Compare 2 Different Columns Of Data - Find Unique Results

Mar 2, 2007

I would like to compare some keyword lists if possible.

I have a large list of Unique keywords in Col A (From A3),

This Column is called Keyword List A - Large"

I then have a keyword list in Column C (From Cell C3),,

This Column is called "Keyword List B - Small.

I then have a column called "Unique Keywords Found",, This is Col E,, with hopefully returned results being entered from cell E3 downwards.

What I would like to be able to do if possible is run a Macro that would compare all the unique words in ColA and C and return only the difference, (The Unique words not found in ColC as Col A is the "Master List")

If possible could a pop up box appear saying
List A No Rows:xyz
List B No Rows: xyz
No of Uniques Found : xyz
Time Elapsed (sec): xyz

I'm running windows XP and Excel 2007.

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Compare Data In 2 Columns Extract Unique Values And Paste Into 3rd Column?

Sep 11, 2013

Here's how my daily report is currently set up:


The External column contains data provided by an external vendor. The Internal column contains data compiled internally. The data in the Internal column will always contain data duplicate to the External column, but will also contain unique data not present in the External column. I would normally cut out the data contained in Internal column that is not duplicated in the External column, and paste it into the Differences column, and move the remaining cells in the Internal column up. The result would be the External column data and Internal column data would align by row, and the data unique to the Internal column is segregated to the Differences column, like so:


While not a difficult task for 8 rows of data, the actual daily report contains over 1000 rows, on average. I would like to set up a template workbook, where I can simply open the template workbook, paste the data into both the External and Internal columns, then have the values that are unique to the Internal column extracted from the Internal column and inserted into the Differences column.

The end product would be used daily, with differing amounts of data (from 100 rows to 10,000 rows).

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Compare Multiple Column Of Data And List Out Common And Unique Component In Adj Columns

Jan 23, 2006

I am trying to compare multiple column in a worksheet to find
common component in all the columns and what is unique to a particular
column only. And list the results/finding in adj column. What i am
trying to accomplish is something as below.

Sheet1 Sheet2 Sheet3
Column2 Column2 Column2
02-1234-12 07-1234-12 02-1234-12
04-1234-12 03-1234-12 02-1234-12
05-1234-12 02-1234-12 06-1234-34

Common to all Unique to sheet1 Unique to Sheet2
02-1234-12 05-1234-12 07-1234-12

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Compare Two Columns / Summarize Results

Jul 17, 2012

I have Columns A and Column B. I want to find a way to choose two items from Column A. Ex Coats and Shoes and return the values from Column B,but only if they match.

it would look something like this:

Criteria 1 Criteria 2 Results
Shoes Coats New York

Column A Column B
Coats New York
Coats Texas
Shoes Washington
Shoes New York
Coats California
Shoes Ohio
Shoes Texas
Coats Texas

the Results would be dynamic, meaning there is no gaps in the results,I am only interested in the a concise list that summarizes.

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Compare The Two Columns And Pull Out The Unique Entries

Jun 1, 2007

I have two columns in Excel.

I want to compare the two columns and pull out the unique entries.

So any entries that are in both column 1 and column 2 I don't want anymore.

I just want all the entries that are NOT IN BOTH columns.

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Compare 2 Columns & Place Unique Values In A 3rd

Feb 12, 2008

I have a database with 2 un identical columns: A, and B. Each cell in Column A should have an equivelant cell somewhere in column B. I want a code that could compare each cell in column A with each cell in Column B. Cells in A that don't have equivelant in B should have their values printed in column C.

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Excel 2003 :: Compare Characters Between Two Columns And Output Results In Same Worksheet?

Feb 6, 2013

I have a worksheet with five columns (A, B, C, D and E)

The cells in Column B contain letters and/or numbers (without spaces) in no particular order.
The cells in Column C contain letters and/or numbers (without spaces) in no particular order.

I want to compare all characters in 1st Cell of Column B with all characters in 1st Cell of Column C, and display the matching characters in 1st Cell of Column D, and the character count of 1st Cell in Column D must be displayed in 1st Cell of Column E. note that multiple instances of the same character must not be treated as duplicates. When execution on 1st Row is finished then repeat procedure for Row 2, etc... Stop execution when first empty cell in Column B is located.


B1 = LJLM12

The script/code/formula must output the following:

D1 = LM2
E1 = 3
D2 = CG4G
E2 = 4
E3 = 4

I am using Excel 2003. Y

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Excel 2010 :: Compare 2 Columns In Different Sheets - Unique Values Output To 3rd Sheet

Feb 4, 2013

I'm trying to compile a VBA that would allow me to compare 2 columns "A" in different worksheets (same Workbook) and output any unique values to 3rd worksheet together with the rest of the values in the corresponding row.



Excel 2010

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Compare Values In 2 Columns And Find Corresponding Value In 3rd

Feb 7, 2008

I have gone through various posts but am unable to get the answer. What I'm trying to do is find if a value (text or number) in Col. A exists anywhere in Col C. and if it does, find the corresponding entry in Col. D and paste it back against the value of Col. A in Col. B. To explain better I have attached a sample excel file Ex1. In the file, the entry "sun" in Col A is present in Col C and the corresponding value in Col D is 24 which should be pasted back against "sun" in Col B.

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Find, Compare And Delete From 2 Columns

Feb 8, 2008

I an using Excel 2003. In that i am having 2 columns (A&B). I need to take each value from Column A and search that cell value in Column B. If it is not found in Column B then delete the cell data in Column A. Then take the next cell data in Column A. Find operation and delete if not found. Do it for entire rows in column A. Then repeat that for Column B also. So my final result will be the same cell value in Column A and B. I need VBA code.

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Find In 2 Columns, Compare And Delete

Feb 20, 2008

I an using Excel 2003. In that i am having 2 columns (A&B). I need to take each value from Column A and search that cell value in Column B. If it is found in Column B then delete the cell data in Column A. Then take the next cell data in Column A. Find operation and delete if found. Do it for entire rows in column A. Then repeat that for Column B also. So my final result contains uncommon cell value in Column A and B. I need VBA code.

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Compare And Leave Only Unique Data In Sheet

Feb 22, 2009

what i want to do is use 2 sets of data ss is attached to help understand

i would like to compare hometeam v player

therefore any games that steven gerrard didnt play in ( in the example )
it would leave all the games on sheet 3 where he wasnt involved.

hometeam has all the games liverpool involved in
player has all the games steven gerrard involved in

cross reference the 2 to leave all the games he wasnt involved in on a new tab

must be possible just not sure if i need look up or a macro

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Compare Two Columns And Find Missing Values?

Jul 17, 2013

I have two list of names, mostly duplicates. List in column B has about 30 more names than the list in Column A and I need to identify which names are in column B that are not in column A. Names are in exact same format since they were pulled from the same data base.

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Compare 2 Columns To Find Unmatched Values

Oct 26, 2007

Is there a function to compare 2 columns to find all of the values from one column that are not in the other column? Basically my data looks like this:
........................ 25-1...........22-2
.........................33 .............457

I have another list of data (just the numbers like columnB) that I want to put in column C and see what is in column C that isn't in column B. The numbers will be arranged in a different order, and there will be data in column B that isn't in column C. What I need to do is find out what is in column C that isn't in column B so that I can go back and define what procedure they fit into (that is a seperate process).

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Compare Data Between 2 Files And Copy Unique Rows?

Jun 24, 2014

I need creating a macro which compare the values of "Column B" of attached both "Sample1" and "Sample2" excel files and if any unique value found in Column B of "Sample2" file then the entire row should be get copied in "Sample1" file after row count.

For ex. the rows colored as yellow in "Sample2" file are unique and should be get copied in "Sample1" file.

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Find Total Of Unique Type From 2 Different Columns?

Nov 18, 2013

what im looking for is, i have two different rows i.e. col A and col C is the "type".
col B and col D contains "quantity".

i want in column E, listed all unique types in col A and col C and their respective total in front of the next column i.e. in col F.

col A.....col B.....col C.....Col D
150...... 6.........120..... 4
150...... 6........ 120..... 4
2.5....... 6
25 ........ 6........ 25 ....... 2
25 ........ 6 ........25 ....... 2
25....... 12....... 25....... 2
25 ........ 6 ........25....... 2
185 ....... 6 .......150...... 2
185 ....... 6....... 150 ...... 2

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Searching Data In Two Columns And Combine Results In One Row?

Jan 13, 2012

I have two sets of data, and one colum in each set is titled ID numbers. I would like to search both those colums and combine the matching ID numbers in one row?

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Compare Columns Of Data

Jan 26, 2009

I have column A with 228 rows and column D with 314 rows. Both columns have the same data except that D has different data. I would like to line up everything that is the same in A and D and everything else in column D that is not the same move to G. Is there a quick way to do this?

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Compare Data Between 4 Columns

Jul 10, 2008

i want to compare data between 4 columns, 2 columns of data is in Sheet 1 and 2 columns of data is in sheet2. Data starts at A5 in both worksheets. Data consists of stock codes and there holdings. Sheet 1 data is real data the primary source, sheet 2 data is a bit of real data and incorrect data.

My data in sheet 1 is layed out as below, this is just a sample, real data has around 1500 stock codes and holdings.

Starting at A5
Col A (Stock) Col B (Holdings)
5 aap 10500
6 aax 10987
7 aas 76544

Sheet 2 data is layed out as above but holdings may differ, so

Col A(Stock) Col B (Holdings)

5 aap 10500
6 aax 10300
7 aas 76534

I need a formula which will tell me which stocks holdings have changed in sheet 2 compared to sheet1.

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Compare The Data Between The Two Columns

Dec 29, 2009

I'm working with Excel 2007, I have two tabs on my spreadsheet, each tab contains a column of numbers formatted like 5552220. Is there a way to run a macro or write a formula that would compare the data between the two columns and either automatically delete the numbers that don't have a match or highlight them? For example:

Tab A Tab B
5551112 5551112
6660001 6660001
1234567 1234567
2222222 2222222

6666445 needs to be deleted in tab B because it's not present in tab A. There could be up to 100 numbers that require deletion from tab B.

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Compare Data In Columns

Oct 10, 2006

I have 2 columns say A and B (infinite number of rows)
A is an Indexed number starting at 1
B is numerical data.

I now have a second set of the same columns with the same data, however some rows are missing. I need a way of comparing the data and then display the rows I am missing in the second set of columns.

For example the first set will be the master list and look like:
Index Data
1 34
2 46
3 54
4 276
5 311
6 89

Second list has row 2 and row 5 missing.

Index Data
1 34
3 54
4 276
6 89

The desired result is to have the missing rows displayed;

Index Data

2 46
5 311

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Compare 2 Sets Of Data Each With 2 Columns?

Nov 10, 2013

I have 2 sets of data/array/range. Each set consists of 2 columns with a large number of rows.

I want to compare my 2nd data to a master data. And list if anything is different in 2nd set of data from master set in column A than highlight the difference or copy the value to another place.

Also want to compare the 2nd column if column A was same and consider both column A and column B for that associated row different if column B is different.

The trouble for me comes in because the list is never alphabetical (sort doesnt work cause of funky naming) and never of the same size.

Attached is a photo of an example for maybe an clearer understanding. Also attached an example excel sheet I tried it within excel but cant seem to figure out how to look also for the 2nd column, so im trying to avoid the within excel route and go using vba ...


I attempted it with a very basic code thats not working =/ just cant seem to figure how to code to get the desired result

Sub matchdiff()
Dim cell As Range
Dim found As Range


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Compare Two Columns And Extract Data?

Jul 31, 2012

I have 2 worksheets in 2 spreadsheets 1 & 2. I would like to compare columns A & G in 2 to 1. If columns A & G in worksheet 2 matched worksheet 1, then it will fill in columns B, C, D, and AL automatically.

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Using VLookup To Compare 2 Columns Of Data

Oct 26, 2012

I'm having difficulties using vlookup to compare two columns of TEXT data. My goal is find out how many of items in the "Eligible Serial Numbers" list have been ordered for destruction. The items listed for destruction are listed in the "Serial Numbers (destroyed).

Whenever I put in a VLOOKUP, I get a serial number that doesn't make sense to me. For example, if I want to find out if "362351581" from the Eligible List appears on the destroyed list. What do you suggest?


Destroyed? (i.e. Vlookup formula in this column)
Eligible Serial Numbers
Serial Numbers (destroyed)


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Macro To Compare Data In Two Columns

May 9, 2013

I have account numbers in Col A and in Col D .I would like a macro to highlight the color the items in Col D that are not in col D. Blanks can be ignored

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Find/Return Unique Data

Aug 14, 2006

i have 2 different spreadsheets
sheet 1 and sheet 2
in sheet 1 i have suppouse following data

Name-- Prod. --value --year

-- a -- 24 -- 100 -- 2004

-- b -- 26 -- 240 -- 2004

-- a -- 33 -- 120 -- 2004

-- a -- 21 -- 200 -- 2004

-- c -- 26 -- 240 -- 2004

-- b -- 33 -- 120 -- 2004
-- d -- 24 -- 100 -- 2004

in sheet 2

Name -- Prod. -- value -- year

-- a -- 24 -- 100 -- 2005
-- d -- 26 -- 240 -- 2005
-- a -- 33 -- 120 -- 2005
-- e -- 26 -- 240 -- 2005
-- a -- 21 -- 200 -- 2005
-- c -- 26 -- 240 -- 2005
-- d -- 24 -- 100 -- 2005

in this situation i want to find out the dropouts of sheet 1. (that persons which are not present the sheet 2)
how can i compare these sheets?
in this case i want the result as

-- Name -- Prod. -- value -- Year
-- b -- 26 -- 240 -- 2004
-- b -- 33 -- 120 -- 2004

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Compare Data Of Two Columns And Want Result In One Column

Apr 3, 2014

I have one column which contains suppose first names & i have other two column which contains first name & last name in same sheet but like they may be having in g & h column.

so i want to exact last name of user form that column(g & h) to my first name column(a).

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VBA - Compare 2 Columns Highlight Data Not Common To Both

May 9, 2014

Looking for some code to do a simple compare column A to Column B (row 1 contains headings) and highlight any differences.

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VBA Compare Two Columns And Copy Matching Data

Feb 18, 2014

I'm using the code below to compare columns on two sheets (1 column for each) and where there is a match, copy data from the 'Source' to 'Destination' sheet.

[Code] ...........

The code works fine, but I'd like to amend this, but I'm a little unsure about how to proceed.

The script currently compares column C on the 'Source' sheet with column D on the 'Destination' sheet and where a match is found copy column G from the 'Source' sheet and pastes this to column O on the 'Destination' sheet.

I'd still like to copy and paste the same columns, but I'd like to compare two columns from each sheet, so from the 'Source' sheet compare columns C and E to columns D and J on the 'Destination' sheet.

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VBA Solution To Compare/replace Data Between Columns

Jul 4, 2009

I have two columns of adjacent data Call them A & B (although this could differ)

If the data in the second colum is not equal to, blank cell or contains the words "CAT", "DOG" or "ELEPHANT" then the content of the cell in the second column should REPLACE the content of the adjacent cell in column A (in this example) leaving B blank, otherwise column B remains unchanged.

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