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Checkbox To Copy Row To New Sheet

I have 4 sheets
Sheet 1
Sheet 2
Sheet 3

What i would like:
Rows of data on Sheets 1/2/3 with a checkbox in column A of each row
I check a couple of checkboxes on sheet 1 some on sheet 2 and some on sheet 3
where i put a tick in checkbox they have copied across to next available row in sheet "checkout"

If i tick a checkbox then untick it (maybe changed mind) copied row is removed from checkout sheet.

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Add New Sheet & Copy Checked CheckBox Rows
I need to copy all the cells to a "new worksheet" if the checkboxes are checked.
I have thousand of cell in here but i just narrow it down in this example.

21 22 23 24 25 26 checked
31 32 33 34 35 36 unchecked
41 42 43 44 45 46 checked
51 52 53 54 55 56 unchecked

there is a command button in here that when it was click it will open a "new worksheet",
what I need to see in the new worksheet is this:

21 22 23 24 25 26
41 42 43 44 45 46

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Checkbox To Show A Certain Sheet.
I have a query Work sheet that has the names of my worksheets in the following format.. mmm dd, yyyy H15 has a formula that returns the sheetname as a value. What Id like to have is a checkmark that when checked it will take you to that worksheet. Ive played with it and came up with the following...but its not working...any advise??

Sub SHOW_H15()
Worksheets("Query").Range("H15").Text .Select
End Sub
Also id like to have the check mark named as "Would you like to see (h15) 's worksheet?"

One more thing...if a value is in H15 Id like the checkmark box to appear. If nothings in H15 dont show the checkmark Box.

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Linking A CheckBox To A Different Sheet
I Am wondering if you can use a checkbox, to update a cell on a different sheet in the same workbook. CheckBox 1 is the box on say, Tab 2. And if it was ticked, would transfer the name to Say Sheet 2, cell B7.

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Unchecking A Checkbox Hides A Sheet
Code that will make it so that when a checkbox is UNCHECKED, the sheet that it originally opened re-hides itself? In other words, I have a mcor that works great that allows for a checkbox when checked to unhide a worksheet and take the user to that sheet. Now I need it si that when it is UNCHECKED, the sheet goes back to it's hidden state. This is what I currently have that UNHIDES it. Obviously somehow I need it to REHIDE it after being unchecked:

How would the corrected code look AFTER being added to this one:

Sub CheckBox615_Click()
Sheets("FedEx Freight Opp Form").Visible = True
Sheets("FedEx Freight Opp Form").Select
End Sub

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Checkbox Function To Add +1 To Cell In Different Sheet
I need to include in my roster sheet that if a client is "present" my instructor will check the box. This (idealistically) should add +1 on the column labeled "classes attended" in sheet labeled 5 groups. I've been at this for 3 hours and still have gotten NOWHERE

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Toggle Sheet Visiblity Via CheckBox
I'm building a worksheet and I been struggling with writing a macro for this particular checkbox. As an example, I have Sheet 1 which contains my checkbox. When the checkbox is checked I want it to unhide sheet2 and when it is not checked, I want it to hide sheet2 again.

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Copy Cell When CheckBox Checked
I want to add a checkbox that when checked, copies a value (E3) in the row and pastes it into another cell on the same row (G3). I would also like for it to be cleared when unchecked.

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Copy Or Clear A Range Based On Checkbox
I am good at excel but an infant with VBA. I have inserted a checkbox onto my worksheet. I want it, when checked, to select a row of data ("k5:k16") from Sheet 1 and copy it to ("a1:a12") in Sheet 5. When the checkbox is unselected, I want the ("a1:a12") to be cleared. I've tried several different ways to copy and continue to run into errors. I know there is a simple solution, but it's beyond me.

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Filter Sheet Based On Checkbox & Listbox Selection
I have a spreadsheet in Excel, there are 13 columns of information being used. 3 of the columns have just data I typed in (model name, item code, original price) the other 10 have formulas (these formulas are price discounts that will be taken off of the original price. 9 of them also have a check box on the top of the column so if the the checkbox is selected, the formula will give the customer the amount discounted off the original price(keep in mind that not all of the columns can be used together, for example, on product "A" maybe only 3 of the boxes can be used whereas on another product maybe 5 can be used). I made a multiple listbox, so that if a customer selects a product or multiple products and clicks the ok button, the sheet will only show the specific products they selected. My problem is that when I press the "OK" button nothing happens. I don't know how to link all of this together.

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Extract/Copy Data Where CheckBox Is Checked/TRUE
I have a series of checkboxes, we'll say checkbox 1-5. These are all listed on a sheet called products.

If for example you select check boxes 1,3 and 5 I need those to then be listed in a column in that order on another sheet called purchased.

If I went back and then uncheck 3 and check 4 then purchased would be updated.

I understand that if you take a cell and name it P1 for instance..and then on another sheet enter =p1 in a cell that they will update and share data, but I dont know how to pull from a check box..nor do I know how to assign a row of cells to accept multiple and changing information from those checkboxes.

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Copy Range On CheckBox Check & Clear On Uncheck
I have a check box that when checked needs to take information from multiple cells and copy into multiple cells and then when uncheck remove the data from the cells.

I have attached a sample.

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Checkbox : Married, Widows, Single Checkbox Is Selected
married, widows, single checkbox is selected

macro solution
good work.

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Hide/Unhide Checkbox Using Another Checkbox
How can i hide and unhide one checkbox using another one? Can it be done using IF formula?
And also i am using this checkbox to function something else as TRUE/FALSE.

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Copy Sheet & Create New Monthly Sheet From Present Sheet
I want to create a macro button that can create copy, insert, paste and rename the new sheet in next month's name, like if the active sheet's name is January, I want to copy the whole sheet of January, insert new sheet, paste the new sheet and rename the new sheet to next month like February?

Also rename the new sheet (February) cell B3 the same as new sheet's name (February)

So if month of February is near end, the macro button in February will create the same way as Jan did which means the next sheet will be named March and so on.

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Copy Data From One Sheet (Fixed Cells And Sheet) To Another Sheet
I want to be able to copy a name from one sheet (Available Players), paste it to a cell in another sheet (Round 1 through Round 20). The cell that will be copied is fixed but the place where it will be pasted will be different and may be on a different sheet.

also i would like to change the color of the copied cell to "greyed" out or cut if it can not be greyed out. I have created a button and put in a macro that i created but have been having problems with it, generic 1004 errors that i can not figure out. i am attaching the document.

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Checkbox Vba: The Amount From The Subtotal Cell Will Auto Go To The Cell Next To The Checkbox
I have been using different keywords to find what I need. I have 3 checkboxes: cash, amex, other. I have a subtotal cell. When the appropriate checkbox is checked, the amount from the subtotal cell will auto go to the cell next to the checkbox. Is this VB?

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Macro To Copy Current Sheet, Create, & Rename New Sheet From Current Open Sheet
EXAMPLE: Complete Sheet called "Day1". When day1 is complete you click on button and it then copies itself and creates and renames new sheet to "Day2", then when "Day2" is complete you click on button and it then copies itself and creates and renames new sheet to "Day3", and so on and so forth to "Day30".

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Look At The Item ID Column On Sheet1 Compare It To SS# On Sheet Two And Copy Any Rows From Sheet1 To The End Of The Sheet In Sheet 2
I have I workbook that contains 2 sheets. The first sheet "Business Objects" is the master list. The second sheet "Gene" contains similar data but is incomplete. There is a unique identifer for both sheets and that is item ID. what I would like to do is look at the Item ID column on sheet1 compare it to SS# on sheet two and copy any rows from sheet1 to the end of the sheet in sheet 2. I have found in my searches on this forum a bit of code that identifies the ones in sheet1 that are not in Sheet2 and highlights them red(which is not neccessary for me, but I am struggling to figure out how to take that and paste it to sheet2.

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Macro To Copy Data From Sheet 1 To Multiple Pages On Sheet 2 In Correct Cells
I have attached a 97-2003 .xls file with data for multiple store locations on sheet 1, and the desired result on sheet 2. I am actually using excel 2007, but I dont think I need any special features that it provides.

I will try to explain the issue here without opening the attachment.

Here is an example of the Data on Sheet1

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Macro To Copy Sheet From Closed Work Book And Overwrite If Sheet Already Exists
I am currently using a macro to copy a sheet from a closed workbook in to my current workbook. However this copying is based on the sheet name. At present when I run the following code

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Copy And Paste From One Sheet To Another Based On Column A Using A Macro Copy Button
I want to copy and paste from one sheet to another based on column a using a macro copy button.

E.g. if column a value = apple then copy that row into the apple sheet.

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Copy Rows From Selected Sheet To New Sheet Based On Cell Value
i have a workbook that has a lot of sheets but i need to pull information from the one sheet "Veneer Log" i Need it to make new sheets with the same heading as on the "Veneer Log" (Rows 1 & 2) Sheet but it needs to be filtered by the "Product" Column (H) with a new sheet made for all the diffrent products i.e. Dimensional, Drywall, Corners - Thin V., Accents,..... so each product will have a new sheet with i am hoping someone can help me with this. This log changes Daily and it would be nice to have a sheet with only the same product on it to compare new orders so we can batch run. i hope i have given you enough information so someone can help me with this. i have attached a sample log the real log has about 10 worksheet for diffrent departments but i only need info from the Veneer Log Sheet.

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Macro Copy Of The Active Sheet And Then Rename The New Copied Sheet
I'm trying to create a copy of the active sheet and then rename the new copied sheet to what's in cell O4, which is a formula (see below) and then paste value cell O4 in B3 of the copied sheet. However, when I run this macro it doesn't seem to like the second line where I am renaming the sheet (run time error '1004').

"O4" =DATE(YEAR($B$3),MONTH($B$3)+1,DAY($B$3))

Sub NewMonth()

ActiveSheet.Copy Before:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)
ActiveSheet.Name = Range("O4").Value
ActiveSheet.Range("B3").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues
End Sub

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To Copy And Paste Something On My Spreadsheet (sheet Titled Input Sheet)
Everything seemed to be working until i tried to copy and paste something on my spreadsheet (sheet titled Input Sheet). When I paste anything onto this sheet I see the Paste happen and then Excel just hangs (no errors?). I just left it for over 5 minutes and nothing happened (still hanging). I had to close it down using X

I have LOTS of different codes and different sheets in my spreadsheet. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can go about Pinpointing the problem. Chances are no one will be cutting and pasting but I would like to know why this is happening but have no idea how to go about investigating?

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Automatically Re-name Sheet To Cell Value & Create Copy Of Hidden Sheet
I have a workbook with a hidden sheet ("Template") and a visible sheet("New Job"). I need code so when cell F1 in "New Job" is populated:

1-the sheet is renamed to the value of F1,
2-a new tab is made (a carbon copy of the hidden sheet "Template")
3-the new tab is named "New Tab" and marked as unhidden.

Public Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
ActiveSheet.Name = Range("F1").Value
End Sub

Function WorksheetExists(SheetName As String, _
Optional WhichBook As Workbook) As Boolean
Dim WB As Workbook
Set WB = IIf(WhichBook Is Nothing, ThisWorkbook, WhichBook)
On Error Resume Next
WorksheetExists = CBool(Len(WB.Worksheets(SheetName).Name) > 0)
End Function..................

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Copy Cell From Specific Sheet & Paste To Active Sheet
I would like a macro that will go to a fixed sheet, copy the format, go back to the previous sheet and paste the format. My problems arise going back to the previously activated sheet rather than just a fixed sheet.

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Copy Specific Range From One Sheet And Paste To Next Available Row Of Different Sheet
I would appreciate if someone can help me figure out a macro that will copy range (A3:T112) from "Step 1" sheet to next available row in "Step 2" sheet.

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Delete Rows That Contains Zero And Copy Active Sheet To New Sheet
I want DELETE the rows that contains 0 (zero or -) in column F (SALDO BRUTO), when I click the Button (Clear). And How I can copy from this sheet to a new sheet in this workbook, but the names of new sheet automatic rename to next date or 2, and next when I click the Button "Copy to New Sheet".

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Copy A Row From One Sheet And Paste It In Another Sheet Based On A Condition
i want to copy a row from one sheet and paste it in another sheet based on a condition.

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Copy Row From Sheet 1 To Sheet 2 When Data Entered In Cell F
I have Worksheet 1, with columns A to E. I would like a row to be copied to Worksheet 2, as soon as cell F in Worksheet 1 is populated. Also the row to be deleted from Worksheet 1.

So, as soon as F1 in worksheet 1 is populated and enter button pressed, row A1:F1 will be copied to the next empty row in worksheet 2, while being deleted from worksheet 1. So eventually all rows in worksheet 1 will be deleted and rows in worksheet 2 will be populated.

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Copy Sheet 1 Including Any Changes -inserts/deletes To Sheet 2?
How do I get some columns in sheet 2 to be a 'Live' copy of some colums in sheet 1? - 'Live' as in they include any changes to sheet 1, i.e. insertion/deletion of rows?...

I have set up a very basic shared workbook for me & four colleagues so we can all see what each others work loads are like and establish who has capacity for new work. We each have a sheet and record the work data in rows which details Name of case, Case ref no., age in days,etc... This then feeds a summary sheet displaying the totals of the relevant info and has pretty charts etc which we can print off for our manager.

As our cases are concluded we simply delete the rows. When we get new cases they are either added as new rows or inserted between existing rows (when similar work/related work). What I would like to do is give each of us a second sheet where we could record more specific detail regards each case. I would like sheet 2 columns A&B (detailing name name & Ref No.) to be the same as Columns A&B Sheet 1 - I have done this with a simple =Sheet1!A1...etc, which is great until any deletions/insertion are made to sheet 1 which then throws out sheet 2. How do I make Columns A&B for sheet 2 'live' copies of Colimns A&B Sheet 1?

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Macro To Copy A Number From One Sheet To Other Sheet
I have a report generated from an application and am looking to format it into a specific format in order to import it into access to be used in a query. Does anyone know how to write a macro which will:-

1. look for a particular word and delete 1 row above it and 16 rows below it, for every time that word appears on the sheet.

2. Look for a specific number (which can be identified by the total number of digits in it and/or the starting series of numbers) from itís location to another newly inserted column

4.Finally, count the number of rows between the number moved in step 2 and the next similar number and copy the first number in to number of rows = the number of rows between it and the next similar number.

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Autofilter Col A,copy Col C To New Sheet, Name New Sheet With Criteria Value
In my "MAIN" Sheet. Column A starts at 12th row and contains ONLY Strings. I would like to Autofilter Column A for every unique String (criteria) in Column A (from 12th row to 1000th row). Copy the thus filtered (i.e. visible) cells from (ONLY) column C (for every criteria). Paste the copied cells to a new sheet, starting from A4 of the new sheet. Give the name of the Criteria as the name for the new sheet. Come back to "MAIN" sheet and show a pop up "Sorted".

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Copy/Paste From Active Sheet To Another Sheet
I want to copy data from the current sheet, and past it in the "montly" sheet.

'i and j were defined above, with a Case statement
Range(" Ai:Cj").Select
' I want the upper left cell of the pasted area to be A11

I get an error saying that I should select one cell and then paste. But I thought that that is what I did...

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Copy Current Sheet To New Sheet
Is possible to copy all of the contents of the current worksheet into another worksheet in the same workbook via a click of a button on the worksheet i.e. like a copy and paste.

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Copy To New Sheet With Conditions From Another Sheet
I am trying to run conditions on rows and if conditions are met move all rows that meet that condition to a new sheet. I have serveral thousand rows on what we will call sheet1 with about 25 coulumns.

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Copy Picture From Sheet One To Sheet Two
I want to copy one picture from sheet one to sheet two. I just know the location of this picture.

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Copy From One Sheet And Paste In Another Sheet As A New Row
I need to write a simple macro to copy the last row in a spreadsheet and paste it as a new row in the other sheet.

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When Data File Close Sheet To Sheet Range To Range Copy
i have a main.xls file and two data file dat1.xls and dat2.xls

mail named file have ar - br- cr- dr- er -fr sheets

dat1 named file have ar-br-cr sheets

dat2 named file have dr-er-fr sheets

and all this files data source is

colomn source a - fd
row source 29-4000

i want to make two commandbutton to main file first for dat1 second for dat2 file and i need a code to use at this buttons to make

when dat1 and dat2 close

main file user when click first button

copy dat1 file ar sheet colomn source a - fd row source 29-4000 cells to main file ar sheet colomn source a - fd row source 29-4000 cells

copy dat1 file br sheet colomn source a - fd row source 29-4000 cells to main file br sheet colomn source a - fd row source 29-4000 cells

copy dat1 file cr sheet colomn source a - fd row source 29-4000 cells to main file cr sheet colomn source a - fd row source 29-4000 cells

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Copy From Template And Select Any Sheet That Starts With S And Copy / Paste This Template To
I have a list of invoice #'s on a sheet named "Temp Sheet".

I have a VBA macro that created a new tab for each entry and named it the invoice #. So basically the vba code created a new tab ( based on the number of invoice #'s on my list ), and named each tab an invoice number. So if I had a list of 10 invoice #'s, named S1-S10, the vba code created 10 tabs, named S-1, S-2,. S-3.....

Now to my question.
I have a template sheet I want to copy from ( "Template" ), and select any sheet that starts with "S", and copy/paste this template to.

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Copy A Selected Range Of Cells On Sheet One To A Range On Sheet Three
Hi. Does anyone know a formula to copy a selected range of cells on sheet one to a range on sheet three when a check box in checked. Ex. copy range a4:j4 on sheet one into a4:j4 on sheet three once the check box for on sheet one is checked?

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Copy Sheet To New Sheet ...
I'm having an issue copying a entire sheet onto a newly created sheet. I'm attempting to create a macro for it, to work inline with my other macro.

my current macro works when i click to create a new sheet it creates the sheet and then adds the sheet to my list. after that i want to have it copy all the data from my "PICKS" sheet to the new sheet. how can i make this happen

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Copy And Add New Sheet
Copy an existing sheet and add a new sheet to the workbook and paste the copied sheet.

also if possible set cells B1, C1, D1, and E1 of the newly added sheet equal to cells B15, C15, D15 and E15 of the copied sheet using formula.

ex cell B1 of newlsheet =copiedsheet!B15

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Copy Row From Sheet If Value = Something
I have two sheets in a workbook. One has data, let's call it "data", one is blank, let's call it "apples".

"Data" sheet has column headers on A1 to H1 and then data running on each row A to H (i.e. the 1st row of data is A2 to H2) There are 200 rows of data.

In "Data" column D contains types of fruit. What I would like to achieve: if a cell in column D contains "apple" then that row's entire data A to H is copied to the "apples" sheet in the first availble row. If a cell doesn't contain "apple" then it ignores it and checks the next row.

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Copy Last Row To Next Available Row On Other Sheet
i am trying to make a spreedsheet to help me organize some stuff here at work. we have a bunch of overlays stored in several different locations. on top of that, they are all customer specific. there is also 8-10 cells worth of info describing each one.

in my book, i have several sheets, one for each customer along with one contaning everything.

i wrote a macro trying to copy a line from one sheet and pasting it into the all sheet. the problem is, its copying from the same line every time and pasting into the same line every time.

i want it to take the last line added into a customer specific sheet, and then add it on to a new line in the ALL sheet.

then at the end, i want it to re-sort all rows in order.

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Copy Sheet
I have created quite a complex excel sheet (probably more so than it needs 2 be, but so be it). Basically it takes 30 seconds or so to copy the sheet and as i need 80 sheets its taking a while. Is there a way to multiple copy the sheet and set a specified amount of sheet copies.
At least then i can get on with other work for a while whilst it sorts it out.

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Copy To Next Sheet
how do i simply copy contents of column D (sheet 1) to Sheet 2 column A ?

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Copy Row To Next Available Row On Another Sheet
I have the following code. I select a row in sheet one, run the code (which will eventually be attached to a button, but right now, is not], and it moves that row to another sheet. The problem is, it overwrites the code on the other sheet. I want it to either be added to the second sheet on the first available row.

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Copy Row To A New Sheet
I have data in Sheet1 and I want to copy all rows where in field 15 and 23 are numbers bigger then 0 in Sheet2 in first row with no data.

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Copy From One Sheet Into Another
I will explain what I have here. I have a workbook which has a sheet at the start (Enter Data) and I have a sheet at the end named (INFO). I enter the data in the "Enter Data" sheet. I want the data that I enter there to be copied across into the the INFO sheet. The trouble I am having is to get it to copy there and know to go to the next line. The cells I want to copy across are

G3, G4, G5, C12, H39, I39, J39 And G41

and I want to copy it to the sheet INFO in cells

A1, A2, A3, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9

But I want it to look and see what the last row is and go to the next row and insert it in there.

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