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What I Print Looks Different From What My Screen Shows

I have a WYSIWYG problem: what I see on the screen is NOT what I get out of the print job.

I commonly have the problem when working with Excel objects (any kind of shape, text box, line, graph) in that the layout looks great on the tab that I created, but when I go into PrintPreview or actually print it out, the shapes don't quite align with what I had built in the tab. Where I thought I had lines joining, the print out shows them crossing at other points. If I then go back to the tab and look at the layout on the regular screen, it looks fine.

This problem can be easily understood if you try to create a triangle by drawing three lines (non-overlapping lines that cross only at the vertices). Note that the lines either prematurely cross, or don't intersect at all when you print it out.

THis problem is even magnified when using the camera function to take a "snapshot" of a graph or other objects. In fact, it has the tendency to even "mess up" the graph's formatting, regarding the arrangement of titles and axes (often making them overlap).

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Application Onkey: Prevent Users From Using The Print Screen Or The Alt Print Screen Buttons On The Keyboard
I'm just looking to prevent users from using the print screen or the alt print screen buttons on the keyboard. I have this script that works if I use "39" (Right Arrow)but wont work if I use "42" (Print Screen Button).

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Workbook Is Opened Up That Only The Splash Screen Shows
I have created a splash screen. Is it possible when the excel workbook is opened up that only the splash screen shows? Right now, the workbook opens and there is one sheet that is visible for a certain period of time and then the splash screen comes on. I would like the reverse to happen. First the splash screen and then the one sheet.

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Before Print Event That Shows A Userform
I have a before print event that shows a userform - the user can then select which worksheets they want printed and select a command button. I then have a loop set up that loops through the selected workbooks and prints them. The problem is I am not sure how to tell VBA to print without it going back to the Before Print event userform.

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Print Screen
macro minimizes excel takes a print screen of the application behind excel then pastes it in a word document then maximizes excel screen again

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VBA: Using SendKeys To Print The Screen
I would like to emulate hitting the Alt+Ctrl+"Print Screen" button on the keyboard with the following code. I know there are some restrictions around using the PrintScreen with the SendKeys, but I'm hoping I can still figure out how to make this work.

Following is the first part of a larger macro I've set up. If I can just get this to work, that would be perfect.

Sub PrintTheScreen()
Application.SendKeys "^%" & "PRTSC"
End Sub

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Macro To Print Screen
Is there a feature or VB code that will take a screen shot in excel for the sheet that I have active?

What I would like to do is run a macro that does a few things, then takes a screen shot and bundles it up in an email to send (Outlook on Exchange). Since the report is 30 MB it cannot be emailed and taking the time to compose a report w/screen shot takes too much time.

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Vlook Up: Combobox Shows The The First Column (only 1 Of Each) And The Second ComboBox Shows Me The Secondary List
I have a userform where I have 2 comboboxes. The first combobox shows the the first column (only 1 of each) and the second comboBox shows me the secondary list that correlates to the valuse in the first from column B. Now I have a text box that I am trying to get the value from column C depending on what I have in the first 2 comboboxes. What is the easiest way to do it? This is all in VB since it is a UserForm, and using Vlookup seems to be too many lines if I go that route. Is there a way to use Index and Match in VB where it would be more efficient? I attached just a sample of how the data would be layed out in the Excel sheet.

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File Print In Legal Size If I Have 56 Lines Filled In Then Print In Regular Letter Si
I am trying to have a file print in legal size if I have 56 lines filled in
otherwise print in regular letter size. Does anyone know how to write this
in VBA.

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Print Previewed A Worksheet And Find A Tiny Image With A Small Portion Of The Print Area
I just converted from Excel 2003 to 2007 and print previewed a worksheet and find a tiny image with a small portion of the print area. When I look at the sheet in page break preview mode, I see the 8.5 x 11 sheet broken up into approx 77 smaller sheets. When I try to move the page breaks to include the whole sheet it states the change cannot be made as it will result in an image less than 10%. I have attached two images - the first shows the print preview I get, and the second show the multiple pages when I view in page break.

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Allow Users To Print Hidden Sheet But Not Change Print Settings
I am having trouble disabling the "Preview" button when calling Application.Dialogs(xldialogprint) in XL2003. I have an xlSheetVeryHidden worksheet containing a form which is made visible programatically when the user wishes to print a copy (code below). I want the user to be able to have access to the functionality of the xlDialogPrint dialog (i.e. select desired print destination, number of copies, pages per sheet etc.) but I also want to prevent them modifying the page setup of the protected worksheet by initiating a preview from the print dialog.

Private Sub btnPrintReturnForm_Click()

wbkRUSC.Unprotect sysPass 'unprotect workbook to enable changes to sheet visibility
' (sysPass is project constant string containing password)

shtStaffForm.Visible = xlSheetVisible 'make staff form visible

shtCalc.Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden 'hide main calculator in case user gets smart and hits..............................

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Stop Print Macro Firing Before Print Event
I have a "submit" button macro which user would click after he has finished his input. This macro would update a reference number on the worksheet named "orange" and then print out this worksheet.

My purpose is "orange" is printed out with a reference number.

Below is the 1st code.....

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Print Out Data That Is Variable In The Amount Of Rows To Print
I am trying to come up with a way to print out data that is variable in the amount of rows to print.

1. Cells C1 thru M6 is heading of report
2. Cells C7 thru M400 all have formulas and display information only when criteria in Column C in each row is met, if condition is not met it displays no informtion. (There lies my problem).

I need a way to print out only the area that information is displayed in and skip the areas that are not displayed. (Currently I have hard coded the print range using the largest report)

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0.00 Shows As (0.00) Sometimes
why my zero totals sometimes show as 0.00 and other times as (0.00), when they have the exact formula?

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Formula Shows DIV/0
got this quite complciated formula.

any of the cells specified can be blank at start of spreadsheet
is there a way to hide the DIV/0 error from appearing

this is the formula:


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PRODUCT Shows A Value Even If 0*#
PRODUCT shows a value even if 0*# =IF(H15*I15=0,"",PRODUCT(H15,I15))

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Print Multiple Pages With Single Print Job
I have a spreadsheet with 28 visible tabs. When I select all tabs and print, I get 3 cover (or banner) pages...I like having the first banner page, but the other two are in the middle of my report. I assume excel is sending 3 print jobs and I'm not sure why.

I've seen a couple of posts regarding this issue when using VBA, but I'm not using VBA...just selecting all the sheets and sending a single print job, but get 3 banner pages.

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Before Print (Cancel Button Is Not Cancelling The Print)
I want my worksheet to require validation of entry data before printing, so I decided to use the "Workbook_BeforePrint" event, and display a simple dialog box with an "ok" or a "cancel" button as input options.

The problem is that, as coded, "cancel" button does not cancel the print.

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Address List Shows Value 0
I'm using Excel 2007 and have created a spreadsheet for invoicing. I have created a dropdown list which then imports the address data using vlookup.

My problem is this. If there is no text in say, address field 4 the resulting field in the invoice shows as a 0 eg,


Is there a way to move the Postcode to the empty cell showing 0? and/or how do I make the cell to show blank instead of a 0.

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Formula Ranges Shows #REF!
Hi i have the following SUMPRODUCT formula which works as required, but when i clear the raw data and apply new raw data and apply macro that sorts my data, then all the ranges in the formula shows #REF!


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Clean Up A Template That Shows #DIV/0
Excel 2007

I am trying to clean up a template that shows #DIV/0! in the cells that contain the formula below, when there is no value present in the NamedReference.


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UserForm Still Shows After Hiding
I have 2 forms (A and B). Form B is initialized with values from a global array created in form A.
When closing the B form it's still visible.
I want it to dissapear.

The B form is opened from the A form

Private Sub cmd_ok_Click()
End Sub

When closing the B form it's still visible (modal)

'Within form B
Private Sub cmd_cancel_Click()
Unload Me
End Sub

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File Shows RandBetween
I am trying to generate random numbers between upper and lower limits (eg 120,140). The randbetween function in the help file is ideal....but when I use it it generates a #Name error.

(I am using Excel 2002 and have the analysis toolpak add in ticked).

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COUNTIF Formula Which Shows A %
I already have a conditional format which is working OK. I would like to put a formula in the cell so it shows a % so currently it would be 100% as there is 3 cells below showing 3 greens.

Alternativily each colour is worth a value - Green = 1, Amber = 2, Red = 3. So Cell I3 would show 3.

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Chart Menu Bar Always Shows
I need some vba code to

a) determine which of excel's menubars is active (Worksheet Menu Bar or Chart menu Bar)

b) delete the controls ie File, Edit, View etc menus from that menu bar

c) restore the controls to that menubar on workbook close

Normally this wouldn't be required but my version of excel is 2002 which has the Worksheet Menu Bar active and the work version is excel 2000 which has the Chart Menu Bar active.

I don't know why the Chart Menu Bar is active on the work system as there are no charts in my project.

Most of the development takes place at home so i need to be able to use vba to perform the above tasks

The menubar itself must remain active so i can add a custom menu to it.

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Weeknum Function Shows #Name
How come the WEEKNUM formula in the attached file does not work?

The cell gives me "#Name?", and I have no idea why.

I noticed one thing though, which is that WEEKNUM function is described when I look in "Help", but the function is not in my "Insert Function"-wizard, so perhaps the function is not there at all, which is very odd.

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Opening Worksheet-nothing Shows
I'm having an issue with a worksheet that I created. Apparently, every time that I go to open it, it gives me a Grey blank screen. Yet, I know the worksheet is behind this Grey screen. I went to full screen and I can see the work sheet in full view, but it always opens in this Grey screen. I'm not sure why its doing this, no other worksheets open in this matter. I have tried reinstalling excel and it still didn't fix this problem. But it is only happening with one particular worksheet. I'm sure it is just a setting that I might have changed, but I can't figure it out. The file isn't corrupt because the macros still work, I tested them.

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Workbook Still Shows In VBE After Close
I have an Excel workbook that runs some code in the back. When I close the workbook file it seems to close OK. However if I then open the VBA editor window I still see the file in the project explorer. If I re-open and then close I have 2 instances in the project explorer... and so on. I have tried setting all objects to nothing etc. but the problem still manifests itself.

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Blank Cell Shows 0 Or 12:00 AM If There Is Formula
I am getting 0 or 12:00 AM when I format cell as time and put formula.

I working on timesheet using this formula (=SUMIF('2'!G4,"="&TODAY(),'2'!E17)). If date in G4 on sheet2 match with todays/current date then copy data in cell E17 to sheet3(b11).

G4 = todays date
E17 = time eg. 2:25 AM ( I have to format destination cell as time because E17 has time value

Formula works fine but when there is no data in E17 or E17 is blank then my destination cell shows 12:00 AM.

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Formula - (-) Shows Up And Ranks This As The Number One
On cell K7, i have this formula:


On cell L7 i have this formula:


The issue is that in cell K7 a dash (-) shows up and ranks this as the number one, even when i have no data in I7 and J7.

MTD Conv
Conv Goal
B/W Goal



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Lookup Table That Shows What The Sun Is Doing For Each Day Of The Year
I need a lookup table. I have a table that shows what the sun is doing for each day of the year. Now I need to input longitude and time zone, add or subtract if the sun is fast or slow on that day

I need it to work off one formula not make 365 copies

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Formula Shows In Cell, Not Result
Why is it that when I edit some cell's formulas and press enter the result is not the changed formula but the formula itself complete with the '=' sign infront of the fuormula. The work around for me is to cut the formula and paste it into a new cell then drag the old cell over the previous one I tried to edit.

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Command Button Shows Two Different Reports
i have this userform which has textboxes. Every information in the textboxes are linked in the two kinds of reports namely: Report 1 and Report 2.

After filling the textboxes, what are the codes that i can use so that the command button 'Generate Reports' will display the Report 1 in Sheet 1 and Report 2 in Sheet 2?

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Cell Change Shows Msgbox
I have the following code, that I found on this forum, in my worksheet change event.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Static old_value As Variant
If Sheet1.Range("C5").Value <> old_value Then
'a change has occured in cell C5 so do your processing....
MsgBox "Changing 5"
old_value = Sheet1.Range("C5")
End If.............................

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Code Stops When UserForm Shows
I am attempting to show a User Form during the forms Initialize code. I Load the form after extracting data from a SQL Server database. The code that Loads the form is returned to after the form closes. The problem is that when I run through the Initialize code where criteria decides whether the form is actually shown to the user. If the criteria is not met there are no issue, but if the criteria is met, then the form is opened and the rest of the Initialize code is not stepped through. As there are many If Then and a Select Case and a couple With...'s I need the rest of the Initialized code to be stepped through so after the form is closed by the user and the original code which Loaded the form is returned to I do not get an error.

Oh and the big problem is that I am not getting an error message during this, the Load code is actually repeated because when the original code is actually returned to is returned on the Load UserForm code.

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Dim i As Integer, Endofdata As Integer, wsheet3 As Worksheet, wbBook As Workbook
Dim wsSheet As Worksheet, c As Variant, gTotal As Long, Score As String, g3000 As Long
Dim gTotalAdd As Integer

On Error Goto ErrorHandler:
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
'cmbIDCountry.ColumnCount = 2
Set wbBook = ThisWorkbook
Set wsheet3 = wbBook.Worksheets("UpdateDetails")
Set wsSheet = wbBook.Worksheets("Data") ....................

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Hide Application When UserForm Shows
I created a Userform on top of an excel files. The userform uses data contained in the excel file. When my users open this file, I would like them to only see the userform and not the excel file in the background. I have tried the following but it prevents the userform from working.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
ThisWorkbook.Windows(1).Visible = False
End Sub

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Application.Visible = False
End Sub

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Solver Constrained To Integers Shows Decimals
I am experimenting with solver and have attached an example of my problem.
A3:A12 contains a list of numbers from 1 to 10. B3:B12 are my cells I wish to change to be either 1 or 0. If a cell in column B equals 1 then it multiplies the corresponding number in column A by 1 and puts the result in column C. Column C is summed up in cell C14.

My solver settings are below: ...

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Cell Shows Black Flashing Background?
When I return to a sheet by clicking on the tab of the sheet, the sheet is not immediately visible. When the sheet does become visible a cell has a black flashing background. Sometimes, but not always, the flashing cell is the activecell. Through the activate event of the sheet I attempt to make $A$1 the active cell:

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Counting # Of Times An Item Shows Up In A Table
Is there a way to select a table and have excel produce a list ranking the #
of times each item shows up in the list, i.e.

dog 5
cat 2
bird 1

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VBA Project Password Dialog Shows On Close
Here's a problem that I having and I'm wondering if someone could give me some insight as to why this is happening.

Hist of Issue:
Most of my projects for my employer are required to run various times of the day and various days of the week. So in order to accomplish this I use the "Digital Signature" to sign my apps so that when setting macro security to Medium they will still run.

When a particular app loads there is a Userform that I created which displays and allows the user to bypass automatic execution. This allows me to be able to work on the workbook without having to abort any automatic executing code. See "MyAutoStart.JPG" for an example of this.

Now somewhere down the line, and I'm not sure when though, up until this point I was living with the problem and now I must solve it. What happens is that I have a project that when it runs and then closes it displays the dialog box which asks for the VBA Project password.

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Sumproduct Not Working In Closed Workbook & Shows #N/A
I am using this formula in Product Balance Update.xls,Tsuchiura worksheet that update data from A-Tsuchiura.xls, INVOICE worksheet.

When both workbooks are is opened, all linking are fine.

But upon A-Tsuchiura.xls is closed, my linking in Product Balance Update.xls,Tsuchiura worksheet will shows #N/A.

I had tried many ways for sumproduct
1) =SUMPRODUCT(--('\SomfactoryDistributionShipment[A-Tsuchiura.xls]INVOICE'!$B$14:$B$97=A3),--('\SomfactoryDistributionShipment[A-Tsuchiura.xls]INVOICE'!$G$14:$G$97))

2) =SUMPRODUCT(('\SomfactoryDistributionShipment[A-Tsuchiura.xls]INVOICE'!$B$14:$B$97=A3)*('\SomfactoryDistributionShipment[A-Tsuchiura.xls]INVOICE'!$G$14:$G$97))

I had read through this forum that sumproduct should work in closed workbook but I still cant get it why this error ocurr..

Please refer to attached to have a clearer picture of error

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Vlookup Shows Formula Not Data In Every Cell
I have created a vlookup and it shows as a formula not as data. I can do 'text to columns' to correct it, but I need to drag this vlookup to lots of different cells, then change it slightly in each one.

Every time I make a change, it reverts to the formula and I have to do 'text to columns' again.

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Keeping Track Of How Many Times A Number Shows Up
Say, for example, I have a spreadsheet as follows:

0 1 1 2 3 2 0 1 2
1 2 1 2 3 3 1 0 1

Is there a way to count the number of times a specific number shows up and have excel post it to a different cell? I need to know how many times a certain number came up for a specific row, and how many times.

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Data Validation List :: Shows #VALUE! Error
I'm working on a function that gets its values from a Data Validation List.

My problem is that I want the function to return a value when an item in the list is selected and another if the user did not make a selection... just a basic if....then....else ... but the cell where I call this function shows the #VALUE! error while no item in the list is selected.

I call the function like this:
=myFunction(RC[-5], RC[-2])
where RC[-5] is the Data Validation List and RC[-2] is a cell where the user should enter a number

why I'm getting the #VALUE! error instead of my message

The function basically looks like this:

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Keep Code Running When Message Prompt Shows
I have code to open another workbook and run a specific macro. I plan to then take that and copy it over to my workbook.

The problem I am encountering is when I run this macro, at the end of the code, a form/msg pops up stating it is complete. This then automatically stops my code from running (from my original workbook). How do I close this form in order to keep my code running?

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Formula Shows In Cell As R1C1 Reference
When I first started using excell I was relatively good at it, however a few changes were made. The main one being for excell 2002 was the collumns were not by letter. A minor problem that I managed to get past. However the next was a function issue. Before I remembered a way to total rows with a simple function like =b3*c3, which worked for the first one. Then, from that point, I could copy that formula and paste it to all of the cells in the collum in which the forumula changed for individual cells to =b4*c4, =b5*c5, etc.

My questions are simple. Is there a way that I can do this on Excell 2002 without having to do it on a cell by cell basis, and is there a way to change collumns back to letters.

I've attached the spreadsheet in which I want to figure this out on. The goal, is to total price and quantities sold into the totals section without doing it on a cell by cell basis.

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Square Character Shows In Cell From TextBox
I am using a User Form to input data to a spreadsheet and have an issue. I've set the TextBox WordWrap & MultiLine Property to True and the textbox values don't show the reverse P character, but how do I get the "square" from populating into the cells on my worksheet? I was using this old thread as a point of reference, but didn't understand how to use or where to put it in my form. I'm referring to the code that Dave Hawley supplied. Strange Characters Pasting to Textbox

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Formula Shows An Error Once Source Is Closed
I am linking two worksheets together. Formulas work fine except when I close the source sheet, it turnes into #REF error. I saw in one of the posts that you can not use INDIRECT formula on closed workbooks (INDIRECT is a part of the formula in my sheet) and downloaded the changingExternal. zip file as directed. Although, after staring at it for a while, I realized that I had no idea as to what was going on in there.

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Disable Print But Allow Print From Macro
I have found a macro which disables all print features in excel. I have rwo other codes to print. When I put this macro, It also disables the print from the other macro. How can I use this code so that normal print features will be disabled but if someone takes the print from the macros, Print will be allowed. The code which disables the print is given below:

Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
If PrtOK Then
Cancel = False
MsgBox "Can't print from here!"
Cancel = True
End If
End Sub

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Print? Print Up To Last Entry In Column A +1
I would like to print up to row of the last entry in column A + 1 more row
eg:last entry is A40,printing would print up to A41,

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