Sort And Filter Autosum And Copying To Main Spreadsheet?

Apr 14, 2014

I have a cashflow spread sheet on which there are three properties that are currently being renovated and are being rented out. I would like to see ongoing costs for each individual property on the main spread sheet. I can filter and sort by the properties and autosum to get the individual costings of properties, but I would like to be able to see the costings of each property on the main spread sheet once I have stopped filtering.

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How To Auto Populate From Main Spreadsheet To New Spreadsheet

Mar 11, 2012

I have a Main Customer Spreadsheet. I want to Auto Populate FROM the Main Customer Spreadsheet to a New Spreadsheet. I want to be able to key in a customer name on the New Spreadsheet and take the info for that customer from the MAIN Spreadsheet and fill in the blanks. I need to be able to do this several times a day.

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Copying Data From Main Worksheet To Another

Apr 11, 2012

I have a main spreadsheet that lists all the members and profile URLs for members in a forum. In Sheet 1, Column A is the username and Column B is their profile URL.

In sheet 2 I have a list of the members who are in listed in a particular category in the forum. However, I don't have the profile URL data. What I want to do is create a macro that look in Sheet 1 for the username and if profile URL is thier, copies that into sheet 2 next to the appropriate username.

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Taking Row Of Spreadsheet And Putting Into Main One

Nov 29, 2013

I have a bunch of spreadsheets in a folder and I need to take one line of each spreadsheet (which is in the same place on every one) into a master spreadsheet.

I am always adding to the spreadsheets in the folder.

Is there a way to have my master spreadsheet look out for changes in the folder and when there are changes add the row into it?

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Copying DATA From Main Sheet Into Different Sheets

Mar 25, 2014

I have a data sheet that I enter all data into. I would like to divide the data into different sheets depending on the month the job was entered. Please see a sample I have attached. I have tried to convert the month (colE) into a figure (colF). I am hoping the data automatically copies across into the correct month sheet or perhaps I can push a button and it will do it for me. Data will get entered on a daily basis by staff but only onto the main sheet, this will then by some miracle be duplicated into the corresponding sheet without loosing any data on the main sheet.

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Copying Specfic Data From A Main Worksheet To Several Breakdown Sheets.

Oct 21, 2009

I'm looking for a solution for my worksheet. I've got a main tab in which contains deposit data, I need to take the raw data format it and break it down into 7 different tabs. Each week a report is exported and then one for the actual month containing all the data. I’m currently manually recording some formatting macros because I haven’t learned to write my own yet. The number of columns in this report is always constant but the rows vary depending on the number of deposits. I have 7 tabs where the data from the main sheet will be broken down in. In my spread sheet I have the following headings. (A1)Date, (A2)Batch, (A3)Source (A4)Control (A5)Total Batch (A6)Total Variance

The information I would use to copy the rows to other sheets is going to be based on (A2).

Anything that starts with U65 would go into the U-65 tab.
1,7 or 8 would go to the lockbox tab.
2 or 5 = IN-HOUSE
Eh, WH, or WE = ACH

Finally the variance tab will contain any rows which have a number other than 0 Positive or Negative. My biggest problem is that I never know how many rows the data will have so when I recorded my macro I Started dragging my formats to about row 200. It could one day surpass this number so If I had a choice id set it to row 1,000.

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Create Spreadsheets That Auto Populate Using Information From Main Spreadsheet?

Aug 9, 2013

I have a main spreadsheet that I am consistenty adding information to. The columns are : Company name, Contact, Territory, and Status. The main spreadsheet is titled "Main". I want 5 additional spreadsheets in the same workbook that are automatically pulling information from the "Main" spreadsheet, and populating the appropriate spreadsheet . For example...I have 500 entries of different companies in "Main". All of these companies are either categorized as "North, South, East, West, Offshore" in the Territory column. So, I would like my workbook to have 6 "Main, North, South, East, West, Offshore." As of right now, I am Sorting the column, then copy and pasting into correct spreadsheet manually.

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Sort / Filter Rows: Sort A Range Of Row

Nov 26, 2008

I would like to ask if it is possible to sort a range of row? What I mean is, if I sort like Row 1, the entire block of row 1 will move as well? Like if i have column A to F, then row 1 of column A to F will move together at the same time.

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Filter Results Of Primary Filter Sort

Feb 11, 2008

I am in the process of making a database more efficient and am running into a problem with sorting data. I currently am trying to use AutoFilter to sort the data. When I want to then narrow the results further using the same column as the critical and there is nothing that matches the critical, I get everything from the entire database that matches that critical rather than what I want to see, which, in this case, would be nothing.

I have attached a sample file. In it, when All AF 1000 is run and then Selected MAC 2000 Wash is run, I want to see no results instead of seeing all MAC 2000 Washes from the original data set. I can do it using IF/THEN but I am looking for a faster way to do it.

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Copy Content Of Cells From Different Spreadsheet To Particular Cells Of Single Main Excel?

Feb 27, 2014

how to copy the content of cells of different xcell files from a given directory into a single formatted xcell sheet.

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Auto Copying Text (Not Data) From Cell In One Spreadsheet To Another Spreadsheet Cell?

Nov 4, 2012

I wish to Automatically copy the TEXT that is written from Spreadsheet 1 cells D5 to F5 to Spreadsheet 2 cells F5 to J5 .... a similar range of cells.

Is there a formula I can use or do I need to venture into the programming side of things.

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Can't Sort Or Filter

Apr 5, 2010

I have a worksheet of 10 Columns and over 5000 rows. The worksheet has the word {Group} in brackets after the file name. When I pasted this worksheet into an old file I have been using for a long time it added the word {Group} to this file also.

I am unable to use sort or filter on this worksheet as they are both grayed out.

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With Sort And/or Filter

Jan 23, 2010

I have two columns of numbers. The first column is numbers of customers seeking specific products. The second column is of total competitors for the products. I am wanting to find a sort or filter that will show me the "sweet spot" where I can "weight" the best products that have greatest seekers but lowest competition.

Here are a few examples of what I am working with:

Product a - People seeking product: 167 / Competitors providing product: 5740
Product b - People seeking product: 111 / Competitors providing product: 133000
Product c - People seeking product: 74 / Competitors providing product: 105000
Product d - People seeking product: 60 / Competitors providing product: 109000
Product e - People seeking product: 33 / Competitors providing product: 22200

(I have many more products than this, this is only a small example)

So what my goal is is to run through all my data and find the most ideal products (the "sweet spot") that have greatest number of seekers/potential customers with the least competition.

Is there a way to sort this? Or do I use a filter of some type. My knowledge of Excel is pretty minimal.

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Auto Filter Won't Sort

Mar 18, 2007

For some reason I have a worksheet that won't sort stuff by Autofilter any more. I built it as a customer database but for some reason today I just can't get the names to ascend or descend. there is something simple I can check for, I can post an empety sheet if needed but right now I can't really post a list of all my customers info.

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VBA Macro To Filter And Sort

Aug 6, 2008

I'm tryin to set up a macro to filter and sort and when I record the macro correctly it does not run properly.

I have detailed info below:

I created a sheet "Met Logbook" which contains all links to the source "Master Logbook". This master logbook has a lot of info added daily and we add info at the top of the sheet (we insert new rows every time at the top for different reasons). So what happens is the master logbook always changes its cells (when inserting new rows at the top, all the cells change row number). So I have just linked all the cells and more that we may be using in the Met logbook. This is why I need to filter and then sort the Met logbook (since there will be so many blanks, unuseful info and in the wrong order). (It will be in the wrong order because the "master logbook" has newer info at the top and I have more than one sheet of info for the master logbook) (so my links in the met logbook are somewhat out of order).

So what I need is to have code to filter column B with:
and column H with "Blanks", then I need to sort column A (rec'd) in descending order (so that newer info will be at the top). I will post my Met Logbook sheet on my second post since its a little large.

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Sort And Advanced Filter

Jul 13, 2006

I am trying to perform a function that searches through the first column for any active "A" account and then copies the corresponding rows information into another worksheet. I think I need to use the advanced filter function however I can't seem to figure it out.

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Automatic Sort After Filter ...

Mar 21, 2007

I'm trying to write one macro that filters a set of data based on 2 criteria and then automatically sorts the filtered data by date. The filter works fine but when I then try to write code that handles the automatic sort, I get the following message when I run the macro: "Run-Time Error 1004: the sort reference is not valid. Make sure that it's within the data you want to sort, and the first Sort By box isn't the same or blank."

I realize it would only take one or two more clicks to sort this data manully after the macro is run, but the lazy person in me is trying to eliminate this step. Does anybody have any suggestions as to why the sort is not working? I parsed basic sorting code, but it hasn't worked. The other part of this that is causing me trouble is that the number of filtered rows will vary, so I'm only needing to sort the visible range.

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Copying From One Spreadsheet To Another When Both Are Opened?

Nov 15, 2013

How do I get one sheet to update from the other when I open both sheets. Somethign like an auto update. If I had two tabs on the same spreadsheet I would just use = but I can't use that with two different sheets.

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Copying Data From One Spreadsheet To Another?

Oct 21, 2011

Okay, I have data for 400 employees in one spreadsheet. I am trying to move 4 fields of data to a second spreadsheet. But I have 11 rows for each employee in the 2nd spreadsheet.

How do I copy my formula so that it is the same for the first 11 rows and then moves down a row for the 12 row?


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Copying Data From Another Spreadsheet

Mar 2, 2007

From a destination spreadsheet, I need to be able to programmatically prompt the user for the name of a source spreadsheet (e.g., using GetOpenFilename), open the selected file, copy predefined data (i.e., identified with a named range), return to the destination spreadsheet and paste the data in a predefined location.

Does anyone have any code samples to accomplish this task? If so, can it be run with ScreenUpdating set to false so that the user does not see all of the moving around the two spreadsheets.

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How To Auto Sort A Spreadsheet

Jul 25, 2013

I'm trying to learn how to do auto sort. I Know how to do the custom manual sort but it is taking to long to do my spreadsheet every night. I love to play the greyhounds but to manually sort 18 columns a race with 15 races each night takes a while there has to be a easier way.

here a sample of what I'm trying to do. The columns are in two C-D E-F G-H I-J and so on. The rows here are 7-14 as you see I have to sort some high and some low. Is this possible to do a auto sort for each set of columns

C---- D----------E------F--------G------H--------I------J
1----31.3-------1----31.47----- 1-----87.55------1-------0
2----31.2-------2-----31.69------2---- 51.53------2-----(-1


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Sort Records In Spreadsheet

May 10, 2007

I am using vb6 and I need to Sort records in spreadsheet based on items in column 7. Actually, I want to sort the spreadsheet before executing the count process below. Note: the code below works perfectly, I just need to sort the spreadsheet before counting.

Selection.Subtotal groupBy:=7, Function:=xlCount, TotalList:=Array(7), _
PageBreak:=False, SummaryBelowData:=True

In otherwords, I want to sort the records based on the 7 column before executing the above routine.

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Copying Data From Auto Filter

Nov 27, 2008

I have the following code which I cant figure out why isn't working for the first part. I am copying data from two sheets where the autofilter looks at blanks. The copy function on the first sheet is selecting all of the data and not the filtered data. On the second one it works fine.

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Search Filter Copying Cells

Jul 1, 2006

I'm trying to write a simple macro that I have filtering values of a column that "= 0" and trying to take the results from the filter and copying those rows into another spreadsheet.. i know there other ways to do this but im hoping if there is a way to do it like this because in reality im filtering a specific month and other criterias also which is gonna make for one long nested loop

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Using Combobox To Filter Spreadsheet

Aug 5, 2014

My goal is to be able to use a combo box on a userform to filter a spreadsheet. I need my users to select the dropdown arrow on the combobox, find the one value they need out of a list of about 50, and have the spreadsheet in the background filter based on that user selection. At this time my form has several checkboxes to filter the spreadsheet which works as expected but again, I think I need to use a combobox for this certain set of data in conjunction with the other checkboxes. Searching on the more obvious terms leads to lots of advice and code on how to filter results within a combobox, but not how to use a combobox to filter a spreadsheet.

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Filter Data In Spreadsheet

Jun 25, 2008

I am trying to use 2 macro's to filter data in a spreadsheet.

Down the A Colum i have a series of names for different students and across row 1 i have a series of different exams (exam 1,2,3,4,5 etc).

I am trying to get a macro to work, whereby if i select for Example Jonny Briggs, it will display on a separate work sheet, all the exams that Johnny has passed.

Also, i am trying to use a second macro, so that if i say 'select exam 5', it will show me all the people who have passed exam 5.

With this filtering, i also want it to remove any columns or rows that are not applicable to the data i want to see. For example, if i want to see what exams Jonny Briggs has passed, i DON'T want to see which exams he hasn't. The same as if i want to see who has passed Exam 5 - i DON'T want to see all of the other exams


Sub Copy_Row_With_AutoFilter1()
Dim WS As Worksheet
Dim WSNew As Worksheet
Dim rng As Range
Dim rng2 As Range

With Application
.ScreenUpdating = False
.EnableEvents = False
End With

'Name of the worksheet with the data
Set WS = Sheets("Sheet1") '

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Copying Dates Into New Spreadsheet Does Not Seem To Work?

Jun 10, 2014

When I copy the dates from this spreadsheet into a new one, in the new spreadsheet the copied dates are different. Looks crazy. Why does this happen?

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Updating Spreadsheet Without Copying Values

Aug 4, 2014

I am trying to copy a set of data (lets say workbook 1) into a new workbook(workbook 2). Both files are saved in the same directory.

Workbook 1 will be continually updated with new row additions and some changes in text in the rows. I want to copy these new changes (from workbook 1) without having to copy and paste the new additions into workbook 2, as it is wasting a lot of my time.

Is there a trick in excel to automatically do this?

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Copying Unique Entries To New Spreadsheet

Dec 8, 2008

I'm trying to write a macro to use as an auto-update feature for a spreadsheet.

I currently use Data validation on an input cell to allow the user to select from a list of product types.

I'd like the update to affect this list, so new product types are always available to the user.

However, the list of product types is in another spreadsheet and contains numerous repetitions.

I've managed to get the following code together based on what I've used before and what I've found searching so far, but it seems to have a bug in it as it wont always work. I also need the original copying of the list to be done to either the new spreadsheet of a different page in the original spreadsheet, but every time I try this it causes an object error.

Sub Macro3()
' Macro3 Macro
' Macro recorded 05/12/2008 by Information Technology
    Workbooks.Open Filename:= _
   Sheets("Mask List").Range("f4:f2000").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, _
        CriteriaRange:=Range("a1:a3"), CopyToRange:=Range("E1:E2000"), Unique:= _
    Selection.Sort Key1:=Range("E1:e2000"), Order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlNo, _
        OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom
    Sheets("Calc Sheet").Select
 End Sub 

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Copying Formula Referencing Another Spreadsheet?

Feb 23, 2012

Im using the below formula to paste information into a new spreadsheet based on the if then statement. However, as i paste the formula down the sheet, it doesnt reference all the cells. The formula stays on the cells it referenced initially. How can I make the formula reference all the cells as i drag it down?

=IF('[All Cases ATL.xlsx]New_All_Case'!$C$2="DA1",IF('[All Cases ATL.xlsx]New_All_Case'!$T$2="A",'[All Cases ATL.xlsx]New_All_Case'!$E$2,""),"")

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