Shortcut To Drag Down A Formula

Apr 23, 2007

i have a formula that needs to be dragged down 65,000 rows in excel is there a quicker way of do it than with the mouse?


How To Drag The Formula Down

May 19, 2014

On the 'Total' sheet I'm wanting subsequent sheets to fill in on the rows. Do I have to redo the formulas for each row because it will correlate to a different sheet? I only know how to drag the formula down, but that doesn't seem to work right!

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How To Drag Formula Of Every Other Cell

Mar 14, 2014

=DCOUNT(timeg15w!$A$1:$F$3909, "WPC",Criteria!A1:C2)

If I simply drag the above formula down I end up with

=DCOUNT(timeg15w!$A$1:$F$3909, "WPC",Criteria!A2:C3)
=DCOUNT(timeg15w!$A$1:$F$3909, "WPC",Criteria!A3:C4)
=DCOUNT(timeg15w!$A$1:$F$3909, "WPC",Criteria!A4:C5)
=DCOUNT(timeg15w!$A$1:$F$3909, "WPC",Criteria!A5:C6)

I am trying to drag the above formula so that it copies in the following manner:

=DCOUNT(timeg15w!$A$1:$F$3909, "WPC",Criteria!A3:C4)
=DCOUNT(timeg15w!$A$1:$F$3909, "WPC",Criteria!A5:C6)
=DCOUNT(timeg15w!$A$1:$F$3909, "WPC",Criteria!A7:C8)
=DCOUNT(timeg15w!$A$1:$F$3909, "WPC",Criteria!A9:C10)

How can I achieve this result?

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Drag Formula But Skip Every Other Row

May 11, 2009

I am trying to link the cells up in a new workbook the problem is the data I need is setup in a way the formula needs to skip every other row.
For example:

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Drag Copy Formula Down

Jan 23, 2007

I have tried absolute and relative on the formula in A5 of this sample data below to get A6 to equal D2 and so forth down the sheet. Nothing works except typing in the formula for each cell....

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Formula Drag Over Grouped Rows

Dec 16, 2013

I have sheets with over 40000 rows. I grouped them in 60 and I need the average for every group on the 61st (which is blank). For example, when collapsed I have visible the following blank cells:

and so on.

What I want is to enter a formula in A61 for the average of A1:A60 then drag down and have the correct values in all the rest (average of A62:A121 in A122, etc.).

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Range Stays The Same When I Drag The Formula!!

Jul 29, 2008

I want the range to stay as i put it without it +1 when i drag the formula down my spreadsheet, below is the formula im using (for a creche in case your wondering)

=IF(G5<A8,"Baby",IF(G5<A16,"Wobbler", IF(G5<A24,"Toddler",IF(G5<A30,"Playschool","Please use DD/MM/YYYY FORMAT"))))

G5, A16, is taken from a list of dates down the side so i need these to remain constant otherwise my formula goes out.

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How To Copy And Drag Down Formula In A Check Box

Nov 9, 2013

i wanna to put check boxes in colums d4:d41 with a formula inside which beginning with this formula (=Sheet1!$D$4) in cell to copy and drag down this formula into d5:d41?

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Drag A Formula Referencing Different Cells?

Apr 26, 2012

I have data in every cell within a column. I want to pull data from every 7th Cell.


Cell CP7 needs to reference AG10
Cell CP8 needs to reference AG11

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How To Force Excel To Drag Formula By Two Instead Of One

Mar 17, 2014

This is my formula:

=DCOUNT(timeg15w!$A$1:$F$3909, "WPC",Criteria!A1:C2)

My question concentrates on this part of the formula:...Criteria!A1:C2

When I drag down the formula, it changes, as usually, adding 1 to the cells address, like this:


BUT, I want the formula dragged down, adding 2 instead of 1, changing like this:


How can I achieve this result?

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Drag Down Formula That Skips 48 Cells

Apr 4, 2014

I want to put in cell I3 the value from cell C1, to I4 the value of C49 and so on. How can I do it?

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Drag Formula For Reference Change

Sep 10, 2007

Is there an easy way to drag all the references to a cell in a formula quickly e.g If i have a formula like this is;

=IF(A1>0, A1+1,A1-1)

and want to drag all the references to the cell A1 to another cell in one go as opposed to one at a time?

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Drag Cell Formula For Paired Data

Feb 11, 2014

In my worksheet i have pairs of data from A2:A18. cell A2 is paired with A3, cell A5 to A6.

In cell C2, I have the formula =IF(A2>A3,A2,A3). then in C3 I have =IF(A5>A6,A5,A6).

I would then like to be able to drag these formulas down to C7 and take the appropriate data.

So another example, cell C4 should be =IF(A8>A9,A8,A9).

I have seen many formulas for how to drag skipping a row, but couldn't find anything on pairs of data while skipping a row as well.

The worksheet is attached : TEST.xlsx‎

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Drag Formula Across A Row And Still Take Account Of Mixed Reference

Mar 15, 2009

1. I have data A1, A2, A3....down a column.

2. I have one value on C2 ( constant value)

3. the formula is a very simple multiplication formula. I want to multiply every single value of column A to C2. But it needs to be in across a row that starts in
D4. So,formula needs to be in (D4, E4, F4) there are other datas in the worksheet

4. So when I input =$A1*$C$2 in D4 it calculates it fine but when i try to drag the formula across the row so [E4=$A2*$C$2, F4=$A3*$C$2...]

it repeates the same fomula as D4 and does not adjust for the increase in column number.

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Drag Random Cell Formula To Other Cells

Dec 19, 2007

I am making a sheet that has many colums of data that I want to sumup colum wise. I am doing is using this macro ..
Sub Add_Totals()

For Each NumRange In Columns("C").SpecialCells(xlConstants, xlNumbers).Areas

SumAddr = NumRange.Address(False, False)
NumRange.Offset(NumRange.Count, 0).Resize(1, 1).Formula = "=SUM(" & SumAddr & ")"
NumRange.Offset(NumRange.Count, -1).Resize(1, 1).Value = "TOTAL="
Next NumRange
End Sub...........

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Cannot Drag 2007 Formula That Refers To Table

Feb 14, 2008

i noticed that when i have a formula that refers to a table, such as:

= sumifs(table1[heading4],table1[heading1],"A",table1[heading2],true)

i can copy-paste it, i also can fill (right or left) a selected range with it,
but, i cannot copy it (right or left) by dragging.

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Drag/Fill Formula & Skip Some Row References

Apr 28, 2008

I have the following formulae in seperate cells were A1, A2 and A3 are the cells

A1 =MAX(Data!C2:C3)
A2 =MAX(Data!C4:C5)
A3 =MAX(Data!C6:C7)

I would like to drag the cells so that automatically the cells below A3 are updated as follows

A4 =MAX(Data!C8:C9)
A5 =MAX(Data!C10:C11)
etc up to 600 rows

Unfortunately it is not being updated in that order. Do you have any suggestions how it can be done.

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Shortcut To Formula Box

Jul 31, 2006

The one thing that has always bugged me about Excel is that in order to modify an existing cell, I need to click on the cell and then click in the formula box above. If I want to overwrite the contents of the cell, I can just start typing, but if I want to edit it, I need to use the mouse. It really seems like like Alt-D should move up to this window like it does in Internet Explorer. I can move around Most Windows applications without need of a mouse save for this one area.

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SUMIF Formula - Drag Out Figures From Column In Tab Of Workbook

Jun 17, 2014

In the attached workbook, see the "P & L" tab, cells I30 to I48. The idea of the formula I have placed into these cells is to drag out the figures from column I in the "Trial Balance" tab of the workbook. A similar formula is used succesfully in the "balance sheet" tab in Column B. I don't understand why the formula doesn't work in the cells i've specified in in the " P & L" tab it seems to work for I8 and the rows immediately below it "revenue".

UK Trial Balance May 2014 V2.xlsx‎

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Drag Down Formula But Cell Reference Number Not Updating?

Jan 27, 2014

I am trying to drag down a formula (see below). the cell reference A6 and E6 is not updating to A7 and E7 etc etc when i drag the formula down using the corner thing. it remains constant at A6 and E6.

=HYPERLINK("#INDEX('Shipping Tracker Week X'!$F$4:$F$3000,MATCH(1,('Shipping Tracker Week X'!$B$4:$B$3000=A6)*('Shipping Tracker Week X'!$D$4:$D$3000=E6),0))","Link 1")

im pretty sure the problem comes down to the hashtag and quotation marks that i added, as the formula properly increased the cell references when i drag down without the hashtag and quotations. however, i sort of need it because adding those seems to be the only way i can get the hyperlink to link me over to the other sheet and to the correct cell containing the hyperlink.

part 2 of problem: the hashtag and quotations is currently a workaround method for me. the original intention was for the hyperlink to directly link me to a website, which is referenced from a separate sheet. however, without the hashtag and quotations, i get a "Cannot open specified file" error.

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Modify Formula Containing Consecutive, IF Statements To Enable Drag-down

Oct 8, 2008

I can drag it down to fill a series of cells within a column.

Let's say the formula in cell A1 is:

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VLOOKUP Formula, But When I Drag It Down It Doesn't Keep The Same Array Selection

Dec 5, 2008

I am using a VLOOKUP formula, but when I drag it down it doesn't keep the same array selection. Is there a way so that I can drag it and it relates to the cell to the left, but the array selected stays the same. I don't really want to type the same thig out for every cell as there are 6000. I am using: =VLOOKUP(D2,Working!A2:C23,2,FALSE) and want D2 to change accordingly but for working!A2:C23 to stay the same.

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Shortcut Key For Display Value Behind Formula?

Jan 22, 2012

I want to know a simple shortcut for display what value is being used in a formula.

for example D3+3=5

I want in the formula bar by using the short key I can see 2+3=5?

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Keyboard Shortcut: Copy Formula

Oct 24, 2006

Is there someone who know the keybord shortscuts for copy a cell formula, whithout using mouse. Like this: A1: =VLOOKUP(I2;A:A;1;FALSE)

Then copy the cell formula to the end of the sheet:


With the keybord.

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Drag Copying Formula Down While Skipping Cells In Adjacent Reference Column?

Feb 2, 2014

I have a spreadsheet with temperature data, all in one column (D), that was recorded every 10 minutes for several months. In two adjacent columns (E & F), I would like to record the daily max and min temperatures. I can manually do this with MAX and MIN formulas in column E and F respectively, MAX(D1:D144). But when I copy this formula to the next row, I get MAX(D2:D145) when what I really want is MAX(D145:D288)....and so on...

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Excel 2010 :: Making Portions Of Drag Down Formula Skip Cells

Feb 11, 2014

I have set up a formula to sum data from specific columns in multiple sheets in the same file. The simple formula had worked perfectly until I needed the data from the last sheet. In all of the other sheets the data that I need to pull is all in consecutive rows but in the last sheet the data that I need pulled and added is in every 4th row. The sheet looks like this:

All of the columns I've filled in work fine. The ones blank are the ones I am running into issues with. When I drag down the formulas excel pulls the next consecutive rows, which is perfect for the first four sheets I am summing, but for the fifth sheet (I'll ref the Test1 column) I need it to pull 'Wayne 2014'!C6 and then 'Wayne 2014'!C10 in the next row and so forth.

All Test
$ Amt.


[Code] ........

The first four sheets look like this, which is why they work fine:

All Test
$ Amt.

Jan. 16

[Code] ........

The fifth sheet looks like this: I only want the formulas from the first sheet to pull the data from the dated rows in this sheet.

All Test
$ Amt.

Jan. 16

[Code] ......

Is there any way in Excel 2010 to get it do what I want? (I am not sure how that one cell became outlined and I do not know how to fix it.)

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Keyboard Shortcut - Copy Value Of Selection Not Formula?

Jul 22, 2014

I'm looking at [URL] which gives a lot of keyboard shortcuts, but not specifically what I'm looking for.

It's a basic function, I'm surprised it's not listed. I just want to copy the value of a selected cell via keyboard shortcut (for copy and paste purposes). I don't want the formula, just the value. If it were just text I would typically do CTRL-C and CTRL-V to paste like everyone does 1000 times a day, but in this case it's copying between two otherwise totally unrelated spreadsheets, so having the formula is irrelevant and produces undesired results. I just need the value of the formula.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for "copy value"?

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Concatenate Formula (drag Down The Attached That Will Place Zeros Infront Of Any Numbers That Don't Have 9 Digits)

Jun 17, 2009

I need a formula to drag down the attached that will place zeros infront of any numbers that don't have 9 digits. so if a part number consists of 6 digits then i need 3 zeros in front of it, if a part number consists of 9 digits then i dont need any zeros proceeding it.

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Static Formula Reference: Delete And Drag-and-drop Data To Get Rid Of Any Bogus Values

Jan 10, 2008

I making a template for multiple users to import data into for analysis. I want them to be able to delete and drag-and-drop data to get rid of any bogus values. However i need forumlas that reference those to NOT follow the values as there as moved. As a simple example say you have two columns, column A is a set of random numbers, column B is the number from coumn A times 2. If take the bottom half of column A and drag it up one cell, overwriting a cell, now the cell in column B next to the overwritten cell has a #REF err and ever cell below that now references a Cell in column A from the previous row. I want a formula that references a static address and will not follow the cell if it is moved.

If I use named ranges rather than specific cells references it works for the above example, however for my actual form it does not. Even though the ranges and formulas stay the same I start getting incorrect values. If there is no other way to this I will try to figure why the named ranges do not work.

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Drag Formula On One Vector And Reference Cells On Perpendicular Vector

Dec 21, 2012

I am wondering if there is a way to drag a formula, for instance, down, and each cell that I drag down, it references one cell to the right.

Excel Example.png

I attached a photo -- I understand that this is an overly simplified example, but the idea is that it would reference the row as you drag down the column.

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Avoiding VALUE When Drag Downwards

Jul 9, 2014

I have a perfect formula


It does exactly what I need , it does not calculate on empty rows , but it calculates on heading rows , how can I modify to avoid this.

See file attached , I don't want the value on b6 when I drag downwards.

07 09 value avoiding.xls‎

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Drag Down Formulas In VBA

Oct 22, 2012

I have a workbook with five different sheets in it.The first is an inputs sheet where I populate inputs to my file. The rest all contain formulas in a top row (ex: A2:G2 in the first sheet D4:M4 in the second sheet...etc). These formulas are calculating values based off my input sheet and need to be dragged down the same number of rows as is in the inputs sheet (if there are 125 rows in my input sheet I need it to drag down the formulas 125 times, so from A2:G2 to A126:G126 or D4:M4 to D129.

The main problem is that I never know how many rows will be on the input sheet so the piece of code would ideally count and then apply that count to all of the other tabs and drag down the appropriate amount of rows. It is a base file so I save a copy each time I open so the start rows will always be the same.

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Disable Cut And Drag Only Using VBA?

Jan 5, 2013

I need to disable cut and drag only in a workbook. The idea is to avoid formula reference errors when unlocked cells are cut and pasted or dragged. I can find many macros online but none that do only these two things.

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Drag Down Only Change Columns?

Jun 23, 2014

I have a formula that I would like the column references to change as I drag the formula down. I would also like the row reference to stay the same.

I have attached my workbook for reference. I listed the value in red I would like to achieve


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Simulate Drag Or Autofill

Jan 3, 2009

i need a macro that will simulate the little corner crosshair that you drag to fill in and increment formulas. i need to fill down on sheet 2, columns a thru m a number of rows equal to sheet 1,column b, count -1.

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Drag The Formulas In Columns

Apr 11, 2009

I have data from F1 to AG1...I am unable to create a formulae & drag in excel in a column like

=H1.....If i drag after is reflecting as

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Drag Down Top Row Of Formulas For Non-Continuous

Mar 19, 2014

Is there a way to select cells with formulas for a top row and then fill down the formulas for these non adjacent, non-contiguous, etc. columns? I can paste a single formula, but not varying.

i.e. Cells A1, D1, and G1 have my formulas, and I want to identify that they have formulas in the first place and then drag down to let's say A10, D10, and G10. I will not know which columns contains cells before hand, and the given formulas are not fixed

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Drag A Macro Across Cells

Jun 24, 2009

is there any way where instead of selecting a cell one by one and run a macro, i can just drag the cell with the macro across other cells like how a formula runs?

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Stop Drag And Drop Across A Row

Jan 14, 2010

How can I stop drag and drop across a row but you can drag and drop down a column.

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Vlookup And Drag Down Cell

Feb 18, 2010

I would like cell D2 (on Sheet1) to default to the value of "EACH", unless the value is found on Sheet2 (column C). If it is found on Sheet2, then I want it to match the unit beside the respective upc code (see Col Q on Sheet1, and Col A on Sheet2) . Then I would like to be able to drag down cell D2 and all cells on Sheet2 would match and any that do not match, would be filled with "Each". Desired results are shown in attached example file.

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