Calculating Score Based On Criteria

Mar 16, 2009

I have a spreadsheet which calculates the score for a particular item.

In cell M5, the answer should be 30 since the rating is 3 and weightage is 10 ( 3 X 10).

How do I automate this task via a formula ?

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Formula To Work Out Score Based On Score System

Aug 10, 2009

I want to see if i can make a formula that works out how a player got a score based on a scoring system. See the attached file for more details. I want this to show that the player scored or didn't score, played a full match or was a substitute, was booked or wasn't booked and was sent off or wasn't sent off.

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Calculating Median Absolute Deviation And Modified Z-score?

Jan 31, 2014

I'm working with a relatively small data set, so in order to better identify outliers I'm looking to calculate the modified z-score. However, in order to do that, I must first calculate the median absolute deviation (MAD). how to do this AND show an example of how to calculate it in Excel?

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Calculating Average Based On Other Criteria?

Feb 27, 2012

I have a series of numbers in the column AB56 going downwards and in AC56 going downwards their respective counts in a data-set.

What I would like to do is find the average of the min and max, the min and max for the average calculation are both determined by looking at the count column, isolating the max, isolating the min, provided they both have a count greater than zero then averaging both results.


0.15437019 2


In this calculation the MAX is 0.155326043 because it has a count greater than zero, the MIN would be 0.138120697 as it has a count greater than zero, the average of both would simply be 0.1467. i.e. Average(0.155326043,0.138120697)

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Calculating Due Dates Based On Certain Criteria?

Oct 26, 2012

I have a column CF which has to calculate the due date based on start date in column X and end date in column Y.

This is achievable however; I have dropdown columns in CE which has below option.

Below is the requirement.

If user select "Should Pay" from drop down in column CE, then in column CF the due date has to be Start date + 7 days
If user selects "Not to Pay" from drop down in column CE, then in column CF the due date has to be N/A or Blank
If user selects "Has Time to Pay" from drop down in column CE, then in column CF the due date has to be Start date + 9 days
If user selects "Misc" from drop down in column CE, then in column CF the due date has to be (End date - Start Date)/8+7

if this can be attainable either via formula or VBA.

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Calculating Time Difference Based On Row Criteria?

Jul 30, 2012

I am conducting some analysis on alarm data of certain devices and am looking for creating a VBA algorithm that will do the following (refer to the table below for example data)

I want identify an asset in alarm (Column F) and based on its asset ID (Column C) and Fault Description (Column D) then find the row when the asset with the same asset ID and fault description returns to an 'ok' Asset State. After the row where the same asset ID and Fault description is found where the asset state returns to 'ok', I want to calculate the total alarm time based on the difference between when the asset ID and Fault description goes from 'Alarm' State to 'OK' state from DateandTime Column.

I want the result to be populated in a new worksheet that displays data with the following column headings as a result of the above calculations: Date, Asset ID, Asset Description, Fault Description, Alarm Time

I have added an additional column to show the type of output I am after.

There are up to 20,000 rows of data I want to perform the above calculation on.



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Assign Score To Value By Looking Up Criteria In Table?

Aug 19, 2014

I'm trying to find a way to return a value (score) based on the results in a table. I've been trying to use index and matches but am starting to think this will not be the answer for this one.

In the example attached, I have a section called report. For each project, there are criterias which need to be scored based on the values in the lookup table.

For example, project 1 has a result of 200 for criteria 1. On the lookup table 200 in criteria 1 would receive a score of 2. This result is then populated in column L as the score of this criteria.

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Find Last Row And Score Which Meets Criteria?.

Feb 28, 2009

s/s has 325501 rows.

Column C contains names of people (whether present or not -I enclose small attachment to illustrate).
Column J contains scores (when present).

I need column K to list last row where column C name scored and column L to list last score.

I think I need macros which I can fill down both columns (??).

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Rank Based On Score

Feb 23, 2010

I have a workbook with two tabs: Results (containing exam results) and Percentile (containing percentile rankings based on scores). There are different rankings for different exams.

I need the percentile ranking returned (on the Results tab) based on the exam result for each student. e.g. for exam M111 a score of 36 would return a ranking of 95, a score of 18 would return a ranking of 35, etc. I've attached a sample workbook.

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Distribute Number Based On Score?

May 14, 2014

I am trying to distribute the total number of sessions (cell H1) across the groups in column A based on the score of each group (column D). The number of sessions a group receives cannot exceed the max (cell H2) or be less than the min (cell h3).

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Calculating Sum In One Column Based On Criteria In Another Column?

Mar 30, 2014

I have 2 columns; 1 with "dates" of incidents, the other with "number of incidents". The dates are not in any order but I want to be able to count "number of incidents" for certain time periods. e.g. If dates are between 01/02/14 and 28/02/14, what are the number in incidents. This number would be represented on a new worksheet.

I've looked at COUNTIF/S, SUMIF but just cant get there.

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Combine Two Columns Based On Name / Number And Score

Feb 19, 2014

I have three columns in the spreadsheet.



In another sheet (sheet2) output come like this.

Praveen 3/7
Santhosh 3/8

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Return Ranking Based On Students Score?

Feb 28, 2012

How to return ranking based on students' score?

STUDENT SCORE Rank MAY 11255 4 JACK 5262 5 TIM 432525 1 STEVEN 352332 2 HUGO 32232 3 FERNANDO 5153 6 SANDY 4556 7 SARAH 2265 8

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Average Out Scores In A List Based On When The Score Was Given

Feb 24, 2010

I'm trying to average out scores in a list based on when the score was given. For example:

Average (of three numbers below)
2/26/2010 99%

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Calculating Weighted Average With Criteria

Aug 25, 2009

I have a data set that looks something like the following:


I am having trouble creating a formula that would calculate the weighted average cost depending on the type (i.e. weighted average cost of $28.84 for A, weighted avg cost of $70 for C).

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Calculating On Values On Calender That Meet A Given Criteria

Nov 13, 2009

I find this difficult to explain, so have attached an example. I need to total all entries on a calender that are entered after a specific date. EG:

If the given date is 15 Sept 08, I need all values in Sept - Mar to be totalled. I am measuring data on numerous spreadsheets, all others have specific start dates and finish dates, so its a simple a1-b1 to get the number of days, multiplied by costs. This particular spreadsheet is laid out in calender format, hence the problem)

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Calculating Multiple Criteria - Specific Groups

Sep 13, 2013

I have data in Columns A to P

Column B contains specific groups.

I need to show the following:

For each group what is the count in column P that is

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Calculating Frequency Of Unique Texts Within Month Under Certain Criteria

Feb 25, 2013

I need to get a general formula which if possible, automatically calculates the frequency of unique texts (no duplicates) under a particular month (January) without manually inserting the cells which is under january. If possible, the formula will also check to see if the company is either Cash or Cheque.

I have three columns; Date, Company name and Payment mode.

Date ranges from 1 jan 2010 to 31 dec 2012. Cell A2 to A234

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Calculating Value, Based On Time

Apr 27, 2004

I am trying to write what I believe is a fairly simple set of calculations to determine non-qualified stock option values. Before this digresses into a discussion of the merits of Black-Sholes methodology, I must tell you that this is a "101" type sheet. I'm not an economist.

The deal is that my sister (for whom I'm constructing this worksheet), gets employer stock options which vest at different intervals.

In the past year, she's gotten some options that vest in two, four, and five year increments. I'm using Excel 2002, with the analysis toolpak, and stock pricing add-in from MS.

Have today's date, date of option grant, and can easily compute time (in years) until options are fully vested.

The trick is that options with a 2-year vesting period are 50% excerciseable in one year, 100% in two.

Four-year options are excerciseable 25% per year for 4 years; 5-year are 20% for 5 years, etc.

I'm trying to write a single date-driven formula to take each grant (individually), and divide it by the appropriate divisor (based on the current date), to figure out the current value.

I can't seem to quite figure it out how to write a formula which can handle:

Shares Strike Price Date of Grant Years Until Vested Value
100 26.57 1/4/2003 5
245 45.67 2/6/2001 4

Value should equal =

(if today's price is grater than Strike Price)

(Current Price * (Shares * (% vested which is based on "date of grant" + "years until vested")) )


(Strike Price * Shares * (% vested which is based on "date of grant" + "years until vested") )

how the math to make the "% vested multiplier" work...

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Calculating Cost Based On Several Factors

Jan 7, 2009

i. I currently have a spreadsheet which is used to forecast resource cost for a project. The forecasted cost is calculated on a few factors - rate, allocation, contract start and end date, and expected days worked per month. One of the mods actually helped me out with this a few weeks ago.

I now have been told that there is a possibility that certain resource costs may change in the new year and that will need to be reflected in the sheet whilst keeping the historic information.

For example - XXX has a rate of 200 p/d, allocation is 1, working 18.83 days p/m and is working from 01/01/09 to 01/06/09. The current formula will work out his cost per month until contract end. Now say his rate will be changed to 150 p/d from the 01/03 and all other info remains the same, I need the sheet to calculate his revised cost from 01/03 onwards and not change the calculation previous to that month.

Now Ive actually managed to figure that part out myself by adding in two columns (over-ride rate and over-ride date) using a nested IF statement. The only problem is that if the new rate starts mid month then it will still calcuate the original amount for the full month and the revised amount from the next month.

Edit - Also, could someone advise as to how do I remove my old attachments as I have almost used up my allocation.

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Calculating A Discount Based On Certain Rules

Feb 11, 2009

I'm looking for assistance with working out the following formula. I live on an apartment complex in Marbella Spain and we pay Monthly Community Fees of say $100.

We want to calculate a penalty amount for late payers of say 30% of the monthly fee due for non payers? So for instance if the monthly amount due in Cell D8 = 100 and the actual amount received in cell E8 shows 0 or then increase any figure due for the following month in Cell F8 should increase by 30% ($ 130) in the following month. and so on

I use Excel ver 2003. Trust my query is reasonably clear?

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Calculating Percentiles Based On Known Data

Jul 15, 2009

Is there a function in Excel that would calculate the 85th & 90th percentiles based on the 50th & 75th percentiles.

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Calculating Price Based On Profit

Jun 26, 2012

I'm using a spread sheet to determine what I should charge customers. I want to make at least $300 profit on every job. If my profit is not at least $300 then I must up my price until profit reaches $300. Currently I'm manually adding a percentage (Factor) to the original price until I reach $300 profit. In the image below:

A is the original price
B is the factor by which I multiply the original price to increase it
C is the new figure which is reached after multiplying (1+B2)*A2
D is the costs related to that job (I enter these manually on a separate sheet within the workbook)
E if the profit (C-D)

I use a factor in B because when I increase the price, then I have to increase several parts of the job by the same percentage so I multiply each part by this factor to increase the price of each by the same percentage.

Now what I would like to do is if E2.

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Calculating Average Based On A Condition

Jul 27, 2007

I need to calculate the average of values in a particular column if some other column contains a particular text. For e.g. I would like to calculate average age of all the people who belong to the Comapny "XYZ". Which means that I have two columns here one is "Age" and the other one is "Company". So For all the people who belong to the company "XYZ", I need to calculate average age.

Company Age

XYZ 24
ABC 26
ABC 34
XYZ 30

My average should be (30+24)/2 = 27.

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Calculating Charges Based On Stepped Rates?

Jun 20, 2014

Never tried complicated formulas in Access and at a bit of a loss... What I am trying to do is calculate a utility bill based on stepped rated.

For example:

Usage up to the first 500KHW is billed at .067 per KWH
Usage after the first 500KWH from 501 to 999 is billed at .044 per KWH
Usage from 1000 up is billed at .0318

So if my usage was 1200 KWH...

((500 x .067)+(500 x .044)+(200 x .0318)) = 61.86

I was assuming it would require an complex "if" function to split the 1200 into steps and then calculate charges per step?

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Calculating Number Based On Multiple Variables?

Jan 24, 2014

What I am trying to do is calculate a particular charge based on two main variables the city and weight chosen (each of which will correspond to a particular value) .I have these cities and weights which correspond to a particular price per 100kg when two are selected

My excel data is set up like this

1. City
2. Toronto....................................$5.50..................$4.00..................$3.75..................$3.50

3. Winnipeg....................................$3.20..................$3.75..................$3.6..................$3.21

4. Saskatoon..................................$5.4..................$5.2..................$4.90....................$4.70

(I added a,b,c,d and 1,2,3,4 for reference when explaining the formula)

I have a separate row where I am able to enter a weight in one column (A24) and and choose the city from a list in the second column (B24). I need the next column (C24) to display the dollar charge per 100kg from my data that corresponds to the city I have chosen and the weight entered. I am trying to figure out a formula for C24 that allows for instance $5.50 to be displayed when I type in 800kg for A24 and choose Toronto from a drop down list in B24. This row will look like this for reference:

..................A............................ B..............................C.
..................Weight..................City..................Charge per 100kg

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Calculating Percentage Based On Dynamic Cells

Dec 15, 2008

I need to calculate the percentage based on self populating score. however I want excel/formula to ignore any cells which has "NA" in it so that it calculates the percentage based only on the cells having Numbers.

Now these Cells which contain Numbers might or might not contain numbers based on the "IF" function which decides wether the cell will have numbers or will remain "blank" or have "NA". To understand better please have a look at the enclosed sample (that would explain my need better)

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Calculating A Range Of Values Based On 2 Factors

Feb 2, 2009

I need a way to calculate building rates based selecting the building and the value selected;

I have a list of building construction (fire resistive - protected, non combustible - protected etc)... in cell N8 and the limits in cell O8.

Now what I need to do is calculate the rates in the file attached (cells A5:J21 in my worksheet) based on the building construction and the value/limit I select.

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Calculating Total Based On Cell Contents

Mar 14, 2009

I'd like excel to calculate 3 totals for me based on the colour and value on a worksheet.

Basically, I work for various people and they pay at different rates per hour.
I currently have a spreadsheet with their names, times, and rates (see attached for example), but I calculate the amounts paid and due manually.
If possible I would now like excel to do it.

To explain further, 'J' gives me $10 per hour, and 'V' gives me $5 per hour.
Cells shown in red show work done but not paid for.
Cells shown in green show work done and paid for.

I'd like excel to automatically create totals as shown on the spreadsheet, namely:
Total due: xxxx
Total paid: xxxx
Total outstanding: xxxx

At any time during the month I can be asked to take on more work - I would then enter the code into the spreadsheet for the hours requested...and I'd like the totals to be update automatically.

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Calculating Monthly Average Based On Total

Mar 26, 2014

I have a workbook with each month as a tab Jan 2014- dec 2014. I have a totals page that's has total billings( the sum is adding all the totals of each month). The totals for each month are in different cells based on the number of individual invoices I enter for each month. I have entered jan- march invoices. I would like to put in a formula on my totals sheet that gives me a ytd avg without changing it. ie: d4/3 then next month april d4/4.

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