Aging Report ...

Nov 25, 2008

I am trying to customize an aging report, column will be 30, 60, 90 120 + I would like the amount to show under each column. The charge amount for $252.38 each day.

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Creating An Aging Report

Jan 1, 2006

I'm trying to create an Accounts Receivable "aging report", using Excel
2003. I've got a field (a date field), that provides the date of invoice.
I'd like then to add 30, 60, or 90 days from that date, and call that the
"Due Date" for payment in another column.

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Aging Formula

Mar 24, 2009

I have attached a spreadsheet that shows a summary of an account to date. I want to put in formulas to continue as new charges and payments occur. I hope the upload worked!!

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Formula For Aging

Feb 3, 2010

0< 90 days
90>90-180 Days
180>180 Days
Column M has the aging details.
I am attaching the file below.

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Aging Accounts

Dec 9, 2008

I'm trying to create an aging accounts table from transaction data. I am tracking loans. Here's the layout of the data that I have. Positive entries mean that a new loan was taken out. Negative entries mean that a loan payment was made.: ...

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Calculating Aging For A Particular Transaction?

Jan 5, 2013

I have tried this. actully i am calculating aging for a particular transaction.

This is my needs. if A1 = between or equal to 0-2 B1 = 0-2 days
A1 = between or equal to 3-5 B1 = 3-5 days
A1 = between or equal to 5-10 B1 = 5 to 10 days
A1 = greaterthan 10 B1 = More than 10 days

Acrully am triying this formula =IF(A1<2, "0-2 Days","5-6 Days") if more than 2 scnario i cant...

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Count Aging Records

Nov 25, 2009

I run a work order report on a daily and weekly basis and I am looking for a formula that will find all dates in L:L that are greater than 9 days old. I can't seem to work out the syntax. The cells in L:L are formatted as DATE and TYPE *3/14/2001

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Aging Inventory Buckets

Aug 27, 2009

I need a formula that will help determine what "bucket" (based on today's date & due date) a date would fall under. I have 5 buckets:

0-14 Days
15-22 Days
23-30 Days
31+ Days

I am using the following formula:

=IF(D2="","N/A",IF(TODAY()-D2-26,TODAY()-D2-12,TODAY()-D2-5,TODAY()-D20,"31 + days"))))))

This formula works fine, however the next day I run the report the formula has to be slightly modified to place everything in the correct aging "bucket". Is there a formula that would alleviate the need to update the formula everytime I would like to check the inventory?

The dates are actually based on a weekly (Sunday through Saturday) schedule. So if the Due date is Prior to today's date it would fall into the 31+ category. If due up to 14 days (including today) it would fall under the 0-14 Day "bucket". And so on...

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Amounts According To The Aging Column Automatically

Feb 16, 2008

i'm looking for a formula that will classify amounts according to the aging column automatically each time the month is changed.

my file is attached...

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Formula For Aging Of Accounts Receivables

Feb 27, 2013

I need formula for aging of accounts receivables.

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Count Data Using Most Recent Date And Aging

Jan 29, 2014

I've been trying to create a pv table that will count all the trades based on products, but they are duplicate in my set of data that I am trying to eliminate, I just want to select the trades with most recent date and if there are duplicates entries with the same date, then to select the aging column..

Column A are my trade IDs (duplicates trades), column G my dates and column O my aging days (goes up to >5). What I'd like to do is to count the trade using the most recent date and if the date is the same use the aging column. is this even possible to do using formulas?

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Conditionally Calculate Aging Using Oldest Date

Sep 10, 2009

I looking to track the oldest entry that is still marked "Open" or "In progress".
So far I have done the below If Statement:- =IF(H24="Open",E24,IF(H24="In progress",E24,"")). This returns the Date it was logged if the status is "Open" or "In progress". to column T, So far so good!

So in cell T22 i wanted excel to show me the oldest date so i used the MIN function like so:- =MIN(T24:T40). This returned me the oldest date which i then wanted to know how many days this has been open for so i used:- = SUM(TODAY()-H6)

which gives me the number of days. This all works fine until..........i don't have any entries set to "Open" or "In progress" or any dates added (e.g. start of a new week). When this is the case the MIN function returns a value of 01/01/04 which in turn tells me that the oldest entry is 38,604 days old. I have tried different combinations of If statements to ignore the blanks / date etc but i just can't make it return zero or even better blank. I have attached a sample of my sheet and inserted comments to explain what each part does

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Creating Individual Report Cards (worksheets) Based On Template For Report Card

Aug 30, 2013

I have two worksheets in my report cards:

1) Data - the students are listed in Column A, math scores in Column B, reading scores in Column C and science scores in Column D. The grades of 300 students are entered in this sheet.




2) Report Card template - This is the report card that needs to be generated for each student. It's pulling the student name and grades from the Data worksheet.

Student Name




How do I create worksheets (report cards) for additional students? I have 300 students in the school. I need the next worksheet to reference Data!$A3. I know how to cut and paste the report card template and then edit =Data!A2 to be =Data!A3 to create a report card for Sally. How do I create the 300 report cards I need?

I've been teaching for 13 years. I can create a report card for each student in my class and edit each worksheet individually for each student. Now I've been asked to do this for the whole school and I don't know how to create the other 299 sheets I need.

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Copy Data From Weekly Report To Monthly Report

Jul 2, 2008

How do you create a macro to copy the information from my weekly reports to a monthly report and be able to update automatically. If you had 4 worksheets (for each week of the month) and 1 mastersheet for the whole month in a workbook. All titles are the same and If you needed to copy all the data that is in the columns, say, A through I, starting with row 4 to however many rows are in a given week. The reports can be made up of numicerial values, text and dates. Let me know if more information is needed or an example worksheet.

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Report Structure (create A Report Either By Using Or Without Using VBA)

Apr 12, 2009

find the attached Example file. I need to create a report either by using or without using VBA.

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SAP Report

Apr 16, 2008

I am working in SAP, I am attempting to convert a report in excel and I'm get the following error codes/debugger messages:

1ST Error Message is : Path/File access error: 'VBD1.tmp'

Then I press okay and get a Visual Basic Error:
Run Time Error '1004'

Methon 'Copy' of object'_Worksheet' failed

If I press debug I get a bunch of Visual Basic sheet, with the following highlighted

Set ws = SAPSheets.item(SheetIndex)

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Rollout Report

Jul 14, 2008

So this is the problem, there are 65 files that are stored in a folder, each file has 8 tabs, all these tabs within each file are identical in every aspect ( i.e cell ranges and names). The max number of rows in a tab is 81. To break it down:

Tab 1 : Instructions (this will never change and will always be constant among all 65 files)
Tab 2: Row 1 will be the same for all files, rows 2-9 i don't need, except for the info on cell C3 which I need to be copied through S11:S33. S10 needs to equal A3 with the format of R10. And then just have the next files tab info below this table with the same logic being followed.
Tab 3: Same logic as tab 2 but now the range is from S11:S53.
Tab4: Same logic, just copy and paste tables for all files, and doing the same thing with column S hat was done in tab 2 in order to be able to filter tha data.
Tab 5: Same logic, with H1 being filled by the descriptor on Tab2( This will enable one to filter though the information since the descriptor in cell 3 from tab 2 is the short name given to each files which differentiates the data.
Tab 6; Same logic
Tab7: Same logic, but would like a drop down box on right to filter by service centers.
Tab 8: Same logic, but would like to have drop down on rigt in which I can select the given short name ( i.e cell 3 from tab 2 of each file)

This way I can have one master file which encompasses all the information from all 65 files in one file and be able to sort through the data in each tab by the short name description. I need a macro for this since these files get updated in a weekly basis.

Any help on writting such a code would be greatly appreciated, my excel VBA skills are non existent!. I have attached the template of how one of these files looks like. There all the same except with different names of course and all are stored in one folder.

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VBA Report With Forms

Dec 5, 2009

sometimes pivot tables won't give me the details I want the way I want. any time my boss asks me for a monthly report I have to do everything manually from the pivot table and insert the data on another table where I put the filteres data. I want to be able to get a monthly sales report per store that will populate itself in a daily basis, I also want to be able to select a store, style, size and date from a form in Excel and see the report in a sheet. Aproblem that I have found in order to use the size as a parameter is that the size comes in the same line as the item description and do not know how to make excel to check just for the size in the description field.
The attached file contains sales data for a better understanding of my case.

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Report The Max Number And The Min

Oct 31, 2005

I have a coulmn with results in that are in a decimal point example .01, .02.
At the bottom of the coulumn I want to report the max number and the min
number but it does not. Also in one column my results are listed as <0.05
etc. At the bottom of this column I want to report the max and min but it
does not. I believe because they are not whole numbers. Is there a way to
report these numbers. I tried an IF formula where if <0, max(i12:i36) but
that did not work.

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Generate Report With %

Jan 8, 2008

Analysis of Profit is very impt in business , that is why i keep trying to find way to use excel to generate profit report.

I have been trying to solve this for last one month. even when i bath... But no result.

May i ask any one here know how to convert my data to a report using . Below table said every thing.

Project (10)  HIJ1My Raw Data File  2BrandMonthProfit In %3Brand AJan 0730%4Brand BFeb 0750%5Brand AJan 0730%6Brand BFeb 0750%7   8   9I Need Report In New Work Sheet  10   11BrandJan 07Feb 0712Brand A30%30%13Brand B50%50% Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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To Write A VBA Report

Dec 9, 2008

i have accumulated a lot of data on an excel sheet now i need to be able to run 2 reports that will spit out the data in a specific way but i have no clue but i have made a word document to show how i would like it to spit out

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Summary Report

Apr 30, 2009

I'm working on some homework for a CIS class, that is pretty straight forward...except I don't know how to make a summary report in excel.

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Create Per Day Report

Jun 25, 2009

I've three columns excelsheet and want to create Per day report.


I want to count per day records and status.

This will be self-explanatory when you check this screenshot

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Making A Report

Jun 6, 2006

1- I 'm working with a table wit many Sheets.

I want to make a Report Sheet with selective ranges(cells)
the selective cells should paste as link ( in order to be updated cells)

2- then how to Zip this worksheet to zip file ( to save it)

3- If I have a Macro and i want to perform this macro to all sheet except one sheet how to that ?

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Report Not Working

Mar 8, 2007

Just to fill you in on what I am doing, I am am putting a report macro in my spreadsheet that looks to see if a value meets the criteria if it does then it will copy a selection of cells data from that sheet into a new sheet. It will do this for all the sheets so in theory I should end up with a simmilar kind of report function to access. The problem is to when I do this the data does not appear, I do not know why.

Private Sub cmdPoor_Click()
Dim sheet As Worksheet
For Each sheet In Worksheets
If Not sheet.Name = "Main" Then
If Not sheet.Name = "Template" Then
If Not sheet.Name = "Help" Then
If Range("L44").Value = Poor Then
Dim strName As String
Dim strSurname As String
strName = Range("L41").Value
strSurname = Range("L42").Value...................

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Best Way To Create A Report

Apr 10, 2007

As it is now I use several loops to scan one sheet to collect the data and paste it onto a second sheet. The first sheet has several rows of data, denoted by one of four colors, that I have to collect and put into a report grouped by color. Each color represents the current status of a part of a project. The while loops stop on no data in column one. So each loop runs down the sheet, looks at the data row color and rejects it if it is not the right color for that section of the report. I am sure there is a better way to do this. I was thinking maybe create a temporary data base, collect the data adding fields for the current status then use a sql for each section of the report and insert rows as required.

While Worksheets("All Work"). Cells(iGetRow, 1).Value <> Empty
Set Cell1 = Cells(iGetRow, iGetCol)
Set Cell2 = Cells(iGetRow, iGetCol + 4)
Set rCurrent = Range(Cell1, Cell2)
With Selection.Copy
If rCurrent.Interior.Color = Purple Then 'Purple is a constant
Worksheets("Report").Paste Destination:=Worksheets("Report").Cells(iPutRow, 1)
iPutRow = iPutRow + 1
End If
iGetRow = iGetRow + 1
End With

Data Structure:.............

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Report The Date Of First Activity

May 15, 2014

have a data set with client id and most dates of activity....

I would like to be able to include within a report the date of first activity and the most recent date of activity....

please see attached sample worksheet...

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Look For Value On Worksheet And Report A List

Feb 14, 2014

I have a list of equipment and bits that go with each kit and depending on other kits which they are installed with.
I'd like to automate the list.

Attached an example: I'd like excel to look for the first piece of equipment over their respective sheets and list the parts needed for the chosen equipment.

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Match And Report All Instances?

May 9, 2014

I have four columns with data. I need to Correlate columns 1 and 4. eg. Column 1 = All instances of Column 4. I must do this by matching the values of Column 2 to Column 3. There will/can be multiple instances of the same values in all columns.

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Creating A Dynamic Report Tab

Mar 12, 2009

I am trying to generate a good looking, dynamic report tab that runs off another tab that contains ugly raw data for website traffic. This should then drive a couple of charts based on the parameters I specify.

The Raw Data

This is daily data for keywords that we advertise on through Google. Associated with each keyword are various fields:Clicks
CPC (Cost divided by clicks)
CPQ (cost divided by quotes)
CPS (cost divided by sales)
CTQ (quotes divided by clicks)
QTS (sales divided by quotes
CTS (sales divided by clicks)
Avg Pos

There are maybe 30 keywords - each with daily information for the above fields.

The layout of the raw data is:

Column A: Date
Column B: Keywords
Column C: Clicks

and so on.......

The Report

This is the nice looking report where we can pull in the required bits and bobs in a nice format. Because some of the above fields are calculations I've not been able to achieve what I need using a normal pivot report.

What I would like to be able to do:

Populate a summary report using the above raw data but be able to specify certain things such as:The date range I want to see data for
The specific keyword(s) I want to see data for

For example v- we are feeding the daily information into the raw report each morning. One day I might want to see summary stats for a particular data rang on maybe 3 of the keywords so I'd somehow like to select appropriate date ranges and keywords from drop down lists and then I see the summary stats for the appropriate date range broken down by each keyword.

I'd also like a total underneath this report to add up or calculate the totals and averages for the data based on the parameters I specify.

Finally, given all of the above, I would like to run a dynamic chart based on the raw data but taking into account the filters I specify on the slick report sheet.

So....if I set the date range as From: 01/03/09 to 12/03/09 I can see daily clicks, costs etc for the particular keywords I specify in the drop-down menu or what-have-you

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