Macro To Look At Certain Parts Of A Cell And Compare?

Jun 9, 2009

I have a list of Expense Codes in Column A. They look like this

0010: Represents a Location
0020: Represnts the Business Type
8200-70: Represents Expense Type

I also have 3 tables on the spread sheet, which explains what these codes mean.

I need a macro that will look at the numbers in colum A and return the three types of expenses so they dont have to be looked up manually.

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Lookup Function: Compare Every Part In The All Parts Worksheet To See If The Part Number Exists On The Active Parts Sheet

Dec 10, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with 2 worksheets. On the first "active parts" I have a list of active part numbers and on the second "All Parts" I have all of the parts available.

I want to compare every part in the All Parts worksheet to see if the part number exists on the Active Parts sheet - if it's there, I would like it to return the value "Active" in column B in All Parts. I have a formula in column B in All Parts that seems to work for the first few, but as soon as it finds one that is active, the rest of the cells below all return "Active".

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Print Parts In Portrait Parts In Landscape

Dec 21, 2006

I have a document needed to be printed with some pages in the middle in landscape page type, the rest in portrait. If using Word it would be easier, but in Excel I cant find the section break to chage page setup separately. Is there anyway to do it. Currently I'm printing the document separately in portrait and then landscape with some page break added and page number modified. However it's quite troublesome and easy to make mistake.

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Delay Parts Of A Macro From Running

Oct 13, 2006

I have created a macro that goes to a report application. The report application runs a script that extracts certain parts of various reports (the script asks for user input to pull the various reports) and exports the data to a spreadsheet. The script gets one report, writes the data to a spreadsheet, gets the next report, appends the data to the spreadsheet, etc. The macro then moves and formats the data in a customized way to be put to second spreadsheet. My problem is that the macro tries to format the data before the script has completed - how can I stop the macro from running until the script has finished? The script varies in run time - anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes.

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Link The Numbers In The Form To Separate Parts Of A Large Printing Macro?

Jan 12, 2007

I have set up a form where the user can enter the number of copies they want for 10 items (I will call them item1, item2 etc for ease)

Is it possible to then link the numbers in the form to separate parts of a large printing Macro?

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Copying Parts Of A Cell

Apr 13, 2007

I have a cell located in $X$1 that is always populated with a person's full name.
I need to display their email address, which is the first letter of their first name then their last name + '', in another cell on Sheet2

So for example 'Bob Smith' would be ''

How can I go into cell X1 of Sheet1 and copy the first letter & the remaining letters after the space in between the names and paste them into Sheet2?

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Run Formulas With Macro But Compare Values In Cell

Aug 20, 2014

I have below code which pin out numbers from IBAN in Column P. Its formulas run by macro. It works fine. But what i really need is that instead of putting the formula in the cell, is that it compare the value from the formula, with the excisting value , in each cell . And it mark the cells where there are a difference with yellow colour I have been thinking how to do this but cant really work it out. If some have a better solution its ok but i need a macro for it.

have a look at below code, which change the cell and correct the error, but which i want just to compare the values.

I have attached a sheet to test with.

[Code] .....

Attached File : Testforcompare.xls‎

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Extracting Parts Of Data In A Cell

Sep 1, 2007

i have a cell which contains data like this

in cell A1
12. John Smith (67)

There are hidden spaces in cell a1 as well which are not needed, which i can get rid of using TRIM so that may need taken into consideration ??

In Cell A2 i would just like John Smith
In Cell A3 i would just like the 67

the number and . at beginning is not needed just the name and number (no brackets)

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Extract Parts Of Text From Cell?

Jan 7, 2013

I have several cells with text as such:

cell A1: john doe (
cell A2: jane smith (jane

How can I extract just the name? I want the formula results to be john doe and jane smith

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Picking Partial Parts Of A Cell

Jul 29, 2006

I got some data like this


The gap between each word and the word "US" is uneven. sometimes it's 3 spacebar apart, and sometimes 4.

I am trying the pick the part not including US. I tried =IF(ISERROR(SEARCH("US",A1)),A1,LEFT(A1,SEARCH("US",A1)-1)). It works but when I use match function to look up the word. It returns N.A. As the output is not just CTAC(4 characters), but 5 characters(including blank). The problem is the gap between between the word and "US" is different for each cell. so I cannot just minus the same character in the above formula (e.g. -2 if there is one blank cell). Anyone can tell me how to pick out the word and with only the number of characters in the word?(no blank)

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Macro To Compare Colors In Cell And Type Result

Feb 6, 2014

Like u see in attachment i have products in cells wich are painted in different colors. I need to compare two numbers of different product, and write result to column "Type D,C,B". If one of two products is without color/white or they are not the same color then result is always "D", if both products/cells have same color and different number then results is "C", if the color and number is the same then result is "B"

Below cell B2 I will write numbers by hand, when I finish and start macro it will compare first cell B2 and B3 and write result to C3, then compare B3 and B4 and write result to C4 and do that until there is any number in column B:B.

Attached File : excel help.xlsx‎

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Macro Compare 2 Columns Different Worksheet And Copy Cell

Mar 28, 2014

I am trying to modify the macro listed below for the following example. It would work when I have only numerals in the cell but this new query, the cell has both letters and numbers.

I want to compare column "M" from worksheet one to column "B" in worksheet two. If the information matches, then copy the value adjacent from worksheet two column "A" to worksheet one column "L".

Here is the macro that worked for me using a search of only numerals.

figuring out why the data doesn't copy?


Sub merge_accession_PS_rad_productivity()
Dim rng2 As Range, c2 As Range, cfind As Range
Dim x, y
With Worksheets("Imaging_Summary")
'N4=Accession on Imaging Summary worksheet


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Search Parts Of Columns Looking For Matches In Parts Of Other Columns In A Row

Mar 1, 2014

I have sheets with names of people in columns....some married...some not. When they are married, here's a sample format...

Jones, Donald T | Baker, Sarah Jane | Jones, Sarah Jane | Smith, Sarah J | Jones, Sarah Jane Smith

In this example, I would like to be able to determine which of the Sarah's belongs to Donald w/o having to visually look at each record ( 100,000's of records). (FYI: the names for Sarah would/could be her Maiden Name and possibly a name or two from a former marriage). What I need to be able to do is match and extract the names of Jones, Donald T and Jones, Sarah Jane and Jones, Sarah Jane Smith and eliminate Smith, Sarah J and Baker, Sarah Jane.

In my example, Donald is in the first column, but can be in any column on a row so the name positions are random across the columns. However, the format for each column is then same...Last Name, First Name Middle Name(or Initial) with a comma always after the last name in each column. The length of the last name also varies.

VBA or Formula that will search the cells in the columns of each row and return the names (complete contents of the cells with matching last names) that have a matching last name for that row.

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Single Cell In Column Be Divided Into Two Parts?

Nov 28, 2012

Question is this, "can a single cell in a column be divided into two parts?"

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A Macro That Will Compare A Cell With Another Cell?

Mar 11, 2014

I wrote a macro that will compare a cell with another cell (top cell color yellow compare wit the white cell value). If the cells matches color green will be assigned if not red color will be assigned. I have one problem with which I can't figure out is that if the top cell in yellow has two or three values such as (5780, 1975 or -116,-110,-108) and the camparing value has only one value (5780 or 1975 etc...).

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Macro - Sum Up, Compare, Display

Aug 9, 2007

I have a spreadsheet with three sheets (Data, 20 and 30). On the Data sheet I have only two rows, and I do not work on this sheet. I work with the sheets 20 and 30. On the sheet 20 I need to sum up the amount of column H. But my problem is that the count of this column (the rows or cells) allways change. Sometimes there are 554 the next day 663 and so on. So I need the macro to sum up the amount of column H two cells under the last cell. I need exactly the same in the sheet 30, but the only difference is that in the sheet 30 the amounts are in the G column (not in H). Finally I need to compare the two summed up amounts (sheet 20 and 30) and they must be equal. So what I would need as macro is that when I run it, it sums up the amounts in both sheets and then in the Data sheet (in the 5th row, cell A) displays the summed up amount and (in cell B) displays OK if the two summed up amounts are equal, or just dislpays ERROR if the summed up amounts are not equal.

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Compare And Delete Macro

Oct 22, 2008

Attached is a sample data set. If all the positive and matching negative entries are located and removed, there are 4 remaining entries. The only pertinent columns are A through J, the columns after that are where my fiddling is occurring.

First you have to highlight all the data (including the control columns to the right). Then, my macro sorts the data by the absolute value (found in column O), allowing the formulas in N to then properly mark all negative entries with an "X and all the ones that now have a matching positive entry directly below it with an "X".

Then my macro hides all the fields with an "X" in column N. There is a macro called "CLEANSE" that does this, but only hides the rows. I keep messing up when I try to delete them entirely.

Can someone correct my macro so it will properly delete the rows with an "X" in the N column, or suggest a better macro that will scan the E column and flag matching positive/negative numbers and delete them without my control columns N and O?

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Macro To Compare Between The Two Given Files

Dec 17, 2008

i need a macro to do a comparison b/w the two given files ...(book1 n book2) ...
n want the result to be like result file .. (result.xls)

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How To Move Parts Of A Row

May 30, 2014

I am trying to move some parts of a row (From G:AE) where text is found in G Column. It moves it back 1 column from G

[Code] .....

Attached File : ozeform.csv‎

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Macro To Compare Two Columns (Dates)?

Mar 10, 2014

My Process goes like this: We receive work in the excel sheet and in the column K(Period will be in YYYYMMDD)

First I want macros by which I can change YYYYMMDD TO MMDDYY.


It should compare column J and column K.

see the below example.

Period date (column K) Product end date (column L)

Column J column K

20131031 10/31/2013 = If column J & K dates are equal then "No action required"

20131031 7/31/2013 = If column J is higher then column K dates then "Action required"

20130930 11/2/2013 = If column J is lesser then column K dates then "No action required."

I need comments in column Q.

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Macro To Compare Two Ranges In Two Different Sheets

Apr 17, 2014

I am relatively new to VBA macros. I am having two sheets, in one sheet I have a non-contiguous 20 rows range and in the other sheet I have a 20 row contiguous range. I need a macro which will compare data between the two ranges(one to one compare) meaning 1st row of the first range should compare with 1st row of the second range and if it matches then it should populate the adjacent column in the second sheet with true or false accordingly.

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Macro To Compare The Columns Text

Apr 1, 2009

macro to compare 4 columns of text (first and last names) then add a checkmark in separate columns if they match and don't match?
For example I have this kind of data to compare and the results required:

Sheet 1
Last Name First Name
Smith Mike
Johnson Bruce
Hendrick Fred
Shaffer Kerry

Sheet 2
Last Name First Name Match No Match
Klee Pierre X
Verge Kerry X
Smith Mike X
Wright David X
Hendrick Fred X

I need the macro to mark an X in the Match column if the first and last names match only and if they do not match exactly a X in the No Match column.

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Macro To Compare 2 Price List

Apr 11, 2012

I am looking for VBA Macros to compare 2 price list. I am trying to achieve the following.

1. Script look in sheet one i.e. Old list for duplicate if it is their it should display in 3rd sheet i.e.duplicate with sheet name and row number
2. Script look in sheet two i.e. New list for duplicate if it is their it should display in 3rd sheet i.e.duplicate with sheet name and row number
3. Script look in both the sheet for duplicate values it it is there then it should display in 3rd sheet i.e. duplicate

Also it should count the number of records on each sheet in column F1. If possible can we display the work % while checking both the lists.

Sample file is attached.

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Macro To Compare Data In Two Columns

May 9, 2013

I have account numbers in Col A and in Col D .I would like a macro to highlight the color the items in Col D that are not in col D. Blanks can be ignored

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Unable To Compare Dates Using Macro

Dec 22, 2013

Currently I am working on a Userform based Macro that reads date and time from user and compares it with the date and time present in a cell in excel sheet(in mm/dd/yy hh:mm format). If the date and time value entered in both places matches then it will fill green colour in the cell.

I tried to convert the date present in excel sheet into a string using Cstr but it is not working. I have attached the code below for your reference.

Dim lr As Long, i As Long
lr = Sheet5.Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
For i = 1 To lr
If Cells(i, "D") = "FIT" Then
If Left(Sheet5.Cells(i, 14), 1) = "M" Then


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Compare Particular Range Of Columns By Macro

Jan 30, 2014

I need making a macro which compares a particular range of columns in one sheet to other sheet in same workbook.

It is like i have two worksheets named "Working Copy" and "Cleaned Data - (Working)". In this I have to compare Columns (A:AG) from Working Copy to columns (B:BH) of Cleaned Data - (Working). and if there is any difference between any cell then it should be highlighted with a colour in both the worksheets.

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Column Compare Macro Error

Jul 12, 2014

I've created a macro that will compare 2 columns and move the rows around (whilst maintaining the original order) to line matches up and leave spaces for mismatches. In the file attached if you run the macro "RouteCompare" on the "Selection1" tab it works fine as there is only a small number of rows.

When i try it on "Selection2" tab with over 2K rows it bombs out. IT seems to only work for columns that are only slightly mismatched or not that long.

I'm not an expert on it, but i thought it might be excel using up all the resorces it has and grinding to a halt.

Is there any way to edit the macro to allow reset whatever is slowing it wodn after a period of time, or changing the macro to prevent it from crashing on long flows?

Here is the code I'm using:

Sub CompareMyRoute()
'Macro to compare flows
'Created by by Brendan M Murphy
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

[Code ...........

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Macro To Compare Security Codes

Jul 18, 2008

I have 4 worksheets in a workbook: choose security, download, MC and Lending,

In the choose security worksheet in CELL A2 is an HEX code, i.e. stock code.

2. In MC worksheet is raw data of all holdings related to various pfolios and securities, the information we need from this worksheet is,

a) pfolios, which are in column A,
b) Holdings which is Col B
c) Security code i.e. stock code which is in Col D

I need a macro or a formula to look at what security code is in choose security worksheet CELL A2, then look for this security in worksheet MC Col D, once matched, copy the data for this security to worksheet download and paste in CELL A3, I only need pfolios and holdings to be copied to download so data in Col A and B.

Once data has been copied to worksheet download, I then need another macro or formula to repeat step 2, but this time the macro will be looking at worksheet Lending,

a) Pfolios, which are in Col B
b) Security code is in Col D
c) Holdings is in Col H

Once the macro or formula has found a match of security code, it will then copy the data from Col B and H to download worksheet CELL E3.

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Macro: Compare The Amount & Paste OK

Feb 24, 2010

Hi all,

I have a workbook with 2 sheets: "dan" and "resources"

On the "Dan" sheet, in column B there is a list of names and in column column C, a corresponding dollar amount.
On the "resource sheet" in column B is a subset of the names found on in column B of the Dan sheet. On the Resourse sheet, there is a corresponding dollar amount in column c also.

I would like a macro to compare the dollar amounts to ensure they match. If they match, I would like to place an "OK" in column Q on the appropriate row of the Dan sheet. If the amounts do not match, place an "X" in column Q of the appropriate row on the dan sheet. If the name on the Dan sheet is not one that appears on the Resource sheet, then place an "N/A" in column Q of the appropriate row on the Dan sheet.

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Compare Text Via Macro Code

Sep 28, 2006

I m trying to write some code use VBA in excel to look at cell C2 and if it equal A0 or whatever then it will put in cell D2 = "blah blah" and then go down to the next cell C3.

Select Case Range("C:C").Text
Case "A0"
Range("B1").Value = "not booked"
Case "A1"
Range("B1").Value = "Misplace documents"
Case "A2"
Range("B1").Value = "Closing cancelled"
Case Else
End Select
End Sub

I have a report that in one column codes (A1,A2,A3,B3 etc..) and these codes have a description and I want the VBA code to look at the description Code and then put in a different column the description. but Im having no luck.

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