Calculate Shown In Statusbar

May 24, 2007

I have the word 'calculate' shown in the bottom grey bar of the screen. I think this may be affecting my Excel spreadsheet.

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Formula Not Adding Correctly, Calculate The Results Based Off Of What Is Shown In The Cell

Apr 9, 2009

Basically a cell might have a number with 3 decimal places

For Example 90.554, and i will format the cell two 2 decimal places. But when i use those cells which are formated to 2 decimal places in a formula it produces results based of all the decimal places in that cell.

Is there a way for the formula to only calculate the results based off of what is shown in the cell? . This is messing up our accounting area by alot of dollars since we sell many items.

I included an example of what i mean in this excel file which should clear up any confusion.

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Value Shown As #####

Oct 22, 2007

I have a value showing up as #####. When I auotfill the cell to the next on the right, it shows the right value. How do I correct this so it just shows the right value in the first cell?

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Percentages Shown At The Top Of Columns

Apr 5, 2007

Columns O,P and Q should show a "Y" if Column N has the percentage (the percentages shown at the top of those three columns) over the value in column D. I hope this makes sense!

******** ******************** ************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - Team Lead Incentive.xls___Running: 11.0 : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutF3H3N3F4H4N4=
[HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name box

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Macro Button That Is Always Shown

Oct 14, 2007

How do I programmatically freeze ( lock?) an autoshape so that it stays put even when the user scrolls up/or down?

FYI: I created an autoshape and assigned it a macro, thus it becomes a software button, I want the button to stay put.

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How To Reference The Exact Value Shown In Another Cell

Apr 7, 2014

For example Cell A1 is 9.5 x 2.5 which gives 23.75

but what is actually displayed to users is rounded to 24

So how do I use 24 as a reference instead of 23.75?

So in Cell B1, it would be =A1x100 but the value is 2400 instead of 2375?

You can't use the ROUND function because if users decide to use 23.8 then the B1 cell needs to be 23.8x100

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First IF To Be Ignored If Specific Column Contains Any Of The Words Shown

Jul 21, 2009

=IF((P3<$Q$1),E3-S3,IF((G3="B"),"Not Changed",IF((G3="MT"),"Not Changed","Not Changed")))

Above is the formula I'm trying to get to work but it's not-a-happenin. It seems like the first IF overides all of the others. Basically I want the first IF to be ignored if column G contains any of the words shown. So basically what I think is happening is that P3 is less than Q1 so it's ignoring the rest of the IFs.
Originally my formula worked fine as:

=IF(P4<$Q$1,E4-S4,"Not Changed")

But I realized that i needed a certain category of product ignored. Products are labeled in column G.

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Cell Values Not Being Shown Properly?

Oct 1, 2013

some Excel columns (see attachment). A1 is set to =C1 and the formula is dragged down, relatively referencing column C. Column B applies a formula to the values in Column A.

If I go into the formula bar for cells in A and push enter, the spreadsheet shows the correct value and I can then push enter in the adjacent Column B cell to solve. But, how can I get these data to display properly automatically?

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Userform Not Rendering When Shown Modeless

Mar 26, 2014

I have a sub that is called when the user clicks a button on the form.

The sub takes a few seconds to run, so I have created a userform which contains a single label, which simply says "working ... please wait" in large letters.

A code example is as follows:

[Code] ....

Seems simple enough, but what actually happens is that the PleaseWait userform is displayed, but contains nothing (i.e. blank white - the contents is not being rendered). I'm guessing that I need to call something on the userform to force it to render its contents after the modeless call to show it. How can I do that?

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Formula: Absence Detail Shown

Sep 18, 2005

I am trying to re-jig a formula that shows hours worked for a particular
day, to showing any absence detail shown for a particular employee. I have
the fllowing formula which doesn't work and I'm not sure why. A similiar
formula works for me getting basic hours worked etc


My range names are correct and all have the same 'length'. F67 is 09/05/05;
StaffNumber = 100 and the value that is within the AbsenceDetail cell for
the 09/05/05 for # 100 is Holiay, except my formula returns 0 (I have it
formatted as General)

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IF Formula - Number To Be Shown As Currency

Jan 5, 2013

I have the results of a "IF" formula. I want that number to be shown as currency and allow it to be part of a "sum" formal. Is this possible?

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Set Values To Be Shown On X Axis Instead Of Just Labels?

Mar 18, 2013

I'm trying to plot a function with specific values marked on the X axis (or at least distributed according to the said values). Namely, I have something like this:

And while it does plot the Y's as I want them to be plotted, X'es are just used as labels, which causes 0 and 100 to be equally apart as 933,9 and 944. How can I plot it, then, so that I simply select my desired Y values, their corresponding X values and get the plotted function?

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Display The Results Shown When Using The Filter

Aug 4, 2006

how to make a formula to only display the results shown when using the filter..........

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Code Stops When UserForm Shown

Nov 17, 2006

I have an Access program that acts as a dashboard to open Excel reports. One of the Excel workbooks opens a form in the Auto_Open routine. My problem is that control is never passed back to access after the form opens. It appears that the code stops executing until the userform is closed. How can I open the excel workbook, show the Excel userform, and continue processing my Access code?

Set XL = Excel.Application
With XL
.Workbooks.Open FileName:=FileName, ReadOnly:=True
. ActiveWorkbook.RunAutoMacros xlAutoOpen
End With
XL.Visible = True

' Excel Code
Sub Auto_Open()
Unload UserForm1
' The code get "stuck" right here
End Sub

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Warning Comment Shown Next To Data

Aug 15, 2007

I'm writing an IF statement referring to a cell that contains the character "C" and comparing it to a blank cell, and it's returning True, while it should be returning false because they're not the same.

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Input Of Names Repeat As Shown In The Output

Dec 15, 2008

i have uploaded a file.....basically i have an input of names and i want to repeat these as shown in the this possible.

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Selected Item In Dropdownlist Shown In Another Cell?

Jul 5, 2013

how I can have the selected item in a dropdownlist also to be shown in another cell? Typing the cell number of the dropdownlist in another cell (f.e. ="dropdownlist cell number)" doesn't seem to do it.

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Worksheet Popup Message Shown 5 Times

Nov 23, 2012

I'm using the code below to form part of staff resource spreadsheet, but I'm having a little difficulty with a piece of the script.

Option Explicit
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim rInt As Range, res As Variant
Dim cell As Range

Sheets("Input").Protect "password", UserInterFaceOnly:=True, AllowFiltering:=True

[Code] ....

The piece of the script which I'm having difficulty with is this:

For Each cell In Range("B7:B400")
If cell.Value = "No" Then
MsgBox "If " & cell.Offset(0, 1).Value & " has left R&D, please remember to delete any future resource forecasts"
End If

When the cell value has changed to 'No' the pop up message appears, but for some strange reason the message is shown 5 times, despite their being only one record.The other problem I have is if I add another record and change the value to 'No' in column B, the message is shown twice, once for the previous record and the second for the new.

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Get Column B1 To Automatically Retrieve Last Number Shown?

Jul 15, 2014

I'm working on a project where column A will always have numbers added every month. How can I get column B1 to automatically retrieve the last number shown?


Month 1 Month 2
Column A Column A

1254 1254
5871 5871
5654 5654

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Limit The Number Of Times Shown In A Diagram

Jun 4, 2008

I'm making a line diagram, showing how a value changes over time. My data is measured every 30 min, which results in a mess when it's plotted over a month.

How do I limit the number of times shown on the x-axis, for instance so that only the date (every 24 hours) is shown?

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When Receive More Than Order As In This Table The Pending Must Be Shown 0

Jan 21, 2009

i have the following kind of table

Raw Material ReportDateDetailOrder Given Received Opening Balance25-Oct-07order to Johson50029-Oct-07Receive from jonson10014-Jan-08Receive from jonson 5405Pending sum500505-5

as you can see that the pending order (receivable from johson) is -5 as we reveive more then order given.
i want here that when we receive more than order as in this table the pending must be shown 0.
i can do it by apply the condition when pending is

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Increase Number Of Items Shown In Validation List

Dec 22, 2012

Can you increase the number of fields shown in the list so that you don't have to scroll through the entire list?

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Dropdown Boxes With Months Shown That Change All Data

May 13, 2014

I have set up a sheet recording an each individual's turnover for my business i.e., hours worked, etc and have set up a data validation table for drop down options of Jan, Feb, Mar,etc....

Rather than creating more work for each month on the worksheet, how can I enable the drop down to contain the data specific to each month?

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Row / Column Header Not Fully Shown In Normal View

Mar 10, 2009

Recently I come across a file with only 1 sheet, in which is a table only occupied an array of A1:Q49. In Normal View I can see the row / column header of A-Q and 1-49 as usual, but nothing outside that range (only grey colour). Also, the empty cells outside A1:Q49 are all grey too. How can I do that?

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Macro That Locks Down Cells Based On A What Is Shown In Another Cell

Jan 4, 2008

I have a workbook with several sheets, but just on the sheet called “sales” I need a macro to do the following:

If F4 = CST
Then Lock down H4-S4 and AM4-AZ4

But if F4 is changed to something else I need H4-S4 and AM4-AZ4 to be unlocked

Is a password necessary for this? It is ou

I just want it to lock and unlock, not protect and unprotect.

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CPU Usage Shown On Task Manager Is 99 For Excel File?

Jan 13, 2012

Some of my excel files, which are not massive seem to crash my computer when saving or recalulating or even using some filters. The files show as not responding for a couple of mins then come back to life after completing the requested action. Often this is not a complicate task that can cause this.

When this is happening the CPU usage shown on task manager is 99 for the excel file.

This doesn't happen on any other program, I can use word and powerpoint etc with no issues. Its just excel that my computer has a problem with.

This is really frustrating as I can end up twiddling my thumbs for 5 mins unable to do anything, when I just want the file to save or re calculate. I already use manual calculation on anything file more than 500 lines to work with the situation.

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Locking Specific Cells That Are Hidden / Shown Based On VBA?

Jan 13, 2014

I am having trouble with my VBA code, it hides groups of rows (projects) based on the contents of corresponding cells above. these have either 'yes' or 'no' in them (indicating if the person is active in that project). The Yes/No is formula based from another sheet.

what I am trying to do, is have particular cells, withing the projects rows, locked (as they are also populated by formulas) but have other cells open for editing.

when I try and do this i get an error with my VBA, i am assuming that as cells are locked, the VBA is prohibited form hiding inactive projects/rows. i tried an addition at the bottom but this hasn't worked

Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
Dim i As Long, StartRow As Long, EndRow As Long
StartRow = 13


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How To Make A Forecast For The Demand For The Time Periods Shown

Dec 3, 2006

how to Make a forecast for the demand for the time periods shown....

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IF Function (few Words Shown Based On Figures In Specific Cells)

May 17, 2009

I want to have a few words shown based on figures in specific cells. I not quite sure how to explain, but i will try my best:

A1 = 5
A2 = 0
A3 = 7

The function i am using looks something like this:-

=IF(A1<6,"Do I Have Sickness Self Cert?","Do I Have Doctor's Paper?")

However, by using this function, if the cell is empty it still shows the first wording when i need it to show lets say between 1 & 6 shows the first wording and more than 6 shows the second wording! If you know what i mean... I know what i want to do but cant really explain it very well.

Maybe it should look something like this but it does not work the way i am doing it.

=IF(E156>1<6,"Do I Have Sickness Self Cert?","Do I Have Doctor's Paper?")

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Userform To Automatically Create A Graph From The Data That Is Shown In The Worksheet

Jul 4, 2006

I want to do is use a userform to automatically create a graph from the data that is shown in the worksheet. The data in the work sheet will grow and shrink all the time. Am i right in thinking I am meant to create a dynamic range? I know how to do it but am not too sure what I am meant to be naming. And secondly I am not too sure how I set up the button to produce the graph.

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