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Copy Cell When CheckBox Checked

I want to add a checkbox that when checked, copies a value (E3) in the row and pastes it into another cell on the same row (G3). I would also like for it to be cleared when unchecked.

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Add New Sheet & Copy Checked CheckBox Rows
I need to copy all the cells to a "new worksheet" if the checkboxes are checked.
I have thousand of cell in here but i just narrow it down in this example.

21 22 23 24 25 26 checked
31 32 33 34 35 36 unchecked
41 42 43 44 45 46 checked
51 52 53 54 55 56 unchecked

there is a command button in here that when it was click it will open a "new worksheet",
what I need to see in the new worksheet is this:

21 22 23 24 25 26
41 42 43 44 45 46

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Extract/Copy Data Where CheckBox Is Checked/TRUE
I have a series of checkboxes, we'll say checkbox 1-5. These are all listed on a sheet called products.

If for example you select check boxes 1,3 and 5 I need those to then be listed in a column in that order on another sheet called purchased.

If I went back and then uncheck 3 and check 4 then purchased would be updated.

I understand that if you take a cell and name it P1 for instance..and then on another sheet enter =p1 in a cell that they will update and share data, but I dont know how to pull from a check box..nor do I know how to assign a row of cells to accept multiple and changing information from those checkboxes.

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Determine If CheckBox Is TRUE/Checked Or FALSE/Un-Checked
code below whould return value "a" to specified range(s) The cells are formatted Marlett, 10pt, black, bold, center. Should return a nice tick mark to the specified range if selected shape has value of 1. I double chk'd the name of the shape referred to in code and it is correct Yet value of "a" is not returned, though the chkBox is "ticked". What else can I check?

Option Explicit
Sub cv_ReviewCheckBoxes()
Dim wbBook As Workbook
Dim wsNotesLoose As Worksheet
Dim wsCoinRolled As Worksheet
Dim wsCoinLoose As Worksheet
Dim wsSummary As Worksheet
With Application
.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
.DisplayAlerts = False
. ScreenUpdating = False
End With.........................

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Update Cell When Checkbox Checked
I have a worksheet which includes in column A a date in the format dd/mm/yyyy what I would like to do is have a checkbox control on the same row (and this would be the same for all the rows on the this worksheet) and when it is checked it updates the value of a cell on another worksheet within the same workbook with the date from column A. i sort of know how to do it on an individual basis but was wondering what code could be applied to a 'finished editing' button which would then check the state of the checkboxes on the sheet and update the values on the other sheet. I'm afraid my knowledge of VBA is poor when it comes to the logic of things...

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Cell To Equal Another Cell If CheckBox Checked
I need to be able to select a checkbox on my form and when selected, fill data from other cells on the form to other cells. Here is what I have so far

Sub CheckBox1_Click()
If CheckBox1.Value = True Then
Cell(F13).Value = Cell(B13).Value
Else If CheckBox1.Value = False Then
'do nothing
End If
End Sub

But it does not work I get a compile error on the: Cell(F13).Value = Cell(B13).Value

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Delete Row Of Checked Checkbox
I have a command button and ten checkboxes - one for each row of a list. I need a macro that will delete the rows of every checked checkbox when I press the command button.

The list starts in row 3 and continues to row 12. Checkboxes are checkbox1 for row 3 to checkbox10 for row 12.

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Run Code Only IF Checkbox Is NOT Checked
I have a code in my workbook that Runs another ceo on close. It is:

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)


End Sub

What I would like to do is have a checkbox that if checked then this code will NOT run. Can this be done?

In a perfect world what would happen is that once an e-mail was sent once then the checkbox would automatically be checked so that there is no possibility of OFA being e-mailed twice with the same info.

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Message Box Upon When Checkbox Is Checked
Is it possible to have a message box pop up when a checkbox is checked?

I tried the code as per file attached but cannot work; It requires a direct input into the cell.

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Autofilter When Checkbox Checked
When I check the box, I would like the autofilter to come on and select a range & criteria which I have managed. When unchecking the box, the data returns back to normal but the filter stays on the range. When I now check the box with the filter on, the code does not work. I need the filter to stay on if already on.

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Determine Whether Checkbox Is Checked Or Not
I am attempting to write a program using a form with multiple checkbox buttons, which will highlight cells based on whether the checkbox is checked (highlighted) or not checked (no formatting). I can get it to highlight fine, but I cannot find a way to determine with code whether or not the checkbox is actually checked, so that I can have the program unhighlight when the box is no longer clicked.

I'm not entirely sure how to further explain that so I will use an example. Imagine a checkbox which can show a window when "checked" and when " not checked" hides the window. I am able to get the window to appear in the first place, but am not certain how to hide the window once the user presses to uncheck the checkbox button. If that is not clear let me know and I'll explain it more indepth as I am not entirely certain how to explain it.

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Run Macro If Checkbox Is Checked Every Xy Minutes
- I have 2 checkboxes and I need run macro, if one of this checkboxes are checked (if checkbox1 then run macro, if checkbox2 then run macro2)
- If this checkbox is checked run macro every "xy" minutes, and this "xy" is written in cell I1 (for checkbox1) or I2 (for checkbox2)

I add my excel for better understanding

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More Checkbox (Checkbox1 Is Checked By Default, The Others Are Empty)
Lets keep it simple. I have a userform. On the userform are 4 checkboxes.
Checkbox1 is checked by default, the others are empty.

On command click I need to pass the values to a called sheet.

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Print Worksheet With Checked CheckBox Control
I am creating a main worksheet (Legend) in which information will be entered and then populate to other areas (worksheets) within the workbook. I would like to create a print macro - that will run and print all the worksheets that we have selected on the "legend" page. These worksheets would have been selected by ticking a check box.

My question is how to associate a check box to a worksheet? For example - the second worksheet is named " Schedule A" 3rd "Schedule B" and so on.

- The check boxes will be name schedule A, Schedule B and so on.
- I would like to associate (link) the checkbox Schedule A with the Worksheet of the same name. Then when this checkbox is selected, and the print macro runs it will print the worksheets that are selected.

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Block Input Into Range When CheckBox Checked
I am working on a spreadsheet where multiple inputs are entered by a user in certain cells and ranges. I would like to block the ability to enter values in a certain range based on the condition of a check box in the spreadsheet. I do not want to delete or hide the range. Does anyone know a simple command to either allow or not allow input in certain cells/ranges?

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CheckBox To Automatically Get Checked If A Selection Is Made In The Listbox
I have a userform with a CheckBox and a ListBox. Is there a way to have the CheckBox to automatically get checked if a selection is made in the listbox?

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Find TextBox Text In Worksheet If CheckBox Is True / Checked
I have a userform where the textbox already pulls data from a worksheet. I have a checkbox next to the textbox, If the checkbox is true it finds the textbox value on a worksheet and using Offset it inserts "yes" in the next cell.

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Checkbox Vba: The Amount From The Subtotal Cell Will Auto Go To The Cell Next To The Checkbox
I have been using different keywords to find what I need. I have 3 checkboxes: cash, amex, other. I have a subtotal cell. When the appropriate checkbox is checked, the amount from the subtotal cell will auto go to the cell next to the checkbox. Is this VB?

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Copy Rows Represented By Checked Check Boxes
I have created checkbox for all the rows of items in sheet1 so that they will be able to select and then copy to sheet2.


If a checkbox at row 1 in sheet1 is selected, the entire row (which the checkbox represent) will be copy into sheet2 (which would have the same column headers).

If a checkbox at row 2 in sheet1 is not selected, nothing will be done there.

If a checkbox at row 3 in sheet1 is selected, then the entire row of 3 in sheet1 will be copy again into the next avalible row in sheet2 (in this case, row 2 in sheet2)


There will be other informations at the beginning (top) of each excel worksheet which does not need to be touch at all. Only the data portion (starting column C row 16 in sheet1 and column A row 16 in sheet2) will need to have the above function.

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Checkbox To Copy Row To New Sheet
I have 4 sheets
Sheet 1
Sheet 2
Sheet 3

What i would like:
Rows of data on Sheets 1/2/3 with a checkbox in column A of each row
I check a couple of checkboxes on sheet 1 some on sheet 2 and some on sheet 3
where i put a tick in checkbox they have copied across to next available row in sheet "checkout"

If i tick a checkbox then untick it (maybe changed mind) copied row is removed from checkout sheet.

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Copy Or Clear A Range Based On Checkbox
I am good at excel but an infant with VBA. I have inserted a checkbox onto my worksheet. I want it, when checked, to select a row of data ("k5:k16") from Sheet 1 and copy it to ("a1:a12") in Sheet 5. When the checkbox is unselected, I want the ("a1:a12") to be cleared. I've tried several different ways to copy and continue to run into errors. I know there is a simple solution, but it's beyond me.

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Copy Range On CheckBox Check & Clear On Uncheck
I have a check box that when checked needs to take information from multiple cells and copy into multiple cells and then when uncheck remove the data from the cells.

I have attached a sample.

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Checkbox : Married, Widows, Single Checkbox Is Selected
married, widows, single checkbox is selected

macro solution
good work.

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Hide/Unhide Checkbox Using Another Checkbox
How can i hide and unhide one checkbox using another one? Can it be done using IF formula?
And also i am using this checkbox to function something else as TRUE/FALSE.

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Value Of Cell To Return To Checkbox
I'm trying to achieve a search of a sheet using a selection in a listbox on my userform and then return a value of 'true or false' to my checkbox.

My code is below;

With Sheets("JobChecklist")
Set r = .Columns("b").Find(Me.ListBox3.Text, , , xlWhole)
If r Is Nothing Then

Exit Sub
End If
ff = r.Address: n = 0
n = n + 1
ReDim Preserve a(1 To 6, 1 To n)
For i = 1 To 3
a(i, n) = r.Offset(0, 1).Value
Set r = .Columns("b").FindNext(r)
Loop Until ff = r.Address
End With
With Me.CheckBox30
If a.Value = True Then
CheckBox30.Value = True
CheckBox30.Value = False
End If
End With
End Sub

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Get The Value Of A Checkbox's Linked Cell
I am writing some VBA code in Excel 2007 and am stuck on a property with the standard form check box (not OLEObjects).

I would like to check and find out what the value is of the linked cell for a checkbox...

Like, if a user clicks the checkbox, it changes the linked cell value to true or false... But I cannot figure out how to "lookup" or "go and get" this true or false value through code...

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Using Cell As Checkbox (add Tick Mark)
I need to click on a cell and when I click on it, it should change colour and insert a tick (or other symbol).

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Cell Act As True Or False Checkbox
I have some code for another project which was using checkboxes to select elements to copy/paste.

However, I need too many checkboxes and I think it is slowing down the run time.

I'm wondering if it's possible to have a cell act as a true/false checkbox?

Then I would just change my code from

if checkbox1.value = true then...


if range("A1").value = true then....

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Overide The Cell Information Through A Checkbox
i am working on a spreadsheet that is doing two things 1) its allowing the user to choose between 1 to 3 number or N/A from the list validation option and 2) there is a checkbox if one selects that all the columns that have the formula will become N/A irrespect of data in it.

I am using the following formula in the list validation option
a3 is the check boc
E5 =1
E6= 2
E7 = 3

=if(a3=true, $E$8, $E$5:$E$8)

The issue I am having with this is, if I start selecting something from the drop down and half way I realize I need to check the box, it will only make it E8 value for the cells I have not touched and the ones I have already selected the drop down value it will remain. However I want it to override the value to E8 irrespect.

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Checkbox Function To Add +1 To Cell In Different Sheet
I need to include in my roster sheet that if a client is "present" my instructor will check the box. This (idealistically) should add +1 on the column labeled "classes attended" in sheet labeled 5 groups. I've been at this for 3 hours and still have gotten NOWHERE

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Formula To Dicate Link Between Checkbox And Cell
I'm creating a spreadsheet which will have a grid of hundreds of check boxes (used to record progress on a project). In order to use the value of the check box in calculations, I'm linking each checkbox with another cell. So, if the checkbox is in cell F10, then i might link it with cell AF10, which is where the TRUE and FALSE indicators are.

If I copy the last row (which has checkboxes--let's call it row 99), and copy it below to expand the grid, the check boxes in the new row are still linked with row 99 cells (i.e., all the new check boxes in column F are still linked with AF99). So, presently I'm having to go through and manually re-link each pasted check box to a new cell.

Is there a way, using something along the lines of the INDIRECT function, where I can have a formula dictating what cell each checkbox is linked with, so that when I copy and paste a large number of these, they automatically point to the new cell (such that, F99's check box points to AF99, but if I copy this F99 check box into cell F115, then it would automatically be linked with cell AF115)?

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Set Cell Color Based On CheckBox State
I want to write code for a Checkbox that when checked it fills a cell with a color, but if it is subsequently unchecked, the cell color disappears.

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Override The Data In The Cell When Checkbox Is Clicked
i am working on a spreadsheet that is doing two things 1) its allowing the user to choose between 1 to 3 number or N/A from the list validation option and 2) there is a checkbox if one selects that all the columns that have the formula will become N/A irrespect of data in it. I am using the following formula in the list validation option a3 is the check boc.

E5 =1
E6= 2
E7 = 3

=if(a3=true, $E$8, $E$5:$E$8)

The issue I am having with this is, if I start selecting something from the drop down and half way I realize I need to check the box, it will only make it E8 value for the cells I have not touched and the ones I have already selected the drop down value it will remain. However I want it to override the value to E8 irrespect.

1) If the user of the spreadsheet clicks on the check box (this is in A3 cell) which i have linked it using format control then all the cell (Column E) that have the formula =if(A3=True, "N/A", ) will have N/A which is not applicable and not an error as you mentioned. I have successfully implemented this

2) If the user does not select the check box (a3) then each of the cell (Column E) has a drop down which the user can select either 1,2,3 or N/A. Which I have successfully implemented by using the data validations. Now the struggle I am having is as follows: I have attached the spreadsheet for your reference too.

Now if I select number 2 in cell E10, 2 in cell E11 and 3 in cell E 13 and you can see alll the other cell in column E are 0, because of the formula and the box in A3 is not checked in Tab 1. In Tab 2 I have checked the box everything turned N/A in column E except cells E10, E11 and E13 because I had previously selected 2,2,3 respectively. This is not what I want, what I want is when I check that box everything should turn to N/A basically an override function is what I want to created.

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Value To Cell On CheckBox Check & Clear On Uncheck
I have created a checkbox which places a "TT" on a master sheet when checked on the NEW8 sheet. What I want to know is how do I get the "TT" to delete from the master sheet when unchecked on the NEW8 sheet. Below is what I have...

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Write Text To Cell Based On Checkbox?
I have a userform with a checkbox. If the box is checked, I would likke to write "Option One" to cell A1 in Sheet1 when the Close button is clicked. I can't get the code correct for this. The workbook is attached.

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Checkbox To Change Cell Value Based On Other Checkboxes
I currently have a spreadsheet with a userform that has multiple checkboxes. I want these checkboxes to change the value of cells depending on whether or not they are checked. 1 for not checked, 2 for checked. The column of the named range the cells are in is constant for each checkbox (though it is different for each checkbox and some checkboxes will need to change the value of a cell in multiple columns). The row changes depending on the value of a combobox on the userform. I have sorted out a code that works, but it seems very long, slow, and inefficient. I'm hopping someone can show me a better way to do it.

Private Sub CmbFinish_Click()
Dim rClSkills As Range
Dim rClLookup As Range
Dim var1 As Integer
Dim iDecision As Integer
Set rClSkills = Range("TblClSkills")
Set rClLookup = Range("ClassLookup")
iDecision = MsgBox("Are you sure you wish to change Skills?", vbYesNo, "Continue?")
If iDecision = vbYes Then
var1 = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match(cboClass.Value, rClLookup, 0)
If CboAppraise.Value = True Then.............................

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Place Values In One Cell On CheckBox Clicks
I have a user form that has 12 check boxes corresponding to the months on the year. All or none of the check boxes can be ticked at the same time. How can I get the value of the check boxs to one cell on the worksheet.

ie. Check boxes 'Jan', 'Feb', 'June' and 'Oct' are ticked. On the worksheet, cell A1 would say 'Months chosen: Jan, Feb, June, Oct'

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Return Value To Cell Based On CheckBox TRUE/FALSE
I would like to create a qestionairre with checkboxes used to answer the question "Do you need____" (Check if yes). On the following workbook I would like a list of all items needed, and a list of items not needed on yet another workbook.

Is there a way to create these lists without having blanks for values that are not true? (and because Im sure there is HOW?)

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Tally Cell Automatically Based On CheckBox State
In my spreadsheet the user has the option to put in a numerical value into different cells, which will update (add to) another. So if we have an initail value of 20 in "I10" and the user puts in 20 in "W12", then I10 will display 30.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("W12:X24")) Is Nothing Then
Select Case Target
Case Is = Range("W12")
Range("I10").Value = CInt(Range("I10").Value) + CInt(Target.Value)
Case Is = Range("X12")
Range("J10").Value = CInt(Range("J10").Value) + CInt(Target.Value)
Case Is = Range("W13")

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Event-handler Subroutine To Transfer Checkbox Text To Cell
to save typing the same things over and over I have created a dialog box with checkboxes, named with several common terms we use when writing an invoice. i.e. dig a hole, paint a fence etc. I have assigned the dialog box to a button on the worksheet.

When I check the checkboxes, I want the text to go to a blank section of the invoice one underneath the other. The reading I have done suggests this is an event-handler subroutine, I just don't know enough about VBA yet to be able to write the code.

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Insert A Value Into The Active Cell In This Workbook Based On The Value Of A Checkbox In The Other Spreadsheet
I have 2 workbooks open, one called "Temp" and the other called "CRM 2"
My active workbook is "Temp". I am trying to insert a value into the active cell in this workbook, based upon the value of a checkbox in the other spreadsheet. Here's my

If Windows("CRM 2.xls").SelectedSheets.CheckBox6.Value = True Then Selection.Value = "By Phone"
I've tried variations on this such as:

If Windows("CRM 2.xls").ActiveSheet.CheckBox6.Value = True Then Selection.Value = "By Phone"

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Macro: Check CheckBox Is True, Current Date For Day/Month, Then Sum TextBox & Cell
I am trying to allow the Command Button when clicked to go through multiple conditions before making a decision. So, when someone clicks on Command Button 3 the code should look to see if CheckBox1 is true, then it should check today's date, and if it is between a range of days, or even months, then it would add the number in TextBox1 with the amount already in cell H18. This event will happen every time someone clicks on the Command Button.

The end result is to have several sheets (4 total) for each quarter in the fiscal year, and if the dates are within those parameters, the clicking of the command button will update the correct sheet.

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Add Names That Are Checked On The List
In the Attendance Sheet (file attached), I have a list of all students. I like to add students who attend (with "X" marks) each subject onto Sheet "All Records). Date, time, location, instructor, subject to be added respectivley and in accumulate to the Sheet "All Records". I remember I did this before but I can't now.

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Check Box Name Changing When Checked
I want the name of a check box to change when it is checked or unchecked. I have a box where it is working just fine. I was given assistance to the initial code and have been using that code to create the same scenario with other check boxes on my sheet, but receive errors. I have been trying to decipher the problem to no avail. Can someone look at my codes and explain why when I copy the same formula it is not working.

The UN-Check All / Check All button is the working check box. I am trying to apply the same function to the four boxes next to Check Date and GL Post date fields.
I have reset all codes except for the last check box #34, which I have left so the error can be looked at. What I want it to do is when checked I want the name to be "Payroll GL Post Date" When Un-checked the name should be "Adjustment GL Post Date"

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Inputing Values When Check Box Is Checked
I am trying to create a form and I want the form to put values on certain spaces when box is checked. For example:

apples unchecked box
pears unchecked box
and so on.

I an going to create a list like this

and so on


If I check any of th boxes, I want a certain price to be posted besidesmy listand at the bottom to give me a total.

This is just an example of what Im going to do. No I am not creating a shoping list I just want to learnesd how to create the boxes and run macros.

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Check Box Change Color When Its Checked
Is there a way I can make my check box change color when it's checked? I'd like to have it uncolored and then turn green when checked. Not the cell, but the checkbox itself. I can't seem to make the check box part of the cell, if that would be an easier route to go please let me know. If I have to turn the cell green and not the check box, I'd love for the whole row to turn green.

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Formula Error When Control Box Checked
I have a formula that bring me back a figure (cell I3 attached) based on underlying data which works fine until I use the control box I have created to select the other option "poly". If this is checked then I just get an error and I cannot work out why.

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Counting Number Of Checkboxes Checked
I have 110 checkboxes on a sheet. User checks some of them. After he is done, I need to know the total number of boxes checked. I wrote a simple loop but there is some little error. Essentially I am trying to have Sub go box by box and see which one of them is checked:

With ActiveSheet
b = 0
For i = 1 To 110
If .Shapes("Checkbox" & i).OLEFormat.Object.Object.Value = True Then
a = 1
End If
Next i
b = b + a
MsgBox b
End With

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Print Sheets Checked In ListBox
I have 25 pages in a workbook/spreadsheet. On the front page I want to insert a macro button which when clicked, displays a message box presenting a list of pages in the workbook with tickboxes next to them - so the user can tick which pages he/she wants to print. I also want a 'select all' tickbox which when clicked - selects all the pages. However, I do not want a tickbox for all 25 pages in the workbook - only a selection of them. how to write this code so I can specify which pages will be displayed in the print tickbox screen that appears when the macro button is clicked?

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Sum Numbers Checked By Forms Check Box
I am creating a worksheet that has multiple pricing options. Next to each pricing option is a form control check box. I would like the worksheet to automatically total the checked rows only. I have linked the check boxes to the corresponding cells with pricing. I did not use Active X controls.

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Change Colour Of Check-box Text When Checked
Qtn.1 - Do i use 'Conditional formating' under 'Format' to change colour of Check-box text when 'checked'
I.e when ticked >> change colour of text to red

Qtn2 - If yes-, what's the syntax to put in 'Conditional formating' ?

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