed for this, I am wondering if I can create a macro, where it can search the list of banks in column A in Data Source sheet based on the list in column A in Final Report sheet, then copy the correct cells from column M, AA and AB and then paste them into the correct cells in columns B, E and H in Final Report worksheet?

Note that not all the banks in the Final Report sheet are in the Data Source, so for this example, row 4 for ABN Bank should remain blank after the search because it is not listed in the Data Source. The Data Source List might also change over time.

There is also this problem of the bank names from the Data Source sheet not being exactly the same as the existing list in Final Report. For example in this file, ANZ Bank in the other sheet have all the extra stuff behind, but we know it is the same bank.

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Compare Multiple Sheets And Paste Unique Records In Seperate Sheet

Aug 4, 2008

I have 1 workbook, with 3 sheets. Sheet1 (EVER) has 3000+ rows and 12 columns of customer information. This sheet is for all customers who have ever placed an order. Sheet2 (06-07) has 1500+ rows and 12 columns of customer information. This sheet has all customers who have placed an order in the last 2 years. Sheet3 has 1 row, which consists of the column titles (12 columns) that are on Sheet1 and Sheet2.
I need to put all customers that are on Sheet1, but not on Sheet2 in Sheet3. I have tried VLookup; advanced Filter and a number of codes in the last 3 days and have not been able to figure this out.

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Excel 2010 :: Compare 2 Columns In Different Sheets - Unique Values Output To 3rd Sheet

Feb 4, 2013

I'm trying to compile a VBA that would allow me to compare 2 columns "A" in different worksheets (same Workbook) and output any unique values to 3rd worksheet together with the rest of the values in the corresponding row.



Excel 2010

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