Concatenate Formula (drag Down The Attached That Will Place Zeros Infront Of Any Numbers That Don't Have 9 Digits)

Jun 17, 2009

I need a formula to drag down the attached that will place zeros infront of any numbers that don't have 9 digits. so if a part number consists of 6 digits then i need 3 zeros in front of it, if a part number consists of 9 digits then i dont need any zeros proceeding it.

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Adding List Of Numbers But Only Numbers With $ Infront

Aug 18, 2014

[URL] .... If you take a look at the picture, what I'm trying to do is add the list of Prices up so that I can differentiate the amount received in $ and in £.

I need to add up all the numbers that don't have a $ in front into the 1 cell, and all the ones with the $ in front into another cell.


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Inserting Text Infront Of Numbers

May 18, 2009

Yesterday I got the solution to insert the text by using custom format. Exampe: 112233 to Ab-112233 by using "Ab-"General

But when I tried the same method to inserset the Ab on 11-1122

Like 11-1122 into Ab-11-1122 in same cell, it doesn't work.

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Add The Neccesary Zeros If Cell Is Not Having 10 Digits

Feb 27, 2009

I format the cells with ########## but it does not add the neccesary 0's if its not 10 digits, am I doing something wrong?

Some of the cells are 4 digits, some 7 some 9 etc i need all 10 with trailing 0's

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Array SUMIF Formula To Sum If Numbers But It Not Place Text?

Feb 10, 2014

I have a list of Items and the quantities of those items on one sheet. Each item has a section location number as well. (three Columns, Item, Quantity, and Section Location). the list can repeat the same item multiple times.

This is why I then have a summary sheet to uses a SUMIF formula to sum the quantities of a given item that are in a givin section. which my SUMIF Formula works great for. But my problem is some items have the word "LUMP" as its quantity and not a number. I want to add to my array formula so if the item does have a LUMP quantity and the lump quantity is in the section location to put LUMP on the summary sheet. here is my formula

=SUM(IF((ProjectInfo!$AE$2:$AE$307 =$B59)*(ProjectInfo!$AD$2:$AD$307= AA$10),ProjectInfo!$AF$2:$AF$307,""))

projectInfo is the sheet where the list is. Column AE is the Item column on the projectinfo sheet column B on the summary sheet would be the item that i want to sum the quantities for Column AD is the section location column on the projectinfo sheet the AA$10 is the row and column of the section location i want to limit the sum of the quantities to the formula is in cell AA59 So it will sum all the quantities in the list on the projectinfo sheet if the item and section location match whats specified on the summary sheet.

getting LUMP to display if its a lump quantity. The Lump can only show up if the item on the projectinfo sheet has LUMP for that Item AND in that section location.

EDIT: Column AF on the ProjectInfo Sheet is the quantity column

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VLookup Only Right Most 4 Digits Of The 6 Digits Sequential Numbers

Apr 30, 2014

I have the following working great, but would like to see it refine a little, as the data vlookup is 6 digits, but i only needs the last 4 digits is enough for me to work, my question is how do i go about adding that to the following function i have implemented and working fine.

=IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(B4,' cmfs01home$peter[tracker data 4-25-14-a.xlsx]ControlSheet'!$B$2:$F$301,4,FALSE)),"",VLOOKUP(B4,' cmfs01home$peter[tracker data 4-25-14-a.xlsx]ControlSheet'!$B$2:$F$301,4,FALSE)

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Formula To Switch Numbers To Text And Add Zeros

May 12, 2014

I have the below list of numbers that I need a formula to convert to text and add zeros in the front of the numbers where there are not 6 digits.


Desired Results in Text Format:

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Can't Get A SUM Output To Show Zeros In Place Of Inches

Dec 5, 2013

I have a table set up that calculates feet and inches. My problem is that if I have an answer like 2'-0 3/8", it suppresses the zero. I tried setting the format up like ##"'" ##"''" ?/? with no luck.

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Convert Numbers Stored As Text To Numbers (attached File)

Oct 22, 2009

In the ID column of the attached excel file whenever I convert the numbers stored as text to numbers it results in a weird transformation.

e.g. an ID of 480610141001 becomes 4.8061E+11. When I do the same process in the name column, which has similar numbers, it will give the correct result following the same process.

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Excel 2003 :: Concatenate Formula With Numbers With Decimals

Jul 12, 2012

I'm using excel 2003 and have a problem regarding some code.

Dit(a, b) = "=" & Hit(a, (d - 12 - e) + f) & "/" & (Pro & ".NrE.sol")

Where "Hit(a, (d - 12 - e) + f)" can be numbers with decimals.

When I run the code the result is nothing, unless the number is a number without decimals.

If I use just "Dit(a, b) = Hit(a, (d - 12 - e) + f)" it shows the right number.

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Search Column Concatenate Row And Place In New Worksheet?

May 30, 2014

In Column A, anytime a specific "text" appears, I want to concatenate the information in the row, and place it into worksheet Data-list under a specific heading.


The formula I would use (not vba) is =IF(A3="FN",B3,""), then I just copy it all the way down. However there are 27K cells, which is why I want a VBA Code

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Concatenate And Retain Trailing Zeros

Dec 10, 2008

I cant seem to figure out how to concatenate data from two cells into one cell and retain trailing zeros. If Cell A1 has ".0000" and cell A2 has ".0005" then I want cell A3 to show:

I get "0-.0005" on my attempts. Alos, how do I make the value an actual number and not a formula?

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Concatenate And Retain Leading, Trailing Zeros

Feb 13, 2009

I asked this along time ago and received a worksheet formula which suited my needs then.

Now I need this in a macro. Below is my current concatenating code.

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Concatenate Cell With Customized Number Of Zeros

Sep 20, 2013

I have a sheet where some data is entered in A1 to C1 and i use concatenate to string them together. The problem is in cell C1, where I used cell format to customize the number of zeros in front of the number.

A1: Photos
B1: 2013
C1: 00001

the concatenate result is Photos2013\1, instead of the desired result of Photos2013\0001.

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Concatenate But Check That Cells Dont Have Zeros

Dec 16, 2008

i need to connect some cells, but have to check to make sure cells dont have zeros in them first

example m13 m14 m15 m16

in cell q18 i want it to show this 5/10/15, dropping the zero cell

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Sort Column Of Number & Numbers With Alpha Characters Attached

Jan 7, 2010

Have a spreadsheet that contains a column of 3 digit numbers as well as 3 digit numbers with 2 trailing alpha characters.



Need to sort by this column, but, with the parameter of sorting first by the numeric only, and then by numeric with alphas. So, the above list would look like this sorted properly:


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Filling In Cell With Zeros If Cell Don't Contain Number Up To 6 Digits

Jan 2, 2012

I have a sheet with column A. This column A contains numbers from 1 number to 6 numbers.

So, one cell can have a '1' or a '999999' or any combination between them. Now this is the problem.

I want a formula that will fill those cells that don't contain a number up to 6 digits. So if a cell contains '254' I will like this formula to fill the cell like this: 000254.

This should happen with any number that don't have a number with six digits.

78 should be 000078, 78652 should be 078652 and so on.

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Key Formula (E10 On My Attached Spreadsheet)

Jun 25, 2009

I am trying to set up a cell (E10 on my attached spreadsheet) to act as a key that would collect all of the PO#'s from a seperate column (cells A12:A27 on the attached sheet) and wouldn't repeat any of the repeat PO#'s. I am trying to do this because I currently save each order form by the PO #('s) and at times I find myself typing a long string of PO#'s for the book name. It would be much easier if this key cell would reflect all of the PO's for me and I could just copy and paste the contents into the save as box. This brings up another problem- when I try to copy and paste the contents of the key cell I have now, I just get the formula, not what the formula returned.

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How To Remove First 2 Digits If They Are Certain Numbers

Jan 29, 2014

I have a excel file, I need to remove the first two digits if they are certain numbers, such as 12. For example, if the number is 12987654, then I need remove 12, and it will be "987654" , but if it is not 12 in the first two digits, then keep it no change, for example if it is 345678, then keep it.

I barely work with Excel formulas, now I need connect the excel file with my Database table. I need to make the file matches the DB.

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Evaluate Digits Within Numbers

Nov 17, 2009

Example numbers:

21130 & 21065

I want to check each number if EITHER of the two conditions is true:

1. if the third digit from the right (the hundreth place) is greater than zero;


2. if the second digit from the right (the tens place) is >=6.

If either is true I want to add a particular number to the original number.
My example numbers meet questions 1 & 2, respectively.

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Convert Numbers To Digits

Feb 2, 2010

this may be simple but I need to convent say
A1 = 09
B1 = 23


C1 = 0
D1 = 9
E1 = 2
F1 = 3

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Delete First X Digits In Numbers

Oct 13, 2007

I have a unique 6 digit number in a column. I have 2500 rows. I need to cut the first three numbers only leaving the last 3 numbers in the column for each row.


I would need 112, and 234 deleted. Checked the forum and cannot get quite what I want.

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Reduce Numbers To X Digits

May 6, 2008

I have a column with numbers in about 500 rows. The entries are 5 numbers long and others 8. So I thought i could use one of the following: A macro code to tell a cell to delete the first 3 numbers if the entry is 8 numbers long?


A macro code to tell a cell to reduce itself to 5 digits long starting from the right? Attached is a small example

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How To Format Numbers To Put Comma After Every 4 Digits

Oct 15, 2013

I need to list 4 digit numbers in each section followed by commas, but whatever I do it goes to 3digits (e.g. I need "1234,5678,9123" and as soon as I hit Enter it goes to "123,456,789,123"). It wont work to format as text because I have a whole bunch of 12 digit numbers to break up into 4.

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Display All 8 Digit Numbers That Have The Digits 1-8 In Them

Jul 16, 2008

I need a way to display all 8 digit numbers that have the digits 1-8 in them. (ie. 12345678 but NOT 12345679 OR 12345677) Also If I could somehow divide by 13 then check for whole numbers

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Extract Numbers Based On First 2 Digits

May 27, 2008

I would like to extract numbers based on the first 2 digits (22....) of a column along with its next column (on the right) and put them on another sheet.

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Format Numbers Greater Than 15 Digits

Nov 7, 2008

I am inserting data into my spreadsheet using VBA code to read a file and insert the data into the relevant cells. My problem arises when I have a string such as 80830410205724044. The actual code that inserts the data is as shown (temp is dimmed as string)....

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Adjust Headcount Formula In Attached Document?

May 28, 2014

I've posted a document in which I'm trying to calculate the weekly headcount for employees using their timecard entries.There are many entries per week for each employee, but I want to count them only once per week rather than each time they make a timecard entry. I need to tweak it to deal with one condition that it currently doesn't handle.The person who provided has said he doesn't check in with the forum very often, so I'm putting this out there to a wider audience.

Whenever the value of column W = "UTO" (unpaid time off) I want the formula to ignore that entry (count it as 0 rather than 1) and continue on to the next entry. The way I have the formula now, it counts any "UTO" entries as 0, but then it does not count the subsequent non-UTO entry as 1. I'm not expert enough to fully understand the formula that was provided


I have added embedded the formula in an IF statement to ignore the "UTO" entries.

=IF([@[Util?]]="UTO",0,--(COUNTIFS(B$2:B945,B945,U$2:U945,U945)=1)) ("Util?" is the header for column W)

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Using A Loop To Add '0's In Between Two Other Numbers To Reach 12 Digits Total

Mar 24, 2009

I have a UPC list. Some are more than 12 digits, and some with less than 12 digits. I need to make sure there are 12 digits in each UPC. I know how to count using LEN, strip leading zeros of those UPCs that are >12 digits using RIGHT.

What I need now is any number with less than 12 digits, such as 000123, add a 4 to the beginning (4000123) and fill in '0's in between the 4 and the short UPC number to make 12 digits, 400000000123. They vary from 1 to 13 digits.

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Macro For Equaling The No Of Digits & Prefixing The Numbers

Jun 27, 2009

I have some numbers around 200 numbers which are not same digits i.e. if 1st number is 7 digits, 2nd number is of 10 digits.

Like this even if i have a number of 1 or 2 digits then all number should have equal digits i.e. in 200 numbers if one numbers is of 13 digits then all the numbers should be 13 digits.

To do this first i am doing this to the right align & comparison all numbers & taking the highest digit number & pre-fixing the other numbers with zerosí so that all number are equal in number of digits. This is taking huge time.

I want to make a macro or any easy method so that all should have equal no of digits.

I want that if 200 numbers are pasted in the column E i.e. from E2 to E201 then all should be converted to equal digits number by prefixing zeros & should appear in column G from G2 to G201.

And after converting them it should be prefixed with D/ OR D/ABC:

This will be present in B2 cell i.e. this cell will be blank always. And once I have any thing in that cell that should be prefixed to the converted numbers in the column G & they should appear in Column I.

And again the numbers in column G should be prefixed with the content in B2 & should appear in column K in the Ascending order sorted.

Suppose if , I have 500 numbers then they should be converted automatically to equal digits & appear in Column G & prefixed with the contented in cell B2 should appear in Column I & sorted series in ascending order with prefixed with cell B2 in the column K.

And if I have 15 numbers only then it should do the same job easily. Here the numbers of numbers are not defined.

All this should be get done on click of the command button.

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