Adding Blank Row In Data Table Without Disturbing Protected Formulas

Mar 16, 2012

I have a table of data 300 rows long with protected formulas in adjacent columns and at the bottom of the column. Some of the data cells are blank but the non-blank cells are contiguous and start at the top of the range (see Before Example).

a macro that would allow users to insert a blank cell at any point in the data table without losing any of the other data or disrupting the formulas. In other words I want to move all the data from that point to the bottom of the range down by 1 row. A before and after example for a smaller 10 row data set is shown below.


AB1data aformula 12data bformula 23data cformula 34data dformula 45data eformula 56data fformula 67 formula 78 formula 89 formula 910 formula 1011formula Aformula B


AB14data aformula 115data bformula 216data cformula 317data dformula 418data eformula 519 formula 620data fformula 721 formula 822 formula 923 formula 1024formula Aformula B

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Allow Adding New Row To A Table When Worksheet Protected

Feb 10, 2014

I have A TABLE (Named Table1) and some columns filled by formula. (Like E,F,G,H columns) When I protect the worksheet E,F,G,H columns are locked, but A,B,C,D columns are UNLOCKED. When is sheet PROTECTED , If I add a row bottom of Table1, does NOT automatically fill the E,F,G,H columns and Table1 range does not expanding. But, if UNPROTECTED, it's OK. when add a row bottom of Table1, automatically fill all columns with formula and table range is expanding aotomatically with new row.

When sheet is PROTECTED , How can I allow, to add a row and aouto fill all columns like unprotected.

And I want to protect sheet in any case, after allowing to add row.

I need a macro code to do this.

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Manually Adding Formulas To Pivot Table

May 22, 2014

I've created a pivot table as shown in the attached image - I've had to hide most of the data but I'm not sure how confidential it is so thought I should play it safe.


In between the Job Board Applications column and the Registrations column I want to have a Cost Per Application column.

In this fake example, the company that I've called 'Excel Forum' (imaginative I know) pay $1000 per month for their email marketing, so the cost per application from email would be 1000/1150 = $0.87.

Is there a way to insert a column in a pivot table that you can manually add formulas to?

I've tried replicating the pivot table underneath using cell=B6 etc. and the GETPIVOTDATA function then hiding the whole pivot table apart from the filters, but because there are a different number of subcategories every month the cell references don't work when the filter is changed.

I also tried to add a calculated field but this didn't seem to be what I wanted.

As a last resort I can add the cost per application manually to the raw data and include it as a column when making the pivot table, but this would be an ENORMOUS job to do every month so I'm in need of a better solution!

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Adding Data To Protected Worksheet

Mar 19, 2012

I was hoping to force end users to use a user form to input data into a work sheet. The problem is that the form wont input the data when the sheet is protected.

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Copy Workbook Table To Another WB Without Adding Title In Formulas

Jan 4, 2012

I'm trying to copy a huge list of formulas and formats from one work book to another almost identical, each time it adds the old workbook name title into the formulas, this is easy to do in the formula bar for individual formulas but can this be done for many?

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Adding Formulas To New Posted Data

Oct 28, 2009

I have a workbook which is used to merge new customers data into letters and then monitor the progress of the job through to closure. I have a worksheet (New Jobs) where new jobs are entered which acts as the db for the word document and have assigned a macro that appends all new jobs to the monitoring worksheet (WO Open). I have 10 cells in WO Open worksheet to the right of the new data that I need to populate with formulas.

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Adding Blank In Data Validation List?

Mar 17, 2006

I have a spreadsheet with some cells setup with a drop-down list containing Y, N or N/A

This is being used on a TabletPC but if I make a mistake or need to change back to a blank field I have to invoke the soft keyboard, activate the cell and hit backspace then close the soft keyboard - quite a long-winded procedure just to change an incorrect choice!

What I would like to do is add a blank to the list so if I have to revert back to a blank I can just use the stylus to choose a blank from the chooser list.

How do I add the option of inputting a blank from the Data Validation List bearing in mind I am using the Data Validation Source box for entering my choices directly and not specifying a range of cells?

I have tried adding "" and even a space to no avail.

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Adding Data Entry To Next Blank Column

Jul 9, 2014

1.I've watched tutorials on youtube but the data entry was on the next row. I want that my data entry to input data on the next blank column. I'm having problem with the code to use

2. Any way that the P.O. number will arrange in ascending order.

Example : The last P.O. number was 005 then i've realize that I've missed P.O. number 003. And I want to input P.O. number 003 and it will be arrange.

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Copy And Paste Without Disturbing Existing Data In Paste Area

Nov 25, 2012

HTML Code:

Range Apple
1 2 2 4 3
2 1 3 5
3 4 6 9
4 5 3 1 3
5 7 7 7 6

Range Pear
4 1 3 5
5 1 1 1
6 2
7 2 2
8 5 7

Range Apple
1 2 2 4 3
2 1 3 5
3 4 6 9
4 5 3 1 3
5 7 7 7 6

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Protected Formulas Overwrite

Feb 8, 2008

Just wondering if it is possible to have a formula in a cell but over write it with other digits while preserving the underlying formula?

I can lock the sheet/workbook but cant edit the cells once this is done?

I'm hoping to be able to delete what ever I have overwritten and for the formula to then take effect again.

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Add Data To Table (currently Not Adding Row To Table)

Feb 2, 2014

I need to add data into a Table, i can currently add data to the last cell however it is not adding it in the table set,

I am using a userform to add the data into the next blank cells, however the data it entered is not added within the table but underneath it, here is my current code i am using

How to let the data fall within the table

[Code] .....

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Row Adding With Formula In Protected Sheet

Feb 11, 2014

I'm trying to manage my Stock by using protected sheet, but i stuck with this "row adding with formula" stuff.

The user can only write in the colored cell, but everytime the user add new row, the formula doesn't copying by itself

I attach the file below with no password, if it's protected, the password is none, just press enter ( password : "" )


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Adding Comments To A Protected Worksheet

Jan 20, 2010

I have (several) worksheets that have protection enabled. I have unlocked all the cells that users need access to and locked all the column and row headers/labels.
When I enabled protection on the sheets, the ability to add comments was taken away.
Is there a way to add comments to an UNLOCKED cell in a PROTECTED worksheet?

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Adding Columns To External Data Table?

Sep 11, 2013

I have a External Data Table, but I wanted to add a extra column to it for comments. I just need to be able to write down what I did with that particular order or things like that. I did make a column, but the problem is whenever I update the table the comments column fields stay static I mean they don't move with their row. So it ends up the comment belonging to a row is now on another row.

is there a way I can tell excel to move the cell with the record or something like that.

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Pivot Table - Adding Data And Refreshing

Oct 17, 2011

Its been ages since I used a pivot table and I cant remember much.

I did one last week - lets pretend on the range A1, B100.

Ive since added some extra info into the range and it now goes from A1, B110.

I go to my pivot table and hit "!" and it updates. How can I be certain its included everything from my range? Is there a way I can check the pivot table to see where the range is from?

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Leaving Blank Cells Blank In Dragging Formula Combining Different Formulas In One Cell?

Aug 2, 2014

I can't modify my formula to leave blank cells blank when dragging it down, Also, I've got two formulas that i need to combine. Please view the comments I've put in cells E4, F2,F3,H2 and I2 to understand clearly what am seeking. See the attached worksheet.

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Data Processing From Table - Ignoring Blank Data?

Oct 24, 2013

The way I have this set up right now is that data is being submitted by an Infopath Web Form and emailed to me, it produced an XML file with values for all the possible entries for each person but only certain departments are filling in certain blocks.

That XML file is uploaded into a worksheet and then I'm trying to process data off that table to get the information I'm needing. I'm trying to divide data if a certain piece of the formula matches (IF CCU & August then Divide F column on same line by G column on same line and display the result)

I'm also trying to ignore empty blocks which is where my problem is at. So far I've come up with


but that is only working if the data happens to match on the same line in the data table.

Added the excel workbook: patientdashboardexperience.xlsx

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Pivot Table - Blank Row After Data?

Jun 7, 2013

I have a pivot table which pulls data from a table in same worksheet

There are 9 rows of data in the table

If I fill all 9 rows then the pivot table shows all 9 rows as expected.

Any less than 9 rows, for example if only 4 rows are poluated, the pivot table shows 4 rows plus one empty row.

I do not want this empty row as it shows in the chart. How can I get rid of this empty row?

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Modify Listbox Without Disturbing Previous Entries

May 7, 2012

How do you add or delete choices to a dropdown list without deleting all entries that were selected throughout the spreadsheet in the past, or having to change the validatons rules one by one?

I set up the list box choices (dropdown choices) by just naming the group of cells -- that is, by highlighting the group of cells, and typing a name into cell name field (in upper left corner of window); then using that name in data validation on the spreadsheet cell for the user.

- When I try to adjust the box, by adding entries and naming the revised group of cells with the old group name, it does not recognize the new group but the old group.

- If I delete old list and replace with new list, the previous entries disappear.

- When I try to name the new group a different name - it does work - but it involves changing the data validation on the user's spreadsheet, and skipping the ones that are already entered.

I wondered if there is a more efficient manageable way to maintain changes to the list items in a dropdown list box (one that is used for dependent lists) in Excel. I suspect it's easier in Access.

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Transfer Row Data From One Table To Another If Cell Is Not Blank?

Jul 21, 2014

I have two sheets with a table on each. Sheet 1 table 1 has a row of data on jobs we are bidding. If we win the job there is a column where we input a job number. What I would like to happen is that when someone enters a job number in this column, it takes that number and the information that is in two other cells in the same row to table 2 on a sheet 2. This will give us a current jobs sheet. I am using Office365 but some users are using 07 maybe even 03.

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Delete Blank Rows Above Data Table

Mar 28, 2008

The below code deletes blank columns in two work books. Now I would like to add to this code by performing an additional action on the worksheets. Below is the code that I have so far:

Sub Commandbutton2()
Dim iCol As Long
Dim Isheet As Long
Dim Item As Worksheet
Dim MFBooks(2) As Workbook
Dim lngIndex As Long
Set MFBooks(1) = Workbooks("MF BANK EXPOSURE SUMMARY.xls")
Set MFBooks(2) = Workbooks("MF CP EXPOSURE SUMMARY.xls")
For lngIndex = 1 To 2
For Each Item In MFBooks(lngIndex).Worksheets .....................

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Get Table Data Into 3 Columns Without Blank Data

Apr 13, 2012

I have a large table about 2000 rows x 2000 columns (small extract below) and i need to get all the non-blank data out of it into just 3 columns ignoring any blank cells. Column A is the customer account number and the other columns contain the prices for the part numbers as described in row 1.

a/c - part no

[Code] .......

What I need to end up with is list of Account/Part No./Price like this...

Part No.

[Code] .........

There will be about 70,000 lines from the table I have.

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Sort Protected Worksheet Excluding Blank Cells

Apr 11, 2005

I need to protect my worksheet and only allow users to edit certain ranges. I am allowing the use of autofilter which I can select when I apply protection. However, I am now aware I cannot sort protected cells..which is essential. I basically need to be able to sort a column titled 'surname'. The worksheet is a record of pupils attainment in my class.

Now, I have a macro which seems to do the job: ....

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Pivot Table Is Displaying 1/29/14 For Every Cell In Particular Data Field That Is Blank

Jan 23, 2014

On my data tab I've got a column for "review date." Some of those cells are blank. When you go to the pivot table, the respective cell for that date cell displays the date 1/29/14. There is no data in the cell on the data tab, so why would it be displaying 1/29/14? I want it to either say "blank" or just be blank. It does this for every review date cell that is blank.

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Create Pivot Table That Does Not Skip Through Blank Data Cells?

Mar 20, 2014

how to create a pivot table that does not skip through blank data cells. I have a pivot table with data for several dates, but not every date has a data point. I would want the pivot table to show all the dates with the blanks, rather than skip through the days with no data.

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Adding Two Formulas Together?

Mar 24, 2014

how do i add this =LOOKUP((E12+G12),{0,1500,6000,15000,55000;3.4,2.9,2.4,1.9,1.4})%*(E12+G12)+0.2 Into this fomula =IF(AND(E3>0,J3="Yes"),((E3+G3)*3.4%+0.2),0)

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Insert Row On A Table In Protected Sheet

Dec 11, 2013

I am working on an excel table in my worksheet contains formulas and locked cells. lets say table range is from column "a" to "f" and there is formula on cell in columns "c" and "f". I just locked cells in column "c" and "f" to prevent people changing the formula accidentally. but when the sheet is protected i am not able to insert or delete rows as the rows has locked cells in columns "c" and "f".

I tried the below macro to unlock the sheet, insert row and lock the sheet again:

[Code] .....

So by running the macro it asks the password and do the job but the issue is it needs password and i do not want people to know my password. I don't want them able to unlock the workbook and make any undesired changes. I want them to be allowed insert or delete rows and input data in unlocked cell. I want the sheet to be locked all the time and only when people want to insert or delete a row it be unlocked and be locked again after inserting or deleting whit no need to insert password in this case only.

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Refreshing Protected Pivot Table

May 31, 2006

I've referenced a few threads this one in particular [Solved] Pivot Tables : Refresh on protected sheet

I've tried the example given in the link and it still does not work. I want to protect the sheets that contain pivot tables, but still be able to refresh them. When I try I get an error. I've tried this a few ways.

My first attempt was to protect the sheets using allowuserinterfaceonly at a workbook open event. This caused warnings as soon as the workbook was opened. Then I tried Dave's suggestion and I get a runtime error 1004: Cannot edit PivotTable on protected sheet.

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Adding Numbers With Formulas

Apr 23, 2009

I'm tring do a simple formula: =CA3+BP3+BE3+AT3+AI3+X3+M3, but because the cells I am adding have formulas in them already it is returning a error. Can I add them using 'sumproduct' formula, or is there another way?

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Adding Columns And Formulas And All That

Nov 6, 2008

I would now like to as remove the first column and add another column a and b. A would say "Service From Date" and column B would say "Service To Date" In addition I would like to add a column between "5202 Meals Provided" and "5221 S.A. Facility Lodging" a column that reads "7025 Number of Days Care" and that tallies like the rest of them.

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