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Skip Blank Cells Paste

I have a range that I need to copy to a new worksheet. It basically looks like steps going across the sheet. Whenever I skip blank cells during the paste to the new sheet Excel does not skip anything. Any ideas on how I would shift all data to be on the left side of the without copying the blank cells.

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Paste Special - Skip Blank
i am trying to use Skib blank in paste special
but it pastes the value with the same blank cell

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Skip SpecialCells Action If There Are No Blank Cells
I am trying to run an action on a series of cells that inserts rows whenever there are blank cells (resulting from the formula) in column.

The problem: When I have a situation where there are not blank cells, the the .SpecialCells action does not work. I have tried the On Error Goto, but I have multiple equations that can have this occur and I have only been able to use that feature once in a macro.

LR = ActiveSheet.Range("B65536").End(xlUp).Row
Set Rng = Range("A2:A" & LR)
With Rng
.FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(OR(AND(RC[16]="""",R[-1]C[16]=1),AND(R[1]C[16]="""",RC[16]=1)),"""",1)"
End With
Set Rng = Range("A:A")
With Rng
.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeFormulas, 2).EntireRow.Insert 'stopped here
End With

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Paste Into Range But Skip Protected/Locked Cells
I've been trying to paste formula throughout a range of cells in the same column. Trouble is, I protect some sub- total cells and don't want the formula to paste over those sub-total formulas.

If I protect the sheet and paste the formula throughout the column including the protected cells, I would get an error message.

How can I paste the new formulas without getting into trouble of the protected cells?

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Skip A Blank Row
I have code to highlight the min price in each row of a range of cells. However some rows are left blank as seperators between different types of products. These rows are being completely highlighted. Is there some way to skip blank rows?

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Copy Paste Cells Corresponding To Blank Cells
The objective is to copy the value from one cell if another cell in the same row is blank onto another sheet (in another excel file if possible). This would have to be done for all value in the sheet.

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Skip Blank Row When Export To Text File
I have macro that exports certain range to text file. It goes through first to last row and exports it to Text file. Here is the part of the
For Each myRecord In Range("A2:A" & Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row)
With myRecord
For Each myField In Range(.Cells, Cells(.Row, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft))
sOut = sOut & DELIMITER & DEL & myField.Text
Next myField
Print #nFileNum, Mid(sOut, 2)
sOut = Empty
End With
Next myRecord
The problem is that sheets might by empty. I would like to add something to this code ( I guess some IF condition) so that all blank rows are skipped and not exported to text file.

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Insert Values And Skip Blank Rows
I want my macro to consider the # of rows of data on a spreadsheet and insert values into columns for those rows but then stop when it hits a blank one. For simplified example below, I have 3 columns in my spreadsheet. Row 1 has headers of Location, Status, and Effective Date. The first 5 rows of data under the headers have a value in the Location column (San Jose, Oakland, etc). When I run the macro, I want it to insert a value of "ACTIVE" in the Status column for each row that has a value in the Location column. Also, a single Effective Date value is stored in a cell elsewere in the spreadsheet, and I want the macro to insert that value in the Effective Date column for each row that has a value in the Location column. When it hits a blank row - row 7 in this spreadsheet - I want it to stop.

Location| Status | Effective Date
San Jose

I currently am using an IF statement in the Status column fields to say if Location = blank, then blank, else "ACTIVE". That works, except that the # of rows populated in Location column could be 5 or 1,000, and inserting the formula that many times seems to quickly increase the file size.

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Copy And Paste Ignoring If Cells Blank
I have a workbook which has data in column A. I also have data in column I. What im trying to do is copy and paste the data from column I to A but if the cell in column I is blank I need that ignored and the data thats in column A at pres kept.

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2007- Loop Through Cells, Paste In Lowest Blank One
Need to create a simple loop, I have 50 cells (need to paste in lowest cell) - I need this to occur:

-Is cell A1 empty? if yes - paste
-some other stuff happens...
-Is cell A1 empty? no, is cell A2 empty? - paste
-some other stuff happens...
-Is cell A1 empty? no, is cell A2 empty?, no, is call A3 empty? -paste

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Copy Non Blank Cells & Paste As Values To Another Range
I'm trying to copy the non blank cells in an area ("B120:K239"). and special paste (values only) to the next blank row of the actual work area (3 pages) within the worksheet. The area that this needs to paste to is between("B10:K29, B44:K63, B78:K97"). Problem is that if there are more rows to be copied and pasted then there are open rows on the first sheet it gives an error due to the rows outside those areas having different formats (merged cells and that)

Question: Is there anyway to special paste between ranges? I've tried to hide the inbetween rows and that still doesn't work. Could it be possible to add something to this code to ignore hidden rows or to only paste to visible rows?

Sub Special_Paste ()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
With Range("B119")
. AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:="<>"
With Range("B120:K239")
Application.CutCopyMode = False
With Range("30:43")
.EntireRow.Hidden = True
With Range("64:77")
.EntireRow.Hidden = True
Dim NextRow As Range
Set NextRow = Range("B97").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0)...............

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Sort Column To Match Pair In Other Column, Skip Blank Spaces
Here's what I have.. (on a much smaller scale)

(notice how the lines that match are now even.)

[Edited by admin~ *Link* to large images, don't display them]

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Skip Blanks Or Zeroo Cells
how can i skip blanks or zero cells

I have a column with data like this: ....

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Skip Empty Cells When Pasting
I`m trying to do is paste a formula accross multiple columns whilst skipping the empty cells. I tried using the "skip blanks" tick box but it still filled in the empty cells??

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Button To Cut/paste To Blank Row In New Sheet And Delete Blank Row In Old Sheet
I have spent several hours searching the forum but have not been able to find any code that I could tailor to my specific need.

Basically, when I press a button on a 'Util' sheet, I need to cut every row on the 'Source' sheet with 'Closed' in column 'B', paste the rows to the next blank row on the 'Closed_Requests' sheet, and delete the resulting blank row from the 'Source' sheet.

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Fill In Blank Cells Referencing Non-Blank Cells Above
I have sporadic cell values in a column. I will be describing the lamen logic I use to fill in these blanks manually. Find the first nonblank cell in the column, then look for the next nonblank cell in the column. I count the number of blank cells in between. If even # of blank cells, then I give the first half of the blanks the value of the first nonblank cell and the second half of the blank cells the value of the next nonblanck. If odd # of blank cells, then I do the same with the exception that the odd cell that falls in the middle will be randomly designated the value of the either first or second nonblank cell.

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Count Blank Cells Within A Range Not Including Fully Blank Rows
I can count the blank cells withiin a range using


But I dont want it to count the cells if the entire row, within that cell, i.e. C6:AD6, is blank.

It should only count the blank cells within a row if there has been some data entered on that row..provided it has been entered within the specified range.

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Imported Data Creates Blank Cells That Aren't Really Blank
Here's what I'm attempting to do: For each column, X,Y, Z, I am attempting
to count nonblanks. However, the data was imported from Access and Oracle,
and Excel treats what appear to be blank cells as nonblanks. I've tested
this theory by highlighting a couple of "blank" cells and deleting them, and
my count changes. So, can I get Excel to put a value into my "blank" cells,
so then I could filter it out, or create a formula that would only count
dates in my columns (which is what I'm after).

This is what I'm looking at:

1 2/4/2006 2/6/2006 ("blank")
2 ("blank") 12/13/2005 1/7/2006
3 2/20/2006 1/15/2006 ("blank")

In each column if I use a COUNTA I'll get a total of 3, instead of 2 for A,
3 for B and 1 for C.

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Replace #VALUE! Error For Blank Cells With Blank Cell
The formula below calculates appropriately, however, if any of the cells (E12,E14, E21, E22, E28, E29) are blank, it returns a #VALUE! error. I would like the cell to remain blank. How can I do this? The formula is listed below.


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Paste To The Next Blank Cell In The Same Row
I have a spreadsheet where the value in cell A2 can change daily. I need a formula or macro that will allow me to copy the value in cell A2 and paste to B2, but if B2 is not empty, paste to C2, and if B2 and C2 are not empty, paste to D2, etc.

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Make It Paste In First Blank Row
I get reports weekly that contain too much information. Using "IF - LIKE - THEN" in my macro I copy and paste only the relevent data from the new work sheet to a separate worksheet.

It works fine except, it pastes over the previous data instead of below it overwriting the old info. Please have a look at my code, How do I instruct it to paste in the first empty row?

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Count Blank & Zero Cells Where Corresponding Column Not Blank
I was curious if it is possible to give a single cell multiple number formats based on what the number is in the cell. So for example if my number is bigger than 1000, I would like to use comas so that it looks like this 1,000. However, if it is less than 1000 I would like it to look more like this 999.00.

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Find 2nd Blank Row In WS2 And Paste Data
I am trying to create a workbook that would work as follows:

I enter values in worksheet 1 that calculate a comparison of 2 items.

I recorded a macro that pastes these 4 rows into worksheet 2 and clears data entered in worksheet 1.

So far - easy.

What I would like to do is find some code that would let me enter new values in worksheet 1, and when the macro is executed, it would find the first blank row on worksheet 2, skip a row, and paste the info.

By doing it this way, I would be able to keep adding new items, compare them and add them to worksheet 2.

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Paste To First Blank Cell In Worksheet
Sub simplecopypaste()
Workbooks.Open Filename:="G:DATAWork for JCdata source.xls"
Windows("Data Destination.xls").Activate
End Sub

This should open my file, find the relevant data and copy it to the worksheet that contains the macro. At present I can have it paste to the first cell however in future the first cell will have data and as such i need it to paste to the first blank cell in column A. any ideas on how to do this, do i need to get excel to scan from the bottom cell up until it finds a cell with data then paste below it? if so how do i do that.

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VBA: Paste Into Last Blank Cell Of Column
I want to cut a range from one worksheet, and then paste it at the end of a column in another worksheet.

I have tried this

Sheets("Latest Results").Select
Sheets("Archived Results").Select
Range("A500").End(x1up).Offset(2, 0).Select

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Copy And Paste Data Into Next Blank Row
I have been tinkering with a code for a few days now and managed to finally get it working . The Code basically copies data from one spreadsheet (Macro Tester6), opens up another spreadsheet (Macro Tester Master), pastes the data, Saves the file (Macro Tester Master) and then closes it.

The Macro Tester6 file is then left open as I prefer.

The problem I have is that the data always paste into the same row, hence overwrites data already inserted.

the code finds the next blank row to paste the data in.

My code is:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
' select current workbook and paste the values starting at A1
Windows("Macro Tester6.xls").Activate
' open the source workbook and select the source sheet

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Copies The Data From The First Of The Worksheets And Paste It In A Blank One
I have several worksheets( Named 1, 2, 3,4,5) in a book containing data , the amount of rows for every sheet is variable depending on the job. I would like a macro that copies the data from the first of the worksheets and paste it in a blank one(lets call it Results), then copy the data from the worksheet two immediately below and do the same with data contained in worksheets 3,4,5.

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Loop To Paste To First Blank Cell In Range
This loop is overwriting the first cell in range and not writing to the first blank cell in range.

For Each cnote In NOTE
If Trim(cnote).Value = "" Then
cnote.Value = notes.Value
Exit For
End If
Next cnote

If I take out the exit for , it copies to all cells in range.

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Paste Values To 1st Blank Row Of Column In Different Worksheet
I have a template with data only in column B, with fields going down the rows. I'd like to copy B2, B4, B6...B24 to the next blank row (so the values need to be transposed to a row vs. column) in a Consolidated Workbook. Here's what I have so far:

NextRow = Worksheets("Sheet2"). Range("A1000").End(xlUp).Row + 1
For a = 2 To 24 Step 2
Worksheets("sheet2").Cells(NextRow, a / 2) = Cells(a, 2)
Next a

Except that the formula above pastes the first value in column B of sheet2, any ideas on how to get it into column A? Worksheets("sheet2").Cells(NextRow, (a / 2)-1) = Cells(a, 2) gives an error. Also, instead of sheet2 in the same workbook, I need to paste the data into sheet2 of a different workboook (i.e. Main, located in My Documents.)

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Range Paste To Powerpoint As Bitmap Is Blank
I have a simple Excel VBA range copy as bitmap and paste to powerpoint which works fine except. I am using an excel sheet for the user to provide information regarding file name and range to copy/paste. I need the ability for the user to run a macro in the workbook that they are copying from prior to the copy. This macro updates data from an external source.

I think the problem is that, when I run the macro, the copy paste occurs before the range is fully updated. I have tried inserting Application.Waits and saving the file before the copy, but no luck. I use a split screen to watch this, the PowerPoint paste flashes, then the copy cells update. The picture pasted to PowerPoint is the correct size and in the correct postion but is blank.

I don't thinks that this impacts anything, but the contents of the copy cells are graphs. I usually have 12 graphs in the range that copy/pastes.

Workbooks.Open Filename:=strFullName
Set wkbCopy = Workbooks(strFile)
If strMacro <> "" Then
Application.Run "'" & strFile & "'!" & strMacro
End If

'Application.Wait TimeSerial(Hour(Now), Minute(Now), Second(Now + TimeValue("00:00:30")))


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Copy From One Sheet And Paste Into Another Shee Int The Blank Cell
I want to copy the data in "Sheet1" without the header and paste it in "Sheet2" but only paste it in the first blank cells because i sometimes have data in "Sheet2". i would also like to paste it as paste special method when pasting. See attached for details.

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Copy; Paste With Input Box, Adding A Blank Cell
Data range is A2:A301. From this range sometime all and sometime selected data is required to be copied in another column for example C2
downward. What is needed: select the range from A2:A301 with an input box then the required data to be pasted in C2 downward but with a blank cell after four cells.

and so on.

I'm doing it Ctrl+C n Ctrl+V but that is very time consuming.

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Insert Blank Column And Copy/paste Values
I'd like to have done is to have a blank column inserted between columns W and X(these values change so the VBA statement should reference the end of the columns) and the values that are now in column Y(April 17th values) pasted as values into the now empty column X. I would like to do this for tabs Ann-Sheet 2. I'm having a bit of trouble with setting up the loop that would go through the desired sheets.

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Insert Single Blank Row Between Multi-sheet Paste Process
I have mananged to find and tweak the following code in order to serve my copy / paste to master sheet requirements.

At the bottom of the code I have added a delete rows based on column contents routine although I'm not sure if it is actually the right one to use.

I have included it in the same module in order to tidy up the whole process and have it all operate under one click.

As stated on the sheet in this exmple, The paste could consist of any number of sheets although the range is always the same on each sheet. (only amounting to around 20 rows that we are dealing with so no reams of data with odd empty rows that would take an age to find otherwise).

The data can look like it does on Sheet 2 here and also could look like it does on sheet 3. (this data is coming from a sales rep's order sheet)

From the routine in module 1, I just don't know where an "add an empty row" or delete all empty rows bar 1" code would need to be inserted in order to keep the process going until all sheets are copied.

I'm aware that with the delete code at the bottom, the whole copy process is completing before the delete process then does it's bit so think I'm on the right track in thinking that the delete all empty rows but leave one" requirements needs to be further up the code but I just don't how to get the result I need or where that code should break into the routine.

The only other way I can think to acheive the result is to allow the range to increase by 1 row on the form but somehow make sure that the last row in the range contains a character in column B to "trick/force" the delete routine to leave that row in. That would be do-able but the trouble is, how do you get a value into a cell that the delete proces would treat as data but not be visible so keeping my spacer line tidy? I've tried just putting a space in the last row of the range in column B but the row still gets deleted.

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2003 - Merging Four Adjacent Cells With Text And/or Blank Cells
I am trying to merge text, in four adjacent cells in the same row (say cells A1,A2,A3 and A4), into a single cell (say cell A5).

I would like a comma or full stop and then a space between each item merged (cell A5).

The text to be merged may appear in any one of the four cells (cells A1 to A4). Those cells without text are blank.

Only where all 4 cells are blank, will I need cell 'A5' to indicate this.

The formula needs to be relative as I will need to copy the formula down the spreadsheet so that it applies to additional rows.

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Cells Looking Blank But Not Blank
Problem, on my sheet, in cell C1, I put the formula COUNTA(B4:B2000). The cells B4:B2000 looked liked blank cells but why my calculation is that total 1406 cell including something and not blank?

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Calculating Sum Of Cells Only Where Adjacent Cells Are Blank

I am constantly editing this (we currently have over 100 accounts) and therefore the totals are changing.I have a formula for Total but I need formulas for the other two, based on when the cells in columns F and J are blank or have dates in them: For active, the total is the sum of all numbers in column M but only when there is a date in column F and a BLANK in column J. For yet to enter, the total is the sum of all the numbers in column M but only when both column F and column J are blank. At the moment, my accounts run from row 6 to row 142, with the first line of totals in row 145, however this is constantly expanding.

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Color Blank Cells Between 2 Cells With A Number In Them
creating this code or fomatting in my excel file. I want to fill color in cells between the two cells that has value of say "1" or anything in it. There will be only 2 numbers at any time in any row that has the value in it. All other cells will have value of "0" or can be changed to empty cells. So, the formula should check from say range "A3 to Z3" in row and for example it gets the first numbered cell in C3 then it start filling color from C3 cell until it reaches the other cell in that range that has the number in it. Say the row "A3 to Z3" has 1 number in C3 and other in cell H3 then it should fill color between this two cells from C3,D3,E3,F3,G3 and H3.

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Copy And Paste In Other Cells While Typing In Different Cells
I have to enter info daily in column H. What I wanted to do is as I finish entering info in cell H3, infomation in row 2(cell A2:E2) is copied and pasted down to row 3 (A3:E3) and will continue about 100 rows down daily.

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Highlight Blank Cells Red In Column G If Not Blank In Column C (same Row)
I would like a macro to do this...If a cell in column G is blank and the cell in the same row in column C is NOT blank, highlight the blank cell in column G Red.

I need the search to stop ONLY when it gets down to the bottom-most row of data in column A.

Note: Any row headers will always be in row 1 only


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Count The Cells Between Blank Cells
I have a column of continuous (no blanks) data in Column A and data with blanks in column B as shown below:

Col.A Col. B
1/1/01 .55
1/2/01 .66
1/3/01 .77
2/1/01 .88
2/2/01 .99
2/3/01 .44
2/4/01 .23

I need either VBA or an Excel function to count the cells in column B between blank cells and put the result of this count in the (formerly) blank cell. For instance, 3 would show up next to ABC and 4 next to XYZ.

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Count Non-blank Cells But Not Cells With ..
I am trying to create a dynamic chart with the offset and counta functions. I want to automate the data population and use formulas to get new data. I need to know how to use counta in the named ranges to not count cells with formulas that return "".

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Counting Cells With Zero But Not Blank Cells
I know this question may have been posted before, but I can not seem to get this to work with my formula. I have a formula to count the values of a column so that I can convert it to a graph. I am giving a value of 1 to cells that contain numbers between 0 and 9.5 and giving a value of 0 to cells that contain numbers greater than 9.5. It works fine except that I have some blank cells that I do not want to get rid of and it is counting those as zeros and giving them a value of one. I want to ignore the blank cells or give them a value of zero.


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Pivot Table Chaos: Blank Cells Return 0, Empty Cells Return Nothing
Hi, I desperately need help with a pivot-table and can't find anyone else who's ever had this problem...I have a very large healthcare data table which for simplicity I will describe as follows. In essence the first two columns respectively are (A) location and (B) month. Let's say the third column (C) is the number of cases of the disease kidpox treated in each health centre during that month. The fourth column (D) is the total number of cases of everything treated during that month in each clinic. The fifth column (E) is the proportion of cases of this disease over all consultations for each health centre and month, and the formula in E2 is .....

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Cells Should Be Blank
I am using the following formula it works when I put a number in it but when left blank it ups up with 3366
=ROUND('Under 6 Boys'!$D$9*('Under 6 Boys'!$E$9-AQ14)^'Under 6 Boys'!$F$9,0)

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Min() And Blank Cells
I am using some code to find a lowest cost amongst cells that contain stock. if a cell doesn't contain stock, then the variable is not assigned anything. Yet, i must test all variables in the min function because i will not always know what has stock and what doesn't.

When the variables are left blank, the min returns 0, even though 0 is not stored in the variable. Stepping line by line, the variable returns empty in the code, but 0 after running the min function...

If cell.Offset(0, 4) > 0 Then
Set imco = cell.Offset(0, 3)
Set imst = cell.Offset(0, 4)
End If
If cell.Offset(0, 6) > 0 Then
Set tdco = cell.Offset(0, 5)
Set tdst = cell.Offset(0, 6)
End If

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Skip The Rows
I have 2 worksheets. On worksheet 1, I want to copy every 8th row in Column A. I want to copy the data from these cells onto worksheet 2. I want the data to appear on every other row on worksheet 2. To summarize, I'm trying to copy the data from every 8th row in one column BUT I want it to appear on every other row in another column.

I tried hiding the cells I don't need but then I can't sum.

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Skip Blanks
I have this code that checks for cells that "" and then transfers a range to a separate sheet. I am running into problems if in the specified range all cells are "". How can I update this code to allow for all cells in the range to be "" without giving an error?

Sub Search_Notes_Main()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Analyst Main").Select
Dim ConstantCells As Range, Cell As Range
Set ConstantCells = Range("B11:CX11").SpecialCells(xlConstants)
For Each Cell In ConstantCells
If Cell.Value "" Then Cell.Select
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Notes & Ticklers Upload").Select

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End Right Skip Blanks
I have a range I would like to select but this includes blanks. I would like the VB to skip these blanks and find the last value / text in this row and then select that entire row.

Here is part of the code I have:-

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Skip Loop
I'd like to miss out a loop in my For/Next code. Basically I've written the code below which inserts a few rows above the object cell if it doesn't match the previous cell (to seperate my data). In light of the fact that I've inserted rows, the object cell is now a blank cell, so when my For/Next statement continues it insert some more rows thinking that the previous cell doesn't match the object cell. I wondered if it was possible to skip the object cell forward so the For/Next statement can continue in the place it left off (in effect, it would be like going to "Next" twice without doing any of the code in between).

Sub insertrows()

Set SubAss = Range("A11:A10000")
Cr = 0
prevcell = Range("A11")

For Each cell In SubAss
If cell.Value <> prevcell Then
prevcell = cell.Value
cell.Offset(-2, 1) = " Total"
cell.Offset(-2, 1).Font.Bold = True
r = 6

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How Not To Graph Blank Cells
How do I graph (scatter or line) a series of values that contain blank cells in the y data series, without them coming up as zero values on the graph.

If the y value is blank, I do not want this data point plotted at all....

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