Formatting TextBox And Check Which TextBox Is The Active TextBox In The Loop

May 18, 2006

I am attempting to format some TextBoxes from within a For/Next loop. I need a way to check which TextBox is the active TextBox in the loop. Using i as the variable, I came up with this code snippet: Me.Controls("TB" & i).Text = Format("TB" & i, "mm/dd/yy")

If i = 3, this gives me in TextBox3 (which is called TB3) the text 'TB3' and not the value of what is in TB3. It has got to bo something simple, I just can't see it!!!

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Conditional Formatting Userform Textbox Based On Textbox Value?

Jul 3, 2014

I've been using the following code to conditionally format userform textboxes based on a specific value (in this case 2490):

[Code] ........

What I'm looking to do now is amend this so rather than use a specific value, to use the value in a specific textbox on the same userform.

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Check TextBox Date Higher Than Other TextBox Date

Aug 30, 2006

In a userform I have 2 textboxes date1 and date2 (data from calendar1 userform2). I want date2 always to be higher than date1.

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Excel 2003 :: Copying Information From Textbox To A Cell (or Another Textbox)

Dec 28, 2013

Is there a way without using code to have the text in a text box (excel 2003), copied to another cell or another text box on a different worksheet?

I have information in a text box on 1 worksheet. I would like this information to automatically be copied to another worksheet. On the master sheet, if any of the information gets changed or updated, the copied information should get updated as well.

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Userform Textbox Event That Fires After I Exit The Textbox

Feb 2, 2010

I need a userform textbox event that fires after I tab or click out of the textbox. Going by the list of options:Beforedragover, BeforeDroporPaste, Change, DblClick, DropButtonClick, Error, Keydown, Keypress, keyup, mousedown, mousemove, mouseup.

I can't figure out which one will do what I want. The change event happens instantaneously which doesn't work. I need to fire off the event when my focus leaves the textbox.

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Copy One Value Of Textbox ActiveX On Worksheet To Userform Textbox

Jul 25, 2014

I need the value of active x control textbox on my worksheet 1, to be copied to a textbox in my userform, that pops up from that sheet....

And I want it to display after the textbox on my worksheet has been updated and the comman button for the userform is clicked...

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Copy Textbox Text When Cursor Moved From Textbox

Feb 7, 2007

In Excel VBA Userform, how to copy the text from textbox automatically when the cursor is being moved from the textbox. And when i put CTRL+V then the copyed text has to be pasted.

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Adding Text From One Userform Textbox To Another Textbox

Oct 12, 2011

Private Sub cmdSearchButton_Click()
Dim txtbox As String 'stores lookup value
Dim x As Variant 'value for wwid txt box
Dim ForeName As String
Dim SurName As String
Dim wwid As Variant
Dim iPosition As Integer

[Code] .......

Here is my code, it does a vlookup and if the persons name is not found it will split the text entered into forename and surname but when i try and add

frmAdd.txtForename.Text = "&ForeName &"
frmAdd.txtSurname.Text = "&SureName &"

It actually displays &ForeName & in the text box of the next from rather than what ForeName is..

eg. John Smith -> search button -> user not found msg -> user wants to add user -> string is split into forename and surname -> forename = John , surname = Smith -> display this in the second form.

What code should i be using to do this, i thought that &ForeName & would work.

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Insert Textbox With Textbox Containing Formula Rather Than Text

Mar 28, 2013

Looking for a macro to insert a textbox with the textbox containing a formula rather then text.

Sub AddTextBox()
ActiveSheet.Shapes.AddTextBox(msoTextOrientationHorizontal, 2.5, 1.5, _
116, 145).Name = "Textbox1"
Selection.Formula = "=Manpower!R[3]C[1]"
End Sub

I tried this but I cant get the formula portion to work... I just want to insert a macro with that formula....

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Adding Comments To Textbox And Having Textbox Keep Updating

Apr 3, 2014

I have a form that has three fields (1. Comments (TEXT), 2. Legacy_Comments (TEXT), 3, Comment date (DATE))

Now my users need to keep adding comments to the comment text box, and when they do it automatically adds the date they entered the comment in the Comment date box. Now my problem is that since they keep adding comments to the comment box, I need to keep track of these comments in the Legacy_Comments (Text box).

For example, the First time a user enters a comment into the (1) comment text box it auto populates the date in the comment date box, and then adds the comment and date to the Legacy_Comment box. the end result is (comment,4/3/2014 now lets say a user needs to add a comment to the comments box tomorrow - I want the legacy_Comment box to then read (comment, 4/3/2014; comment2, 4/4/2014, ...., comment(n),date(n)) OR it can be vice-verse, because I just need to keep track of the comments, I am not worried if the new comments are before or after older (yesterdays / the day before yesterdays comments)

How can I write a VBA code that will always add the new comment to the legacy_comment field, without deleting the comments that were entered previously?

If isnull(me.comment.value) Then
Exit Sub
ElseIf me.comment.value = true Then
me.comment_date.value = date
me.legacy_comment.value = me.comment.value & "," & me.comment_date.value & ";"
me.legacy_comment.value = me.legacy_comment.value & "," & me.comment_date.value & ";"

It adds the comment only the first time, but it does not concatenate the string from yesterday to the string to today. I do not care which order the comments are, meaning if I added a comment today it can be before OR after the comment from yesterday.

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Copy Value Of Textbox On Worksheet To Textbox On Userform

Jul 27, 2014

I tried looking for everywhere, but i still cant seem to find the solution.. I have an Active X textbox on a worksheet, and I need it's value to show up on a textbox on my userform, that shows up through a command button on that worksheet. I'm fairly new to vba.

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Transferring Value From Textbox On Multipage 1 To Textbox On Multipage2

Jul 16, 2008

I have a two-page multipage form. I have a textbox on page 1 (txtOccupantLoad), and I want to pass the value from that textbox to another textbox (txtOccLoad_L1) on page 2. The code I've tried so far looks like this:

Private Sub cmbChooseLevel_Change()
If Me.cmbChooseLevel.Value = "Level 1" Then
Me.txtOccLoad_L1.Value = Me.txtOccupantLoad.Value
End If
End Sub

What I'm trying to do is to use the same form for 10 different levels (floors) of a building. Then on page 2, I'll itemize the values for each floor. So the combobox determines which floor the calculations are for; txtOccupantLoad is the total of all incremental occupant loads on that floor; and txtOccLoad_L1 is the first of a series of textboxes on page 2 where the value for Level 1 should go. If the combo box shows "Level 2" then I'll write new code for the txtOccLoad_L2, and so on. I've also tried including "page1." and "page2." after "me."

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Pass Vlookup Result Of TextBox To Another TextBox

Feb 13, 2008

I am trying to create a user form that has a series of text boxes that will all have a VLOOKUP function in them based off of input from a the first text box. If I can just get the code for the first one, I think I can figure out the rest. We will say that the file that the user form is contained in is 'Agent Administration' and the file that I want the VLOOKUP to pull from is called ' Roster for Auto Population'.

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Textbox - Using Text Entered Into Textbox As Tab Name

Oct 4, 2012

I have attached my file.

When the Go button in text box in the 'VSVA-1 Data' tab is pressed, a new tab is created. I would like the tab to be renamed after the text that is entered into the text box. Is this possible? Here is what I have so far.

Sub RenameTab()
'Renames the worksheet tab
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("VSVA-1 Data").Select
tabName = TextBox1
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("VSVA Data").Select
Selection.Name = tabName
End Sub

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Copy From Textbox To TextBox In Another Userform

May 23, 2008

I am trying to copy data from a Textbox in a Userform to a Textbox in another Userform. Is it possible?

In Userform1 I have a button from which I can open Userform2 keeping the Userform1 opened. When closing Userform2 I want to copy the data from TextBox2 in Userform2 to TextBox1 in Userform1.

I was trying to guess the code... but it is not working...:

UserForms("Userform1").TextBox1.Value = UserForms("Userform2").TextBox2.Value

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How Can I Tell Which DRAWING Textbox Is Active

Sep 26, 2008

I have a sheet with 30 textboxes made with the drawing toolbar. The user enters data, then clicks on a button which formats the page to adjust row size to match amount of info. I am having trouble finding the code to store the currently selected textbox in a variable so that I can place the focus back to the same textbox when the macro ends. Can anyone help me with the code to get the active textbox?

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Fill Textbox In Each Active UserForm?

Feb 22, 2014

I have over 20 Userform which have one textbox with the same name txtsejobcode1.

Additional I have a UserForm in which user can search for a needed job code.

I wanted that after a user will choose a job code the job code will be added in to the active userform with the textbox named txtsejobcode1.

I could build this:

[Code] ..........

But in the line with Combobox I'm getting a error 438

Run Time error 438 Object doesn't support this property or method.

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Active Cell Value In Textbox Code

Jul 19, 2008

I am trying to do the following.

When Userform2 fires up - there is a textbox.

I would like the textbox1 to be filled by:

Taking the Selected or Active Cell in Sheets("positions"), eg, L5
but then finding the exact Cell match in Sheets("price"), eg, also L5
and placing this cells Value in Textbox1.

The 2 sheets are exact mirrors but contain different data.

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Set TextBox ControlSource To Non Active Sheet

Sep 26, 2007

I need to use the Textbox ControlSource in some forms to read specific data from worksheets, different source sheet for each form. How do I tell the ControlSource to look at a specific cell in a specific sheet, rather than just the active sheet? I want to do this using the properties of the Textbox rather than VBA.

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Disable Button While Textbox Is Active

Dec 31, 2007

I have a userform with a textbox and a command button. I have used data validations on the textbox. Clicking the command button saves the data in the worksheet. It works well if the user hits tab, enter or down arrow key after entering the data. The problem is, the textbox validations fail to get executed if the focus stays on the textbox and command button is pressed. I want the command button to be disabled until the user has moved the focus away from the textbox -there by executing the validations!

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Update UserForm Textbox To New Active Cell?

May 14, 2014

I am working on a addin UserForm to quickly format cell text, especially only select characters in a cell. I have this functional in a modal setting working with the active cell when I activate the UserForm. What I would like to be able to do is to work in excel without having to close the Userform and have the textbox update with each new cell. I have changed the UserForm properties to ShowModal = false which gets the first half. However the textbox will only show the cell value I started with.

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
TextBox1.Text = ActiveCell
End Sub


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Active Cell Won't Populate Textbox On Form

Nov 11, 2011

why the text box "txtjobnum" wont populate with the active cell in my "COMPLAINTS" sheet. The green code below is in the userform and the red text below that is in module 3.

Private Sub cancel_Click()
Unload Me
End Sub


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Check Value Of Textbox For Duplicates

Aug 26, 2006

I need to check if value entered in a textbox in a userform, linked to cell in the worksheet was not entered already in other textboxes in the same userform.

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Check Value Of Current TextBox

Jul 27, 2007

I am trying to produce a useform to allow me to input some golf scores into Excel.

Therefore, I have many textboxes for entering the score for each hole and to make the input process very efficient I am moving the focus to the next textbox automatically when a single digit score has been entered. Unfortunately, although I hate to admit it

I do now and then have a double digit score and so I have a Checkbox1 which allows me to enter scores >9 if checkbox1 =false.

I can use the code below to check if the score is less or greater than 10 but I will have to enter it into 18 textboxes and change the name of the textbox details from IF Textbox1.value <... to IF Textbox 2.value < etc. I will also have to change the text according to the name of the next tectbox to allow me to set the focus.

Can anyone please advise how I can check if the 'current' textbox (which has the focus) is less than or greater than 10 without needing to know the name of the textbox?

Also, can I obtain the name of Textbox1 so that I can set the focus to Textbox2 ie Textbox1+1?

As stated I can use my existing code but I am sure there must be a more elegent way of doing this and I am trying to learn a little about VBA.

Private Sub TextBox1_Change()

If TextBox1.Value < 10 And CheckBox1 = True Then
End If
If TextBox1.Value >= 10 And CheckBox1 = False Then
End If

End Sub

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Spell Check In TextBox Using OLEobjects

Jun 6, 2013

I have a set of text boxes in my sheet. I was wondering if there is a way to perform a spell check on the textboxes only (not the cells in the worksheet).
I have tried searching the code on the forum, found some which are using 'MSForms.TextBox', dont know why I am getting error.

How to perform the operation using Oleobject.

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Check Textbox Date Contents?

Jul 23, 2012

I need to confirm that a date is entered correctly into a userform.

This code works for a command button, but not for a WorkSheet_Change event.

My textbox is the first in the userform, and needs to be checked immediately, as the labels in the rest of the userform all change to reflect the date that was entered.

What is the best way to do this? I tried a keycode = vbKeyReturn option, but cannot get it to work?

Private Sub DateCheck()
Dim DateString As String
Dim DateProper As Date
Dim EntryOK As Boolean
EntryOK = False


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Check Box Will Allow The Total In Textbox 5 To Be Placed In Another Cell

Apr 15, 2007

I have a userform that lets the user input a quanity. The check box will allow the total in textbox5 to be placed in another cell once the Accept buton is clicked. My problem is when the checkbox is checked, I cant get the total in textbox5 to cell E27.

Im sure this is not hard, but giving me a fit. :x

Private Sub Accept_Click()
Call AllGood2
End Sub

End SubPrivate Sub cancel_Click()
Unload Me
End Sub

Private Sub CheckBox1_Change()
If CheckBox1 = True Then CheckBox1 = TextBox5.Text
End Sub

Private Sub TextBox1_Change()
Call totalTextBoxes
End Sub

Private Sub TextBox2_Change()
Call totalTextBoxes
End Sub

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Check If TextBox Has Spaces Or Numbers

Oct 17, 2006

Is there a way to see if a textbox is blank.. what I mean is, there may be some spaces in the text box which make it seem that there is something in the Textbox but all they are, are blank spaces.. no numbers in otherwords..

On a userform I have a textbox7 to enter in only the last 4 digits of the persons shop phone #. I have it coded that if the textbox isn't empty, it will put the required extension "X-" in front of it to identify it as a phone extension. If the cell is empty, it will remove it so it doesn't put the X- in the database without a phone #.

Finally the problem, if there are spaces in textbox7, no numbers, it will think that something is in there and put X- .. this messes up the database.

How do I check the textbox to see if it has numbers in there.. This is my code now...

' If TextBox7 is empty Then Phone = Blank
If TextBox7.Value = "" Then
PhoneC = " "
' Preps Phone number with X- for extension
Fourdigit = TextBox7
Plus = "X-"
PhoneC = Plus + Fourdigit
End If

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Check For TextBox Value Match In Range

Nov 10, 2006

I am trying to have a macro to take a value from a text box and see if it is matches a value that is in a specified range. If it comes back true then it shows an error message. This code is working for text values, but if it is numeric it will not find find it.

Sub SearchForMatch()
'Procedure level declarations
Dim rngCell As Range
Dim bMatch As Boolean
' Loop through each cell in the nominated range
For Each rngCell In Range("B4:B50")
'If there us a matching value then set your
'boolean flag to true and exit the loop
If rngCell.Value = TextBox1.Value Then
bMatch = True
Exit For
End If

'If a match was found then alert the user
If bMatch Then MsgBox ("Name already exsists.")
End Sub

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Check If Textbox Entry Exists

Dec 29, 2006

iam trying to get a messagebox to notify the user that the text he has entered into the userform textbox is already in use in a sheets column. this is what i have been trying to get to work

Private Sub txtID_Change()
If Sheet3. Range("a8:a1000") = "B" & txtID.Value Then
MsgBox "Text already in use, Please use different text"
End If
End Sub

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