Amortization Tables For Several Loans - Returning Next Due Date

Apr 29, 2014

I have a spreadsheet that has amortization tables for several loans. I am trying to add a summary tab that will pull the next due date on each loan. Some of the loans are behind so I can't use a >today() function. I have been trying the following:


Column A is date payment is actually made, and column B is due date, so I want to return the first column B that has nothing in column A.

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Amortization Schedule For Multiple Loans?

Nov 18, 2012

I need to create an amortization table for several thousand loans. I could create a seperate amortization schedule for each loan, but as you can imagine, doing so would take a long time.

These loans have varying interest rates, loan periods, and beginning balances, so it is not as if I could just add the beginning balances together and amortize on that basis.

It seems like this will require a VBA macro, however my programming skills are a little rusty.

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Returning Totals In A Series Of Tables

Dec 29, 2008

I have a data dump which is a series of tables, the layout and headers of the tables are fairly fixed however the number of rows in each table is constantly changing. What i would like to do is return the table header, and the average turnaround for each table, preferably without amending the tables. Attached is a sample, these tables marked task C1 task C2 etc are the table headers and in the cell next to Average turnaround is the value i would like to return. I would also like to return the bottom value of each table in column C so at the end it should look like:

Task C1 434 2.52
Task C2 16 3.00
Task C3 10 2.20
Task C4 329 3.24

I do not want to amend or adjust the table as this sheet continues on for 3000 more tables, which is the reason i am looking for a VB lookup type function.

Sheet Attached..

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Date / Time Picker Not Returning Date

Feb 2, 2012

I inserted the Date & Time picker Control into my worksheet. I have it linked to a cell. When I change the date, the new date goes into the cell, but it does not appear to be a "date" . The date formulas that use that cell do not evaluate properly. It looks different than when I type a date directly in to the cell (it is left justified). I tried formatting the cell as a date and the format property of the control is set to shortDate.

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Amortization Sheet

Mar 12, 2009

I am looking for an amortization formula sheet for a boat loan that I have. That is easy enough, and I found that, but here is the hard part.

I went in on the loan with 4 different people all paying different prices a month. Let me get specific - I have a loan where one person is paying $55 a month, another $30, and three more $35 each. For a total of $190/month for the boat loan.

I want to be able to keep track how much each individual person owes in principal and in interest. Those prices a month are the minimum they will pay each month, but if someone decides to make more than the minimum payment, then it will mess everyone up with the total amount that they still owe.

So basically even though it is more one big loan, it is actually a total of 5 smaller loans as well with the same interest rate, but different minimum payments a month.

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Using If Function In An Amortization Table

Jan 10, 2010

I am trying to use the if function in an amortization table and I am wondering if there is a way to make it so if I cut the years in half if I can make the table read with 0's or dashes rather than to start counting back up again.

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Amortization Table Formula

Apr 5, 2007

I need help creating a formula. I have an amortization table and I need to take each months information and place it into a cell which resides in a letter. In the end, there should be 180 pages with different dates, interest, principal and total payments. I know that there is a way and I can not figure it out.

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Loan Amortization Calculations

Sep 27, 2007

I'm working with a loan amortization worksheet (downloaded from Office Online). Unless I don't understand correctly, the date formula on the worksheet doesn't calculate the way I need it to. I'm not totally sure what the formula they use is doing. It does use a lot of named ranges.

If a user inserts the total "Number of Payments per year", then I want the date to return the proper payment date.

For instance, If the start date is 1/1/07 and the number of payments per year is 24 then the payment dates should be like


It should be the 15th and the last day of the month.

If I put 52 as the number of payments then I want the formula to set the payment dates to every Friday.

I'm still learning formulas so bare with me guys. Attached is the worksheet.

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VBA Returning Date Value

May 1, 2012

The message box in the Standard module procedure returns 00:00:06.

Standard Module


Sub New33()
Dim clsCampaign As CCampaign
Set clsCampaign = New CCampaign
clsCampaign.MailCode = "AWSXBETC"



Option Explicit
Public MailCode As String
Public LandDate As Date
Public MailDate As Date
Public FirstPanel As Date
Public FinalPanel As Date

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Depreciation And Amortization Formula For Assets

Jun 11, 2014

I am in need of a formula to calculate monthly straight-line depreciation assets based on the current month’s days.
So, if an asset costs $10,000 and has 15 years of useful life, in June this would calculate 15 divided by 12 divided by 31 times 10,000. I want to put cost in one cell and date in another, for the formula.

BTW, someone is using this formula, =(16736*(1/15)*(6/12))*31/184

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Is Loan Amortization Affected By The Currency

Feb 20, 2008

There are various references and links to " mortgage calculators;" though they are specific to the US dollar. Is the formula still the same, irrespective of the currency and why does it come across as quite a complex calculation? i have been taksed with designing a "calculator" and don't seem to know where to start as the currency issue is confusing me.

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Amortization Table For X Year Mortgage

Jun 1, 2008

I'm trying to make an amortization table with all the individual payments. I'm trying to avoid putting in the formula manually into each individual cell. I have a formula = ROUND(F11*0.12/12,0) and I want to insert that formula down an entire column, but increasing the F11 to F12, F13, etc.

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Group By Date In Pivot Tables

Dec 26, 2006

I have Record a Macro and assigned 2 macros to 2 different buttons.
The first button sorts the list by company name, which is working fine.
However when I press the second button, although it should sort the list by payment date, the data on the cells are interpreted as number and text separately, and then sorted accordingly, which gives an inaccurate result.

When I try to sort the list by payment date manually by clicking Data>Sort (by payment date), a warning box appears and from here I choose "sort anything that looks like a number, as a number" and everything in sorted correctly.

Is there a possible way to embed the "sort anything that looks like a number, as a number" option into the recorded macro?

Note: (The data in the payment date column are in "text" format rather than date format, this is necessary because a Pivot Tables is also used to manage the data on this list and the dates should be in text format in order to filter properly in the pivot table)

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Returning The Date For Last Friday?

Feb 12, 2008

how to write an excel workbook function that will return last friday's date?

For example: If Today is 2/12/2008, it will return 2/8/2008 as the date

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Returning Zero If Date Not Present?

May 27, 2012

I have a list of dates in column A which are in order but non consecutive. I am creating a new table with all consecutive dates. I need a formula to check whether a date is in column A and then give out a number in the corresponding column to the right. I am able to use Vlookup for this but if the date is not present in the first coumn it returns an N/A response. Is there a way of returning zero if the date is not present?

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Debt Reduction By One Time Payment In Amortization?

Mar 14, 2009

How to calculate a One time Payment to maintain the Tenure In Amortization?

I havea loan of Rs 1,00,000/- to be paid @ 8%/12 for the first year and then from 13th month , it will be Floating Rate of Interest which would be mostly higher than 8%/12...

I will be paying this loan off in 5 years ( i.e. 60 months)
and the EMI = Rs 2028/- per month..

Lets say, if the Interest goes up to 12%/12 after the 12th EMI then the tenure increases by 5 months from 60 months to 65 months thus adding to the cost of Rs 2028*5 = Rs 10140 more..

Now What amount do I need to pay alongwith the regular EMI's to maintain the tenure of months?

The amount Im referring to is a One-Time Payment added with the EMI for the 13 the mOnth to reduce the Principal and accordingly the tenure?

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VLookup Using Date Ranges And Multiple Tables

Sep 23, 2013

I have a spreadsheet that records the date, specific sporting activities and cash award for participation in a round robin sporting event that was held over 52 weekends. I'm trying to lookup the cash award value of each event the person participated in by using a date range within the vlookup formula.

Each participant has their own spreadsheet which they are able to access via server, and each spreadsheet looks a bit like this:

-Column A contains the date of an event in which the person participated
-Column B contains a category number related to the type of event eg marathon = 12, hurdles = 15, relay = 18 etc. This info is manual input
-Column C contains the amount the person will be awarded by simply participating in the event. This is a lookup value and varies depending on the date the person participated, so I'm trying to incorporate date ranges and 'if' formulas into the vlookup

I'm from Australia so my dates might be backwards...


1 02/01/13 15 (supposed to be $10)

The formula should read a bit like this:

if (date at A1 is within date range 1st Jan 2013 and 31st March 2013, lookup B1 in table 1 column 2), if (date at A1 is within 1st Apr 2013 and 30th Jun 2013, lookup B1 in table 2 column 2)...etc for each quarter

I don't know if the following is right


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Updating Pivot Tables Based On Date

Oct 1, 2013

I have 9 pivot tables on different tabs that I would like to update based on a date I reference (date input in A1 ex. 9/1/2013). Is it possible to update the filter on all of the pivot tables by referencing a cell that would be the filter (date), so the pivot table will only return values for the date entered in A1?

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Querying Date Range And Returning A Value?

Jul 28, 2014

I am trying to set up a query to search a date range within a table in one sheet based upon a more narrow date range in a second sheet AND return a simple count, median currency value or value based upon a ratio (see attachment).

Note: the Sale Price, List Price and Supply values will be based upon the filtered date range (each quarter) and return a value based upon that range. The Sale Price and List Price also need to be a median within each quarter value so I can chart the data.


Here is what I need to return:

Num Sales - simple count from each quarter

Num Listings - simple count from each quarter

Sales Price - median value within each queried date range

List Price - median value within each queried date range

Supply - numeric value based upon absorption rate, supply = listings each quarter / absorption rate (absorption rate = sales each quarter / months each quarter)

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Returning The Month And Year Of A Date

Apr 24, 2009

i have a column in a spreadsheet that stores a date and another column that i want to store a date category. I want the "date category" column to return the date from the "date" column as: eg Jan 09 (if the date is eg 24/01/09)

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Returning Value Located Between Two Date Ranges

Feb 5, 2014

I have 2 tables where I need to pull data from one table into the other.

Table 1 - pull data here
Begin Date
End Date


For example: site 77 in table 1, I need to pull whatever rate is shown for site 77 in table 2 for the date range specified on table 1. So the correct answer for the first row site 77 in column E would be .02. Notice there is a problem...mainly the dates do not match exactly. I just need the rate the applies for the majority of the time.

Another example. For table 1, site 174 from 2/11/11 to 2/22/12, the correct answer in column E (pulled from table 2) would be .02, even though Column D shows .00.

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Returning A Formula Based On A Date

May 28, 2007

I have a spreadsheet with 2 worksheets within it. These are simply called sheet 1 and sheet 2.

On sheet 2 I have cell A1 containing =(TODAY())
Also on Sheet 2 I have cells A28 to A39 containing Month names and cells B28 to B39 containing values. Like this

January 1000.00
February 1000.00
March 2500.00
April 1250.00
May 1750.00
June 2200.00


How can I return the sum of these values into Sheet 1 B18 based on the date. That is to say that I want to add up the sum of Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May up to and including callcualtaions made on 31st May but as soon as the date goes past 1st Jun I'd want to include June as well and so on.

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Delete Fields That Correspond To Certain Months In Amortization Table

May 23, 2013

I have a sheet (like example attached). it's broken out by month for many decades. certain columns like B-N need each field populated. There are others like O, P, Q, where I need to delete all cells except for 2 months that year (in this example, all except May and November).

Is there a shortcut method to do this quicker?


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Not Returning Date In Lookup When Dates Are Out Of Order

Mar 20, 2014

I have a bit of code (See below) which basically looks at a list of data in rows 10:99 and then finds a date that is between cells c1 and b1. If there is one the it puts that date in if not it leaves cell blank.

[Code] .....

The problem I have now found is that is the dates in the sheet TR rows 10:99 and one of the dates is outside the range so for instance if the range set by c1 and b1 is 10/3/14 - 20/3/14 and in TR there are dates:

it wont return anything but if the dates are
it will return 15/3/14.

Is there anyway that I can change it so it wont return 0 if the last one is outside the range.

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Returning The Displayed Text Of A Date Cell

Nov 20, 2008

Take the displayed date from a cell, in this case formatted as yyyymmdd, and simply display the date as plain text, not converted to the 1900 date system. For example, I have a date cell that reads 20080610, but everything I have tried returns 39609. But I want it to return 20080610 in plain text so that I can use RIGHT and LEFT functions to extract the year, month and day.

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Returning Earliest And Latest Date For Unique ID?

Jun 25, 2014

I need an excel function to return the earliest and latest date for a particular/unique ID.

For example: In my sample workbook, the earliest date for all the columns with ID = 1 should return 11/1/2001 and the latest date should be 12/2/2011. If all the dates for a particular ID are the same, it should just return that date. For example, for ID = 2, all dates are 5/5/2010 so the earliest and latest dates should equal 5/5/2010. The earliest and latest dates have to be for each unique ID.

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Matching Date In Another Sheet And Returning Cell Value

Mar 29, 2012

I have in my 'Daily' sheet I9 which needs a formula to look at the date in C9 and the scan range 'Weeks' F6:AN41 and find the cell with the matching date and then whatever text is in Row 2 of the column the date was in will be returned.

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Returning Matching Value From An Array Based On A MAX Date.

Feb 25, 2010

I have an Excel spreadsheet (XP - 2007) listing Job Nos. in the first column, with several columns of Station assignments and dates.
Both planned dates and actual dates are included, adjacent to each other. The dates are not necessarily in a straight ascending or descending order. Separate arrays exist for: Plan Nametags, Actual Nametags, Plan Dates, Actual Dates.


Job No.Sta1 PlanSta1 ActSta2 PlanSta2 ActSta3 PlanSta3 Act1A10001-Feb-101-Feb-106-Feb-106-Feb-101-Mar-101A100116-Feb-1016-Feb-1019-Feb-1022-Feb-105-Mar-101A100225-Feb-1025-Feb-102-Mar-104-Mar-1010-Mar-10@
I need to capture two pieces of information for each Job No. on a daily basis:
1- The 'Planned' Station for the build, based on a match of the 'Plan' date fields to a pre-populated 'Report Date'.
I've been able to do this (using INDEX-MATCH function).
2- The 'Actual' Station location for the build, based on the Maximum 'Actual' date entry in the row for each build.
(In the example above, Job# 1A1001 would have an 'Actual' location of 'Sta2 Act'...)
I need to figure out how to accomplish step (2) above. I've made several attempts with INDEX-MATCH and LOOKUP functions, without success.

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Volatile Formula Returning Date To Be Static

Sep 21, 2008

I've posted this question in another site , but i haven't gotten any answer. I'm attaching an example of the file to show an idea of what i'd like to do, please check first. As you can see, i have a Due Date and Priority columns. The Due Date column has a formula, that when i choose the Priority level, it calculates the Due Date from the current date and auto populates in the cell. The problem is, when i open the file the next day, and insert another Priority level, it updates everything even the previous Due Date entry. This is the formula i have in place for the Due Date:

=(TODAY())+SMALL(IF(WEEKDAY((TODAY())-1+ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&(VLOOKUP((B3),{"Urgent",1;"High",14;"Low",21},2,0))+ ROUND(30*((VLOOKUP((B3),{"Urgent",1;"High",14;"Low",21},2,0))/30),0))))<6,ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&(VLOOKUP((B3),{"Urgent",1;"High",14;"Low",21},2,0))+ROUND(30*((VLOOKUP((B3),{"Urgent",1;"High",14;"Low",21},2,0))/30),0)))),(VLOOKUP((B3),{"Urgent",1;"High",14;"Low",21},2,0)))

Is there a way to make up a vb macro to be able to make the Due Date output static, without affecting the formula?

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Returning Dollar Value If The Posting Date Falls Between Two Dates

Mar 1, 2014

trying to get a specific value to appear if the value falls within two dates in which it was posted.

I have the following data
1/1/2014 in Cell AB2
$1000 in cell M3
1/1/2014 in cell P3
12/1/2014 in cell Q3.

What I'm trying to do, if Value 1/1/2014 AB2 falls between 1/1/2014(P3) and 12/1/2014 (q3), then I want it to return $1000 (M3), if it does not, then to post 0 or blank.

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