Error Inserting Rows Cannot Shift Objects Off Sheet

Mar 1, 2007

I am running excel 2007 and I have 23 worksheets in a workbook. I have no links or hidden rows or colums. I have no merged cells or comments. My biggest sheet is A1:

AW8096. I use VB macros to add lines and move data from one set of workbooks to this one.

I have built several sheets using this proceedure.

All of a sudden I get the error "Cannot shift objects off sheet" when I run
a routine I have 50,000 times. This even happens on new blank sheet so I know its' not on the sheet.

I have checked to make sure there are no hidden comments, row or columns. I have deleted most of the worksheets and I still get the error. I have made copies of the workbook and used different file types to save it. I can create a new black sheet in the workbook that is empty and the same thing happens.

The only way I can get it to work is to creat a new blank workbook and copy and paste the sheets into the new workbook. Yes I have serched the FAQ and knowledge base and tried all of those fixes as well.

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Error Occurs While Inserting Row - Cannot Shift Object Off Sheet

Dec 7, 2011

I have very old file which contains lot of sheets. And I am unable to insert rows in any of the sheets in the file. It throws an error "Cannot shift object off sheet".

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How To Shift Objects Of Sheet

Jan 10, 2012

I have a Master sheet linked with another worksheets with formula.

Now I want to insert 1 column in between , and when trying to insert the column in it a message sowing that " Cannot Shift Objects of Sheet"

Why this error shwoing and how can i insert any column in it.

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Excel 2010 :: Cannot Shift Objects Off Sheet

Nov 13, 2012

I'm trying to hide a few columns on my spreadsheet. I'm getting a "cannot shift objects off sheet" error message 2010 Excel program. I never had trouble with my 2003 excel.

There are no comments on this sheet, 'Display options for this workbook' already says all. I do have macro buttons on the top... but changed them all to move and size with cells.

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Macro To Collapse Subtotals Results In: Cannot Shift Objects Off Sheet

Aug 6, 2008

I'm getting a runtime 1004 error "Cannot Shift Objects Off Sheet" right at the line when i am trying to collapse a subtotal (showlevels, rowlevel 2). I searched about this and i tested. I cannot find any comments, hidden comments, rows or columns. I cannot find any shapes (ran "Kill_Shapes" posted by Aaron Blood).

Sheets("Oxnard Planning 10 (all)").Activate
'SORT: Del Code (D), then Style (A)
Range("A1").Sort Key1:=Range("D1"), Order1:=xlAscending, _
Key2:=Range("A1"), Order2:=xlAscending, Header:=xlYes, OrderCustom:=1, _
MatchCase:=False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom, _
DataOption1:=xlSortNormal, DataOption2:=xlSortNormal
'Subtotal by STYLE
Range("A1").subtotal GroupBy:=1, Function:=xlSum, TotalList:=Array(5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11), _
Replace:=True, PageBreaks:=False, SummaryBelowData:=True
'Subtotal lines = Bold & Pink
ActiveSheet.Outline.ShowLevels RowLevels:=2 '<< ERROR:Cannot shift Objects off Sheet
With Range(Range("K65536").End(xlUp), "A1").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible)
.Interior.ColorIndex = 38
.Font.Bold = True
End With
ActiveSheet.Outline.ShowLevels RowLevels:=3

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Cannot Move Objects Off Sheet Error

Oct 18, 2013

I have a database that lets me add columns and do the required vlookups however, when I filter with a particular rule it throws the 'Cannot Move Objects Off the Sheet' error. Also, I cannot see any rows beyond row number 4316 - could this be the reason for the error?

Under 'Advanced' options, I've gone to 'Display options for this workbook' and chosen the 'All; option under 'For Objects show', however, I'm stick not getting anywhere

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Custom View Error. Cannot Shift Object Off Sheet

Jun 15, 2008

I have a very wide sheet in which I have hidden and saved seven views.I am using it for a very long time but when i did some edit work in the 'full' view,the other views are not showing. In stead I am getting the messages "cannot shift objects off sheet" and "some view settings could not be applied".This is very frustrating since a lot of patience was tested while making this wide data.

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Protect Sheet Allowing Users To Format Rows/Edit Objects?

Nov 16, 2009

I want my macro to protect my sheet again after it is done to allow editing objects and formatting rows. I am really stuck and have come up with the below, but it isn't working.

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Cannot Shift Nonblank Cells Off The Worksheet When Inserting Row/column

Jul 12, 2006

When I try to insert a row, Excel displays the warning "cannot shift nonblank cells off the worksheet". I understand what the warning means but there are no nonblank cells at the bottom of my worksheet! Just to be sure, I have selected the bottom-most rows, cleared them, deleted them, and everything else I can think of. The warning still appears.

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Inserting Rows In A Sheet

May 29, 2013

I have an excel sheet, where I want to insert a column or more columns between row C and D. The file is attached below. Usually, I would right click row D and choose "insert column". This does not work here. How would you do it?

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Inserting Rows And Sheet Protection?

Jan 8, 2013

I have a piece of code with a couple of errors. The code selects a certain row and then copies and inserts this row on the last line with data, the number of rows is decided by the user via a form. The line of code with the error is highlighted, think it is a syntax/grammar error.

Sub InsertRows()
' Inserting Rows
Application.ScreenUpdating = False


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Linking Sheet Data To Auto Update With Inserting New Rows

Jul 2, 2006

I have found this sales forecasting template from the Microsoft excel template section on the web, however, when i insert the new rows, it does not automatically update the "linked" sheets. It is the "detailed sales pipleline management sheet".

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Fixed Objects May Move Error With AutoFilter

May 17, 2008

Does anyone know the maximum number of rows an autofilter can handle? I have a spreadsheet at work that started to crash at approximately 1500 - 2000 rows. The autofilter would give a weird error "Fixed objects may move" and then the filter would get rid of half the information and the filter arrows would show on a random row (rather than on the title).

I had heard a rumor that autofilter can only handle so many rows of data, but couldn't find where the cutoff point is. The spreadsheet is also shared between multiple people, so i'm sure that adds to it. And yes I know that Excel isnt' supposed to be kept open by multiple people and used as a database,

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Paste Rows Without Overwriting Other Rows (automatically Shift Other Rows Down)

Jan 3, 2010

The number of rows you are pasting and then you can select that same number of existing rows and use "insert". This is what I'm trying to achieve:

(before paste)

(after pasting unknown number of rows)

Is there really no built-in way to do this?

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Print Color Objects But Not Objects That Are Highlighted / Colored For Input And Grids?

Dec 27, 2013

So I'm creating a grid worksheet for engineering calculations and I have a couple questions about the best way to do it. I've been messing with excel for my calcs for about a decade now, and I every once in a while I try and improve them.

First: I will have several input areas that will either be colored text or shaded background (either works for me). I don't want these 'input required' objects to print as color, just black. But I want my logo at the sheet top to print as color. I've only found ways to not print any color. Can I print the logo as color and the 'input required' stuff as black?

Second: When I do calcs by hand, I write them out on 10x10 grid paper. Each 10x10 grid is one inch. In the past I've created this grid out of the cells, which works. I frequently need to change formulas around though, and each time I do this, I end up needing to mess with the grid cells also. Is there a way to create the grid and have it in the background so it doesn't need to be adjusted each time I change formulas? I wan't the grids to print, and also want to see them on the screen, as I sometimes draw simple objects along with the formulas.

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Excel Cannot Copy Objects To Another Sheet

Apr 5, 2013

I have a big macro that runs in everyone's PC except mine. Once I debug it, it shows that it stocked at copying the objects from a template sheet to another sheet. When I try doing it manually, I still can not copy the objects to another sheet. It copies the sheet but except the objects in it. Is it related to my settings?

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Allow Editing Objects On Protected Sheet

Dec 12, 2007

I am using a VBA script to protect my workbook and allow grouping on workbook open:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
With Sheet1
.Protect Password:="", UserInterfaceOnly:=True
.EnableOutlining = True
End With

How can I enable "Edit Objects" with this? I want the user to be able to edit comments as well. I am NOT looking to do this by checking the box when I protect a sheet; this effect is gone once the book is opened again, and the above macro runs.

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Out Of Memory Error 7 - Copying Rows From One Sheet To Another?

Feb 27, 2014

I am using the below macro to copy the rows (Starting from Row 2 excluding header row) to another sheet (Starting from Row 2 excluding the header row). I have a huge number of rows which i need to copy to the new sheet (crossing 1.5 Lakh records) which is probably causing "Out of Memory Error: 7" to occur when i execute the below code.


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Lookup Wage Calculations (calculate Pay Per Shift Dependant On The Type Of Shift)

Dec 1, 2009

I have the basics set up, but need to work out how to make it calculate my pay per shift dependant on the type of shift i have worked.

I have attached a screen shot of the current page,

In it i have currently used validation drop boxes for the location and worked columns with tables just to one side of the sheet.

The shift pay is the column i am having trouble with.

I would like it to change dependant on what is selected in the 'worked' column.
For most things it should just display basic plus holiday, however if supervisor is selcted in the work column, it should display basic plus holiday plus supervisor.

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Grouping Objects Then Copying And Pasting Onto Another Sheet

Dec 18, 2008

doesnt work when recording a macro because the group name changes each time I group the pictures (visios) and the picture names change depending on what is on the sheet at the time.

Is there a way to group every picture on a sheet1 (excluding macro buttons), then copy them to sheet 2?

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Calculate Pay For Shift Work With Different Rates Based On Shift Hours

Apr 11, 2008

a person works for certain hours and get paid according to the hours worked either by day or by night or a mix of both. Day payment is $8 when worked between 08:00 and 19:59 , night payment is $12 when worked between 20:00 and 07:59. The excel cell are formatted as datetime with yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm , the function works fine in getting the time information and checking whether the whole work is all day or all night , yet the if-then-else statements for calculation seems to be wrong!!


start = 2008-01-01 09:15 , end = 2008-01-01 11:40 , all day as it is between 08:00 and 20:00 and cost = 8/hr = 19.333

start = 2008-01-03 21:05 , end = 2008-01-04 02:05 , all night as it is between 20:00 and 08:00 and cost = 12/hr = 60.000

start = 2008-02-02 19:00 , end = 2008-02-02 20:05 , cost = 9.000 as 1 hour day = 8.000 plus 5minutes night = 1.000

Function prod(st As Date, en As Date) As Double
Dim shour As Integer
Dim smin As Integer
Dim ehour As Integer
Dim emin As Integer
Dim stod As String
Dim etod As String
pday = 8
pnight = 12
shour = Hour(st)
smin = Minute(st) + shour * 60
If (shour >= 8 & shour < 20) Then
stod = "day"
stod = "night"
End If
ehour = Hour(en)
emin = Minute(en) + ehour * 60
If (ehour >= 8 & ehour < 20) Then.................

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Macro To Shift Rows Up And Down

Oct 12, 2011

how to write a macro where I can select a row or rows (adjacent) press a button, and the secelected row(s) will shift down one row every time the button is pressed. I also need another button with a macro that shifts the row(s) up one row at a time. The following code works for shifting selected row(s) up, but I can't figure out how to shift multiple rows down a row at a time.


Sub RowUp()
Selection.Offset(-1, 0).Insert Shift:=xlDown
Selection.Offset(-1, 0).Select
End Sub

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Return The Value Of The Shift Time On Other Sheet

Mar 30, 2009

I have a worksheet that contains a 5 week shift pattern for workers. It is briefly laid out as:


Months Jan to Dec 09 are there and shifts are divided up to ABCDE. I need another sheet to return the value of the shift time i.e. 1330-2130, probably via a lookup?? In my second sheet I have the Day number, the month and the shift letter.

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Compare Dates In Rows - Delete Then Shift Up

Mar 14, 2012

I am fitting 2 sets of data to match eachother. I want to have as much data as possible but only for the same dates of each dataset.

I have 4 coloumns.
Dataset 1: A is date B is data
Dataset 2: C is date D is data

I want to compare A vs B one row at a time. If they are not similar it should delete and shift up the values in A+B or C+D according to the lowest value (date) of A vs B.

Remember that if the macro just deleted and shifted up it should compare the same (undeleted) value against the new value that just shifted up in the other coloumn.

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Prevent Linked Cells Showing Error When Deleting Rows On Other Sheet

Feb 14, 2013

I want to establish a link from my worksheets. Using the conventional link method I was able to link the values from my first worksheet to the second worksheet. My problem is when I delete a particular row. The reference of the second worksheet will have an error #REF! since I deleted those cells. Is there any way that I can link my two worksheets without any error that even if I deleted a particular cell/row the reference is still intact?

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When Protect The Sheet - Delete And Shift Up Disable

Aug 8, 2013

I have a sheet,i want the users unable to select any cells,but a column is free to select an change and enter the inputs. I want to delete and shift up zero cells on that free column,but this property is disable when i protect the sheet.

How I protect other cells from selection and change,and enable delete and shift up for the column that not protected.

For example: I have the attachment file,every column is protected except column "H". I want a macro to when I clear content of any cell in this column,every cells shift up and every non zero cell put from row 1 to... and after them zero cells put.

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Insert Static Timestamp But Receive Runtime Error When Deleting Rows In Sheet

May 20, 2013

The code below works nicely to insert a time stamp in column B when the user selects "Yes" in the corresponding cell in column A. The problem is if I try to delete any rows or clear the contents of the cells I receive a "Run-time Error 13 - Type mismatch." If I delete the contents of the cells one at a time I do not receive the error. What I am trying to do is the user has a list of items to select from in column A. Only if "Yes" is selected I want the time stamp in column B to appear.

Code is below.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)

With Target
If .Value "Yes" Then Exit Sub

If Not Intersect(Range("A1:A50"), .Cells) Is Nothing Then
Application.EnableEvents = False
With .Offset(0, 1)

[Code] ......

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Macro To Convert Text To Rows - Inserting Rows

Mar 27, 2013

I have cells (all in one column) containing text separated by commas e.g. (SD-299, SD-200, SD-300)

I am trying to transpose the text in these cells into rows.

Sub SplitAndTranspose()
Dim N() As String
N = Split(ActiveCell, ", ")
ActiveCell.Resize(UBound(N) + 1) = WorksheetFunction.Transpose(N)
End Sub

The problem with that is that when transposing it does not shift the cells down (/ insert new rows) so I lose the data already in the cells underneath.

Also, that macro would only apply to one cell I would like to be able to apply it all the data in the specific column on my Sheet.

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Runtime Error (1004) For Inserting Formula Macro

Aug 21, 2014

I manage to find a macro online, which aims to insert a desired formula into desired cell range. However, when I execute the macro, i get a "run-time error, 1004".

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Inserting New Rows / Copying From Additional Rows

May 25, 2013

I'm not great anyways with VBA Macro.Effectively, here is my issue. I have a spreadsheet which is really badly designed.In one column I have multiple numbers separated by a comma. I need this data separated into new individual rows, but at the same time, copying the data in the other columns in that row to the new row.

Example of what I have:

Test 1 54 email1
Test 2 32, 343, 63, 34 email2
Test 3 4934, 5342 email 3

What I need:

Test 1 54 email1
Test 2 32 email2
Test 2 343 email2
Test 2 63 email2
Test 2 34 email2
Test 3 4934 email3
Test 3 5342 email3

I have have the following code below which paste everything into a new column and into a new row, but the problem I have is that it does not push the other rows data down, nor does it copy the 1st rows data (for that data set) into the new rows created.

Option Explicit
Sub Macro1()
Dim fromCol As String
Dim toCol As String
Dim fromRow As String
Dim toRow As String
Dim inVal As String
Dim outVal As String

[Code] ........

The amount of rows I have, so this manually (text to column, then transcoding etc) it out of the questions (i have 1000 rows of this!)

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