Display Day, Month, Hour & Minutes In Seperate Labels On A Userform

May 28, 2008

I have made a form with a calender control, a keypad for hours and minutes. I have no problem getting the date from the active cell into a label caption and changing it by the calender, but I am having trouble reading just the hour and minutes into separate label captions from the active cell and changing them via the keypad and updating the active cell at the same time with a new date and time.

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Bar Graph With Two Seperate X Axis Labels

Jan 31, 2010

Hey guys, been searching around for a while now, yet to find an answer to this.

I have 3 columns of data ......

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Userform Labels :: Change The Color Property Of All The Labels On The Form Simultaneously

Mar 11, 2009

I have a UserForm and what I'm trying too do is change the color property of all the labels on the form simultaneously.

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1/2 Hour Intervals To 15 Minutes

Sep 26, 2008

08:00 26calls
12:00 50calls
16:30 16calls

The problem is the data is output as above just outputing intervals with data.

I need to convert this data to 15 minute intervals as below:

08:00 13calls
08:15 13calls
12:00 25calls
12:30 25calls
16:30 8calls
16:45 8calls

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Convert Hours To Minutes. Display Total Minutes

Dec 5, 2006

I have a formula which will calculate the number of hours and minutes between two military times. I would like it to calculate the total number of minutes instead of hours and minutes. I have uploaded a small example of what i have so far.

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Formula Hours And Minutes To 1 / 4 Hour?

Mar 1, 2012

I have a program that outputs a total amount of time that a service was provided. This time is reported in hours minutes [Example: 01.08 (hh.mm)]. I need a formula that will "round" to the closest .25 based on a 7 minute window on either side. Here how it would need to work....

0 - 7 Minutes = .00 or 1.00 - 1.07 = 1.00
8 - 22 Minutes = .25 or 1.08 - 1.22 = 1.25
23 - 37 Minutes = .50 or 1.23 - 1.37 = 1.50
28 - 52 Minutes = .75 or 1.28 - 1.52 = 1.75
53 - 7 Minutes = .00 or 1.53 - 2.07 = 2.00

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Multiply Number Per Hour Or X Minutes

Jun 1, 2008

I am wanting to take a number (any number) and multiply it by per minute using real time. For example: Say I have 12 apples. I want that 12 apples to multiply per hour.

12x(per 60 minutes)= total
The total will change every hour because the formula will be using real time. I can write the formula for 12x60 but to enter the time, based on real time I just don't know or even if it can be done.

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Calculate Number Of Minutes In Each Hour Of Breakdown

Jan 7, 2014

I am trying to calculate the the breakdown time for each hour in the factory. I have the start time and finish time of each breakdown. There are 8 hours in a shift starting at 6:45. So hour 1 would be (6:45-7:45), hour 2 (7:45-8:45). If the machine breaks down between 7:06 and 8:20 what will be the amount of time lost in each hour? In this example it would be 39 mins in hour 1 and 35 mins in hours 2. How I can achieve this result?

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Formula To Calculate Time Allotted Minus Time Used And Show Difference In Hour And Minutes?

Apr 27, 2014

Formula to calculate time allotted minus time used and show the difference in hour and minute.

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Change Values Of Labels In A Userform Through Another Userform

Oct 29, 2009

I'm trying to do: Let's say I have a simple userform with labels as follows:

(Label1) John's birthday: (Label2) 12.10.1974
(Label3) Mary's birthday: (Label4) 15.03.1978

(Button1) Change Birthdays

Let's say want to change the birthdays I see, so I press the button and enter the new values through another userform with inputboxes.

How do I make that change permanent, so that next time I start the macro in the labels 2 and 4 I have the last entered values for the birthdays???

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How To Type In 2 Decimal Places In 1/4 Hour Display

Mar 20, 2008

I have to change a time sheet that was previously in HH:mm to display in decimals, but to the nearest 1/4 hour ( 0.25 (=15 mins), 0.50 (= 30 mins), 0.75 (=45 mins), and 1.00 (1 hour))

This is not a formula question, but a format/display question as the cells have to be typed in by different people who up until now have beeb used to typing in the HH:mm format.

This means;
8:15hrs would become 8.25
8:30hrs would become 8.5
8:45hrs would become 8.75

The reason behind the change is a head office wallah that needs to have time in decimals and not true minutes.

Is there a way to;
prevent user from entering any decimal other than .00; .25;.50;.75
or change formatting to turn red if any other than above is entered.

Alternatively, is there a way of me (the collator for 50 people) being able to take data from their sheets (which I have to do monthly) which could be a formula...

I have tried to get head office to change, but they say that they collate data for 13 other sites and all the others are OK (thats cos all the others receive their data on PAPER and one person tabluates them)...

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Calculate Work Hour Phone Time By Day, Week & Month

Aug 21, 2008

I am trying to figure out a way to count the minutes used from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. I have this years worth of data. I would like to do it by month and by week and by day. I use office 08 for the mac and its my understanding that it doesn't have VBA. I would also like to be able to figure out if on a certain date a employee made over x amount of phone calls in a day. But have several employees. I have columns that are labeled date, employee, minutes used.

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Pivot Tables Display Of Full Row Labels

May 8, 2013

I am working with a Classic Pivot Table and have one thing that is troubling me.

I have grouped my data and got things displaying however only the first record of each group is populated (displayed)

Groupings/Row Labels Data Values Over Here

Field1 Field2 Field3
3 1 1
0 1
2 1 1
0 1
1 1 1
0 1

What I would like to see is:

Field1 Field2 Field3 Data Values Over Here
3 1 1
3 1 0
3 0 1
3 0 0
2 1 1
2 1 0
2 0 1
2 0 0
1 1 1
1 1 0
1 0 1
1 0 0

This is much more readable.

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Display Starting And Ending Labels In Line Graph

Jul 10, 2014

Is there a way to display just the staring and ending labels in a line graph.

I have around multiple line items, each contiaining 15-20 data points.

When I instert line graph with data labels, it becomes very mesy.

So I want to display just the starting and ending number of each line graph.

Manually selecting the data point and adding labels is very time consuming as I have around 200 line graphs, each containing 7-8 data series.

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Get UserForm Names From A Seperate Workbook

Mar 6, 2006

I'm working to develop a method to programmatically identify the type of object contained in a UserForm, it's relevant property(s) & their current values.

Currently, I'm importing the relevant form into a new form module within the VBA Project. I'd like to be able to set the Workbook & Userform as variables within the code & do away with the import step. It appears the target workbook can be addressed by using the statement,

Set my_Workbook = CreateObject(Application. GetOpenFilename)

However I'm coming unstuck with the correct syntax to address UserForms in another workbook.

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Macro To Display Message Every N Minutes!

Jun 11, 2009

I have a spreadsheet and a macro that creates a new sheet and enters some data into the sheet. The user gets to make some changes to the created sheet and then prints it out. I was wandering if there was any way to have a message coming up every 10 minutes remindnig the user about the new sheet untill it was printed out and then the warnings would stop. Could anyone sugest a good way to do that?

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Array Formula: How Many Minutes Of Tickets Are Open Within A Particular Month

Mar 6, 2009

I am trying to write an array formula that will work out how many minutes of tickets are open within a particular month. I have a formula shown on the first table which calculates how many minutes a ticket is open for within a particular month, but this only works for an individual ticket, Basically I neet to populate the 2nd table with an array formula that will calculate the number of minutes within the month that numerous tickets are open, effectively a SUMPRODUCT but I can't get it to work.

The right hand side of Table one doesn't exist in my main file, I am trying to populate the 2nd table using only the first four columns within Table 1.

******** ******************** ************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - My God.xls___Running: 11.0 : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutF3G3H3F4G4H4F5G5H5F6G6H6F7G7H7F8G8H8F9G9H9F10G10H10F11G11H11F12G12H12F13G13H13F14G14H14F15G15H15F16G16H16=ABCDEFGH1  01/02/2008  Jan 08Feb 08Mar 082     3129313W00000220/01/2008 17:33:2629/02/2008 02:36:5456037 16,035.8540,001.15-4W00000127/01/2008 01:05:4620/02/2008 03:17:52200 41.13158.87-5W00000122/03/2008 09:06:1824/03/2008 08:33:57789 --..............................

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Format Userform Labels

Aug 25, 2006

Is there a method for formating numbers in a label on a userform?

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Turning General Numbers Into Time And Minutes And Multiplying For Month

Mar 3, 2014

I run a report from a scheduling software that gives me the total hours and minutes for a weekday for my bus routes. For instance, 253 hours and 23 minutes for one day. Now though, I need to calculate how many hours and minutes for the entire month. The report will only come out with 253h23. I need to somehow take that, turn it into time and then multiply it by 20 (January weekdays). But I need real hours and minutes and I'm having trouble getting them.

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Populate Labels In Userform If Criteria Met?

Feb 15, 2014

When I put order number into "txtOrder" it finds that order and populates the labels in userform. But the problem is, it populates only first row with that order number. How to show all other rows with the same order number in userform labels?

For example : i want to find all rows with that order number and populate them into labels like that:

(Order number -123456) lbl1 = cellA1; lbl2 = cellA4; lbl3 = cellA3; lbl4 = cellA5; lbl5 = cellA10; lbl6 = cellA7
(Order number -123456) lbl7 = cellB1; lbl8 = cellB4; lbl9 = cellB3; lbl10 = cellB5; lbl11 = cellB10; lbl12 = cellB7
(Order number -123456) lbl13 = cellC1; lbl14 = cellC4; lbl15 = cellC3; lbl16 = cellC5; lbl17 = cellC10; lbl18 = cellC7 and so on....

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Dynamical Access To Labels In Userform

Mar 17, 2014

I've created a userform which contains 20 labels. To access the Caption property of the 13th Label, I use Me.Label13.Caption ..... Can I also access it in a more dynamic way (e.g Me.Labels[13].Caption) ?

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Adding Labels In A Userform With Combobox

Jul 14, 2007

I have a userform1 on there a combobox1 and a frame1. In that frame1 I want a number of labels to be added named "name" & number. The number varies depending on the value in combobox1. If combobox1 = "1" then I want 20 labels to be added. if combobox1="2" then I want 60 labels to be displayed.

label height=12, width=102, top=6 and left=6

for each following label the top = top + 14
and after each 10th label left = left + 120

If there's more than 30 labels then I need a scrollbar on the bottom of the frame to be displayed and so be able to see the other labels.

If the first value in combobox1 is "1" is selected and all is displayed and then I select "2" that is deletes all the current labels in the frame and then add 60 new labels.

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Popluate Labels In Userform From Spreadsheet

Nov 15, 2006

I have a userform that allows the user to choose an order template from a combobox. I also have a ton of labels in the userform to return values based on the template chosen. then they can approve the template or choose another and the template chosen will be returned to the spreadsheet.

to see what they look like:
link to the userform (originally they were textboxes, but i changed to labels so the user cant change the values):
link to the table:

to return the values to the labels based on the combobox... this is what i came up with, but it says that my sub or function isnt defined...and it highlights the error in "Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()"

Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
Dim x As Integer
x = OrderTemplateSettings.ComboBox1.Text
Workbooks("newlocationsetup.xls").Worksheets("Templates ").Activate
OrderTemplateSettings.Label82.Value = HLookup(x, Range("A2:AE65").Value, 1, False) 'ones
OrderTemplateSettings.Label83.Value = HLookup(x, Range("A2:AE65").Value, 2, False) 'twos
OrderTemplateSettings.Label84.Value = HLookup(x, Range("A2:AE65").Value, 3, False) 'fives
OrderTemplateSettings.Label85.Value = HLookup(x, Range("A2:AE65").Value, 4, False) 'tens
OrderTemplateSettings.Label86.Value = HLookup(x, Range("A2:AE65").Value, 5, False) 'twenties
OrderTemplateSettings.Label87.Value = HLookup(x, Range("A2:AE65").Value, 6, False) 'fifties
OrderTemplateSettings.Label88.Value = HLookup(x, Range("A2:AE65").Value, 7, False) 'hundreds

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Display Time In Total Minutes But With A Space After Every 3 Digits

Sep 12, 2012

Need to display time in total minutes but with a space after every 3 digits.

For instance, I can display 0.833333 as total minutes by using the custom number format [m] which displays 1200. But I need it to display as 1 200. I know with a standard number, I could use # ##0 but I don't know how to get both of these custom attributes to work simultaneously.

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Search Value Return Offset To Userform Labels Or Textbox?

Sep 28, 2012

I'm trying to search a column to match the value in textbox1 then return to the userform the values from the same row in columns A to textbox2 and so forth.

I can get it to find the value but am struggling to get the data back to the userform

Reason for this is so the user can search an Id, get all the data back on the order before changing the Id number

The code im trying to use is


Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim lr As Long, i As Long
Dim x As Variant, y As String
Dim Found As Range
x = TextBox1.Value
y = UserForm2.TextBox2


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Text To Columns: Split Data In Seperate Seperate Coloumn

Jul 23, 2009

Attached file where i m not able to split data in seperate seperate coloumn

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Userform - Adding Textboxes (and Labels) By Clicking Command Button

Apr 18, 2012

I would like to make a userform where additional textboxes (and labels) can be added to the form by clicking a command button. Is this possible to do?

For example, a userform which has:

Contractor 1: (TextBox)

and underneath this have a command button which when clicked will add another text box e.g.

Contractor 2: (TextBox)

I'm new to vba so haven't got a clue how to go about making this userform or even if it is possible.

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Userform, Labels Equals Range In Workbok, Easier Code

May 24, 2006

I have over 500 labels in a userform and each labels content is gathered from an workbok like this:

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Workbooks.Open "V:allaBeredningSemesterstänging Medleverantörer och Verkstäder.xls"
' Sheets(Year(TODAY())).Select
LabelA1 = Range("A1")...............

I have shortened the code and I haven't yet written all labes. The ... is supposed to mean "from" and "to". I don't want to write over 500 lines of the label codes.
So what is an easier way to write it?

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Convert Time To Minutes In Userform

Jul 14, 2009

I know how to do this in a worksheet: =(b1-a1)*1440. B1 being the end time and A1 being the start time. I have a userform where the start time and end time are entered in text boxes. txtstart1 and txtend1. I would like the result to show up in txtmin1. Here is my code that doesnt work. I tried to convert code from a non-time sheet of mine. Dim as Integer may be the problem, I just learn as I go, and so far have only dealt with Integers.

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Changing Date/time To Run A 12 Hour Production Schedule, And Not 24 Hour

Sep 4, 2006

I have created a daily schedule which has a number of factory variables taken into consideration which determine the date and time a particular product should, barring any mechanical problems, come off the machine. (see attached spreadsheet).

The date at the top will be editable by me only so that when I update the production quantities, the “date/time off” column automatically re-adjusts to the remaining quantities.

The formulas are a little long winded, but I have left them that way whilst I try and develop it. I should be able to figure out how to condense them later.

My problem is that the “date/time off” on the right works excellent, but over a 24 hr period.

Ordinarily, we work a 12 hour day (6am to 6pm) with overlapping shifts to cover breaks, and 20 mins warm up at the start of the day for the machine, thus maximising a 12 hour day.

Of course if demand exceeds the allotted time we put on overtime.

Is it possible to specify that normal days are only 12 hours so that if a product exceeds 6pm, it flows into the next day with the balance starting at 6:20am?

And, if the production for the week exceeds the time could I stipulate particular days which we deem are suitable for overtime? Ie, we decide Wednesday is a 14 hour day and not 12.

I had toyed with the idea of creating a 365 day table/calendar, on another worksheet which would have its individual allocated hours in an adjacent column and somehow link them to the date/time off, perhaps by way of a VLOOKUP, but I have been chasing my tail trying to figure out how to implement it.

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