Run Macro When Clicking On A Specific Cell

Aug 15, 2006

I am trying without success to for a macro to run when a specific cell is activated. i.e. if a users selects cell A1, macro X will run.

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Call Macro When Clicking In Specific Cell From Personal Macro Workbook

Aug 13, 2014

This is the code I use to call a macro when the macro Im calling is in the same workbook.


However, I would like to call this same macro when using another workbook. I copied the macro "Clearformating" and pasted into a personal macro workbook module. However when I add this code to the sheet tab it will not run the macro.

I also tried this code.

[Code] .....

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Excel 2010 :: VBA - Run Code Only When Clicking In Specific Cell?

Dec 23, 2013

how to run some VBA code (written by someone else, unfortunately) only when clicking once in cell A1, and not run in any other cell. This is being run in Excel 2010. The code I would like to run in this manner is below, and currently will run when the user clicks on any cell in the worksheet it is applied.

Option Explicit_________________________________________
Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
'If IsDate(Target.Cells(1, 1).Value) Then
Set DatePickerForm.Target = Target.Cells(1, 1)
DatePickerForm.Show vbModal
Cancel = True
'End If
End Sub

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Run A Macro By Clicking A Cell

Nov 6, 2008

I would like to run a macro by clicking a cell. I don't want a toolbar button/menu item and Hyperlinks don't work. Can this be done?

More info: My macro selects the current row in Sheet A and moves it (cut & Paste) to Sheet B in the workbook. The macro then goes back to Sheet A and deletes the now blank row.

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Start Macro From Clicking In Cell

Oct 30, 2007

I have created a macro that autofilter values in sheet 2.

In sheet1 I have a cocpit of values from Sheet 2, 3, 4 and 5.

In the monitoring cells in Sheet1 I would like to doubleclick (or similar) in the cell where I have a value from ex sheet 2, and then trigger the macro which does the autofiltering.

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Call Or Go Back To Macro After User Action Such As Clicking In A Cell

Sep 27, 2012

I am about to write a small macro to do a iteration calculation. I would like though for the user to select me a cell so that the macro uses the value in that cell to start calculations. Now, what I think would be the problem is how do I code a "time" or notice an action such as clicking in a cell to continue with the macro.

Would it be by inserting a pause in the code of a certain time so that gives the user time to click and wait for the code to start? If so, how would much time is enough? Is there another thing that could restart the code such as "noticing a click in a cell" command in VBA?

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Macro To Copy Specific Cells From Row From Source & Stop When Next Row Cell = Specific Value

Nov 7, 2008

I have a protected template and unprotected source worksheets - - - what I would like to happen is for the macro to start and if the source worksheet cell B3 equals "Report Total" then stop - otherwise copy template worksheet then copy 6 specific cells from the source to paste values to specific cells on the newly created worksheet (B_ to C7, D_ to I7, E_ to C9, F_ to K9, A_ to C11, M_ to K11 and then K13=F13-30)

After that then start all over again unless the next rows cell (B4, B5, B6, . . .) is "Report Total" then stop - - - the row count could be from one to a couple hundred.

Here is what I have so far but I know that with each copy the name will change and as it goes down the source file each row will change and I also need help with that.

Sheets("ee template").Copy After:=Sheets(3)
ActiveCell.Offset(0, -11).Range("A1").Select

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Macro Automatically Clicking Links In Cells

Jul 19, 2009

I have a list of links in 1 excel worksheet. They are spaced every other row if it makes a difference. I need to create a macro that clicks on every link automatically. Each link is a direct file that I need downloaded every few months. I have no Macro experience beyond hitting record to automate basic tasks.

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Macro To Enter Data By Clicking A Button?

Jan 20, 2014

I have two buttons in my excel ("Fund Set up" & "Broker Set up") sheet1. so what i need is when i click the button named as "Fund set up" a input box should appear as "Enter the volume" and the user has to input the volume..For ex, user has entered the volume as 2. After that a line of data should be populated automatically from col A2 to col E2 as below.

Similarly if i click the "Broker set up" button the same action should happen but the activity should be populated as "Broker set up".

S.No Date Activity No.of Req Type of Action
1 21/01/2014 Fund set up 2 Input
2 21/01/2014 Broker set up 4 Input

So whenever i click any of this two buttons a input box should appear to get the volume and once the volume is entered by the user an entry should be populated as above in a new line.

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Compile A Macro: Not Getting .exe File After Clicking On That Option

May 30, 2007

I'm done creating a macro. how can i do to compile it. I know there is an option in the tool bar, but i don't get any .exe file after clicking on that option. Do i need any compilator library or something?

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Excel 2002 :: Activate Macro By Clicking A Shape

Feb 3, 2013

I found in an old file that i triggered the macro by clicking a button! I would post a pic but i don't know how. How do I activate a macro by clicking a shape on the excel 2002 page?

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Excel 2007 :: Clicking On Cell Auto-selects Cell Next To It - Cannot Disable

Nov 16, 2010

Whenever she clicks on a cell, the cell to the right of it is also selected. When she tries using tab to move to a new cell, she can only move between the two selected cells. Same with using the enter key. As such, it is extremely difficult for her to modify only one cell, since she always has two selected.

The F8 key, as well as Ctrl+F8. However, pressing the F8 key only adds more cells to the autoselection, and Ctrl+F8 allows her to select one cell, but also highlights the cells around it, and when we tried to select other cells, every cell we clicked stayed highlighted.

Additionally, sometimes when she clicks a cell, it will just select that one cell. Click it again, and the problem is back. I haven't been able to determine any patterns to this behavior, and I know there is no problem with the input (the keyboard and mouse are standard-issue in our lab, and we keep them well maintained).

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Excel 2010 :: Changing Cell Color And Border By Clicking A Cell

Apr 25, 2014

I would like to accomplish 2 things in my Excel 2010 spreadsheet by click a cell which already has a number and formatting in it.

1. How do I change the color of the cell, the color of the number in it, and the border around it. (Make it look like I just pressed a button by clicking it.)

2. At the same time have the text in different cell and the number in the selected cell appear in another different cell. (Text in a different cell = A , and the number in the selected cell = 23, the value in the resulting cell be "A 23") Everything I would like to happen at the same time by clicking the selected cell. I would also like this to be done several times by clicking different cells and not changing the previously selected cells.

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Running A Macro When A Value Is Reached In A Specific Cell Used To Call Up Macro

Jan 7, 2009

I have a Sheet sheet1 and I want to run a macro when the cell D2 in Sheet1 is equal to 10,7,5,and 3. I only want this macro to run when those values are reached the macro then puts the data onto a sheet called wps. The macro is run as a module and is a sub macro.

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Changing Cell Data By Just Clicking On It.

Apr 6, 2007

i have made (found) a way to change the data in a cell by clicking on it, however i can only make it go from 1 to 0 or 0 to 1...heres the VB
Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
On Error Resume Next
If (ActiveCell.Value = 1) Then
ActiveCell.Value = ""
If (ActiveCell.Value = "") Then
ActiveCell.Value = 1
End If
End If
End Sub

however, i would like the code to do a different task, i would like it to add one to the number everytime you click on it...i.e. it goes from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 etc. everytime you click on it...

if it is possible, i would also like it to be restricted to a few cells, which i can determine afterwards and change

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Clicking On A Cell To Get Additional Details

Feb 3, 2009

I have seen this on many spreadsheet but never figured out how to do this - click on a cell in a spreadsheet to open up a new spreadsheet?

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Change Color Of A Cell By Just Clicking On It?

Aug 25, 2009

I'm trying to do. I have 2 columns, both have empty cells with borders. I would like to make it so that when the user clicks one of the cells, it turns grey and the one beside it turns white. I set up two macros as follows:

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How To Get A Userform By Double Clicking A Cell

Jul 26, 2008

how to get a userform by double clicking a cell.

I have created a userform, (my first one)-very simple form, i have created a massive textbox, so when i doubleclick a cell in Sheet 1, userform pops up and I can write comments.

I am not sure how to write a code for this? I know it will have Private Sub Doubleclick, not sure on the rest?

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Run Code When Clicking Locked Cell

Nov 1, 2006

I have programmed a Form in VBA that initializes by clicking a button on a worksheet. The Form features combo boxes, text fields, and a couple option buttons. Once completed, the Form enters the values entered by the user (as strings) in contiguous colums in a single row. The worksheet is locked so as to not allow users to input values into the worksheet directly and bypass the Form.

The question:
Once a row is filled by submitting the Form, i want to allow a click event on that cell (like double-clicking, for example) to pop-up the Form, but containing the corresponding values from the cells in the matching combo boxes, text fields, option buttons. I want to do this so that I can allow modification on a row without letting the worksheet be modifyable without passing through the Form. Here's the code for submitting the Form values into the worksheet:

Private Sub cmdSubmit_Click()
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("ALTEC Growth Report").Activate
If IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = False Then
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
End If
Loop Until IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = True
ActiveCell.Value = Trim$(txtName.Value)
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1) = cboCC.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 2) = cboProdServ.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 3) = cboStatus.Value ..................

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Display Message By Clicking Cell

Dec 12, 2007

I want to display a comment/note that is always visible however:

*The text in the comment should change "only when" the user of my worksheet "clicks" on a specific cell in the worksheet;
*I do not want that a comment appears/disappears/ changes when the mouse moves over any of the cells
*I do want that the same comment/note is used to display different text when the user clicks on another cell in the worksheet
*I do want that the user can position this comment on his screen where he wants it to be.

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Hide Column On Double Clicking Certain Cell

Feb 1, 2009

I want to hide and unhide column AI by double clicking on a certain cell, let's say S25. Can this be done?

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Combine Two Macros And Run Them On Double Clicking A Cell

Mar 20, 2009

I have two pieces of code. The first one puts a tick mark in the cell when you double click it. The second one hides column B of another sheet if the value in cell A1 of Sheet1 is "a". I want to combine these two codes so that when I double click cell A1 of sheet1 it puts a tick mark in the cell and hides column B of Sheet2 and clears the contents of range B2:B50 of Sheet2.

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Prevent To Take Me To Another Sheet When Clicking On A Locked Cell.

Jul 11, 2009

I have one issue with my protected worksheet. Some locked cell contents are linked to cell contents located in another sheet. When I double clicked on these cells, a warning window poped up but also opened the sheet in which the corresponding cell is located. This is quite annoying to have to go back to the former sheet. How can I prevent it ?

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WorkSheet SelectionChange Clicking On A Cell To Update

May 11, 2009

I have code in my Worksheet_SelectionChange.

However it will not update until I physically click on any cell within the U33 to U38 range.

How do I tell Excel that I physically clicked on any of these cells? I have tried Activate..., blank and re-populate, select cell, select range... In VBA it does not think it is being clicked on.. it is just doing the code... when done I have to again manually/physically click on it.

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Clicking Locked Cell Activates Hyperlink

May 29, 2007

I have created a workbook of 12 monthly worksheets, with an index page with hyperlinks to each worksheet. There is also a hyperlink on each worksheet to return to index page. Each worksheet is protected, but the cells which users can enter information are not locked. The protected worksheets have the 'select locked cells' unticked.

I have found that an inadvertant click on any of the protected cells in the worksheet will take users back to the index page. This is very annoying, what have I done wrong? The hyperlink is one of the unlocked cells.

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Using Different Cell Values Into Different Textboxes By Clicking 1 Cell

Jan 31, 2013

I want to put my cell values into textboxes by clicking 1 cell

So example. I click B2 as active cell, then i would like to put all the values from row B (B1 : B10) in to different textboxes!

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Input Cell Address In Vba By Clicking That Cell

Jan 22, 2007

Is it possible to input a cell address in a VBA macro by clicking in that cell?

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VBA Changing Color Of A Cell Using Clicking On Another Cell

Mar 4, 2010

i want to click or roll over a cell with the mouse, to change the color of another cell, or another multi cells.

another question.
Is it possible to change the color of a pic i put in the excel using a function or VB.

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Add Active Cell Data To Cell By Clicking

Jul 19, 2007

I want to automatically put information from several cells into one cell, when these cells are clicked. Let's say that A1:J8 is the range were a cell can be clicked and if a cell is clicked in that range the value of these cells should be put in cell A9. If possible I want to avoid private subs in a worksheet. I preffer to have a macro running, so I can decide when to stop this routine.

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Auto Hide / Unhide Rows By Clicking On A Cell

Aug 23, 2013

I have a very long spreadsheet and want to keep it manageable by hiding rows until they are needed.



Row A B C D E

1 Line1
2 Reg
3 OT
4 Min
5 Line2
6 Reg
7 OT
8 Min

I want to click on A1 and auto hide rows 2-4. Then I want to click on A1 and auto unhide rows 2-4. Then I would copy the idea to Line2, etc.

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