Total Counting With Text.

May 21, 2009

I have 80 entries in Column A. they all have a text of SS, LN, LA, LB in column B.
I want column C to total the said codes in B.




6100 LN SS=3
6101 LA LA=2
6102 LB LB=2
6103 SS LN=2
6104 LA
6105 LN
6106 LB
6107 SS
6108 SS

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Counting Total For Customers That Can Appear More Then Once

Apr 15, 2009

I have the following sheet, each time a customer buys a savings product they are put onto the list, the same customer can appear as many times as they like on the list is they buy more than once, buys product on 1st of april then another product on the 2nd of april they appear 2ce on the sheet.

I have done the forumla to sum the amount of times they appear on the sheet ( total number of sales ) but I need to work out the total comission per person.

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Counting Total Number Duplicate Cells

May 21, 2013

I have a Workbook with multiple sheets with Data in them. I would like to Count the number of duplicate values between the sheets.

For example.

Sheet one has a list of case references Person A is dealing with.

Sheet two has a another list of case references Person B is dealing with however the also have a list of case reference's they are monitoring as part of a project.

Sheet 3 has got the total number of case references each Person is dealing with, it also contain the total number of cases Person A&B together are dealing with. however i need to find the total number of cases Person B is monitoring that Person A also has so that the total number of cases is the true number of total cases with no duplicates involved.

(References begin with VB then have a string of numbers afterwards and I would like to know the total number of cases the Person B is monitoring as well so these need ot be calculated).

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Counting Total Number Of Days In Specified Period For Dataset

Sep 25, 2013

I am trying to find a way of counting the total number of days medical devices were in-situ for a fairly large dataset.
The worksheet has a few thousand rows. Column A - unique identifier for patient; column B - date inserted (Aug 02 - Aug 13); column C - date removed or audit date. There is no missing data, all rows have both dates. Some devices in for few days or weeks, some for up to 7 years.

I want to count each 12 month period (starting 1 Aug 02) the total "device days" for that year. (e.g. if device inserted 1 Feb 03 and removed 1 Apr 03, in year period starting 1 Aug 02 would have been in for 59 days. Another device inserted on same day and not removed until 9 Sept 05, would for first period (01/08/02- 31/07/03) 181 days, second period 366 days, third 365 days and fourth (01/08/05-31/07/06) 39 days). Therefore for the two rows, the first period total would be 240 days (59+181).

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Formula For -- If Text = 1 And Text =-1 Adjust Running Total

May 13, 2009

formula for -- If Text = 1 and Text =-1 adjust running total

1312 (total)

SS1311 (new total)
LA1310 (new total)
LB1309 (new total)
LS1310 (new total)

LS =+1
SS, LA, LB =-1

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Counting Text Not Numeric

Jul 12, 2014


Assume above on cell a1 and a2

What is the formula on cell a3 to count these, I know count(a1:a2) that counts numeric, don't know how to deal with text count.

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Counting Text In A Column If

Dec 17, 2007

Im trying to find out a way of counting the contents of, say: column C where that contains text as long as column B = a variable

Basically column C contains the words Sale and Lead and i need a function that reads column B for examples of a user defined variable (1-4) and counts sale or lead in column C if this condition is satisfied.

like a sumif but capable of adding text (two cases of in this example but not really vital as the only things in column C would be sale, lead or left blank)?

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Counting Text From A List Only Once.

Dec 10, 2008

I am currently using a pivot table to display data. At the moment, as you can see from the spreadsheet I have something that shows land use, suites and costs. how to calculate a total cost - but only counting each suite once.

I would like to do similar thing for the bottles required, this is based on information from background! I am hoping get something just like the way costs are generate, by only counting each bottle once.

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Counting Text From Different Columns?

Sep 10, 2013

How can I count all the cell text from different columns?

I have a sheet..that has the well known columns from A to EM, but let's say A to Z (A,B,C,etc).

I want to count all the cells that have text inside from columns: A,C,E,G,I (so, from 2 to 2). But the counting to be for all these A,C,E,G,I, etc columns, and to be put in a cell which gives this total number as info for user.

How can I do this?

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Counting Unique Text

Nov 19, 2007

I picked up a great formula from this website to count unique values =SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(K19:K205,K19:K205)>0,1)) and it works great. Thank you to whoever sent it (sorry, forgot who)

I am trying to find a formula to do the same for text.

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Counting Text WITHIN Cells

Mar 3, 2009

I have a long list of cells each one containing a list of attributes similar to the following:


Bear in mind that the above is in 1 cell and in-between each attribute is an - Alt Enter

Now I want to know how many cells a certain attribute is contained in e.g. "MCE+". I can do this on a one by one basis using the "Contains" Filter. However I would like to have the FULL list of my attributes and know how many times each one is mentioned.

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Counting Text Cells

May 31, 2009

I have table in excel 2003, where in one column I have different values in cells, such as A, B, C, D,E, F, etc., etc ( as text values as an example) plus some blank cells, how to calculate number of cells with values different from/not equal to B,C without blank cells?

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How To Mark Subtraction Total As Red Text

Jan 21, 2013

was wondering if it was possible to mark a text or cell as red every time a subtraction was made and also to show the total cell or text as red whenever a link is made ?

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Counting And Adding Based On Text?

Jan 29, 2014

So an example xls is attached.

What I want to do is to get excel to calculate the numbers I have highlighted in yellow automatically, the data on the left is dynamically updated

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Counting With Text And Symbols Mixed In

May 8, 2009

Counting with text and symbols mixed in. This is what I'm wanting to do:

For example:

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Countif - Counting Too Much (text Values)

Aug 6, 2009

I noticed that when I use countif to count cells with certain text value it works but up to some point when it returns way too much then (when there are generally more values matching I think). I don't know what is the cause ..formatting? some function limit ?

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Counting Consecutive Text Strings

Jan 27, 2010

I want to count the number of consecutive text entries in the one column. Skip a certain entry eg: NA, then count the next string of the same entry. eg:


So the output that I am after will be counting the number of Apples in a row 4 & 3 but skipping NA.

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Counting Text Characters Within A Cell

Aug 8, 2007

This should be simple, but I am struggling with finding a way to use the search or find function to identify text characters. This is my situation, I have for example a cell that contains FW023 or D1234. I need to be able to count the number of characters that are text.

i would think I would be able to do it with the search or find function, but can't figure out how to get it to just count the number of text characters with in it.

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Counting Multiple Text Conditions

Nov 7, 2008

I am working on a spreadsheet that contains multiple text conditions that I need to keep count of. I would like to try the countif but I don't know if this will work. Here's a summary of my spreadsheet

Column F in my spreadsheet contains 7 different regions (all text).
Column D contains an open or closed option that is not validated.

In my totals section of the spread sheet I need to count each region that meets the "closed" criteria.

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Counting Instances Of Text In A Range

Jan 13, 2014

I am trying to count the instances of a certain text in a range across 2 columns.

so lets say I have the word Dog in A1, A2, A3, A4 & B1, B2, B3, B4. I am look for the number beside each cell to say 1, 2, 3, 4 instead of summing the whole range.

I have tried the array formula of {=SUM(IF(C:D=C2,1,0))}. However this does just bring back the sum of the instances and I am clueles on how to get it to show the first instance, the second etc.

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Counting Occurrences Of Text String

Dec 11, 2006

I have a spreadsheet which consists of Sheet 1 and Sheet 2.

In Sheet 1, Column I there is a list of country names which indicate who visited our website at a certain time. So for example England may be listed multiple times.

In Sheet 2 I have a table showing January through to December in a column and the different country names across the top in one row.

I want the Table in Sheet 2 to count how many times England (for example) occurs in Column I and to indicate that as a numeric value.

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Counting Text Values From Two Columns

Apr 22, 2005

I have an Excel document that I want to count the number of rows that meet a text value in two columns.

Column B has a value of either "Open" or "Closed".
Column C has a value of either "High", "Med", or "Low".

I want to count the number of rows that are "Open" "High", "Open" "Med", and "Open" "Low".

I've been studying a number of different formulas, but I can't seem to get my head wrapped around this functionality.

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Certain Colored Text To Appear In Specific Total Cells?

Jan 20, 2014

What i need it for certain colored text to appear in specific total cells.

For example; i have 38 cells in a column within these cells id like it to have black writing which i want to total up and go into a total for that color into a specific cell and say green colored text into a different total cell and red text into another total cell.

If i had for instance 6 numbers all red 6 numbers all black and 6 green id like the numbers to all be added correctly and also into color specific cells?

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Text To Time Then Give Total After Midnight

Feb 6, 2009

I Have 20:00-04:00 as text in a cell, what i need is to take the 04:00 and show only if its after 00:00 and before 07:00 and show it as time value. This is where I'm up to so far but i don't know how to ask it for > 00:00 and < 07:00.

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Macro Resets Total In Text Box If A Number Deleted?

Jun 26, 2014

Attached file 140625 box adds.xlsm has three textboxes that are totalled in the fourth box.

The Code updates the total automatically as you ENTER numbers into cells, and overcomes "blanks", but I need it to update the total if you delete any of the three numbers.,

As shown below, I set the Code to "Exit Sub" if a cell becomes blank, but can't see how to invert it without going through the same "checking" process twice for the other cells.

As the Code structure is essentially the same for each box, I've just shown the first one here:

Private Sub TextBox1_Change()
If TextBox1.Value = "" Then Exit Sub [code]....

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Assign To A Variable, The Total Number Of Text Entries In Col

Feb 28, 2009

I need to assign to a variable, the total number of text entries in col. A (or alternatively in a named range).

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Counting Occurrences Of Unique Text Between Two Columns

Dec 5, 2013

I have data like so

water juice
water water
juice soda
water juice
juice juice

I need to count the number of occurrences when the answers between column A and B are not matching.

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Formula To Exclude Counting Of Text In A Cell

Jul 14, 2014

having the formula exclude counting text in cells.


I would like it to only count numeric values over 8.0. Currently if I have text in a cell such as "PTO" it returns as a added value.

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Counting Text Cells With Strikethrough Font!

Sep 18, 2007

I have a column of names, some of which are manually formatted with the strikethrough font.

I need to know how to count the cells that contain text formatted in this way. This total will then be used within a longer formula to produce a net result.

I have found tips on counting coloured cells but none that seem to apply to this form of font format.

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Counting Unique Items(values Or Text)

Aug 3, 2006

I want to count unique items in a list with an array formula, like the items is in 3 columns A,B,C are from row 2 to 101. Now i use an array to filter out some rows in the columns of B,C & then count unique items in Column A.

column A has "30 diffrent names repeated from A2 to A101"
column B has numbers 0 to 100
column c has value either 0 or 1

now i use an formula TO filter out rows in column B & c
formula =count(IF((B2:B101>0)*(C2:C101<>1),1))) using ctrl+shift+enter

now what should i suffix or prefix to this formula to count unique values in column A.

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