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Shortcut To Drag Down A Formula

i have a formula that needs to be dragged down 65,000 rows in excel is there a quicker way of do it than with the mouse?

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Drag Copy Formula Down
I have tried absolute and relative on the formula in A5 of this sample data below to get A6 to equal D2 and so forth down the sheet. Nothing works except typing in the formula for each cell....

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Drag Formula But Skip Every Other Row
I am trying to link the cells up in a new workbook the problem is the data I need is setup in a way the formula needs to skip every other row.
For example:

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Range Stays The Same When I Drag The Formula!!
I want the range to stay as i put it without it +1 when i drag the formula down my spreadsheet, below is the formula im using (for a creche in case your wondering)

=IF(G5<A8,"Baby",IF(G5<A16,"Wobbler", IF(G5<A24,"Toddler",IF(G5<A30,"Playschool","Please use DD/MM/YYYY FORMAT"))))

G5, A16, is taken from a list of dates down the side so i need these to remain constant otherwise my formula goes out.

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Drag Formula For Reference Change
Is there an easy way to drag all the references to a cell in a formula quickly e.g If i have a formula like this is;

=IF(A1>0, A1+1,A1-1)

and want to drag all the references to the cell A1 to another cell in one go as opposed to one at a time?

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Drag Random Cell Formula To Other Cells
I am making a sheet that has many colums of data that I want to sumup colum wise. I am doing is using this macro ..
Sub Add_Totals()

For Each NumRange In Columns("C").SpecialCells(xlConstants, xlNumbers).Areas

SumAddr = NumRange.Address(False, False)
NumRange.Offset(NumRange.Count, 0).Resize(1, 1).Formula = "=SUM(" & SumAddr & ")"
NumRange.Offset(NumRange.Count, -1).Resize(1, 1).Value = "TOTAL="
Next NumRange
End Sub...........

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Drag Formula Across A Row And Still Take Account Of Mixed Reference
1. I have data A1, A2, A3....down a column.

2. I have one value on C2 ( constant value)

3. the formula is a very simple multiplication formula. I want to multiply every single value of column A to C2. But it needs to be in across a row that starts in
D4. So,formula needs to be in (D4, E4, F4) there are other datas in the worksheet

4. So when I input =$A1*$C$2 in D4 it calculates it fine but when i try to drag the formula across the row so [E4=$A2*$C$2, F4=$A3*$C$2...]

it repeates the same fomula as D4 and does not adjust for the increase in column number.

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Drag/Fill Formula & Skip Some Row References
I have the following formulae in seperate cells were A1, A2 and A3 are the cells

A1 =MAX(Data!C2:C3)
A2 =MAX(Data!C4:C5)
A3 =MAX(Data!C6:C7)

I would like to drag the cells so that automatically the cells below A3 are updated as follows

A4 =MAX(Data!C8:C9)
A5 =MAX(Data!C10:C11)
etc up to 600 rows

Unfortunately it is not being updated in that order. Do you have any suggestions how it can be done.

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Cannot Drag 2007 Formula That Refers To Table
i noticed that when i have a formula that refers to a table, such as:

= sumifs(table1[heading4],table1[heading1],"A",table1[heading2],true)

i can copy-paste it, i also can fill (right or left) a selected range with it,
but, i cannot copy it (right or left) by dragging.

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Modify Formula Containing Consecutive, IF Statements To Enable Drag-down
I can drag it down to fill a series of cells within a column.

Let's say the formula in cell A1 is:

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VLOOKUP Formula, But When I Drag It Down It Doesn't Keep The Same Array Selection
I am using a VLOOKUP formula, but when I drag it down it doesn't keep the same array selection. Is there a way so that I can drag it and it relates to the cell to the left, but the array selected stays the same. I don't really want to type the same thig out for every cell as there are 6000. I am using: =VLOOKUP(D2,Working!A2:C23,2,FALSE) and want D2 to change accordingly but for working!A2:C23 to stay the same.

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Shortcut To Formula Box
The one thing that has always bugged me about Excel is that in order to modify an existing cell, I need to click on the cell and then click in the formula box above. If I want to overwrite the contents of the cell, I can just start typing, but if I want to edit it, I need to use the mouse. It really seems like like Alt-D should move up to this window like it does in Internet Explorer. I can move around Most Windows applications without need of a mouse save for this one area.

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Keyboard Shortcut: Copy Formula
Is there someone who know the keybord shortscuts for copy a cell formula, whithout using mouse. Like this: A1: =VLOOKUP(I2;A:A;1;FALSE)

Then copy the cell formula to the end of the sheet:


With the keybord.

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Concatenate Formula (drag Down The Attached That Will Place Zeros Infront Of Any Numbers That Don't Have 9 Digits)
I need a formula to drag down the attached that will place zeros infront of any numbers that don't have 9 digits. so if a part number consists of 6 digits then i need 3 zeros in front of it, if a part number consists of 9 digits then i dont need any zeros proceeding it.

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Static Formula Reference: Delete And Drag-and-drop Data To Get Rid Of Any Bogus Values
I making a template for multiple users to import data into for analysis. I want them to be able to delete and drag-and-drop data to get rid of any bogus values. However i need forumlas that reference those to NOT follow the values as there as moved. As a simple example say you have two columns, column A is a set of random numbers, column B is the number from coumn A times 2. If take the bottom half of column A and drag it up one cell, overwriting a cell, now the cell in column B next to the overwritten cell has a #REF err and ever cell below that now references a Cell in column A from the previous row. I want a formula that references a static address and will not follow the cell if it is moved.

If I use named ranges rather than specific cells references it works for the above example, however for my actual form it does not. Even though the ranges and formulas stay the same I start getting incorrect values. If there is no other way to this I will try to figure why the named ranges do not work.

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Simulate Drag Or Autofill
i need a macro that will simulate the little corner crosshair that you drag to fill in and increment formulas. i need to fill down on sheet 2, columns a thru m a number of rows equal to sheet 1,column b, count -1.

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Stop Drag And Drop Across A Row
How can I stop drag and drop across a row but you can drag and drop down a column.

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Vlookup And Drag Down Cell
I would like cell D2 (on Sheet1) to default to the value of "EACH", unless the value is found on Sheet2 (column C). If it is found on Sheet2, then I want it to match the unit beside the respective upc code (see Col Q on Sheet1, and Col A on Sheet2) . Then I would like to be able to drag down cell D2 and all cells on Sheet2 would match and any that do not match, would be filled with "Each". Desired results are shown in attached example file.

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Drag The Formulas In Columns
I have data from F1 to AG1...I am unable to create a formulae & drag in excel in a column like

=H1.....If i drag after is reflecting as

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Drag A Macro Across Cells
is there any way where instead of selecting a cell one by one and run a macro, i can just drag the cell with the macro across other cells like how a formula runs?

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Drag & Drop Between Workbooks
When I drag a text file from my desktop into an existing Excel worksheet it automatically creates a new workbook. I'd like to know how to modify this such that I can drop the file into my existing worksheet (and not have a new workbook create) and then run some VBA macros on it.

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Tab Names In Formulas...drag And Paste?
I have a workbook which contains 12 sheets, 1 for each month of the year. I also have over 100 sheets, 1 for each agent that covers their stats for each month of the year based on some of the cells from the monthly sheets.

I am trying to drag the formulas over but it will always just refer to January, instead of January and then next cell refers to the February tab, etc, etc.

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Drag Vertically And Copy Cells Across?
I am trying to link from one spreadsheet to another and drag the cells down to copy the forumula, however I want to drag vertically on Sheet 1, and Copy the values horizontally from sheet 2.

For example, in sheet 1 I link cell A1 to equal cell A1 in Sheet 2. If I drag down the formula in sheet 1 A1:A10 then it will copy the values in cells A1:A10 in sheet 2.

Now what I want it to do is for me to drag the formula in cell A1 down to A10 in sheet 1, but for this to return the values of A1:J1.

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The Hyperlink To Increment As I Drag The Cells Downwards
I would like to copy a large selection of hyperlniks down a column of 200 plus cells and would the hyperlink to increment as I drag the cells downwards.

Is there a simple way to copy and paste down a large selection of cells, so that I do not have to edit each hyperlink individually

Have enclosed example.

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Listbox Multiselect Drag & Drop
I've finally gotten the code down to drag an item from one list box and drop it into another listbox, but only for one item at a time. The list boxes are on a user form and I am using Excel 2002.

how to select multiple items in ListBox1, drag them to and drop them into ListBox2?

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Drag Drop Treeview Node
I was trying to drag a node onto a worksheet and for that node to remain in the treeview control.

I have found out that if I hold the CTRL key then the node remains on the treeview.

Does anyone know how I can implement this action in my code so I don't have to keep pressing the control key?

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Drag A Cell Without Adding To The Contents
I have an inventory sheet where I occassionally have to create more rows with the same information. So I will create rows and then copy and paste info into them. What I would like to do is be able to drag the information by clicking on the lower left corner and populate the cells that way. The problem is that if there is a number in the cell then it will automatically add to it. For instance, if I try to drag the contents of cell labeled klaraid 1112 then it will add incrementally to this in the cells below.....1113, 1114 and so on. If there are no numbers in the thing i'm dragging then it works fine. How do I drag cells with numbers without it adding to the contents incrementally?

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Click And Drag A Cell Or Row Of Data
I understand how to click and drag a cell or row of data but is it possible to click and drag a group of rows of data? I have 12 rows of data that will repeat itself every 12 weeks. I can "save & paste" easily enough, but just curious if there is a way to click and drag 12 rows of data so that they remain the same for every group of 12 weeks.

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Drag A Cell In Vba Using Relative Reference
I need to drag a cell using a macro and using relative reference.
i.e. drag activecell to activecell.offset(1,-1)

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Drag & Fill Series Only In One Particular Sheet
I am not able to drag & fill series only in one particular sheet, in other sheets this function is working fine.

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Allow Drag & Drop For UserForm Image
I am looking to if there is anyway to move an image box using a mouse drag and drop action. I have put together a little example of what I am trying to work with and was wondering if anyone on here had any tricks to make this work.

I realise the drag and drop method only applies to the textbox and listbox but have seen some old code that can simulate the drag and drop by creating a border of some sort to illustrate where the image box is going to be placed and final just setting the properties of that image box to where the border is placed.

In the example type in a size in the width and height textboxs (I used 3000,3000) and then what I want to do from there is move the white box using the mouse within the blue box.

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Drag-and-drop To Trade Cells
I have a spreadsheet where I often have to exchange pairs of cells. I currently do this by dragging Cell A to a blank portion of the sheet, dragging Cell B to Cell A's former location, then dragging Cell A to Cell B's former location. I was just thinking that I might be able to use VBA to allow me to drag Cell A to Cell B and have them "trade places".

I don't even know what events are involved in the dragging process so I don't know where to start.

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Unable To Drag PivotTable Fields
The issue is that for every pivot table in any file running on my machine, I am unable to drag the column or row values to change the sort order - I.e. if the row is Jan/Feb/Mar/etc., I can't drag Jan down to the middle or rearrange them - it will sort by ascending or descending value just fine, but simply won't allow me to rearrange - the 4-way arrow doesn't appear where it should when mousing over the fields. I can drag fields on/off and from/to the column/row/data sum areas, but I simply cannot re-arrange the order of the values (and yes, the Autosort checkbox is set to "manual" in field settings.)

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Override Cell Drag & Drop Behavior
For example. Dragging c7 to e5.

My range before dragging and dropping...

After the drop.

What do you think? I think it can be done but do not want to waste time going about it the wrong way. Please give me any ideas on how you would approach this problem.

Some information to start with. The modal dialog that pops up can be dealt with.

This one.

I can determine if I want to insert down or up. I am not concerned with shifting left or right at this point.

I can also determine the original address and destination address of the drag and drop operation by using the change event.

The ranges being dragged will be limited to a single cell.

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If Statement To Long, Drag It Down To The Rest Of The Column
I am trying to write the following statement in a cell in excel lets say O3 so I can drag it down to the rest of the column, I was trying to see if there was a previous posting about this but I didn't find it. the if statement goes like this:

=IF(M3=Sheet3!$B$2,Sheet3!$C$2,IF(Sheet1!M3=Sheet3!$B$3,Sheet3!$C$3,IF(M3=Sheet3!$B$3,Sheet3!$C$3,....until it reaches to if(Sheet3!$B$20,Sheet3!$C$20,"PENDING"))

Is there a way I can do this I know probably through a VBA but I have no idea how to set it up.

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Disabling The Control Drag And Fill Function
the function I'm referring to is when you have a value in a cell and you hover your mouse cursor over the edge and get the black cross with arrows on all corners. Once you drag the cell into another location, it copies the the data into the other cell.

I need a way to stop this from happening, because this causes reference errors on other sheets when users do this by accident. However, I still need to allow the user to be able to type in that cell, use the autofill option, and the Ctrl+C option. Is there a way to program a macro that can be put in the sheets to do this for specified cells or ranges?

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Reorder Drag Pivot Table Items
I have a Pivot Table on which I am unable to drag the row items (Salesperson Names) to a different position. What am I doing wrong? Attached Sample

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Disable & Re-Enable Fill Handle & Drag-and-Drop
I've created a macro to disable cut-copy-paste and drag-and-drop (below), but when the user exits Excel, the drag-and-drop option remains turned off.

The user has to click on the Office button, go to Excel Options, Advanced tab, and re-enable the fill handle manually. How can I have my macro do this automatically when the workbook is closed?

'*** In a standard module ***
Option Explicit

Sub ToggleCutCopyAndPaste(Allow As Boolean)
'Activate/deactivate cut, copy, paste and pastespecial menu items
Call EnableMenuItem(21, Allow) ' cut
Call EnableMenuItem(19, Allow) ' copy
Call EnableMenuItem(22, Allow) ' paste
Call EnableMenuItem(755, Allow) ' pastespecial

'Activate/deactivate drag and drop ability
Application.CellDragAndDrop = Allow

'Activate/deactivate cut, copy, paste and pastespecial shortcut keys
With Application
Select Case Allow
Case Is = False ....................................

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Stop Date Cell Incrementing On Drag / Fill
I have a sheet where users enter a date and other details on each row.

The number of rows where data is entered can be upto 20 at any one time.

I wish to allow users to drag the cell date down for the number of rows they wish, without the date incrementing.

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App To Draw Curved Shape To Scale With Drag & Drop Capabilities
I am researching the possibility of using Excel 2003 WITHOUT a Cad or Drawing package to simulate a drawing. (Consultants inquiries are WELCOME). The idea is to prompt the user (Sales Rep or Customer) for a few key dimensions and then plot out a closed curve based on the coordinantes entered. This shape, which would need to be accurately scaled, would then be sectioned and used as a canvas for dragging and dropping various icons.

Why use Excel instead of CAD?

Other than "everyone" having it, the placement of the "icons" relative to the perimeter of the curve will be used to estimate material costs and generate a quotation like a configurator application.

Key hurdles seem to be the drawing of a curve with cells as pixels and using drag & drop with custom icons - possible as an Add-In?

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Drag The Entire Thing Down And Be Able To Make It So That It Is Hidden (the Cell Is Blank)
First, I can get the balance formula, and when I drag the square at the bottom right, I am able to drag the entire formula down...I want to do that. However, when I drag it down, the number keeps popping up. I was wondering if there is a way to be able to drag the entire thing down and be able to make it so that it is hidden (the cell is blank) unless the debit or credit cell in the corresponding row is filled. Also, if possible, I want to be able to drag it down to infinity, so it can go on forever, so that there is no need to always drag it down when I add more things in it. I am attaching what I have till now.

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Using Ctrl+M As Shortcut
i have tried using the letter M as a shortcut key (because it is to activate a "Move" function) but unfortunately it doesn't work. I gather from this that not all of the keys are available as shortcut keys presumably because they already have function.

Is there a way around this? and/or is there a list somewhere of the available shortcut keys?

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Add Shortcut Key To A Button
When i have an excel sheet opened and hit ctrl +f the find replace window displays. I want to add a button on spreadsheet that when i click on it, the find and replace window appears, I can not figure out how to do this. I tried using .onkey

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Launch Shortcut Through VBA
Is it possible to launch a program through desktop shortcut with VBA? I have the following code and it is giving me an 'Invalid procedure call or argument' error
Edit: Typing the string into the Run command works fine.

Dim objWsh As Object, _
strDesktop As String

Set objWsh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
strDesktop = objWsh.SpecialFolders("Desktop") & "Wildfire 3.0.lnk"

Set objWsh = Nothing

Shell strDesktop, vbMaximizedFocus

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Run The Shortcut To Stop The Add-in
I have an Excel add-in that makes use of an Application-level event handler to detect when workbooks are activated / deactivated, and adjusts the command bars / ribbon accordingly. The add-in also includes a developer mode, so I have a shortcut key to stop the add-in while running, set the .IsAddIn property =False, and then change whatever settings I feel that I need to.

Problem is, when I run the shortcut to stop the add-in, and then run my shortcut to restart it, my event handling no longer works. I've done some MsgBox testing, and verified that the class module's "Initialize" event gets called, but subsequent events (i.e. WorkbookActivate) go unnoticed.

I'm wondering if Excel will allow me to start an Application event handler using WithEvents, stop it (by setting the class module variable = Nothing), and then re-start the event handling.

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Shortcut Key Listing
Need way to list the active shortcut keys? I know there are manyy lists of the desfault shortcuts, buit I'm trying to generate a list of the curreently active shortcut keys & what macros they tie to. I have a vague recollection that someone had a VBA means of doing this, but I cannot find it in the forums I've searched.

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Search Shortcut
i need to create a shortcut (ideally ctrl-z) that will allow me to search column D which has a tonne of street names in it. i need to do a "custom" search and enter "contains" and then have the field on the right be left empty for me to enter what i need to enter.

I want to hit ctrl-z (or a b c d e f g h etc...) and have that blank field brought up for my to enter something to search for and have all those criteria met "custom-contain-?whatitype?"

I've tried using the record new macro function but it won't let me leave the dialogue box open for me to enter my street name.

i hope i explained that well enough....

basically i want to hit ctrl-z and have that custom-contains for column d open and ready for me to search.

autofilter is on. and i am referring to the drop down menu that lists "top 10" "all" and "custom" i want to chose custom and then chose "contains" from the first drop down menu in the dialog box that pops up.

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Keyboard Shortcut To Insert A Row
keyboard shortcut to insert a row.

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Shortcut To Copy As Image
I'm copying a lot of tables and charts etc in Excel to paste into PowerPoint. And I'm using the mouse to go into Past > As image > Copy as image

I then get asked a question that I need to hit the enter button to answer.

I'd like to make a shortcut for this. Is this possible in VBA?


Using Excel 2007 & Vista if that matters

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Shortcut To Last Entry In A Column
I have data in every other row in a column from rows A1 to A12455. I would
like to know if there is a keyboard shortcut that takes me directly to the
last cell (A12455) in the column that has data in it.

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Font Color Shortcut
I am just looking for a keyboard shortcut macro. I change the font color in rows one at a time to either blue or red by selecting that row and using the format toolbar to select the color I want. Is there a macro shortcut for changing font color?

Even further, can the macro be able to change the font color of the entire row without highlighting the entire row? Meaning if I only have 1 cell selected within the row I want to color the font and apply the shortcut, can it color the font in the entire row???

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