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Aging Report ...

I am trying to customize an aging report, column will be 30, 60, 90 120 + I would like the amount to show under each column. The charge amount for $252.38 each day.

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Creating An Aging Report
I'm trying to create an Accounts Receivable "aging report", using Excel
2003. I've got a field (a date field), that provides the date of invoice.
I'd like then to add 30, 60, or 90 days from that date, and call that the
"Due Date" for payment in another column.

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Aging Formula
I have attached a spreadsheet that shows a summary of an account to date. I want to put in formulas to continue as new charges and payments occur. I hope the upload worked!!

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Aging Accounts
I'm trying to create an aging accounts table from transaction data. I am tracking loans. Here's the layout of the data that I have. Positive entries mean that a new loan was taken out. Negative entries mean that a loan payment was made.: ...

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Formula For Aging
0< 90 days
90>90-180 Days
180>180 Days
Column M has the aging details.
I am attaching the file below.

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Aging Inventory Buckets
I need a formula that will help determine what "bucket" (based on today's date & due date) a date would fall under. I have 5 buckets:

0-14 Days
15-22 Days
23-30 Days
31+ Days

I am using the following formula:

=IF(D2="","N/A",IF(TODAY()-D2-26,TODAY()-D2-12,TODAY()-D2-5,TODAY()-D20,"31 + days"))))))

This formula works fine, however the next day I run the report the formula has to be slightly modified to place everything in the correct aging "bucket". Is there a formula that would alleviate the need to update the formula everytime I would like to check the inventory?

The dates are actually based on a weekly (Sunday through Saturday) schedule. So if the Due date is Prior to today's date it would fall into the 31+ category. If due up to 14 days (including today) it would fall under the 0-14 Day "bucket". And so on...

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Count Aging Records
I run a work order report on a daily and weekly basis and I am looking for a formula that will find all dates in L:L that are greater than 9 days old. I can't seem to work out the syntax. The cells in L:L are formatted as DATE and TYPE *3/14/2001

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Amounts According To The Aging Column Automatically
i'm looking for a formula that will classify amounts according to the aging column automatically each time the month is changed.

my file is attached...

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Copy Data From Weekly Report To Monthly Report
How do you create a macro to copy the information from my weekly reports to a monthly report and be able to update automatically. If you had 4 worksheets (for each week of the month) and 1 mastersheet for the whole month in a workbook. All titles are the same and If you needed to copy all the data that is in the columns, say, A through I, starting with row 4 to however many rows are in a given week. The reports can be made up of numicerial values, text and dates. Let me know if more information is needed or an example worksheet.

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Conditionally Calculate Aging Using Oldest Date
I looking to track the oldest entry that is still marked "Open" or "In progress".
So far I have done the below If Statement:- =IF(H24="Open",E24,IF(H24="In progress",E24,"")). This returns the Date it was logged if the status is "Open" or "In progress". to column T, So far so good!

So in cell T22 i wanted excel to show me the oldest date so i used the MIN function like so:- =MIN(T24:T40). This returned me the oldest date which i then wanted to know how many days this has been open for so i used:- = SUM(TODAY()-H6)

which gives me the number of days. This all works fine until..........i don't have any entries set to "Open" or "In progress" or any dates added (e.g. start of a new week). When this is the case the MIN function returns a value of 01/01/04 which in turn tells me that the oldest entry is 38,604 days old. I have tried different combinations of If statements to ignore the blanks / date etc but i just can't make it return zero or even better blank. I have attached a sample of my sheet and inserted comments to explain what each part does

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Report Structure (create A Report Either By Using Or Without Using VBA)
find the attached Example file. I need to create a report either by using or without using VBA.

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Rollout Report
So this is the problem, there are 65 files that are stored in a folder, each file has 8 tabs, all these tabs within each file are identical in every aspect ( i.e cell ranges and names). The max number of rows in a tab is 81. To break it down:

Tab 1 : Instructions (this will never change and will always be constant among all 65 files)
Tab 2: Row 1 will be the same for all files, rows 2-9 i don't need, except for the info on cell C3 which I need to be copied through S11:S33. S10 needs to equal A3 with the format of R10. And then just have the next files tab info below this table with the same logic being followed.
Tab 3: Same logic as tab 2 but now the range is from S11:S53.
Tab4: Same logic, just copy and paste tables for all files, and doing the same thing with column S hat was done in tab 2 in order to be able to filter tha data.
Tab 5: Same logic, with H1 being filled by the descriptor on Tab2( This will enable one to filter though the information since the descriptor in cell 3 from tab 2 is the short name given to each files which differentiates the data.
Tab 6; Same logic
Tab7: Same logic, but would like a drop down box on right to filter by service centers.
Tab 8: Same logic, but would like to have drop down on rigt in which I can select the given short name ( i.e cell 3 from tab 2 of each file)

This way I can have one master file which encompasses all the information from all 65 files in one file and be able to sort through the data in each tab by the short name description. I need a macro for this since these files get updated in a weekly basis.

Any help on writting such a code would be greatly appreciated, my excel VBA skills are non existent!. I have attached the template of how one of these files looks like. There all the same except with different names of course and all are stored in one folder.

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Generate Report With %
Analysis of Profit is very impt in business , that is why i keep trying to find way to use excel to generate profit report.

I have been trying to solve this for last one month. even when i bath... But no result.

May i ask any one here know how to convert my data to a report using . Below table said every thing.

Project (10)  HIJ1My Raw Data File  2BrandMonthProfit In %3Brand AJan 0730%4Brand BFeb 0750%5Brand AJan 0730%6Brand BFeb 0750%7   8   9I Need Report In New Work Sheet  10   11BrandJan 07Feb 0712Brand A30%30%13Brand B50%50% Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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Summary Report
I'm working on some homework for a CIS class, that is pretty straight forward...except I don't know how to make a summary report in excel.

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SAP Report
I am working in SAP, I am attempting to convert a report in excel and I'm get the following error codes/debugger messages:

1ST Error Message is : Path/File access error: 'VBD1.tmp'

Then I press okay and get a Visual Basic Error:
Run Time Error '1004'

Methon 'Copy' of object'_Worksheet' failed

If I press debug I get a bunch of Visual Basic sheet, with the following highlighted

Set ws = SAPSheets.item(SheetIndex)

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Report Not Working
Just to fill you in on what I am doing, I am am putting a report macro in my spreadsheet that looks to see if a value meets the criteria if it does then it will copy a selection of cells data from that sheet into a new sheet. It will do this for all the sheets so in theory I should end up with a simmilar kind of report function to access. The problem is to when I do this the data does not appear, I do not know why.

Private Sub cmdPoor_Click()
Dim sheet As Worksheet
For Each sheet In Worksheets
If Not sheet.Name = "Main" Then
If Not sheet.Name = "Template" Then
If Not sheet.Name = "Help" Then
If Range("L44").Value = Poor Then
Dim strName As String
Dim strSurname As String
strName = Range("L41").Value
strSurname = Range("L42").Value...................

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Making A Report
1- I 'm working with a table wit many Sheets.

I want to make a Report Sheet with selective ranges(cells)
the selective cells should paste as link ( in order to be updated cells)

2- then how to Zip this worksheet to zip file ( to save it)

3- If I have a Macro and i want to perform this macro to all sheet except one sheet how to that ?

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Best Way To Create A Report
As it is now I use several loops to scan one sheet to collect the data and paste it onto a second sheet. The first sheet has several rows of data, denoted by one of four colors, that I have to collect and put into a report grouped by color. Each color represents the current status of a part of a project. The while loops stop on no data in column one. So each loop runs down the sheet, looks at the data row color and rejects it if it is not the right color for that section of the report. I am sure there is a better way to do this. I was thinking maybe create a temporary data base, collect the data adding fields for the current status then use a sql for each section of the report and insert rows as required.

While Worksheets("All Work"). Cells(iGetRow, 1).Value <> Empty
Set Cell1 = Cells(iGetRow, iGetCol)
Set Cell2 = Cells(iGetRow, iGetCol + 4)
Set rCurrent = Range(Cell1, Cell2)
With Selection.Copy
If rCurrent.Interior.Color = Purple Then 'Purple is a constant
Worksheets("Report").Paste Destination:=Worksheets("Report").Cells(iPutRow, 1)
iPutRow = iPutRow + 1
End If
iGetRow = iGetRow + 1
End With

Data Structure:.............

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Summary Report Of Workbooks
I have been asked to create grand summary workbook that basically copy and paste from a few workbooks in different folders location in a network drive in this grand summary. The sheet to copy from these other workbooks is named as "summary" and the location and filenames are as follow:

P:Section 1RegisterNorth.xls,
P:Section 2RegisterSouth.xls,

The data can be found from A7 to R7 downwards in the "Summary" sheet tab in each of the workbook above.

The data are updated every week and as such I hope to have a macro create to first clear the old data and update the new data.

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Summary Report Using VB Code
I have a report that I need to summarize, here is some sample data.

Dealer CodeParticipantModules

Desired results would be column A Dealer Code, Column B Particpant, Column C a summary of Modules taken, Column D a count of Modules

F23CH Rob Masson 10,7W,8,9 4
F32c5 John Coutts 16,17,21 3
F32C8 Scott Plakholm 7,7s,7w,8 4

Is there a easy fix using VB code? The report is usually between 1500 lines and 2000.

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Multiple Criteria Report
I have a 7-column 'Task' list that I need to query, and extract (preferably to a separate sheet) only those tasks that start 'ON' or 'BEFORE' the queried Date (or date range), AND/OR end 'ON' or 'AFTER' that date.

Column 1 = Dates
Columns 2-4 = Task IDs (ID1, ID2, ID3 - must match as a group)
Column 5 = indicates either Start or End of Task ('S' or 'E')
(each Task has 2 such listings - a Start [s] and an End [E])
columns 6 & 7 = Misc. & Notes (unimportant as identifiers)

So, if a Task (identified collectively by col. 2-4) starts On or Before and ends On or After (col 5) the date (col 1) queried, then that Task should be included in the results list. The tricky thing is that a task that starts long before the queried date and/or ends long after the queried date needs to be included in the results list - therefore 'S' and 'E' (Start/End, col 5) and the 3 Task ID (col. 2-4) must be used along with the date for the query. And, if a task starts (or ends) on the queried date, then its counterpart (S/E) should also be included in the results list (if available).

Tasks List:

Date | Task-ID1 | Task-ID2 | Task-ID3 | S/E | Misc. | Notes

Jan 1 2008 | AA | def | XX | S | B-11 | notes
Jan 1 2008 | FF | xyz | ZZ | S | C-44 | notes
Jan 2 2008 | DD | def | YY | E | J-55 | notes
Jan 2 2008 | GG | abc | CC | S | C-22 | notes
Jan 2 2008 | BB | xyz | DD | S | M-33 | notes
Jan 3 2008 | AA | xyz | CC | S | S-77 | notes
Jan 3 2008 | BB | def | ZZ | E | A-99 | notes
Jan 4 2008 | GG | abc | CC | E | C-22 | notes
Jan 5 2008 | AA | def | XX | E | B-11 | notes
Jan 6 2008 | BB | xyz | FF | S | J-55 | notes
Jan 6 2008 | DD | abc | AA | S | A-99 | notes.............

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Report By Date Criteria
I am trying out a new spreadsheet to log my cycling. I have attached the example so far. I am going to have a form appear and fill it out. Upon clicking 'Add' button I want a macro that will search column B (a list of dates) and match the date the users filled out on the form with the spreadsheet and then paste the corresponding form data in that row.

How would I accomplish this? Does the formatting of the date field complicate this since on the spreadsheet I display "Saturday 1/08" and on the form the user enters in "01/08/2008"

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UserForm For An Expense Report
I have an expense report with one row labeled as "Auto", and 7 columns labeled with Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc. I'd like to double-click a cell within that row and have a userform (or something else) pop up with 2 spots for data entry: "Personal" and "Company". A user would enter dollar amounts in one or both fields. After they're finished, I would like the total of what they entered to populate the cell that was double-clicked, but still have that breakdown available or even be able to change it by re-double-clicking the cell. Is that even possible?

To add complication, at the end of the row are two additional columns that total personal and company expenses. I'd have to have all personal expense amounts sum together in its column, as well as all company expenses sum together in the other column.

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Create Per Day Report
I've three columns excelsheet and want to create Per day report.


I want to count per day records and status.

This will be self-explanatory when you check this screenshot

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Need To Build Up One Dynamic Report
I need to build up one dynamic report.

Here is the task:

1) Everyday workers fill up with records in each sheet (record count can be different, because there is a "List" table)

2) Each day is in one separate sheet (for example: 1st June is in sheet with name 1, 2nd June is in sheet with name 2 .)

3) ALL sheets are named 1, 2, 3 ... 31

4) And in the sheet with name "ALL records" must be generated all records from sheet 1,2, ... 31

Here is my Example

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VBA Report With Forms
sometimes pivot tables won't give me the details I want the way I want. any time my boss asks me for a monthly report I have to do everything manually from the pivot table and insert the data on another table where I put the filteres data. I want to be able to get a monthly sales report per store that will populate itself in a daily basis, I also want to be able to select a store, style, size and date from a form in Excel and see the report in a sheet. Aproblem that I have found in order to use the size as a parameter is that the size comes in the same line as the item description and do not know how to make excel to check just for the size in the description field.
The attached file contains sales data for a better understanding of my case.

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Create A Graph Report
Rep NameCall StartedDuration h:mm:ssRep 12:19:18 PM0:00:36Rep 13:09:01 PM0:00:56Rep 13:11:01 PM0:01:05Rep 13:12:12 PM0:01:13Rep 13:26:26 PM0:00:39Rep 27:08:35 AM0:01:57Rep 27:16:32 AM0:02:12Rep 21:47:17 PM0:02:01Rep 37:05:01 AM0:10:37Rep 37:36:24 AM0:00:16Rep 311:41:43 AM0:15:21Rep 312:47:36 PM0:00:46Rep 31:45:36 PM0:02:19Rep 31:49:54 PM0:00:32Rep 31:51:46 PM0:00:56Rep 31:55:03 PM0:00:35Rep 31:59:26 PM0:00:22Rep 47:04:24 AM0:00:16Rep 42:40:41 PM0:00:08Rep 43:06:22 PM0:02:16Rep 43:21:35 PM0:00:04Rep 43:21:49 PM0:03:05

which is the time that any rep started a call and the duration of each call

and i need to make a graph from it that kind of looks like this:

(not actual data)

this way you can clearly see that for the most part rep 3 was the most productive however only rep 2 was on a call after 2pm.

i need this report to see tendencies on how much time is wasted on meetings and such keeping the reps off the phone.

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Compress The Lines In The Report
I need a macro where I can compress the lines in the report below. By other words will I end up with totals on lines with the same text information. This report can have different number of lines, so it is an advantage if the macro is dynamic.

BD 000012EXPI2CAC2009SBU48595,98
BD 000013EXPI2CAC2009SBU338903,14
BD 000013EXPI2CAC2009SBU1887610,1
BD 000013EXPI2CAC2009SBU154462,84
BD 000013EXPI2GAC2009SBU739214,99
BD 000014EXPI2CAC2009SBU111295,82

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Macro To Open Report
I download excel report from Business object reporting tool and the file will be very huge something like 25MB and it takes nearly 40 Min to open the report and the data will be merged in the report......can any one suggest what can be done to open the report quickly or can we open the report by using macro.... can we improve the performance of opening the 25 MB report thru macro...

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Rolling Report For The Whole Year
What it is, I have a rolling report for the whole year, each with a score for the week.

However, it needs to show the whole year, but I need a seperate box with a summary of only the last 4 weeks on a rolling basis, ideally this would automatically update depending on the week.

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Addresses Match In Report
I have to separate reports. The first report lists the address in 5 columns (house #, Street, City, State, Zip), and the second lists it all in one column. Right now I have to manually check the second report against the first report to see if any of the addresses match. I do this daily, and it's rather time comsuming.

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Report Formatting Macro
I have a macro (see attached) that works fairly well, but the one thing I cannot figure out how to do it how to merge cells whenever there is a break in Project ID.

If you take a look at the spreadsheet, you will see that columns B and C for the 2nd Project ID is merged just how I want it to look. The number of rows in each Project ID is variable.

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Automate Report Generation
I have multiple files that I need to get data from. My dream is to push a button and gather the data from variable files. (I know how to make the button and get data from single file).

The file name is below:

Cell A1 contains this formula ='C:ReportsYear 2009[CityWaterReports Jan 2009.xls]PHFlows'!$B$44

Cell A2 contains this formula ='C:ReportsYear 2009[CityWaterReports Feb 2009.xls]PHFlows'!$B$44
and so on.

I would like the customer to be able to push the button and be asked to enter the year(eg: 2008) and have the formula update to the new year in each cell.

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To Write A VBA Report
i have accumulated a lot of data on an excel sheet now i need to be able to run 2 reports that will spit out the data in a specific way but i have no clue but i have made a word document to show how i would like it to spit out

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Data Validation Report
I have a workbook of about 30 worksheets which makes extensive use of Data Validation. Essentially, data entry cells is validated against values within some predefined ranges (there are 6 ranges in total).

I am preparing documentation for this workbook and would like to document the data validation being used. Is there a way to extract this information? Where/How is it stored?

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Date Formula In Report
I have a report that gives me dates in a format that's mostly useless. I am sure there's a simple formula I can do each time I run the report, but I'm not sure. My report gives me dates like this...

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Format Report From QuickBooks
I download Quickbook reports; Once I download the reports I have to format the reports. I tried recording a macro and it worked perfectly until I added an account and it left some of the rows out. When it downloads the reports it has the row headings in different columns(I am talking about the P&L report in Quickbooks). I am trying to create a loop macro (or a macro) that will move all the row headings into the same column; If I add or delete accounts it will adjust.

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Report Based Off 2 Worksheets
I have two worksheets. Worksheet1 has material number and plant number. Worksheet2 only has material number (along with other columns of info). What I am looking to do is look at worksheet2, find the corresponding material number on worksheet 1 and populate worksheet3 with all the info from worksheet1 and worksheet2.

Now this gets tricky for me because worksheet1 has duplicate material numbers, because there are duplicate plant numbers. I need worksheet3 to produce a row that contains all plant numbers, the corresponding material numbers and the rest of the columns from worksheet2.

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Dynamic Report By Criteria
Right to the point. I got two sheets in my file, one named "Order" and one named "Input". In the input sheet there is costs & revenues divided into several different divisions/activities. In column A I got the name of the cost/revenue and then the value for every period Jan-Dec in columns B-K. And the name of the activity is in column A under the cost/revenus for that activity, like a " SUM" row.
Now, in the the "order" sheet, you can select a specific activity from a rolllist and then I want that activity's revenues & cost to be shown. I've attached the file to make it easier for you guys to understand my needs. I think I need some sort of 2 criteria VLOOKUP, that is first search för the correct division, once this is found search for the different costs & revenues and the return a value. But I'm not so good at this so I can't get it to work. Maybe the INDEX function is good here but I don't get that at all. I tried Daves "2 criteria Vlookup" but all I get is #ERROR.

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Report Of Circular References
I'm looking for something that could report the details of (all) circular references in a workbook.

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Create Report From Data
I want to create a report from an existing excel spreadsheet that will show the first row with column headings. I only want certain columns from the spreadsheet to show on the report (see attached). On the left (1st column), I want to show the data from each of the last 7 days. Then I want to show data for rolling last year to date, then for last rolling year to date, and finally for last rolling 30 days.

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Report Of Data By Criteria
I have a large list of items (up to 3000) that are listed by category, description, part number and weight in columns C-F. Column A is where a user will enter a quantity in the rows of the items that they want. Once the user is done picking their items they hit a button that I have written a macro in, to copy and paste only the rows that contain a quantity in, on to another sheet. My problem is that for these items (that contain a quantity) I need to have a line number (in column B) that starts at 1 and counts up for each line item. Issues to consider:

-Line item 1 may not always be the top item. (because the user may not choose the top item)
-There will be spaces inbetween the line items since the user may not pick all of their chosen items in order.
-Users can pick an item at the bottom then pick one above it. (The Line item numbers will need to readjust to include the new number in the middle)

This has been bugging for a few days now cause whenever I think I finally get it I keep creating circular references

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Report Formating: Change From A To B
Is there an easy way to change from A to B ??, see the attach. This is just an small picture of the big one

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Statistical Summary Report
columns A,B and C contain the details of each event(race).Column d is the runners in each event and column E a score for each runner. I need to add 5 extra columns with the total score for each event,the maximum for each event,the average for each event,the meadian for each event and the standard deviation for each event. I need all cells filled. see attached spreadsheet. I will have thousands of events.

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Summary Report By Heading
I have the following example:

Math Science Biology
A Dave Pete John
B Mary Cate Dave
C Jack Dave Bob

How can I have excel give me all the subjects as well as classes that Dave teaches ie. Math(A), Biology(C) and Science(B)

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Track/Report User Changes
The module that you wrote on tracking changes made in a workbook was fabulous I had been looking for so long for that. I was just wondering if there was a way to find out WHO made the changes to the workbook. I am on a network and everyone in my office can make changes to this particular workbook, therefore there are some mistakes. I would like to know who is making the mistakes.

Dim vOldVal 'Must be at top of module
Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)
Dim bBold As Boolean

If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
On Error Resume Next
With Application
. ScreenUpdating = False
.EnableEvents = False
End With
If IsEmpty(vOldVal) Then vOldVal = "Empty Cell"
bBold = Target.HasFormula
With Sheet1.............................

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Looping Through All Sheets, Make Report
I have a workbook with many sheets, basically all the sheets are almost the same template with fill-in information for different type of jobs, and for the most part, the information is located in the same areas in each sheet.

I need to look in each sheet for a cell labeled, Committee ID:

And then copy it and the cell to the right of it, so for example:

A8 hasCommittee ID:
B8 hasC1234N

So, loop through all the sheets and get these values and then paste them into a new sheet in the same workbook and call that sheet Report. When pasting data into the Report sheet, insert a space between each result.

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Employee's Project Report
I have created a spreadsheet in Excel where it gives me a report of how many hours my employees do per week and it seperate them in different categories.

What I would like to do is find a way to match the cell's description with the amount of total hours that were spend on certain project.

So here is the scenario.

In my department there 6 employees that are assigned to work on certain projects in daily basis. These projects are called CRs and to identify them I've added a number after them.
So we will have CR0001, CR0002, ect. These are unique projects.More that one employee that could woork at the same project as well on other sections but I am only interested on the projects.

To help you understand what I am trying to do I will give you an example.

John is working on project CR0005, CR0006, CR0001. He has been working on them three projects for the last week.

Here is the summary of the hours:

- 5 hours on CR0005
- 10 hours on CR0006
- 5 hours on CR0001

This information is inputed in Excel spreadsheet Week 1 .....

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Create Report Comparing 2 Sheets
Every day i create a attendence sheet with names, who was attening a club the last 21 days.
I need some kind of report showing who is in Sheet1(Today) and not in Sheet2(Yesterday)="new people" and who is in Sheet2 but not in Sheet1 (people that stoped attending, droped out the list).

I tryed with "countif" and "Vlookup" but have to change the formulars on two sheets every day and i would rather like to leave leave the Sheets untouched.

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Employee Turnover Ratio Report
Need formula to calculate employee turnover ratio and if there is a place to get a free template to download?

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Followup On Automatic Report Generation
The following code works very well up to a point. See previous thread Automatic Report Generation.
As I use it to change my yearly summary sheet all at once. However as it stands I need to insert a seperate line of code for each month and cell that I need data from I will have over 2000 seperate lines when I am done. Also if the file does not exsist yet then the cell returns a #REF (error 2023). And none of the other formulas in spread sheet will work. Is there a way to have the cell return a zero if the file has not been created yet?

Is there a way to try and automate more of the code below? Cell references will be all over the place. All the months for the year will be needed.

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