Selection Process Finding X From Within 7 Columns

Sep 10, 2009

Hi I have a process in which I have to create a selection without bias. There are 9 categories in this selection process. The 1st and 2nd category already have code and they work differently from the rest. For the 3rd through the 8th categories I have to choose one from the 3rd category, then one from the 4th, etc. After the 8th category I start back at the 3rd and go to the 4th, ect. It ends when cell A1 reaches 30%.

Its a little difficult to explain but the process is simple enough to understand once you see it. I have attached an example of the process. I have also started the code and left explanations within the code.

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VBA Macro To Process Data After Paste With Text To Columns..

Mar 24, 2009

My problem is that data from previous applications are "bleeding" into new applications while running my macro.

I am utilizing the macro below to paste an application and then to convert the application to upper case in addition to some additional formating changes. After performing the macro I save the newly created document to a different folder. With new applications I repeat the above steps.

I tried to incorporate the clearing of the clipboard in my macro using: Edit=>office clipboard=>clear all. The keys strokes during the " record macro" process do not seem to record in the macro.

I am using Excel 2003, SP2

Sub Process_Application()
' Process_Application Macro
' Macro recorded 3/23/2009


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Selection From Two Columns

Aug 8, 2013

I have two strings in two cells, both are dynamic values. I need to plot the values of any of the column that changed in the third cell either the two cells change its values.

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Finding Only One MAX Value Out Of Several Columns?

Jan 23, 2014

maxvalue = Application.WorksheetFunction.Max(Range("D:D", "A:A", "G:G"))

This gives me 'Compile Error:Wrong number of argruments or invalid property assignment'.

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Finding Empty Row In Columns From A To O

Jan 14, 2013

I am using the following code to find an emtyRow, but I actually need to find an emptyRow and test all the cells of the rows from A thru O to insure that there is nothing in any of the next emptyRow. How would I change the code?

Private Sub SubmitButton_Click()
Dim emptyrow As Long

'Make sheet1 active

[Code] ......

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Finding A Match In Different Columns

Jan 3, 2009

If a number in cell M1 is also anywhere in column A (column A has unique numbers), then cell W1 (date) should equal the content of cell V (also date) in the row that that number appears in column A. If M1 is blank (or there is no match in column A), then W1 should equal V1.

In W1, I currently have...

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Finding Duplicates In Different Columns

Aug 23, 2012

I'm trying to condense my email lists in order to stop people receiving the same email having signed up to several lists. How do I compare 5 different columns to find email addresses which appear in more than one...

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Filter And Sum Data From Selection Columns

Sep 20, 2009

I am trying to find the sum value of a range, specified by two variables.

ie. what is the total spend in 2007 for Hong Kong?

I think I have (with the help of Andy Pope) resolved how to distinguish the correct figures which I wish to summate using with the following

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Move Range Selection By Two Columns

Nov 19, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with data organized into columns in sets of two - the first column is an X value (Pixel number) and the second column is the Y value (pixel density). I'm trying to make a macro that will select the first set of columns, chart it, move the chart to the next sheet, then select the next two columns of data, chart them and move the chart to the next sheet etc. I've gotten as far as having it make the chart and move it, but I can't seem to make it select the next set of columns - I've been trying different things for a couple days now.

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Hide Columns Based On Selection

Aug 30, 2008

I have a worksheet that lists the months of the year on row 3 from columns C through N.
What I am trying to do is to be able to select the month I want from a drop down list or combobox and then hide the remaining columns based on the selection. For example if JAN is selected the months FEB through to DEC would be hidden.

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Finding Two Columns Giving Best Combination

Mar 23, 2014

I need to find the which two columns that give the greatest combination.

Row 2 shows some possible combinations, a total of combinations is 21.

Attached File : test.151515.xlsx‎

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Finding Duplicates In Two Seperate Columns

Sep 16, 2008

This should be an easy one, it has slipped my mind.

I have columns A and B, I want to find any names that appear in both column A and column B. I want them to show in a certain color.

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Two Tabs - Finding Matching 3 Columns

Apr 2, 2013

I currently have two tabs. Tab A (Error Report) spit out a bunch of records that I need to find in the raw data/remove them. The value in column C in Tab A refers to Column A in Tab B (Data), and Column D in Tab A matches with Column N in Tab B, and Column E in tab A refers to Column C in tab B.

I want to know how I can find the records that match those 3 columns in the First Error Report Tab as I need to find those records and delete them as they are, as you can see, errors!

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Finding Numbers Of Rows And Columns?

May 5, 2013

How I can know the numbers of rows and columns in a excel sheet?

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Finding Frozen Rows (and / Or Columns)

Aug 12, 2014

Given that a worksheet has frozen rows and/or columns, how do you programmatically determine what they are?

There are plenty of examples around that tell you how to create frozen rows/columns by setting ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True but, given this is only a Boolean value, reading it does not tell me where the freeze is.

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Finding Unique Combinations Of 2 Columns

May 30, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with two columns:
The first one will always have a 'W' or a 'E'.
The second one will have a three digit code. Like this:

W 507
W 507
W 507
E 504
E 504
W 505
W 505
W 504
W 504

Is it possible to have output that show how many of each combination there is? Like this(for the example above):
W 504 2
W 505 2
W 507 3
E 504 2

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Finding The Matchs In Columns A,B,C And Gives Output In D & E

Sep 30, 2009

Could someone please help as I need to get the totals and whether its negative or positive balance.

To be more specific in a workbook in sheet1 I have Client data columns A,B & C in A,B,& C should be match with the companys data in the next sheet.

If this both sheets sheet1 & sheet2 and columns A,B,& C is matched then in column D in both the sheets should be Matched and Column E should be 0 in both the sheets.

And,The problem starts when both the sheets are not matched if the Column A,B,C is not matched in Column D it should show as "NOT Matched " and difference in Column E in both the sheets.It may be positive figure in one sheet and Negative figure in another sheet.

Please advise If any Forumulae which can help me to sort this out or should I need to go for an Macro.

Please find an sample sheet is attahced.

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Finding If Two Columns With Text Equal?

Feb 11, 2013

I have a column with text + string (e.g., T1000, T1001, etc.)

I have another column that's the same, but sometimes this column has new codes.

Right now I have to "eye" it side by side to see if there are any new codes, but I'm sure there's a better way to do it. I'm thinking of asking Excel to compare the columns and if they aren't equal, then it would be necessary for me to eye it. If they are equal, then I dont have to bother because there are no new codes.

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Finding Value Based On Two Values In Columns And One Value In A Row

Mar 19, 2014



In the example above I am trying to look up a value from columns C-E. I need to be able to search/index using 2 criteria to figure out which row to match with the given column. for example: If I want to know the invoice qty. for R&D for Jan-2012, so the returned value would be 13. I have tried several different combinations of match and index to get this to work but have had no success. Ultimately what I want to do is have a drop down for the month and year that our VP can select and it will give him the given values for that month.

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Finding Matching Cells From Two Different Columns

Jul 7, 2009

I have 2 pretty large zip code lists, we will call them columns A and B. I know that I have some from A that match to zips in B, but I have alot more zips in B that don't match to column A. I need to identify all of the zips in B that do not match a zip in column A.

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Finding Last Used Cell In A Row From Specific Columns

Jun 23, 2006

I have a little problem - as you probably guessed.

I have a spreadsheet in which i need to find the value of the last used cell in a row.

e.g spread sheet uses columns "a" to "l" and rows "1" to "75".

Over time rows are filled in with text ("tom" "dick" "harry") from a to b to c, the most recent being to the right but the rows can move at different paces.

I want to count how many many times each value has come up most recently.

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Delete Columns After Finding Criteria In Row

Dec 19, 2006

I am trying to delete columns or clear their contents after I meet a certain criteria in row 4. For example: I have one " Total" in row 4 that can be in any column. I wanna be able to delete whatever comes after "Total" in any row or column. Is there a macro that can do that?.......

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Counting Rows/Columns In Selection Target

Sep 12, 2006

I have a data set with rows of data, with a header row along the top. I want to sort my rows of data by column when the cell above the appropriate column is pressed. I know this seems cumbersome - but it fits in with the sheet. The sheet is protected, and we only want the user to be able to sort in this fashion. My problem is, with my code, I get an error when you select a range of two of the header cells. The case selection on the target.column gets confused. How can I check to see if it's just one cell? Is there a property of a range that reflects how many rows or columns it contains? I tried the following (marked with the ' )just from picking out of the pop-up list of properties of the Target range in SelectionChange, but obviously it doesn't work. My original code is the un-'-ed code.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
' If Target.Rows = 1 And Target.Columns = 1 Then
If Target.Row = SortRow Then
Select Case Target.Column
Case PriorityColumn
SortData PriorityColumn
Case JobColumn
SortData JobColumn
Case NotesColumn
SortData NotesColumn
Case SupervisorColumn
SortData SupervisorColumn
Case ShutdownColumn
SortData ShutdownColumn............................

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Selection Of Dropdown Populates Remaining Columns

Feb 27, 2007

I have an excel spreadsheet that has several fields which should be connected. If one of the fields is selected via a drop down, then several other columns should autopopulate with the data in the list set up on another page. What Im trying to figure out is:

1) How do I make it so it does this with every row on the spreadsheet? I've seen code in the formula bar so that it works for one row, but I need it to work regardless of how many rows are added to the sheet...


2) Is there VBA code so that if someone selects A value from a drop down list in, say, column F, that data corresponding to that selection is placed in other columns in the sheet?

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Prevent Selection On Hidden Rows/Columns

Sep 21, 2007

One of the fields I want them to enter is a library branch and I have used a data vaslidation list to provide a dropdown box.

To make it act more like a windows drop down box I have hidden 7 cells above this box with the 7 possible entries. This means that with autocomplete, if they start typing in the cell it will autocomplete the entry for them.

This work fine, but if someone presses enter from the cell above my hidden rows, one of the hiddenn cells is selected!

I have no explanation for this behaviour, nothing like it has ever happened before, and I have no idea how to get rid of it.

example attached

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Finding Row And Columns For All TRUE Values In A Matrix

May 21, 2013

I'm using multiple data tables to run sensitivity analyses on a very large model. At the end of the analysis, I've got a matrix that tells me which scenarios are TRUE or FALSE (based on multiple criteria). I'm looking for an elegant way to extract the combinations that give TRUE.

Desired Output
True Scenarios:
R1, C2
R2, C1

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Finding Unique Groups Of Values In Columns?

Dec 17, 2013

I have a file with immunophenotypic markers and their relationship to certain blood cells.

What I need to do is search the list and pull out the groups of defining markers for each blood cell. Some of the cells have many markers, some only have one but I need to find which combinations of markers identify each cell if possible.

I have attached the file (I think!)

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VLookup / Finding Reverse Entries In Two Columns?

Dec 23, 2013

I have a dataset that looks like below -

Header1 Header2 Data
100 101 20.50
102 19
103 1003.2
101 100 20.50
200 300
102 100 20
200 104 30

Now, what i need to do is for each of the rows in my dataset, I need to find the reverse entries (consider first row where header 1 is 100 and header2 is 101, I need to search the entire dataset to find if I have some data for header1 is 101 and header2 is 100). In this case, I do have such data where header1 is 101 and header2 is 100.

Header1 Header2 Data Reverse Entry Difference
100 101 20.50 20.50 0
102 19 20 -1
103 1003.2 Not found Not found
101 100 20.50 20.50 0
200 300 30 270
102 100 20 19 1
200 101 30 300 -270

let me know if that's possible through excel formulas?

I need a column D with such data and column E for differences. So that, my final output should look like below -

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Finding Start And End Columns Using MATCH Function

Jan 22, 2014

I have a table as follows: [URL] - note: cells containing times and temperatures are numeric values, I've used custom formatting to add " mins" and "°C" on the end

In one cell, a user can input a time period (in mins), and in another cell, I would like to output the start and end columns (in letter/s) for the chosen time.

For example, in the link above, if the value inputted '30' then the start column is 'C' and the end column is 'G'. If the user had inputted '60', then the results would be 'H' and 'K', etc.

I am able to find the start column with the following equation:

I am struggling, however, to find the end column for the chosen time.

If each time had the same number of temperatures then it would be a simple case of adding the number of temperatures per time, minus 1, after the "+2".

My first idea was to copy the above function, but to change the "0" in the MATCH function to "-1", in order to find the next greatest time value. However, it appears that using "-1" in the MATCH function only works if the range is in descending order - my times are always in ascending order.

I have a further problem in that the time periods are not always the same values (i.e. it won't always be 30-60-90-120, it could for example be 30-45-60-75). So as far as I know, there is no way in advance of knowing the next time period up (and then subsequently taking one column to the left).

One possible workaround I have considered involves the following:
- Add a new row between rows 2 and 3, which has the time values in each cell (i.e. from column C, values of 30-30-30-30-30-60-60-60-60-90-90-90-120-120) - effectively duplicating the time row, but not merging cells
- Use the COUNTIF function to find the number of cells in that row containing the chosen time
- Add this value, minus 1, after the "+2" in the above formula, i.e. =SUBSTITUTE(ADDRESS(1,MATCH(VALUE,C2:P2,0)+2+COUNTIF(C3:P3,"="&VALUE")-1,4),"1","")

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Finding Duplicate Values In Multiple Columns

Jan 4, 2013

I am not sure if Excel is able to do this but basically I am looking to find out which rows have some duplicate values. I have just read this back and it doesn't make a great deal of sense so I have attached an example spreadsheet.

Basically I am looking to find if E1:G1 duplicates further on down the list, hope this makes a bit more sense with the example attached.

Trial Upload.xlsx‎

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