Insert Rows Below Every Line That Has Data In Column A?

May 5, 2014

i have numbers in column A1:A556, i want to insert a row below every column that has a number so that they can have double spacing.

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Data From Rows And Column To One Single Line

Nov 12, 2009

I have to worksheets: Sheet1, Sheet2. In sheet 1, I have some data like this (in first col is 1, second col is a, third col is c etc. ):

1 a b c d
2 e f g h

I need in sheet 2 in range A1(only in this range one big text), something like this: a,c,e,g ........ ( row1-col2,row1-col4,row1-col2,row1-col4 ......) ( separated by ","). The number of rows from sheet 1 is variable. The dataf a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h ... is some random text.

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How To Copy Value From Column A After Blank Line And Insert Text In Column B

Mar 21, 2014

I have a workbook that usually looks something like this

Category Product No description Price

Balloons 12345 Red Disney balloon .50
Balloons 12567 Blue Princess balloon .86
Balloons 76521 Angry Birds Balloon .80

Kites 23456 A Big red Kite .27
Kites 22222 A small blue kite .06

Banners 10000 Party banner .33


I need to find a way to copy the category below an empty row from column A and paste it in the blank row in column B . If possible to bolden the text but I could probably work that bit out myself. I'm new to this but have used VBA before to run macros.

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Read Pdf Or Doc File Line By Line And Then Parse Data Into Proper Cells And Rows?

Feb 23, 2013

I have the data to import / read in a pdf, in a doc, or in an Excel worksheet whichever is easier to use. I need to import the data, parse it into the correct cells for that row and then repeat the import until the end of the file. Not all the cells are in each group of data to import, so those cells will be null for that row. Some of the data for one cell may be in up to 14 lines in the data file. I have be concatenating these data rows into one cell. There are 48,000 lines in the file to import or I would do this manually. I am assuming that doing this in VBA would be the most efficient method.

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Line Insert After A Change In Column H (VBA)

Aug 15, 2008

I currently have a macro that does several thing, i want to add another task.

I need a row inserted everytime there is a change in column H from "0" to "F" only. The infromation will always start in row 8 but the last row is not always the same, it will be different every time.

ABCDEFGHI112345678223456783#N/A#N/A#N/A#N/A#N/A#N/A#N/A45B=Bi-WeeklyID type 2ID Type 308 GAPamount due6HCCompanyS= Semi-MonthlyCO#NAMEFORMER (F) or Current (0)78546WalreBbr55a234amy01009524WalreSn32m56daniel05001041WalreS589653jode0100011945WalreBef343456caryF2001212WalreSg5365M5665mikeF40013Grand Total2,200.00

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Macro To Insert A Line And Duplicate Data

Oct 2, 2006

Worksheet excel with multiple lines and colums. I need a macro to automatically insert a new Line where the cursor is located, and duplicate data from previous cells: let say cursor is located L10, macro will insert L11, and duplicate L10 -C1 data to L11 -C1. I have a macro that does this function, but the Line insertion is always at the same line.May be the macro should "read" first the cursor position, Lx and then move down +1 line prior to duplicate the data.

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Insert A Line On New Worksheet With Copied Data

Jan 23, 2007

I need to add a line on the top of a new worksheet with the data copied from another worksheets cells. Using a macro. The line has to be created everytime on the top of the new excel sheet with the previous data moving one down.

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Excel 2010 :: Insert A Line Every 4th Line?

Nov 29, 2013

I have a spread sheet with product codes on and 5 different prices types but they have only pulled through 4 times so need to insert a 5th line for each product code

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Identify And Insert Line In Last Blank Line

Aug 22, 2012

Creating a macro that will identify the last blank line in column J and insert a line in it? The macro will need to look from the "bottom" as there is blanks cells above the last line.

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How To Dynamically Insert Rows With Duplicate Data Of Previous Rows

Oct 30, 2013

I have a spread sheet with values in the area of A1:H834

In column H, I have number values from 1-7.

Essentially that number value means that the values in the row are duplicate.

So, for example, if H2 has a value of 4, that means that $A$2:$G$2, really should have an additional 3 rows underneath with the EXACT same data in each cell, however, the way the sheet was created, was to remove the duplicate values and just indicate in column H, the number value of how many duplicates $A$2:$G$2 really is.

I need to unpackage this and create what it was originally. What type of formula can I use, to look at the value in H2, and then insert underneath that number of rowes with the exact same data as A2:G2 and do the same for the remainder of the table all the way down to A834:G834

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Delete All Rows/Data Above This Line

Nov 20, 2008

Let's say I have the following file which is imported via a macro which comes from a txt file. [Apologies it's 7mb zip file]

The way the txt file is that two rows make up one row, but SAP spits the data out into two rows. Now there are specific things that I need from these tabs. The way i can get this data is to perform sort by descending on the tabs. When you sort by a descending you get the data that i need [at the second half of the worksheet]:

Basically what I want to know when i create a macro, how can i get it do delete all the rows above a specific row. In the attached file, go to DataImport2.
I would like a macro to find the word "English" in column C and then delete all the row's above it. I cannot record this because it copy's the specific cells, which i do not need. DataImport3 is how the data comes out, All i do is sort by descending ... and i need help as stated above to delete all unnecessary data.

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Insert Date From Column D, Into Column A, 2 Rows Up

Mar 22, 2007

Following up from Insert Blank Rows Where Date In Column D Changes from the first populated row after the inserted rows, and paste it in the 1st blank row above the populated rows (as a kind of title). How would I build this into the code below?

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
For x = Range("D65536").End(xlUp).Row To 7 Step -1
If Range("D" & x) <> Range("D" & x - 1) Then Range("D" & x, "D" & x + 3).EntireRow.insert
End Sub

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Insert Rows Based On The Value On Column F

Oct 31, 2009

I want to insert rows based on the coloumn F (has 6.00 on it)


Since the coloumn F has value 6 on it, i want to insert 5 rows below the current row

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Insert Row (2) Rows Above Value Found In Column

Dec 7, 2010

I am trying to perform a simple insert macro. That will search column A for a value "Jack".

Once the value has been found insert a blank row, 2 rows up from that value. Not below.

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Insert Rows At A Change In A Column

May 5, 2006

I'm not really all that familiar with a lot of things in Excel. I do know how to make a macro, which this question is to help with, but I kinda skipped a lot of learning in between.

I am wanting a shortcut that will insert a new row after each change in column A. I don't think Subtotals is the answer because after I enter the row to seperate them I will want to enter another row and seperate again by column F when there is a change that is not a blank row.

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If Column Contains Data Then Insert A Blank Column And Shift Specific Column To The Right

Apr 22, 2009

What I'd like to do is; If column C contains data then insert a blank column and shift column C to the right.

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Combine 2 Rows Of Data Into One Line While Summing Their Contents?

Jul 1, 2013

Basically, we have 2 tablets tallying data and writing to the same .csv file. That csv file is then copied into a front page of a much larger excel worksheet where the tallied data is sorted and used for a variety of reasons. This works perfectly using index and match when only 1 tablet is being used, however, when both tablets are writing to the same csv at the same time it creates 2 lines instead of 1 line.

For example 1 tablet might look like this:

Lot 45689 4 6 8 9 1 5

2 tablets looks like this:

Lot 45689 2 3 1 8 1 4
Lot 45689 2 3 7 1 0 1

for the tallies, i would imagine a =SUMIF function might suffice, but that doesn't solve my problem of there being 2 lines with the same lot #.

I am only dealing with this issue from the excel side, and have no control over the tablet functionality or the CSV file which further limits me.

Wanted to add that the Lot #s change daily and often so with my understanding of pivot tables this rules them out as a viable option.

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Lookup Values And Insert Column And Rows?

Feb 18, 2014

I have a table (Arrears) showing a list of customers with part numbers and quantities in arrears. A second table is a customer order table showing details of what needs to be shipped for a given date.

Based on these two tables, I would like to add a column to the Order table to show the values for arrears against the order quantity for the given date. In addition if there are no order requirements but there are arrears then insert a row to show the corresponding arrears.

see the attached spreadsheet for more details. This shows the two source tables (Arrears and Order) and the expected results showing the added column for arrears and the inserted rows.

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Insert 2 New Rows When Column A Values Change

Jan 12, 2009

Column A of my spreadsheet consists of Subcase 1000 to Subcase 1010 for example, with up to as many as 100 repetitions of each subcase in consecutive order. See Below:

Subcase 1000
Subcase 1000
Subcase 1001
Subcase 1001
Subcase 1002
Subcase 1002

I would like a macro to find where Subcase 1000 finishes and Subcase 1001 begins and then insert 2 new rows between them. These 2 new rows have to be inserted between any change found in the column A field. The searching of Column A should start at Row 15. I have uploaded an example file. This file contains 2 sheets, 'Before Macro' and 'After Macro'. Hopefully it outlines what the outcome of the macro should look like.

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Insert New Rows When Column Values Change

Feb 5, 2009

I've posted this thread in but since the thread has been solved, I think nobody would look into my problem, so I'm creating a new thread for the purpose.

My previous thread:

Hi there,

I'm looking for the same idea only that I wanted the macro to select the data in the cells selected. Based on the code given by StephenR above, I tried to do some modification but I don't know how to make it to start from the first cell of my selection, not from row 15 as R_S_6 wanted. The range selection can be in any column. Here are the code that I used:

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Insert X Rows After Specific Cell Value In Column

Aug 20, 2009

I have a dataset that i want to update, to do this I want to insert 8 rows after each row that has a value in Column C 2000. The set has 600,000 rows, comparing countries (cty, cty2) from 1980-2000. I want to make room for information up till 2008. I see lots of codes for doing this but I will also need help with actually inserting into my spread sheet.

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Insert Blank Rows Where Date In Column D Changes

Mar 21, 2007

I have a spreadsheet containing hours logged against a specific project, all of which have a 'Week Beginning' date.

I would like a macro to insert two rows above a change of date (in the D column). How best should this be done?

It's basically a formatting macro I'm after, to group records by 'Week Beginning' date.

I've spotted a few similar requests, but none of them appeared to include the function to check for a change in date, from the cell above.

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Insert Rows Based On Numbers In Column

Apr 4, 2008

I have a huge spreadsheet with addresses in column A and number in column B. Each address needs to have a ceirtain amount of lines inserted below, depending upon the number in column B. for example:................

With the new space inserted. the numbers i have range from 34 -2. does anyone have any code that will insert the number of rows depending on the number in column B? i HAVE had a look through the forums, but there are so many topics!

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Code To Insert Rows In Next Sheet In Order Of Column B?

Apr 24, 2014

The below code used to work for me perfectly but in the last couple days it's been acting up. The code is supposed to cut out 2 rows from sheet1 and insert it in order of column B in sheet2. Up until a few days ago the code was inserting the 2, cut, rows properly but now it inserts it at the top of the sheet.

Here is the workbook I'm working with TEST.xlsm

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Insert Duplicate Rows Based On Numeric Value In Column

Apr 6, 2012

I have to create 1000 dynamic ranges and do not want to do this manually. See the list below for the syntax I am using, I am only showing the first 10.

Name Range

I have tried the following code which works to an extent...

Range("=OFFSET(Date,0,1)").Name = "KPI_01"

..but the final result of the named range is an actual range, i.e. "A1:A13".

How can I keep the named range as a dynamic range?

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Auto Insert Rows From Another Column Based On Count

Jun 9, 2014

I would like to insert rows into column A from column D based on the count values and without affecting subsequent values in column B and C. For example. Count of a value in column A =1 and count of that same value in column D=5, THEN 5-1 (count of D - count of A) insert 4 rows in column A (shift cells down) without affecting data in column B AND C. Basically making the counts in column A and D equal.



The above example should look like this -



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Macro To Insert Auto Sum Function In Various Rows With A Column

Sep 4, 2009

I have to create a spreasheet monthly that has perhaps 60 transactions. The data is in columns A - G, with columns E and F having the costs figures. I need to sum the value in column E and also in Column F every few rows. The problem is that sometimes there are two rows per transaction and other times it could be 30 rows per transaction. Where I will be lucky is that there are two rows between transactions, and the sum goes in the first empty row.

Basically what I would need it to do, from a macro point of view is to go down column E, and every time it finds the first empty row, insert an auto sum. It would then need to ignore the next row, because it too, is empty.

Just Column E - I need an autosum in the "empty row 1's)

empty row 1
empty row 2
empty row 1
empty row 2

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VBA To Insert Formula And Then Fill Down Number Of Rows In Reference Column

Apr 8, 2014

I am trying to insert formulas to my cells in different columns and then fill down the formulas as many rows as in the reference column. So far I have put my formulas in a macro but I seem to get problems with " and ' symbols. My macro looks like this:

Sheets("Sold Articles Database").Select
Range("U3").Formula = " =VLOOKUP(LEFT(K3,2),'Input Variables'!$A$48:$B$52,2,FALSE)"
Range("V3").Formula = " =VLOOKUP(K3,'Product datas'!$A$2:$C$10000,3,FALSE)"
Range("W3").Formula = " =VLOOKUP(K3,'Product datas'!$A$2:$D$10000,4,FALSE)"

[Code] ........

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Insert Rows With Data

Oct 17, 2008

i have a list of numbers in column A and in column B every now and then a * will appear next to a number. The first number will always have a * next to it. Basically i'm looking for a way to say...that either by copying to another tab or inserting rows on this tab, do the following for every number.

Insert a row above that says


put a " next to the number so that it reads as below


and then the following in new rows as below.

[tab field]
[tab field]
[tab field]
[tab field]

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Insert Rows When Data Changes

Jun 7, 2009

I need code that can work down a column and insert a blank row when it notices the data value has changed. i attached a file to show what i am looing for.

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