Obtaining Certain Data From A Range Depending On Multiple Factors

Nov 15, 2013

I have a sheet with 5000+ entries, column A is an ID number, column B has one of 4 outcomes C,D and E are just times and quantities and are not important.

In column A there could be multiple entries of the same ID number.

In column B it will show Pcid243A, Pcid243B, Ddar400A or Ddar400B.

I need to export (to another sheet) any entries with the following conditions:

A = ID number with any instance in B showing both a 243 and 400 condition.


AA565677878D - Pcid243B - C - D - E
AA837632823G - Pcid243B - C - D - E
AA837632823G - Pcid243A - C - D - E
YA74846CC - Ddar400A - C - D - E
WW768765364F - Ddar400A - C - D - E
WW768765364F - Ddar400B - C - D - E
WW768765364F - Pcid243B - C - D - E
AA73262362G - Ddar400B - C - D - E

In the example above, I'd need the red cells exporting to a new sheet as they meet the conditions of having the same ID and both a 243 & 400 outcome:

AA565677878D - Pcid243B - C - D - E
AA837632823G - Pcid243B - C - D - E
AA837632823G - Pcid243A - C - D - E
YA74846CC - Ddar400A - C - D - E
WW768765364F - Ddar400A - C - D - E
WW768765364F - Ddar400B - C - D - E
WW768765364F - Pcid243B - C - D - E
AA73262362G - Ddar400B - C - D - E

Now I've spent ages trying different things and can't get anything to work...

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Ranking Depending On Several Factors?

Dec 7, 2012

I have to make a hierarchy of my employees, taking in consideration the achievemnt of their target. I'll attach a sample to make it simple to understand. The are 2 classes of factors: Class I and Class II.

- In Class I (witch counts 75% in total results) there are:
- New deposit - count 75% from class I
- Insurance - count 10% from class I
- Investments fund - count 15% from class I
- In Class II (witch counts 25% in total results) trere are:
- Loan A - count 15% from class II, but the number have a weight of 40% in results, and volume 60%
- Loan B - count 75% from class II, but the number have a weight of 75%, while volume have 25%
- New clients - count 10% from class II

Now, I have to rank the employees taking in consideration the Deviation for all of the factors above (columns E, H, K, P, Q, V, W, Z).

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Converting A Number Into A Word Depending On Several Factors (age, *** Etc)

Nov 4, 2009

I have a spreadsheet where I want to record the VO2max value (a number indicating the maximum volume of oxygen a person can utilise) of a person.

The VO2max is just a number, normally between 30-60.

I then need excel to look up the VO2max value (i.e. “35”) and give that number a predetermined inputted value name in a different cell (i.e. “low” or “fair”, “good”, “very good” etc etc).

However, as VO2max is also affected by age and *** I also have a column for the participants age and *** and I want excel to use that to make the value name.

E.g. in a 24 year old male a VO2max of 32 is “low”
But, in a 42 year old female a VO2max of 32 would need to be classed “”moderate”

Any ideas how this can be done? can it be done?

I could post the table containing the age range, values and names if I knew how to post an excel sheet on here.

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Interpolating Factors (factors For 1 Years 1 Month Early)

Jan 20, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with early retirement factors;

Years early
1 93.5%
2 87.6%
3 82.3%
4 77.4%

What I'd like to know is if there is an easy way to work out the factors for 1 yrs 1 mth early, 1 yrs 2 mths early, 1 yrs 3 mths early, etc.

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Obtaining A Range

May 2, 2006

I need to obtain a range of cells starting on cell B10 to the end of records (vertical)

I need to do two things with this:

1) Count the number of records from cell B10 to the last row populated with data

2) Format the cells in this range

FYI - "R" is always the last column.

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Obtaining Values Within A Range

Mar 15, 2014

I've got a problem where I need to assign values to ranges between 0 and 3.


2-3 2.2
1-3 1.6
0-3 0.8
0-2 0.5
0-2 0.5
0-1 0.1
0-1 0.1
0-1 0.1
0-1 0.1

The values above are simply approximates done manually but I need it done automatically using a formula. The resulting values should be proportioned similarly to the ones above but they need to all sum up to 6 and be no more than 3 each.

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Calculating A Range Of Values Based On 2 Factors

Feb 2, 2009

I need a way to calculate building rates based selecting the building and the value selected;

I have a list of building construction (fire resistive - protected, non combustible - protected etc)... in cell N8 and the limits in cell O8.

Now what I need to do is calculate the rates in the file attached (cells A5:J21 in my worksheet) based on the building construction and the value/limit I select.

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Excel 2007 :: Obtaining Average Across Multiple Worksheets Using VLOOKUP?

Feb 17, 2014

very basic Excel user (using Excel 2007). Trying to see how I can use the VLookup function from multiple worksheets to get an average. I know it can be done, but just not sure how to go about doing that. My spreadsheet is attached - basically what I want to do is to get an average for the individuals listed in the "Consensus" tab for the figures that appear in Worksheets "1", "2" and "3".

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Obtaining Largest Number In A Range But Then Pulling Back Name Of Team

Oct 16, 2013

I have a set of data like below, I am trying to get a formula to look at a range i.e. May column and then select the highest number in that range but rather than returning the number returning the team name, is that possible? Not sure where to start...


Team 1

[Code] .........

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Obtaining Data About PDFs

Nov 20, 2013

I have a large number (couple of hundred) pdf's in a folder for electrical test certificates. The pdf's are in the format 54 Pike Drive.pdf etc. and have the date modified.

Ideally, as well as the address I would like the date modified as this is pretty close to the date of the certificate so will suffice.

Failing the date, just the addresses will do which need to go on separate rows in Excel.

I've tried copying and pasting the files but to no avail.

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Remove Data Based On Two Factors

Apr 16, 2009

In the enclosed SS there are several columns, "A" being Style and "G" being Available. I'm trying to piece together some code that will remove all of a style(all sizes) if the number of stock is less than say 3; however, if any one style has 3 or more available the entire style needs to remain in the spreadsheet.

I've been trying to piece together some code but I don't think I've quite come up with what I'm looking for.

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Excel 2003 :: Sum Data Depending On Week Range

Jun 26, 2014

Objective: I have a financial spreadsheet, which i want to bring to my front sheet the sum of data in between 2 week ranges. For example, if I select week 26 and 52 then all the relevant data will be summed into the relevant cell on my front sheet.

Current Technique: I have on my "data" spreadsheet my columns in B1 down listing Week 1-52 and then the cell headings in B2 onwards. I have created a summary table which currently shows the 4 quarters of the year (1-13, etc) and I am using helper columns to pull this data onto my "front sheet", depending what selection is made on the drop down e.g. 1-13, then all summary data will be dragged onto my front sheet.

On the front sheet, in each cell I need information to be displayed I use the following formula;

"=IF(ISERROR(INDEX(Data!$C$56:$BF$60,Data!$BI56,COLUMNS('Front Sheet'!I13:J13)))"

As you can see the quarter data is useful, but a more flexible date range would be more useful to sum data between any selected week.

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Changing Range Of Sumproduct Function Depending On Length Of Data Series

Feb 20, 2007

I have a small problem using the ‘sumproduct function’ which I am using it to calculate the area under curves using the following equation (=SUMPRODUCT((B10:B109-B9:B108)*(D10:D109+D9:D108))*0.5). However I have hundreds of curves to calculate the area under and the length of the data series for each curve is different, I am currently changing the length of the data series by hand. I have attached an example worksheet of 2 sets of data (the formula I am using at the moment is highlighted in blue – row 203). Is there are function or formula that I can use inside this equation to change the range of the formula depending on the length of the data series?

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Ranking Without Zero And Ranking On Multiple Factors?

Aug 12, 2014

I am facing some problem with ranking formulae. Attached is a file illustrating them.

Problem 1: Ranking without zero I have a set of data for products. They have a number next to it. Some of the products have a ZERO value next to them. I want to rank the data in an ascending order while ignoring the products with ZERO value next to them.

Problem 2: Ranking on multiple factors I have a set of data for 50 products. There are 5 factors based on which I want to pick the best and the worst. Each factor has a value which can be a negative number, zero or positive number.

This is what I am doing presently: Ranking the products on each factor in a separate column. Points are assigned based on the ranking, i.e. if the ranking of "product A" on Factor 1 is 32, then it gets 32 points It is assumed that equal importance [weight] is given to each factor, thus average points is calculated based on ranking of each product on each factor. Average points are again ranked in descending order The top & bottom 10 are picked from this ranking.

Number of products and number of factors can be different for each analysis. Presently I am giving equal importance to the rankings for each of the factors, what if I have to give varied importance [weight] to the factors.

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Macro To Change Range / Action Depending On Worksheet (range To Autofill)

Sep 17, 2013

Currently my Macro should: Turn off any filtersNumber column A from 1 to 1000 (starting in A14)Drags formula from K14-O14 down to last row of data shown in column Athen puts cursor in last empty cell in column B ready for user to enter data

On point 3 - I want the range to be K14-O14 if active worksheet equals "EXCHANGES" but if its on the "VALUATIONS" tab the autofill range should be L14-P14

I have found bits and pieces of macros on the internet and put them together so if my macro below is not the most effective for my needs but here it is in it's current state:

Here is my macro:

Sub AddNewEntry()
Dim wks As Worksheet


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Sum With Factors Built In

Jan 26, 2012

I have the data below. I need to total the amount in the USD Equivalent column but there is an exception. Where the "Curr Sold" and the "Curr Sold" are the same in reverse (as highlighted) in yellow, I need to take the net figure. For example below, I need to add the USD Equivalent column but then minus the 6,013,072.66 because the CHF - USD is the same in reverse with the same maturity date.

Maturity DateCurr SoldAmount SoldUSD EquivalentCurr Bought

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Select Multiple Rows Depending On Value Of A1?

Mar 23, 2014

I have a spreadsheet with employees and data listed. The drop-down in A1 lets someone select the employee and then it hides the rows for all other employees. I want to add the names of supervisors in the drop-down of A1 and have it select only the employees under that supervisor and hide the rest. The number of employees under each supervisor ranges from 3 to 6. This is what I have to hide the rows when selecting a single employee :

[Code] .........

My workbook has stats data on the "Master" sheet(sheet #1) and analysts and supervisors on "Analysts" sheet(sheet #12). Data validation for cell A1 on "Master" sheet has all the analysts and supervisors in the first column of "Analysts" sheet with title "Select Analyst" in cell A1. I modified the "Analysts" sheet to show supervisors from B1:I1 and listed the analysts in the appropriate columns below them. Not sure how to make it select the analysts when someone selects the supervisor on "Master" sheet .

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Multiple Sums Depending On A Description

Dec 28, 2005

I really don't know how easy or difficult it might be, but here it is:

I have something like this (example) :

| A | B | C | D |
1 | 15| W1 | | |
2 | 5| W2 | | |
3 | 7| W1 | | |
4 | 9| W3 | | |
5 | 21| W4 | | |
6 | 14| W2 | | |

I want to have the result of all the W1 in D1, All W2 in D2, All W3 in D3 and all W4 in D4 without having to create any additional SUMs somewhere else to discriminate and then get the result (e.g. =IF($B2="W2",$A2,0) and copying the formula all along the column, then =SUM(xx:xx) and get the result.)

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Set Range Depending On Value In Column D

Oct 29, 2007

I have a list of data in colum A and I want to group them together.

In column D I number the group with the same number.

A1 = Tony D1 = 1
A2 = Tom D2 = 1
A3 = Bill D3 = 1

A4 = Helen D4 = 2
A5 = Marg D5 = 2
A6 = Kathy D6 = 2
A7 = Catherine D7 = 2

And so on..... The list up to 100 names

As you can see group 1 = 3 names, group 2 = 4 names, group 3 = 6 or maybe 7 and so on.

I'm trying to set ranges for them Eg:
set rng1 = A1:A3
set rng2 = A4:A7

but it not fixed to set ranges like that. It's variable and changes every week. Next week maybe rng1 = A1:A5, rng2 = A6:A9.

can I have the VB code to determine these variable ranges.

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Count All Of Factors Of Integer

Nov 4, 2011

I need to count, not list, all of the factors of an integer. For instance the number 12 has the following, 1 2 3 4 6 12, so the solution to the NoF(12)=6.

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Formula To Sum If 2 Different Factors Are Needed

Apr 9, 2014

I have a big list with names, money spent and date. I need somehow with a formula to do:

Take all the money spent on some specific day from a specific person an put it into a field.. and this for every date of the week and for everyname... Im gonna upload a photo.





[Code] ........

I need the list of the left to produce me list of the right somehow, at least just the sum of everything spent everyday.

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VBA Userform - Labeling Depending On Multiple Variables

May 20, 2014

I have the following issue:

I have a table of data, and would like my userform to select parts on this depending on different variables.

When I run the macro "Show_UserFormCalculatePrice" or click the button "Calculate Price", the userform is activated which has 2 comboboxes, Date and Service.

When a certain date a service are selected I would like the the dish name to show in the labels of the userform.

My main issue is that there will be multiple dishes that will correspond to the data, and I would like them to be vertically listed in the labels depending on their number (Column A).

Essentially I would like to run some sort of If function:

If the date and the service correspond to the criteria then they are shown in the labels.


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Select Range Depending On A Column

Mar 4, 2009

If i have row 10-20 in column A filled, what vba code would i need to select a range in column C that selects rows 10-20

If that 10-20 rows in column A chnages to say 10-50 the vba code will select 10-50 in column C

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Print By Date Depending Range

Jan 8, 2008

i have a excel sheet which i use to schedule my service team. Basically i have horizontally the dates ((a colum for every day of the year) and vertically the guys names (about 25 rows).

I would like to add a function so i can push a button and i automatically print the past, current and next week of my shedule on one page.

In addition it should print my usage chart which is on a different work sheet in the same file.

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Excel Calculation System With Two Factors

May 8, 2014

I am making an Excel calculation system where I have two factors (weight and opening length), which is essential for which lift there is possible to use.

There are 8 models each of which may have some limitations in terms of weight, and the opening length:

ModelPushing/pulling Force (KG)Stroke Length (mm)
HCV 130 350
HCV 230 600
HCV 330 800
HCV 430 1000
HCV 550 350
HCV 650 600
HCV 750 800
HCV 850 1000

What I am looking for is a formula, that when you enter numbers in two cells "Weight" and "Opening distance" of what their platform is to meet, then all the models that have the potential to accomplish this task pops up.

Example: A client writing a weight of = 40 kg and opening length of = 450 mm. The formula should then show which model that meets the requirements.

In this case: Models that meet the requirements for the lift.

ModelPushing/pulling Force (KG)Stroke Length (mm)
HCV 650 600
HCV 750 800
HCV 850 1000

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Calculating Cost Based On Several Factors

Jan 7, 2009

i. I currently have a spreadsheet which is used to forecast resource cost for a project. The forecasted cost is calculated on a few factors - rate, allocation, contract start and end date, and expected days worked per month. One of the mods actually helped me out with this a few weeks ago.

I now have been told that there is a possibility that certain resource costs may change in the new year and that will need to be reflected in the sheet whilst keeping the historic information.

For example - XXX has a rate of £200 p/d, allocation is 1, working 18.83 days p/m and is working from 01/01/09 to 01/06/09. The current formula will work out his cost per month until contract end. Now say his rate will be changed to £150 p/d from the 01/03 and all other info remains the same, I need the sheet to calculate his revised cost from 01/03 onwards and not change the calculation previous to that month.

Now Ive actually managed to figure that part out myself by adding in two columns (over-ride rate and over-ride date) using a nested IF statement. The only problem is that if the new rate starts mid month then it will still calcuate the original amount for the full month and the revised amount from the next month.

Edit - Also, could someone advise as to how do I remove my old attachments as I have almost used up my allocation.

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Spreadsheet With Unit Conversion Factors

Dec 19, 2009

I've been looking on the internet for a spreadsheet that lists the various units of measure with conversion factors to other units. I'm not looking for the formulas, just a chart.

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Prime Factors Regardless Of Number Length

Jan 29, 2010

Searching through the forums, I've found a post of daddylonglegs, witch shows how to find the smallest factor of a number:

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Matching Columns And Obtaining The Value?

Dec 18, 2012

I have two worksheets, sheet 1 and sheet 2. On sheet 1, I have a information on two columns (Column A and B) Column a has information up to row 10 (aaa, bbb, ccc, ddd, ...). On column B, I have 111, 222, 333 . I have same information on Sheet 2. However, sheet two has an additional column (Column C) with 10 rows on information z, y, x, w, v ...

What I need to do is to match column A and B in sheet 1 to column A and B in sheet 2 and if both columns matches on the same row, copy the value in sheet 2, column C and paste it on sheet 1 column C.

Important: Information on sheet 2, column B may be twisted (As they may not appear exactly the same as in sheet 1. Which means 111,222,333 can be 222,333,111 along the column). Therefore, need to match the entire range.

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Obtaining Information From Listboxes

Feb 4, 2014

I have a listbox (form control) on an excel sheet, where the user can select (or deselect) multiple entries.

Is there a way to have vba spit out which options are selected? if I choose "single" for selection type, it will tell me which option i have selected. Is there something similar for multiple?

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