How To Make False Part Of IF-statement Not To Change A Cell

Sep 10, 2013

Perhaps a bit cryptic but here is where I'm looking for.

Cell A1 gets the value YES (or NO) assignment by the user.
Cell B1 has some calculated value let's say 4 based on the formula If(A1="YES";2+2)

Now If the user assigns "NO" to A1 the value of Cell B1 becomes FALSE (return value of second part of the If statement)

I do not want the value of B1 changed if A1=NO and to stay the same (4)

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If Statement That Doesn't Change Cell If False

Feb 3, 2014

I'm trying to write an If statement that only changes the cell if it's true.

If its false it leaves what is in the cell alone.

This is what I have so far:

HTML Code:
=if(a5>=today(),"payment",----if not, don't change what is in the cell-----)

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How To Leave Truly Empty Cell If Criteria For IF Statement Is FALSE

Jul 2, 2014

How to leave a cell truly empty if the criteria of my IF statements is untrue. Currently, I'll write something like:

[Code] ....

But for some reason, when I copy and paste the resulting range of values elsewhere (to rid myself of the formula that determined them), the cells that did not return a value (where the statement is FALSE), are not recognized by a "Go To Special > Blanks" request, until I select all of the "empty cells" and clear them manually. Yet when I try to do a search on the same range for an empty space, I get no hits.

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Make Part Of A Cell Bold Using A Formula??

May 29, 2009

I have a formula that combines the the text of various cells.

Is there a way to automatically make part of the cell Bold - so in this case I want the Cell B13 to appear in bold.

See formula below:

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The AND Part Of The Statement Tells The Cell To See If 4 Cells Are All <-10

Aug 4, 2009

the AND part of the statement tells the cell to see if 4 cells are all <-10 then do its thing that part works what i need now is if that has happened then do not do the next 3 cells

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If Statement To Check Part Of Cell Contents

Apr 4, 2007

IF statement that looks at a cell to see if it contains a word.

ie IF A2 has " Total" in it then do this

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If False Statement

Jun 18, 2007

I have the following cells set up in a worksheet.
I have the following formula set for each of the cells -



=IF(S5>1,S5-1,R5) and so on.

Serial No.1 Serial No.2 Serial No.3 Serial No.4 Serial No.5 Serial No.6

#VALUE!#VALUE! #VALUE! #VALUE! 1005 1006

The T5, S5 and R5 are (I thought) the "False" value which would be returned, but all I am getting (if for example T5 was blank) is #Value

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Change Part Of Cell Content

May 13, 2008

In Excell 2000, when you enter a cell by using either the cursor keys or the enter key, the contents of that cell are selected. Typing anything other than the 'F2' key deletes the current entry in the cell, replacing it with what you are typing. This is not the same as double clicking on a cell whereby the cell does not have any of it's contents selected so that when you type the keys are inserted at the cursor position

Is there any way in which this behaviour can be changed so that the first and subsequent characters typed after entering the cell are added to the end of the current contents of the cell ?

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Getting Rid Of 0 When Returning False Statement Using IF

Jan 22, 2014

I've created an equation but when it's false it returns a "0" I tried an IFERROR with no luck.

=IFERROR(IF(AND(C6>="",E6=""),"update system",),"")

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Make OR() Return 0 Or 1 Instead Of True And False

Sep 11, 2009

Hi. Is there a way to make OR() return 0 or 1 instead of true and false?

Or to convert true to 1 and false to 0?

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How Do You Make The IF, False Condition Return Nothing

Feb 21, 2008

Below is the forumula I am using. The problem is, when the condition is false, it puts a "0". This then effects the conditional formatting as well as the count function at the bottom. I need it to just leave the space alone when the If statement is "False"


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Cannot Change Part Of Merged Cell Error

Oct 12, 2012

Is there a line of code that I can use at the beginning of a macro to unmerge all cells on an entire sheet named "Test1"?

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Nested If Statement Returning FALSE Instead Of Value?

Aug 5, 2014

The formula I am having issues with is:


I'm looking for formula to return a value based on the amount of networkdays between 2 dates.

Column L has a drop down for
"YES" and "NO"

If "YES" is selected then I need the formula to subtract AH from B (if B is blank I don't want the formula to return anything)

if AH has no date then I want it to use todays date.

If "NO" is selected then I need the formula to subtract V from B (again, if B is blank I don't want the formula to return anything)

if V has no date then I want it to use todays date.

The formula seems to work for everything as it is EXCEPT when L is "NO" it only return FALSE.

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If Statement - True False For Duplicates

Aug 22, 2014

On sheet 3 column d i have a vendor number. I am trying to create a formula in column M (same sheet) that will say "True" if the vendor number in column d is also listed on sheet 2, column A (Rows 2-148)

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IF Statement Returns Either Value Error Or False

Jan 7, 2010

if Statement A: =IF(M4>$B$17,0,LOOKUP(M4,$AA$20:$AB$29)*$B$15/12) works very well

if Statement B: =IF(M4>$B$17,0,LOOKUP(M4,$AA$36:$AB$44)*$B$15/12) works well too

now I am trying to say

=IF('Input Page'!B36="yes",(IF(M4>$B$17,0,LOOKUP(M4,$AA$36:$AB$44)*$B$15/12),(IF(M4>$B$17,0,LOOKUP(M4,$AA$20:$AB$29)*$B$15/12))))

Basically, if B36 is yes, use If Statement B, otherwise IF Statement A. If I write Yes, I get a "Value" error, if I change the yes to 1, I get a FALSE error.

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Get FALSE Statement With Formula - Blank?

Nov 24, 2011


Why do I get a FALSE statement with this formula when T50=1, i want it to be blank.

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If Statement With Multiple True But Only One False?

Jun 16, 2012

Write if statement or any other formula: if cell C3 is less then 0 then "over due", if = 0 then "due" and if more then zero then "not due yet" otherwise preferably nothing, because that would mean that the cell is empty.

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Skipping False Data To Make A List

Aug 20, 2012

How to make a list of data and ignoring cells with false.

Here's my Data:
Ad Ops





I want the output to be


Thus, I'm trying to make a list of data that skips over false cells.

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IF Statement Logic In Columns - True / False

Mar 31, 2014

Column A: T/F
Column B: True/False

Here's what I want in a sentence: If one of the cells in grouped row is "T", column B = True, if not then column B = False.
(row groups are separated by a blank row)

Col A,Col B

[Code] ....

I came up with following formula:


It checks to see if blank cell is found before "T" but it doesn't look rows above.


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IF Statement: Just Returns FALSE, Despite The Result Being True

Dec 29, 2008

I have a worksheet called "Raw Data" where in columns J, I and G contain values. I would like to write a formula whereby if all 3 conditions are met, it will count the number of values found in column C.

I've tried to write an IF statement but it just returns FALSE, despite the result being true. Need the right combination of IF/AND statements that would do this?

=IF(AND('Raw Data'!$J:$J="Maintenance",'Raw Data'!$I:$I="Open",'Raw Data'!$G:$G="1-2008"),COUNT('Raw Data'!$C:$C)). I've tried to attach the workbook, but there's a problem with uploading attachments I think. Sorry if my explanation is unclear.

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IF/and Statement To Give Back A True Of False

Oct 2, 2007

I'm looking to use an if/and statement to give back a true of false but it doesnt seem to be working, I'll give an example, I want excel to search a set of cells to see if its blank and another cell to see whats written there(from a pull down menu) and if both of them are true I conditionally format to go green, otherwise stay white. It works for one cell, condition below:


but I cant get it to do this

i.e search the entire column

I was also wondering if it was possible if it found an "IIC" in B8 how I could get it to check C8, D8 etc..

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Make The Checkboxes Write To Records As 0 And 1 And Not True False

May 14, 2014

My excel sheet has to be perfect for my parser to accept the data, so that is why these small things are so important.

My Worksheet has a correct incorrect column using 1 and 0 's

I need a 1 and 0 in each row.

When I submit a new record I can do the following and it shows my TRUE record as a 1 but all my FALSE 0 records as blanks.

My False rows are blank and not ZEROS I use the - after the = and before the value

.Cells(iaRow, 2).Value = -Me.CBTrvAns1.Value
.Cells(iaRow + 1, 2).Value = -Me.CBTrvAns2.Value
.Cells(iaRow + 2, 2).Value = -Me.CBTrvAns3.Value
.Cells(iaRow + 3, 2).Value = -Me.CBTrvAns4.Value


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Runtime Error 1004 - Cannot Change Part Of Merged Cell?

Dec 22, 2011

I am getting Run-time error 1004 "Cannot Change Part of a Merged Cell". I am trying to copy Sheet1 cell E11 (merged cells E11:G11) to Sheet2 cell E11 (merged cells E11:G11).

Sub PartBalance()
With Sheets("PART REQUEST")
If Range("D11").Value - Range("K11").Value 0 Then


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Runtime Error 1004 - Cannot Change Part Of Merge Cell

Jan 9, 2013

I have been facing a run time error 1004 ("Cannot change part of a merge cell") when I am to run the following code. I have some merged cells in my excel sheet.

Sub Save2013()Sheets("Invoice").Range("I25:I33").ClearContents
ActiveWorkbook.SaveEnd Sub

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IF Statement: Look At Different Cells And Return Different Values If Ture Or False

Nov 6, 2009

I have an IF statement that I need to look at different cells and return different values if ture or false, depending on what is selected in cell J2

Cell D2
if J2 = "FMB/FPI" then retrun the value of cell Y7
if J2 = "FPI/FPI" then N/A
if J2 = "FMB/OTHER" then return the value of cell Y7

Cell E2
if J2 = "FMB/FPI" then retrun the value of cell AC7
if J2 = "FPI/FPI" then then retrun the value of cell AC7
if J2 = "FMB/OTHER" then N/A

Cell F2
if J2 = "FMB/FPI" then N/A
if J2 = "FPI/FPI" then N/A
if J2 = "FMB/OTHER" then then retrun the value of cell AC7

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How To Make Sheet Name Change With Cell Value

Oct 1, 2013

I am working on a Workbook for my wife to use at school. It's basically a grade-book that automatically fills out the report card for each kid. In column A I have a list of each student's name. I also have those hyper-linked to each sheet for easy access.

I would like to be able to change the names in column A on Sheet 1 and it also change the names on the corresponding sheet it is hyper-linked to. I have seem some similar post but I can't seem to get any of those formulas to work. I get an invalid sheet name error. Maybe I'm not inserting the code properly or it has something to do with my hyperlinks. This is driving me crazy not being able to figure this out. I just want to make it as simple and easy for her to use year to year.

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IF Statement: Change The Cell In Column

Jan 24, 2010

I have a Piece of code that works when a cell changes its value. I want to try and get it to work when only cells in coloumn B change. I thought the best way would be with using an IF statement but i am unsure on the code to write and get it to work. This is the code that i have at the moment.

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Make A Part Number Formula?

Apr 22, 2009

I'll try to keep this brief. Our part #'s look like this. XP014567. Where the first pair of characters stand for a value(say XP=Bolt), the second pair stand for a value(01= Grade 2), and so on. What I would like to be able to do is type in the part numer and have the description automatically populate. Is there an easy way to do this? I'm running Excel 2003.

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IF Statement To Change Colour Of Text In Cell?

Oct 28, 2012

I have 2 columns of figures. One column has a defined name of 'Estimated Value' and the other column 'Actual Value'

My IF statement should simply read "=If(Estimate>Actual,Text color RED, Text Color Black)

My attempts at finding the code for the True/False statements are legion and 'Conditional Formatting' does not appear to work

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IF Statement Formula Which Will Change The Contents Of The Cell

Jan 23, 2008

I need to create a formula which will change the contents of the cell to one of 3 options based on the value of another cell

For example if I was using B2 as the cell to reference I need to say IF B2 = 0 then say "Closed", IF B2 = 1 then say "Open" and if its any other value then say "Error".

I'm having some trouble having all 3 if statements nested correctly.

I don't want to do this as a macro just as a formula.

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