Countif Only If Another Column Is Not Blank

Dec 12, 2008

I have a list of parts in column A that is about 200 rows or so. There are only a dozen parts or so that repeat multiple times. I then have about 20 columns of data for each part. Column K is "Customer".

What I need to do is count the number of each part in column A. That was done with a simple countif formula. Now I need to count each part in column A only if a cumster name is listed column K (this column is left blank until a customer is added). I can't seem to get this to work. Let me know if you need me to be more specific.

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CountIf Blank With Two Columns

Feb 25, 2010

counting cells if blank. I have two columns E and J . For example if E5 and J5 are both blank I want that to count as 1.

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Countif Left Cells Are Blank?

May 19, 2014

how to set up a formula that would count the number of numbers in a column, only if the cells before those cells are blank. In plain English: total the number of occurences in each column, provided the value in cellrow is the first occurence in that row starting at column A. E.G


Count would return under Column A, 1; under Column B, 1; (because row John has a value in AJohn it is ignored), under Column C, 2; under Column D, 0.

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Only Countif Cells Adjacent To Columns Contains A Blank?

Apr 22, 2014

I have a formula (below) where I want it to count the cells that contain a date that is less than or equal to today, but only when the adjacent cell is blank. The latter part of the formula works, but I'm struggling to tell it to only do the count when cells in column I are blank;


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COUNTIF Function Does Not Work With Blank Or Null Cell

May 15, 2006

I tried to answer a problem on here by giving this formula: = COUNTIF(A1:B6,"=""")
but it doesn't work on my machine. Nor does =COUNTIF(A1:B6,"<>"""). In either case, the effect is as if all cells in the range are non-blank. But the result of =A1="" is "TRUE". Neither syntax is rejected by Excel; in fact, if you omit one of the quotes, the syntax is corrected to the form shown. So I am curious. Does this work normally, but some setting in my machine is stopping it? Or, if it never works, why is it not giving a syntax error? I am using Excel 2000.

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COUNTIF: 2 Criteria: Date Range Column & Text Column

Dec 8, 2005

Col C = Text and Col F = dates
I would like to count the # of times a value occurs in Col C based on a date
range in Col F.

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Highlight Blank Cells Red In Column G If Not Blank In Column C (same Row)

Feb 17, 2010

I would like a macro to do this...If a cell in column G is blank and the cell in the same row in column C is NOT blank, highlight the blank cell in column G Red.

I need the search to stop ONLY when it gets down to the bottom-most row of data in column A.

Note: Any row headers will always be in row 1 only


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Excel 2010 :: VLookup Result Blank If Column Index Number Is Blank

Mar 3, 2014

The below piece of code carries out a vlookup on a defined cells value and produces a result in sheet one, however if the column index number in sheet 2 (Database) is empty the result 00/01/1900 is produced.

I'm not sure how to say leave the result blank if the column index number is blank.

Excel 2010
Userform = Tab 1
Database = Tab 2

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Countif Product Of One Column Minus Another Column Is Less Than 3

Mar 13, 2014

I am dealing with date ranges with the data being on a second tab of the Excel workbook. The first tab is to populate a report of the difference in dates. I need to count the number of values are less than 3, after I subtract Column P from Column K.

Raw Data'!P:P is a Particular date and 'Raw Data'!K:K is another date. I am trying to find a count of all of the rows where the difference of the 2 dates is less than 3.

Here is a couple formulas that I tried.

=COUNTIF(IF(('Raw Data'!P:P-'Raw Data'!K:K)

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Count Blank & Zero Cells Where Corresponding Column Not Blank

Jun 15, 2007

I was curious if it is possible to give a single cell multiple number formats based on what the number is in the cell. So for example if my number is bigger than 1000, I would like to use comas so that it looks like this 1,000. However, if it is less than 1000 I would like it to look more like this 999.00.

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First Blank Cell In Column & Offset To 1st Blank In Row

Jul 11, 2007

I have checked archives, some similiar but not quite what I want.

In code below I want the output instead of going offset one column to right in same row to go one column to right into the next blank cell.

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If Column Contains Data Then Insert A Blank Column And Shift Specific Column To The Right

Apr 22, 2009

What I'd like to do is; If column C contains data then insert a blank column and shift column C to the right.

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Countif Into Column

Oct 30, 2007

I have a column (o) that contains the letters ar and i need to count them into column (o 28 ) i am aware that i can use the count if formula.


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Countif Column Has Value A

Aug 14, 2008

I want to use the countif function on the below. I want to countif col A has ‘A’ and col b has ‘liv’


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Countif Formula: Count The Number Of Incidents In Column BB That Are >0 But Only IF The Value In Column E Is "Abbeywood"

Dec 29, 2009

I'm trying to count the number of incidents in column BB that are >0 but only IF the value in column E is "Abbeywood". i.e. how many times there's a figure greater than 0 for Abbeywood. I can't seem to get count if to do this!

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How To Run Countif On Filtered Column

Jan 6, 2014

I need to run a countif on a filtered column - How do I do this?

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COUNTIF Function Across More Than 1 Column

Dec 19, 2012

How do I setup a COUNTIF function so that it 'searches/uses' more than one column for results.

Example: I have a spreadsheet with 20 columns - starting at A1 to T1 - and ending at A100 toT100. I want to use the COUNTIF function to 'search' all of these from A1/T1 to A100/T100 and tell me how many times the number 21 appears across that range of cells.

This COUNTIF function will reference data on a sheet called 50 - so at the moment my current single colum COUNTIF looks like this -=COUNTIF('50'!A1:A100,21) - and it works fine for one colum, but I need to search 20 columns.

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Countif With Multiple Column

Mar 26, 2008

looking to use =countif for an address file and want to filter out duplicates of last then first name.

col F has last name
col d with first name

I've tried using the Conditional Formatting funtion, but am not understanding how to incorporate multiple columns,

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If Column A Is Blank Then Column C To G Must Be Blank Even With Formula

Apr 29, 2006

I have a value in A1 and I have a constant formula from Column C to G. what I want to do is if column A has no value then Column C to G should not have values. If column A has values then Column C to G should calculate the values. I have a sample excel attached. I can't figure out what to do! I've tried conditional formating but dosn't seem to work

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COUNTIF To Tabulate Corresponding Quantity In Column E

Jul 12, 2014

I have 44 cells each in columns D & E, column D being a class of item, and E being the quantity of that class, and I want cell G42 to show the total quantity of the class. I have used =COUNTIF(D5:D49,"A") and am only showing the number of A's (A being the class) in column D. What formula can I nest in this equation to get my desired results?

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COUNTIF For Date Range In Column

Nov 9, 2011

I am trying to put together a formula to allow me to count the number of occurances dates within a month in a column.

So far I have tried

=COUNTIF(F4:F500,DATE(2011,10,9)) but it only lets me search for the 9th of October (when I want to count all dates specified in october.

Is there any other way I can search (count) a range for dates in October 2011 only?

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Counting Instance In Column - COUNTIF Not Working

Feb 24, 2014

Ok so I am trying to streamline the Shirt ordering process at my work. I have made a table with Employee names as Column A, then Row 1 is shirt sizes from small to XXXL. The Cell values are going to be the colors people want. I want to total the number of each size/color combination. But someone may want more than one of the same color. For instance you would enter "BK, BK" if you wanted 2 black shirts of that size. This is where the issue with COUNTIF comes in. If a cell has the same value twice, it only counts it as one because counts the cells with an instance of a value, not the actual count of instances. Is there a way to make COUNTIF or a better function for this?

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Using Countif To Calculate The Number Of Days In A Column

Dec 16, 2009

I am trying to use the following formula to count the number of times a day appears in a column. It doesn't seem to be working the way I want it to. =COUNTIF($A13:$A200,"Sunday"). It could be the way the days of the week are gathered on the sheet, you can see the attached workbook to see how I am using it.

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CountIf: Frequency Distribution Of The Yields Column

Feb 2, 2010

I'm working on has me making a frequency distribution of the yields column. If you look at M6 on the spreadsheet i'm trying to use the formula:

=COUNTIF($I$6:$I$35, "<=L6")

to represent all yields that are less than or equal to 0, in the next box (M7) I want to represent all yields that are greater than 0% and less than or equal to 1%. etc until I reach 7%, however the original formula isn't working and I don't know whats wrong with it.

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COUNTIF In A Column Where Data Is Added Regularly

Dec 20, 2008

I want to perform a COUNTIF in a column where data is added regularly. The COUNTIF range is to be the last 100 rows of data: so if yesterday that range was a2:a102 then today it should be a3:a103, tomorrow it will be a4:a104 and so on.

How can I get COUNTIF to change the range as new data is added? I can generate a string with the changing range ("a2:a102", "a3:a103", and so on) but how do I put that into COUNTIF?

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CountIf: Return Column C In The INDI LEG VALUES Table

Jan 20, 2010

I know would like to return column C in the INDI LEG VALUES table if the following occurs

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Subtracting Column B From A, And Leave Third Column Blank If No Value In Column B?

Oct 6, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with three columns (A,B,C). I want the third column C to be column A - B (A minus B) for each row, but only if there is a value in column B.

If there is no value in column B, then I want that row in Column C to just stay blank.

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Sort Column To Match Pair In Other Column, Skip Blank Spaces

Mar 28, 2007

Here's what I have.. (on a much smaller scale)

(notice how the lines that match are now even.)

[Edited by admin~ *Link* to large images, don't display them]

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COUNTIF Formula (to Count How Many Item In A Column That Meet Certain Criteria)

Dec 8, 2008

I am trying to use COUNTIF formula to count how many item in a column that meet certain criteria, say between 10 and 20...


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Use The COUNTIF Function Formula To Count The Number Of Items In Column A?

Mar 7, 2014

We have one excel file for monitoring of action items generated by the management after the study. As since there were around 3000+ rows has been generated since in the beginning of 1990's till to-date. So I was thinking of instead of getting the result through filter manually, I want to create a formula that will count of how many has been closed this year and this month out of the total numbers of action items.

Is it possible to use the COUNTIF function formula to count the number of items in column A, and date of column B, and closed in column C.

In below, we can see that there were 4 items under Revalidation has been closed this month and the total number of closed this year is 6.

MTD Closing Date

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