Filtering Columns When Adjacent Columns Are Blank

Apr 15, 2013

I import a text file that displays outstanding parts orders. The order Number column only displays one number even if there are multiple parts ordered I.E. so if three parts are on order then the order number is displayed once with the other two underneath blank. I would like to filter the column that displays the amount of stock that is available so that even if the row has no stock but the other two have all three rows are displayed that reference the order number.

Example Screen


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Only Countif Cells Adjacent To Columns Contains A Blank?

Apr 22, 2014

I have a formula (below) where I want it to count the cells that contain a date that is less than or equal to today, but only when the adjacent cell is blank. The latter part of the formula works, but I'm struggling to tell it to only do the count when cells in column I are blank;


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Filtering Columns

May 13, 2009

I have an excel with the following information

A1 - Is a dropdown which will have names of the systems (EAI,Mediation,CDF

Row2 will be header which will have following data

B2 - Project Id
C2 - System ID
D2 - Project name
E2 - Project Phase
F2 - Status
from g2 to GN2 there are about 60 resources names entered

From C3 to F3 the data wil be entered and appropriately a chk mark will be
made to the corresponding resource wroking on that project

Say i have about 10 systems provided as dropdown for entering data in A1
(Ex: EAI, MEdiation, .....)
There are resources working for each system

when i apply filtering on a system name i shoud be able
to show only those resources working for that system and all others should be

Also under the "system" dropdown i will have an option "All", when "All"
option is selected i should be able to see all the data for all the systems.

EX: if i take system "EAI" and if the resources working for eai are there in
AO2 to AX2 then i want the resources from AX2 onwards and before AO2
not to be shown.

If i take a system "Mediation" and if its resources are from Z2 to AI2
then i want resources before Z2 and after AI2 notto be shown.

If "All" option is chosen then i should be able to see the whole sheet
with all the data for all the systems and all resources.

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Filtering Data On Columns?

Mar 28, 2014

how to filtering data from the columns please (not the rows)..?

Usually we could filtering the rows with auto filter, right..?

Now, is it possible to do that with columns..?

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Filtering Multiple Columns

Jan 28, 2008

I am trying to filter three columns of data to a given range without having to using auto filter on each column. I would like to have a Macro or Control Button or something easier than picking each set of data each time I want to filter.

Attached is a sample file.

I am not well versed in Excel and this is my first post so please bear with me in this process.

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Filtering Multiple Columns At Once

Jul 28, 2008

a formula in excel. here's what i need to do:

column A has the names of deffirent drivers (ex; john, peter, james)

column B has start time (9:00, 10:04, 11:08)

column C end time (9:14, 10:16, 11:23)

i need a formula that will take all the "john" from column A, do column c - column b for the time it took and then do an average of all of john's attemps.

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Filtering Data Using Two Separate Columns

Dec 10, 2009

I have text in column A and text in column B. I would like to create column C and place the number 1 in each row whenever columns A and B contain the text I am looking for. I could then use C to filter all the 1's with ease (by way of macro or the autofilter). In my problem, column A contains the following text per cell:


Column B contains:

I need to filter based on column A having the letter "A", or column B having the word "MATT". Columns A and B do not have to contain both "A" and "MATT", respectively, in order for column C to have a 1.

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Filtering Data In 2 Seperate Columns

Feb 25, 2007

I'm trying to put together a sheet to track football results. For simplicity sake, the sheet looks like this...

Home ; Away ; For ; Against ;
a ; b ; 2 ; 0
c ; d ; 1 ; 1
b ; c ; 1 ; 3
d ; a ; 2 ; 4
a ; c ; 1 ; 2

By using Autofilter on the home or away columns, i can obviously filter it in order that I can see all A's home results or all of A's away results, but by doing this you can't just filter the sheet in order to see the results of every game A plays in. I have a feeling that I need to do something with Advanced filter but have been playing around with this and not getting any joy. Can anyone advise on what I need to do?

Ultimately, my end goal would be to be able to create a drop down list where i would select the team from a list of all teams and this would automatically filter the sheet to their results only (and then I could use an autofilter to look at just homes or aways).

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Filtering Two Columns And Setting Specific Value In Third

Mar 4, 2009

I have requirement wherein, I have to put filter conditions on two separate columns in the same sheet & putting hard coded value eg. "XYZ" in third column for this selected range. I am using macro autofilter but its giving me errors for multiple filters.

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How To Total Only Visible Columns Or Rows After Filtering

Dec 1, 2009

I have filtered a worksheet and want to only total the data in the columns that are visable, is this possible?

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Excel 2010 :: Filtering Multiple Columns (OR)

Jul 18, 2012

I have a worksheet with

Col A being Name,
B being primary skill,
C secondary skill and
D tertiary skill.
(Sanitised example below)

There are about 15 diferent types of skills ("Skill x, Skill y etc") listed in each of column B,C and D.

I would like to have a filter (or similar) where all names would show if a certain skill is present in either column B, C or D.

For example, a filter that on the below spreadsheet would allow me to view the names of all people who have "Skill x" either as a primary, secondary or tertiary skill.

I am using Excel 2010.


Person 1

[Code] .........

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Locking And Protecting Certain Cells - Filtering Columns

Jan 22, 2013

I have a spreadsheet where I need to lock certain cells, only problem is this then takes away the ability to filter the columns which I also still need in that spreadsheet.

Is there a way to lock cells so that they can not be edited but also keep the filtering function?

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Filtering Columns In Excel Based On Public IP Address

Apr 18, 2014

I want to filter data code which contains public IP Address and copy the filtered data to other sheet. Column contains both string and number. Please see example:-


https://d31qbv1cthcecs. atrk.js

[Code] ........

In above table (second column) the URL address after http:// can start with string or can start with number. If it is starting with numbers the I need to check whether the address is public is Private or public. In second column, Private IP so I need to ignore it but is public IP and we need to copy to other sheet.

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Countif But Columns Not Adjacent

Jan 8, 2009

I have a spreadsheet where I need to count the # of times the value 1 is in a row, but the columns that I need to check is every other column.

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AutoFilter Non-Adjacent Columns

Jul 22, 2009

Please see the attached file. I would like to apply an auto-filter to the columns for "Food", "Animal" and "Value", but NOT to "Name", "Number" and "Description."

This would work fine if the columns I wanted to filter were all agacent to one another, but when i ctrl+click to select multiple ranges the auto-filter doesn't seem to want to apply. Any suggestions?

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Non Adjacent Columns In A Range

Nov 5, 2013

I am trying to use defined range names in a vlookup function. The target ranges contain non-adjacent columns. The formula wizard gives me an error msg "#value" and the vlookup returns #N/A.

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AutoFill Down To Adjacent Columns Last Used Row

Jan 24, 2008

I have got 5 columns. What i intend to do is to loop to the last data cell in column d,e and autofill it down from there till the last row in column a,b,c. What my code does now is to autofill the entire column c,d from the 1st cell and not from the last data entry cell.

Dim r As Range
Dim lRow As Long
lRow = WorksheetFunction.Max(Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row, _
Range("B65536").End(xlUp).Row, Range("C65536").End(xlUp).Row)
Set r = Range("d1:e1")
r.AutoFill Range("D1:E" & lRow)

I had searched and tried dozens of variations but just can't get it right.

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Print Only Non-adjacent Columns

Jun 11, 2008

I need to print non-adjacent columns in my worksheet. (A:J, M). The cells need to be visible when one opens excel, this I cannot permanently hide them.

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Recognizing Data In Adjacent Columns

Apr 3, 2009

I am trying to find a formula that calculates the longest period from data in an adjacent cell.
The attached spreadsheet might better explain this

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LINEST - How To Add No-adjacent Columns For The Known_x's?

Apr 27, 2009

I need to know how to selec no-adjacent columns for the known_x's in the linest function:


'- A B C D E

1) 80 63 9 3 26
2) 80 63 9 3 21
3) 74 65 7 2 30
4) 74 65 7 2 20
5) 63 65 9 3 16

Is there any way to select for instance: column B and E as known_x's?

I heard about something where we can select total area and then choose which columns should be considered via "{column1, colum2}"..
That is all is missing for me to finish my project!!! Pls your help!!!

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Adding One If There Is Data In Adjacent Columns

Nov 20, 2008

I want to total cells that have data in them across a row. I have a name in Column A and then in Columns C-Z I have data. In Column B I want Excel to scan across cells C-Z and if a cell has data in it (it will be text) I want it to add one to the total in cell B. Would CountIF do this with text involved?

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Split Data Into Adjacent Columns

Nov 21, 2009

I am looking for two formulas (col. B+C) in order to split every second value from Col. A into two adjacent columns. Empty cells, in col. A, should be ignored. The requested result is shown in green and red.

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Copy Non-adjacent Columns At The Same Time

Mar 10, 2008

I am using this code to copy the cells from column C for the selected rows.

With Selection
End With

How can I copy the corresponding cells in column "E" at the same time ? I think I need to use "Intersect" somehow ?

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Pivot Table Non-Adjacent Columns

Jan 7, 2007

Pivot Tables. The structure and subject-content of cells B3:D14 (Block A) is identical to those of cells F3:H14 (Block B). I want a pivot table to treat the two Blocks as if they occupied the same three columns (e.g. B3:D26).

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Use Excel Formula To Sum Cells Placed In Adjacent Columns

Apr 10, 2014

I am having data of codes in a and c column and the amount for the same code in b and d column. I want the sum of amount of codes in the two columns b and d, if the same code matches in the a and c column .

I am enclosing the excel file. Why a formula contains those things.


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Formula To Add One Column Of Data With Every Value From Each Of The Adjacent 8 Columns

Mar 14, 2014

How to do this or if there's even a formula or even a macro i could run to run this data.

I have three rows of data (29-31) from columns D to Q.

I would like to take D29 and add each of the values in the adjacent columns exactly once and sum up the value D thru Q

For example I'd like to return not just Sum(D29:Q29) but also Sum(D29:R29)+Q30, Sum (D29:R29) +Q31.

I guess that might be considered a 1X3 matrix & and 8X3 matrix, but I'm not really sure how to set up the return values for these equations nor how to return them very quickly.

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VBA To Add One Column By All Values Of Adjacent 8 Columns And Three Rows Each

Mar 14, 2014

I have three rows of data (29-31) from columns D to Q.

I would like to take D29 and add each of the values in the adjacent columns exactly once and sum up the value D thru Q

For example I'd like to return not just Sum(D29:Q29) but also Sum(D29:R29)+Q30, Sum (D29:R29) +Q31.

Macro that would add these values?

That is D29 + E29 or E 30 or E31 + F 29 or F 30 or F 31 + G 29 or G 30 or G 31... and on?

Even though I wrote "or" above, i would need the other values to be added in a separate calculation, until all possible permutations of D and the following 8 columns and 3 rows of data are exhausted.

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Highlight Row If Cells In Two Adjacent Columns Contain Text Yes?

Mar 19, 2014

I would like to highlight the rows in my spreadsheet where columns G and H both contain the text "Yes". I've tried conditional formatting and VBA but can't seem to get either to work for what I need.

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Copying Formulas Into Adjacent Columns But Same Rows

Nov 13, 2006

If I have formulas in A1, A5, A19, and A36, highlight them with goto, how do I move them into B1, B5, B19, and B36? Copying and pasting puts them in B1, B2, B3, and B4.

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Counting Matching Numbers In Two Adjacent Columns

Nov 19, 2007

I have a fairly large spread sheet where I need to count the number of instances where the number in one column matches the number adjacent to it in a second column.

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