Split TXT File To Word Documents

Mar 31, 2012

Below code is for splliting text file into multiple excel worksheet. I want to modify it to splitting text file into different msword documents in folder. Is it possible to change the code

Sub LargeFileImport()

'Dimension Variables
Dim ResultStr As String
Dim FileName As String
Dim FileNum As Integer
Dim Counter As Double
'Ask User for File's Name
FileName = InputBox("Please enter the Text File's name, e.g. test.txt")

[Code] ........

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Automatically Opening Word Documents

Sep 28, 2009

I need a little assistance opening a Word file via an Excel macro. The two files are linked and upon opening, the Word file asks if the links should be updated. I need this to automatically be "Yes" everytime the file is opened.

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How To Copy And Paste Word Documents Into Excel

Dec 11, 2013

I have about 600 Word Documents that contains information about clients. Each Word document file name is the name of the client. Example. Tom Smith. I wanted to be able to highlight all 600 word documents and paste them into Excel, so that I can press Ctrl-F to find what ever name it is I'm looking for, then click the name and the word document open. Is this possible?

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Extract Data From About 1000 Word Documents

Jun 5, 2014

How would I modify the below code to extract all of this data from multiple files? I have about a 1000 files that I need to extract all of the data from to manipulate in Excel.

Sub ImportWordTable()
Dim wdDoc As Object
Dim wdFileName As Variant
Dim TableNo As Integer 'table number in WordDim iRow As Long '

[Code] ...........

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Merging Word Documents Using Excel Checkboxes

Jul 12, 2014

How I can merge multiple word documents based on checkboxes selected on Excel.

Specifically, I have some 75 checkboxes found on Column F with linked cells on Column G (for example, checkbox1 place on Cell F1 linked to Cell G1). Each of the checkboxes have a corresponding Word document (containing text and tables about 1 to 4 pages in length). Based on what checkboxes are selected, I'd like to have those corresponding Word documents merge together and create an entirely new Word file (for sake of order, the datapoints from each selected Word document should be placed at the beginning of a new page in the new file).

The user will eventually name and save the new file on their own.

I'm not familiar with the required code as well as where it should be placed (whether on the excel file that contains the checkboxes, on the individual word documents that are eligible to be merged, or parsed out on all files).

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Macro To Check Data From Word Documents Against Excel Spreadsheet?

Jun 20, 2013

Basically I have manually generated word documents based on a spreadsheet. Now, I need to countercheck the contents of the word documents with another spreadsheet i.e. make sure the courses in the word document for a particular student is same as that reflected on the spread sheet. Is it possible to write a macro for this? I'm a beginner and I'm waaay out of my depth. I have attached sample documents and spreadsheets.

The link to the documents are as follows: Macro to check data from Word documents against an excel spread sheet

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Links To A File In My Documents

Aug 21, 2009

I have a template that I wish to distribute to others. It will link to a second file (also distributed by me) that will be in each users' "My documents" folder (or "Documents" in Vista). I currently have the template set to look at "C:" as that is common for everyone. Turns out that creates other problems. However, now each user's file location will be unique due to the path of their documents folder

Question, is there a robust way to automate the finding of the linked file in the template without having each user "relocate" it? Reason is the template will be updated frequently and I want to ease their pain by not making them go through this every time.

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Importing Data From Multiple Documents Into Single File

Sep 28, 2009

I have thousands of Excel files, each with a generic names (i.e. 2009092812163503.xls)

Each of them contain a header with contains column titles like Company Name, Executive Contact, Address, etc and then a single row of data for a single company.

I want to be able to task excel to extract all the data in the second line and enter them all into a single spreadsheet for further work.

We're talking 30,000+ unique files here, what would be the best way to approach this?

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Text Split For The Name Only In Cells Where Contains The Word Name

Jun 3, 2009

I would like to do a text split for the name only in cells where contains the word "Name". For example: Name A&A Enterprize

Text split function for it is =MID(A1,FIND(" ",A1)+1,255)
so it only recognizes A&A Enterprize.

How would I add an IF, Then function (If the any cell contains the word Name, apply the text split function, for cells don't have the word Name, just leave it blank) if i have to do this for a large data file so i dont have to copy this function for every cell that contains the word Name.

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Split Word From Entire Sentence

Feb 13, 2009

I have data in following order and wanted to split particular word from that.

for example : -

In Cell A1 i have address like N/A 12A, carbon court OSBORNE PARK WA 6017. I wanted to Split city name OSBORNE PARK & Post Code 6017 from that entire address in seperate cloumn. Like in cell A2 i want city name & in Cell A3 want Post code.

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How To Split Texts Into Words (collecting Word And Compounds)

Jan 10, 2008

i have wordlists which i would like to enhance through texts. For that purpose i need a macro which reads a text and splitts it into words and put the words into three columns. Lets assume the column where the words are supposed to be put is columns A,C and E. The column A should contain single words containing no spaces from Text, column C should contain compound words which have one space between them and in column E those compounds which have two spaces. Now i will put my existing wordlist in column G before i start splitting texts. The macro should put only those words from text into column A,C and E which dont already exist in columns A,B,C,D,E,F and G. In Column B i will place the corrected or checked words from column A. In column D i will type the corrections and checked versions of those compunds existing in column C. And the column F will contain the compound words which are corrected and checked from Column E.

Column A--> single words splitted from text through macro (containing no spaces)
Column B--> corrected and checked versions of words from column A through user
Column C--> compound words containing one space splitted from text through macro (for example:"etwas möchten" or "do something")
Column D-->corrected version of C through user
Column E-->compound words containing two space splitted from text through macro (for example:"sich uerberzeugen lassen" or "down in dumps")
Column F-->corrected E
Column G--> existing dictionary wordlist through user

Signes like ".", ":",";", "/" or quotation signe itself should be seen as seperator. And the words or compounds splitted from the text should not contain these signs.

The text will be put in another sheet in the same excel file. Lets call that sheet "text". The macro should search for words through whole sheet ignoring empty cells or columns.

None of the columns should be filtered or ordered. The columns shound not be deleted as well. That way the user wont have to correct the same word each time cus the corrected as well as the original words will be there.

A thread with similar purpose was made sent by AdamDay as well, where rylo has posted a good solution already.

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Split File Name From File Path

Feb 16, 2008

Each month I am sent a spreadsheet which contains a list of 100's of different file paths (including file name).

For example (Quater 1 is the document name)

I would like to remove the file name from the file path (I will then convert the file paths to hyperlinks which will open the folder the document is stored in but not the document itself.

For example

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Split File

Dec 15, 2008

QB03654338AGLQLD210/06/2007 0:0014/02/2008 0:00
QB03654338AGLQLD215/02/2008 0:0010/04/2008 0:00
QB03654338AGLQLD219/08/2008 0:0031/12/9999 0:00

to this:

QB03654338AGLQLD210/06/2007 0:0014/02/2008 0:0015/02/2008 0:0010/04/2008 0:0019/08/2008 0:0031/12/9999 0:00

So adding it to all to one line if it is the same ID number "QB03654338". See the attached file.

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Split CSV File Into Rows?

Feb 14, 2014

A have a CSV file which contains a string of data that has a repeating pattern e.g

1234561234560N12343159753 00Company 123 Mr Smith 9874561236540N12343159753 00Company 432 Mr Jones 654987159753680N12343159753 00Company 431 Mrs A Bruce

The first long string of numbers are bank details (Sort Code, Account Number) followed by our company bank details then company name, then a reference number then the name of the account holder.

There are over 20000 records all in one long string of text and all contained within cell A1. There are also a few occasions when there is no space between the name of the account holder and the start of the next persons bank details.

What I need is for there to be a split after each account holder's name and for each persons details to be on a new row e.g

1234561234560N12343159753 00Company 123 Mr Smith
9874561236540N12343159753 00Company 432 Mr Jones
6549871597530N12343159753 00Company 431 Mrs A Bruce

Ideally I would also like the first string of information to be split in to columns so that it reads as so -

123456 123456 0N12343 159753 00Company 123 Mr Smith
987456 123654 0N12343 159753 00Company 432 Mr Jones
654987 159753 0N12343 159753 00Company 431 Mrs A Bruce

The first collumn would contain the first 6 digits, the 2nd would always contain the next 8 etc. I have tried using the Text to Columns function but it gives me seperate columns for initals etc when I would like the full name and title in one column.

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Split Range Data For CSV File

Jun 5, 2008

I've got an Excel document that is generated from a third party programme (See ExcelDoc attached)

I'm trying to manipulate it so that a macro creates a CSV file like the one attached (see THK.csv)

I need to have the following columns in the CSV file populated using the Excel spreadsheet

Column A: Will need to have the NUMBER that is in cell B2 of the Excel file in this case the number is 0714 (need to keep the preceeding 0 too)

Column B: Will need the phone number
Column C: Will need the fax number
Column D: Will need to have the email address
Column E: Will need to have the date only
Column F: Will need to have the Order Number
Column G: Will need to have the Customer name
Column H: Will need to have the Customer telephone number
Column I: Will need to have the Customer alternative telephone number
**Column J: Will need to have the 1st line of the address (after First Address in xls doc)

I've managed to get a macro that will take the information and transpose it into a new document and rename it as an CSV file but I am having a lot of problems trying to get the macro to create the CSV file in the format that I need (see following macro)

Sub CreateCSV1()

Dim wbMyBook As Workbook, iAddPos As Integer

Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Range("A1").PasteSpecial (xlPasteValues), Transpose:=True
Range("A1") = Left(Range("A1"), InStr(Range("A1"), " ="))
iAddPos = InStr(Range("J1"), "TEGKON:")

I've attached the xls document (the one that is generated and the CSV file which is the format I'm trying to achieve.)

**This cell is generated and will have commas at the end of each line of the address and will be terminated by a period (at line 4 of the address. Sometimes there will be 4 lines to an address but sometimes there may only be 2 or three. In the case where there is no information I need to have a blank ( null) value in the cell

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Split Excel File Into 5 Smaller Files

Dec 17, 2013

I have an excel spreadsheet that has over 10 thousand rows and is 40+ Mb in size. It is giving me timeout errors when trying to import it into Joomla 2.5. Therefore, I need a way that I can easily split the file into 5 smaller files. Here are the column headers: titlemetadescmetakeyaliascategory_pathstateintrotextaccess

I tried doing it manually but is said the cell sizes were different...

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Macro To Split One File Into Many Based On Criteria

May 16, 2011

I have a file, with this dummy data

Fruit Country QTy
Apple India 100
Apple USA 200
Orange India 150
Grapes Aus 100
Grapes India 100

I need to macro, wherby it will create 3 files namely apple, orange,grapes and store the relevant rows.

Hence I need a macro to split file into different files based on different values in a column and accordingly name it .

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Update Word File When File Changes

Mar 25, 2014

I have to create a word file that has about 300 pages containing stats for about 400 different statistical indicators. It has to be updated on a monthly basis

The file is populated using data from an excel spreadsheet.

Is it possible to put links to the spreadsheet in the word document so that the I can update the spreadsheet and have the word document automatically update itself?

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Split Large File Into Multiple Smaller Files

Dec 12, 2009

On this forum, a script is provided to break a large Excel file into smaller 500-line files:

Split Worksheet Into Multiple Files By Every Nth Row

I copied the code and pasted it into the VBA editor in Excel 2007, but when I run the macro, it generates an error message:
Runtime error 91: Object variable or With block variable not set.

The line the debugger identifies as the one with the error is this one:
For lLoop = 1 To rLastCell.Row Step 500

Here is the full code from the previous thread: ...

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Create Subfiles From Master File Using Key To Split Workbooks To Separate Files

Jun 13, 2013

I am trying to make my macro more dynamic for a spreadsheet I am working on. I have this code which splits out worksheets (using the specific names of the worksheets-not dynamic) from a main workbook into template workbooks (which are basically just an empty workbook because I didn't know how else to do it) and then saves them using the paths below. I would like to make this more dynamic by splitting the different worksheets into new workbooks based on a key column in the hierarchy worksheet.

Basically I have a list of accounts in column B with the file name they should be exported to in column A. There are about 30 accounts being split into 6 different region files. Also note that the same account might be listed multiple times in column A (needed to add multiple numbers for other lookup formulas in the worksheets) but that account worksheet will still only be going to one of the six region files and not to multiple regions. After these are copied to an individual file I would like to save it to a location on my computer. All files will go to this location.

Sub Create_Subfiles()

Dim FDMName As String
Dim FBName As String
Dim DIYName As String
Dim WMName As String

[Code] .....

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Macro To Split Excel File Into Separate Workbooks And Automatically Email It

Jan 10, 2014

I need to write a macro to split an excel file into separate workbooks and automatically email our project managers.

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Import A Text File From A Specific Folder Into A Sheet Without Split It To Columns

Sep 26, 2007

I have a variable list. Each column will be 250 digits and numbers of rows will be variable. I want a macro to import a text file from a specific folder into a sheet without split it to columns. So we will work only in column A

Then macro will find B1002 wording in A1. if it is exist, it will copy the next 36 digits after B1002 wording if not then it will search A2 row. The next step will be to search and find another wording "B1001" if it finds it will replace copied 36 digits text. If it can not find B1001 wording it will go to upper row and search B1001 wording here and paste the text. This will go on till row shows #END. This means it reached the end of the list. And then macro will save this file as text file to another folder.

So macro will go to beginning to open other file in the folder and this will go on till last file in the folder.

This is the logic of the macro. Here is the sample of what I want.

Original Data: ....

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To Link File In Word Via Vba

Feb 26, 2007

What is the script in order for me to link a MS Word file to excel. What I intend to do is to customise the commandbutton, so that once a user click on it, the linked MS Word file (stored in the local drive) will pop-up and he/she can do the necessary amendments to the file?

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Open Word File

Jun 7, 2007

I would like to open a word file in my Excel VBA code. The word document has its own VBA code that will run when Excel opens it. I do not need to move any data around I just want Excel to open my word doc.

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Insert A Picture In The Word File?

Oct 7, 2009

I had copied a macro from this forum [it was posted by either shg or NBVC], and I modified it to fit my needs. The macro creates a new word document and sends a series of cells from an excel worksheet column to this word file. Everything works fine, but now I need to insert a picture after row 14. I have inserted the code [colored red], but I am sure the syntax or something isn't right. That part doesn't work.

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Copy Word File Into Sheet

Apr 14, 2014

i have a directory of words file with same format, how can i insert this files to excel sheet?

for example attach tow files,

Code: [URL]...

Code: [URL]....

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Deleting Characters From A Word File

Nov 10, 2006

I'm trying to automate a redundant task. I have several Word files in one central folder. I need to open each file, remove all paragraph marks (via find/replace all), copy the result, and paste it into an Excel sheet. This process will be repeated for each file in the folder.

The code I have is almost there, however, I can't get it to do the find/replace. Below is an extract of my code for the Word application part. The code for the copy and paste will be inserted after the replace action works:

Dim Wapp As Object
Dim i As Integer

WorksheetsLocation = TextBox1.Value ' this is the folder location brought in from an input box

On Error Resume Next
Set wApp = GetObject(, "Word.Application")
If Err.Number 0 Then 'Word isn't already running
Set wApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
End If
On Error GoTo 0

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Attach A Pdf Or Word File Inside Sheet?

Jan 29, 2009

I would like to attach a pdf (or word) file inside an Excel sheet so that it is seen as a pdf icon or word icon when viewing the sheet. Any of you who knows if this is possible and how to do it?

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Storing MS Word File Inside Spreadsheet?

Mar 14, 2014

Our client uses an Excel spreadsheet that we provide to adjudicate/comment on our delivered products (primarily documents and reports). The spreadsheet has columns for:

DefectCode, SectionPage, Comment, FinalDisposition, FinalComment.

At the end of the process of client meetings and revisions, we must generate an MS Word-formatted report. I've written a macro to parse the comments and columns and generate a mostly-formatted Word document. What's missing are the corporate headers, footers, logos -- the standard template or basic document stuff that all of the details would fill in. For now, I auto-gen a Word document and merge it by hand into the corporate template.

So my question is: if I want to "include" a corporate Word template with the spreadsheet, can I bundle it with the workbook somehow or must it always remain a separate file?

My current thinking is that since a *.xlsm file is really a ZIP file underneath, could I store the Word template there where it would effectively be hidden from the user? Or what is the best way to bundle an extra file like this with my workbook app?

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VBA To Create Word File And Add A Custom Property To It

Apr 1, 2009

I have an Excel sheet with a long list of data. A short example is shown below:

Section | Title | Item
1.1 | title2 | b
1.2 | title3 | c
1.2.1 | title4 | d
1.2.2 | title5 | e

I made a VBA macro in Excel that runs through this list and creates a new Word file for each item. The filename of the document is based on the data in the Excel file (section and title). Now I would like to add a custom property to each of the newly created Word files, i.e. the value in the 'item' column. Does anyone of you know how I should do this? Or should it be better if I write a macro in Word that runs through the Excel data to create the word files? Here is the code I use to generate the word files:

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