Split Name Into Its Components?

May 29, 2014

I need a routine that splits a cell with a name into its various components.

For example: split the name Johnny Jones and place Johnny into a different cell, and place Jones into yet another cell.

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VB Components Name Translate

Feb 12, 2014

Index of the VBProj.VBComponents("ThisWorkbook") component?

I need to refer to that component but not by its name because the file I use, goes to some users that have MS Excel installed with another language and their Excel translate the component's name in that language so

VBProj.VBComponents("ThisWorkbook") should be VBProj.VBComponents("[that-language-translation]")

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Office Web Components In 2007

May 5, 2009

I'm having a bit of an issue with OWC in 2007. I know they have been deprecated but I was under the impression, form many places including MS themself, that you could install them. I downloaded this file


and then the SP1 2007 file here


All seems to go well and there seems to be a appropriate .dll in c:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Components111033 by the name of OWCI11.DLL. However when I attempt to add a reference to that file in a VBA project in Excel (it's one that has an old broken reference to 2003 OWC) by browsing to that file it tells me

"Can't add a reference to the specified file"

What have I done wrong? Is what I am attempting, getting 2007 to use OWC, even possible? Note I did not write any of the code for this Excel Add-in so have very little idea about what OWC are for.

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Remove VB Components In Excel Using VBA

Apr 23, 2013

I want to remove all userforms, modules, codelines in open worksheet and some worksheets when user is not a authentic user. I got the following VBA scripts to that purpose but it prompted me with something like "trusted access to VB project...." and "protected project..."

Is it possible to use vba to enable "trusted access to VB project" as the excel application is used by someone using excel in their own machine?

Application.DisplayAlerts = False
sHostName = Environ$("computername")
If Sheets("H").Range("p1").Value "" Then
If Trim(sHostName) Sheets("H").Range("p1").Value Then

[Code] .....

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Separate An Alphanumeric Cell Into Its Components

Jan 5, 2010

I need to separate the content of every address cell to the four separate cells : city, street, street number, zip code

address cell examples: ...

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Counting Components In Each Finished Part

Feb 13, 2014

I receive a list of finished part #'s everyday at work. With this list I need to have excel figure how many components are in each finished part. In the table below, COM. 1 goes into Parts A,B and E one time each. COM. 2 goes into Parts B, C and D twice each. COM. 3 goes into each part once. I need a formula that will find the QTY needed for each component multiplied by the QTY to build.

Finished Part #
QTY to build
Component #
QTY needed

Part A
COM. 1

COM. 2

Part C
COM. 3

Part D

Part E

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UserForm Controls (components Within MultiPage)

Feb 13, 2007

What I'm trying to do:

Create a "search" userform that pulls data from a spreadsheet of raw data (hardware specs) and organizes it into a multipage control. Each page of the MultiPage has a different piece of hardware with simliar data entry categories (height, weight, calibration date for example).

Each page at the moment contains labels and textboxes only. The idea is to place data from the spreadsheet into these textboxes, and create new pages as needed during runtime.

My current issues:
Just for testing/ debugging, I have a "_Change()" code that is triggered by changing pages within the Multipage. When I run the control, I trigger the change, but the textboxes and labels disappear.

I don't have much code to show, other than basic _Change() structure containing a msgbox for debugging.

This is related to a locked thread, where "imgUpdating" and "DoEvents" were referenced. I tried DoEvents, without success. I also don't know what "imgUpdating" is, but it sounds like it helped the other person with a similar issue:

UserForm Controls not displaying at runtime

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Sumproduct Formula: Count The Components Used To Make One Product

Oct 7, 2008

Is there a simpler way to to the calculations on the spreedsheet i have attached?

Basically I want to count up the components used to make one product

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Edit Checking Before Inserting A New Diagram For Multiple Components

Jan 22, 2010

- I have some buttons set-up to insert pre-set diagrams from sheet “FISH PARTS” onto sheet “THE JUMPER FISHBONE”

- However, before inserting a new diagram onto sheet “THE JUMPER FISHBONE” I need to make sure the default diagram components are all gone.

- There are seven components all with structure Like “BONE_*”

- If one or more of these components are present I want to display a message to confirm the user wishes to delete the default diagram and insert new chart (or abort is they do not wish to delete the default)

- some explaination of structure below
- spreadsheet also attached

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Split 1st & Last Names & Split Addresses After 1st Comma

Mar 6, 2008

I'm using Excel 2000 and I have a spreadsheet with 4 columns (A-D) and many (500+) rows.

Part 1:
Colums A & B both contain identical data - a first name and a last name in the format "John Doe".

I want the second word ("Doe") removed from all cells in Column A so that only the first name remains, and I want the first word ("John") to be removed from every cell in Column B so that only the last name remains.

So, where A1 & B1 both started with the data "John Doe" now A1 contains only "John" and B1 contains only "Doe".

Part 2:
Column C contains addresses in the format:
"#5 - 123 Fake Street, Some City, CA 90210"

There is ALWAYS a comma and a space after the street address, then the name of the city or town followed by more data which may include one or more commas.

I would like everything BEFORE the first comma to remain in column C, and everything AFTER the first comma & space to be moved into Column D of the same row. The first comma and space are not needed again.

So, where C1 started with "#5 - 123 Fake Street, Some City, CA 90210", it now only contains "#5 - 123 Fake Street" and D1 now contains "Some City, CA 90210".

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Split Numbers And Split Words

May 8, 2009

How do I split numbers!

I have two problems/challenges!

Part I...
I got the answer 1987, and now I want Excel to take the numbers out and display...
1 in one box then i set + in the next, then 9 in the 3ed. box, next box +, then 8, then +, then 7 in the last so that i can have Excel make a SUM of it all to 25.

How do I split 1987 and put the numbers in different boxes?

Part II...
I want to make A=1 B=2... all the way up to 9, then start over again with J=1 K=2... up to 9 again and then over again.

So that if I write my name it comes out as a value of 14 (Odd = O=6 D=4 D=4 =14)

(AJSØ=1 BKTÅ=2 CLU=3 DMV=4 ENW=5 FOX=6 GPY=7 HQZ=8 IRÆ=9, It's the Norwegian alphabet, that's why there are some extra letters)

So how do I set up my Excel so that is ANY name is typed in I can get it out into a number from the values assign?

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Split Data In A Cell And Get The Value For The Split Data From A Different Table

Jul 31, 2006

Here's my problem. I have a cell where there are many data strings seperated by ",". Each data string has a seperate value of its own like for e.g:
A2: aa,ab,ac

String Value
aa 1
ab 1
ac 3

What I want it accomplish is that, split the A2 cell into the different data string entities seperated by ",", then get the corresponding value of each of the data string entity, and to take the average of all the values of the different data string entities.

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Split Quantity Onto One Row Each?

Mar 30, 2014

I have a table like this:

1 AB111
3 CC332
2 DA221

Is there a way to display that information on another sheet so that each individual product is on its own line with a QTY of one? I can do it with VBA but was wondering if there is an alternative?

1 AB111
1 CC332
1 CC332
1 CC332
1 DA221
1 DA221

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Split The Range..

Dec 22, 2008

I was multiplying 2 ranges in an formula to get a cell's value. The first was a set of user inputs and the second was an array of constants. Recently I needed to add another field in the middle of the user inputs which subsequently broke the range.

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Split The Text..

May 10, 2009

I have in one column first name space and then surname. I want to divide it into two columns 1 for the first name and 2 for the surname.

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Cell Getting Split Up

Feb 3, 2014

I have a very long HTML code that i am using for a description of something on our website, when i save the file in CSV format the HTML gets cut up and put into different cells on different lines ... the file needs to be saved in CSV format.

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Split File

Dec 15, 2008

QB03654338AGLQLD210/06/2007 0:0014/02/2008 0:00
QB03654338AGLQLD215/02/2008 0:0010/04/2008 0:00
QB03654338AGLQLD219/08/2008 0:0031/12/9999 0:00

to this:

QB03654338AGLQLD210/06/2007 0:0014/02/2008 0:0015/02/2008 0:0010/04/2008 0:0019/08/2008 0:0031/12/9999 0:00

So adding it to all to one line if it is the same ID number "QB03654338". See the attached file.

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Split Worksheets

Jul 1, 2009

In column A of a spread sheet I have lots of entries in this format:


What I need to achieve is to have a different worksheet containing all the rows for admin_staff_a then another for admin_staff_1 etc.

I want to name each of the worksheets a, 1 etc so i'd remove the admin_staff bit and the _003 bit

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(Excel 2k) Using Split

Jul 7, 2009

One of my three active brain cells isnt functioning today, so I need some help.

I am trying to use the "split" function but cant seem to get it working.

The variable sWbName is "MOT 4506667 C 142 #JN #SN.xls".

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How Do I Split A String Twice?

Nov 17, 2009

So I have strings like the one below. What I'm looking for the text behind the ":" being, 17-SEP-2009, 000737-EWO, SRS and finally 002-YAO

Example string:

date: 17-SEP-2009, number:000737-EWO, detail: SRS, DD:002-YAO

My ...

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Split Function..?

Jan 19, 2010

One of the lines in my VBA code reads as follows

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Split Cell Into Two

Dec 27, 2011

I have a list of fixtures but each cell lists the teams in each game ... i.e.

CSKA Moscow v Real Madrid (in one cell)

List example....

CSKA Moscow v Real Madrid (Cell 1)
Leicester v Portsmouth
Leyton Orient v Charlton
Liverpool v Newcastle
Lyon v Apoel Nicosia
Man City v Liverpool

I want to split these cells so CSKA Moscow is in cell B1 and.... Real Madrid is in cell C1 etc.

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Split By Last Deliminator

Jan 2, 2013

I have long list of data (asett IDs). All of it is in the following format.


The number of dash occurrences can vary based on the level the asett is located in. I need to extract the parrent of the asett to adjacent column. the parrent for the above example would be:


The parrent is the values before the last "-". There can be as many as 10 "-"s and as little as 1 in the asett ID.

I have been looking at the split and trim functions in excel but I have not been able to define split/trim by last "-".

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Split Row Into 2 Rows IF - VBA

Jun 11, 2013

I am putting together a macro that takes hours worth of work away by doing all the calculations and splitting.

I have managed to do all the basic stuff but this is a little more complicated.

My spreadsheet has a couple of thousand rows of data, i need the macro to check for the following:-
If DATA14 (Column N) = YES and RATE (Column D) = 21.81

I need this line splitting into two to replace the original. (would be better if i could move the original data to another sheet to show the ones that have been split)

One with 87% of the rate
One with 13% of the rate (Data8 will always = OLHA on this row)

Then the total will be recalculated based on the new rate.

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How To Split A String

Feb 25, 2014

Is there any way to split this string so I get Letter number number number in seperate cells?


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How To Set Conditions Before Using Split

Jun 14, 2014

Extract text between two points

Using "Split":

Public Sub Test1()
Dim oTarget As Range
Dim oCell As Range
Set oTarget = ActiveSheet.Range("A2:A2043")
For Each oCell In oTarget
oCell.Offset(0, 4).Value = Split(Split(oCell.Value, "Date_stamp:")(1), "Payment_made:")(0)
Next oCell
End Sub

I have dumped data from emails into Excel 2010 in cells A2:A2043 and I'm spliting it for ease of viewing but I need the code to check if the cell contains a specific string and if skip to the next cell if it doesn't. For instance when the customer hasn't made a payment it will skip as there isn't anything to split after that point and continue spliting if they answered Yes.

Examples are:

Customer_Number: 11338849

Invoice_Period: 30/06/13

Attendance_type: Group

BookingDate_stamp: 03/07/2013


I would have extracted directly from Outlook but that's a different problem for another day at this stage, so I wan't to carry on from where I am. Also, how am I going to extract that last date Can I Split between "Payment_date:" and the end of the cell?

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Percentage Split

Apr 23, 2008

I have the following cells:

A1: the percentage difference between cost1(D1) and cost2(C1)
B1: total product cost (C1+D1)

I need a formula that no matter if the %diff increases or decreases this would reflect in C1 and D1 (so basically C1+D1 would always add to B1 but with the split of % in A1)

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Split A Date Out

Aug 8, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with thousands of dates in this format:

Tuesday 16 September 11am - 4.30pm

What I need to do is split it out so that I end up with a cell with


and another cell with the time string.

I am not sure the best way to go as the day part of the string will be different lengths, as will the other parts, plus I will need to add the year in.

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Split Workbook Into Many

Sep 25, 2008

I have to split workbook into many workbooks, based on Column A, where are up to 10 dif. values(3 digits). Sample:

First 20 are 390
Next 55 112
Next 5 186

And the values are every day different and changing. But they're not longer than 3 digits.

I need macro that creates a directory, renames it into date, and puts split workbooks in it. Is it extremely hard?

Similar topic:
HTML http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1694856#post1694856

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Split To Columns

Feb 1, 2009

i have in col A using 2007 these examples .

10. * 7x7 Showmed'cash (7) 3g b
5. * 08x90. Bean Rock (10) 6g b
8. * 31 Thenaia (12) 3f b
11. * Stormy Masika (9) 3g b

I have managed using text to cols separateting info inside the brackets and to the right .
Also the numbers very left .

My problem is there arnt any more things to use in text to cols to separate examples 7x7 Showmed'cash , 08x90. Bean Rock , etc .

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