Sum Total Numbers For Only A Certain Date

Jun 15, 2009

I'm working on an excel for work. It lists the days on the column farthest left, and with some variables calculates the total number of tons we have for the day on another column. For part of it I'm wanting the program to calculate how many tons we process for each day. The problem is that each days will have a different number of entries. For example:

June first has 6 entries
June second has 3 entries
June third has 4 entries

So I'm wanting to make another column seperate from the original data that calculates total number of tons from the entries for the day without saying cell=sum(the 6 entries from the first), cell=sum(3 entries from the second).

I'm not sure how to go about this, I thought if I could get a recurring if statement that would test all of the entries for the date, and if it matches sum them up. I'm just not sure how to go about it.

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Change Total Formulas For All Tables At Once To Show Either Year-to- Date Or Total Year

Oct 15, 2007

I have a sheet in my workbook with at least 180 small tables, there may be more.
I woulds like to be able to change total formulas for all tables at once to show either year-to- date or total year.

For example:
If we have only progressed through the second period of the year, I would like to choose something to indicate period 2. At other time I may want to know the total year whether the periods are completed or not.

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Row Numbers For Each Sub Total

Feb 1, 2010

i had a subtotal sheet with more than 5000 rows of data.i applied subtotals for my data.i just want to serial numbers for each of the subtotal.what is the easy way for numbering my rows with sub total.

My subtotals are in column A.i inserted a column before it and want to show the row numbers which contain the subtotals.

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Total Top X Of Numbers

Oct 4, 2006

Keeping track of racing point scores and I am trying to figure out a formula that will allow me to take the top 6 out of 8 values and total them. We compete in 8 races but the total points standings at the end of the season takes the best 6 out of 8.

For example

Racer 1 100 200 150 90 300 250 210 95

I am looking for a formula that will give me a total of the HIGHEST 6 scores. I tried the =max but that will only allow you to get the HIGHEST value.

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Add Numbers To A Set Total

Aug 13, 2007

I’m creating a spreadsheet (attached) that needs to divide up aisles in a warehouse into sections, so that each section has an equal (or as close as possible) amount of work. The “To, From” columns are aisle ranges and the “Moves” column is the amount of work in that range. I need a macro/formula to add up numbers under “Moves”, but only up to the point where the sum is as close as possible to the number in K2 (variable). It also needs to look at the number under “sections required” (I2) (variable) and then split the aisle ranges into that many sections.

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Which Numbers Total To X

Jan 9, 2008

column A contains numbers. Can I use solver to tell me if there is a combination of the numbers that total a given number?

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Total Numbers By Month

May 26, 2007

I need to total how many '1's or '2's in column A by each month ( Date Format 01.04.07) in column B.

Have tried to use the following formula to count all the '1's in May, but I cannot get it to work.


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Finding Which Numbers Make A Total

May 22, 2009

I do a lot of work in excel to do with accounts and this often needs checking against sage. When the invoices/petty cash sheets are put into sage the total amount is put in, but in my spreadsheets I need to split the reciepts. So I was wondering if there was a formula/VBA code, that if I only knew the total of the invoice would find which cells added up to this total?

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Matching Names With Numbers (total)

Sep 1, 2009

In Cell A1 I have a name (John Doe). In cell A2 I want the formula which will be a number total. In Cells A4:A20 I have a list of names with John being in several of them. In Cells J4:J20 I have numbers. There is data in between the name and numbers that I don't need.

So, I want A2 to search A4:A20 and everytime it sees John Doe to add the numbers that are 9 cells over (J4:J20). This is basically to show how many mistakes John has made (total). I tried =Sumproduct((A4:A20=A1), (J4:J20,1,0)). I know I am missing something or not on the right track.

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Total Of Two Columns Containing Numbers And Words

Jul 10, 2007

I am attempting to create a chart from data generated outside of Excel 2003 SP2, that has been Copied and Pasted into Excel. There is no metadata associated with this data. I have created a list with the data once it has been pasted into Excel 2003 SP2.

The Workbook has five (5) worksheets, all with the default names (Sheet1, Sheet2, etc.). I paste the data into Sheet1 and reference this from the other worksheets. Sheet2 shows the charts for all the data. Sheet3, Sheet4, and Sheet5 are each for different regions, North, South and West respectively. I would like to enter the formula into Cell: Sheet5!M5 so it auto populates with the appropriate and correct information. Sheet1 information is as follows;

Column B has a header of "CreateDate" and is in the format of; 4-Jun-07
Column O has a header of "Business Unit" and has three (3) possible answers, North, South or West. **I have attached a screen shot of the two colums used named, "Columns.Used.png". I have hidden the columns in between as they contain confidential information.**

I would like a formula that gives a total of one if both criteria are met. The criteria is as follows;

IF Column B on Sheet1 equals Cell L5 on Sheet5 AND Column O on Sheet1 equals West THEN the total should appear. **I have created and attached a sample spreadsheet ""that contains only basic data on Sheet1 and Sheet5 as those are the only sheets relevant.**

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Automatically Total The Matching Numbers

Apr 17, 2009

If a red number to the right shows up anywhere on the left black numbers then I want a total in column G. I want it to automatically total the matching numbers. How can I do this?

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Formula That Calculates A Total Numbers

Oct 3, 2008

Column C contains zip codes.
Column D contains # of adults in the household.
Column E contains # of children in the household.

How might I create a formula that calculates a total # of adults AND children in Columns D and E based upon a series of specific zip codes (but not all the zip codes) in Column C?

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Add Random Numbers For A Specific Total

Nov 10, 2006

If you have a single column of random numbers, is there a way to give Excel a total amount you are looking for, and have it choose which numbers in that column total to that amount?

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Using A Loop To Add '0's In Between Two Other Numbers To Reach 12 Digits Total

Mar 24, 2009

I have a UPC list. Some are more than 12 digits, and some with less than 12 digits. I need to make sure there are 12 digits in each UPC. I know how to count using LEN, strip leading zeros of those UPCs that are >12 digits using RIGHT.

What I need now is any number with less than 12 digits, such as 000123, add a 4 to the beginning (4000123) and fill in '0's in between the 4 and the short UPC number to make 12 digits, 400000000123. They vary from 1 to 13 digits.

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Crate A Cross Table With Only Total Numbers

Aug 24, 2009

I want to make a crosstable (7 columns X 6rows) but the thing is that I only have the total number for each row and for each column, how do I do to get the whole numbers of the crosstable?

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Adding Numbers And Moving Total In A Macro

Jan 27, 2014

I was given a spread sheet with a number of payments on it, I was asked to take the "four" potential payments and only show one total payment. There are 2900 lines in my file and as you can see from the example the scenario repeats it self with the "four" payments all the way to the bottom. I would like to be able to add H2 to H5, total that number in J2 and delete row 3,4 and 5. This then has to be continued all the way down to line 2878 where I could then run a macro I have to delete blank rows cleaning my spreadsheet up. I would take a looping or user controlled macro (ctrl +) so I don't have to do this manually.


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Add Numbers To Running Total Based On Unique ID

Mar 18, 2008

I am working to develop a spreadsheet that takes user input (from a barcode scanner, that issues a hard return, limiting my information to a single column) in the following order. User ID, this is an Alphanumeric unique ID (AA1AAA) or user id. Followed by a pick ticket ID the value of the pick ticket ID will always be above 100000 (ie 123123) followed lastly by the number of lines on the pick ticket id (this number never exceeds 15)

So an example data set would be:
AA1AAA - User ID
123123 - pick Ticket ID
7 - Number of lines on the ticket
123124 - pick Ticket ID
10 - Number of lines on the ticket
123125 - pick Ticket ID
6 - Number of lines on the ticket
AA1BBB - User ID..........................

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Adding Numbers In HH:MM Format To Give General Total?

Feb 5, 2014

I need to add some HH:MM values to give a total general value, its for a staff rota, i need total values for the hours worked per day/week.

eg. three 8 hour days in 08:00 format to give a total of 24

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Formula To Calculate The Absolute Total Of A Column Of Numbers

Jan 25, 2009

Need a formula to calculate a absolute total from a column of totals.

I thought this was simple, but the formula I made didn't work.

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Using Excel To Determine Combination Of Numbers That Equal Set Total?

Jan 30, 2009

Is there anyway to use Excel to determine which of a set of numbers equals a total? I encounter this issue when dealing with accounts receivable. We receive payments with no details on what is being paid. I have a list of open items and a total being paid. I would like to have Excel determine which combination of invoices can be added together to match the payment.

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Find Numbers From A List That Make A Specific Total

Nov 18, 2008

I have a list of numbers and want to see if the sum of any of them exactly makes up a specific larger number. Any quick way to do in excel? Eg do any of the below together make the exact total of the number at the bottom.


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Total Ranges Of Numbers Separated By Empty Cells

Jul 3, 2009

I have a sheet with a list of cost values and I need to be able to total each set. Each set begins with the word "COST" and ends with empty cells. Some sets have no values, just the word "COST"

There are currently about 500 cost sets, from row 1 thru row 2194.
Here is an example of what Id like to accomplish:


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Good, Average, Fair, Poor: Automatically Use One Of The Numbers That I Have Set And Add It To Total

Jul 20, 2006

In creating a chart that calculates home prices I need to be able to just enter "Good", "Fixer", "Remodeled", etc...and have that automatically use one of the numbers that I have set and add it to my total. I have created a box with variables for "Good", "Fixer", "Remodeled", etc...How do I make it so I can put any of those variables into the condition of the house row and make it add the dollar amount specified into the totals box? This is the very simple code that I am using to find the totals so far: =SUM(C5:J5)

Here's what I need:

Also, the plug in values in the first picture WILL CHANGE and I don't want to have to change the formula. So I need something to point to those cells.

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Excel 2010 :: Count Total Times Each Number Is In Large Group Of Numbers?

Feb 9, 2014

How do I enter a formula in excel 2010 that will give the total amount of times each number is in this group. Example : how many times (total) the number 12 showed up , how many times the number 27 showed, and so on for each number that is in the entire group of numbers, from 1 to 80 .

Here is the page I will copy and paste into a workbook sheet from the internet that i want to evaluate the times each number was called.

Very new to all this , I am a bit aged and need not to learn excel A to Z, just need to know what correct statements /formulas have to be entered to do what i desire.

I am only interested in the total count of the small bold numbers 1 to 80, each single digit 1 to 9 and double digits 10 to 80 will be in their separate cells. The large bold three digit numbers and dates/times will have to be erased (manually) before the calculation takes place.

2/9/2014 12:28:02 PM


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Remove The Word Total From Each Cell Without Deleting The Numbers After You Copy From A Subtotal List

Jul 29, 2009

if you can remove the word total from each cell without deleting the numbers after you copy from a subtotal list?

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Total To Date Column

Aug 28, 2007

I am trying to create a worksheet with a total to date column in it. I have done a similar thing before using Nested IF's but obviously there is too many IF arguments for that in this circumstance.

Please take a look at the .xls page I have uploaded. The period displayed in cell AP5 is linked from another sheet where the user selects the period from a Data Validation DropDown box. The periods are as follows: January - March2008, April - July2008 etc etc.

You can see how the periods are formatted across the top of my main worksheet I wish to be able to take the period provided and then get a figure of the total to date for each row within the "Total to Date" column based on the figures upto that period. If you get what I mean?

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Total Between Date Range

Feb 12, 2008

I was wondering if I could get the data from Sheet1 into Sheet2 in weekly segments. So For example: in the week (5 working days) between 17/12/07 and 24/12/07 how many entries were in each Category? And then a running total disregarding the date range. Sheet1 will be constantly updated. I've tried to set up Sheet 2 as an example of what I need, but this can easily be changed.

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Total Count From List By Date

Dec 5, 2011

I am looking for a formula to return a total of items used within a calender month

I have a list of parts used as below

Column A _ Part Number
Column B _ Part Description
Column C _ Price
Column D _ Date

The list will continually be added to, on a daily basis so will grow and grow in size

each row has the relevant part number etc

I am looking for

Column G to have January 2011 total
Column H to have February 2011 total
Column I to have March 2011 total

etc etc.......

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Formula To Total All Values Of Same Date

Sep 10, 2013

I have a spreadsheet that has dates in column A and values in column B. Some of the dates in column A repeat: I need a total for each day in the month? Is there a formula for this?



7 ( total for 1/5/13)




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Total Days In The Month Based On Date

Jul 4, 2008

is there a formula that will say how many days there are in a month ?

B9 contains the a refrence to the first day of the month eg 1/7/2008 I want the cell above it (B8) to return 31. If the date reference is 1/6/2008 I want (B8) to return 30.

I'm using it to pro rata by the number of days in a month.

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