Coordinate Specific Ranges Across Worksheets

Jan 24, 2008

I have a spreadsheet of several sheets, but 7 of them (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black) are the guts of the file and where I make adjustments. The layout of these sheets is the same, there are several cells of data on each sheet that coordinate with data in the same cell on other sheets. The problem is the sheets are so big, when I change sheets I have to go find the data that was in the same cell (or close) to where I just was on a previous sheet. So for example if on “Red” I am in cell AX253 and I go to sheet “Yellow” I would like it if AX253 would be selected when I get there. And if I select a different cell like D56 on Yellow and pick Green then I want D56 to be automatically selected on Green.

In addition, I plan to use a check box on an eighth sheet called “White” to turn the feature on and off. I have never written code for a check box before.

Is this to terribly difficult to do? I did some searching and saw some code that was similar to this but could not get it to work.

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Record Windows Paint Coordinate

Aug 14, 2009

You know when you open a picture using windows paint,
there's a coordinate on the bottom right of the screen right?

Now, Is it possible to make a macro that records the coordinate everytime i maka a dot using "pencil" feature in paint?

So everytime i click on a spot in the image (draw a single dot), excel would track the coordinates of these dots and write it vertically in 2 columns (x & y)... the result is something like this :

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How Would I Properly Setup A 2D Coordinate System?

Nov 20, 2009

I am setting up a spreadsheet to be able to calculate loads on spread footings. The thing is the footings may be as small as a 2 x 2 or as large as a 6 x 6 or any combination inbetween so I need a coordinate system (to the nearest inch with a max of 1800 inches) to be able to assign each spread footing to a certain spot in the system with which I can calculate the soil stresses.

I intend to make this as idiot proof as possible for anyone who uses this spreadsheet so I was going to set it up as in the attachment where a user can input each individual load on each footing and the distance between it and its neighbors. The numbers are just random values with in each footing and feet between each one. Naturally most people would probably begin data entry in the upper left footing first so I was going to make that the origin unless for coding purposes the lower left would be best.

In this case the upper left footing would be 0,0 and the footing to its right 20,0 and the one farther right 55,0 (20+35) and so forth.

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Coordinate Lines On Scatter Graph?

Jun 28, 2012

I have the following data points:




[Code] ......

And can create a scatter diagram fine. However, I've been asked if it's possible to show on the graph, for each point a line to it's respective X and Y co-ordinate. For example, for row 4 (in red), on the same scatter graph, I'd like there to be two lines for this point,

Line1 drawn from (0.1, 0) to (0.1, 0.26) and
Line2 drawn from (0,0.26) to (0.1,0.26)

I know it's possible to overlap graphs in Excel, but I can't find how to achieve this with scatter plots

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Using Ranges From Two Worksheets

Oct 18, 2008

I would like to perform a calculation with each cell in a range from 2 worksheets and place the result in a range on a third worksheet.

I thought I could use the For Each Cell in Range construct but I don't see how to reference the two ranges in a nested pair of For loops. I am sure there must be an simple/elegant way to do this.

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Calculate The Y-coordinate Of The Center Of Mass Of These Datapoints

Feb 9, 2009

I generate a large dataset of X- and Y-coordinates. Togeter, these datapoints form random curves. So, in excel, I want to calculate the Y-coordinate of the center of mass of these datapoints.

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Geographic Coordinate Data Types / Formats

Feb 15, 2008

I often find that it would be useful to have a data type for geographic coordinates (i.e. latitudes and longitudes) that would e.g. permit/facilitate formatting negative values as South and West, direct subtraction of one latitude/longitude from another, conversion of degrees-minutes-seconds to decimal degrees, properly formatted axis labels when using Excel to draw maps (at the moment, I am editing the axis labels in the PostScript file by hand, when I don't use chart labeller to paste axis labels in) and so on.

(Time formats could be used, if only they could be prevented from converting hours over 24 to days, which I have not found out how to do.)

Therefore: does anyone know of any Add-In out there somewhere that could supply the lack of a geographic coordinate data type?

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Sum Same Ranges Of Multiple Worksheets IF...

Aug 27, 2009

I am trying to use an ActiveX CommandButton on Sheet40 to do the following:

Sheet40 (E31:AN39) = sum of (E31:AN39) for sheets 6-15 PROVIDED that cell D3= "y" in those sheets

So the steps are:
(1) Among sheets 6-15 select those in which cell D3 = "y"
(2) Set the range of (E31:AN39) in sheet40 to the sum of the same range in the selected sheets

ie cell E31 = sum of cells E31 in selected sheets... cell E32 same... cell AN39 same

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Name Ranges For Duplicate Worksheets

Feb 16, 2007

I have a worksheet in a workbook that is for 1 of 8 sub-projects. I have all the macros running perfectly and everything looks fine. Now, I have to duplicate that sheet 7 more times and create a Summary sheet for the entire workbook. My question is this:

How can I make it easy to set up named ranges in the new sheets so I don't have to pick each new range in each sheet and define names individually?

Example of a small macro...
Sub ActCurrJTDtoActPrevJTD()
Application.Goto Reference:="AActHrsCurrPeriod"
Application.Goto Reference:="AActHrsPrevPeriod"
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:= _
False, Transpose:=False
Application.CutCopyMode = False
End Sub

I need to duplicate AActHrsCurrPeriod into BActHrsCurrPeriod and CActHrsCurrPeriod, up to an H version.

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Clear Ranges On Different Worksheets

Dec 20, 2006

Clicking the button opens the MSgbox then on clicking Yes to run the code it stops on - Range("E3:BU98").Select - saying range selection method failed, and i cant understand why it seems to be such a simple piece of code.

Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
Dim msg2 As Integer
msg2 = MsgBox("Has a back up copy been saved?" & vbCr & "Are you sure you want to clear all existing products and their results?", vbYesNo, "Delete Products?")
If msg2 = 6 Then
Worksheets("Input Record").Activate
Worksheets("Results record").Activate
Worksheets("Input Page").Activate
End If
End Sub

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Link To Ranges On Worksheets

Apr 7, 2008

I would like to link a sheet to another sheet in the same workbook. The link would indicate what week of information is needed. I would like the source (weekly information )page to go to the top of the page with the requested data. If I use a hyperlink it directs to the source page but this data could be several rows down. How do I create a link and have the source page provide the data at the top of the page?

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Sum Different Ranges Across Sheets/Worksheets

May 26, 2008

I have three sheets: On sheet 1, I have a list of products ( Down ) with Bought and sold info by time period ( Across ). On sheet 2, I have the same list of products from sheet 1 ( May not be in the same order ) with " Attributes " associated to them ( e.g. male, female etc ). On Sheet 3: I would like to add the Bought and sold info by time period on sheet 1 by attribute as per sheet 2

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Coordinate System - Combine All Data In Single Graphic

Jan 3, 2012

I want to combine all data in a single graphic. It must be like a coordinate system.

The file is in that address: [URL] .......

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Estimate Linear Formula From Multiple Coordinate Pairs

Aug 13, 2007

I have 32 pairs of coordinates (X,Y). If I graph them using a scatter chart in Excel, I can see that it looks like they suggest a linear relationship between the points.

Other than printing the chart and trying to draw a "best fit" line manually, is there some sort of way I can get Excel to come up with the "best" linear formula (y=mx+b format)?

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Copying Date Ranges To Different Worksheets

May 31, 2009

I have a file with four worksheets. The first is the master sheet. The other three sheets we can call "SheetB" "SheetC" and "SheetD." The actual names are quite long. Column T of the master sheet (except for the header row) contains dates formatted as text in YYYYMM format. I need a macro that will copy the rows to the other three sheets based on these criteria:

SheetB - dates April 2010 or before
SheetC - dates May 2010 to April 2011
SheetD - dates May 2011 and beyond

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Copy Multiple Ranges To Other Worksheets

Aug 27, 2006

I have this

Sub transpose_UPCID()
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select
Sheets("BAUCS").Range("C11").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlValues, _
Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:=False _
, Transpose:=True
Application.CutCopyMode = True
End Sub

This macro copies a range and paste it in another worksheet. I dont now how to make this macro to copy another range at the same time and copy it to row C37.

How can I make both things at the same time? The code I am showing here copies and paste product codes. I need to select and copy the production (which is in column F) for each product code and paste it starting in C37.

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Copy And Paste Ranges Between Worksheets

Dec 18, 2006

I'm trying to copy range from one worksheet to another. I'm guessing there must be something wrong with my syntax here:

For Count = 2 To 50
If Sheets("sheet1").Range("H" & (Count)) < 0.1 Then
Sheets("sheet3").Range("A" & (next_place), "K" & (next_place)) = Sheets("sheet1").Range("A" & (Count), "K" & (Count))
next_place = next_place + 1
End If
Next Count

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Consolidate Ranges From Multiple Worksheets

Jan 4, 2008

What I am attempting to do is take data from two columns on multiple sheets within the same workbook file and consolidate them using a macro. (End result would be a sum of the numbers associated with the adjacent name calculated using all the sheets data--as some names would appear on other sheets as well).

The first column is a list of names and the second is a list of numbers. I have titled the columns the same on each sheet and placed them in the same location. However, the number of rows of data each sheet contains will vary per sheet. (For example: one sheet might have 10 rows of names while the next might have 15 or so). Also, each time this file is to be used, there might be a differing number of sheets, as users add or remove a sheet.

Is it possible to create a macro that can scan the all the varying sheets's data and output a consolidation?

I have been able to create both a pivot table and use the consolidation feature by selecting the date ranges manually, but I am lost on how to automate this for other users that have very little excel knowledge.

I've uploaded an example file in case my explanation isn't clear.

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Consolidate Ranges From Several Worksheets Into A Summary Worksheet

Sep 23, 2006

I need the correct syntax to consolidate ranges from several worksheets into a summary worksheet - all in the same workbook. I am building the Array on the fly, and I keep getting errors. (Subscript out of range being the most recent).

The code now is opening only one workbook so I can keep it simple. It iterates through the sheets collection, and builds the array.

Private Sub cbConsolidateToRollups_Click()
Dim MyArray() As Variant
Dim Source As Variant
Dim SheetNames As Variant
Dim SingleQuote, DoubleQuote
SingleQuote = Chr(39)
DoubleQuote = Chr(34)
'set the directory to Rollups
ToPath = Application.DefaultFilePath & "Cost Tracking" & "Rollups"
ChDir ToPath ....................

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Consolidate Ranges From Several Worksheets Into A Master Sheet

Jan 29, 2008

I am trying to consolidate a specific range on 8 similar worksheets into a master list through the use of a macro, and the workbook has a total of 26 worksheets. Details:

The worksheets to be consolidated are named: AR, CM, JR, Trader1, Trader2, Trader3, Trader4, and Trader5. The range to be consolidated are: A6:F26, of each of the above worksheets. Currently, A6:D21 are linked through an array from the worksheet "Index". This is because there are often changes to the names listed under "Trader/Backup Trader", or there may be additions/deletions of a row.

Right now, I have set up a sheet called "Traders List", using arrays to link the data on the 8 different sheets. The only problem is, if there were a change in the "Index" worksheet, I would have to manually drag out each array, for these 8 different worksheets in the "Traders List" sheet. Is there a way a macro can be written such that it is automatically linked to each range (A6:F26) on those 8 worksheets? Is it possible to only show rows that are non-zero?

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Sort Data Ranges Across Multiple Worksheets

May 2, 2008

I have been asked to create an attendance worksheet where employee names and data are entered on a "main" worksheet and hours are entered on monthly worksheets. The names on the monthly worksheets are referenced from the main worksheet. Therefore, if I add a name and do a sort, the names on all pages will move, but the data will not. I imagine I will need an ID column to help sort. How do I make a macro to do the sort?

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How To Freeze Specific Ranges In Formula All Together

Dec 12, 2013

I want to freeze the formulas (F4) in whole column in Microsoft Excel, Is it possible to freeze together, not to freeze one by one. I freeze it one by one but that's actually a pain when you have hundreds of formulas to freeze.

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Excel To Email Specific Ranges?

Jun 18, 2014

I'm trying to add a button with an assigned macro to email specific info from the active sheet and submit to the email address on the same sheet.

E4 would be the email subject and would include a generic text body but I would also like it to capture the data in cell D22 and include this below the generic email text body.

The To: email address is found in I14 and will require a CC from range Q14.

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Macro To Summarize Data From Multiple Worksheets With Different Ranges?

Jun 25, 2014

I have a requirement where I need to summarize multiple work sheets. And each work sheet as different range. Column names are same in each sheet but number of rows in each are different. Like consider there are 3 sheets with employee details. Each sheet has Employee Name, Employee Number, Employee Location. But in first sheet as 10 employees and second sheet has 20 employees and third as 25. So the requirement is I need to summarize all employees.

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Hide Certain Ranges In Different Worksheets According To The Assigned Cell Value In The First Worksheet

Jan 22, 2010

I have got a macro (from Mr Excel's MVP) that hide certain cells according to assigned cell value
What I need is:
to hide certain ranges in different worksheets according to the assigned cell value in the first worksheet

if sheets1.cell A1= "hi" then
range (" goooo") in sheet 1.hide
range ("deeeee")in sheet 2 .hide
range ("faaaaa") in sheet 3.hide
the macro I had is :
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Address = "$A$1" Then
If Target.Value = "hi" Then
Worksheets("Sheet1").Rows(2).Hidden = True
Worksheets("Sheet1").Rows(2).Hidden = False
End If
End If
End Sub

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Easy Navigation To Specific Ranges Or Areas

Jul 1, 2008

I have a spreadsheet that lists values for different grid lines. On top of each set of data, I have labels each line "Line A", etc. I want to put in possibly a pull down menu at the top of the sheet that the user could use to jump to whichever line they were interested in viewing. For example, if the user needs data from Line L, they could select Line L from the drop down menu and the spreadsheet would jump down to that area.

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Deduct (percentage) Amounts Off Of Specific Quantity Ranges

Jun 9, 2014

how to deduct a percentage off of a range of units.

For example, if I have 100 units that cost $50, I'd like to deduct 20% off of the first 10 units, and then have the total dollar amount put into a separate cell.

So, 100 x $50 = $5000

With 20% off of the first 10 units: $4900.

20% of $50 = $10

$10 x 10 units = $100

$5000 - $100 = $4900

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Average Data Between Two Date Ranges - Specific Hours

Aug 22, 2014

I would like to average data between 0600 and 2200 hours, between two date ranges, such as July 1st and July 31st.


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Calculating Numbers Of Specific Dates Within A List Of Ranges

Aug 30, 2007

One of the spreadsheets we have here keeps track of reservations booked in the following way.


The date in F is the check in date and the date in Column G is the check out date.

There is another spreadsheet in the same workbook that counts the dates that these people are checked in.

For example:
2JanuaryRooms Occupied

As you can see column B7 has one room because of the fact that the reservation check in of F1 started on the Fifth of January

B8 is Three because reservations 1-3 are checked in on the sixth of January

B9 is 2 because reservations 1-2 are checked in on the seventh of January

B10 is 1 because reservation 2 is checked in on the eighth of January

Please note that F4:G4 does not count on this worksheet due to the fact that they checked out on the same day as check in.

I would love any help you could give on this confusing subject.

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DGET Setup - Pull Coordinate Pairs From A List And Match To A Label Based On Certain Criteria

May 15, 2013

I'm trying to use DGET to pull coordinate pairs from a list and match them up to a label based on certain criteria. I can't seem to get it to work. I'm also thinking that the way I have it set up, the coordinate pairs might not stay together and that has to be the case. My criteria is multiple cell based too and I don't think DGET can handle that.

For example, In order for a coordinate pair to be labeled "B" the x coordinate must satisfy a condition and the y coordinate must satisfy a different condition. Can I use DGET with the AND function?

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