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Move The Text

I inherited a spreadsheet from someone who knows nothing of excel, its massive and I'm trying to organize it into an actual spreadsheet instead of some weird note taking program.

Is there an easy way to take a couple of Cells worth of text and move into one cell combined.


This is
just one

Above would be one example, there are 3 cells used to input one sentence... I want to move those to one cell to read

This is just one example

There are also cells with Data Separated by a "/" is there a way to separate that quickly without manually typing or reformatting my wrists are starting to hurt

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Move Text
i have copied and paste text and numbers from a file into EXCEL. Now in one column i have the header and 4 lines, ie
Header: Details
Line 1: Email :*
Line 2: Tel : *( )*
Line 3: Fax :*( )*
Line 4: Web address :*

I want to move Line 1 to 4 into different colums for sorting and pivot reasons.

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Move Text When There Is A Second Line

Removed screen shots - Please DO NOT use actual personal information, sample data only! - Moderator

Some of the people on this list have a second name entry on the line below their first name entry. ALL of the people on the list have an Address2 on the line below their Address1.

How would I move the second name entry into the cell next to the first name entry, and then concatenate them, and then also move the Address2 entry into the cell next to Address1 (but not concatenate these)?

Like this:

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Macro To Move Text
I am trying to create a macro to do the following (Microsoft Excel 2002 SP3):

1 - Select the text from the active/selected cell (i.e. B1)
2 - Cut the text from B1
3 - Move to the cell directly above the active/selected cell (i.e. A1)
4 - Add a space to the end of whatever text is in A1
5 - Paste the contents that were cut from B1 after the text and space in A1
6 - Delete the row where the text was cut from (i.e. entire row B)

I have never written code for macro's before, only done recording, but just can't seem to get this sequence to work .

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Search And Move Text
I am working on a macro and, as part of it, I would like to look at column H of my spreadshet. If the wording in any cell in column H begins with the word, "total" I would like the cell contents of the cell in column G and up one to be dropped down one. Here is an example:

Let's say that the words "total money" is found in cell H2. I would like the cell contents of cell G1 to be moved to G2, making boths cell side-by-side having text in them - G2 and H2.

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Break Up And Move Text To Next Cell
There are basically four fields of text (date, trans. #, merchant, $ amount) all in one cell that I would like to have in 4 separate columns without having to cut-paste, cut-paste, cut-paste. Is it possible for me to break this information up quickly into 4 separtate columns? I have about 400 lines of text like this and would like to find a faster way to do it.

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Move Text Into Columns From Rows
I have a set of data that has a store number in cell A1, the store name in B1 and then the store address in C1, C2, and C3. This pattern repeats for all ~300 stores. I am trying to get all of the store data on one row per store.

I have a set of data that looks like this:

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Search For The Text And Move Everything Under That Column
I have some macros that will look for a certain item and then move it somewhere else on the spreadsheet. However, I can't seem to get the code right to skip over the section if the text is not found. I assume it would be easiest to do it with error handling, but the attempts I've made haven't worked.

the macro will search for the text "Name" and move everything under that column elsewhere; then it will do the same for "Date." But currently, if "Name" is not found anywhere on the spreadheet, it will cause an error and ask to end or debug.

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Move-Cut First Word From Range Of Text
I have a text string in a cell. it is comprised of a series of numbers and text. i would like to " cut" the first part of the string starting from the first space and paste in the cell to the left. For example.

range("b11") has the following: "This is my example"

I would like to perform the following:

range ("A11") would equal "This"
Range ("b11") would equal "is my example"

(note the space has been completly removed as well)

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Move Mid Text In Cell To Front. Reverse
I am working with a column which always displays the cell contents with oldest notes by date first, then the newest note last. I would like to have the contents from a cell reversed with the newest user input by date on top which will simply when reading. Here is an example of a cell. The string always starts with (MM/DD/YYYY TT:TT:TT AM, then user name).

12/20/2007 8:27:56 AM MBARNEY Approval not required for this change request. 01/25/2008 10:27:32 AM KVELDANDA Change to Category, Type, Item, Region, Site, Department fields triggered an evaluation of whether or not the Change requires approval. Approval is not required.

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Move Text Data To Next Empty Row In Column
I am importing a 20 character text string (from a barcode scanner) to H2. I need to send that data to the next unused row in Column A (after insuring that no matching text currently exists in Column A-no action taken if matching data is found). I can provide a copy of the sheet, along with a description of the project.

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Move Text Between Certain Words To Adjacent Cells
how to cut a string from text and copy it to another cell: Example of a TEXT:..........................

This is Text in one cell - I need to cut the BOLD part. It always ( if appears ) is after statement <b>Kod Producenta</b>: and before <br/> It's not always in the same place. but always between statment above. "<b>Kod Producenta</b>: STRING_THAT_NEED_TO_BE_COPIED_TO_DIFFERENT_CELL <br/>" how can i do it with VBA macro? with cpp would be so much easier but still i need to do this in VBA...

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Move Rows Based On Specific Text Being In Column
I am trying to have rows moved from (Schedule) to (Complete) in the attached workbook. The criteria to have the row moved would be the user-selected "Status" list changing to "COMPLETE" in Column G.

I would like to have the row cut and deleted from Sheet4 (Schedule) once "COMPLETE" is selected from the list in Column G with rows below moving up. The row would then be inserted into Sheet2 (Complete) at the top of the list (Row 7) and rows would move down below the new entry. I would also like to have the formatting remain uniform (every other row fill)

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Move Rows To Worksheets Based On Cell Text In Row
I download our monthly bank transactions (.csv). I have a workbook with sheets named for each creditor or expense.

I would like move each row, based on the specific word in a cell row, to the specific worksheet.

Here are some typical transactions in the Description column:

Some are specific:
“Moved to the Vonage worksheet.”

Others are not so obvious:
“Moved to the Eat Out worksheet.”

“Moved to the ASPCAPS worksheet.”

“Moved to the Grocery worksheet.”

I was able to find the following while during a Search:

Move Cells Containing Specific Word In Column To New Sheet

The question was answered, in addition to Dave Hawley, by Bill Rockenbach who inserted the following code - “Sub FindWord()”

Option Explicit
Sub FindWord()
Dim Sentences
Dim Word As String
Dim i As Long
Dim iWordPos As Integer
Dim lRow As Long
Dim sWord As String

If this is a possibility for what I'm looking for, I’m not sure how to implement it into my situation.

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Is There A Way To Stick A Few Row Of Cells Together So That When I Move One They All Move
is there a way to stick a few row of cells together so that when i move one they all move.. i have some rows that when i sort them i want them to move together with the other ones..

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Move Part Of Text In Cell To Another Cell
It's difficult to explain, the attached shows the situation better. Basically there's a picture that is somehow linked to a cell. But, you can update the picture or the cell and the other one gets updated.

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Move Certain Text In Column C To Column E
I'd like a macro that finds all cells in column C with the text "Apple" and moves all those cells values (text) to column E.

Case InSensItive.

One Caveat though, the search must continue and not stop searching until it is equal to the bottom-most row of data in column F.

I don't want this macro to search all 1 Million + Rows.

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Excel Text Search Through Different Types Of Text And Action Based On Text
1. Search an excel sheet "column" for a particular type of text and insert values based on that text (if found) in another column.

e.g I have column A1 to A10 with different types of text. I would like to search for the keyword "Risk is high" OR "Risk=High" for each cell in the column and insert a "1" if found beside it's corresponding "B" column. If not found, I would like to insert a "0".

So, if the text "Risk is high" OR "Risk=High" was only found in A6, I would like B6 to be "1". Rest of the values in the B column would be "0's", since the text was not found in any of the other cells.

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Text File Import With Text To Columns Splitting Same Text Differently
I have a macro which imports data from a mainframe dump text file and performs 'Text to Columns' on the imported data so that formula in the spreadsheet can act on the data. The code works perfectly well when I use it, but if a different user logs on and performs exactly the same mainframe dump and import macro the Text to Columns action splits the raw data in a different way and the result is that the split renders the formulae useless.

I've experimented a little and for some reason it appears that the 'Field Info' parameters which are produced when the Text to Columns function is recorded in a macro differ between users even though the raw data is exactly the same.

FieldInfo:= _
Array(Array(0, 1), Array(18, 1), Array(35, 1), Array(56, 1), Array(70, 1), Array(88, 1), _
Array(102, 1))

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If Anything In Col B>1 Then Move That Row.
How would one go about making a module that would tell Sheet1 that if any number in column B is greater than 1 then take the contents of the row that number is in and copy it to Sheet2? Attached is an example of the workbook.

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VBA To Move A Row Up When Value Is Not Zero
I have 8 rows (B345:B352) that have a formula similar to this:=IF(Site1!B53>0,CONCATENATE(Site1!$B$53," Scansys 942 @ ","$",Site1!D53,".00"),""). By the way, can the formula be shortened? I tried formatting the merged cell but nothing changes.
When Site1!B53=0, then there's nothing in the cell.That's how I want it. But say, row 3, Site3!$B$53 >0 how do I programatically move (copy/paste?) row 3 to row 1 (since row 1 and row 2 are blank)? In other words, Since rows 1 & 2 is blank, I don't want the two empty rows there, so I would like to move row 3 up to row1.

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Move Row Up Or Down
I have a workbook with several sheets each containing different numbers of rows. These rows contain data from clients (codes etc applying to motors). The rows have been randomly populated and I am having to move rows from somewhere in the sheet up or down so the codes are grouped according to which motor they apply to.

What I want to do is select a row and be able to run a macro that will move it where I want. The destination can be up or down and any number of rows away. Does anyone have any ideas how to do this? I was thinking that if I selected the row I wanted to move and the one I wanted to move it to then run the macro it could be moved. Its not to replace the destination row, but be inserted alongside it.

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Move One Column To The Right
I am trying to move one column to the right each time the macro is ran. Next time it should go from columns B:B to C:C

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Move Group Box
I have a Group Box (from the Forms Toolbar) with alot of Options Buttons (18) that are assigned macros to navigate around my worksheet.

The Group Box is currently set in Range B2:G7 . What I am trying to do is, if one of my Option Buttons brings me to L23, my Group box will still show in L2:R7. In other words, the Group Box moves Right where ever the active cell is.

I have tried Freezing Panes in numerous position, but that does not give me what I'm after. Tried Format Control, whatever I could think of, etc.

Could be that I am not using the right control to set this up?

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Move To End Of Used Range In Row
Is there a key combination to move Right to the end of the row even though there may be blanks within that row?

If I do a Shift>Ctrl>Right arrow it will highlight to the cell just before the first blank cell.

I am trying to "Move" to the Right end of the table reguardless of what cell I'm in or if there are blanks in the row.

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Move To Sheets
looking for the most efficient way of doing this.

I have a sheet and basically they'll be groups of funds

so it looks like this:

Summary of Fund: Name of fund
sub total
Summary of Fund: name of fund2
sub total
Summary of Fund: Name of fund3
sub total

I want to grab each section and place it in its own sheet and have the sheet named after the fund.

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How To Move Down Data
to create a button,then I choose the row that I want the data to be move down..For example,when I choose the row 20,the data from row 21 to 30 will move down,and 31-40 will move down and so that from row 21-30,there will be empty....

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How To Move To The Next Row In A Do Loop
In a macro I made, I have a do...while loop:

Do While Not objXLworkBook.ActiveSheet.Cells(nSequence, 1).Value = gcstrEMPTYSTRING

.....bunch of code


In my file, the second row of data always contains blanks (i.e., I've got a HDR record, blank row and then rows of data). How do I make my code bypass that empty row of data and then continue processing all other records?

Should I put a "move to next record" in my bunch of code, and if so, how do I do that?

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How To Move Around Without Unselecting
I've got a selected area and a button I've got to click on. I can't see them both on the screen at the same time.

If I try to move from the selected area to the button the selected area becomes unselected!

How do I keep it selected?

That's the problem and the question. If you'd like to know the background it is this:

I need to put a spreadsheet into a web page and I downloaded a macro that will generate slim html code for you, for any spreadsheet.

This is it. When I ran it I discovered it opened in its own spreadsheet with this button to get it started once you've pasted into it the spreadsheet or part of a spreadsheet that you want converted.

Makes it nice and easy. Easier than bothering to import a macro into your own spreadsheet.

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Move To Another Sheet
using VBA, where if in Column I = "TRUE", move the entire row plus the 1 row underneath to sheet named "PaymentData?

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Move Cells On Same Row
I am trying to move the data in a row from cell D thru I (eye) to cell H thru M.
Simply move it all over a few cells. Well not so simply.

The line in RED fails.

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Move All Used Cells On Each Row
I have rows of data starting in row 4.

I have row Headers taking up columns A:G.

My data, which is downloaded, can be anywhere between H4 and IV900.

I need a macro that will go to G4

Then do the equivalent of arrow right to the first cell containing data

Select that cell and all cells to the right of it

Copy the selected range

Cut and Paste it back to H4

Move to G5 and repeat all the way down the worksheet so that I end up with al of the data starting in column H rather than spread all over the worksheet.

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Copy Instead Of Move
Can this code be modified to copy pictures rather than move them? I want to keep them in a tidy library column A:A. The workbook finds a picture based on the picklist, it is an example I found online but I need it to copy and paste the picture (and leave the original where it is).

F1 cell
=VLOOKUP(A2, PicTable, 2, FALSE) this is connected to a 2 column validation table called picTable that has names in the first column (values in the picklist) and picture names in the second column (which corrosponds to the actual picture names)

Also, long after they have been copied, I need to clear all of what I have copied (with a macro button), but when I record a macro to do this it doesnt work because the copied "picture number' changes each time it is copied and the recorded macro only deletes the picture object number that I deleted when recording it!

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Move One Cell To Another..?
I require code which will transfer text+numerical data from column K to column I (same row) and numerical data in Column I to one row above. I enclose an attachment by way of illustration. Actual s/s is 332324 rows deep - making manual changes impractical.

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Move Cursor To A1
how I can move the cursor position on all visible worksheets to A1 before a workbook is saved.

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Move Info To Right
I have the following macro that I found through Search (written by Peterss) and have been able to modify it to work for me.

Sub MergeBooks()
Dim myFolder As String
Dim myBooks
Dim ws As Worksheet, wsMaster As Worksheet
Dim nr As Long, rws As Long, i As Long
Dim LR As Long

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.EnableEvents = False
myFolder = "C:Documents and SettingsNalaniDesktopForecast"

I have been trying to get the information from the Next Workbook to move over 5 columns (E), then the Next book to move to col (I), etc.

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Move To Selected Tab Name
I'm working on a spreadsheet that has a title sheet with a list of company names, each subsequent sheet has that company’s info. I have a macro in it that uses the name in A1 (on the company info sheets) to name the tab (with error checking).

What I now need (and can't for the life of me figure out how to do) is to have a link between the title sheet -when you click on a company name- and the company info sheet.

The company info sheet had the same exact name in A1 and on the tab as what is on the title sheet.

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Move To Another Cell
I have got a problem with moving to another cell. For example, I click A1, the active cell is A1, then I wanna move to B1. I usually just need to use the right arrow on my keyboard to move. But this time, it didn't move - instead, it moves the scroll bar.

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Move 10 Rows Down
I've got a rather simple question. I need a code which would activate a cell which is located 10 rows down from the currently active cell. I found this piece of code

Sub move()
ActiveCell.End(xlUp).Offset(10, 0).Activate
End Sub

but somehow it does not do the job it is supposed to do.

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Name Chart & Move
I have created a macro that populates five (5) charts based on a huge data base in the same excel file, on a different worksheet. There are 25 names, and each have 5 of the same charts.

Compensation by Base

Jane has 5 charts: Performance, Comepsnation by Base etc

I want for each Performance to move to a certain location, each Compensation to move to a certain location etc for each chart. When I run it, the charts are populated but I want to move them - don't I have to name the chart (not the title) to make it work? How do I name the name the object chart?

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Move Between Worksheets
I have a master worksheet with linked totals from my customers worksheets. Is there a quick way to move to the customer worksheet from the master worksheet.

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VB Code - Move Cursor Down 1
the code to get my cursor to move down 1 row or cell without it actually referencing the chosen cell.

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Move Cells To Another Worksheet
I have whats going to be a very large "Input" worksheet that has several headings of columns. One of these columns is "category" as in parts of a vehicle, i.e. steering, wheels, rod-ends and so on. Now what I would like to do, is once I type a new row of information in, to have the filter go through and copy said category row into another worksheet where I can have all of them separated on there own.

Here is a picture of my current spreadsheet. So basically I want to be able once I save the file, that it goes through and where it detects Rear-End in "B18" I would like it to select row 18, copy all of its cells and move them into the worksheet Rear-End

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Move Files Into Directories Using VBA?
In my Excel file, I have three columns: A, B and C. Column A holds the folder names. column B holds the files hash names. And in column C, i keep the files real names, i.e:

A1.value = Contract folder

B1.value = 23ffryu567894lkgj090

C1.value = picture1.jpeg

On my hard drive, I have all the folders (column A data) already created inside a folder called directories: E:directories... There is another directory on my drive in which I keep all the hash files: E:infiles

And all I would like to do now, is to write a piece of code to read all three columns row by row and based on the data in that row, moves the hashed file into their proper directories and rename them to their real name. In the example above, the program should read the data found in the first row: A1, B1 and C1 and move the hash file named 23ffryu567894lkgj090 to E:directoriesContract folder and rename the hash file to picture1.jpeg

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Move Page Down 10 Rows - Sometimes
I have cobbled together bits of code from around this forum to do what I need (thanks to all those I stole from!) but I'm stuck on the last bit.

I have a spreadsheet and the user types into an input box what they are looking for and the cursor moves to that position.

If the data is initially off the page when it is returned it is on the last row of the page I now see. Sometimes it may be appropriate to see data below it.

Is there anyway the found cell can always be shown about half way down the viewable page? (so that about 10 rows below are seen - obviously if the data is at the top then no movment is needed)

I tried the "ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=10" but hit problems where the data was on a higher screen than the last search.

I am using excel 2000

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Move And Align Cells
I have a task that I need to perform every now and then. And even though I normally find my ways around in Excel, I can't find a working solution for this one.

I have a list of features that I need to match with another list and place them on the same rows in my sheet. The attached file contains 2 worksheets where "Before" shows my normal input, and "Wanted" shows what I need to do.

Cols A-E contains info for the first set of features, cols G and H is the cells I want to move. Please note that sometimes the G and H columns contains info that are not present in A-E, and then I need to move those features around as well. An example is present at the bottom of the "Wanted" sheet.

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Refer To Cells That Move
In my current spreadsheet I use Offset to change the values of various cells. The problem is that if I make any changes to the columns it throws the whole offset thing off. So, instead of using offset to paste all the data is there an alternative that would work better?

I was thinking maybe I could name a column as a range and then have the cell in that row equal a value.

What solutions are there?

ActiveCell = TextBox1.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1) = TextBox2.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 2) = ComboBox9.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 3) = ComboBox2.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 4) = ComboBox3.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 5) = ComboBox11.Value

ActiveCell.Offset(0, 12) = ComboBox1.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 13) = TextBox6.Value / 100
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 16) = TextBox4.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 17) = TextBox5.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 18) = CostBasis
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 19) = NumberOfShares
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 59) = DividendFreq

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Move/Rename Macro
I have a workbook with 52 worksheets.
6 are hidden, 46 are visible.
I am trying to move a worksheet to the end of the workbook and rename as the next sheet.
It works the first time I run it (it renames the worksheet to Client51, the new last worksheet) but after that it gives me a 1004 error 'cannot rename a sheet to the same name as another sheet...."
Here is the macro I am using:

Sub rename_client()
Dim NewName As String
ActiveSheet.Move Before:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)
NewName = "Client" & Sheets.Count - 2
ActiveSheet.Name = NewName
End Sub

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Move One Cell To The Right Only Once But Not Working
I have written the below code (as part of a larger code set) to copy a range and paste it in cell Z4 if Z4 is empty. If it isn't empty, I want it to move one cell to the right and paste it in AA4. This should be a loop pasting one cell to the right of the last filled cell.

I have come up with the following which moves one cell to the right, but only once. It doesn't loop. Also, this loop operates within a larger loop.

If Range("z4") = "" Then
Application.CutCopyMode = False
i = 1
Range("z4").Offset(0, i).Select
i = i + 1
Application.CutCopyMode = False
End If

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Move Rows From One Sheet To Another ...
i learned how to highlight a row by placing an X in a single cell, my next question is:

Is there a way (most Likely there is) By placing "J/C" into a cell, make the entire row cut and then insert itself into my second sheet on row 2? "insert into a new row and not over existing information?"

now i have done this in the past using a Macro, select the row and then by pressing ctrl+k it would cut the row and then insert it into row 2 of the second sheet.

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Move And Delete Rows
I am trying to create a macro the looks at column A and moves the entire row to another worksheet or deletes the entire row based off of the value in each cell. Right now I have the Macro replace the downloaded values to either AG, G, GI, ICP, IMG or delete. The idea be to move all of the values with AG in column A to the AG worksheet, move G to the G worksheet, etc.. and then delete all of those with delete in the cell.

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