Extracting Data From General Ledger Download

Sep 20, 2006

For each account i download there are hundreds of pages of journals and entries, in the header of each page is information such as currency, the entries do not have have the CUR code (ie AUD, USD,CAD etc)

What i need to do is;
1. copy the CUR code to each entry line so that when i sort the data i have the CUR code to each entry

2. Copy the data to a "master" spreadsheet in it's unique tab if Column A begins with N and M.

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Symbols For General Number And General Letter

Aug 7, 2008

I'm trying to make an excel formula that generalizes product names based on their format. So the general format would be XYZ08/T13. I know a ? is equal to a general letter, but is their a symbo that specifically means letter or number. I'm running into problems using the ? because the formula ends up identifying additional items that are not products as products.

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Convert Data From SAP Ledger

Jul 31, 2006

Attached some sample data I am working on Data is ledger printed from SAP R/3 to .pdf using pdf995 Stripped from .pdf to .xls using Able2Extract

Column A represents unit number
Column B represents unit name
Column C I pulled account number from Col E if number otherwise 0
Col D I concatenated Col E,F,G is text color blue, otherwise 0.
I then filled Col D down to replace zero with value above non-zero.

Problem :
There is no account number in C2. I thought about using text in D2 for example and creating a lookup table. The problem with that approach is that exact samy text appears for balance sheet account as ledger account. Salaries& Wages for example is both accnt 216103 (bal sht) and accnt 911000 (ledger activity).

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Transfer Data From Journal To Ledger

Nov 18, 2009

how can transefer data from journal to ledgers accounts,

i can do journal and its formulas, ledger as well,

but i dont know how to connect them to avoid entring data 2 times.

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Extracting Data From File In Directory And Extracting Filename

Mar 20, 2014

I have a directory folder with an active workbook and another workbook id like to copy data from. The Following macro opens up a file in the same directory, copies some data and pastes it in the active workbook. However with this code I have to specify the filename, 'Data.xlsm' in the example code. I would like it to copy data from the only other workbook in the current directory WITHOUT having to specify the name in the code, so just opening it up no matter what filename it has.

In addition I would like to extract the filename from the workbook im copying data from and paste it into the activewoorkbook in sheet 1 Cell A1. I had a look at getopenfilename function but cant seem to make it work for my purpose.

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Download Data From SAP To Excel?

Dec 7, 2006

how to download data from SAP to excel?

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Live Data Download Through VBA

Jan 26, 2012

I wanted to know how to download live data (stock data from a a website) through VBA.

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How To Download Data From Yahoo Finance

Jun 22, 2013

I have a code which get data from finance yahoo. When I run the code , it is giving User defined type not defined.

Private Sub UserForm_Click()
Dim URL2 As String: URL2 = "http://finance.yahoo.com/"
' to get data from the url we need to creat a win Http object_
' tools > references > select Windows Win Http Services 5.1

Dim Http2 As New WinHttpRequest
'open the url

[Code] ...........

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Amazon Download Pulling Data From One Cell To Others?

Jul 24, 2013

I have a sheet with 22,000 rows 6 columns of sales data from my Amazon sales each order has between 3-6 rows. When the data comes in from Amazon some of those rows wont have my sku in the sku cell. Since i use a pivot table to summarize all my sales I need a way to pull the sku from the order number that has it. I have attached a picture of my problem.

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VBA - Download Excel File From Internet And Then Extract Data Out Of It

Dec 20, 2012

I'm trying to download an Excel file from the internet and then extract data out of it. The problem is that I don't get any errors, yet the file downloaded is only 1kb in size. The extraction bit works, but the file is empty. The actual file is size 350KB.

Sub ExtractDataTest()

Dim FileNum As Long
Dim FileData() As Byte
Dim MyFile As String
Dim WHTTP As Object

On Error Resume Next

[Code] ....

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Execute A Data Download Every Ten Seconds Until There Is A Value In C11 And Then Send An Email And Close

Nov 13, 2008

All this macro is supposed to do is execute a data download every ten seconds until there is a value in C11 and then send an email and close.

What seems to be happening is that it downloads, emails, closes... but then in ten seconds the sheet reappears and does it all again.

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SumProduct Formula (flow Data From The Download Tab To The Disb08 Tab Based On The Date)

May 11, 2009

I need to flow data from the Download tab to the Disb08 tab based on the date, that column F of the Download tab = "Outgoing Money Transfer" and that the 4 digit number in row 2 of the Disb08 tab is matched against Column G in the Download tab. When all those match, then the value from column J of the download tab would flow over.

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Simple Ledger

May 30, 2009

This is going to sound very simply to most here I'm sure. I have a need for a simple ledger, credit, debit, balance. I will only have maybe 12 accounts and want to keep track of hand written invoices and payments.

Here's what I would like: I return to my office, click on a tab for an account, enter the date and amount of an invoice in a debit column for that account. When payment is made, enter the amount received in the credit column. Having a running total in the balance column. A monthly statement option would be nice, but not necessary.

I have searched for templates of general ledgers and get results with budgets, projects . . . just too complex for my needs now.

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Journal Ledger Balance

Nov 12, 2009

Ref attached sheet

I m facing a big and urgent problem in my worksheet..i have done my all work here but now i knew that there is a difference in this vb code..

I need your urgent favour to rectify it for me..

What i need is sheet1 is my journal jounal (data) and sheet2 is my reporting place where i set a macro button at top to update the report..

But in sheet2 column I i need an auto Balance of debit & credit..

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Create Ledger Account Based On Cashbook?

Mar 16, 2014

I want to create leger accounts In cashbook there is account head (ex. Hand Loan A/c, Salary A/c, Exam A/c and so on)

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Copy Ledger Account Names And Numbers To Each Row?

Apr 22, 2014

I've been working with ledgers to analyze companies financials in detail mostly using pivot tables and charts.

I usually get the data in a format that has the account name and number as a title on top and then each entry for this account under the title. In order to get my pivots working I need to copy the account name and number to each row until the next title.

Here is a picture to understand what I mean: Makrokyssäri.png

So is there a formula or a macro that could avoid doing the copying manually?

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Automated Posting From Journals To Ledger Accounts

Dec 28, 2008

I'm trying to set up automated posting from journal entries to ledger accounts.

What it boils down to is having XL match account numbers, from a 'Post Reference' column in a journal, with the corresponding ledger accounts (carrying the same respective account numbers) on another worksheet.

Then the transaction from the journal needs to be added to the identified ledger accounts in a sort of 'below-the-last-entry' manner.

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Create Ledger Account In Multiple Sheets?

Mar 13, 2014

I have CASHBOOK Worksheet and I want to create a LEDGER Account in Multiple sheet

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Sales Ledger Formatting - Insert Item Description Without Cut / Paste 25k Rows?

Sep 17, 2013

I'm working from a sales ledger file whereby I want all invoice data in one row although the Item Number & Item Description are on the first row. Rows 2-10 (for example) are the actual details of the invoice: Invoice #; Date; Customer ID; Customer Name; QTY; etc.

Is there a formula or easier way than copying/pasting the "Item Description" to the first column (J in this case) without any related invoice data?

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Excel 2010 :: Create Balance Ledger To Track Transactions At Different Locations

Dec 16, 2011

So I'm trying to create a balance ledger to track my transactions at different locations.

This is basically what I have:

C4 = numerical value for site A
D4 = balance for site A
E4 = numerical value for site B
F4 = balance for site B
G4 = total balance of both sites

Values for C4 and E4 are manually entered.

D4: =IF(OR(ISBLANK(D3), ISBLANK(C4)), "", D3+C4)
F4: =IF(OR(ISBLANK(F3), ISBLANK(E4)), "", F3+E4)
G4: =IF(AND(ISBLANK(D4), ISBLANK(F4)), "", D4+F4)

I have these formulas auto-filled to the bottom of the sheet of each column. The problem I'm having is that with this setup, the return on the G column is giving me


for all rows that do not have any values entered yet. Is there any way to fix the formula in column G so that it reads the value of the cell instead of the formula in the targeted cell?

I am using Office 2010 on Windows 7.

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DR & CR Match: Formate To The Modern Ledger Type Where There Are No Left And Right But Rather Laid Out In 1 Page

Apr 28, 2006

I have DR and CR entries which are laid out. in the traditional T format (under the Ledger tab). I would like to have it formatted to the modern ledger type where there are no left and right but rather laid out in 1 page. The required layout is shown in the Ledger attachment

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Extracting Data From One Massive Worksheet To Split To Smaller Sheets Of Data

May 20, 2008

10/05/0808:30:00 AMValid Card EntryLamDoor 1
10/05/0808:31:00 AMDoor Leave Open Door 1
10/05/0808:32:00 AMDoor Closed Door 1
10/05/0808:41:00 AMValid Card Exit Yap Door 1
10/05/0808:46:00 AMValid Card Exit Lam Door 2
10/05/0809:14:00 AMValid Card EntryLam Door 2
10/05/0810:18:00 AMValid Card Exit Lam Door 2
10/05/0810:19:00 AMValid Card Entry Yap Door 1
10/05/0810:40:00 AMValid Card Exit Yap Door 1
10/05/0810:42:00 AMValid Card EntryLamDoor 2
11/05/0808:30:00 AMValid Card EntryLamDoor 2
11/05/0808:20:00 AMValid Card EntryYapDoor 1
11/05/0810:20:00 AMValid Card Exit Lam Door 1
11/05/0811:40:00 AMValid Card Exit Yap Door 1

the above is the data i need to work with (dates are in dd/mm/yy). i need to find a way (a macro, preferably) to extract the date and time corresponding to one person, and paste it into a new sheet, e.g. at sheet 2 (renamed to "lam") should be

10/05/0808:30:00 AM 11/05/0808:30:00 AM
10/05/0808:46:00 AM 11/05/0810:20:00 AM
10/05/0809:14:00 AM
10/05/0810:18:00 AM
10/05/0810:42:00 AM

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Extracting Data Based On Partial Data In A Cell

Jan 23, 2013

I have a spreadsheet full of data and I need to extract only those lines of data which can be identified by the last three letters in a cell. I am adding an example spreadsheet which highlights the rows I am trying to extract based on the contents in column B but only where column B ends in KY.

Example data extract requirement.xlsx‎

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Sum Cells With General Format

Mar 12, 2009

I have a group of cells in E2:E4 that are 144.00 in, 240.00 in, and 72.00 in and are formatted as general.

I get these values when I export data from an AutoCAD program to Excel and I want to sum these values to get the total length.

I want to sum the three values and have the result be the same (i.e., ###.## in). The number of values can go to 30, so I need a simple line of code, =SUM(???)

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Import Csv As Text Not General

Feb 17, 2007

I need to be able to open or import a csv file and have the data be seen as text, not numbers. I can export programming from a phone system as a csv file, modify it and import it back into the phone system. some fields such as "seconds" are in the format 00. Excel sees it as a number and converts it to 0, which causes an error when I try to import again.

I have tried changing the csv to txt and copying it to a blank worksheet and then recording a macro using text to columns, but each export can be laid out differently, so a fixed array doesn't work. there can be over 100 columns so doing it manually and changing each column to text can be quite tedius.

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Extracting Bad Data

Jan 5, 2009

I have two exported lists of data to compare from my newsletter program. One is the list of email addresses that I sent the newsletter to and the other is a list of the bounced email addresses.

Question: How can I extract the bounced emails from the list of sent email addresses?
In other words I want a list of clean, sendable email addresses.

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Extracting Data Based On Other Columns Data?

Nov 18, 2013

My query is , I require the UCF column for the ID having maximum number (last five digits) of UCF column for the respective year column values


My answer should be like below (or) having an additional column saying Active/Inactive.


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Quick General Loop Optimization

Jul 31, 2012

Let me first quickly describe the workbook setup. I have a main workbook ("Fees") that acts as a master list for every employee's clients' account numbers. Every month, 30+ workbooks get downloaded from 3rd parties that have the client account numbers, as well as their current account value.

My macro- Loops through every employee's worksheet within the Fees workbook, and loops through every account number. It then compares the account to every account in every other open workbook. Upon a match, it pulls the account value back into the main workbook. After it finishes looping the Fees workbook, it starts to loop every open workbook, and checks every account value against every account in the Fees workbook. If it doesn't find a match, it prints the value on a Missed worksheet within the Fees workbook.

The situation- I know for a fact this a verrry slow way to go about what I need to accomplish. I am very new to writing code, and gladly can take the extra minutes to let the code execute to know 100% nothing was missed. Going forward, I would like to start trimming execution time without jeopardizing the 100% accuracy of my slow macro.

The question- Based on how I execute my loops, what is likely to trim the most time for the range lookups? I have no practical experience with Vlookup, but I understand that is a possibility I should look into. I'm vaguely familiar with Match, and arrays, and I believe they could also trim time. I also realize there are probably at least 15 other ways to go about it I am not even aware of.

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Dd/mm/yy Minus Yymmdd (formatted As General)

May 17, 2006

I use the first six numbers of a SA Identity number to calculate the age of a person as these six digits are actually the year (yy) followed by the month (mm) followed by the day (dd), I am born 01 September 1962, and therefore my first six digits are 620901.

Assume the figure 620901 is placed in Cell A1

Now, in another cell, say A4, I have a future date, but this value is formatted as dd/mm/yyyy. Assume this value to be 01/10/2017.

Firstly, I'd like to know How old I AM at that date and secondly, just because I am battling so, how old I will be on my next birthday, because adding the figure 1 to a total has never been so useless - it just doesn't work! I tried adding all sorts of numbers for months and days in a year but there was no consistency.

So here is my question: Simple - how do I get this to work?

On 1/10/2017 I will be 55, or turning 56 At Next Birthday. I have the following function that gives the answer of 55, but not 56 ANB even after 1 additional year is added to the function (the cell is formatted as yy):

Cell A6 Function = A4-DATE(LEFT(A2,2)+1900,MID(A2,3,2),MID(A2,5,2))

Also, ON my birthdate, 01/09/2017, it says that I am 54, and it has to be wrong because I would have turned 55, unless the function uses time and not just the actual date somewhere. On the next day it does, at least, see me as 55.

how to add calculate what my age will be AT MY NEXT BIRTHDATE for any given date in A4?

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Extracting Data From A Website

Jul 30, 2013

I am trying to extract data from a website:

[URL] .....

I looked at the source code of the website and realized that if you notice (above) that the variables listed in the link (i.e year, month, day) are exactly what i need to change in order to get the data for a specific date. how can I accomplish this using VBA. so say I have in on an excel sheet year in column A, month in column B, and days in column C (time interval is constant so we don't have to worry about stime and etime). and i run the macro and it loops through each row taking year,month,day for all rows and saving the data as .csv or xls files?

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