Autofill Based On Cell Condition

May 20, 2014

I have a workbook sheet change condition that, when triggered runs the following code (amongst others).

[Code] ......

What I would like is to amend the above (possibly in a loop?) so that it skips the rows in which the value "New" features in range F17:F190.

So basically Autofill as per the code but leave the values in the cells of the range in which New features in range F17:F190

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Autofill Last Day Of Month Based On Another Cell

Jul 25, 2012

In cell A12 the format is mm-###. Based on the mm (2 digit month) in cell A12, I would like cell B12 to auto fill the last date of the month as mm/dd/yyyy.

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VBA Autofill Based On Specific Cell Values?

Aug 25, 2012

I want a range to be filled based on 2 cell values in my sheet. The autofill range should be filled based on the values in the input range. For instance in cell A1 I place the value 1 and in cell A2 I place the value 10, then the macro should automatically fill in the numbers from 1 to 10 in another column. If I change for instance the input values to 5 and 15, then the autofill range should fill up the numbers from 5 to 15.

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AutoFill Down Rows Based On Another Columns Last Cell

May 13, 2008

I have a workbook which has one sheet "Raw Data" where I will cut and past blocks of data of various numbers of rows. Another sheet "level one calcs" conducts various calculations on the raw data. I was wondering if there would be any way to create a macro which would copy down (autofill) the last row of my my calculation page for the exact number of rows I added into the raw data. The goal here would be so that I dont have to highlight and copy down the formulas on the calc sheet each time I add in new data.

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Macro To Autofill With Custom List Based On Value Of Current Cell

May 25, 2012

I have an Excel file for work that has the following:

Column 1 is Agent
Column 2 is Interval (in 15 minute intervals from a report that I pulled)
Column 3 is Agent Calls (has a number anywhere from 1 - the highest currently is 19, which tells me how many calls that Agent had on that 15 minute interval.)

What I have currently is that if it says:

John Doe 15:00 5

It will automatically insert rows after the number based on a # -1, so it will add 4 empty rows after this row.

I have another step that will automatically copy Column 1 and Column 2 to the blank rows directly beneath them until it reaches a cell with data.

Now, what I need is a macro that will take Column C and where it says 5 automatically know to change that to '5a' then proceed to go down the list with 5b, 5c, 5d, & 5e. If it sees 4 it will know to change that to '4a' then proceed to go down the list with 4b, 4c, & 4d. I currently have numbers ranging from 2 - 19.

I have built custom list with this information so if I change all the numbers from 4 to 4a or 19 to 19a and double click on the black box it will autofill exactly like I want but it only goes down to the next cell with data, and I have 100+ lines per agent, and up to 21 agents a day, so this gets time consuming.

Here's how it looks when I'm ready to start the macro:

JohnDoe - Doe, John15:00 x
JohnDoe - Doe, John15:15 4a
JohnDoe - Doe, John15:15
JohnDoe - Doe, John15:15
JohnDoe - Doe, John15:15
JohnDoe - Doe, John15:45 4a

[Code] ......

And I need it to look like this:

JohnDoe - Doe, John15:00 x
JohnDoe - Doe, John15:15 4a
JohnDoe - Doe, John15:15 4b
JohnDoe - Doe, John15:15 4c
JohnDoe - Doe, John15:15 4d

[Code] ........

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Autofill Cell Based On Results Of Multiple Dynamic Dropdown Lists?

Aug 25, 2014

how best to do this (bare with me I'm not quite a pro at excel yet!). I'll attach my doc (JMP Excel Forum) so you know what I'm taking about. I've set up the data to work in a similar way to this, as you can see I've a table set up (Appliance Sheet) which feeds information to the Main Sheet which contains the drop down lists.

What I need it to do is autofill the wattage column (Main!F8 onwards) with the wattage for the device as described in Appliance!N3 or N4 for example. For the wattage column to equal 28 (equivalent to Appliance!N3) then the following would show in the dropdown selections Type>Computers SubCategory>Monitors Device>BENQ G2222HDL Status>On

Is there a way to do this with the set up I have?

I did have a previous version of the whole worksheet that each Device had its own table and I looked up the wattage using and If formula to lookup a info on the device and knowing where to look it up based on the subcategory

=IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(D7,IF('Main UI'!C7="Heating_Cooling",Appliances!$A$7:$B$14, IF('Main UI'!C7="Kitchen_Bathroom",Appliances!$A$16:$B$27,IF('Main UI'!C7="Monitors",Appliances!$A$52:$B$62,IF(C7="Computers",Appliances!$A$64:$B$68,........

And I got it to work but it was getting to cumbersome to add in new devices and update the formulas. If attached that doc (OLD) so you know what I'm talking about. The last two sheets are the same sheets that make up the new document (JMP Excel Forum)OLD.xlsm

I really prefer the new way I've got it set up. Its easier to add new information or options to the dropdown list

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Cell Formatting - Red Text If Cell Matches Certain Condition Based On Another Cell

Sep 24, 2013

I have one column that contains a monetary amount (column AQ) , and another that contains text reading either "inflows" or "outflows" (column AC)

When AC says "inflows", AQ should be positive, and when AC says "Outflows", AQ should be negative.

I need the text in column AQ (the monetary amount) to become red when the the opposite is true.

i.e. When AQ is negative and AC says "Inflows", AQ should become red. And when AQ is positive and AC says "Outflows", AQ should become red.

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Disable/enable A Cell Based On A Condition Which Is Dependent On Other Cell Data

Jan 26, 2007

how can we disable/enable a cell based on a condition which is dependent on other cell data

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How To Have One Cell Copy To Another Based On Condition

Mar 10, 2014

I'm trying to set it up so that if a particular cell has any data in it, the contents of a different cell get sent to another. I want the no data/data to serve as a trigger.

As an example, if I put anything into cell A3, I want the contents of cell A1 to copy to H1. I'd also like it to be dynamic so that if I put something into cell B3, the contents of B1 get copied to H1, etc.

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Coloring Cell Based On Condition

Jan 18, 2009

I had an report and the rows of the report needs to be colored based on another cell value. My layout looks like this:


For each cell, i need to compare the value of cell with that value in AVG coloumn and if condition is met, cell should be colored. Eg : If first cell value under A1 is Less than 0.2 * AVG of first row then color of the cell A2 should be red. After coloring the entire rows, then i should check and color the header row based on the color of Rows.

I tried first one, i,e coloring the rows based on conditional formatting and then written VB code to compare the color of rows and colored the header row. But the color index used in conditional formatting and the code are mismatching and the desired output is not coming.So decided to write code for coloring the rows cell.

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VBA Combine Cell Based On Condition

Jan 1, 2010

I have so data I am trying to combine based on count value of investment on Col A. If it appears more than once on col A then I want the col B values on col D. I have macro that works but I need make sure if Col B have any TRAC and TRL1 then I want to add that on Col D. For example so Col D1 would be EURX, TRL1 at 83.50, FTID and Col D5 would be TRAC at 87.88, Markit. Below is the macro.

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Copy Cell Value To Different Column Same Row Based On Condition?

Oct 13, 2012

I've schedule header date 1-oct,2-oct,3-oct.....etc and have two cells Last Date and Hours I need from those cells once i add date and hours to copy the hours and paste in schedule header in the exact date..

for example
Last date
Last Hours


but was too slow takes long time.

2nd VBA code to copy last hours to schedule date based on condition on last date cell.

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List Information Based On Cell Condition?

Nov 3, 2011

I would like to filter my list to show rows with a date difference of >0 (raised date later than date of contact) and move certain cells onto another sheet in the same workbook.

e.g if diff in F1:F1000 is >0, populate the following onto this sheet

Job no - Address - Postcode - Name - Date raised

Would this be a case of using a vlookup? having a few problems with it at the moment

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Sumifs With Condition Active Based On Cell Value?

Dec 20, 2012

I am trying to get a Sumifs to work where one condition is activated based on a cell value.

SUMIFS($E$2:$E$6,$A$2:$A$6,"=Region",$B$2:$B$6,"="&B1). I have a drop down in cell B1 that lists all the products.

I want the condition to be active only when I make a selection in the drop down, if I don't then I want the Sumifs to ignore the second condition and do a Sum on Region.

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Merging Cells Based Upon Condition In Different Cell

Feb 26, 2013

I am trying to automatically merge cells based upon a condition in different cell. Below is the example of what I would like to achieve.




[Code] ......

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Return Relative Cell Based On Condition

Jun 6, 2009

I have 8 columns of data, the first 4 and the last four columns have the values which correspond to each other.. Here is an example:


So value 1.345164 corresponds to 321 and 1.28622 to 370. I need a function that will return a value from one of the VALUES columns which corresponds to the second smallest cell value from the NAMES columns. For example here the second smallest number in NAMES column is 325 so the function would return the corresponding value of 1.338358.

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Conditional Format Cell Based On AND/OR Condition Of Another

Feb 8, 2008

i m trying to format a cell so that it colours in red when a specific text is chosen in another cell, ive tried conditional formatting but I cannot get it to work. e.g column A has a drop down list, if GB or IEN is chosen in that cell then cell in column K will become red. (as if these two are chosen then they have to input a number into column K). Once they have inputted the number into column K i want it to go back to its original format. Or if they dont select GB or IEN then it would stay in its original format aswell.

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Force Cell Entry Based On A Condition

Jul 31, 2008

I need to force our salespeople to enter information in a cell based on a condition. This is the condition: If I5=3, then I need to move the user to cell I3 with a message that says "Enter miles to site" -- I don't want them to be able to move from the cell until they enter the information. If I5 does not equal 3, then I don't need anything to occur. I need to apply this code to four separate worksheets in the same workbook. Also, they will be entering a number in cell I3, so is okay to leave I3 formatted for Number or General Number? Note: This question is also posted at the following link, but has not yet been answered by that group:

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Nested IF Function - Condition Is Based On Two Values Within A Cell

Mar 10, 2014

I am working on creating a simple Excel Database of an Engineering Tool Room Inventory for work. However I can not seem to get one particular 'NESTED IF Function' to do what I want it to do. (In advance warning, I may be going down the wrong route and might have used the wrong Formula in Excel but from my understanding the 'IF' function seemed the most plausible.

Issue: All I would like to do is for a NESTED IF Function to be able to say this:

1. When a user inputs data into one column, for example 'Column A', with the following data: 4" Square
2. Then the neighbouring column, for example 'Column B', would have a NESTED IF Function.
3. Which would output a logical response, "A, B, C, D, E, F etc...", depending on what is written in Column A.
If 'Column A' - 4" Square, Then 'Column B' - A
If 'Column A' - 5" Square, Then 'Column B' - B
& So on...
But the NESTED IF Function should only put a logical response if there is certain values within the cell, for example:
User types a value into 'Column A' which contain - 4 & S, Then 'Column B' - A
User types a value into 'Column B' which contain - 5 & S, Then 'Column B' - B
& So on...

Currently to do the above function, I have utilised the following Excel NESTED IF Function:

[Code] .....

& The following happens:
1. User inputs data into 'Column A'
2. The NESTED IF Function then provides an automatic response.
3. However it relies on the data being inputted without the ' " (Quotation Symbol)'
4. & With me defining the exact phrase that should be typed into the cell, for example, "4" Square"

Other: I have attached an example worksheet of the NESTED IF Function in practice, with two tables. One showing what is happening with the code above and one table showing what I would like to happen but with no function.

Example - IF Function.xlsx

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Remove Part Text From Cell Based On Condition

Dec 3, 2006

What I would like to do is remove part of an email address from a cell.

Ex. if the was a cell that contained "" I would like to make that cell only contain ""

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Return 1 Result From Many Based On Multiple Condition Check Of Cell Value

May 21, 2008

I am trying to write a formula to figure out Body Mass Indexes for certain age groups and whether or not they fall into a High or Low risk category. So, I am trying to write a formula that does the following. I have 3 columns, Gender, Age and BMI. I need the formula to do the following.

IF Gender = M AND Age >18, <39 AND BMI >7%, <19%, Then return an "L" into 4th column
IF Gender = M AND Age >18, <39 AND BMI >19%, Then return an "H" into 4th column
IF Gender = M AND Age >40, <59 AND BMI >14%, <23%, Then return an "L" into 4th column..............................

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How To Count Condition Based On Having Another Condition

Apr 12, 2014

So I have one sheet that needs to pull data through to another sheet (which is a stats summary)

I have a drop down list containing 4 options all of which have to be counted separately on the stats summary sheet. However I only need them counted when a value is input in another cell in that row.

For example: I select option 1 from down down menu, but I only want this to be counted on the stats page when I enter a date in the "date" cell.

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Cell Equals 0 Changes When Condition Met - Leave Unchanged When Condition False

Mar 24, 2014

I am trying to perform a calculation in a cell that leaves the value 0 if before Feb 2014, changes to the value of another cell in Feb 2014 and leaves the value unchanged if after Feb 2014. I can get to the Feb 2014 value but after that month the value changes to 0.

The Cell formula that I am trying to use is as follows:


A3 contains TODAY()

H114 is the cell being calculated

AA118 is the cell containing the calculated value for the current month.

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AutoFill Based On Variable Last Row

Jan 20, 2008

What I need to be able to achieve is a function in my macro that will

a: Count the number of rows in the active sheet
b: Allow me to use this info in other functions, such as subtotals, autofills

After searching many sites I'm pretty certain the function I need to use is "rowcount".

I've managed to incorporate a loop using this function, which is fine when running the macro but not so good when you are stepping through 5000+ rows

RowCount = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count
For x = 2 To RowCount
Cells(x, 42).Select
Next x

So for me now it seems as though "x" should represent the number of row that has been counted in the above code. But when I try to use "x" in functions the macro falls over

Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("R2C43:RxC50")

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Autofill Rows Based On Number

Jul 26, 2012

I have wookbook with a lot of sheets on it

The first sheet to be filled is called "Local Info"

In this sheet in the Active Cell "G7" the user must register a number between 0-500

This number must affect my next sheet called Competence Map Autofilling rows 7+8 from Columns A to AM

So If for example I put 83 in "local INFO" G7.

I will get 172 rows with text (the first 6 Headers) the 7-8 original and from 9-172 filled with the information given.

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Autofill Range Using VBA Based On 2 Variables

Jan 14, 2014

I am trying to write some code that keeps throwing me the error message "Autofill method of range class failed". But I cant understand why, I think it may have something to with my range notation:

Sub SummariseSheets()
'collates individual client development data from consultant
'worksheets and compiles in one sheet on summary page


The error is in the "Selection.AutoFill Destination:=("C" & LR & ":C" & LR2), Type:=xlFillDefault" line, however I cant figure out why? The code essentially takes a section of data from multiple worksheets, then pastes it onto the summary page. It then adds the name of the sheet the data has come from into column C next to the relevant rows.

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AutoFill Cells Based On Combobox Selection

Jul 14, 2014

What I'd like to do is fill specific cells with specific information drawn from other pages based on a combo box selection.

For example, if I were to pick 10131 in the combo box, I'd like it to fill out cells X, Y and Z with information from the three cells to the right of 10131. Assume X, Y and Z are not touching.

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How Do I Autofill Colors, Based On Input Of Text

Jun 16, 2008

i'm trying to do is have a formula that when certain text is typed into column 'b' (fmc, nmcmc, etc... anyways..) when an airplane is 'fmc' its 'green' and i want the aircrafts tail number block in column 'a' to autofill in with a green color, and when its 'nmcmc, i want it to be red. when its 'bq' i want it to autofill in as yellow.

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AutoFill Column To New Sheet Based On Value - Autoupdate

Mar 31, 2014

Master Template
Project 1
Project 2

Task 1
1 - Mar
28 - Dec

Task 2
2 - Mar
2 - Jan

Project Due
5 - Mar
4 - Jan

Above is a table we have for high level tracking on specific tasks due for projects.

What I want to do is: If the last cell in a column = Jan then it will automatically copy the whole column and insert it into a Sheet named January and have it automatically update. Below is the end result.

January Template
Project 2

Task 1
28 - Dec

Task 2
2 - Jan

Project Due
4 - Jan

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AutoFill Formula Based On Data In Another Sheet

Jan 20, 2008

Here is my test example I am trying to figure this out with.

Sub a()
Dim rg As Range
'set formulas to be filled
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("A1:L1"), Type:=xlFillDefault
'now get autofill to populate until no more data on sheet 2
Set rg = [a2]
Set rg = Range(rg, Cells(Rows.Count, rg.Column).End(xlUp))
rg.Cells(2, 2).AutoFill Destination:=rg, Type:=xlFillDefault
End Sub

Without VBA, once I set the formulas for A1:L1, I can use the mouse to autofill all columns until Im around row 27,000.

Id like to be able to run a check for the end of data in sheet 2 so that if the sheet2 changes, it will all be included.

The resulting sheet1 cannot have any null values, so a perfect end of data check is necessary.

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