Copy Cells Into Workbooks Names Mapped From Copy Cell

Aug 20, 2008

1. I have a list of data (Collated Data)
2. For every row in collated data I want to export the cells into a corresponding cell in my predetermined workbook (TAF Form), i.e, Cell C1 on Collated data goes into Cell D3 on TAF Form, cell D1 to cell I3 etc etc
3. Once all cells in one row have been copied into the TAF Form I want that TAF Form to save as "TAF Form & Employee Name" (which would come from cell D3).
4. I then want "TAF Form & Employee Name" to close.
5. I then want the Macro to do the same thing for Row 2, copy the cells, save the form, close the form
6. I want to do this for every row that I have (which varies).

Is this possible? If you have any more questions in terms of what I need, don't hesitate to ask.

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List All Sheets Names From Multiple Workbooks & Copy Transpose Certain Columns

Oct 7, 2009

this may or may not be easy for some of you but its driving me nuts. Here's what I need to do.

1.Create a new workbook

2.Cycle through multiple workbooks and all worksheets within each workbook (all in the same folder). All workbooks will have the same structure.

3.Take the worksheet names and put them in rows

4.Take the data from the first column (column A) from the first worksheet of the first workbook and put them across the top (i.e. transpose the data). The first column will be the same in all workbooks so it doesn't matter where I get it from.

5.Copy the data from column E from each worksheet and paste them in rows in the new workbook (again transpose) corresponding to each worksheet.

6. Perform simple mathematical calculations at the end of each row.

I expect to have approximately 26 workbooks with a total of 7000 worksheets. In the target workbook (i.e. the new one), I expect there to be 7000 rows (corresponding to the 7000 worksheets) and about 260 columns.

The only reason I need to transpose stuff is because Excel 2007 doesn't have 7000 columns.

Here's an example of what it would look like.
Example worksheet (Input)-
Worksheet ABC
Col A Col E
1/1/2004 $25
1/8/2004 $30
1/15/2004 $15

Imagine another worksheet called LMN with the same ColA but different values in Col E.

Output workbook
ColA Columns B Column C Column D
Sheet 1/1/2004 1/8/ 2004 1/15/2004
ABC $25 $30 $15
LMN $xxx $yyy $zzz

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Copy Cells To Proceeding Workbooks

Mar 9, 2007

I have a woorkbook with a sheet for each week. What I want to be able to do is select 2 cells and click a macro button that will ask how many weeks to copy these cells to.

I could then enter, say "10" and the cells would then be copied to the ten proceeding weeks workbooks. Assuming that the sheets are in order!

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Copy Set Cells From Multiple Workbooks Into 1

Mar 26, 2008

As an answer to a post about vba script for consolidating workbooks based upon pre-defined cells,

Sub ConsolidateDate()
Dim wbDst As Workbook
Dim wbSrc As Workbook
Dim wsDst As Worksheet
Dim wsSrc As Worksheet
Dim I As Long
Set wbDst = ThisWorkbook
Set wsDst = wbDst.ActiveSheet
With Application.FileSearch
.FileType = msoFileTypeExcelWorkbooks
.LookIn = "C:Myfolder"
For I = 1 To .FoundFiles.Count
Set wbSrc = Workbooks.Open(.FoundFiles(I))
Set wsSrc = wbSrc.Worksheets("Data")
wsDst. Range("A" & I) = wsSrc.Range("A2")
wsDst.Range("B" & I) = wsSrc.Range("C6")
wsDst.Range("C" & I) = wsSrc.Range("D7")
wsDst.Range("D" & I) = Dir(.FoundFiles(I))
Next I
End With
End Sub

I was hoping someone could translate the meaning of this code for me, I am a beginner with using VBA and I am trying to write VBA script for a similar task I am working on. The references to cells A2, C6 and D7 were used as an example of cells to be copied.

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Copy Cells From Multiple Workbooks To One Workbook

Aug 22, 2012

I about 150 different workbooks that I need to copy the cell data from the first sheet to a second workbook

The code is running all the way through to the "Clear values?" pop-up box, BUT nothing is actually being pasted into my second workbook

Sub TransferData()
Dim wkb As Workbook, wks As Worksheet, LastRow As Long
Dim FilePath As String, FileName As String
Dim ws As Worksheet, blnOpened As Boolean
'Change these variables as desired...
FilePath = "C:UsersPipeline2DesktopOveralnd Focal Points" 'change path here


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Copy Cells Between Workbooks Based On Lookup

Apr 7, 2008

I have two workbooks, one with two sheets and the other the new workbook where I want to copy the cell values. What I am trying to accomplish is:

1. From Workbook book1. sheet2. cellb (dynamic row values) I want to look for the value in book1.sheet1.cellb (static row values). If it is found I want to copy the cell values from book1.sheet2.cellb, celld, and celle to book2.sheet1.cellb, celld, and cellg. If there in a new value in book1.sheet2.cellb, I want to copy the same values (cellb, cellc, celld,celle) to book2.newrow.

I am attching the two workbooks with sample data, for clarification.

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More Than One Reference Workbooks To Copy Cells To One Workbook / Macro

Nov 6, 2012

I have Book1 (reference workbook) and Book2 (where i copy values from Book1)

Now I have macro to fetch the datas and paste the values in the format below.

But I can only doing this for one reference workbooks. But i need to add more reference workbooks in a file and paste to Book2. (etc: Book1, Book3, Book4, ....... to Book2)

Book2 looks like:

A1 B1 C1 D1
Name Adress Age Sex
Ozan xxxxxx 27 M

Here' s the Code.

Option Explicit
Sub TransferData()
Dim wkb As Workbook, wks As Worksheet, LastRow As Long
Dim FilePath As String, FileName As String
Dim ws As Worksheet, blnOpened As Boolean
'Change these variables as desired...

[Code] ........

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Copy Specific Cells From Workbooks And Paste Onto Main Workbook

May 25, 2014

I have around 200 excel spreadsheets/workbooks with identical ranges but each with different data. There is a total of 5 columns and 225 rows in each spreadsheet/workbook. Looks something like this:

Workbook 1:

Title 1
Title 2
Title 3
Title 4
Title 5


[Code] ....

The Cells I need to copy are in BOLD. I am trying to paste them onto another workbook as follows

Main Workbook:

Workbook #
File 2
File 3
File 4
Title 5
Title 5

[Code] ....

As you can see, each workbook has identical A2 and Title 5 columns, so they only need to be copied once onto the Main workbook where data from the B and E columns are different for each Workbook. So not only I need to copy and paste from a Workbook onto the Main Workbook, but the code has be able to paste it onto a new row in the Main Workbook (where each row in the Main Workbook will correspond to the data copied from Workbooks 1-200.

I am new to VBA but I tried a code where I would copy and paste one cell at a time onto the same workbook and not onto the Main Workbook, and then how to copy and paste from one workbook to another, but as you can imagine that would take a long time:


Sub dAmacro()
Range("G1") = "Workbook #"
Range("H1") = "File 2"
Range("I1") = "File 3"

[Code] .....

It seems like I need some kind of loop, where it would copy and paste a set of cells and repeat the entire process until it reaches the end of the Workbook 1 while making sure when doing same thing for workbook 2, that the data pastes onto a new row onto the Main Workbook. I feel I have the logic down, but its in the syntax where I am failing.

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Copy Cells From Multiple Workbooks And Paste Into Master Workbook?

Sep 20, 2012

how to loop through workbooks in a certain directory and copy the rows in sheet1 where column B contains numbers greater than zero, and then pasting them into a new master workbook. The sheets will be named differently each week but will always be in the same directory.

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Match Data In 2 Cells In Different Workbooks And Then Copy Results In Matching Row?

Feb 13, 2014

I have 2 worksheets, A and B. In both worksheets there is common data in column A (account ID). I would like to find a way to return all of the data for the matching row in worksheet B and have it pasted into the matching row in worksheet A.

So in the example below, I am looking for a function that will match on Account ID in both worksheets and then paste the results from Dataset 1, 2 and 3 into the row with the matching Account ID in worksheet A.

Worksheet A
Account ID
Column to paste matching rows from Worksheet B



Worksheet B
Account ID
Dataset 1
Dataset 2
Dataset 3



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Copy Cell Name Between Workbooks []

Nov 19, 2007

Is it possible to copy a Cell Name from one workbook to another

I have defined different cells different names. Trying to copy this only gives me values and format of the cell, but not names.

Is there a way to copy the names of cells and ranges to another workbook?

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VBA - Copy Data On Different Cells In Master Spreadsheet To Multiple Closed Workbooks

Dec 19, 2013

I have tried to write the below VBA to copy a specific cell to a specific workbook. I have set the folder path in B1 and listed the file names in column E4 onwards. E1 being the number of files in column E. I get a run-time error 91 "Object variable or With block variable not set" on Current File =

Sub UpdateParameters()
Dim CurrentFile As Workbook
Dim wbOpen As Workbook


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Macro To Batch Copy And Save Worksheets With File Names Listed In Cells?

Oct 23, 2013

I have a workbook that contains worksheets. They are listed as follows:


In cells A1 - A49 I have text. What I would like to do is to have a macro that I can run that will basically copy and save new workbooks with sheets A - G copied over and have the new workbook saved with the file name that I have denoted in cells A1 - A49 on Sheet 1. Also, the macro would ask me where I want to save the new Workbooks.

For example, if this were Sheet 1, Column A then the cells below would be the saved name of the new workbooks and the new workbooks would have Sheets A - G in themRed










One more piece of information, the file that is being copied and saved is large (~80MB). If there is a macro that would allow me to simply "save as' the workbook and the Saved Workbooks would be named using the data in Sheet 1, that would work as well in case copying, pasting, then saving may take more time

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Where Names Match Copy Cell From One Sheet To Another

Feb 10, 2014

(Matching names)where cell G and cell H in Data Sheet matches with cell A and cell B in template sheet , copy cell K on matching row in data sheet to matching name in cell D in the template sheet.

Could be as many as 50 rows of data in data sheet and only a range of D8 to D15 in template sheet.

Can send example but I cannot see where I have option to attach the file again : place_user.xlsx‎

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Copy And Pasting To First Empty Cell In Different Workbooks?

May 10, 2014

I am trying to create a macro that copies cells B2 and C6 from the active worksheet in a workbook called "transfer". Then searches for the first empty cell in a worksheet called "summary" in a workbook called "report" and pastes the value from B2 in the first empty cell in column D and the value from C6 in the first empty call in column E.

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Copy Cell Interior Colours Between Workbooks

Jan 26, 2008

i am pretty good with VBA after reading a lot of information on the internet but i have a problem i cannot solve:

I have two workbooks with the same sheet names and I am trying to transfer the interior colour of cells from one workbook to the other...

this is the code i came up so far but it doesn't work

With Application.Workbooks(WB1).Worksheets
For Each ws In Application.Workbooks(WB2).Worksheets
On Error Resume Next
For Each cl In ws.UsedRange =
Next cl

Next ws
End With

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Locking Conditional Formatting In 2000: Copy/paste Text From Other Cells Or Columns Even Other Workbooks

Jul 27, 2009

I have a column "g" with this conditional formatting:- =A2<>A3 Format Bottom Border.
However I will pass this workbook onto someone else who will fill in the text in column "g". They will use copy/paste text from other cells or columns even other workbooks that will not have the conditional formatting.

I have used Cells > Projection > Locked unchecked then used Tools > Protection > Protect Sheet and checked all. There does not seem to be a way to unlock the cell but protect Conditional formatting. Each time I copy and paste from other non formatted cells it wipes out my formatting.

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Copy Cell Into 1st Blank Cell Of Another Workbooks Worksheet

Apr 27, 2008

I have a spreadsheet called "temp.xls" that will change file name often.

This "temp.xls" has text that needs to be copyed to a new spreadsheet named "punchlist.xls" that does not change names. I know how to acheive this using record macro but I need the text to find the next row in the punchlist.xls file. Do all the macros run on the 1st file or do both files need macros?

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Add Range Names To List Of Selected Cell & Copy Paste The Chosen Name

Mar 21, 2009

I am carrying out some sensitivity testing on a model, and would like to greatly increase the speed of the process by being able to call in from a user defined cell a named range, which is then pasted to the right of the cell.

The attached file steps through the process I have in mind.

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Open Multiple Workbooks Based On Cell Values And Copy And Paste Information?

Apr 22, 2014

I tried all failed.We have about 160 different workbooks (one for each business unit) stored online. Staff enters information about their weekly revenue and expenses and here at head office I collect that information and consolidate them.What I am trying to do is that;1.) Create a master Workbook with ~160 worksheets (One worksheet for each unit) named exactly the same with other workbooks2.) And macro can pull the information from related files stored in a certain folderIt is very much like another members problem but I am not sure why I cant get that code working for me? [URL]

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Copy Worksheets From A Couple Of Workbooks To Other Workbooks

Jun 26, 2014

I have 25 files with certain worksheets that I need to move to 25 other files.

Worksheet 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Workbook A needs to be moved to Workbook A-2014 Worksheet 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Workbook B needs to be moved to Workbook B-2014 Worksheet 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Workbook C needs to be moved to Workbook C-2014 etc....

Is there a way to do this with a macro? Preferably I would like to do this automaticly - i.e. runing the macro from a master file that

1. Opens Workbook A copies the worksheets
2. Open Workbook A-2014 paste the sheets
3. Save and close Workbook A-2014
4. Close workbook A without saving

then doing the same for Workbook B, etc.

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Alter Existing Formula To Copy Specific Cells In Row Instead Of Copy Entire Column?

May 1, 2014

I need the macro to look at cells B9:B84 on the Sheet1 tab of the Cost Template. If it finds an x I need it to copy the 3 cells to the right of the x and paste them in a template. For example if it sees an x in cell B9 it would copy cells C9, D9 and E9, open the Purchase Order to the Detail tab, then paste it to cells B3, C3 and D3. It would continue looking for an x down to B84. So if it found 5 cells with x, it would give me 5 instances of the Purchase Order with 3 cells pasted into each.

I've attached my Cost Template and the Purchase Order it needs to copy to. In the Cost Template is a macro called Create_PO. This is what I was trying to alter to make this happen. I can't seem to get it right! FYI in case it matters, I had to change the Cost Template from .xltm to .xlsm in order to upload it on this site.

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Copy Of Names

Jul 27, 2009

I have many different names in column A, and many of these names are repeated several times. How can I copy only one of the names to another sheet? Maybe a very bad explanation so see below: Orginale sheet:

Comlumn A:

What I want is a sheet with onlly this:

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Copy Spreadsheet With Different Names

Mar 12, 2008

What I’m trying to do is create a Workbook that works within a folder that pulls data from other Workbooks within the same folder.

Example: Workbook name “RATES.XLS” would be the name of the main Workbook with all the information. I would like to be able to pull certain cells from the other Workbooks as they arrive in the folder over to the Rates Workbook.
Every day, two new Workbooks show up in the same folder with a name like “1Name9_MMDDYYYY” and “2Name1_MMDDYYYY”. So the only thing different everyday is the date added to the name of the file and ofcourse the information is different, but formated the same and in the same cells.

Once I get the information from the other sheets linked, I will need to figure out a way to capture the date on the same line and move the data down the sheet within the Rates.xls workbook.

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Copy Number From 900+ Workbooks

Dec 5, 2008

I have a master workbook that needs to be updated with information from approximately 900 other workbooks. The master workbook is layed-out with the name of each of the 900 workbooks (minus the .xls extension) located in column A. The number needed from these 900+ workbooks is consistently located in cell J20.

Is there an easy way to open each of these 900 workbooks, copy the number from cell J20 and paste the number in the correct location in the master workbook?

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Copy Data From Several Workbooks Into Another

Jul 22, 2009

I'm trying to copy data from several workbooks into another - in Excel 2003. The following code works perfectly except when there is only the header row in the target workbook. Then I get the following error message, "Run time error 1004. Application defined or Object defined error". How can I get it to find A2 the first time - without coding A2 in?

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Copy And Paste Between Workbooks

Mar 20, 2013

What I am trying to do.

Sub COPYCELL()Sheets("Distribution").Select
End Sub

Basically I want to copy cells B7:X84 in the current workbook on the Distribution tab and paste them into Secondworkbook.xlsm that I have already open on the Distribution tab in the same range. There are graphs though so

I am not sure if that has an impact. When I do it manually I copy and then paste into SecondWorkbook and then I copy what I just pasted and paste special values.

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Copy And Paste Several Workbooks

Oct 19, 2007

I have several workbooks (around 100) that I need to grab a certain range out of (C2:C4). Contained in this range is a title and two numbers stored in row format. I need to copy this same range in every workbook, transpose the information and then insert the information in the consecutive rows.

Right now I do it manually and it takes a lot of time I want to set this up so I can import it into a ms access table at some point.

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Copy Particular Tabs Into New Workbooks

Jun 4, 2009

I have a workbook containing numerous tabs.

I would like to be able to run a macro which copies the relevant tabs to a new workbook and save it with a predifned name.

I have A table (50 rows);

Column A = Name of new workbook
Column B:J = Name of tabs which need to be copied to the new workbook

1) Some of the columns (B:J) may be blank
2) The tab names in the table will definately exist in the original workbook

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Copy Range Between Workbooks ..

Nov 14, 2009

I am learning VBA so that I can do greater programming. I am trying to copy and paste a dynamic range from one book to the other. My Statements are as follows.

With Workbooks("Actual Cash Flow.xlsx.").Worksheets("909")
.Range("C1:E" & .Cells(Rows.Count, "E1").End(xlDown).Row).Copy Destination:=Workbooks("Master Cash Flow.xlsm").Worksheets("Master Cash Flow").Range("K1")
End With

I tried this and it worked within the same work book, but when moving to a separate workbook I am having issues, and coming up with the error "Subscript is out of Range"

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