Excel 2013 :: Automatically Calculate Area Between Two Charts?

Dec 22, 2013

I have Excel 2013.

Find attached a sample fileDummy for area between.


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Excel 2013 :: Renaming Charts Keeps Reverting Names

Jul 31, 2014

I am trying to rename a chart in Excel 2013, but it keeps reverting my names. It looks like there might be a 32 character limit on the name length, but I cannot find any documentation supporting this.

In case it's not clear, I'm trying to rename a chart from Chart38 to "Productivity - Tractors CY/OP - Month", but once I press Enter, it changes back to Chart38. If I can shorten the name to less than 32 chars it seems to work, but that will be nearly impossible for some other charts.

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Excel 2013 :: Formatting Charts On Protected Sheet

Aug 12, 2014

I am gaining an error in my code due to the sheet being protected.

I cannot seem to get the correct code to allow for the code to still run, while the sheet is protected.

[Code] .....

I tried protecting the sheet via:

[Code] ....

But I still get an error.

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Excel 2013 :: Automatically Reapply Filter

May 22, 2014

I have a Table ("Table2") in a worksheet ("Dashboard") that contains monthly data arranged in rows. I have made the data fields show #NA for months I want to exclude based on dynamic criteria.

Now, I would like to automatically filter out the rows (months) with #NA so that they are not charted.

It works manually but I have to Right Click on the Table --> Filter --> Reapply every time the source data changes. How can I make this happen automatically so that the user does not have to manually reapply each time.

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Graph The Following Data In An Area Chart With Line Charts Superimposed On The Area Chart

Nov 1, 2006

I am trying to graph the following data in an area chart with line charts superimposed on the area chart. I have a lot of data (and a lot going on) so I'm trying to figure out the best way to show this in excel from a functional standpoing (i can't get this to work in excel!!) to also an asthetic standpoint (dont want it to look terrible or illegible). This is what I'm trying to chart:

1) Weather data (temperature) by region:
So one region, would be: Northwest
I would like the "area" (so a shaded region) to be the min/max of the temperature data for each month.

2) I would like to show the temperature for each year as a line graph on the chart - so you can see if a year falls in or out of the shaded region.

3) I would like to show a company's sales increases across the same months per year as separate line charts. I may choose to just show the biggest outlier year in the end... or to show 2006 (the latest data).

What I am trying to convery with the chart is that the company's sales is or is not tied to weather deviations. I have attached an excel file with the data. I haven't been able to use the area chart or get a two axis chart to work or get it to look even remotely professional.

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Graphs / Charts Generation Automatically In Excel?

Sep 5, 2012

I want to prepare a graph / chart for the column A and column B. Column A has headers and B has the data that I want to represent in the graphs. The real problem in this is that the two columns length is not fixed. For eg. for January Column A & B could have 5 rows of data but for February they could have 10 rows of data. I dont want to prepare the chart manually every month. I want that if we could apply any VBA coomands that could prepare the chart automatically irrespective of the rows count.

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Excel 2013 :: All Sheets Being Automatically Changed To Currency Format

Dec 2, 2013

We have 3 PCs, all running MS Office 2013. On 1 of these machines, it is doing strange things with formatting. If you open a document or try to paste anything into certain documents, it decides everything is currency format and assigns all sorts of wrong formatting to the entire sheet, or the entire document. There may be some cells in the doc that are indeed currency, but only a small proprtion. If I open a new, fresh document and paste into that document, it does not do this, it seems to work normally, only applying currency formatting where it might be applicable. On some larger docs that have this issue, no matter what I do, it just continues to apply these strange settings.

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Excel 2013 :: Disable Automatically Scrolling To The Top Of Current Cell?

Jan 2, 2014

I am using Excel 2013. I have a spreadsheet that has a lot of very tall cells. When I use the scrollbar to scroll to certain parts of the spreadsheet it will automatically scroll up or down to the top of a cell. So if I want to view the middle of two tall cells that take up the whole screen it will automatically scroll up to the top of the highest cell that I'm currently viewing.

I just want to be able to scroll to where I want to scroll without Excel moving me up or down. I've tried to find answers on message boards but no luck.

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Excel 2013 :: How To Make Automatically Fill In Dates For Weekdays Only And Skip Thursday

Feb 9, 2014

I have class monday, tuesday, wednesday & friday but no class thursday. How can I make automatically fill in dates for weekdays only and skip thursday using excel 2013's "Fill" function then "series" ??

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Combining Two Area Charts With Different X And Y-values?

May 10, 2014

I need to have two area charts combined, but they have different x and y values. Is there another way to do this.When I try to combine them in one graph, I can only use one x-axis value.

In the excel sheet the PV needs to be the x-axis.

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Combine Area And Line Charts

Jan 14, 2010

I have made two line charts from a selection of data and added "shapes" to fill certain areas under the lines. Is there a way of doing this within the chart rather than adding a shape over the top?

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Charts: Vary Colors By Point With Area Fill Effect

Oct 30, 2006

I am attempting to create simple charts to show survey results 2005 v 2006. I have a single series in a bar chart - chart type. The wizard initially makes both bars the same fill color. I right-clicked one of the bars to start the Format Data Series Wizard. On the 5th tab, "Options", I ticked "Vary Colors By Point". A new color was assigned to the top or first bar. So far so good. But instead of these colors, I would like to use a different fill effect for each data point in the series

So I walk through the wizard and desiqn a fill effect and click ok. The fill effect is assigned to both data points. I checked where I had ticked "Vary Colors By Point"
It is still ticked. Can I override this somehow so that each data point can have a unique fill effect?

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Excel 2011 :: Automatically Calculate Running Subtotal By Category

Mar 27, 2013

I am using Excel 2011 for Mac.

I am creating a workbook with multiple worksheets, one overview sheet and then one sheet for each month of the year.

In the monthly sheets I have a Category column for which I have created a drop-down menu of expense categories. Then I have an Expense Amount column where I enter the amount spent.

The Category column will not necessarily remain sorted by category because I will be entering the expenses as they come up throughout the month so the categories will be all mixed up, unless I manually sort them.

What I want to do is somehow automatically calculate a running subtotal by Category (that will update with each new entry) and simultaneously automatically transfer the running subtotal for each Category to a specific cell on the overview sheet.

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Calculate Area Under The Curve

Apr 13, 2008

i am getting some data via RS 232 port and plotting it straight to excel, which comes out to be in forms of waves you can say sine waves, now i need to calculate area under the curve, say like if i highlight some area it will automatically calculate the area, or if i select two points on the curve it will calculate the area. please help me out i am really stuck at this part.

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Calculate Polygon Area

Jan 6, 2007

I've been working for awhile now on vector-based geometry/trig and so forth. I'm very interested now in developing a solution to the following:

Given pixel coordinates for an n-sided polygon (concave or convex) calculate the pixel area of the polygon.

My problem is, I don't have time with my reg'lar job/duties to investigate this and find the solution quicly. I was hoping perhaps some of you smarter-than-the-average bunch may already know the answer and could bring it to me a little quicker.

If no one should respond, I'll let you know when (or should I say "if") I figure it out... but unfortunately, it might be a few weeks before I can get to it.

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Calculate Flow Area Of A River

Aug 7, 2008

i have a river cross section data. for different flow levels in the river i need to to calculate the flow area. i have a very large series of flow level data for 10 years at 1 hr interval.can you give a solution of that.

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How To Set Fixed Print Area In Excel So Cells Within Print Area Can Still Be Modified

Feb 12, 2013

I have a workbook with multiple sheets that I need to print.

Is there a way to create a fixed print area within which you can mess around with formatting without extending or shrinking the print area?

I have tried adjusting the margins settings so that they are all the same, but this does nothing to keep a fixed print area.

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Automatically Round A Named Area

Nov 16, 2007

i have a file that people enter sales figures into each row. the numbers are sometimes beyond 2 demical places.

how would i go about making a macro button, that when pressed, AwardTotal (name of the all the award cells in column e) is rounded to two decimal places. I then would like to sort all the rows that might be inserted, by column "C" (name field).

people will insert rows, with row 11 being the first row with data. Row 10 is hidden, and row 9 is the header row. but the number of rows inserted will be different each time.

I already have a button set up (that someone helped with here of course) that asks how many rows to insert.

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Charts Not Automatically Updating

Sep 8, 2006

I have a worksheet containing 16 chart objects. The source data for each of these charts is located on various other worksheets (all within the one workbook however). Whenever I change data on my Data Input worksheet, the source data is correctly being recalculated, however, the associated charts aren't changing.

The only two ways I can get the charts to update are: (1) save and re-open the file (saving doesn't fix it but re-opeing the file appears to do a full recalculation which then correctly updates the charts); or (2) click on each of the charts individually, go to Source Data and re-accept the data range that is already in there.

I've used the following VBA on my Data Input worksheet to try to do a full spreadsheet recalculation every time I deactivate it but this doesn't solve the problem either.

Private Sub Worksheet_Deactivate()
End Sub

I've also tried CalculateFull and just Calculate in the VBA but to no avail.

My calculation is set to automatic.

I don't know if its relevant or not but this spreadsheet uses a custom worksheet function to derive some of the source data. I've never come across this problem before. Does anyone have any ideas on why its doing this and more importantly how to fix it?

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Automatically Define Print Area Before Printing

Aug 17, 2007

I've seen code to set the print area for a dynamic range. However, how can the print area be defined by these parameters:

A1 to one extra blank row below the last cell of data in column A (height), and
last column with data in row 12 (width).

Here is what I'm starting with...

Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
ActiveSheet. Names.Add Name:="Print_Area", _
RefersTo:=Range(Range("A1"), _
Range("A1:IV65536"). Find(what:="*", searchorder:=xlByRows, searchdirection:=xlPrevious, after:=Range("A1")))
End Sub

I have copied formulas in other columns down beyond what the last row of col. A will be. Also, this will need to be applied to about 7 sheets in one book.

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Automatically Create Set Of Charts From Block Of Data

Jul 12, 2012

I have a quite big database as a result of a study in Excel 2010. There is a special block of data for every participant in the study, including 16 data series in 16 lines. I have to make a unique chart for every line.

One block is bulid up in a way, that every row is the input for a chart, with the exception of one "spacer" row, which is empty.

1 2 3 4 ...


For example in the sample above, there should be 6 line-charts (A, B, C, D, E, F) next to the block.

Can a macro be written, so I can automatically create the chart-set by selecting the block's upper left cell and running the macro? Or is there any easier method?

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Updating Rolling 3 Year Charts Automatically

Aug 28, 2012

I have just been asked to update a file on a quarterly basis which contains a large number of charts based on the performance of various funds against their respective benchmarks. In column A I have dates going back to 2008 and then the fund and benchmark figures in the next columns. Each quarter there will be a need to update the charts to the new rolling 3 year period, i.e. in October when I update the file, the charts will need to show the results from 30.09.09 to 31.09.12

As there are 20 charts this can be quite time consuming? The charts sit on the same tab as the data, under the columns at the bottom.

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Automatically Update Charts As X And Y Axis Data Changes

Jul 28, 2009

Produce a chart (not a problem) that can be updated should the length of the X and Y data change?

This may not even need to be a macro, if it is possible to have a chart whose X and Y axis updates depending on the contents of a column?

If you search through the history of even this forum you will see quite a lot of people are looking for this solution.

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Import Log Data, Calculate And Displaying The Results In Several Charts

Jul 4, 2006

I have a Template which is used to import log data, calculate and displaying the results in several charts. Then all sheets are copied to a new workbook, a Save As dialog apears for the new workbook and the template will close. This is all done with VBA and it works fine.

The Worksheets with the Charts on it refer to the data-source at the template file.
Strange because the copied worksheets have the same names as the originals.

(when Opens: This Workbook contains Links to other Workbooks...)

How can I establish that the Charts will point to their own data sources in the same Workbook rather then linking to the Template file on a Server.

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Excel 2013 :: Mail Merging From Excel Database To Outlook

Apr 15, 2014

Using EXcel 2013, Windows 8

I have an Excel worksheet with one column being e-mail addresses. Other columns are Christian names, etc

Ideally can I create a full Mail merge with Outlook using whatever data I want. But probably just e-mail address and Christian name?

Otherwise be able to send one e-mail to all the e-mail addresses, without a major re-type.

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Copy Certain Excel Area To TXT

Apr 25, 2014

I use this code to copy certain areas out of excel into a txt-file in a way that 3 Excel columns remain 3 columns in notepad. The problem with it is that it gives me a comma as the decimal separator, but I need a point.

[Code] .....

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Excel 2013 :: Average Readings Per Day

Jul 2, 2014

Working in Excel 2013......... I take 3 readings per day, I would like to see the daily average per day

In cases where the data is blank or "0", just average the 2 readings.

Sample Data

Date Speed


[Code] ..........

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Excel 2013 :: No Column Headers?

Nov 28, 2013

My and a work college needed to combine our separate excel worksheets into a single document.

Office 2013 didn't have a function to "import sheet from file" so we used open office to import my .xlsx worksheets.

After we finished importing we exported the final workbook as .xls (so I could open it).

After opening the workbook on my pc (excel 2013) i notice some of the sheets no longer have column headers, but the row headings still exists. (No ABCD, only 1234)

Also I am unable to use features such as "Freeze Pane"

I suspect this was caused by importing and exporting through open office?

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Excel 2013 :: Save Workbook To PDF And Name By The Value In A3?

Dec 18, 2013

Tried a macro with no luck, I want to save workbook to PDF and have it named by the value in A3. I want the Dialog box to pop up so I pick the folder?

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Excel 2013 :: Add In Buttons On The Ribbon?

Jun 24, 2014

I installed excel 2013, but I don't find the (VBA) buttons on the ribbon, since.

Is there a need to install an add in / or activate an add in?

The macro's are on the ribbon on the tab VIEW.

I expect to find the buttons on that place also.

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