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Nested If Cell A1 Is NOT Blank Then

if Cell A1 is NOT blank then

If cell b1 is blank then show I in cell c1
If cell b1 has a date (any date) then show C in cell c1
If cell b1 says "ongoing" then show O in cell c1
If cell A1 IS blank then c1 should show nothing.

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Nested IF Checking Non Blank Cells
I want to create a nested IF formula that checks for blanks in three cells.

If A1=Not blank, then enter in "Live"
If B1=Not blank, then enter "Signed"
If C1=Not blank, then enter "Interested"
enter blank into cell

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Nested Formula: Validate The Cells Are Not Blank
Trying to create a formula, assume it will need to be a nested formula since I need to validate that cells are not blank and if so use a different cell .....

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Nested If Vlookups; Return A Blank If Not Found
I have three named ranges that I need to do lookups for First I need the formula to do a look up at the HUMANALOOKUP range and then if a value is not found go to LABLOOKUP and then if not found go to CHCSLOOKUP and if not found return a blank. the column layout of each worksheet is the same so the column index number same throughout the formula.

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Replace #VALUE! Error For Blank Cells With Blank Cell
The formula below calculates appropriately, however, if any of the cells (E12,E14, E21, E22, E28, E29) are blank, it returns a #VALUE! error. I would like the cell to remain blank. How can I do this? The formula is listed below.


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Nested Ifs Combined In 1 Cell
I have about 5 nested if statements in 5 different cells. The problem is I need to combine all 5 nested if statements into 1 cell. Can someone show me how this is done. I don't want to try vlookup since the ifs are already written. I named all of the formulas as one, two, three, four, five to help me keep track of them. Need to figure out what I have to do to combine all of the if statements into 1 cell.

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Copy Or Create 'blank Cell' As 'blank'
using a formula to copy a cell A1. if A1 is blank, i need forumula result in blank instead it possible..

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First Blank Cell In Column & Offset To 1st Blank In Row
I have checked archives, some similiar but not quite what I want.

In code below I want the output instead of going offset one column to right in same row to go one column to right into the next blank cell.

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Add Nested Formula To Cell On Another Worksheet
One of my macros is a tied to a worksheet_change. The macro runs and gives me the result that i want, however excel flips to the sheet that the sub is running for.


Sheet1, Change the cell
excel flips the visible to sheet2
macro runs

Its kinda of annoying. I would like excel to stay on sheet1 where i am trying to finish data entry. I suspect it is how i have writen the macro. Any help at all on how to clean it up.. or a better way to write the same thing would be very appreciated.

Sub TermPlacement()

' Term_Placement Macro
' Uses the Value of Term to insert a formula repeatedly in a colum.

Dim sNFormula As String
Dim rTerm As Range
Dim rStart_Cell As Range
Dim rNpayment As Range

'The reference cell located directly above the first cell in column
Set rStart_Cell = Worksheets("Floor Plan").Range("$B$13")
'Additional set values....................

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Nested IF Formula (If Value In Cell R5 >0 Then Get The Value In Cel X29 On Power 4)
I am trying to do a nested if formula but I can't get it to work.
The condition is: If value in cell R5 >0 then get the value in cel X29 on power 4.


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Macro To Add Nested Formula To Cell With Variables
I want the range in the VLOOKUP below to display its actual value - ie "'6 June 08'!$A:$C" in the formula rather than the actual variable name 'strResult'.

Sub PreviousCount()
strDate = "6 June 08"
strColumnRange = "$A:$C"
strResult = "='" & strDate & "'!" & strColumnRange

Dim i As Long
i = Range("A2"). CurrentRegion.Rows.Count
Range("D2:D" & i).FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(RC[-3]="""", ""Column A blank!"", IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(RC[-3],strResult,3,0)), ""NEW INSTALL"", VLOOKUP(RC[-3],strResult,3,0)))"
End Sub

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Code To Add Nested IF & ISERROR Formula To Cell
Application. ScreenUpdating = False

For FormulaRemake = 2 To 2000
Worksheets("Data"). Range("D" & FormulaRemake).Formula = ""=If(ISERROR(Data!W"" & FormulaRemake - 1 & "")"" & ""=True,"",Data!W"" & FormulaRemake - 1 & "")""
Application.ScreenUpdating = True

I'm having troubles with the syntax for the .Formula part. I read that when you do this you're supposed to double quote everything, except if you need a "" in it...?
Should look like this when done right: =IF(ISERROR(Data!W1)=TRUE,"",Data!W1) Also is there anything besides ScreenUpdating that will make this code run faster?

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Nested IF Statment Wifh Offset Cell References
I am trying to use an IF statment to look at 2 values, 1 from a defined range and the second based on offsetting the the first to Format a number of cells with a worksheet. Affectivley if the First Value is "E" and the value two columns to the left is a Sat or Sun I wish to format the row slightly differently from if it is a weekday. (There will be an M and a L as well)

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Make A Cell Blank If Another Cell Is Blank?
Make a cell blank if another cell is blank? This is my formula, it checks two dates. It is in cell M5.

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Nested IF (index And Match): Calculate A Charge In Cell K15 Based On Values In B9 And C10 Referencing The Table I8:R9
I'm trying to hone a quoting tool to generate an amount based on a given range and minimum charges for specified subsects of the range. If you reference the attachment I'm trying to calculate a charge in cell K15 based on values in B9 and C10 referencing the table I8:R9. What I cant figure out is how to create a minimum charge of 50 for J8:P9 (points A-G) and a charge of 95 for Q8:R9 (points H-I).

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Search Cell If Blank Delete Cell Shift Values Up
The below code is what I have and it works but what I need is for it to loop until it doesn't delete anything. How can this be done?

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Countif: Value Of One Returned To A Cell In A Row If One Cell In That Row Contains A Value Between 10 And 5 (less Than 11, More Than 4) And Another Cell Is Blank
I have a spreadsheet with details of letters that should be responded to within 20 days, and i want to have a cell showing the amount that that need a response within 10 - 5 days. Basically I want to have a value of one returned to a cell in a row if one cell in that row contains a value between 10 and 5 (less than 11, more than 4) and another cell is blank. For example, AD27 contains 6, k27 is blank. I want AE27 to show 1. I also need the same if the value is less than 5, but i'm sure i could figure out how to alter it.

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If One Cell Is Blank, How Do I Copy The Cell To The Immdediate Left
I have Column A and Column B. Every row in column A is populated, but only some of the rows in column B are populated. I need a formula that copies column A if B is blank. (i.e. If B6 is blank, copy A6). Thoughts?

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Copy Cell Into 1st Blank Cell Of Another Workbooks Worksheet
I have a spreadsheet called "temp.xls" that will change file name often.

This "temp.xls" has text that needs to be copyed to a new spreadsheet named "punchlist.xls" that does not change names. I know how to acheive this using record macro but I need the text to find the next row in the punchlist.xls file. Do all the macros run on the 1st file or do both files need macros?

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If Cell Blank, Copy Prior Column Cell Value
I need some VBA code that will allow me to copy the prior columns cell value into the current row if the cell is blank. More specifically if there is a blank cell in column D, then copy the adjacent value in column C to the cell. Hope this makes sence. I've attached a sample spreadsheet that shows my desired output.

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Copy Cell On Each Change To Next Blank Cell In Column
I want to copy a changing value from a cell (A3) to the next blank cell in the column creating a list of numbers for a total.

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Convert Blank Formula Cell To Empty Cell
I am using a IF(ISNA(Vlookup##,##,##)),"",(Vlookup##,##,##)) function, in order to remove N/A errors. Is there anyway to convert the "" values to back to an empty cell without anything in it (i.e not text "", but empty as it was originally). I find that the file sizes are very large, when using this function, as data (although blank) is stored in each cell (i know this, because if I use cntr+arrow, it sees it as data, and not an empty area). I don't want to manually go through each cell and delete them as there is quite a bit of data (10000 rows , 2 columns, 30 tabs)

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Copy A Cell Contents Until A Blank Cell
I would like a macro that copys the contents of a cell and pastes it into the column before it and continues to copy that same number downward as long as the cell next to it contains numbers. So: ....

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Finding A Cell Adjacent To A Blank Cell
Ok, I've come close to the solution using the Match function, but somehow just can't quite nail it.

What I need is a formula that will search down Column B until it finds the first blank cell. Then report what is directly to the left of that cell.

So If the first blank cell is in $B$5, it will report what is in $A$5.

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Clear Contents Of A Cell Of Row A, If Cell In Row I Is Blank
I need to clear the contents of the cell in Row "A", if the cell in Row "I" is blank.

The issue, is there are roughly 1200 excel documents in a folder and subfolders. That is a painful amount of opening workbooks, sort ascending and deleting. Not on my top 10 list of things to do.

If someone could create a code to do this, and loop it through a folder (I can move all the files to a single folder manually, not an issue)

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Copy Cell Data If Cell Blank
I have another query that I believe can only be solved using VBA.

In a row of input data, some cells are duplicated from previous cells in the same row but in some instances, the user needs to be able to input different information.

e.g. M4=F4 if left blank and the same would apply to columns N=G, O=H, P=I & Q=J.

I have done some searching but nothing quite matches my requirements and recording a macro only produces the following result.

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Getting The False Out Of The Cell And Have A Blank Cell If There Is Nothing Inputed
=IF(C22="BLUM MOTION",(VLOOKUP(G22,Info!B14:C22,2,FALSE)),IF(C22="ACCURIDE",(VLOOKUP(G22,Info!E13:F31,2,FALSE))))

Can anyone take alook @ the formula above and help me out w. getting the false out of the cell and have a blank cell if there is nothing inputed

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Trimming A Cell (blank First Line From Cell)
I need to remove a blank first line from a cell, attached two cells photo. Something with replace "chr(13)" or "chr(10)".

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If Cell Is BLANK Then Look At Opposite Column Cell
I have a column B which has the text "" in some cells where there is no value. I want a macro that will find a "" and if a cell has then I want the cell to equal to column A
for example ...

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Copy Cell Above To Blank Cell Below & Format
I am using this code to copy a cell to a blank cell below. It works great but I just need to format it to "White Font". I have tried using "colorIndex = 2" but I am not able to do it.

Dim vData() As Variant, i As Long
With Intersect(Columns("B"), ActiveSheet.UsedRange)
vData = .Value
For i = 2 To UBound(vData, 1)
If Len(vData(i, 1)) = 0 Then _
vData(i, 1) = vData(i - 1, 1)
.Value = vData
End With

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Last Non Blank Cell
If I have a column with values in it, what formula would be used if you want to know what the last non blank cell's value is?


I want a formula in a box next to the X, which should show the last non blank cell. The answer should say "32".

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Do Until Cell Is Blank
Column A contains Region name and I wish to populate column M with a formula, as long as Column A "".

Therefore, the macro needs to work along the lines of:

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=TEXT(RC[-1],""mmm"")"

Jump to M2 and loop through as long as Column A is not blank

any ideas on this one as Loop commands always baffle me?

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First Blank Cell In A Row
What is the code to find the first blank cell in a row? I can find it for a column, but have not been able to successfully alter the code to find it in a row.

My rows are going to be 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15 but the column will change daily.

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Sum Below Until Blank Cell
The first program should fill in the coloured cell's per sort.
First it should look for non-blanc cell's in colum A.
Then it shoud sum up the totals between the different sorts of goods.
Then it should look for the next-blanc cell in colum A and do the same.

Basilcally I need a sum function that will add SUM(X:Y-1).
Where X is the row the Xth non-blanc cell is and Y is the X+1th row with a non-blanc cell.

A second program should run after the first one and should copy the coloured cell's to a result page at the end.
First it should look for non-blanc cell's in colum A.
Then copy the name of the product and the coloured cell's per artikel to an result page.

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Blank Cell Rather Than 0
i have some cells that refer to other cells

c4 =a1 until i enter something into a1 c4 gives a zero which inturn give other cells #N/A

so what formula do i enter into c4 to return a blank if nothing has yet been entered into a1 but will give the value of a1 when something has been entered?

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If Cell Blank = $0.00
something to do with the range. Or give me a better solution?

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim rng As Range
Set rng = Sheets(1).Range("=D23:E304")
For Each cell In rng
If cell.Value = 0 Or cell.Value = Null Or cell.Value = " " Then
cell.Value = "$0.00"
End If
End Sub

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IF Cell Is Not Blank
=sumproduct(--isnumber(match(b1:b300, f1:f6, 0)))

That returns a count of all the matches in b1:b300 that match data in f1:f6. However, i need to extend this formula to say something like 'If C1:C300 != Blank then count b1:b300, f1:f6'. So basically, only count if both b273 and c273 have values, if b274 has a value but c274 is blank this should not be counted.

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Getting A #Value Instead Of A Blank Cell.
D4 is linked to a cell in 'anotherworkbook'. It's also part of a formula in 'mainworkbook'. Not wanting to get an error, I tried: =IF(D4=0, "", G4/D4). D4's value is: ='[anotherworkbook.xls]Sheet1'!F5. But when anotherworkbook.xls, has nothing input for Sheet1, F5... then I get a #Value returned instead of the "" blank spot I wanted. How should I fix this to return a blank cell instead of #Value?

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If Cell Is Blank
I have 2 columns of text where if there is text in A1 I want that in C1. If A1 is blank I would like the text in B1 to go into C1.

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Blank Cell If Value Is Zero
making the formula i am using appear blank if there is not yet values entered in the cells

i am using =DATEDIF(A1,B1,"m")

i am trying to find the difference between 2 dates in months but if the values have not been entered into the cells then it populates as zero? is there a way i can leave it blank

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Next Blank Cell To Right
I have created a UserForm, where the user inputs a 'date' and an 'amount used figure'. When the user presses the 'OK' button I want the date and amount figure added to the spreadsheet, ie. 'L6' and L12 and then find the next blank cells to the right, ie 'M6' and 'M12', so the next 'date' and 'amount used figure' can be added?

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Nested Data Validation: Figure A To Enforce Dual Data Validation On A Single Cell?
I'm trying to figure a to enforce dual data validation on a single cell. That is, I need to restrict the user to entering only a decimal value, only if a particular other cell (say A2) is blank. To put it another way, if A2 is blank, the user can enter a decimal value, but if A2 is not blank, the user cannot enter anything. I can use Data Validation to enforce either the decimal restriction or the ISBLANK, but I'm not sure how to make them work together.

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If Cell Is Blank Then Show Value Of 1
I have a page that shows staffing levels. If the member of staff is in work then I have to enter a value of 1 on each member so I can calculate the number of staff present. If they are on leave or similar then I enter a text value such as AL which discounts then from the total staff.

Is there a way to have the default value of 1 in a range of cells if the cell is blank automatically? Can this be done via VB?

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Set It Up So That E Reflects O Or A Blank Cell
I have a question in regards to =if formulas...
I have 2 columns (C & D) set up with drop down menus, and an IF function associated with them in an other (E). when there is nothing selected in the drop downs I keep getting random numbers. How can I set it up so that E reflects O or a blank cell?

This is the formula that i am currently using:
=IF(D8="Editor 1",(19.26+60),0)+IF(D8="editor 2",(19.26+55),0)+IF(D8="editor 3",(19.26+50),0)+IF(D8="editor 4",(19.26+45),0)+IF(D8="editor 5",(19.26+40),0)+IF(D8="sound 1",(19.26+60),0)

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Blank Cell Referencing
On the spreadsheet Im creating I am using cell referencing. The user will input data into the blank cells, and cell referencing will put them into another table. Then I add these using an IF(OR(ISBLANK formula.

However, the empty cells come through as 0's rather than a blank cell. As they're coming through as 0's, they're being calculated into the formula, and this is causing problems in my main table.
Is there a formula I can use to ensure that the empty cells being copied over do not give off any other value?

I tried to use a few different IF formulas to only let specific data go through, but it didn't work. I tried to have the blank cells produce a letter so that they wouldn't be calculted in the formula, but letters are also counted as measured values.

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Select Next Blank Cell
I am trying to write a macro to paste some data from one worksheet into another. I need to paste the data into the next blank cell down from the existing data.

I have looked at this thread already
For w/o next error
but cant seem to get it to work.

This is the code I have got so far but it isnt working. any help would be much appreiciated.

'main part of code to copy data left out
Windows("performance tracker.xls").Activate
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=9

Set rngDestination = wsData.Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0)
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:= _
False, Transpose:=False
Application.CutCopyMode = False
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = Format( Date, "dd-mmm")
Sheets(" Total").Select

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Next Available Data Or Blank Cell
For cell K12, check for data in cells A4:A6 and F4:F6. If data is found, put it in K12, but if no data is found, cell is to remain blank.

Attached is the Excel file in question with comments in the appropriate spots.

The equation currently being used:

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Testing For Blank Cell In VBA
I working on a loop that would find blank cell. These cells have a formula in excel, but if certain conditions are met, the cell is left blank. What property in VBA checks for blank cell? I don't thin it's the "empty" property?

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1st Occurrence Of Non Blank Cell
I have data across rows in which I want to find the 1st occurance of a non blank cell and return this as a reference.

The formula in col A was kindly provided by Aladin, this finds the last entry, can this be tweaked? I'll be honest and say that I dont't quite understand how it works.

Row 5 should return 2
Row 9 should return 29

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Return A Blank Cell
I am using Excel 2000

I am using the "IF" formula to pull in data into a forms section. I then save the forms section as a CSV file.

When the IF statement returns the "false" value, it is looking to pull over a "blank" cell. When that happems, a "0" pulls over. I tried to put a "" in the blank cell, but while the output of the formulaa looks "Blank" when I convert the tab to CSV, the output is a quote mark ".
I need the formula to display a real BLANK cell or something that acts like a blank cell

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Overwrite The Value If Other Cell Is Not Blank
Column A (Plan Date) and Column B (Date Recieved) contain date value. If B2 is blank, A2 will maintain the date entered in it. However if B2 has date (either earlier or later than A2) it will supersede the date with the date value in B2.

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