Populating Cells With SQL Server Data

Jul 29, 2009

I need to run multiple queries and insert their results into Excel cells. Each query will return only one result (a number, or a null). What is the best way to accomplish this?

Below is an example of the code I'm currently using. It does return data to the cell specified, but I'm guessing there's an easier way to populate multiple cells with the results of multiple queries.

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Populating Specific Cells With SQL Server Data?

Dec 11, 2012

A user has an excel document and there are 5 specific cells they need to populate. The data is in one of our SQL databases. Is it possible to create a new copy of that excel doc with those fields populated for each record? There are around 2000 records they don't want to manually populate each one.

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Retrieve Data From Sql Server

Nov 25, 2008

This code should retrieve data from sql server to excel sheet
filtering according to the "where" statement
its a modified recorded macro.

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Data Not Display In Pivot Table From SQL Server

Dec 6, 2011

I've come across an excel spreadsheet that has a pivot table which displays data from a sql server connection query. This worked fine before but recently the database it connects to was moved.

The connection string was updated to reflect this.

The main difference in the connection apart from a new server name, is that where before we were using a Trusted Connection, now we're using a SQL login.

Now only some of the data is shown.

The query still works - if I go into Edit Query (Data>Connections>Properties) the query runs fine. It just doesn't display properly anymore

I think this is something to do with the pivot table rather than any connection properties.

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Data From Closed Workbook On Remote Server

Jul 4, 2007

I worked with an Ozgrid macro until it was what I wanted using files on my local PC. I then edited the macro to get data from a closed workbook on a remote server. I now have a Run-time error '1004'

Method ' Range' of object'_Worksheet' failed and the debugger takes me to this line of code.

With Sheet1.Range(AreaAddress)

The only thing I have changed up to this point in the macro, is the address of the file on the remote server.

I am at a loss with this now. Am I trying to do the impossible? ....

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Adding Formula Into SQL Code When Transferring Data From The Server

Jul 16, 2014

I get some tables from SQL server but I like to add formula when the data transferred to Excel sheet

"Colum C" has date data from the SQL table

I have the below formula which I like to add into SQL code which can automatically work out the aged period on "Colum D" which is named as "Aged".


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Excel Macro File Which Will Fetch Data From SQL Server

Sep 30, 2013

I have created a macro file which will fetch the data from sql server. Here is the code

f Me.Cmbchoose.Value = "" Then
MsgBox "Please Choose From the drop down Menu!!", vbExclamation
Exit Sub
End If
If Me.Cmbchoose.Value = "Merchants Reports" Then
Dim oConn As ADODB.Connection

[Code] .....

The code is working fine. Now my question is that I want to access it from my home. How do I do that without DSN set up?

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Populating Cells On A Table Using Data From Another Table

Jul 21, 2013

I have a table thats acting as a database analysing player data and I have a second table in a report sheet based on the database table. In my report table I have a drop down with the player names at the top and I want the data cells underneath to populate based on that particular players data from the database.

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Populating A Range Of Cells

Oct 6, 2009

I am attaching an example sheet with this. I am trying to populate a range of cells in sheet1(from sheet2) based on value in cell A1 on sheet1. VLOOKUP brings only one cell value, I need to bring in a range of cell values in different cells on sheet1.

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Referancing Cells And Populating Another Worksheet

Mar 24, 2009

I have two worksheets. One worksheet is pulling in data from an OLAP cude. I have it configured as a pivot table. The other worksheet contains my dataset. Both worksheets are in the same file.

In my datasheet worksheet I would like to pull in data from the other worksheet. I would like to be able start a few cells and then drag so that it autopopulates the values. Here is the formula I'm using

='Affiliates Pivot'!$F10
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F11
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F12

it poulated with the values


then I select the 3 cells and drag so that I can autopulate the remaining values. It enters the formulas

='Affiliates Pivot'!$F10
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F11
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F12
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F10
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F11
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F12
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F10
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F11
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F12

what I really want is

='Affiliates Pivot'!$F10
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F11
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F12
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F13
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F14
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F15
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F16
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F17
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F18

Is this possible? How can I do this?

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Copying Row Into Worksheet After Populating Cells

Mar 26, 2009

I have the following simplified example:
Table with three columns with a growing number of rows. The user enters data into each row, once user enters the last value and hits "Enter" on the final cell (column c) I want a script to evaluate the row and copy the entire contents of the row onto an existing different worksheet. The first column (A) contains the attribute that will be the condition that determines which sheet to paste in

For example, in my attached file, the first row contains the value "Square".
I want that row be copied and pasted into the 2nd tab of the worksheet (reserved for "Square" data) on the next free line. Simiarly, Triangles should be pasted on the thrid tab. Note however that i think the data should be copied line-by-line as the user enters it, which obviously isnt the case for the example dummy data, its just there to simulate my setup

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Populating Cells When There Are Duplicate Conditions

Oct 22, 2008

if the state, city and company name are the same, I need to make sure the address gets populated in the address column. I have included an attached sheet to clear this up.

For example,

Row 1 is Crazy Horse Saloon in Anchorage, AK and has an address and phone number
Row 2 is Crazy Horse Saloon in Anchorage, AK and does not have an address and phone number

I need it to be able to realize that the State, City, and Business all match and populate the missing information.

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Populating Cells That Corresponds To The Time

Nov 14, 2006

I have a workbook that has a calendar look to it (in row 2 I have time in 30 minutes going from 7 AM, 7.5, 8, 8.5 until 12 AM). In sheet2 I have employees name in column A and their workshift in column B (07:00AM-03:45PM). I'm trying to have excel find an empty row to populate a "t" in sheet1 for the for the employees worshift for each associate without any overlap. I have attached a short sample of what I'm working with. Let me if there is a formula or a code maybe...

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Populating Multiple Cells By Entering In Criteria

Jan 29, 2010

I am adding a sheet with a graph I made. There are two sheets, the first with the graph, the second with tables. What I would like to do is populate the graph based off what is entered into the tables. My main goal is to get the cells in the cells in the graph for each day to fill in color between the given time frame entered in on the table. Obviously I would be rounding up or down to make the time end in ":00."

The color I would like to fill the graph with is shown on the graph sheet. Also, if anyone can actually get this to work (I honestly wouldn't know where to start) Is there a way to have multiple colors and a possible overlay of colors?

Lets say on tuesday I have 10:00-15:00, and 12:00-18:00. Can I have two colors populate the cells and a thirs color populate the cells in the overlay which would be 12:00-15:00?

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Auto-populating Cells On Separate Sheets?

Jan 9, 2014

I have two spreadsheets, one is a Log Sheet for invoices that we have been printing out and filling in my hand throughout the day as our field technicians complete their work. The second spreadsheet has a sheet for each technician where we manually input the technician's invoice numbers and payroll for each job completed on that day.

What I'd like is a way to combine these spreadsheets so that instead of printing and filling in the first sheet by hand, I could input the invoice data and have it automatically populate the cells for the appropriate technician.

This is the running log we keep throughout the day:


Then at the end of the day, we painstakingly transcribe the data for invoice number and payroll onto this sheet for each technician:


What I want is for Excel to automatically fill in each technician's payroll log with invoice number and payroll time as we fill in the running log throughout the day, is this a doable thing?

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Auto Populating Cells From A Date Range

Nov 17, 2006

Basically i am trying to auto populate cells using two dates as the parameters, set up is

A1 - Start Date
B1 - Finish Date
C1 - Jan 07
D1 - Feb 07
E1 - Mar 07....and this carries on across till the end of the year.

What i am wanting excel to do is to be able to put in a start date and finish date in to the relevant cells.....this then populates a fixed figure across in to the correct month.

start date 05/07/07
finish date 17/10/07

This then puts in the figure 0.2 in to each cell that correspond with each month....July 07/Aug 07/Sep 07/Oct 07.

So in effect it is giving a gantt chart but with data in it.

One more thing....the start and finish dates could well be out of the range.....

so start could be 07/08/06 and end could be 18/04/07 which would mean that all of the fields would need populating.

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Populating Many Cells From One Master Cell Formula

Aug 22, 2008

If I type a VLookup formula in Cell A1, the resultset goes into cell A1, as expected.

Is there any way to have a formula in Cell "A1" that populates a different cell, like Cell A6 that contains no formula ?

The reason I need this is that the user sometimes needs to type in manual data into Cell A6 and would overwrite the formulas. I was thinking that if I could have them actually type something into A1, it would populate other cells, such as A6, that did not have any formulas.

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Automatically Populating A Row Of Cells With Background Colour

Apr 3, 2009

I have five possible reps names in column A, when i type in "peter" i want that row up to column I to have a background colour of yellow, each rep must have his own colour. when i clear the name from column A the row should clear the colour. using conditional formating i can only get the first cell to get a background colour.

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Macro For Populating Cells Using Variables From Another Column

Jun 20, 2006

I need to create a macro, where the contents of a particular cell are dependent upon summing values based on a word desription from another column. For instance, I would like cell E10 to include a numerical value from cell D5, but ONLY if cell C5 is populated with the word "trust" as opposed to "equity". Conversely, I would also have a macro in, say, cell E11 that would do the same for the word "equity" in column C. I would like the macro to hold for the entirety of different words in column C.

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Populating Cells Based On Row And Column Labels Matching

Oct 24, 2013

Having a bit of trouble trying to get excel to pick up text in one sheet (sheet 2) and populate cells in another (sheet 1) if the row (row 1) labels and columns (column a) in both sheets match. hope that makes sense? I've tried googling this to no avail, i've also tried index-match however i keep getting errors.

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Auto-Populating Empty Cells With Specific Text?

Dec 13, 2011

Is there a way to auto-populate all of the empty cells with the word "Need to Review" in a cell range (A1:A250)? Once any of the cells in this range is populated, whatever is inputted should house the cell.

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Populating Worksheet With Data From Another

Jan 7, 2014

Please see the attached sheet, Im trying to get it to populate the first page with the column data in the datasheet1 page by using the dropdown menu in N1. This is for when people ask questions about the data, I can quickly and clearly show them the differences from one month to another

How I would go about doing this?

Digital Delivery reports.xls

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Populating One Table With Data From Another In Different Tab

Dec 19, 2007

I am trying to link one table 1 with another table 2, and these are in different tabs.

In first table (1) I have to do some calculations, and in the second table (2) I have contacts (name, fax and contact name).

So I want from first table once I write the name of Trade (which I did with data validation to pick only the trades that are in table 2 from A1 to A50) to populate table 1 - columns B with Contact Name and Column C with Fax # and all these data should come from table 2.

I tried with Vlookup but the problem is that I can fill only column B and I need to fill column B and C in the same time?

Is this possible in Excel or the only way is to go to MS Access?

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Self-Populating Data Table

Nov 3, 2013

Ok so I have made a self populating Data Table to show me which employee is on what shift that updates daily from our roster.

This works and it's brilliant, however I want to steam line my finished product further, but haven't been able to find an easy solution.

I have several employees per position and my data table currently self populates so that every employee has their own line. I want to populate it so that all employees with the same position all apear in 1 row across the columns under their current shift.

So this is what my end result currently looks like




[Code] ......

This is how I want it to look.



[Code] ......

We have upto 250 employees and upto 50 positions so you can understand why I need to stream line the table.

I can not change the roster as it is our orginal data as requires to be set up as it is. When adding a new employee into the roster I must enter them into there designated crew. "inserting a row midway down the original data".

If I use the CONCATENATE formula and add a new employee into the roster "half way down the original data" then it throws out what the CONCATENATE formula is looking up. It looks up the same cell but the names have all moved down by a cell therefore the populated information is wrong.

I am hoping to make my end result look like Table 2 even if it means adding another spread sheet in somewhere between the roster and the end product.

Realisticly I want a Pivot table that produces names not a tally of employees per shift.

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Extracting Data And Populating A Graph?

Oct 23, 2013

I've been working on this project for my work and having a little trouble getting it to work. What I want to do is have E3:E32 populate the last 30 times the cycle (J3) was run on furnace(J1) (These are drop down lists). I originally had it run the last 30 dates, but since some cycles don't run every day the graph was missing dates. I want it to be able to just fill in proper HRC/HRB readings from the sheet "DATA" which can be found in column "U" on that sheet according to which furnace is selected along with the cycle.

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Populating Form With Referenced Data

Jul 26, 2006

In lack of database experience, I am using a hidden Excel sheet for data and several other sheets with referenced data. I am populating the data sheet from an inputform and inserting new references on save. This works pretty good, but when the data has to be updated, I've currently used the before doubleclick event and hereby used the activecell for reference, but now the data is on a different sheet!

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Populating Userform With Cell Data When Initializing?

Jul 8, 2012

I am trying to populate a text box in a user form when initializing the form. I have reviewed many posts in this forum regarding this problem, but have been unable to resolve. My code looks like this:

Private Sub frmFeed_Initialize()


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Populating Data Table From Multiple Tabs

Dec 6, 2012

I am trying to populate a large data table with data sourced from multiple tabs.

Each of the tabs is, for the most part uniform.

They have column labels of "Invoice Number", "Schedule Dates," and "Amount". Their cell references are A6, B6, and C6, respectively.

Is there any way to congregate this data into one massive data table? It doesn't matter the order of the data table. I will be using sort/sumifs/pivot tables to analyze the data.

I cannot copy and paste as there is too much data that changes on a daily basis.

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Auto Populating Excel From Data In Another Sheet

Aug 28, 2013

I am trying to auto-populate a table with data looked up from another sheet. The functions I have used are: Data Validation, vlookup, ISerror and if functions.

Cell B4 in sheet2 uses Data Validation to pick data from sheet1 (in this case "tax") and auto populate the table with the information- Job type, Name, employee type and Job title. If i change from Tax to HR, the table should get auto-populated with the correct information.

I have setup vlookups but I am unable to get it working. I am a novice at using vlookups (I learn it just 2 days ago) and am struggling to get it work. I am not even sure if vlookup is the right tool to get this job done.

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Auto Populating Based On Specific Data

Jan 7, 2014

I have a unique task i am trying to achieve (when i say unique i mean i am out of my depth). I am trying to take specific data from a couple of different sheets to populate other sheets whether it be copying the text of fill cell (color)

Excel Automation Test.pdf

I have Attached a PDF detailing.

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