Approximate Value Calculations From 1 Table To Worksheet?

Jul 9, 2014

I have a worksheet that tabulate from several sheets. I have need to a field populate from a table when the value is not exact and i cannot arrange a formula correctly. The cell issues is highlighted in yellow. When a value is placed in cell r2 i need it to correctly place the value in s2 using the table from the other sheet. I have attached for review.

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Matching An Approximate Number

Jun 15, 2007

I have a cell lets say A1 in which it is calculated by goal seek a percentage number, and on the other hand I have a table that has a range of percentages for example 10% 20% 30%... 100% for each percentage there is a certain number designated to it i.e. 10%---2 20%----4 etc..

What I am trying to achieve is that by telling the computer look up the percentage value of A1 and look at the percentage rage in my table and put the number that matches with the return. I normally use an =Index(..match(..)) formula but in this case my problem is that the ammount that I can get on A1 is not a rounded ammount like 30% I can obtain numbers like 31%, 32% Is there a way I can set up in my frmula so that it may find the closest number in the table range.

So if on cell A1 I have 35% to look up 30% on the table, but if it is over 35% to use 40% and so on.

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Compare 2 Ranges For Approximate Matches

Dec 17, 2007

I am trying to compare two sets of data in two different columns. But I only want an approximate match. That is: Data from one given cell, has to be matched to another given cell and if an APPROXIMATE match is found, return a 1, otherwise a 0. And that should happen all the way down in the two columns.

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Add Columns With Calculations In A Pivot Table

Nov 2, 2012

I have two queries regarding pivot table.

I would like to include additional columns with formula in to a pivot table

I would like to get ride of the Items in a pivot table with Zero values without editing the source data.

I have attached a work file in to the below link, [URL]....

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Pivot Table Arrangement But Without Calculations

Apr 25, 2014

I am trying to get my data to be visualized on a monthly basis. A Pivot Table works perfectly in getting the right arrangement, except that it performs a calculation in the values summary field. Is there a solution that allows the Pivot Table to plop the actual text values that it is pulling from? Maybe Excel Pivot Tables aren't the right solution, so maybe another type of software might be useful? Or perhaps a change in the VBA script? The original table looks like this:

ID Description Date Code Building
10223 Package/Split 02/01/2015 ALRM1 A
10223 Package/Split 02/01/2015 PLMB1 A
10992 Pump Test 03/13/2015 ALRM1 B
10992 Pump Test 03/13/2015 PLMB1 B
10992 Pump Test 03/13/2015 ALRM1 B
11432 Inspection 03/13/2015 ALRM1 C

The way I would like for it to look is this:

January February March
Building ID Description Building ID Description Building ID Description
A 10223 Package/Split B 10992 Pump Test
C 11432 Inspection

In the original report, there can be multiple codes for the same ID (ALRM1 and PLMB1 for 10223). In such cases, Pivot Table works by summing up the values, therefore displaying the ID in just one row. I would like for it to do the same thing (spit a multiple row ID as one row) but display the actual text values of Building, ID, and Description as shown. I don't need the code in the table, but it's there in the original data simply to differentiate between the two IDs.!

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Populating A Table For Gear Calculations.

Jan 12, 2010

I have a list of numbers (each corresponding to a different available gear). I have four columns and am trying to populate those columns with all the possible variations without using the same gear twice in any one row. Is there any way of doing this automatically or with a script or something? There are 16 different gears so it could be rather time consuming to input all variations manually.

The attached worksheet has what I am trying to do begun. The possible number of iterations or variations is apparently enormous and am hoping for an automated way to populate those cells.

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Table Of Calculations Down To A Single Array Formula

Feb 9, 2010

I'm trying to condense a table of calculations down to a single array formula, but am getting stuck on one piece of it.

The table data is very simple, and can be in just two columns:

1, value
2, value
3, value
4, value
5, value

Where 1 thru 5 are time periods, and values are various numbers.

I want to perform the GammaDist function on each value. It requires a time period input, and in this case it is the 1 thru 5 in the table. So at the end of period 5, the formula for the first value would be

=Gammadist(5,x,y,TRUE) (x,y values not important here)

and the formula for the second value would be:


The only thing that changes is the period number.

So, my goal is to write an array formula that will sum the GammaDist for each of the 5 rows, for all timeperiods (which is 5 in this case)

I can get this far:


But this passes 1 thru 5 to all rows, I only want 1 thru 5 passed to row 1, 1 to 4 passed to row 2, etc.

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Data Table Suspecting - Stuffing Up Excel Calculations?

Sep 5, 2013

I have built a model which has approx 33,000 different combinations (output) based on user selection. There are 15 different options for user selection which gives rise to the number of outputs (2^15 -1) = 32,767.

I have inbuilt a data table that gives the output for all of the 32,767 scenarios. However, it seems like for each change the calculations takes forever and I am not sure when the calculations are complete. Saving takes forever and stuffs up excel. The numbers keep changing in front of my eyes. The file is 10Mb big/small.

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Prioritize Queries And Worksheet Calculations

Jul 24, 2009

I have a general question about the best way to perform multiple operations from excel and finally bring it together in one worksheet. I have currently a big worksheet (own application) which queries data from the database and then performs some calculations etc. The download takes some time and cannot be changed. Ideally I would like to separate the data download from the application and have two worksheets running at the same time. Worksheet Databaseinteraction.xls would do the queries (for example every 10 minutes), worksheet calculations.xls would do the rest.

When I start both sheets they should check that the other one is open (active). The user will interact only with the sheet calculations and do some things with it. To get the data into calculations.xls I would use an ADO call (this I have done multiple times). Databaseinteraction.xls would have to know when to start getting data from the database (for example using an ini file) and continuously query the database every 5 / 10 minutes (ontime). Calculations.xls would query the Databaseinteraction.xls also every 5 / 10 minutes. Both sheets should not freeze each other. If calculations.xls queries Databaseinteraction.xls no download from the database should be started until the first query has finished.

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Adding Columns With Manual Calculations To Dynamic Pivot Table

May 8, 2013

I have a problem as I need to present data with different data sources. I'd like the calculations to be as "automatic" as possible. The data consists of countries and regions and their sales pipe. The pivot table doesn't give me all the data that I need to present so I need to add extra columns with calculations and data from other data sources.

The problem I meet is that the 'total row' within each group needs to be reflected in my columns as well (F:G) It works as long as the data I've imported has the same amount of States within each group of Contry but if the number of states differs with the newly imported data - my "manual" columns are wrong.

Country;State; Red; Amber; Green; Quota; Total PV; Coverage;

I've created a Pivot table on the first 5 columns [Country; ...; Risk] (A:E)

The following columns are manually entered based on the pivot (F:H)

Quota (data source from another sheet)
Total PV (a sum of Red; Amber; Green in the Pivot)
Coverage (returns % of TotalPV/Quota)

For each group Quota and Total PV needs to summarize the above data within the group. I've 'hard coded it' today (SUM(F3:F5)) - F3:F5 can as well be F3:F8 or F3:F4 depending on the imported data. I have 8 different Countries (groups) with different amounts of States and 3 different sheets for each Region of countries so I need this summary to be automatic based on what group (Country) it belongs to. How can I make the calculation different so that it's dynamic as well as the Pivot table? Today it's not dynamic and it needs my 'hands on'.

Quota =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("total";A6)); SUM(F3:F5); IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(B6;Quota!B:F;3; FALSE));" ";
IF(VLOOKUP(B6;Quota!B:F;3; FALSE)=0; " ";(VLOOKUP(B6;Quota!B:F;3; FALSE))))).

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Retrieve Data From A Table + Calculations With That Data

Mar 27, 2009

I have 2 sheets - one called 'Lookup' that has a table of recipes in the rows and ingredients in the columns. The cross reference of each is the required quantity of that ingredient, if any (obviously..). Both rows and columns are sorted alphabetically.

In the second sheet - Recipe - I have a subset of the recipes (e.g. 'Cakes') along with the applicable subset of ingredients. I've input these by hand, so I assume they can be referenced directly in the function. What I need to do is grab the quantity out of the table for each recipes ingredient. E.g. A6 will have the recipe 'Jamrolypoly' and H1 will have the ingredient 'Jam'. H6 needs to return the value from the table in Lookup.

I'm still (very) new to this but looking around I found the following which seemed to describe the function I am after:

=VLOOKUP(H1, Ingredients, MATCH(A6, Ingredients, 0))

(Ingredients is the name of the table in the Lookup sheet)

I then need to be able to use the returned values in separate equations on sheet 2 to work out costs. This bit I've done already but I've heard that some of the methods of data retrieval return 'N/A' if there is no value, and that would not allow any subsequent calculations using the value.

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Vlookup 2 Values (looking For Approximate Values)

Mar 4, 2009

I am trying to do a vlookup function of 2 values but the key lookup column is an approximation.

I have attached a sample data file. Essentially, on Sheet 1 Column M (labeled as EPS), I want to do a vlookup of both Column A and B, and copy the values in Sheet 2 Column K into Column M. The approximate value comes from Column B, the date, as Sheet 1 has all the dates from 2001 and 2008 while Sheet 2 only has 4 dates per year. On sheet 2, the first 2 dates are 10/30/2001 and 2/5/2002. I want the EPS value for 10/30/2001 to stand for all values between 10/30/2001 and 2/5/2002.

The Vlookup function with a True value for the last criterion can do this for a vlookup of 1 variable, but it doesn't work for 2.

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Update Pivot Table On One Worksheet When Change Occurs On Another Worksheet

Jul 24, 2012

Workbook contains the following sheets : PIR TrackerChartsSAMPLEFINALValidations

When a change occurs on PIR Tracker, the following occurs:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Dim Rng As Range
Set Rng = Intersect(Target, Range("A1:A500"))

[Code] .....

I also want the pivot tables on SAMPLE and FINAL to be updated. What do I need to do?

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Pivot Table - New Worksheet Auto Create To Right Of Existing Worksheet

Sep 2, 2013

The new worksheet is created to the left of the existing source worksheet.

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VBA To Copy Selected Rows In One Worksheet To The End Of A Table In Another Worksheet

Jun 22, 2006

I would like to be able to select several non-sequential rows in a worksheet called "Data" (using a check box or just entering a value in Column A) and then be able to press a Command button to copy the selected rows to another worksheet called "Estimate" at the bottom of a table, and delete the designators in Column A (i.e. deletes the value, or unchecks the boxes) so I can repeat the process again if needed.

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Pivot Table Value On New Worksheet?

Sep 26, 2012

I am trying to get various pivot table values onto a new sheet but am not having any luck, I am trying the following code but it is not working...

.Value = ActiveSheet.PivotTables("Pivot Table").PivotFields("Value").Value

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Table Value Return For Each Worksheet

Mar 20, 2014

I am trying to create a formula to return values based on the Total of a Table in each worksheet.


Column A has a list of worksheet names
Column B I want to return the value of the Total from a table on the worksheet named in Column A.

Each Table might be different widths (i.e., not the same number of columns).

Problem, I want the formula to use the worksheet name to goto the correct worksheet, and retrieve the data.

Each worksheet will only have one table on it.

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Fill Table From Other Worksheet

Jan 21, 2007

I've been trying for a while now but I can't do it so I was wondering if anyone could do it:

2) To get the "Overdue Items" page to update according to the overdue items

The database has been shortened drastically to be able to be able upload

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Summarize Worksheet Table

Dec 2, 2007

This data consist of a long list of staff id with exception type and points. However, I have only a certain number of staff from the long list which is applicable to my department. For example, I only need data for 4 staff from the list. This list will duplicate the staff id based on dates. Therefore, there might be several cells with exception type and points for that particulat staff . Example is for staff M41 as below:

Date Staff ID Exceptiontype Points Item#
Dec 1 M45 Contract 1.0 44556
Dec 1 M41 Contract 1.0 44578
Dec 2 M43 Contract 1.0 44579
Dec 3 M46 Contract 1.0 22569
Dec 4 M41 Contract 1.0 44572

Based on the above data, I need to summarize as below:

Staff ID Exception Type Points Exception #
M41 Contract 1.0 44578
M41 Contract 1.0 44572

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Table Headers Down Side Of Worksheet Instead Of Across

Dec 18, 2013

Is it possible to have table headers that are down the side instead of going across the top?

I have searched but have not found an answer so far.

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Allow Adding New Row To A Table When Worksheet Protected

Feb 10, 2014

I have A TABLE (Named Table1) and some columns filled by formula. (Like E,F,G,H columns) When I protect the worksheet E,F,G,H columns are locked, but A,B,C,D columns are UNLOCKED. When is sheet PROTECTED , If I add a row bottom of Table1, does NOT automatically fill the E,F,G,H columns and Table1 range does not expanding. But, if UNPROTECTED, it's OK. when add a row bottom of Table1, automatically fill all columns with formula and table range is expanding aotomatically with new row.

When sheet is PROTECTED , How can I allow, to add a row and aouto fill all columns like unprotected.

And I want to protect sheet in any case, after allowing to add row.

I need a macro code to do this.

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Exporting Worksheet To Access Table

Oct 7, 2009

I have a script that exports an excel worksheet into an access db table and thsi is working fine. However i want to define a specific worksheet where the data is being exported from within the code but im having trouble doing, its using just a range at present.

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Table Name Or Number For Current Worksheet

Apr 2, 2008

Does anyone know the VB syntax for obtaining a table name or number on an existing worksheet? I'm using Excel 2007 and have a worksheet that is one large table. I have a macro which copies the worksheet to a new sheet, converts the table to a range and then edits out the elements I don't require (my macro won't strip out information I don't require if it's still a table, which is why it's converted to a range). However, every time I copy the sheet, the table number increments by one.

For example: Unitlist is the original table name. When I copy the worksheet, the table on the copied sheet becomes Unitlist1. If I delete the sheet and copy it again, the table becomes Unitlist2 etc. etc. In order to get around this, I need to be able to reference the name of the table on the copied sheet and then use that reference to convert the table to a range. I can convert the table to a range using:


However, I need an automated way to obtain the table name. I've attached a copy of my macro for further reference.

Sub CopySheetDeleteData()
Dim c As Range
Dim i As Long
With Application
.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
. ScreenUpdating = False
Sheets("Units").Copy After:=Sheets("Units")
' rename the sheet
Sheets("Units (2)").Name = "ExportUnits"......................

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Copy Pivot Table Cells In New Worksheet

Dec 27, 2012

I need to copy certain values of multiple pivot tables of different worksheets into a new worksheet.

To be more clear I attached an example worksheet:

In "Sheet1_pivot table" and "Sheet2_pivot table" I have two pivot table with data divided by Area, Year, quarter and month.
In "Table" i have a summary table where, depending on the values of cell B2, B3 and B4, the summary table has different values copied from the 2 pivot tables.

I was thinking of a code like this but i have problems getting the values from the pivot tables

Sub else_if()
If Range("B2") = "North" And Range("B3") = "October" Then
ElseIf Range("B2") = "South" And Range("B3") = "October" Then
MsgBox ("Area not present")
End If
End Sub

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Consolidate Data Into One Worksheet/pivot Table

Feb 9, 2010

I have a 208-tab workbook (4 employees with 52 submitted weekly timesheets). I need to consolidate and pivot job costs based on these submitted timesheets. There are two kinds of jobs: a list of products, from which the employee chooses through a drop-down list. There are also "Tracking Job ID" codes that are numbers between 7000 and an unknown ending number, which the employee types into the sheet. In both cases, the % of work performed is multiplied by the employees hourly rate and creates a total.

I need a pivot table that collects these totals from all the sheets.

I tried to use a VBA template from just with a few examples from my workbook, but I don't know how to use VBA, so I failed. The only thing I did was substitute their example sheets with a few sheets from my workbook and re-wrote that part of the array formula.

see attached workbooks.

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Formatting Budget From Master Worksheet Using Table

Mar 19, 2013

I have a Master Worksheet that I am using to populate other worksheets using the Table function. I would like to keep the format the same as the Master worksheet even if lines get added or deleted. I have seen that others group the sheets together when making the changes but I can not really us that options. I will be giving the Budget to someone else to fill out and they will not know how to do that.

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Add Values To 2 Arrays Depending On What Is In Worksheet Table

Jan 4, 2012

I have some arrays to loop through some code which generates some graphs:

Sub demo()
Dim aServer
Dim aType
Dim i
aServer = Array("a", "b", "c")
aType = Array("1", "2", "3")


I am now trying to populate the arrays dynamically and thought I could work that out myself, but this is my first ever time with VBA and it's not as easy as I thought (Or maybe I'm not as clever as I thought!)

I have a table in a worksheet with column headings and row headings which are the values to be added to the array.

Lets say I have the following:

Column headings = "x", "y", "z" (these are the potential aType values)
Row headings= "1", "2", "3" (these are the potential aServer values)
_,x, y, z

The values in the table are either TRUE or FALSE (Or blank which should be interpreted as FALSE). Where there is a TRUE the column heading should be added to the aServer array and the Row heading should be added to the aType array.

In this 9 cell example (Not counting the row and column headings), if the first 2 rows had all the values as TRUE (See example table below) it would therefore result in the following arrays:

_,x, y, z


aServer = Array("1", "1", "1", "2", "2", "2")
aType = Array("x", "y", "z", "x", "y", "z")

If the table was as follows:

_,x, y, z

It should result in the following arrays:

aServer = Array("1", "3", "3")
aType = Array("x", "y", "z")

this would work out how many rows and columns there were based on how many column headings and row headings there were (So I wouldn't have to change the hardcoded VBA when the table grows, therefore making it easier to share the spreadsheet with others)

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Macro To Filter Table Using Active Worksheet Name?

Jun 7, 2013

I need the macro to filter a table using the name of active worksheet as criteria. The code that I am writing is as below, but it doesn't seem work:

ActiveSheet.Range("$A$1:$AE$421").AutoFilter Field:=19, Criteria1:="Activesheet.Name"

If I hard quote the name of the sheet then, the macro, unchecks all the criteria in the filter and does not show and row in the table.

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VLookup On Table With Multiple Worksheet References

Jul 17, 2013

I have a question dealing with a variable column and cell reference I'm using. To make it simple here's what I have done. On the FRUIT tab I have the following table in location BU132 - BV161

Name Column
Apples A
Pears B

I'm using the following formula to get the location of a cell on both the FRUIT and VEGGIE tab that has the value.


{where CH61-CH100 contains fruits or vegetables and where CN61 is a table that has the column reference which goes from 1 to 40)

This formula works great as long as the item is on the FRUIT tab. I can just drag the formula down the entire column and get my values for all the FRUITS listed in CH61-CH100. But, it doesn't work for any items in CH which are on the VEGGIE Tab. What syntax do I need to use in the cell next to Corn and Peas above to get this to work right?

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Pivot Table Drill Downs To Appear In New Worksheet

Aug 4, 2009

When you double click on data in a pivot table this brings up the drill down info. Is it possible for this to appear in a new workbook rather than the active workbook?

Any help if grately appreciated. If you need more information please post what you require and i will reply.

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