Show These #### SIGN When The Sheet Is Printed

Jan 3, 2007

In A1 I have the time (military h:mm) 8:00
In B1 I have the 30 min braek we take at work 0.30
in C1 the end of shift time (16:00)
In D1 total hours (formula : = sum(C1-A1)-B1

and it is OK EXCEPT if the employee has the day off.
In that case A1 and C1 are empty but because of B1 I get in D1 the terrible ####

How can I remedy this ... this sheet cannot be edited in anyway. ( I cannot delete or edit anything)

Thought of an IF but the #### are not a value so I cannot do much in the way of conditional fprmats ... how not to show these #### when the sheet is printed.

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How To Show Minus Value In A Formula As Plus Sign

May 31, 2014

I have attached here an excel sheet with some data. I need to show the minus value in D5 as a plus sign, is there any conditional formula to work this out??

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Show Plus Sign On Numbers Greater Than X

Aug 9, 2008

I'm trying to write a macro in Excel that would change any number greater than 10 in a spreadsheet to say "+10"

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Join 2 Cells & Show Equal Sign In Cell

Jan 17, 2008

For Exempel


I have even tried with concernate and indirect in A3 but no difference there...

I want A3 to return =B1 but it only returns it in text but i want it in form of a formula. Is there a formula that returns text directly into a formula or an easy way to do this?

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New Number Would Be Placed On Printed Sheet

Mar 21, 2009

I would like to print a excel sheet and each time I print this sheet
a new number would be place on that printed sheet.
Like a invoce number.

So if I would print 50 sheets it could be number from 1 to 50 on each sheet
or if I printed 10 sheets it would be number from 1 to 10?

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Print Macro Ends On Sheet Printed?

Dec 26, 2011

I have a print macro that runs from a command button, when I use it the workbook goes to the sheet printed. Can I somehow make the workbook go back to a sheet of my choice? Here is the macro, The command button is on a sheet called Control Center, can I return to that sheet or stay at that sheet when I print?

Sub Button16_Click()
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True
End Sub

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Get Labels To Be Printed On Envelops From Data In Excel Sheet

May 9, 2013

I have data in different columns in the excel sheet which i want to use to print labels to be pasted on the envelops in the form of address.

For example : different columns are :

Dr.G.C.AgarwalC/o Sh V.K. Jain, 6/97, Kachora Bazar, BelanganjAGRA2820040562-22111399457003138

And I want the address as :

C/o Sh V.K. Jain, 6/97, Kachora Bazar, Belanganj

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Decimal Sign Replaced With ';' Sign

Dec 8, 2009

I'm trying to solve a strange problem in a piece of code.

I have a variable that is define as Double called STD. When i try to insert that variable in a formula the decimal sign (for me a comma "," because I'm Portuguese) gets converted to ";" (which is for me the separation sign for the expressions in excel formulas. ex: AND(A1>0;B1>0)=TRUE). The code is:

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Plus Sign And Equals Sign In Formulas

Sep 29, 2006

My boss uses the + symbol and the = symbol in his formulas eg "=+E3*E4" What is the advantage or difference in this as to just using "=E3*E4"

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Plus Sign After Equals Sign In Formula

Jan 10, 2008

In a formula, what effect does putting a plus sign after an equals sign? e.g.
=+((1+B8)^12)-1. I orginally assumed that it made sure that result the would always be positive but I was wrong.

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Show The " + " Sign

Jun 7, 2007

i have some text that is in a text document +1-17 0.5L the problem is when i import the file in to excel and set delimiters it will not show the " + " sign i have tried to set formating to text but it still drops it

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Another Sheet To Show Each Class Down The Rows And The Columns To Show Each School Rule

Mar 20, 2009

I have an excel 2003 sheet that collects data from Infopath forms. The forms are to record students who have broken school rules, when, where, repercussions etc. One column shows their class and there is a separate column for each rule broken.

I want to create another sheet to show each class down the rows and the columns to show each school rule. Therefore, each cell would show the number of each particular rule broken for each particular class. I have tried to do countif and sumproduct (if on sheet 1, column B the class is KA and on sheet 1, column M, the rule is bullying = how many times this has occurred).

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Excel 2007 :: Sheet Name In Show Details For Multi-sheet Pivot Table?

Jan 30, 2014

Excel 2007.

I have a workbook with a sheet per day, each sheet has a variety of 'jobs' as columns and a variety of people and kit as rows. Hours are manually input each day during the month.

Simplified version... These are two separate sheets 'M060114' and 'Tu070114'.







I have a Pivot Table on a separate sheet. This was created using the Wizard (ALT +D +P).




So far, lovely.

But when I double-click on a number or right-click and choose 'Show Details' I don't get the sheet names in the newly created information sheet. I get the Row label, column label and a list of the entries.

So if I clicked on 10 above...




That's fine with just a couple of entries but with about 80 columns and 250 rows spread across a month, therefore 30ish sheets, it's difficult marrying up the 'Show Details' sheet to the actual data.

So after all that, the question. Is there a way of getting the sheet name to appear in the 'Show Details' information sheet?

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Using A Userform Search A Spread Sheet And Show Cells In Another Sheet

Jun 28, 2006

I have included the table. What I want to do is in a user form pick a county ie Devon, Then by clicking "go" all entries that contain "Devon" are then copied to a " sheet 2" I don't want to use the Ctrl-F

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VBA - Show Timer On Sheet Then Hide Sheet

Oct 15, 2012

I have a sheet named SEND FORM that has some info that I would like for the user to see for about 10sec when he opens the work book and then it will hide and show the sheet they will be working in named STOCK CUTTING FORM.. Also is it possible to have the 10 sec timer to be shown in cell L12 in the SEND FORM sheet... I already have a couple of things in my open event which are below

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Call RunOnTime
Call ShowMsg
End Sub

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Do Not Want Highlights To Be Printed?

Nov 29, 2013

In excel sheet some times I highlight Cells, Rows or Columns for references but while printing these highlights get printed. is there any formatting tip so that only values are printed but highlights don't get printed (not even in grey scale).

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Column To Be Printed Out

Feb 24, 2013

My spreadsheet is a dual purpose spreadsheet, it is my printable catalog of product offerings as well as my worksheet for my cost and my cost markup. I have apx 2500 rows of product offerings.

My question -I would like to be able to print my catalog without my cost markup columns being printed. It is not practical for me to hide the column, then print, then unhide the column again every time I want to print out my catalog. I would like the columns to always be visible, but just not print.

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Hidden But Able To Be Printed

Aug 19, 2009

if it is possible to have say 8 rows hidden, but when you print the page it prints the rows?

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Worksheet When Printed Is BLANK

Jun 11, 2014

The following code works fine except when the sheet1 gets printed then its blank but in actual the sheet1 has got some information in it. SO why its printing a blank page.

[Code] .....

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Indicate The Row Number For Each Last Row In Each New Page Printed

Nov 17, 2008

I have this question for indentifying the last row (number) for each and every page to be printed.

As I am using a loop to determine the last row of the table in each print page, I am only able to do in "hard coded". And with this "hard-coded" row number, I can set bordering to the table so that table will not be printed without any border (for in between pages if table is more than a page)

But the problem is that I had discovered that once any other user start using wrap text, or even change the row height, the macro will still captures the pre-determined no. of rows to do the bordering (as shown in my code).

In my, I had restricted the zoom size so that the quotation will always be the same format. Hence, based on this control zoom, the printable page changes if the row height changes too.

With destSh.PageSetup
.PrintArea = "$A1:$H" & LastR
.PrintTitleRows = "$1:$21"
.Zoom = 62
' .FitToPagesWide = 1
' .FitToPagesTall = 8
.PrintErrors = xlPrintErrorsDisplayed
.RightFooter = "&8Last Saved : " & _
Format(ThisWorkbook.BuiltinDocumentProperties("Last Save Time"), _
"yyyy-mmm-dd hh:mm:ss")
.CenterFooter = "Page &P of &N"...................

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How To Lock Page Once Printed

Feb 15, 2012

Is there a way to 'lock' a page from being changed once it has been printed? It can be printed multiple times but want it to not be able to be edited once it has been printed. Thinking I could have a control button on the page maybe and once it has been checked ok to print then click the button and it saves it as is and uneditable?

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Mandate Worksheet To Be Printed

Sep 10, 2012

We have some reports on multiple worksheets. We need to ensure a legend/definition sheet is printed whenever one or several of the worksheets are printed. Is it possible to mandate a worksheet to be printed along w/ whatever else is being printed?

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Add Header Row To Each Printed Page

Oct 10, 2007

I have spent some time looking through the forum and even looked at Microsoft Excel help file and cannot seem to get exactly what I need. I have worksheets that I found the code on this site that I can put page breaks every so many rows. I have it set for 26 so it will break for every 25 counting the header. Here is the

Sub PageBreaks()
For I = 27 To 760 Step 25

ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks.Add Before:= Range("A" & I)
Next I
End Sub

The problem I am having is when I print the first page it has the headers in them, for example.

LastName, FirstName, StuID, GrdLvl

How can I get a row placed right after each page break with with the column headers so each sheet I print will have the headers with the 25 rows of informatio. But then not be there after I print so If I need to sort I won't have a problem with all the headers.

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Different Title For Each Worksheet Printed

Nov 21, 2007

I have a worksheet which has two large tables. When one table flows onto another page, the users need to see the title i.e. Header of that table. How can I do this?

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Auto Numbering Of Printed Forms

Feb 6, 2014

Many people use Excel to generate forms that will be printed off and carried around on a sheet of paper, because the boxes and lines are nice and square, and straight, Word is not so co-operative

There have been lots of queries how to auto-number such forms, so that you can later file or issue them in a particular order, or use the numbers later as a reference doing other stuff.

Here's what I want to do:

I run a limousine service taking clients from places like hotels to various destinations

I have a little travel voucher form, to be filled by hand, 3 copies to a sheet, so we are gonna print them, and cut the page into 3 lil vouchers. Like printing lottery or competition tickets. The vouchers have artwork to suit the place requesting my service.

They are NOT invoices, to be opened, numbered, worked on, and THEN printed

Cell G2 will start autonumbering at 1001, Cell G18 would be 1002, Cell G34 would be 1003, then when the second page prints, we get 1004, 1005, and 1006 respectively. Each sheet has to be individually cut and stacked

Alternately, we decide a quantity to print (50) and start G18 at say 1050 and G34 at 1101. This would be better, because when cutting the paper up with a guillotine, the first 50 vouchers are already in number order, the 2nd 50 get stacked under them, and finally the 3rd 50 below that, so now my stack of vouchers runs from 1001 to 1150 nice and easy and neat

A drawback with this is that I have to do specific print runs and somewhere in the document, specify the starting number for G2

I have heard of a method to print, say 20 forms, starting say, 1001, ending 1020 and a text file saves the last number used, so the next print run picks up from there, at 1021, can that method be combined in? I'm working in a small office that needs these vouchers but we dont wanna have a commercial printshop tool up (big $) to do small print runs

I can also do the vouchers for other suppliers to use with different artwork

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Macro To Record When File Has Been Printed

Nov 6, 2012

I have a document that I need to track all changes to. I have a macro running perfectly right now that tracks all of the content changes to the form. What I am wondering is if I can add something that would also record when a copy is printed and the user that makes the copy. Here is the code I have right now:

Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Sheets("Revisions").Unprotect Password:="Hm72K9"
If ActiveSheet.Name = "Revisions" Then Exit Sub
Application.EnableEvents = False

[Code] .....

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Unique Numbering Of Pages When Printed

Dec 1, 2006

Would it be possible to have a unique number appear on every indivually printed sheet?

My worksheet in Excel fits onto one sheet of paper and I would like a unique number to appear whenever I print, even after closing system and re-opening file at a later date (the last printed sheet is 'remembered' so the next printed sheet is the next number in sequence).

So the first time I print a batch of say 100 I would have 100 x identical pages EACH with a unique number, i.e., '0001' to '0100'. The next time I print another 50 say, I would have '0101' to '0150' and so on.

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Totaling A Column On Each Printed Page

Jul 18, 2007

Is there a way I can display the total of a column on each printed page?

I have a table which is about 6 columns long but is hundreds of rows down. I would like the total of one of these colums to be displayed on every printed page. Is this possible?

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Test Number Of Pages Being Printed

Sep 29, 2006

I would like to test for the number of pages that will be printed. Is there any way to do this with Excel VBA?

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Object Shapes Move When Printed

Feb 8, 2008

I make a lot of charts that have text boxes, or autoshapes in them. Often, the text boxes will be shifted in print preview. Even if they look right in print preview, they some times shift when being printed.

WYSIWYG, doesn't seem to apply

I've noticated that when viewing the spread sheet normally if I change the amount of zoom the text boxes/autoshapes will appear to move around, but what ever the position is for a given zoom amount, it will be same everytime.

Is there a "magic" zoom level that will display what will be printed, or are there some other tips to What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get in excel?

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