Seeking Way To Display Numbers Underlying Formulas

Jan 12, 2007

I'm looking for an answer about how I can show the numbers underlying a
nested IF function. The formula works fine, but I need to be able to show
how I arrived at the numbers that I did. Here is an example of one of the formulas:


Instead of the reference to the cell, I would like the formula that the cell represents. I know that I could go through individually and pull each piece apart with control F9, but since there are numerous cells and because the data changes every time I create a new budget, it would help if I could have some way to display it all with one action.

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Display Underlying Data In Same Worksheet As Pivot Table?

Jun 26, 2014

i want to be able to display the underlying data in a pivot table by clicking on the cell within the pivot table

ie, normally if you double click a cell within a pivot table, it will generate a new tab, and the data will be displayed in the newly created tab,

i want to be able to click a cell within my pivot table, and have the underlying data display beneath the pivot table..

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Seeking To Average Numbers In Single Column Broken Into Increments Of 5

Sep 12, 2008

I have a column of over 500 replies to a survey. I want to create a pie chart showing the average ages of the respondee to that that question, broken down into increments of 5 years (this was the question -- how old are you) and reported as a percentage.

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Underlying Formula In Cell....

Oct 31, 2008

I posted a thread some while back which I didn't manage to resolve.

Imagine the following example:

Column A contains Names of tasks
Column B contains Progress regularly entered by the user
Column C contains Remaining Task Duration returned by a formula based on progress entered in Column B

I want the user to be able to override the value returned by the formula in Column C, but if they subsequently delete the value they entered or revise the progress in Column B, I want the original formula to return into Column C and recalculate its value.

In other words, Column C should contain a "dormant" underlying formula that is re-activated whenever a user deletes the value in the cell or updates the progess in Column C.

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Removing #VALUE! And Underlying Formula

Sep 18, 2009

I'm working on a massive Excel spreadsheet- perhaps as large as 25 million cells.

About 1/3 of the cells contain the error: #VALUE!

In the hopes of speeding things up, I would like to convert these to blank cells. I.e. remove the error message and underlying formula.

Is it possible to make a simple formula that I can just drag across the affected cells that will identify each "#VALUE!" cell and then replace it with blank cell?

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Pivot Table Report Was Saved Without Underlying Data?

Aug 19, 2013

I have a file with lots of pivot tables which works fine. But if I save and reopen the file then I get the following message when I try to change a filter on any of the pivot tables:

"The pivottable report was saved without the underlying data"

(ideally without refreshing all pivot tables using a workbook open event as this will cause a 10-20 second time-lag)

p.s. the file used to work fine before I added an extra pivot table (there are roughly 10 pivot tables in the file)

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Formulas Display And Do Not Calculate

Dec 28, 2007

I am a little lost on this, and have tried to remedy my issue by searches to no avail. I have a cell formula that references another cell:

Cell A1 (=A3) where Cell A3 = 1

Cell A1 displays the text "=A3" and not the value of 1. Autocalc is on, and the worsheet and workbook is unprotected.

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Seeking Min And Max Times For Work Schedule

May 31, 2013

I am trying to extract times from a work schedule to automatically generate a 'time in' / 'time out' chart. Been trying to use the lookup formula amongst others with little success.

See example template attached...Example Sheet.xlsx

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Seeking Explanation Of INDEX Function

Jul 13, 2009

I'm looking for the reason why the following use of the INDEX function returns a cell address [ie the formula evaluates SUM($C$2:C3)]-

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Seeking A Formula Instead Of Having To Use Goal Seek?

Jun 4, 2014

Say employee John Doe has a salary X. Giving him a salary raise Y (euro/dollar) induces a pension premium to be paid by the employer, on that amount.

The premium is (fixed) 17% of the part above a (fixed) treshold value of 3.750. On the part of the raise below the 3.750, the pension premium is (fixed) 4,35%.

E.g. having a salary of 3.600, with a raise of 400.
4,35% of (3.750 - 3.600 = 150) equals 6,525
And 17% of the remaining 250 equals 42,500
So the total premium is 49,025

But, I want to give a raise with a total cost of no more than 400. So, I use goal seek to find a raise that, together with te pension premiums equals 400.

In the example, with 3.600 as a salary to start with, that raise would be 358,10 Because the part below 3.750 stays the same and induces a premium of 4,35% of 150, being 6,525 and the remaining part is 208,10 at 17% is 35,377.

Proof: 358,10 + 6,525 + 35,377 = 400

The question is: is there a possibility to have a formula that calculates the (e.g.) 358,10 based on a salary to start with (e.g. 3.600), an aimed total cost (e.g. 400) and the fixed constants 3.750, 17% and 4,35%?

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Formulas Needed To Display Value If Two Conditions Apply

Sep 16, 2008

I need two formulas for my workbook. This is what the formula for Cell B6 needs to accomplish: I need Cell B6 to display what I have entered in Cell A6 but only if Cell A1 is greater than 1. This is what the formula for Cell C6 needs to accomplish: I need Cell C6 to display what I have entered in Cell A6 but only if Cell A1 is greater than 2.

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Display Formatted Formulas Based On Selection?

Feb 7, 2012

I am trying to display a formatted formula (combination of greek characters, superscripts, subscripts, bold, italics, etc...) based on a selected input. I have a selection cell with a drop down offering the choice of 4 difference scenarios. I want to display the resulting formatted formula depending on which scenario is selected (the formula is difference depending on the selection, as well as perform the calculation.

The calculation works fine, but I cannot figure out how to show the formatted formula. The selection works using IF statements, or VLOOKUP, but does not bring the formatting across. How can I do this?

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Copy Range & Paste To Display Formulas

Jan 15, 2008

I'm working on a large set of data, so rather than read/writing lots of times to the sheet, I've followed the tip of reading a range to a variant array, processing the array, and then writing the whole thing back to the sheet (and it is indeed much much faster).

Dim vdata As Variant
vdata = Range("SummaryOutput")
'do a bunch of logic
Range("SummaryOutput") = vdata

To make things simpler (fewer ranges/variants to manage) I've defined a large range which includes non-data cells (blanks, labels, SUM formulas, etc..). The problem is when I read the range into variant array, it only copies the cells' values -- which means that once I write it back to the sheet, the formulas are lost.

So what I'm looking for is some way to read range into a variant whilst keeping the formulas (which I would see just being a string value in the variant array?). Does anyone know how this could be done?

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Desperately Seeking Solution - Payroll Tax Withholding

Feb 1, 2007

I need to determine federal tax withholding from gross pay.

If gross amount (for S-0 = single no dependents) is
Over.................But NOT Over............Then Subtract.........And multiply
$0.00...............$195.00.....................$5 1.......................10%
$195.00............$645.00.....................$99 .......................15%
$645.00............$1,482.00..................$351 ......................20%
$1,482.00..........$3,131.00..................$447 ......................25%
$3,131.00..........$6,763.00..................$849 .....................30%

If gross is $400 then what are the total taxes taken out? Could someone please provide a formula?

I tried this one: =IF(M10

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Seeking Formula To Separate Cells That Contain Specific Terms?

Mar 18, 2014

I have thousands of data entries (each in their own row, all in one column) and need to separate the basic info. In the example below, say you want to isolate the Town names by entering a formula that can produce a TRUE or FALSE result. Is there a way to use the FIND function and a pool of terms to isolate cells that contain excess data (i.e.- produce a FALSE result for cells containing any words from a term pool like : "Police, Park, Power, Water, Community, Bakery, Grocery, Field, Garden, Post Office, School" etc... ) ?

Pic of sample spreadsheet with desired result:

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 3.14.09 AM.png

example as text:

A2 = Springfield
A3 = Springfield Police Department
A4 = Springfield Community College
A5 = Springfield Park Of Recreation
A6 = Des Moines
A7 = Des Moines Power & Water Company
A8 = Des Moines Sunrise Bakery
A9 = Des Moines Post Office
A10 = Des Moines Grocery Store
A11 = Lancaster
A12 = Lancaster Baseball Field
A13 = Lancaster Botanical Gardens

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Seeking Separate Data Into Columns For Specific Hour

Jun 18, 2013

I have repetitive task of copying and pasting. Macro to sort some data.

I have time values (sorted in order) in Column A and a value in Column B.

Sheet1  AB1TimeValue

I need separate the time each hour of data into columns. So the above would become

Sheet1  ABCDEF1TimeValueTimeValueTimeValue
200:00:00201:00:00402:00:001300:00:00201:00:00202:00:002400:00:001  02:00:003500:00:002  02:00:0046    02:00:0017    02:00:002

There are a different number of rows of data for each hour and sometimes there might not be any data for a specific hour.

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Seeking Formula To Convert Specific Text To Number?

Apr 29, 2014

I have created an online survey, and people choose ten words (skills) out of 24 possible. Please see screenshot. I would like a formula that does this in layman's terms: "If I see the word "Cooperation" in the source cell, then I'll put "03b" into the target cell; but if I see "Managing" in the source cell instead, I'll put "21a" in the target cell, etc."

I've tried a few IF / Then statements, with no success. Screenshot shows the source cell upper right, and the ten target cells below left with two rows of sample results. I'm guessing the same formula can be in each of the 10 target cells.

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Array Mode That Put It Back In The Letter, Number Display For Formulas/functions

Sep 25, 2009

My excel (2003) is stuck in array mode - is there any way to get it out of Array Mode and put it back in the letter:number display for formulas/functions? It's doing this in VBA too which is totally killing me.

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LEN And MID Formulas With Numbers

Feb 27, 2008

I am trying to be able enter an a dollar amount into one cell and have the numbers separate into their own cells further down the page. It works basically but if I have room below to hold 10000000.00 and I only enter 100.00, the output looks something like #######100.00.

I have an IF formula using LEN and MID formulas in each of the cells. So if nothing is entered, a VALUE error appears in each cell. Is there a way around this? I will paste the formula and the Excel screenshot using the lovely HTML maker below: ...

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Ignore Numbers In Formulas

Apr 16, 2009

I have several excel spreadsheets cataloging the right ascension transit times of various extrasolar planets. I need to convert all the times (in 24-hour format) from UT to PDT (that is, subtract seven hours). Unfortunately, each transit time is included in the same cell as the date the exoplanet's star is visible, like so:

Now, I have a lot of data that I need to convert. I do not want to go through manually and change each cell's value manually. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out a way to use a formula to do so; I do not want to modify the date (the top value of each cell), and the colon separating hours from minutes screws up the rest of the formula.

So, how can I use excel to automatically subtract seven hours from the bottom value of each cell, without doing anything to the rest of the numbers in each cell?

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Adding Numbers With Formulas

Apr 23, 2009

I'm tring do a simple formula: =CA3+BP3+BE3+AT3+AI3+X3+M3, but because the cells I am adding have formulas in them already it is returning a error. Can I add them using 'sumproduct' formula, or is there another way?

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Text And Numbers In Formulas

Aug 18, 2009

B1, C1, E1, F1, H1, I1, K1, L1, N1, O1 will contain 1 of 10 different names (John, James, David, Jack, Alex, Aaron, Jason, Stan, Robert, Will)

I need A25 to pull the info from B1
A26 to pull the info from C1
A27 to pull the info from E1

If B1 and E1 have the same name then A27 should be blank.

Also C15, G15, and K15 contain a number. If A25 is not blank, then B25 should equal C15; If A26 is not blank, then B26 should equal C15;
If A27 is not blank, then B27 should equal K15. However, if B1 and E1 contains the same name, then A25 should equal C15 + K15.

If B1=John C1=James E1=David F1=Jack
and C15=10 G15=15 K15=20

then A25=John A26=James A27=David A28=Jack
and B25=10 (C15) B26=10 (C15) B27=15 (G15)

But if B1=John C1=James E1=John F1=Jack
and C15=10 G15=15 K15=20
then A25=John A26=James A27=(blank because John is already listed in A25) A28=Jack
and B25=25 (C15+G15) B26=10 B27=(blank) B28=15(G15).

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Changing Formulas To Numbers?

Jul 25, 2013

I have a large spread sheet with about 10 tabs. Is there any way to convert all the formulas to numbers in just one macro.

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SUM Formulas: Add Together The Numbers In A Column

Oct 13, 2008

I'd like to use a SUM formula to add together the numbers in a column, however i would like to do this missing some rows out........ ie; A1:A11 plus A13:A20 plus A22:A30.

I would also like to do this with another column containg fractions.

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Display Top 3 Numbers

Jul 2, 2009

I have a set of numbers:


Is there a formula that can display the top 3 numbers in that data set?

Expected results:

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Using Min And Max Formulas With Both Positive And Negative Numbers

Jul 3, 2012

I want to find the min and max numbers within a thread of numbers that has both positive and negative values. The key is that I want the smallest amount or the largest amount based on the number and not on the positive or negative.

For example, below is my list of numbers.


I want the min formula to return 2 and the max formula to return 8.

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Is There A Non-macro Way To Autosort Numbers With Formulas

Aug 16, 2007

I need to find a way to autosort a series of numbers, inputted manually for example, in cells A1 through A15. The autosort function needs to put the numbers in descending or ascending (either way, doesn't matter) in cells B1 through B15.

In effect, if the numbers inputted into the first cells change daily, then the correct order of these be automatically sorted so that they are in a specific order.

The closest I can come WORKS, but I'm using about 300 filter formulas to do so.

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Color Format On Numbers Vs Formulas

Dec 3, 2007

Is there a way, WITHOUT VBA, to have a cell turn color if a user overlays a function with a value. Using conditional formatting or an easier way if possible, I would like to have any cells that the user overlays with a number to have a different background color.

I know I could use an event-driven macro but am trying to find a function that can check a cell to see if it contains a formula (or function) or a value.

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Do Not Display Negative Numbers

Oct 19, 2008

I have a very simple formula which is basically one cell minus another "=A1-B1".
When the values are equal, the cell this formula is in will display a zero. However, when the subtracted figure is greater than the first figure, i will then get a minus figure E.g. 10-11 = -1.

How can i make it that when the formula result is less than zero (i.e. a minus number) the figure displayed stays at zero but still using the minus funciton? Basically once it hits zero i need it to stop subtracting. This may be really simple but i cant figure it out.

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Display Just Numbers In A Column.

Nov 19, 2008

I have a column with some cells containing just numbers, some cells containing numbers and letters and some cells containing just letters. I would like to know how to display just the cells that contain numbers only, without deleting any of the other cells.

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