Link Excel To Another Program - Only Showing Data / Information When Needed

Jul 3, 2014

However, I have got an Excel file which contains a lot of information. There are four sheets with large Pivot Tables.

But the thing is, the plan is to do the tables much larger, create tables which more specifically shows information. When doing so, the tables will show much more information, and therefore be much larger. It will be difficult to read and understand the tables because of the large amount of information.

What I want is to store information in, for example, another program such as Microsoft Access. There, I can put a huge amount of information and then link it to Excel, so that in Excel I only see the Access stored information when I "search" for it with y created slicers. Like, when I use my slicers and click on one category it sort out and shows me the information i want, even though it's stored in Access. It only shows it in Excel when I "ask" for it. This is what I have thought.

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Excel 2010 :: File Sharing - Link 4 Spreadsheets Where Information Will Be Updated By One Person

Apr 21, 2013

I have a Excel Spread Sheet which has been created, there will be 4 people in 4 different locations who will have access to this spreadsheet and will need to update/amend it through "Dropbox", my question/problem is, how can I link the 4 spreadsheets where information will be updated by one person, but will update all 4 sheets at the same time.

Is this possible and how do I go about it?

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Sum Up Duplicate Information And Delete The Un-needed Rows

May 24, 2006

I have a worksheet with duplicate but necessary information. in column A there is a Name and in column B there is a number. like...

John 43
John 6
John 23
Karen 54
Kathy 12
Kathy 23

I need to add all the numbers up for one name and then delete the un-needed rows. so it ends up

John 75
Karen 54
Kathy 35

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Find Name And Transfer Information Program?

Feb 26, 2014

I have a list of names on a spreadsheet (tab 1). First name in column "A" and last name in column "B". The number of names is an unspecified amount. The number can and will change as I put in new names. On another Tab(2) in the spreadsheet I have another list of names. First name in column "A" and last name in column "B". The number is an unspecified amount that will not be the same number of names that are on the first tab(1). I need to compare the names in the 2 tabs. I need all the names from tab one that are not on tab two to be on tab 3 with all of the corresponding informtion that is on tab 1.

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Imported Data From Another Program To Excel

Jan 5, 2006

I imported data from another program to Excel, it is an address database. Some of the entries are all capital, some are all lowercase, some are proper. I would like to switch everything to proper. I have tried numberous times to do EXACTLY what I am reading about copy and pasting, entering the formula, designating the cells I want it to apply to. However, when I do it, nothing changes.

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Link Between Two Cells Is Broken So The Correct Number Is Not Showing Up In The Cell

Aug 6, 2007

I have a spreadsheet that has been sent to multiple clients. I have discovered an error in a few of the cells:

1. a link between two cells is broken so the correct number is not showing up in the cell. It is a simple formula ie: =A15, that I either forgot to put in or deleted in a fit of madness. It is in the same cell on the same worksheet in the workbook.

2. A hidden column on a worksheet has a formula that sums a range of cells. I have discovered that this range of cells is wrong. This error is duplicated on a number of worksheets in the workbook. The problem is that the error is in the same column in each worksheet but not in the same row.

Each worksheet is password protected. This is done through VBA code so the passwords won't be a problem.

The clients have already started working on the spreadsheet that I sent them and I want to send them a "fix" so that the correct formula will just update the spreadsheet they already have rather than me sending a completly new one and them having to start from scratch.

I had this wonderful spreadsheet set up with columns that appear and disappear and formulas galore so that the client didn't have to do to much work and then I find these errors after it has been sent. My testers let me down but that's life.

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Generate A Daily Job Sheet Showing All Of That Days Information

Jul 25, 2008

I have set up a datasheet with information to be used in generating several pivot tables:

Column A - Our Invoice Number
Comunn B - Vendor's Invoice Date
Column C - Type of Vendor (Labor, PM, Subcontractor, Material, or Equipment)
Column D - Vendor Name
Column E - Vendor Invoice Number/Time Classification (Column C is Labor, PM, this is either Regular Time or Overtime. If Column C is Subcontractor, Material, or Equipment, the Vendor's Invoice Number is enetered.)
Column F - Labor Hours Worked (Column C is Labor or PM, a value is entered, if not, formula enters "N/A")
Column G - Labor Rate ((Column C is Labor or PM, vlookup value is entered, if not, formula enters "N/A")
Column H - Amount Billed ((Column C is Labor or PM, formula multiplies rate by hours, if not, enter the amount of the Vendor's invoice.)
Column I - Mark Up Percentage
Column J - Mark Up Amount
Column K - Total Amount Billed (Column H + Column J)

I need to set up a daily job sheet (like and invoice) for each date listed under Column B. For each day, I need to generate a daily job sheet showing all of that day's information. The location of the information is based on the value in Column C - Subcontractors's data go in one spot on the sheet and Labor costs go in another place.

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Excel Cell Not Showing Full Data?

Apr 10, 2014

In a particular CSV Excel file I want to populate "Description" column with a HTML template Code by merging 3 columns of HTML. The HTML has almost 20,000 characters. Now before merging and after merging when I copy paste the HTML in any cell it doesn't show all the code that I have copied. and when I merge all the 3 columns. a lot of HTML data seems to be missing. I think excel has some sort of limit and it is not allowing all these 20,000 characters merged and combined in 1 cell. I am stuck at this point and can't upload the CSV as the HTML is missing a lot of coding.

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Excel Not Showing 0 Amounts As Data Label In Charts

Feb 17, 2009

I am building automated solutions where graphs source data is based on outcome of formulas. In case of line graphs I use #N/A as result if no data is available or formula results into an error - this way the data point and data label will not be shown in the graph.

However this does not work for bar graphs - with #N/A, #DIV/0, 0 or "" the bar itself is not shown but the data label is shown (as #N/A or 0). How can I set-up my formulas so that if result is 0 or formula is in error that the graph does not display the data label.

Attached excel file shows same data in 2 charts - 1 line chart (=OK) and 1 bar chart (=not ok). The data for chart is pulled from 2 other tabs (week&month) and merged into 1 data source for graphs.

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Macro To Link Information Between Two Worksheets?

Jul 11, 2012

I need to link information between two sheets.

In Sheet2 I have a list of products with their description in adjacent columns such as prices and other information. Sheet1 is a MasterSheet of some of the products listed in Sheet2. So I would like to write a macro that links the information of the product from Sheet2 to Sheet1 if I type the products name in Sheet1 (MasterSheet). The list of products (Sheet2) is updated in a regular basis, so by linking the info I would just need to update Sheet2 and Sheet1 would update as well.

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Can Capture Link Information Via Web Query

Nov 27, 2012

I've used queries for years so I know how they work, for the most part...copying data from the source and spitting it into a spread

What I am looking to do is copy the actual link information from a web page when I query that page.

In other words, there are links on a page I'm querying and I'd like not only the displaying text link, but the underlying link itself.

Example: I have a link to a project being done and query the page the project information is on. But I'd also like to later get information on the companies associated with that project. A link to the company information is on the project page.

Is there a way to extract this information via a query? Or is it going to take a php script served online or something...

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Excel 2010 :: Link Data In Different Spreadsheet And Data Will Be Automatically Updated

Nov 3, 2013

I am working on Excel 2010. I want to find a way to link data from one spreadsheet to another one and whenever I update the first spreadsheet, the second one will be automatically updated?

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Link Drop Down List & Lookup Corresponding Information

Apr 25, 2008

I'm trying to categorise a load of expenses against their appropriate budget and sub-budgets. I've got all the budget subcategories in separate dynamic named lists each headed by the main budget name. I want to be able to select the main budget name e.g. marketing or sales etc and then see, in the next column over, only the appropriate subcategories to select from e.g pick the appropriate dynamic list (I've used dynamic lists so I have some flexibility to add new categories at a leter date).

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Create Cutomer Account Or Information Entering Area? Link To Access?

Jan 27, 2008

How to create an area in excel where by if a customer enters an account number all of their account details would be automatically entered into the address fields?

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Excel 2007 :: Data Validation To Hyperlink Won't Follow Link

Aug 22, 2013

I have a worksheet with several data validation dropdowns that each link to a series of hyperlinks. When you click the dropdown and select the hyperlink, it opens up that particular file. All of these work, except for one of the dropdowns. Even though I can see and select the names, the link is NOT activated.

Is there some obscure excel feature that I am not aware of that is preventing this one from working? Why would this be?

Excel 2007.

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Web Address Needed For Excel File

Apr 25, 2013

I want to create a web address for the attached file and then post the link on my football forum so that members can view the file in their browsers. Is it possible to do this?

Attached File : Book1.xlsx‎

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Excel 2007 :: Pivot Table - Link Back To / Modify Raw Data

Jun 25, 2008

Scenario: I have a worksheet full of ~360 tasks. Tasks are broken down into phases, have owners, and have status'. I leverage a pivot table to easily sort my data by owner, or by status. When reviewing the pivot table with others we want to update the raw data. This entails changing worksheets and scrolling to the task in question.

I'm looking for an easier way to update the raw / original data.

Options I've tried to pursue but have come up empty:
Option 1: Excel modification? Is there a setting in Excel 2007 that would allow me to change a value in my pivot table and have it propagate to the original data set (another Excel worksheet)? So far the answer seems to be "no". Is this possible?

Option 2: Hyperlink from Pivot Table to Raw data field.
- I cannot create hyperlinks within PivotTable data cells.
- I have used the "hyperlink()" function OUTSIDE of my pivot table, along w/ a "match()" on a key field in my pivot table to create hyperlinks back to my raw data... But this is prone to breaking.
- Is there a way to enable hyperlinks from within a Pivot Table? I have seen other requests from individuals that had a pivot table with actual hyperlinks (e.g. [URL]...) and they could not 'activate' them.

Option 3: Tool Tip VBA Form w/ Link?

- If I can't create hyperlinks directly in the table, then how about a function so then when i click (mouse over?) a pivot table cell a form appears with a hyperlink back to the source data?

Option 2 and 3 Assume that there's an way to get at the underlying location of the raw data (e.g. "Pivot Table Worksheet!E10" comes from "RawData!C4". I've dug through some VBA documentation at but came up empty. I know this link must exist behind the scenes - In Excel 2007 when you mouse-over a pivot table cell Excel displays: "Row - Phase - Owner - Status", which is directly out of the raw data table/worksheet. [[This was an incorrect assumption... When i looked at the pivot table tool-tip closer I realize it was just walking through my data :'( row.

What is the VBA Code to revel the source cell? If i can get at that data, (and hyperlinking can be turned on w/in the pivot table...) then I can easily write a script to walk through the pivot table and create links back to the raw data... Not a perfect solution - but it takes away the need to search through the source data for the row I want.

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Where Was My Excel Program Started From?

Oct 20, 2008

I start my excel program from a "Shortcut" in "Folder 1".
That shortcut points an Excel program in "Folder 2".

When Excel is started,
Parent.Path returns "Folder 2",
but I really need to know what "Folder 1" was.

It seems that should be available as
when I do "Save File As"
it is pointing to "Folder 1".

Is there a way to find what "Folder 1" really was from the VBA enviornment.

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Access Another Program Via Excel VBA?

May 22, 2012

I am trying to access another program via Excel VBA. The idea is that, we fill out out time and attendance sheets for work on excel workbooks. But, we have to go into a terminal program to enter this information so it can be uploaded to whereever it goes.

I am able to get the Shell command to work. But, it will be riddled with sendkeys commands and application.wait. I am sure that this is not the best way to program something like this. I believe I read that for this to work that it has to be COM compliant. I don't know. The program is a Java based terminal program.

This works for me

ShellExecute 1, "Open", "C:UsersPublic******lib***_core.jar"
But this does not

CreateObject "C:UsersPublic******lib***_core.jar"
It gives me a Run-time error 429, ActiveX component can't create object.

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Break Tracker Program Using Excel Vba

Jul 28, 2008

i am creating a break track program using excel with vba. My excel file contains the data for all employees. I have a Userform where the user will enter his employee ID which will pull up his data. I have 3 option button in which the user choose what time he would start his break. Once the user click the start button, the time he started his break will be placed in a cell and a dialog box will appear stating the time the user needs to be back. Once the user click the end button, the time he ended his break will be place on a cell as well and then it will show a message "on time" if the user came on time else if the user was overbreak, the overbreak amount of time will be displayed. I have attached my sample file together with some vba code.

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Userform Data (allows Input Of Information And Then Deposits The Information On A Specific Sheet)

Feb 11, 2010

I have created a userform that allows input of information and then deposits the information on a specific sheet. I am looking for a way to have that information not only deposited on the specific sheet it is already set to but also to another sheet based on a selection made from a combo box.

here is my current

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Excel Music Program Not Sorting Properly?

Jan 25, 2013

For the last half dozen years I have been using a simple Excel table to sort Christmas mix cds. The headings are: song, artist, album, year, and songwriter. This year after adding the additions, I tried to sort and it would not work. The automatic sort stopped at the end of the previous years' work and did not pick up the additions. When I try to include this year's additions, the sort grays out. I'm sure it's something simple. Adding additions to my brother's and daughter's lists worked fine.

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How Do I Program Multiple Conditions Within A Cell In Excel?

Jun 3, 2009

Trying to program cell C1:

If A1 is between .81 and 3, AND if B1 is Adult, then C1 is Priority Mail
If A1 is greater than 3, AND if B1 is Adult, then C1 is FedEx Ground
If A1 is Less than .81, AND if B1 is Adult, then C1 is First Class Mail
If A1 is Less than .81, AND if B1 is Child, then C1 is Hold for Inspection


There will be a list of ~45 conditions that will populate a specific value in C1. Can this be done? If so, how?

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Accessing Multiple Excel Grids With A Program Or Code

May 28, 2014

I am currently looking for a front end program to access multiple excel files at once. In a nutshell, I work for a company that uses subcontractors. Each subcontractor is graded in about 7 different performance categories. I receive daily excel files that give us the results for each category. I get separate files for each category.

What I do right now is use a master excel file. Every day I take each file I receive from our parent company and add it to the master file. I have a huge excel file that has a separate tab for each performance category. Then I have a "Report" tab where I use various formulas to summarize a sub's performance over a certain date range.

Essentially, the report tab is just a neat and concise way to display the stats of an individual sub, an office, a region or the whole company. I use tons of VLOOKUP and COUNTIF(S) formulas to look over the hundreds of lines of data and bring back the stats. It works but it is just not very efficient as I get hundreds of new lines of data every day.

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UDF Needed To Get Correct Data

Jul 3, 2014

I need identifying correct title and corresponding company name. For this I need a UDF which looks for first occurrence of title having event or marketing or meeting word in data and if found the remove other titles and company names already separated with "/".

Sample Data
Producer, Target BTC@Periscope/Events Manager, Recognition Events@Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board/Event Producer@Events by JLS

Required Result
Events Manager, Recognition Events@Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

Sample Data 2
Sales Associate@Teavana/Event Assistant@City of Saint Paul

Required Result 2
Event Assistant@City of Saint Paul

Sample Data 3
Sales and Catering Manager@Bunker Hills Golf Course at Town & Country Caterers/Marketing Coordinator@Town & Country Caterers

Required Result 3
Marketing Coordinator@Town & Country Caterers

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Excel 2010 :: If Statement With Text As Range Of Values And Numbers Needed As Output?

Apr 23, 2013

Excel 2010, I have the following list (showing part of it):

T-Shirt Sizes


The aim of the list is to see what Sizes each and every person needs and then count how many T-Shirts are required for that particular size. The list is over a 100 entries long so counting it manually isn't really an option as it's time consuming as well as errors might arise.

Thus, I've been trying to use the IF statement with the following logic but to as no avail

IF Size in Column is XS
Add 1 to a particular Cell
IF Size in Colum is S
Add 1 to a particular Different Cell

and so on for the other sizes...kind of like a counter for a for-do-loop.

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Remove Data From Custom For Fast And Keep The Needed Data?

Apr 7, 2014

We have our system set up with 2 folders one with blank forms and the other with these forms filled out and completed (records), is their a trick to removing the data from a completed form fast with out removing tables and text used to make the forms questions? If I could do this it would save time from opening in the blank forms folder then saving in the records folder.

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Excel 2003 :: Search Condition And Replace Program (VBA Coding)

Nov 12, 2011

I have two work sheets where I have data.

Sheet1 contain daily input table which as follows:

Namesalary Bonus Check
XX1000 2 FN
XY900 1 NA
YY1100 2 FN
ZY1500 3 DP
ZZ1250 2 FN
AA1050 2 NA
AZ 950 1 FN

Sheet2 have table where all the information is saved. So we can say this is database of sheet1. Which store every day information of sheet 1.

Name SalaryBonus

What I want to do is that ---it copy all the data which fullfile condition FN and move to the Sheet 2 which is salary database. Two important things to check is that. IF name already exists in the sheet 2 then it replace old info with the new one. Second thing is to sort the whole table(Salary database-sheet 2) according to A-Z (Name column). I use office 2003. I hope I provide all the information.

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Calculator Needed For Data Between Ranges

Jul 9, 2014

See the screen shot I have attached: ramp rate.jpg

Basically I have to trawl through tonnes of data every day and I would like an automatic way to do it for me. I am calculating the ramp up rate on an Autoclave oven so these figures are temperatures.

I have various ranges for each section of a cure cycle so I will use this one example.....

I need to calcuate the ramp up rate between 115°C and 140°C

I need to find the min and max between 115°c and 140°c then count the cells within the min and max, minus the min from the max then divide by how many cells there are inbetween


Is this possible?

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Array (delete Un-needed Data)

Sep 24, 2009

Is there a way to delete this un-needed data while it is still in an array (effectively resizing the array - removing specific columns and rows) and then writing the array back to the worksheet?

(5X5) Array with the following data

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