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Copy And Paste Rows Multiple Times

Basically on the file below whenever there is data in column "type" I want excel to copy the "name" and "account" next to it. The whole file has about 80,000 rows. Spacing is not always one blank row between accounts. I am using excel 2007.

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Copy Paste Multiple Criteria Based Rows To New Sheet
I need to copy specific rows that have a specific value in colum B and Colum M to new worksheets.

So from attached screenshot , say for an example macro shud filter rows that have "BigPond" in coloum B ,"RG2" in column M & "INT" in column W and i dont want all cells in these rows , i only want copy cells under column C,AK,AL,AM (in this order) to my other excel sheet that is named "BigPond" and it should paste it starting from Row5?

I want to avoid recording a macro as it selects a range and i am expecting more new rows every week so if a record a macro the cell range for selection changes and i get incorrect result.

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Copy & Paste Cells Several Times.
I have an excel sheet, Data's range is B2:B5.

The data is listed as follows: Tom, Pete, Steve, Lisa.

I need a VB code to copy and paste the names (range) to J2:J17. By having the names pasted four times each.

The result would look like this:

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Copy And Paste A Number Of Times
I have a task which I am sure can be done quite simply. I have a list of names in column A and a number in column B. I want a Macro to copy the name in column c, d, e etc for the number in column b.

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Copy/paste To New Workbook Several Times....
I'm trying to create an "export" feature where certain data can be copied out to a new workbook. I want to copy out the following from the current workbook to a new one: Sheets("1TR").Range("C33:M999") to range("A1") in the new workbook
and Sheets("1PL").Range("K33:K999") to range ("L1") in the new workbook.

The problem I'm having is that it is not just one copy/paste exercise, but two, and I don't know how to reference the new workbook as it doesn't have a filename.

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Copy/Paste 30 Times Or Loop?
I've attached below a small part of my code. I am wondering if there is a way to do this, without copying and pasting something 30 times, but using a loop instead. As you can see there are a series of productsNumbers (30 in total, but this example is for 3). Each productNumber is a string that is actually a 5 digit number, so it can be an integer as well, if it has to.

I would like to code below to loop for as many products as there may be. The way that I have it right now does not work - I feel that I am missing something small or that there is no way to do this.

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Copy Range X Times & Paste & Format
I have a range of cells that is 10 rows high. I want to copy and paste this range 11 times while identifying each of the 11 copies of the range, such as; 02,03,04...12.

Please see attachment for an example of what I am trying to do.

Does anyone have an idea of how this might be done in VB?

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Copy Columns & Paste Mutiple Times At Intervals
Code copies the first two columns of a many column table and pastes them at a certain interval (14 columns) to make transfer to a report easy. The problem is that the worksheets each have a different number of columns, but none more than 56 columns. The macro works wonders on the first sheet, but thereafter does not work at all. The first sheet has 27 columns, the second sheet only has 4 columns and the one after has 38 or something.

Option Explicit

Public iMaleGroup As Integer
Public iFemaleGroup As Integer
Public iMaleAnimal As Integer
Public iFemaleAnimal As Integer
Public iMaleGroup1 As Integer
Public iFemaleGroup1 As Integer
Public StudyTitle As String
Public SmallAnimal As Boolean

Sub CommandModule()

Dim Wrkst As Worksheet
Dim wsName As String
Dim wsSubject As String
Dim wsNumber As String
Dim rSummaryHeader As Range
Dim MergedHeader
Dim NextMergedHeader
Dim HeaderRange
Dim AddHeader
Dim TableHeader
Dim SumTableHeader
Dim PasteRange
Dim x As Integer
Dim n As Integer
Dim z As Integer
Dim i As Integer

Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
Application. ScreenUpdating = False ............................

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Copy & Paste Specific Number Of Times Based On Value
I enter a part number in "D1". The number of components required for that part number is returned in "G1" based on a VLookup. I would like a macro that will copy and paste the part number I enter in "D1" in the first empty cell in column "D" and will paste it once for each component (G1) required. For example, if the number of components required is 4, and the first empty cell in column "D" is "D10", I would like to paste the part number in cells "D10", "D11", "D12", and "D13".

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Copy Each Row Of Table & Repeat Rows X Times
I'm trying to transpose multiple values in Excel, but I'd also like to repeat row values for columns A through E. The attached file "Raw Data" worksheet shows what I start with, and the "End Result" worksheet shows what I'd like the end result to be.

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Copy Multiple Columns From Multiple Excel Files & Paste Into 1 Workbook
I have 8 different files all have a set of data in them

each one has a long list of (column a-n) however the number of rows change by date. I need each file copied into the finalfile.xls one after another. in the files that will be merged into the final file the final row i need copied is blank.
I have all the copy formulas and everything set, I just need a range to copy that automaticaly takes cell a10 to the first blank a cell from each file and pastes it in the finalfile.xls under the last paste so they dont over write each other.

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Copy Rows And Paste Them In New Rows Every Other Row For The Rest Of The Document
col1 col2 col3
row1 A 1 a1
row2 data data data
row3 data data data
row4 data data data
row5 A 2 a1
row6 A 3 a1
row7 B 1 a1

I'm trying to do is set up a VBA code that will take lines lines 2-4, copy the rows and then paste them in new rows every other row for the rest of the document, so that it appears as...

col1 col2 col3
row1 A 1 a1
row2 data data data
row3 data data data
row4 data data data
row5 A 2 a1
row6 data data data
row7 data data data..............................

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Macro To Copy/Paste 4 Rows Over 500 Rows
I need to copy and paste 4 rows individually under each of the 500 rows.

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Copy Selected Rows & Insert As Many Times As Rows Selected
The following code inserts a row below the selected row, and copies the formula of the row above into it.

Dim Rw As Integer
Rw = ActiveCell.Row
Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown
Rows("" & Rw - 1 & ":" & Rw - 1 & "").Copy
Rows("" & Rw & ":" & Rw & "").Paste

However, I need to alter this to work for inserting more than one row at a time. ie. the user selects 'x' number of rows and 'x' rows are inserted below (in the same way 'Insert Row' works in Excel) and the row above the selection is copied down.

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Copy And Paste 'X' Rows
I'm currently using the below code to add the formula in each cell. Depending on the number of rows.

It's very slow (Range("aa2").Value returns 1060) which means 1k rows. I was thinking of doing copy and paste to speed up. But I do not want to fill the whole column U (Column 13) with the formula. Is there anyway to set the max to copy to?
like r2:rX

where X is Range("aa2").Value?

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim nDb As Integer
intRow = 2
Range("aa2").Value = "=COUNTA(A:A)-1"
nDb = Range("aa2").Value

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Multiple Copy And Paste
I have a file for monthly result of different staffs (over 1000 of them) shown in Col A. Their monthly result are obtained by Vlookup, then copy and pasted in Col B. The staffs are arranged in groups, and each of those groups usually no more then 10 persons. What I usually do is the follow steps:

(1) Input the Vlookup in, say for Feb, C1, then drag the corner of the cell and pull down as copying the formula to the bottom cell (this will create errors in the S Total rows (row 8, 13, 19 etc) but will overcome later).

(2) Select the entire Col C, then copy and paste value, to make all the data into a value.

(3) Select the S Total cell from the previous month (B8, B13, B19 etc), drag the corner of the cell, and pull to the respective S Total cell in current month (C8, C13, C19 etc). This will copy the sum of each group formula from previous month column to the current month column. And also it can clear out the errors generated by step (1) above.

Due to the size of the staffs, I have over 300 repetitions of doing step (3). It is so time
consuming, and I feel like an idiot. As you know, Excel 2003 does not allow multiple copy and paste. I have tried grouping the staffs, hide details, then do the copy and paste but unsuccessful because it will be multiple and paste as well. I cannot change the format of the table because many others will use this table too.

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Copy Rows And Paste Into Columns
I am trying to save me a lot of copy and pasting. I have cells A1:A100+ with customer names listed out. I am trying to create a chart on a different page but on this particular chart, i need those customer names at the top of the columns going across the page instead of the rows.

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Copy Paste Alternating Rows
In column H I have dates from 1/1/2008 to 12/31/2013. What I would like to do is transfer that data to column J, but alternate it every other row and then insert the word Date into the blank cells. For instance J1 would read "Date" and then J2 would read 1/1/2008 J3 would be Date and J4 would be 1/2/2008. I have a large database and I tried to use array formulas and they slow it down to a crawl so I was working with DSUM, but I don't feel like wasting time with adding in Date manually.

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VBA Copy, Paste Rows And Format
I have been trying to set up this macro to copy and paste rows where a tick box is checked. The macro needs to transfer the row A:H over to sheet 2 then insent the data acording to property title either A, B, C etc. into formated tables which then feed into a bar and pie chart. I have tried posting this question up in sections hoping that i could get the bits of code i need and then work out how to do the macro but I have had no luck since my VBA skills are poor. I have attached the file

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim lRow As Long, lRow1 As Long, lRow2 As Long
Dim Target As Range
Dim vTemp As Variant
Dim WS2 As Worksheet
Set WS2 = Sheets("Sheet2")
lRow = WS2.UsedRange.Row + WS2.UsedRange.Rows.Count
For Each Target In Range("I1", Cells(Rows.Count, "I").End(xlUp).Address).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants)
vTemp = Target.Value
If VarType(vTemp) = vbBoolean Then
If vTemp = True Then
vTemp = "*"
On Error Resume Next
vTemp = WorksheetFunction.Match(" Total*", Range("A" & Target.Row, "A" & Rows.Count), 0).....................

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Multiple Copy & Paste Operations
I want to copy several separate sections on a worksheet and place these sequentially in an array, then paste these in order into another worksheet.

I have written a macro to copy and paste between the two spreadsheets, however, this is rather basic as it involves straddling between the two and performing multiple alternate copy and paste operations, as only one section can be copied at any one time.

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Copy And Paste Multiple Selection
I want to copy a selection of cells and paste them into a row on another

An example would be to copy:


and put it into A4:F4 on Sheet2

I know I can do it one cell at a time but I was hoping that I could speed
things up and do it all in one go as the macro will be quite long.

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Copy/paste Multiple Items
I am importing some text files into an excel worksheet. I want to change the format just a little bit. For each date I have 5 rows (pixel: 25, 37, 50, 100, and 200). When I import my data the date is in the same row as my pixel numbers. I want to place the date in another column to the left of these pixel numbers.

Below is an example of my "spreadsheet" The first 5 lines (with date "2008_308.txt" next to each pixel number is what I want it to look like and the next (with date "2008_309.txt" is how it is imported with only one date above the pixel numbers. I could do this manually, but I have many years of data to import. And would like a way to kind of copy/paste these multiple items at the same time. Any ideas? .......

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Multiple Copy From AS400 & Paste To Next Row
I need to copy from AS400 (ISearies) to Excel, return to AS400 and repeate a number of times for a specific AS400 layout. (Example) I would copy for AS400 row 7, column 2 thru row 7 column 10 then paste to Excel A1, repeate for row 8, column 5 thru row 8 column 15 and paste to A2, ETC. I need to keep repeting this about 20 times. I have a group of employees who do this all day. A Macro would speed work.

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Copy And Paste Into Multiple Worksheets
i am trying to create an invoice with the data from one sheet(invoice list1)to copy this and populate an invoice that i have in another workbook(invoice)

i need to generate for however many lines there is in the invoice list the equivalent number of invoices.

ie the data in list will be copied to relevant cells in invoice so

cell A4, A5 FROM (INVOICE LIST1) will go to cell B10, C10 of ("invoice" workbook)
cell E4 and f4 go FROM (INVOICE LIST1) go to cell b11,b12 ("invoice" workbook)

and cell g4(invoivelist1) will go to d12 of "invoivce"

i will attach the workbooks

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Copy/Paste From Multiple Worksheets
I've coded wrong. I get "Run-time error 424: Object required" when I run it.

Dim ws As Worksheet
x = 0

For Each ws In Worksheets
Select Case UCase(wSheet. Name)
'Do nothing
Case Else
ws.Range("J22").Copy Destination:=Sheets("Summary").Range("B2").Offset(x, 0)
ws.Range("C3").Copy Destination:=Sheets("Summary").Range("A2").Offset(x, 0)
x = x + 1
End Select
Next ws

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Copy Data In Rows And Paste In Column
How do I create a macro that takes the 3 digits values in cells Q82:AJ86 and place them is column L, set code to start placing result in L38?


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Locate Data And Copy/Paste X Rows
I needed to find "406" which is in A5280 copy the previous 160 rows X 3 columns to A5281.

Because of other factors involved I now realise it would be better to have the macro do the following.

1. Find "04/06" (in A5123)
2. Copy from 2 rows above this cell (A5121) down to (C5280)
3. Paste into A5281

Sub ACopy3()

Const intRowsToCopy As Integer = 160
Dim rngFound As Range
Dim Ro
Dim Col

Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Set rngFound = Columns("A:A").Find(What:="406", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt _
:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=False)
Range(rngFound.Offset((intRowsToCopy - 1) * (-1), 2), rngFound).Copy rngFound.Offset(1, 0)
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

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Search Box To Copy Rows And Paste To Another Sheet
I am pulling from odbc into an excel sheet
Thier is one column with our Sales Order Numbers.

I would like to have a search box or box pop up asking a user to enter the Sales order number they need.
Once they do that it will search thru the list and copy the rows with that Sales Order Number, then paste them to another sheet.

I need help on setting the searching part up and selecting the range to copy....I think I can take it from thier after that.

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Copy/Paste Rows With Specific Values
I have workbook "Sheet1" that has many rows and columns with values. Could I have code to find the cells value "plant2300" in column A and copy all the rows in column A that has the cell value "2300" into workbook Sheet2 (also copy with headers from Sheet1 to Sheet2 row 1).

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Copy And Paste Down To All Unhidden Rows In A Column
I dont know if a vb code is at all possible to copy a formula in a cell in row 2 straight down that column until the last unhidden row in which there is at least a cell populated with values from the 256 cells in that last unhidden row. Then in that column, I want the cells that are filled with formulas to be converted to values.

All these unhidden rows are autofiltered with certain criteria. The left and right columns to the formulated cells does not necessarily filled with values as they can be blank. Row 1 has header names, and a formula can be any cell in row 2 at any one time and that is exactly the problem i faced so that to record a macro seems totally useless for me because the cell in row2 where I will begin with a formula varies every time.

Currently I go a long way by taking these steps:
Hghtlighting row1
Data/Filter/ Autofilter/
Select the header cell and click on drop-down filter
Select (Custom...) with criteria
Input formula on the cell in row2
Copy the formula
Press Shift+ArrowDown keys until the last unhidden row
Press Enter
Undo Autofilter
Select the column
Copy and Paste as values
Autofilter row1 again
Select the header cell, (Custom..) equal "#N/A" and "zero"
Continue next turn of formula..copy to last unhidden row, paste as values....

Me and other staff in my department are doing these long-winding steps endless of times, day in day out, until we are drained out and called quit. If there is a code that can do this, this is going to the greatest news ever for these people for that kind of work.

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Find Multiple, Copy, Then Paste To Another Sheet
Thank you all so much for this wonderful forum. Today has been a day of going through post after post. I am usually able to solve my problems through reading similar issues. However, just can quite get this one and I think it is rather simple, but frustrating none the less.

Attached is a spreadsheet with a list names in column B. The codes I have tried to write or have copied find one name and paste it to sheet 1. However, I need to find several names and then copy each row to sheet 1.

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Copy And Paste Multiple Ranges Between Workbooks
I want to be able to prompt a user to select a sheet to import to another file. The ranges are as follows.

Sub Importtimesheet()...

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Copy And Paste Same Data To Multiple Columns
How can I copy a column (C6:C200) and paste it according to a cell value . If I have in a cell 5 it will paste column (C6:C200) five times .

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Copy And Paste Multiple Cells Into One Cell
I have the following VBA code in Excel that looks in sheet called mri.txt for a cell called “AcquisitionMatrix”, Then goes one cell down and two cell to left and copy them all into Application.Workbooks(imgMain).Worksheets("Sheet1").Activate cell “AC2”, But for some reason it copies the field’s name as well such as:

AcquisitionMatrix , 0, , 256, , 256,.

Is there a way to avoid copying the filed name into cell AC2? Such as :
0, , 256, , 256,?

here is the

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Copy Multiple Cells, Paste Into 1 Cell
I have a spreadsheet that contains data that is currently split up into 2 or more cells. Sometimes it's 2 cells, sometimes 3, even 4, etc. I would like to right click on multiple adjacent cells, select copy, right click on another cell and paste these multiple cells into 1 cell. I checked paste special but didn't really find anything. I'm not sure a formula/macro would work either as I need to manually determine which cells need this attention.

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Copy Range & Paste To Multiple Worksheets
I am using following code to copy a range from one worksheet to multiple worksheet.

I used both the option to paste the copied content i.e. ActiveSheet.Paste and Selection.PasteSpecial Paste. However in both cases getting error message 'Paste Method Of WorkSheet Class Failed'.

find any error here

Sub CopyList()
Application.CutCopyMode = True
Counter = Sheets.Count

For i = 3 To Counter

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Copy Rows Meeting Multiple Criteria On Multiple Columns
1. Copy data from original file (I do not want to do anything in the original file) into the spreadsheet (Target worksheet)where the code should run.
2. In sheet 1 of Target Worksheet, there are 2 columns which I need to set criterias on namely Column D and Column L
3. In Column D, I want to specify 3 criterias namely A, B and C
4. In Column L, I want to specify 5 criterias namely London, Frankfurt, New York, Sydney and Tokyo
5. If Criterias in 3 and 4 are met, copy all rows into Sheet 2 of Target Worksheet

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Macro To Copy And Paste The Correct Amount Of Rows
I want to create a macro that will copy and paste a couple seperate collumns but the problem is that each month, and each invoice, contain a different amount of rows so I can't "record" a macro. Lets say I start on A4 which is the heading of Column D..below it are a bunch of records at the end of the records is a space. I need it to stop there. Then do the same for Column G, I, etc. I would like it to copy each column and paste in a new workbook.

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Copy And Paste Macro - Variable Number Of Rows
I am working on a macro where I am creating a formula to string together some text columns and then copy the formula down the entire column. The data source I will be performing this on will change in number of rows period to period. The data would be in columns A,B & C and the formula is in D. The formula in D is stringing together the data in AB & C and then I want to copy and paste that formula down to the bottom of all of the data. What would the code be for the copy and paste with variable rows?

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Macro Copy/Paste As Per Number Of Rows In ColA
I am looking for is a basic macro that will copy and paste cells down as per number of entries or rows in a particular column

As an example, lets say my static data runs in Column A, from A1 : A10.
Cells B1 through to E1 each contain a seperate formula

How would I get the range B1:E1 to be copied and pasted a number of times that corresponds to the last entry in column A (in this case A10) ?

ie VBA code that recognises that the entries end at A10 and that the range B"#":E"#" must be copied and pasted down until the last entry in Column A

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Compare Rows In Column A And Copy/paste If They Are The Same Using A For Next Loop..
I have one column of names in excel. The column may contain more than one row with the same name but these rows with the same name will all be grouped together. This is an exampe (each name represents a row in column A):


What I want to do is copy the rows with the same information, e,g, the rows with 'julie' above, paste them into a new spreadsheet and email this spreadsheet to specific email addresses and then do the same for 'jonathan'.

I can work out how to send an email using VBA but I am really stuck as to how to go through the rows and send the email in discrete 'chunks'. I have tried using a for next loop, looping through the rows and copying/pasting rows that are the same as the previous one into a new spreadsheet but this does it one row at a time.
If I include the instruction to email the spreadsheet within the loop this would also email the new spreadsheet one row of information at a time, i.e. three emails for 'julie' each containing a spreadsheet with one row of information on it, rather than one email containing one spreadsheet with all three rows on it.

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Copy/Paste Rows Into New Sheet Meeting Criteria
1) I have a original worhsheet_A which with header rows(1~6) and many columns.
2) In the sheet_A, there are 2 columns (ColumnN & S) which I need to set criteria (value>5).
3) If any row's data which meet the criteria (value >5) with either column N or S, copy all the entired rows to sheet_B following sheet_A sequence.
4) The sheet_B should have the same header row with sheet_A(row1~6).

Btw, is possible create a corn job trigger this macro to run daily 9am to send out the worksheet_B as email, so that the command button can be disregarded.

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Copy/Paste Rows By Numerical Range In Column
I would like it to scan an entire column (column E) for rows of data that fall into a range of numbers chosen by the user (like maybe a list box or combo box in sheet 1) for example a number greater than or equal to 8 but less than or equal to 15 and copy all of the rows and columns of data across the entire sheet that fit the range from sheet 1 to sheet 2. I would like to use a separate list or combo box for the min and max values in which to search as seen in the example sheet 1 attached. I have tried the autofilters, custom filters and macro recorder with no success as it seems the filters do not like ranges of numbers.

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Copy Formula Rows & Paste Values To Last Row Of Another Worksheet
I am trying to find a way of copying values from cells that are linked to another workbook and paste them to another sheet in same workbook to the end of last row entry. This needs to be done via VBA from a button. There are 35 rows and 9 columns linked to another workbook and they don't always have values (depending on source workbook). To cycle thru each row and copy if they have values and paste them to end of last used row on another sheet.

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Copy Data In Multiple Sheets And Paste Into One Sheet.
I have multiple .xls sheets in a folder. C:Documents and Settingsu369875DesktopProject stuffTestin Save_ASCompleted History. And need to copy the data in all of them and paste them into a new sheet (one main sheet) in this folder...........

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Copy Range From Multiple Sheets & Paste To Another Workbook
I am looking for either formula which will allow me to copy data from a workbook with multiple named sheets into a workbook with a single named sheet. For instance workbook 1 has sheets named bob, sue, and tom and there is a workbook 2 which only has sheet bob. I want to copy the range fo data from sheet bob in workbook1 to workbook 2 as long as workbook 2 has sheet bob.

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Copy Multiple Worksheets With Paste Special (values)
I am trying to create a macro to copy multiple sheets to a single named worksheet, all within the same workbook. The code below works, except I want to copy only the data (no formulas). Can I add code to paste values, or do I need to start over?

Public Sub CopyandPaste()
Dim ws As Worksheet
For Each ws In Worksheets
If ws.Name <> "Summary" Then
ws.Range("a2"). CurrentRegion.Copy _

End If
Next ws
End Sub

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Copy Paste Rows To Another Sheet Based On Column Criteria
I have a file that has two sheets, I have some formulas in the first sheet named "Data",What i would like to have is, If column G in the sheet Data is "Closed", then i want that particular row to be cut from the sheet " Data" and pated in to the Sheet "Done".

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Open Found Files & Copy / Paste Onto Subsequent Rows
I have a requirement to create a master spreadsheet using a macro to copy set cells from several other spreadsheets and paste them into the master one in a list for accounting purposes.

So far the macro reads in the spreadsheet filename(s) and copy/pastes the cells to the master one - I need to be able to paste the values onto subsequent rows for each input sheet which is where my problems lies. Currently the row just pasted in is overwritten over by the following one, I need to go to the next row down but am stuck on how to do it.

Sub EmployeeExp()
' EmployeeExp Macro
' Macro recorded 12/02/2008 by eugene.cross
Dim i As Integer
Dim f As String

I've attached an example master output sheet to show what I want to produce, albeit this has only one row!

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VBA To Open Multiple Spreadheets And Copy/paste Cell Ranges
In my consolidating spreadsheet there are 6 columns that show the file path, the worksheet name, and cell range to copy. There can be an unlimited number of rows (each row represents another path). I would like the VBA to copy/paste values from each range specified in each row and copy them into the consolidating worksheet named "copied".

Each time the VBA copies/paste values from the cell range specified in each row it needs to copy below the previous copied and pasted information in the worksheet named copied.

In the worksheet with the file paths etc shown below (named "list"), I would like the VBA to show the Date and Time each piece was copied and pasted. For each path I would like to show in the last column if the copy and paste operation was successful ("yes" or "no"), this is more or less the error handeling....

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Find The Total Rows In Multiple Worksheets And Paste It To A Summary Worksheet
I am trying to find the total rows in multiple worksheets and to copy the row count to a summary sheet.

For Each ws In Workbooks("HR.xls").Worksheets
With ws
If ws.Name "Summary" Then
If ws.Name "Pivot" Then

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