Adding A Column Of Times

Aug 10, 2006

I have several columns of times in the HH:MM.SS format. I need a sum at the bottom of each column.

If I put a Sum or a Cell+Cell formula in, it gives me the #value error. I've tried a few different things but can't get it to work.

Could someone be so kind as to tell me the formula or point me to the instructions for this?

(The data reflects times spent on certain tasks for each day, and I need a sum at the end of each column giving me a total amount of time spent on that task for the month.)

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Summing / Adding Times

Apr 29, 2009

I've been trying to figure out a way to sum up a column of times like this (please see attached portion).

Right now, all the cells on the worksheet are formatted as text, and the "total" is actually a text value, not a formula.

I've tried converting all the cells from text to numeric, even tried custom formats like [h] to no avail.

What is happening for me is that when I try to sum up a column to get a total, the value gets converted or rounded off to zero (usually like 0:00.00).

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Adding/Subtracting Times

Sep 8, 2009

I'm making a table for myself to keep an eye on my hours worked every week. What i want is to be able to enter the start time and the end time and for Excel to find the time difference inbetween (not numerical mathematical difference) also i need to subtract a half hour from the time entered for monday thru thurs.

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Adding Times In A Row Of Cells

Nov 20, 2009

I am trying to add a ROW of times. Each cell of times is using the 00":"00 format so I don't have to type a colon between the hours:minutes.

I'm not sure of what the formula should be for the Total Hours box.

For example, if I were to type 13:45 in the start time & 14:00 in the end time, I am getting a result of 0:55 which is incorrect

Another example if I leave the first 2 start/end boxes empty(blank) and then type 15:30 Start & 17:00 in the second set of Start/end boxes, I get a Total Hours of 1:70 which is also incorrect.

The formula I have in the Total Hours box is =SUM(B12-A12)+(D12-C12) which is know is incorrect.

What is the correct formula which will give me a Total Hours which adds a row of times correctly?

StartEndStartEndTotal Hours

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Adding Multiple Times Together Not Working Correctly

Jun 10, 2013

I have a list a time (HH:MM:SS) that i want to sum together to get the total number of minutes.

It works if I use simply add A2+A3+A4 etc, but not when I use sum(a2:a4).

There are over 2500 lines of data.

Sheet attached : times.xlsx

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Adding/Sum Times: Add 8min34sec, 1hour12min40sec And 45min58sec

Aug 11, 2006

Which cell format i have to use to be able to add time? For example: I want to add 8min34sec, 1hour12min40sec and 45min58sec.

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Adding Rows With Control Number That Only Repeat 3 Times: Formula

Apr 1, 2009

I'll try to explain this the best I can. What I have here is a time study. Teachers (which are the control numbers) fill out bubble sheets, then I run them through a scanner. After dissecting the data from the scanner and formatting it to my liking i get this below.

Each teacher/staff member fills out three sheets per quarter. Each letter (bubble) counts as a 0:15 min period of time. Only K thru Q counts as billable time, which I've created a formula to count those letters (column 3). But to be countable each control number has to have three cycles 201,202,203.

So I need something that can take each control number that has three cycles and add their # of 0:15 together.

The italic row below only has one cycle for that control number, so that needs to be deleted or ignored.

Ultimately I would like the results on a separate sheet.

This is only a part of the file, there are over 1000 different control numbers.

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Find Duplicates In Column A And Calculate Difference Between Times In Column B

Apr 4, 2009

I love this forum, and am usually able to find the help I need without bothering anyone However this one has me stumped and I wonder if anyone can help. It feels like it should be a fairly simple solution, but they can often be the ones that are most eluding LOL!

I have two columns; in column A are incoming telephone numbers and in column B are the date and time the calls were made. (I've put a few hashes in column A just to maintain confidentiality of the numbers, but in reality the cell is formatted as text in order to maintain the leading zero, and entries will follow the format 01234567890)

A sample would look like this:

0##6270####01-Mar-2009 00:01:440##6271####01-Mar-2009 00:03:020##6271####01-Mar-2009 00:03:040##6272####01-Mar-2009 00:16:330##6273####01-Mar-2009 00:30:490##6274####01-Mar-2009 00:55:470##6274####01-Mar-2009 01:06:170##6274####01-Mar-2009 01:07:420##6275####01-Mar-2009 01:08:360##6275####01-Mar-2009 01:11:410##6276####01-Mar-2009 01:13:45

Some numbers only call in once, I need to identify them as only called once.

Some numbers call twice, if they do I need to be able to show time it took between call 1 and call 2.

Some numbers call more than twice. For each successive call I need to be able to show the time since the previous call.

In my mind, the results table would need to look something like this:

NumberTime of callTime between
1st and 2nd call
Time between
2nd and 3rd call
Time between
3rd and 4th call
0##6270####01-Mar-2009 00:01:44Only called once0##6271####01-Mar-2009 00:03:0200:00:020##6272####01-Mar-2009 00:16:33Only called once0##6273####01-Mar-2009 00:30:49Only called once0##6274####01-Mar-2009 00:55:4700:10:3000:01:250##6275####01-Mar-2009 01:08:3600:03:050##6276####01-Mar-2009 01:13:45Only called once

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Adding Column Widths Of Merged Area To Match Single Column Width

Sep 19, 2012

I needed to match the width a merged area of seven columns to a single column width (for row autofitting). Adding the column unit values and setting the single column to that value produced a significantly narrower width.

The documentation mentions that the column width unit is scaled to the font type and size and the absolute width is given in points.

This is set by the normal style setting in Excel Options or by VBA application.standardfontsize = 8 (in this case).

For instance, ten columns of Arial font 8 at 8.5 units you would think to be equivalent to a single column of 85 units.
In points, the difference is 420 vs. 386.25, or 33.75 points.

Well, the standard character zero has a width at this setting of 4.5 points and 1 unit is 8.25 points, leaving 3.75 points for margins.

Then (10-1) margins allowances time 3.75 points resolves the difference.

Determining the margin allowances is straightforward, and reveals that the gradation with size is stepped by MS design.
For instance, sizes up to 11 use 3.75 points for margins and increasing points for characters (except between 9 & 10).
Sizes 12 through 18 use 5.25 points, 20 & 22 use 6.75, 24 & 26 use 8.25, etc.

I have created a table for this purpose, however I rarely use a "normal" other than 8, so I can probably use that set in programming.

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Adding Values (currency) From One Column Based On Value Of Another Column (Categories)

Nov 5, 2013

I have a worksheet (Sheet1) that is constantly growing with information. I have several categories under the "Category" column and then the various amounts under "Amount" column. I would like to have Sheet2 be able to keep a running total of the "Amount" column for each category as it increases in entries. I've attached an example sheet.


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Adding Values From One Column Based On Criteria In Another Column?

Jan 30, 2013

If i have the following layout of data

Column 1 Column 2
January 1000
January 1234
February 1300
March 1600
January 15
March 123
April 234
January 3000

I would like a formula that adds all the January numbers together returning a result of 5249

To move this one step further i would eventually need to add these numbers based on quarters, for example if the value is January February or March in column 1 then add the numbers in column 2.

I'm sure i have done this before using a countifs maybe but my mind has drawn a blank

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Adding Column Minus Rows That Have Data In Another Column

Feb 15, 2007

I want a cell on one spreadsheet (SP-A) to add up a column (M) in another spreadsheet (SP-B) rows 11 through 10000.

Here's the thing, I want that cell to actually display not the sum that it gets but that sum minus all numbers (in M column again) which column E is filled out with any data for their given row...

i'm not even sure if this makes sense lol... let me use example

on SP-B there's a column M.
in row 11, value = 3
in row 12, value = 5, in this same row column E is filled with whatever
in row 13, value = 2, in this same row column E is filled with whatever
in row 14, value = 6

in my SP-A I need the cell to display 9, since rows 12 and 13 have values in E and I don't want to add those to the sum.

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Column Hidden At All Times

Jan 22, 2010

is there a code to hide specific columns that i dont really need. i dont want to delete them, just hide them. even if i try to unhide them manualy from Format- Unhide they dont unhide. These columns stay hidden at all time.

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Trying To Average Times In A Column

Jul 8, 2006

I am trying to average times from one column that is the difference of two other columns (generally just minutes). It is formatted in a military time format.

However, I do have criteria it must meet from another column.

Col A Col B Col C Col D
1 23:57 00:07 00:10 "=C2-B2+IF(B2>C2,1) fx I am using"
2 03:15 03:20 00:05
1 10:30 10:42 00:12

That's the basics, now I want to average Col D but only if it is a "1" in Col A. There are some empty cells, being its formatted for 100 entries. I can get an average of Col D and a count of Col A, but I can't combine them.

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How To Get Values Out Of Column B For A Value In A (multiple Times The Same Value)

Mar 14, 2014

I have a excel sheet with several columns and 2700 numbers in each column. In the first column there is standing from witch quarter to witch quarter of the day the values are (and this for several days in one sheet). I want to take the average of all the first quarters of the day, the average of all the second quarters of a day,.... But if I would do that by just sorting my table on the quarters and than manually make the formullas I would need to give in 800 formules. (way to much)

So I would like to find an easier way to take the average of column B for the valeus were A is "00:00 -> 00:15" (this are avery time 28 numbers in the month february)

In attachement you can find an example of my problem, although it isn't with real values.

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Check If Any Number In A Column, Appear More Then 3 Times...

Jun 16, 2009

I have this list with articles at work. It looks like this:


I wish to find out if any number in a column appear more then 3 times, and if it does, return that number to be. Is this possible with a formula? I've tried, but didn't succeed.

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Filtering Few Times Within Single Column?

Jan 3, 2013

How (or if) you can put multiple filters into one column? For example, I have a main cell with sub cells (that need to be filtered), and those sub cells have sub cells (that need to be filtered). All withing a single column. I have an example of what my data looks like in the attached.

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Repeat Column Value Five Times Of Each Cell

Mar 23, 2014

I have values


As so on in my cells a1,a2,a3 as so on

And I want value of column a repeating five times of each cell value in column b

like result
and so on

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VBA To Add 0 To All Single Digit Times In Column?

Jan 28, 2013

code to change all times in a column that are single digit (6:00:00 to 06:00:00) .

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Count How Many Times Name Appear In A Column For Every Single Day

Jul 22, 2013

I have a column A with names (let's say that we have four names: A, B, C, D) and a column B with dates.

I need a formula to count how many times appears a name in a column, for every single day (because in a single day a name may appear more than once).

Is this possible with a formula or I need to think at VB?

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Adding ROW Using 1 Column As Reference And Another Column For Naming

Nov 19, 2013

I Basically need to use DATA in Column D of my file to add a ROW and then use Column C to name that new ROW added...

Example: [URL] ........

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Add Number Of Times Text Appears In Column?

May 9, 2014

I have a few spreadsheets with a few land transactions. I want to see if the parties involved are male or female, or both (in case of joint titles). And how many. I've tried to use ISNUMBER formulas and COUNTIF formulas but I can't seem to make them work. I've attached an example of what I need to do, the original has many more column with more info, and the names are in a different language which makes it easier to identify as female or not (like 'phany' in english female names etc).

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Count Number Of Times Names Appear In Column?

Jan 6, 2014

I have a list of names all in one column, separated by row...


John Doe
John Doe
Jane Doe
Jane Doe
Jane Doe
James Jones
James Jones

I want to count how many times each name appears. Like this:

John Doe | 2
Jane Doe | 3
James Jones | 2

This is a very large list of names and I prefer not to have to type each single name into a formula because there are hundreds of separate names.

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Calculating Difference Between Two Times Through A Column Of Data

Aug 21, 2013

It will be easier to explain in an example:

Time (hh:mm:ss) Digital
1 10:03:00 0
2 10:03:01 0
3 10:03:02 1
4 10:03:03 1
5 10:03:04 1
6 10:03:05 0


From the data above I am searching for the duration of when the digital column says '1', i.e my function = A5-A3 which would output 2 secs or 00:00:03 & likewise A9-A8.

The problem I have is that the digital signal is staggered and does not always have the same frequency. I have over 6848 lines of time to check so to do this manually would take me all day.

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How To Search Through A Column And Insert Colons For Times

Oct 19, 2013

I have a spreadsheet that has times in G column in military time. Some of the entries have "##:##" while others have "###" or "####" with no colons inserted.

I want to search through the g column and convert "###" to "#:##" and "####" to "##:##"

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Paste Text Value For Specified Number Of Times Down To Column

Feb 27, 2014

I have data like this

textrows to repeatelements in row


i want to paste text for MB1 in column B like from MB1-1 to MB1-16 and MB1 2-1 to MB 2-16 because MB1 has 2 rows and 16 elements to repeat, for MB2 in cloumn B like MB2 1-1 to MB2 1-3 and MB2 2-1 to MB2 2-3 and MB2 3-1 to MB2 3-3 because MB has 3 rows and 3 elements to repeat like this i want to continue upto MB5

I am expecting like this

MB1 MB1 1-1
MB1 1-16
MB1 2-1


and i would like to continue this for the rest of text in column A .Here i tried with commond button simple and now i am in position to paste text in a given range but not the way i am expecting.

Attached File : sample (2).xlsx‎

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VBA - Copy / Paste Cell 144 Times In Column

Mar 14, 2014

I have the price of S&P 500 in the L2 until L145 column.

And I would like to past each cell (L2, then L3, then L4....until L145) 220 times in column F.

As follow

L :
.........(144 value)

TO column F


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Count How Many Times Specific Name Appears In Column

Feb 28, 2012

I have a two ranges of columns containing names. I need to count how many times a specific name appears in ColumnN - Easy enough =COUNTIF(N$2:N$1047,Q3) ...Q3 being the name I am looking for.

Now comes the part I am stuck on. I need to count how many times a name appears in ColumnK but only if there is no name in ColumnN.

I tried =IF(COUNTIF(N3:N1047,""),COUNTIF(K2:K1047,T3),)

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Count How Many Times A Particular Text Appears In Column?

Nov 25, 2013

I want to count how many times a particular text appears in Column A depending on the number times another text appears in Column B.

Say for example if I have in Column A {A, B, C, D}nd column B I have {AA,BB,CC) and if I want to check how many times column A has "A" value when the column B has "CC" value, then how should I proceed with this ?

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Find Out How Many Times The Word Incoming Is In Column

Apr 20, 2006

In Column A4 I have the word Date and in Columns A5 to A844 are different dates
In Column B4 I have the word Destination and in Columns B5 to B844 are different Destinations
In Column C4 I have the word Time and in Columns C5 to C844 are different times.

How can I find out how many times the word Incoming is in Column B.
How many of the dates in Column A are weekend dates.
How many times in Column C was after 9:00pm but before 6:00am.

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